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									Interactive Digital Signage – Making Any Surface Interactive.

Interactive digital signage.
Interactive digital signage has been around for some time from interactive digital posters and kiosks, but now
using the latest in technology any surface can be used to be used as an interactive digital signage solution.

How interactive digital signage works.
When consumers and shoppers pass a window display in a mall or the high street, they are unaware if the
advertising on the window is interactive or not, this causes consumers to hesitate as they don't want to touch
the window if nothing happens for embarrassment reasons. Now there is a solution that actually detects
passing consumers.

Installation is simple, a sensor is placed either in the ceiling or the side wall, the sensor creates an infra red
curtain that detects human movement, when passers by pass through the “IR curtain” this activates the digital
signage campaign in the processing system.

This solution can accommodate multi touch up to a maximum of 20 individual touches at the same time, the
distance the IR curtain reaches is a maximum of 50 metres.

What surfaces will work with interactive digital signage?
This solution will work on most surfaces including; glass, wood, steel and acrylic making it a very flexible

Technology used in interactive digital signage.
Interactive digital signage has commonly been installed on digital posters, digital menu boards and floor
standing LCD advertising screens using either infra red touch panels or resistance touch panels depending on
the budget and application. We have even seen ceiling mounted projectors used to project an image onto
shopping mall floors and when people stand on the sensor pad in the floor the image reacts.

We have also seen interactive digital signage used for way finding in cities as well as shopping centres and
hospitals. Usually deployed in the main reception areas with beacons mounted at key points throughout the
location so visitors can double check their location to ensure they are heading in the correct direction.

Also, interactive digital signage is being used in car dealerships to display the vehicles the dealership has that
fits the criteria of the customer who uses the interactive screens to select the make, model and colour of the
vehicle. Reducing tire kickers and making the sales team more efficient.

LCD Enclosure Global Limited are a leading manufacturer of their range of LCD enclosures as well as
supplying various interactive digital signage solutions.

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