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					Pioneer Linens
     Since 1912
    Bed Linens by Sferra
    Millesimo is the ultimate in luxury bedding with a
    thread count of 1020. Millesimo is woven in Italy
    from the world’s longest-staple Egyptian cotton
    and made into a polished sateen, adorned with a
    lace inset.
    King Duvet                    $1,300
    Queen Duvet                   $1,175
    King Sham                     $275
    Standard Sham                 $240
    Euro Sham                     $250
    Boudoir Sham                  $130
    King Cases (Pair)             $300
    Standard Cases (Pair)         $275
    King Flat Sheet               $600
    Queen Flat Sheet              $550
    Cal King Fitted               $610
    King Fitted                   $610
    Queen Fitted                  $495
                                                “Crystal Vine” A.
                                                Vanity Sets
                                                By Labrazel
                                                This engaging leaf and vine pattern is
                                                deeply faceted on genuine lead crystal,
                                                then embellished by hand with 14 karat
                                                gold. Made in Italy.

                                                Wastebasket                 $965
                                                Boutique Tissue             $750
                                                Pump Dispenser              $330
                                                Tumbler                     $95
                                                Double Soap Dish            $110
                                                Cotton Ball Jar             $120
                                                Tray                        $145

Towels By Anali                         B

Exquisite embroidery in yellow adorns
100% Egyptian cotton towels in
white. The extra wide dobby shows
off the embroidery beautifully.

Bath Towel          24”x   49”   $75
Hand Towel          20”x   39”   $50
Guest Towel         16”x   27”   $35
Wash Cloth          13”x   13”   $20                                                              3
                                                  Towels by Casa Dolce
                                                  Linear is a 650 gram weight towel made
                                                  in Italy. This luxuriously soft towel is
                                                  embroidered with 6 lines to give it a
                                                  clean and sophisticated look. The tub
                                                  mat is double ply for extra thickness.
                                                  Bath Towel          29”x   52”   $99
                                                  Hand Towel          19”x   32”   $73
                                                  Guest Towel         14”x   20”   $38
                                              A   Wash Cloth          14”x   14”   $34
                                                  Tub Mat             22”x   36”   $133
                                                  Towels by Matouk
                                                  100% Egyptian cotton with the finest
                                                  Italian finishing combined with ultimate
                                                  thickness and absorbency. Complete
                                                  with an edged binding that gives this
              B                                   towel extra durability.
                                                  Bath Towel          30”x   60”   $40
                                                  Hand Towel          30”x   32”   $20
                                                  Guest Towel         12”x   20”   $11
                                                  Wash Cloth          12”x   12”   $10
                                                  Tub Mat             24”x   36”   $30

                          C.              C
Table Linens
by Yves Delorme
 Bergamote, made in France, is Jacquard
 woven from pure cotton. Bergamote
 tablecloths and napkins feature a
 lyrical engineered motif with a simple
 border. Also available in Mandarin,
 Natural, & Yellow.

    70” Square $180
    70”x 98”    $240

    Napkins    $20 Each

    “Paradiso” & “Madison”
    Bed Linens By Lulu DK Matouk
    “Paradiso” is a fresh, eye-catching print in a nature inspired
    theme including fish, birds, and flowers. Coordinating sheets
    are “Madison,” which is a wide bamboo trellis design that is
    both modern and traditional. Color options include Ocean
    Blue, Honey Dew and Cranberry.


                           “Paradiso” A.
                            King Duvet                     $423
                            Queen Duvet                    $400
                            Twin Duvet                     $372
                            King Sham                      $129
                            Standard Sham                  $115
                            Euro Sham                      $129
                            Boudoir Sham                   $59

                           “Madison” B.
                            King Flat                      $275
                            Queen Flat                     $234
                            Twin Flat                      $189
                            King Fitted                    $234
                            Queen Fitted                   $198
                            TWin Fitted                    $178
                            Standard Cases (Pair)          $115
                            King Cases (Pair)              $138
    Bed Linens by Casa Dolce
    Ivory percale finished with two rows of satin
    stitching on 500 thread count Egyptian cotton
    woven in Italy. Available in Chestnut on Ivory.

    King Flat Sheet              $198
    Queen Flat Sheet             $174
    Twin Flat Sheet              $139
    King Fitted Sheet            $124
    Queen Fitted Sheet           $110
    Twin Fitted Sheet            $78
    Twin X- Long Fitted          $115
    King Cases (Pair)            $113
    Standard Cases (Pair)        $104
    Boudoir Sham                 $65
                                              “Acanthus”                   A.

                                              Table Linens by Sferra
                                              The acanthus, a classical pattern used
                                              in design and architecture since the
                                              ancient Greeks. It is jacquard-woven
                                              in Italy into an overall pattern on a
                                              tablecloth of fine Egyptian cotton. It
                                              brings elegance to the dining room and
                                              is finished with a unique hand-drawn

                                              70” Square                $215
                                              90” Square                $270
                                              90” Round                 $265
                                              104” Round                $275
                                              70”x 90” Oblong           $265
                                              70”x 108” Oblong          $315
                                              70”x 126” Oblong          $360
                                              70”x 144” Oblong          $400
                                              70”x 162” Oblong          $450
                                              70”x 180” Oblong          $500

                                              Each 22x22                $23

Towels By Anali

Artistically embroidered on the finest
100% Turkish cotton, the Nautilus Towel
Collection by Anali is a compliment to
your bathroom. Soft hues of ivory and
beige are embroidered on sahara colored

Bath Towel          24”x   49”   $75
Hand Towel          20”x   39”   $50
Guest Towel         16”x   27”   $35
Wash Cloth          13”x   13”   $20
Table Linens by Sferra
Festival table linens are perfect for the
contemporary table. Made with 100%
pure linen with a hand-drawn hemstitch.
Available in an array of colors.

90” Round                 $125
66”x 106” Oblong          $125                    B
66”x 86” Oblong           $105
20”x 20”                  $10
14”x 20”                  $11

“Hydrangea”                     B.

Napkin Rings
For a fresh look, the White Hydrangea
napkin ring will create a causal or formal
place setting, making it a perfect addition
to any dinner party.

Napkin Rings - Each             $27

                                                      “Etoile” c.
                                                      Towels by
                                                      Yves Delorme
                                                      Classic and elegant, these terry towels
                                                      are made of a cotton and modal blend,
                                                      making for a softer, more luxurious and
                                                      more absorbent towel. Each piece is
                                                      finished with a beautiful woven dobby
                                                      and is available in an assortment of

                                                      Bath Sheet           36”x   63”   $96
                                                      Bath Towel           24”x   49”   $52
                                                      Hand Towel           20”x   39”   $43
                                                      Guest Towel          16”x   27”   $23
                                                      Wash Cloth           13”x   13”   $13
                                                      Tub Mat              23”x   35”   $76

“Sweet William”
Bed Linens By Sferra
The charming femininity of hand
embroidered soft pastel bouquets,
gathered with pale blue bows, enchants
our 406 thread count white Italian
Egyptian cotton percale sheeting.

King Duvet              $440
Queen Duvet             $380
Twin Duvet              $300
King Sham               $70
Standard Sham           $60
Euro Sham               $70
Boudoir Sham            $45

 “Reves”            (available November 2008)
     Bed Linens by Yves Delorme
     Reves is made of 100% Egyptian cotton percale.
     Made in France, Reves is a crisp luxury sheeting with a
     reversible duvet. Decide each night over bright clean
     flowers or a traditional blue and white pin stripe

     King Duvet                       $575
     Queen Duvet                      $480
     Twin Duvet
     King Duvet                       $385
     King Flat Sheet
     Queen Duvet                      $360
     Queen Flat
     King Sham Sheet                  $310
     Twin Flat Sheet
     Standard Sham                    $240
     King Sham
     Euro Fitted Sheet                $265
     Queen Fitted Sheet
     Boudoir Sham                     $240
     Twin Fitted Sheet
     King Cases (Pair)                $170
     King Sham
     Standard Cases (Pair)            $310
     Standard Sham
     King Flat Sheet                  $265
     Euro Sham
     Queen Flat Sheet                 $310
     Boudoir Fitted
     Cal King Sham                    $170
10   King Fitted
     Queen Fitted
Robe & Nightshirt                                                                        A.
by Charlotte Moss
This classic man-tailored bath robe is made
of a lightweight pinpoint cotton and detailed
with white piping along the collar and cuff. A
beautiful and sophisticated coordinate to the
Charlotte Moss Nightshirt!

Robe       A.

(All Sizes) $180
Large                                            B

Nightshirt             B.

(All Sizes) $143

 Also Available

                                                     Sheet Sets
                                                     By Charlotte Moss
                                                     Designed by Charlotte Moss for
                                                     Traditions, this printed sheet is
                                                     made in Israel from 280 thread
                                                     count Egyptian cotton. Includes
                                                     flat sheet, fitted sheet and two
                                                     standard or king pillow cases.

                                                     King Sheet Set- $292
                                                     Queen Sheet Set- $252
                                                     Twin Sheet Set- $167

                                           “Savannah Garden”A.
                                           Table Linens By Matouk
                                           Woven of a cotton and polyester blend
                                           for easy laundering. This diamond
                                           pique patterned tablecloth is finished
                                           with a delicate scalloped edge.

                                           70” Round                  $112
                                           90” Round                  $147
                                           108” Round                 $169
                                           120” Round                 $246
                                           68”x 90” Oblong            $111
                                           68”x 108” Oblong           $133
                                           68”x 126” Oblong           $156
                                           68”x 144” Oblong           $178
                                           68”x 162” Oblong           $200

                                           Each 22”x 22”              $20

                                           Set of 4; 13”x 19”         $56

“Sofia”       B.                                                                B

Vanity Sets By Labrazel
In solid pewter, Sofia has baroque
curves and decorative feet. The
pump dispenser includes a pump
mechanism that is welded from pure,
non-corrosive pewter. Made in Italy.

Wastebasket             $825
Boutique Tissue         $475
Pump Dispenser          $350
Tumbler                 $240
Soap Dish               $240
Vanity Tray             $300
Jar w/ Lid              $300

Bed Linens By matouk
A lightweight puckered seersucker covelet
is sure to keep you cool. Coverlets and
duvet covers have a white eyelet lace trim
running head-to-foot and all around. 50%
Cotton/50% Polyester easy-care fabric for
no ironing. Stocked in White, Light Blue,
Petal Pink, Ecru, and Celadon.

King Duvet                  $277
Queen Duvet                 $243
Twin Duvet                  $178
King Sham                   $54
Standard Sham               $45
Euro Sham                   $54
Boudoir Sham                $39
Neckroll Sham               $39
King Coverlet               $119
Queen Coverlet              $99
Twin Coverlet               $79
 “Radience”                 A.
                                                                King Duvet
                                                                Queen Duvet
 Bed Linens by Home Treasures                                   Twin Duvet           $370
                                                                King Flat Sheet      $315
 This luxury 600 thread count Egyptian cotton sateen
                                                                Queen Flat Sheet     $230
 sheeting and duvet cover collection is sure to please even
                                                                Twin Flat Sheet      $285
 the most discriminating linen connoisseur, combining the
                                                                King Fitted Sheet    $278
 highest quality fabric with the most elegant double row of
                                                                Queen Fitted Sheet   $250
 hemstitching. Also available in soft ecru, crisp white, baby
                                                                Twin Fitted Sheet    $204
 blue, canary yellow, gold, cool mint and luscious caramel.
                                                                King Sham            $155
 (Prices vary in other colors)
                                                                Standard Sham        $144
                                                                Euro Sham            $155


 Bed Linens by Home Treasures
 A beautiful basic solid color sheeting collection, Perla
 is available in 4 luxurious colors that coordinate with
 all bedroom decors. Made from 100% Egyptian cotton
 in a 500 thread count percale, each piece is finished
 with a single hemstitch detail. Sheeting, Pillow Cases,
 and Duvet Covers are available in Ivory, White, Euca-
 lyptus, and Candlelight.

 King Duvet                   $460
 Queen Duvet                  $433
 Twin Duvet                   $330                                                          B
 King Flat Sheet              $243
 Queen Flat Sheet             $208
 Twin Flat Sheet              $180
 King Fitted Sheet            $195
 Queen Fitted Sheet           $180
 Twin Fitted Sheet            $143
 King Sham                    $126
 Queen Sham                   $118
 Euro Sham                    $133

  Napkin Rings
  by L’Objet
  These elegant napkin rings have
  three bands, two that are a solid
  gold and one that is decorated with                                  B
  Swarovski crystals. All rings have a
  protective coating and arrive in a gift
  box. They measure .75”W x 2”Dia.
  Also Available in Silver.

  Napkin Rings
  Set of 4  $130

 “Persia”                                        A
  Napkins by Anichini
  Our Persia napkins are yarn-dyed
  on Egyptian cotton and feature a
  jacquard woven border on a body
  of wide striped sateen. Available in
  blue, camel and white. By Anichini.

  Each 22”x 22”                $50

Camel & White - Available On Website Only.

                                                     “Pinafore” C.
                                                     Vanity Sets By Anali
                                                     Pinafore is a tailored design of
                                                     brushed gold lines and hand painted
                                                     gold edges on pure bone china.

                                                     Wastebasket                  $264
                                                     Boutique Tissue              $242
                                                     Pump Dispenser               $234
                                                     Tumbler                      $72
                                                     Double Soap Dish             $80
                                                     Small Round Jar              $154
                                                     Large Round Jar              $176

                                                Throws by Sferra
                                                This elegantly tailored throw blends
                                                pima cotton and alpaca in a soft,
                                                lustrous weave. It is light in weight,
                                                but the silken fleece of the alpaca
                                                makes it warm as well. Two quietly
                                                harmonious colors are interwoven in a
                                                flat basket weave pattern and finished
                                                with a knotted fringe. 85% Pima
                                                cotton, 15% Alpaca; made in Peru.

                                                 Bristol Throw
                                                 51”x 71”  $150

                                                “Toilet Paper Holder”
                                                 by Gatco B.
                                                Don’t hide your toilet paper any
                                                longer! Now you can leave it in a
                                                convenient spot next to your toilet.
                                            B   These elegant canisters are finished
                                                in either brass or chrome. Each
                                                canister holds 3 rolls of toilet paper.

                                                  Toiler Paper Holder
                                                  5in Dia” x 15in” Tall $60

 Bath Accessories
 by Labrazel
 Glad in genuine gold or silver leaf,
 each piece is hand-brushed with an
 antique glaze and finished with a
 durable lacquer coating.

 Wastebasket                   $150
 Boutique Tissue               $125
 Magazine Rack                 $250
 Tray (oval small)             $75
 Tray (oval medium)            $90

Bed Linens by Anali
Chrysanthemum is in a class by itself that is
truly breathtaking. Lifelike mums are exquisitely
embroidered on a soft biscotti colored 300
thread count Egyptian cotton sateen sheet, and
mixed with our quilted coverlet.

King Duvet                  $1,530
Queen Duvet                 $1,350
King Flat Sheet             $596
Queen Flat Sheet            $540
King Fitted Sheet           $302
Queen Fitted Sheet          $225
King Sham                   $293
Queen Sham                  $293
Standard Sham               $281
Euro Sham                   $2293
Boudoir Sham                $135

                                                      Blankets & Throws
                                                      “Roma” & “Sardinia”
                                                       Cashmere throws
 A                                                     by Rani Arabella
                                                        Indulge your senses with our soft
                                                        Italian 100% cashmere throw. A
                                                        must have for all homes!

  A                                                   A Roma (blue & Pink) 50”x 72”                   $940
                                                      B Sardinia (Cream)   50”x 72”                   $1,525


“Modal” C.
 Blankets by Matouk
 The fibers in this blanket allow your skin to
 breathe effortlessly. The world’s most natural
 fiber blend with 60% Modal/40% Egyptian
 cotton. Available in Oyster, Mocha, and Camel.

 King            112”x 92”        $664
 Queen           92”x 92”         $549
 Twin            70”x 92”         $439
 Throw           50”x 70”         $297


                                                      “St. Moritz” D.
                                                       Blankets by sferra
                                                       St. Moritz is comfort defined. A plush, velvety blanket
                                                       woven from 100% long-staple combed cotton that
                                                       has been brushed for softness and warmth. Snuggle
                                                       up beneath its downy nap, and feel the cares of the
                                                       day dissolve. Made in Portugal. Machine Washable.
                                                       Choose from 13 stunning colors.

                                                       King             108”x 90”           $260
                                                       Queen            90”x 90”            $220
                                                       Twin             67”x 90”            $165
                                                       Baby             30”x 40”            $50

                                                                   Beach Towels
                                                                   Beach Towels A.
                                                                   by Manuel Canovas
                                                                   Introducing couture designer, Manuel Canovas
                                                                   beach and pool towels. Make a statement with
                                                                   this high fashion printed velvet, 100% cotton
                                                                   towel. Made in France. 40”x42”
                                                                   Bali (bird) - $171
                                                                   Orchidee (Orchid) - $171
                                                                   Hippocampe (Seahorse) - $171


    “Regatta”           B.
    Traditional Striped Beach Towels
    by Cobra
    Extra Soft and Extra Absorbent! Our heaviest Beach
    Towel available - 700 grams. Twill binding in solid col-
    ors for long lasting quality. Pre-washed and pre-shrunk.
    Machine washable. Available in several colors. 40”x 72”

Regatta Beach Towel- $72


                                                                    Lounge Chair Covers                         C.

                                                                    by Pioneer Linens
                                                                    This plush, silk like terry beach tote is made of
                                                                    100% cotton and easily conforms to the shape of
                                                                    your body. A front zippered pocket keeps your
                                                                    cell phone, I-Pod and keys close by. The three
                                                                    rear pockets hold all of your waterside essentials;
                                                                    lotion, beverage and book. The bag then rolls out
                                                                    into a comfortable lounge chair cover keeping all
                                                                    of your essentials close by for easy accessibility.
                                                                    Lounge Chair Cover- $118
                                                               Bed Essentials
                                                           “Lara”        By Scandia Down
                                                           The Lara pillow is made with silk and cotton and covered
                                                           with a 474 thread-count sateen damask shell and a subtle
                                                           checker pattern. This luxurious dream pillow is filled
                                                           with an exotic 800 fill power White Siberian Goose
                                                           King Firm                   $760
                                                           King Medium                 $700
                                                           King Soft                   $630
                                                           Queen Firm                  $660
                                                           Queen Medium                $600
                                                           Queen Soft                  $550
                                                           Standard Firm               $600
                                                           Standard Medium $530
                                                           Standard Soft               $490

“Gossamer”               By Scandia Down                   B

Bring the elegance of Europe right to your bed with this
Gossamer down pillow. 330 thread count cambric cotton,
Hungarian white goose down, 650-700 fill-power.
King Firm                 $310
King Medium               $260
King Soft                 $240
Queen Firm                $270
Queen Medium              $230
Queen Soft                $210
Standard Firm             $230
Standard Medium           $200
Standard Soft             $180

C                                                          “Down Free”                   C.
                                                           by Scandia Down
                                                           A wonderful alternative to down. Down-free pillows
                                                           are made of hypo-allergenic polyester fibers, which
                                                           imitate goose down for the feeling of down.
                                                           King Firm                    $80
                                                           King Medium                  $75
                                                           King Soft                    $70
                                                           Queen Firm                   $75
                                                           Queen Medium                 $70
                                                           Queen Soft                   $65
                                                           Standard Firm                $70
                                                           Standard Medium              $65
20                                                         Standard Soft                $60
                                                        Bed Essentials
                                                            “Lara” A.
                                                            Down Comforters
                                                            This elegant comforter has a 474 thread count with
                                                            champagne-colored sateen ticking. Siberian goose down
                                                            gives nature’s warmest lightweight comfort. The hypo-
                                                            allergenic silk repels dust mites. The hand-sewn satin
                                                            piping with double stitching gives added durability. Also
                                                            try the matching down pillow!
                                                            King         $3,050
                                                            Queen        $2,700
                                                            Twin         $2,175

Down Comforters
Gossamer is one of the finest baffle box construction
comforters available. The Gossamer comforter has a
contained flow, which holds the down in place for an
even full look. The comforter is 330-thread count
cambric cotton with 650-700 fill-power Hungarian
white goose down. White goose down comforters are
made from the softest and most insulated down.

King        $655
Queen       $580
Twin        $465

                                                            “Down Free”
                                                             basic Comforters
                                                            Indulge in this wonderful alternative to down. Soft
                                                            285 thread-count cotton cambric ticking, down-free
                                                            comforters are made of hypoallergenic polyester
                                                            fibers, which imitate goose down for the feeling of
                                                            down. A comforter for every season, created especially
                                                            for those who may be sensitive to down, yet desire its
                                                            luxury and comfort.
                                                            King        $280
                                                            Queen       $250
                                                            Twin        $200
King Firm
King Medium
King Soft
Queen Firm
Queen Medium
Queen Soft
                                                               Bed Essentials
Standard Firm
Standard Medium
                                                               Matress Pad Covers A.
Standard Soft                                                  by Beautyrest
                                                               Deluxe Mattress Pad has extra deep fitted sides to
                                                               accommodate extra deep mattresses. Covered with a
                                                               400 thread count cotton sateen top, this mattress pad
                                                               is truly “exceptional.” Fits up to a 20 inch depth.
                                                               King          $136
                                                               Queen         $126
                                                               Full          $116
                                                               Twin          $96

     Pillow Protectors B.                                      B
     By Bargoose
     Add a touch of luxury to your night with this Stripe
     Pillow Protector. 100% cotton with a comfortable
     400 thread count. This cotton striped damask Pillow
     Protector will keep your pillow clean and fresh. Double
     stitched, reinforced seams and a rustproof nylon zipper
     make for easy care.
     King               $20
     Queen              $16
     Standard           $14
     Euro               $20


                                                               FeatherBeds C.
                                                               by Scandia down
                                                               230 thread-count cambric cotton ticking, filled
                                                               with a 10% down / 90% feather European white
                                                               goose down & feather blend. Baffle channels
                                                               allow proper loft of the fill and keep the feathers
                                                               from shifting away from you as you sleep.
                                                               King        $750
                                                               Queen       $650
                                                               Full        $550
                                                               Twin        $450
                                                               Available Through Website & Custom Orders Only

                                                            Linen wash by Leblanc                         A.
                                                           Treat your delicates tenderly. Linen Wash is
                                                           formulated to safely and effectively provide
                                                                                                           8 oz. Bottle $12
                                                           care for quality fabrics. It’s pH formula      32 oz. Bottle $24
                                                           makes it ideal for natural fibers (such as     64 oz. Bottle $34
                                                           100% Linen and Cotton), synthetic blends,
                                                           white or colored fabrics, lace and quilts.

                                                                                        The Laundress                     B.
                                                                                        From whites to darks and shirts to sheets,
                                                                                C       Laundress Detergents and fabric sprays will
                                                                                        make your fabrics clean and fresh. Specially
                                                                                        formulated to preserve your quality linens and
                                                                                        keep your best sheets soft!
                                                                                        32 oz. Baby Detergent- $20
Ironing water C.                                                                        32 oz. Signature Detergent- $20
A fine Linen Spray                                                                      16 oz. Delicate Wash- $18
Keep linens feeling new & refreshed. Spray                                              16 oz. Cashmere Shampoo- $18
on fabrics while pressing them with an iron.                                             8 oz. Crease Release Spray- $14
May also be used as a room freshener.                                                    8 oz. Classic Fabric Fresh- $14
                                                                                         8 oz. Stiffen Up Spray- $14
32 oz. Bottle- $21                                                                       4 oz. Stain Solution- $8
Silver Keepers                  D.
By Hagerty                                                                                                                           B
Hagerty Silversmiths’ Cloths contains R-22, a tarnish preventive
that protects polished sterling and silver plate from tarnishing
by neutralizing airborne sulphur for years. Hagerty flatware
rolls and zippered holloware bags will keep your precious silver
lustrous and ready for all the occasions.
6 piece Roll Up Keeper- $12
18”x 18” Zipper Bag- $24
24”x 30” Zipper Bag- $41
Flatware Zipper Bag-$50

Silversmiths’ Gloves                           By Hagerty E.
Clean and protect your finest silver pieces with
Hagerty’s Silversmiths’ Gloves. It will remove
tarnish and affix a tarnish-proof barrier on your
silver to preserve its shine for months.
Tarnish remover Gloves- $18
                                                                            Silver Smith’s Eco Friendly
  E                                     D
                                                                                 Pump Spray Polish F.
                                                                            Hagerty’s all new, environmentally friendly polishing spray is ef-
                                                                            fective without the use of harmful CFC’s. The enhanced formula
                                                                            works to maintain your silver’s patina while guarding against
                                                                            tarnish. Infused with natural elements this polish will leave your
                                                                            silver looking more brilliant than ever!

                                                                             8 oz. Spray Bottle- $16
     Table Extras                         A.

Card Table Covers
 Our suede-like reversible card table covers are trimmed with
 grosgrain ribbon. Available in Black, Cashmere, Bone, Peach,
 Mauve, Hunter Green, Grey, Navy Blue and Wedgewood Blue.
 Machine Washable. Monogramming Available.
 44” Square $78
 54” Round $108

Table Padding B.                                                B

Table padding protects your
tables finish from liquid spills,
scratches, dents and nicks. It
absorbs sound and gives your
tablecloth a flowing drape.
The soft felt backing is safer
than foam backed products
and suitable for all furniture
By The Yard
82” Wide - $14 per yard


                                                          Vanity Chairs
                                                    Peacock Chair C.
                                                     This padded chair is perfect for a vanity stool or as an accent
                                                     in the master bedroom. Hand painted with a gold finish. Also
                                                     featured in Domino Magazine!
                                                     Peacock Chair- $475

                                                                                             Twisted Rope
                                                                                             Small Stool D.
                                                                                              This padded chair has
                                                                                              a small back for vanity
                                                                                              seating and is hand
                                                                                              painted with a gold

                                                                                              Twisted Rope
                                                                                              Stool- $435
                                                                “Logan” A.
                                                                  A universally classic rectangular design of
                                                                  willow with a cotton canvas liner. Stained
                                                                  in a warm honey color for a natural look.
                                                                  18.5 x 13.5 x 24- $65

                                                                         “Bombe Mahogany” B.
                                                                  B          Made from a rich mahogany wood in a thick
                                                                             basket weave pattern, the Bombe Mahogany
                                                                             Hamper is a handsome home addition.
                                                                             21.75h x 18.5w x 13.5d- $385


Towel Racks
    Gold Towel Stand
    Enjoy this 3 rack towel stand in either the
    bathroom or laundry room. Hand painted
    with a gold finish.
    Gold Towel Stand- $420

    3 Tier Towel Rack D.
    This 3 tier towel rack can also be used as a
    comforter holder. Hand painted gold finish.
    3 Tier Towel Rack- $395                                D

                                                                                   Luggage Racks
                                                               Rattan Luggage Racks E.
                                                               Fashion meets functionality with our new
                                                               rattan luggage racks. Finished with a gorgeous
                                                               four inch wide strap of fabric.
                                                               Large- 23”x 14”x 28”- $90
                                                               Small- 23”x 14”x 22”- $85
                                                       E       Table Tray- 25”x 17”x 5”- $90
            Custom Designs

 We encourage you to be creative at Pioneer Linens. If you don’t find exactly what you are looking
 for, our experienced sales team will help you express yourself. You will have a feeling of satisfaction
 when you custom design your own rugs to an exact size you’ve been looking for. Personalize your
 entire home with embroidered blanket covers, sheets, towels, shams, shower curtains, tablecloths,
 napkins, duvet covers and more!
 We can recreate your logo on any of our linens. Simply e-mail your logo to us at and we will be happy to help you with your custom logo needs.
 Ultimate satisfaction is something Pioneer Linens has brought to customers since 1912. You can
 count on us to deliver the best for whatever your home needs and desires.                                     1 •800 • 207 •5463

The Yacht Division
 Pioneer Linens Yacht Division Caters To Owners, Captains, And Crew
           With Superior White Glove Shore Based Services.

               Jay Crockenberg & Alicia Baumiller
                      561-385-8906                        954-903-7225

We Offer The Best In:
Custom Fit Bed Linens
Unique Table Linens
Pure Down Pillows
Egyptian Cotton Sheets
Economic Crew Sheets
Cashmere Blankets
Our Services Include:
World-Wide Shipping
Immediate Turnaround

                                        Customer Reviews
  We were very pleased with Jay’s enthusiasm and his      Your professionalism and willingness to
  professionalism. He came to the boat several times to   bend over backwards for your customer is
  show us samples, take measurements and ensure that      hard to find these days. So thank you for
  we made the right choices. I would recommend Jay        all your time and effort. We look forward
  and his team at Pioneer Linens.                         to doing business with you again.
  Clara Ungurean, Chief Stewardess                        -Jeszell Gooch, Chief Stewardess
  M/Y Prediction                                          M/Y Linda Lou                               27
                                         Linen Sheets By Sferra
                                         Share one of the best-kept secrets from
                                         the world’s finest hotels: the luxury of
                                         sleeping on pure linen sheets. Linen
                                         bedding has been the choice of royalty
                                         for centuries, and often lasts nearly as
                                         long! It’s enduring fibers become softer
                                         and more lustrous with each washing.
                                         These Classico pure linen sheets from
                                         Italy are finished with a classic
                                         hand-drawn hemstitched border.

                                          King Flat Sheet             $260
                                          Queen/Full Flat Sheet       $250
                                          King Fitted Sheet           $225
                                          Cal. King Fitted            $225
                                          Queen Fitted Sheet          $210
                                          Standard Cases (Pair)       $125
                                          King Cases (Pair)           $140
                                          Standard Sham               $120
                                          King Sham                   $130
                                          Euro Sham                   $125
                                          Boudoir Sham                $85

                                                               PRST STD
                       210 Clematis Street                    U.S POSTAGE
                    West Palm Beach, Fl 33401                     PAID
                                                           West Palm Beach, Fl
                   561•655•8553 800•207•5463                 Permit No. 210

            Since 1912

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