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									AR111 LED Bulbs – An Introduction | LED Bulbs Blog
                                                                                                           January 9, 2012

In recent years, LED has become an increasingly popular option for lighting in domestic and commercial applications.
GU10 LEDs and MR16 LEDs are among the most popular for home usage. AR111 LED bulbs are one of the most
popular for commercial and retail environments.

What are AR111 LEDs?

AR111 LEDs are a type of spotlight bulb. Typically, you will find them in ceilings in retail settings and shops where
there is a requirement for continuous, high-powered lighting. AR111 are amongst the largest spot lamps used and offer
a fantastic light coverage over a wide area.

AR111 LEDs are different from traditional AR111 bulbs as they use start of the art light-emitting diode technology
which is energy saving and can save businesses 85% on their lighting bill.

Why LED AR111s?

LED bulbs are simply more energy efficient than typical halogen, incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. They can last up
to 50,000 hours compared to conventional lights and require significantly less energy. This allows businesses to save
vast amounts of money on their lighting bills. You can save anywhere from 70-85% by switching to LED bulbs.

                                                        Similarly, traditional bulbs emit vast amounts of heat as they
                                                        generate light (up to 90% of their energy is emitted as heat, not
                                                        light). An incandescent bulb may have a surface temperature of
                                                        over 200 Celsius! This is highly energy inefficient and means
                                                        you may be spending more money on air conditioning. An LED
                                                        bulb heats up to a much cooler 50 Celsius which means not
                                                        only is it energy saving but you also save money on air
                                                        conditioning bills.

                                                        Retail environments such as a shops or restaurants require
                                                        lighting for many hours all day, every day. Using traditional
                                                        spot lamps is highly non-efficient. Whilst halogen light bulbs
                                                        are more energy efficient than traditional bulbs, LED light bulbs
                                                        are the next generation of lighting.

LED AR111s can last up to 50,000 hours, far exceeding the length of time incandescent or halogen bulbs last for.
Whilst LED lights can be more expensive than traditional lights, they offer a fantastic ROI. In just a year, you may have
already saved what you spent, and as they last so long, you will continue to save money year after year.

IstoriaLED is a manufacturer or high-quality AR111 bulbs. They are fantastic energy saving bulbs that last up to 50,000
years. They come in five different colours, Daylight, Warm White, Cool White, White and Cool Daylight and make for a
fantastic investment for the future. All IstoriaLED AR111 light bulbs are retrofit – this means you can add install them
in your current fixtures and fittings with no additional work!

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