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Starting to earn money online on eBay


Starting to earn money online on eBay

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									          Starting to earn money online on eBay

 To start off you need to get yourself a good quality camera. No, I am not talking
    about selling photos on ebay. Who buys pics on ebay anyway? You will that
    camera to take photographs of objects owned by other people in your area,
 which they are of course interested in selling in the first place. The next obvious
 step is figuring out what sort of commission percentage you are going to charge
for the affiliate services offered. Keep in mind there are certain types of fees that
ebay charges for regularly posting products for sale. You need to decide whether
  to charge a considerably high commission percentage & pay the ebay product
 listing fees yourself or include it in your total charged commission & inform your
   client accordingly. Whichever structure you choose at the end of the day your
ultimate aim is to earn money online & make sure you don’t lose any. Secondly
 get in touch with all the pawn shops you will be able to regularly travel to. You’ll
     be surprised how easily & how many pawn shop owners will agree to your
proposal of selling their shop items on ebay & why shouldn’t they? It is after all a

win-win situation for everyone.                                              You get
to earn money online through sales commissions while the shop owner gets to
  advertise his products to a global market & is much more likely to get a better
price for it than he would have got by selling it in his shop, even after you deduct
                                 your commission.
           How to gain clients to earn money online on eBay?
       Just as any other affiliate sales business, selling stuff on ebay requires
   advertising. In order to gain more clients you need to make yourself visible to
 them, both in your local area & somewhat on the internet. The best way to gain
    visibility in your local area is to advertise in newspapers. The most common
  forms are text ads. An ideal text ad on a local paper should go something like,
     “Do YOU have lots of stuff you have no use for anymore & all that stuff is
  blocking space for some new stuff? Then just give me a call on this no. ( Your
no.) & I’ll make sure that you get the best price for all those unwanted objects on
      ebay.” Do this & you are sure to get a few calls to set up toearn money
online on ebay. One delicate area that you must negotiate with your prospective
client is the issue of parting with their things before receiving payment. This is of
 course a natural consequence since most buyers on ebay opt for payment on
 delivery & thus the owner has to hand over the sold object to you for shipping
before he/she receives any payment. The reason I said this was a delicate issue
is because 99% of your clients will be unwilling to give up their possessions, no
matter how much useless, to a selling service vendor (you) that he/she may not
 have known for a very long time without first receiving the adequate payment.
 The best way to get around this problem & make sure you don’t end up paying
money before you get to earn money online is to draw up a legal contract read
                      & signed by both you & your client.

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