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					AEROSPACE GROUP BI-WEEKLY NEWSLETTER                                                         OCT. 4, 2011

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    New Aerospace Group Operating Unit Announced

  The following message was sent to all Aerospace Group employees by Aerospace Group President Pete Green on Sept. 28.


  Almost three years ago we began our efforts to take the Aerospace Team to the next level. As part of achieving that goal
  we focused on expanding Wyle’s long-time support to the U.S. Air Force, as well as aligning our many other outstanding
  offerings that could be potentially supportive to the Air Force mission.

  As a result, the scope of our work has grown as Wyle has been selected to support the Air Force in carrying out their
  mission in several areas, including systems engineering, electronic, cyber, and aeronautical systems. This growing
  tasking, coupled with the potential benefit we believe we can bring to our Air Force customers, brings us to a very
  exciting announcement.

  Effective January 1, 2012, the Aerospace Group will stand up a new operating unit specifically focused on supporting our Air
  Force systems customers. Our new Air Force Systems Operating Unit will be composed of our Northwest Florida, Mission
  Systems (Northeast Region), and Dayton Sectors and will be part of our Technology and Test Division led by Bert Johnston.

  Please join me in congratulating Bert and the Air Force Ops and BD team for having the vision, dedication, and
  entrepreneurial spirit to reach this milestone.


  Peter Green
  President, Aerospace Group

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02 AeroBenefits Open Enrollment
                                                  06      Group News
                                                                                             15      Hot Jobs

            Windows 7 / Office 2010 Training

04       Health and Well-being
            Tips for a Safe Halloween - Part 1
                                                  12      (Un)Classifieds
                                                          Wyle Aero Calendar
                                                                                             16      Communications POCs

05       Welcome Aboard
                                                  13      Community Events
                                    Aero                              News
                                  Benefits Open Enrollment for 2012 Begins
  Managing Editor
  Grace Riley                     October 31 - How to Prepare and What to Expect
  Communications Specialist
                                Open Enrollment for your 2012 benefits is October 31 – November 14.
                                This is your once-a-year opportunity to enroll for benefits or change your
                                current benefit elections and beneficiaries for the upcoming plan year.

  Executive Editor              Preparing for Open Enrollment
  Lynn Thorne                   You can start to prepare for Open Enrollment by considering your
  Manager, Communications       anticipated benefit needs for 2012. It’s easier to elect benefits if you
  301-866-5649                  have an idea of what your needs will be. Some things to consider:
                                Are you participating in a health care flexible spending account (FSA)?
                                If so, evaluate whether you need to change your contribution amounts
  Editorial Staff               for 2012. Please note that no over-the-counter medication are eligible
  Alex Clarke                   for reimbursement with FSA funds, unless it’s insulin or prescribed by a
  Communications Coordinator    physician. This change could impact the amount you’ll want to contribute
                                next year.
  Elizabeth Fahrner
  Communications Specialist     Do you have benefits available through your spouse or domestic
                                partner? If yes, review these options against Wyle’s benefits to determine
  Danice Wilson                 which plans best meet your needs in 2012.
  Director, Communications
                                Do you anticipate a need for legal services, such as creation of a will
                                or living trust? If so, consider enrolling in the Hyatt Legal Plan during
  Production/Distribution       Open Enrollment.
  Bill Conner
                                Are you currently enrolled in ASI TRICARE Supplemental coverage?
  Ron MacRae
                                If so, you’ll have the option to pay your premiums in 2012 through
  Caroline Green                payroll deductions on a pre-tax basis. Your 2012 Benefit Enrollment
                                Worksheet will arrive in the mail in mid-October. This worksheet will
                                have important information, including the benefits you can enroll in
                                during Open Enrollment.

  The AeroWeek is a biweekly    More details will follow in the coming weeks. If you have any questions,
  newsletter produced for       please contact Kari Lee at 301-863-2252 or
  Aerospace Group employees
  by the Aerospace Group’s
  Communications Office. Your
  questions, comments and
  inputs are always welcome!
  Forward submissions to your
  Communications POC listed
  on the back page of this

October 4, 2011                               2                                          Wyle AeroWeek
   Aero                              News
 Additional Training Sessions Scheduled
 Windows 7 / Office 2010

To help prepare for our migration to the Windows 7
Operating System and Office 2010, all employees
should plan to attend an introductory orientation
session to familiarize themselves with Windows 7,
which is significantly different from our current
operating system, and to see the differences
between Office 2010 and Office 2007. Additional
orientation sessions for Windows 7 and Office
2010 will be held through Nov. 29. Scheduled
orientation sessions are as follows:

Wed., 5 October – 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
(Patuxent River Conf. Rm. 8, Exploration III bldg.)

Mon., 24 October – 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
(Patuxent River Conf. Rm. 2, Exploration III bldg.)

Mon., 7 November – 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
(Patuxent River 1 West Conf. Rm., Exploration I bldg.)

Tues., 29 November – 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
(Patuxent River 1 West Conf. Rm., Exploration I bldg.)

If you would like to join us remotely for any of these sessions, call 866-266-3378. Enter the
conference ID 3018634407 and password: 2376#. You will then be asked to record your name and
press 1 to enter the conference room. To connect to the visual portion of the orientation, go to Enter the Meeting ID: 45154770 and Password: win7. This information,
along with self-help/learning information, can be found on the Wyle Aerospace Group Learning Center site

October 4, 2011                                          3                                 Wyle AeroWeek
    Health                             & Well-being
   Tips for a Safe Halloween - Part 1

The following information is provided by LifeWorks, Wyle’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Halloween is an exciting time for children. In addition to bags full of candy, there are costumes, makeup, and
the thrill of trick-or-treating. Some families celebrate Halloween by hosting a party at home or attending a
school or community celebration, while others opt for traditional trick-or-treating. No matter how you choose
to enjoy the day (or night), here are a few tips you may be able to use to help your child have fun and stay safe
this Halloween.

Young children should not be allowed to carve pumpkins. Instead, have them draw designs with a marker
and then do any carving yourself. Pumpkins with burning candles inside can be fire hazards, so keep these
decorating tips in mind:
        • Use glo-sticks, flashlights, or small votive candles to light pumpkins. Tapered candles can be a fire
        • If you decorate indoors with jack-o-lanterns that have votive candles in them, put them on a sturdy
         table or surface away from flammable objects like curtains or other decorations. Make sure that they
          are displayed at a height that young children can’t reach. Never leave a lit candle unattended.
        • Don’t put pumpkins with lit candles on stairs or walkways where costumes can brush against a flame.

Choosing the right costume will help your child avoid fire and tripping hazards.
       • For a safer costume, help your child select these items:
                > Costumes and wigs with ‘flame-resistant’ on the label.
                > Clothes that are short enough to avoid tripping.
                > Reflector strips and a flashlight for after dark.
                > Makeup instead of a mask for better visibility. Choose makeup that is washable and non-toxic,
                  and test it on a small patch of the child’s skin first.
                > Sturdy, well-fitting shoes. Avoid high heels borrowed from an adult.
       • Choose safe costume props. Avoid toys and props that shoot any sort of projectile. Make sure “weapons”
        such as pirate swords or light sabers are made of non-flammable materials and have no sharp edges,
         protruding points, or knobs.
       • Don’t allow your child to wear decorative contact lenses bought without a prescription. Using decorative
         lenses -- such as the “cat’s eye” lenses popular at Halloween -- without a prescription can lead to
         eye injuries.
       • Attach your child’s name and address to the inside of his costume. If visible on the outside, a name makes
         it easier for a stranger to pretend to know your child.
       • Add a strip of reflective tape to the costume or treat bag.
       • Remember that costumes -- and the entire experience of Halloween -- may be frightening for some
         children. Talk about the holiday ahead of time and take your cues from your children.
          If they don’t want to greet trick-or-treaters or dress up, it’s OK.

Check out the next issue of the AeroWeek, publishing Oct. 18, for additional safety tips for a fun Halloween!

 October 4, 2011                                         4                                           Wyle AeroWeek
   Welcome                          Aboard

              Patrick Collins      Debra Cotten          David Eng
            Patuxent River, MD   Patuxent River, MD     Camarillo, CA

              Lynda Foianini        Jason Frid           Bryon Gifford
            Patuxent River, MD    China Lake, CA      Patuxent River, MD

             Jennifer Goddard     Donald Lundie         Debra Rutten
            Patuxent River, MD    Crystal City, VA     China Lake, CA

                                   Charles Scott
                                    Dayton, OH

October 4, 2011                             5                           Wyle AeroWeek
  Group                             News
                                                            participation in a sport. Others may be driven to
 Warner Robins, GA                                          achieve a more attractive body image. Our goal
                                                            as a group is to improve our overall fitness and
“Biggest Loser” Competition                                 health and to change our personal appearance for
Continues Through Oct. 19                                   the better.
Have you taken a good
look at yourself in                                         As of August 25, the top three spots were held by
the mirror lately? You                                      Paul Kight (in first place), Doug Stone (in second
may be happy with                                           place) and Jimmie Carter (in third place). There are
what you see, but                                           still eight more weeks left and the competition is
a few people in the                                         fierce. Good luck to all the competitors and we’ll see
Warner Robins office                                        you at the Friday weigh-in!
envisioned a healthier
appearance and future.
This sparked a friendly
competition, which has                                      Southern Maryland
now grown to including
about 22 percent of                                         Software Training for October
the office’s close-
knit group. Warner                                                        Wyle’s Aerospace Group will be
Robins’ “Biggest Loser”                                                   offering seats for software training
competition reminds its participants, as well as all                      courses in October. Training dates are
other employees, that we can control our weight                           tentative and rely solely on interest.
and prevent obesity. Excessive weight is one of
the leading causes of diabetes, heart disease,                            Oct. 12 and 13 – Word 2010 Basic
high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, stroke and                            8 a.m. – 12 p.m. (both days)
certain types of cancer.                                                  Oct. 25 and 26 – Project 2010 Basic
                                                                           8 a.m. – 12 p.m. (both days)
Although the main goal of this challenge is to
improve health and wellness, participants are               All nominated Aerospace Group employees are
also motivated by the friendly competition for the          eligible for these courses. Classes are held in the
$400 grand prize. The competition is a 12-week              training room at our Lexington Park, Md. location.
weight-loss challenge program with weekly
weigh-ins. While everyone is free to choose                 To see course objectives, go to:
whatever diet and exercise program they see fit,  
some members have banded together to form work-             nsf. Log in using your network name and password,
out groups. It’s a great reminder that sometimes all        then click the Documents link in the Collaboration
it takes to get motivated is for someone to say, “Put       box (upper-left). Scroll to Course Objectives and
down the remote and get off the couch!”                     click the file name to open the document.

Even folks who are at their ideal weight may be             For more information contact Vicky Sandvig at
inspired to improve their health and lose a few             301-866-2251 /
pounds to improve their athletic performance
or meet the required weight classification for
                                                                                        (Group News Continued)

October 4, 2011                                         6                                         Wyle AeroWeek
    Group                               News
(Group News Continued)
                                                                 Save a Life
                                                                 Blood Drive Oct. 12
 Avoid the Flu!
 Mobile Clinics Come to Wyle                                     Save the date for our Wyle-
                                                                 hosted       American  Red
                                                                 Cross (ARC) blood drive
                                                                 taking place Wednesday,
                                                                 Oct. 12, between 10 a.m.
                                                                 and 2 p.m., at the ARC
                                                                 mobile van located in the
                                                                 back parking lot of the
                                                                 Exp. III building.

                                                                 Blood supplies are in constant shortage, yet the
 Flu season is approaching and will last through the fall        need for blood continues to climb. Aside from
 and winter. Ward off chances of getting the flu by taking       saving lives, one of the other benefits is that you
 advantage of our Wyle-hosted Health Connections                 get a ‘mini’ physical each time. ARC staff members
 flu shot clinics taking place Tuesday, Oct. 11                  check your pulse, blood pressure, body temperature
 and Wednesday, Oct. 26 (sign up deadline Oct. 19).              and hemoglobin. It’s a great way to stay healthy and
 This year flu shot recipients must sign up ahead                help others!
 of time to stock the mobile vans appropriately.
 You can easily sign up by emailing the names                    If interested, you must be at least 16 years old and
 of the recipients to                      in good health. For more information about ARC,
 Walk-ins will still be accepted; however, shots may             contact Angeles McWhorter at 301-863-4349 /
 not be available.                                      or visit
 The Health Connections mobile flu shot clinics will
 take place at Wyle in the south parking lot. The
 seasonal flu vaccine will be available for ages 10
 and older for $20 per vaccine. Health Connections
 is now accepting credit cards as well as cash and
 checks. You should be in good health and have not
 had reactions to any vaccines in the past. All vaccine
 recipients are required to complete a consent form
 before receiving the shot. The form will be available
 in the Health Connections van upon registration. For
 further information, please call Health Connections
 at 301-475-6019.

                                                                                            (Group News Continued)

 October 4, 2011                                             7                                       Wyle AeroWeek
    Group                               News
(Group News Continued)
                                                                  up 14 bags of trash in about two hours. Way to
                                                                  go, team!
 Wagner/Shelley Tournament
 Looking for Players                                              On the heels of September’s pick up we invite folks
                                                                  once again to participate in the final pick up of the
                                                                  season being held Saturday, Oct. 22. Please help us
                                                                  ensure that Wyle’s small stretch of highway between
                                                                  the Rt. 4 and Rt. 235 intersection and Clarke’s
                                                                  Landing Road is kept clean and green. Sign up now to
                                                                  meet us at 8 a.m. under the Wildewood Center sign
                                                                  in Wildewood Shopping Center in California, Md. All
                                                                  participants will be treated to brunch at Ruby Tuesday
                                                                  after the pick-up. Have questions? Contact Dionne
                                                                  Saul at 301-757-9986 /
 Please join Wyle’s Wagner / Shelley Memorial Golf
 Tournament being held Monday, Oct. 17 at Breton                  Team Wyle Rises and Shines!
 Bay Golf and Country Club in Leonardtown, Md.
 Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. with captain’s choice
 format and a shotgun start at 9 a.m. There will be
 first, second and third place, ‘closest to the pin’ and
 ‘longest drive’ prizes. The cost is $65 per player and the
 signup deadline is Friday, Oct. 7. If you are interested
 in playing, contact Sheila Simpson at 301-866-5575
 /, or Dave Craddock
 at 301-863-4284 /

 Kudos to September Pick Up Team
 Final Pick Up of the Season Oct. 22
                                                                  Rise-N-Shine Breakfast Coordinator Katie Alvey was
                                                                  grateful to the volunteers who helped make the
                                                                  Sept. 22 Wyle Cares breakfast a great success. In all
                                                                  there were about 87 diners and Wyle Cares raised
                                                                  $380 in proceeds for local charities. Many thanks
                                                                  go to the hard working volunteers which included
                                                                  Ryan Gravelle, Sheila Simpson, Penny Brueggemann,
                                                                  Dusty Rhoades, Kerrie Grant, Elizabeth Fahrner,
                                                                  Shawn Stanley, Troy Ickes, Monica Cox, Janet Dunphy,
                                                                  Michelle McCabe and Vicky Sandvig, and also to the
                                                                  diners who purchased the tasty breakfast fare. A
 Thanks to our pick up volunteers, including Greg                 special kudos goes to Kerrie Grant for transporting
 Olson, Ivan Behel, Michael Broudus, Gwen and                     all the leftovers to local homeless shelters.
 Ken Brown, Tom Phelan, Ron Fehr, and Dionne and
 Redmond Saul, we had a successful event picking                                              (Group News Continued)

 October 4, 2011                                              8                                         Wyle AeroWeek
    Group                             News
(Group News Continued)
                                                               scrapbooking items, music collections, gifts for all
                                                               ages and more. Have questions? Contact Kerrie
 Wyle Sponsors Spooky Event                                    Grant at 301.863.4312 /
 Spirits of Point Lookout                                      To find out more about Books Are Fun, go to
 This Wyle-sponsored Spirits of Point Lookout
 fundraising event takes place Oct. 27 and 28 at
 Point Lookout State Park in Scotland, Md. It is               Public Service Volunteers
 a historically representative, interactive event
 featuring some of Point Lookout’s many legendary
                                                               Being Sought
 tragedies and hauntings. Evening events include               The Board of County Commissioners for St.
 music, concessions, live presentations, games for the         Mary’s County is looking for local citizens who
 children and much, much more. Although this is not            are interested in volunteering their time in public
 a “haunted house-style” event, it has presentations           service to consider serving on various Boards,
 that are suitable for children. The tour does require a       Committees and Commissions. There are currently
 50-minute, half-mile walk. Tours take place Saturday          more than 30 vacancies. Detailed information and
 and Sunday between 7 and 10 p.m. with groups of               descriptions of the boards and a complete listing of
 30 leaving every 10 minutes. For more information,            vacancies are available on the county’s website at
 visit or email sales@  or interested citizens can call Admission tickets are $15 each. This         Sarah Cavanno 301-475-4200 ext. 1320.
 event is staffed solely by volunteers from Kiwanis and
 local residents. Proceeds benefit Southern Maryland
 youth leadership programs and other service needs.
                                                               Yard Waste Collection Site Still Open
                                                               Through Oct. 9

 Book and Gift Fair                                            Yard Waste Collection
 Save the Date for Nov. 8 and 9                                Sites will remain open
                                                               for county residents
 Looking for books and gifts                                   to drop off yard waste
 for the holidays? Check out                                   through Sunday, Oct.
 the Wyle-hosted Books                                         9. Residents will be
 Are Fun book fair, which                                      allowed to do so free
 takes place Nov. 8 and 9                                      of charge at the below
 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in                                     listed sites between the
 the 1 North conference                                        hours of 8 a.m. and 6
 room in the Exp. I building.                                  p.m., seven days a week. Yard waste includes: logs,
 The fair offers gifts and educational products                limbs, stumps, brush and leaves.
 at a savings of up to 80 percent off retail prices
 and part of the proceeds go to Wyle Cares for                 •   Charlotte Hall Region: Parlett/Burch and
 distribution to local charities. Some of the products             Associates Property, located on the left side of
 for sale include children’s story books, children’s               Golden Beach Road, 1⁄2 mile east of Md. Route 5.
 education products, cookbooks, general interest
 books, New York Times best sellers, stationery and                                       (Group News Continued)

 October 4, 2011                                           9                                       Wyle AeroWeek
     Group                            News
(Group News Continued)
                                                               Are You Ready for Some Football?
                                                               Show Your Colors on Football Fridays
 •   Dameron / Ridge Region: Kessler Development
     Company site, located adjacent to Kessler Body                                      Show your colors on
     and Equipment Company on Md. Route 235.                                             Football Fridays during
                                                                                         football season at
 •   Valley Lee / Redgate Region: Larry Hills and Sons                                   our Pax River office!
     Excavating site, located on Md. Route 5 between                                     We encourage you
     Callaway and Great Mills.                                                           to represent your
                                                                                         favorite football team
 •   Great Mills Trading Post site, located on Md.             by donning a team jersey on Fridays. Here are a
     Route 249, just south of Happyland Road.                  couple of ground rules:
 •   Hollywood / Leonardtown Region: A. C. Mattingly                • Wear your jersey only if you are working in a
     Dirt Works site, located on Cedar Lane Road,                     Wyle facility and have no expectation that
     approximately 1.4 miles south of St. Johns Road.                 you will need to meet with our customers
                                                                      in person.
 Need more information? Visit the St. Mary’s County                 • Dress appropriately for your environment.
 website at and click on the                        Be as neat and professional as you would on
 “Residential Yard Waste Collection Program” news                     a regular business casual day – saving attire
 release under the Latest News and Updates menu.                      like sweat pants, worn-out jeans, that
                                                                      favorite pair of broken-in khakis or
                                                                      sneakers for game day.
  Are You a Local Designer Looking
  for a Challenge?                                             Have fun, enjoy football season, and send any
  Technology Handbook for 2012                                 Football Friday photos you’d like to see in our
                                                               publications to Pax River Communications
 For closet artists looking for a fun and rewarding            Coordinator Alex Clarke at
 outlet, check out the cover design contest for the
 2012 Technology Handbook for St. Mary’s County,
 sponsored by The Patuxent Partnership. Graphic
 artists who are employed by or work in St. Mary’s
 County are invited to submit designs to the St. Mary’s
 County Department of Economic and Community

 Details and official rules are available on the county
 website (
 FormsandDocuments.asp) by clicking on the menu
 options under the “Technology Handbook Cover
 Contest” header. The winner receives $500! The
 entry deadline is Friday, Nov. 4 at 4 p.m.

 October 4, 2011                                          10                                       Wyle AeroWeek
                                          Halloween Party
                                               Oct. 27 - Pax River

                                                                            Decorating Safety Rules
                                                                            While planning decorations for
                                                                            your hallway, please remember
                                                                            our rules and safety guidelines:
                                                                            •   No open flames.
                                                                            •   No smoke-generating
Yo Gabba Gabba Comes to Wyle for Halloween                                      devices.
                                                                            •   No blocking or covering
This year’s Halloween Party will be held in the Exp. I building on              exits, emergency exit signs
Thursday, Oct. 27, from 4 to 6 p.m. The theme is from the children’s            or ceiling lights.
cable show called Yo Gabba Gabba. The characters include DJ Lance           •   No decorations close to heat
Rock, Muno, Foofa, Brobee, Toodee and Plex.                                     sources (e.g., cover lights).

Festivities include goody bags, photos with costumed characters,            •   No covered fire alarm pulls,
                                                                                fire extinguishers, fire bells
and hallway trick-or-treating. Video entertainment and food from                or strobe lights.
Chick-fil-A will be provided in the 1 north conference room.
                                                                            •   No covered air return vents.
We are refining the Halloween party venue to accommodate better             •   Avoid trip hazards (e.g.,
security and safety for the event. Decorated hallways will be set up in         plastic on floors, electrical
the halls of 1 south, 2 south, 3 north (scary hall) and 3 south.                cords, etc.)
                                                                            •   Avoid damage to walls and
If you are interested in being a part of our Halloween event planning           ceilings (no nails).
team, volunteers are needed in the following areas: costumed
characters for the lobby, front door greeters, set up and tear down         •   Ensure hallways have both a
                                                                                clear entrance and exit route
helpers, hall and lobby decorators, and food and entertainment                  and that there is enough
helpers. We also need goodie bag stuffers, food servers and folks               lighting so children can see
to monitor the conference room. Monetary and candy donations                    to walk.
will be gladly accepted to augment those provided by the company.           •   Each hallway should have
Donations can be left at the front desks of the Exp. I and III buildings.       adults on duty to distribute
                                                                                goodies. Employees not
For more information or to volunteer, contact Katie Alvey at                    giving out candy should
                                                                                close their office doors.
301-866-2250 /
                                                                            •   Clean up should be
                                                                                completed by close of
                                                                                business on Friday, Oct. 28.

October 4, 2011                                            11                                   Wyle AeroWeek
   (Un)                        Classifieds
    The (Un)Classifieds section is open to all Wyle             Wyle Aero Calendar
   Aerospace Group employees. Submit an ad for
  anything you would like to sell, rent or give away!                       Oct. 4 - 17

For Sale: New cell phone LG Lithium Ion battery 3.7V         10/07
(800mAh, LGIP-431A). Ordered wrong size. Asking $5. If       All Aero
interested, please call 301-602-3565.                        Timesheets due
                                                             Yom Kippur begins at sundown

Roommate Wanted: Female roommate or mother                   Southern Maryland
with children wanted to occupy two unfurnished rooms         Deadline to sign up for Wagner/Shelley
available in a large 5 bedroom home - 3,200 sq.ft., with a   Memorial Golf Tournament
shared bath, on a quiet street about one and a half miles
from NAS Pax River Gate 1. No pets; smoking outside
only. Free Internet and cable; common areas include          10/10
large family room with fireplace, library, dining room,      All Aero
kitchen and laundry room. Those allergic to cats need        Columbus Day, Observed
not apply. Rent is $650 a month per room or $1,100 for
both. $650 security deposit and credit check required. If
interested, please contact Regina Luffey at 240-434-6530 /   10/11                                      Southern Maryland
                                                             Health Connections flu shot clinic,
                                                             Wyle south parking lot
For Sale: More than 100 Hot Wheels and Johnny Lightning
cars to go to a good home. All vehicles are in their
original, unopened case. Most are part of a series, with     10/12
a few others at random. Also available: 2003, 2004 and       Southern Maryland
2005 Hess vehicles in mint condition, in box. Asking $250    American Red Cross blood drive,
for 105 Hot Wheels; $350 for 117 Johnny Lightning cars;      10 a.m. to 2 p.m., mobile van located in
$40 each for Hess vehicles. If interested, please contact    back parking lot of Exp. III building
Annette at 301-866-5561 /

For Sale: 2009 BMW 528i. In excellent condition,             All Aero
has 27,650 miles and includes luxury sports package          Timesheets due / Pay day
featuring leather interior, cold-weather package with
heated front seats, Bluetooth. Must sell! Asking $32,500.
If interested, please contact Kim at 301-866-2239 /          10/16                               All Aero
                                                             National Boss Day

    Ads submitted to the Wyle AeroWeek will run
    in at least one issue, longer if space permits.

 October 4, 2011                                        12                                  Wyle AeroWeek
     Community                                               Events
                                                                           Want More Events?
San Diego, CA

Friday, Oct. 7 and Saturday, Oct. 8                                       HUNTSVILLE, AL
Ocean Beach Oktoberfest – Ocean Beach Pier parking lot and grassy
area, San Diego, Calif. – 4:30 to 10 p.m. on Friday; 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.
on Saturday. Friday night’s Oktoberfest schedule will feature the         CAMARILLO, CA
finals of Beer Garden Band Slam, a competition to crown the best
cover or tribute band at the beach, as well as a 91-minute two-for-
one Happy Hour ending at 6:31 p.m. Saturday’s schedule includes
                                                                          CHINA LAKE, CA
the annual Brew Cup microbrew festival from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and
many traditional Oktoberfest contests throughout the day. Food  
and craft vendors will be on site. Admission to the beer garden is a
$3 donation to support the Ocean Beach community; outdoor area
is free for all ages. A shuttle service between the event and Pacific
                                                                          SAN DIEGO, CA
Beach is also available on both days. For additional details, visit
                                                                          JACKSONVILLE, FL
Northern Virginia                                                         ORLANDO, FL
Through Monday, Oct. 10
Big Apple Circus – Dulles Town Center, Sterling, Va. – Show times are
11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Wednesday through Friday; 12:30 p.m. and 4 p.m.
                                                                          SOUTHERN MD
Saturday through Monday. In its 34th season the Big Apple Circus is
putting on an all-new show, where the World’s Greatest Circus artists
                                                                          DAYTON, OH
are presented under an intimate Big Top, and no seat is more than
50 feet from the ring! Let your imagination soar as you watch and
experience the amazing acts like jugglers, trapeze flyers, an animal
menagerie and much more! For ticket prices and purchasing, or             OKLAHOMA CITY, OK
more information, visit or call
                                                                          DALLAS, TX
Southern Maryland                                               

Saturday, Oct. 8                                                          OGDEN, UT
Island Cottage Fall Sale – St. George Island Association Building,
16416 Thomas Road, St. George Island, Piney Point, Md. – 9 a.m. to
4 p.m. This is a wonderful opportunity to shop locally and get ready      NORTHERN VA
for the holiday season! Come check out great antiques and vintage
finds, custom furniture, handcrafted beach glass jewelry, collectibles
and sterling jewelry, handcrafted handbags, St. George Island             VIRGINIA BEACH, VA
Cookbooks and more! There will also be pumpkins, flowers and    
food for purchase. Proceeds benefit the Special Olympics. For more
information, call 240-298-0526 or 301-580-5513.                            The websites listed above are not necessarily
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                                                                                     for events in their area.

 October 4, 2011                                                 13                                      Wyle AeroWeek
October 4, 2011   14   Wyle AeroWeek
    Job                 Jobs
      Wyle is an EEO/Affirmative Action Employer. Applicants selected may be subject to a government security
   investigation unless otherwise noted and must meet eligibility requirements for access to classified information.

Annapolis, MD                            California, MD                             Financial Analyst
System Engineer, Level 2                 Senior Software Engineer                   Wayne Salls / Mary Sue Collins
(AERO-MD-AN-11:007)                      (AERO-MD-CA-11:008)                        Referral Bonus: $5,000
Richard Helgeson / Mary Sue Collins      Fred Bang / Doug Leepa                     Recruiter: Saddi Williams
Referral Bonus: $5,000                   Recruiter: Michele McCabe
Recruiter: Saddi Williams                                                           Jr. Financial Analyst
                                         Chantilly, VA                              Wayne Salls / Mary Sue Collins
Arlington, VA                                                                       Referral Bonus: $5,000
                                         Earned Value Management                    Recruiter: Saddi Williams
Mission Systems Software                 Specialist
Security Engineer                        (AERO-VA-CH-11:010)
(AERO-VA-AR-11:056)                      Wayne Salls / Mary Sue Collins             Patuxent River, MD
Ross Slavin / Bill Carpentier            Recruiter: Saddi Williams
Referral Bonus: $1,000                                                              Senior Network Test Engineer
Recruiter: Saddi Williams                                                           (AERO-MD-PA-11:183)
                                         China Lake, CA                             Tom Quinn / Greg Fahrner
Senior Manager Business                                                             Referral Bonus: $1,000
Development                              MySQL Database Administrator               Recruiter: Michele McCabe
(AERO-VA-AR-11:039)                      (AERO-CA-CH-11:006)
Rich Schwenk                             Kim Thompson / Al Giovannetti              Senior Requirements Analyst
Referral Bonus: $1,000                   Recruiter: Jeff Hudgins                    (AERO-MD-PA-11:237)
Recruiter: Jeff Hudgins                                                             Dana Goldstein / Greg Fahrner
                                                                                    Referral Bonus: $1,000
Technical Intel Threat Analyst           Ft. Belvoir, VA                            Recruiter: Michele McCabe
Fred Rody / Mike Perrella                Cost Estimator                             Lead Systems Engineer
Referral Bonus: $1,000                   (AERO-VA-FT-11:007)                        (AERO-MD-PA-11:305)
Recruiter: Sue Brown                     Wayne Salls / Mary Sue Collins             Dave Van Asdlen / Dave Vinci
                                         Referral Bonus: $5,000                     Referral Bonus: $2,000
Sustainment Requirements and             Recruiter: Saddi Williams                  Recruiter: Michele McCabe
Follow-on Development Lead
(AERO-VA-AR-11:070)                      Sr. Financial Analyst
Rich Williams / Bill Carpentier          (AERO-VA-FT-11:012)
Referral Bonus: $1,000                   Wayne Salls / Mary Sue Collins
Recruiter: Sue Brown                     Referral Bonus: $5,000
                                         Recruiter: Saddi Williams

     This listing features only “Hot” Jobs, which are positions identified as highest priority by the recruiting team.
                                  For a complete listing of all available job openings, visit:
               Wyle’s Internet site at or Wyle’s intranet site at

 October 4, 2011                                               15                                         Wyle AeroWeek
     POCs                    Communications Points of Contact

ALABAMA                       Niceville, Fla.                  MASSACHUSETTS                     TEXAS
Huntsville, Ala.              Ruthie Reynoso                   Burlington, Mass.                 Dallas, Texas
Linda Floyd                   850-678-2126, ext. 32            Russ Blaine                       Kristy Stingley                                  
256-922-6449                  Sandee Sadler                    781-272-4451, ext. 11             214-358-1677
                              850-678-2126, ext. 13            Nancy Wilcox
CALIFORNIA                                                        UTAH
                                                               781-272-4451, ext. 10
Camarillo, Calif.             Orlando, Fla.                                                      Ogden, Utah
Yvonne Velarde                Rhonda Fleishaker                NEW JERSEY                        Stan Geniusz                               
805-388-1169, ext. 168        407-273-9110, ext. 10            Egg Harbor Township, N.J.         801-771-0925
                              Bob Edge                         Dolly Maginn
China Lake, Calif.                  VIRGINIA
                              407-273-9110, ext. 16            215-672-3200, ext. 318
Al Giovannetti                                                                                   Arlington, Va.
760-499-5700                  GEORGIA                          OHIO                              Dwayne Chandler
                              Warner Robins, Ga.               Dayton, Ohio (all locations)      703-415-4550, ext. 11
San Diego, Calif.
                              Shontia Johnson                  Joanne Henry
Marcie Hicks                     Chantilly, Va.         478-923-0500                     937-320-2723
619-543-1700, ext. 326                                                                           Vanessa Kinsley
                              Lori Smith                                               
                                  OKLAHOMA                          703-818-4114
FLORIDA                       478-923-0500
                                                               Oklahoma City, Okla.
Jacksonville, Fla.                                                                               Crystal City, Va.
                              MARYLAND                         Joanne Henry
June Gormley                                                      Ella Lancaster         California, Md. (TDS)            937-320-2723            
904-644-6629                                                                                     703-413-4740
                              Sue Williams
                              301-863-1649                                                       Virginia Beach, Va.
                                                               Warminster, Pa.
                                                                                                 Gloria Jackson
                              Lexington Park, Md.              Dolly Maginn            
                                                                  757-333-6400, ext. 401
                              Alex Clarke                      215-672-3200, ext. 318

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 Director, Communications                   Communications Specialist
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 Manager, Communications                    Communications Specialist
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