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Date:   21 Sep 2004


Please help!!! I would love it if you could produce some language material geared
toward evangelism!! You are a blessing to many!!

Date:   21 Sep 2004


Thank you for making my life easier. I will certainly be ready to greet my child next
month. Blessings to all who made this book possible. SMKelsey, Bowie MD

Date:   25 Sep 2004


Bin, Thank you and your daughters Maggie and Mika so much for writing this book and
putting together the CD. I think it is difficult to learn a language if you can't hear the
pronunciation, and it is difficult to try to put together meaningful speech from a language
dictionary. You are doing a great service to adoptive families, and I thank you sincerely
for that. Mesi anpil! Corey Waters, Bethlehem, PA

Date:   01 Oct 2004


Sister Bin has really out done herself with this book! It is the first book I have seen that
suggests practical phrases in Kreyol geared especially towards adoptive parents. I urge
you all to order your copy now as it is a really useful tool for those adopting children as
well as those who spend time in Haiti for other purposes. It is practical, easy to read and
truly inspirational. I also love the little sections of Haitian recipes and notes about
contacts in Haiti. Bin...thank you so much for creating such a wonderful book and for
your dedication to the country of Haiti! You are a true blessing! Tammy G Answered
Prayers www.answeredprayers2.org
Date:   09 Oct 2004


Bin! I really do love your book and CD! Even my 8 year old daughter is enjoying it. It
makes it so much easier now that I can hear the pronunciation. What a blessing you
are! Cr

ystal Miel, Haitian Angels Yahoo Group.

Date:   20 Oct 2004


I am starting to learn Kreyol and it is so exciting. Thank you for such a wonderful book!

Date:   20 Oct 2004


The book is great. The only change I would make is allowing time after the words for us
to repeat what is said. It's difficult to work on pronunciation bacause it goes very fast.
We like to listen to it in the car and there is no way to "pause" it to repeat the words. We
just returned from Haiti and were pleasantly surprised at how much we had learned
from the CD. Thanks!! I would love to see a CD of Kreyol hymns/praise songs done!
Perhaps that could be you next project!! Blessings!! Gail Gray

Date:   20 Oct 2004


I have had these materials for several weeks now, and they are GREAT! I listen to the
CD all of the time, and it is really starting to sink in. I noticed that I have picked up
several helpful phrases--and use them on my english speaking kids all of the time. They
think it is funny when I speak sternly in Kreyole. They are even picking up a word here
and there!! Thanks!! I love these, and can't wait until the new cd's come out!! Jana
Date:   20 Oct 2004


Dear Bin and Mika and Maggie, I really can't thank you enough for your book and CD. I
had been listening to pemsluer tapes and Creole made easy, and I was not learning
what I really wanted to say. As soon as we got your CD, we put it in the cd player and I
learned just what I wanted to know, how to say 'Bo manmi-w' give mommie a kiss, and
'Sa se pitit mwen' this is my child. It has been a few weeks now and I am beginning to
feel very confident that I will be able to communicate with my Haitian children and our
friends in Haiti when we visit again. My kids and I really enjoy the humor too, it makes it
much more interesting, to learn from kids like themselves, caught in funny situations. I
highly recommend 'On Almost even Ground' for everyone adopting from Haiti. This
website is great too a very helpful resource, just like Bin! annie in Ca.

Date:   24 Oct 2004


Bin, We just got the book and CD in the mail yesterday and already we love it! This is
going to help us a lot. Thank you so much for the efforts you and your girls put into it!
Angie Miller Broomfield, CO p.s. I agree with everything Anne from CA said too -- the
humor in it is great, and we loved hearing the back-and-forth mix between your voice
and the child's voice.

Date:   25 Oct 2004


Bin, your book and CD have been so helpful! We just adopted a 7 yr. old girl from Haiti -
- and the material has really helped with the communication! Our whole family has
enjoyed learning! You and your daughters are a gift from God! Blessings, Beth visit our
family website at: www.bylerbunch.com
Date:   11 Nov 2004


We have had our 4 children born in Haiti home for good 3 weeks now and Bin's book
has been so wonderful for getting basic communication going!! The first few days I
walked around with it in my hand half of the time so I could refer to it quickly. The 2
older girls (3 yrs and 5 yrs) are starting to learn English so we speak in a mixture of
English and Kreyole but still pull out the book frequently for a new phrase or specific
pieces of information to help us explain something better. I highly recommend it. -Annie

Date:   22 Nov 2004


Bin, I just received the book and CD's and am excited to start using them with our 9
year old, Stanley, He's been home 2 years but has forgotten most of his Kreyol. I
thought this would be a good way to reintroduce him to his native language and help me
to learn too. Thanks for providing this resource for adoptive parents at every stage.
Kristen Renz in Spokane, WA

Date:   03 Dec 2004


Dear Bin, This is great....I have been wanting to learn Kreyol eversince my cousin's
"Gramier" came to live with them, years ago. It was so hard just sitting and staring at
each other, not being able to talk with her. She died not too long after her visit. But she
enjoyed the "televizion" and her favorite show was "The Price is Right!". This is
wonderful and the language lessons on audio are perfect. I look forward to learning
more and I will pass this web to my friends. Continued success and Blessings, Delvina

Date:   04 Dec 2004


I just want to tell you what a blessing your book is! I am so thankful that God spoke to
your heart about writing a book especially designed to cater to the needs of adoptive
parents. It is truly the most practical Kreyol language book I have seen for adoptive
parents. My children and I have had a wonderful time going through the book together,
repeating the phrases from your CD. I am very grateful that we will be able to
communicate, even if it’s just a bit, with our son when the time comes to bring him
home. Johanna L. Ontario, Canada
Date:   07 Dec 2004


I would recommend this book and CD to all parents bringing home a child from Haiti. It
has been a comfort to our daughter to hear her native language and she has helped us
learn some key sayings. Thanks for putting this together. We are looking forward to
additional resources that you plan to offer, Bin. Sincerely, Kathy

Date:   08 Dec 2004


CD1 and book were great! I visited my future adopted daughter in Haiti last June. Much
to my chagrin she didn't speak a word of English. I thought she had learned from a
missionary there. My ability to communicated with her was so limited and we both
experienced frustration. She was almost 3 yrs old at the time. I ordered the cd from this
site a few months later. Last month was my second visit to my daughter, now 3 yrs old. I
knew so much Kreyol that was truly useful. I could practically communicate with her
100% of the time. I think it helped her because I was able to ask her where she slept
when i first saw her agian. THis helped to break the ice. The missionary and other
parents were surprised at how much I knew. I mostly owe it to the 24/7 page of the
vocabulary and on the CD. I used these words tons. THank you Bin - what a ministry.
Love, Kim Taylor

Date:   11 Dec 2004


Thanks for this book, I'm really enjoying it. I spent three weeks volunteering at GLA this
summer, and I hated not being able to talk with all the older kids. I'm planning on going
back, and want to be able to speak and understand more Creole, which this book has
helped with. Thanks again, Kristin Vanderwell, age 15

Date:   12 Dec 2004


I listen to the cd everyday in preparation for going to Haiti to get our son. I would love to
see a Kreyol Christmas cd made for next year. Thank you.
Date:   6 Jan 2005


Someone referred your website to me and I want to tell you that it made me happy to
see that someone is trying to help the Haitian children who are being adopted maintain
their language and their culture. I wish you much success in your endeavors and many
blessings. Samuel Jean Baptiste, NJ

Date:   18 Jan 2005

The Kreyol for Parents learning system is terrific! We are using it to
help our 11 yr-old daughter (adopted from Haiti Feb 04) retain her
Kreyol, and to help us learn more. Great work and it will bless many!
Also, Bin has proved to be a very trustworthy and excellent resource as
a point of contact between us and our daughter's Haitian family. A
friend connected us with Bin after a request had come from the family to
help with the funeral of the sons, and Bin came through for us by
quickly making the connection, ascertaining (with valid documentation!) the
legitimacy of the request, and by discretely handling the financial
exchange. Bin also provided updates and photos of the family, and much
more information. She did all of this with a great deal of trust in us,
and with a very professional, honest and friendly manner. We could not
have helped our Haitian family without Bin’s intervention, and we are
very grateful to her for her help! I can recommend Bin very highly as a
valuable resource for adopting families who are looking for a way to
maintain a connection to their child’s Haitian relatives, but are unable
to have direct contact.

Thanks Bin!
Mark T., Connecticut

Date:   20 Jan 2005


My name is Cheri Kay Sessions and I am in the process of adopting 2
beautiful children from Haiti. I was blessed to have stayed at Bin's
guest house during my last visit. I just want to say that not only did Bin
provide all of the essentials that a guest house should provide, she
went above and beyond any expectations that I would expect. When you
enter Bin's place, you feel the love surround you and you are immediately
part of her family. She is eager to be a listening ear, an educator, a
helper, and most of all a friend. She adored having my children there
and was welcoming to them. I know that I have just met a new life long
friend in Bin, and I will refer any one who makes a trip to
Port-au-Prince to stay at Bin's! Luv ya' Granny Bin!!

Date:   09 June 2005

Bin is awesome and so are her CDs and books!! We had the TREMENDOUS blessing
of staying with Bin last year and I could go on and on about that but for now wanted to
say I am her #1 fan. Our Joshua has been home less than one week now and if it
weren't for this book and the CDs I just couldn't imagine what life would have been
like!!! Joshua is 4 and communication is HUGE in this attachment and transition
stage!!! We also had a major "secret weapon" in this that Bin created for us. Bin did a
custom CD for us!! Basically several "scripts" that explained how much we love Joshua,
explained about our home life, about our dogs, about going to church, etc.... It is one
thing to be able to say a few phrases but to comfort Joshua on that ride home from the
airport and to be able to play the different tracks at the appropriate time has been
INCREDIBLE!!! Just like Bin!!!! If you ask to have one of these done, remember it is an
extremely time consuming task to translate, then of course the recording of the CD. Bin
even put music and had Maggie add some "special" touches as well. I just wanted to
convey that if you request a custom CD, to please donate generously. :)

Anacortes, WA

Date:   22 June 2005


I just had to tell you... you know that secret seasoning recipe you put in your
OAEGround book?

I have a sort of wild patch of parsley in my garden right now so I made a fresh batch of
it. It's pretty yummy but the proof was when our 4yr old Haitian son came up and
started licking the bowl and said he liked it. It was kind of spicy so I was surprised. And
then his sister came up and did the same -- his 5 yr old sister who hates anything with
spice or flavor! What can I say? When you're right, you're right! Thank you so much for
sharing that secret recipe. It's great to find something that our Haitian beauties find
familiar and that they both like!!

Colorado, USA
Date:    13 Oct 2005

Hello Bin!! I LOVE YOUR CDs!! I have listened to the first one about 3 times already, I
listen (and practice) my pronunciation on the way to work!!! And I must say, I have the
other Ann ?? Kreyol lessons as well from the Kreyol Institute and yours is MUCH
MUCH MORE SUPERIOR!!!! And way way way cheaper!!! Yours is not only very clear
and easy to understand, but a delight to listen to!!! My daugher listens to it as well, and
my husband heard some of your cute phrases and we all had a good chuckle! And
when our meals are ready, I get my daughter to say to my husband, Regan, "Papa!
Vine mange, siv ou ple!! (sp?)" And she LOVES that!!

Take good care, and keep up with the amazing work!!

Love and blessings,
Lisa J.

 Date:    31 Dec 2005

I will forever be indebted and grateful to you and Maggie for everything you
did for my family. If not for you determination, patience and faith, our son
Leo would not have been home for Christmas. You stepped right in, just when
I needed you most, evening being Granny Bin for 2 nights to Leo while we
worked through the visa issues at both the Canadian and American Embassies.

If not for you I would have lost faith that my son was going to make it home
for Christmas. You forever have a friend and family in Canada. YOU ROCK!

Jamie, Rick, Sophia, Bridget, Nick and Leo.

 Date:    16 Jan 2006

We cannot thank you enough for the assessment you did on our three beautiful
Your message was wonderfully thorough and well written. The pictures are a treasure.
are very encouraged by your findings. Thank you for being so detailed in your
observations. You are a God send, Bin.

Date:   7 Feb 2006

Bin and Maggie

Thank you both so much for the Granny Bin program!!!!! We are thrilled to be receiving
info on our daughter and getting updated pictures on a regular basis. The surprise
Valentines, was so special to us and just felt nice to receive. Thank you for spending
time with Ellie while we cannot, thank you for showing her our picture and talking about
us to her. We hope we are able to meet you when we come to Haiti! All that you do is so
very appreciated on this end!

Blessings, Tanya D. / Canada

Date: 6 Feb

Dear Bin,

Your email brought tears to my eyes. You should be a writer!!!! Thank you for such a
email. We are praying…………………..In Christ's love, Beverly

Date : 6 Feb 2006

Oh Bin what a wonderful email. As i sit here with my stocked fridge and my clean car
and my big house and all that crap, I feel humble. I wish I could just ditch it and come
help in Haiti for awhile. Maybe I can make that a goal, to come to Haiti for one month a
year and help in the orphanage. I wonder if Guerlande would be ok with that!!!

I will go read your email again.
Love you...Steph
Date : Mon Feb 6, 2006

Bin, thank you so much for sharing this. I've bowed my head and prayed for my son's
birth country. It will be a joyous day when adoptions can go quicker. My adoption was
caught up over a year ago. It's agony waiting, but very much worth the wait. Now, 10
months later I pray for my son's birth family and country. I will forever be connected to
Haiti . I pray for change.

Blessings, Missy

Date : 7 Feb 2006

I am going to forward this on to Pat and Melinda. Thank you Bin from them through
me. I know Melinda has said the same"I sometimes think the parents think I am lying, It
couldn't take that long to get something simple done" I think your perspective will be
very helpful to the adoptive parents. Thank you once again. Matieu will thank you too
for seeing all his hard work involved.

P. Vold

Date : Feb 2006

Dearest Bin your letter touched my heart all over again! Thank you for
writing your side of the story. As I sit as an adoption advocate here in the US I wonder
how many times the parents must believe that I surely am just lying to them. Unless
you have been there and tried to do some official work- it is impossible to grasp!
I am so praying that peace will come to Haiti !

In Him, A.King
Date : Feb 2006

Dear Bin,

Thank you for your email. It was a wonderful reminder of just how HARD the people in
Haiti need to work to care for our children and complete these adoptions. It was a
reminder that I needed to hear as we are now in our third year of this adoption and it is
SO easy at this point to become SO angry about the wait. I will pray along with you for
a successful election and a peaceful Haiti .

Thank you for your kind and tender heart and your love for the children and us, their
adoptive families. God bless you,


Date : 7 Feb 2006


My name is Jenny , I would like to say 'Thank you', thank you for enlightening me, each
day I try to imagine what life is like in Haiti , I try to think of all of the things that Marie
must go through to help all of us. She in my eyes is an angel sent from God. In just the
little amount of time I have corresponded with her I know that her only purpose is to help
these children. I am thankful that I have met her. In my life I try to teach my bio children
that they should be thankful for all that they have and not take people & things for
granted. I want my eyes and my families eyes to be open to what is going on in the
world around us, and if possible make a difference even if just in the smallest of ways. I
want to show my gratitude to Marie but just can not think of anything that even
measures up!?! If you have any suggestions please let me know. Thank you for your
letter and I look forward to meeting you in person one day soon.
I am praying for Haiti ....

God Bless you & yours, Jenny
Date: Tue Feb 7, 2006


Thank you Bin for your amazing insights. You have spoken what I struggle to put into
words. Please know that Haiti and the elections are weighing heavy on my heart and I
have spent much time in prayer for this day. Please keep us posted as the day

Thank you Bin. Much love, Dawn

Date: Tue Feb 7, 2006



Thank you so much for your thoughtful, beautiful post ~ you are always
so detailed & expressive & you help us parents to really "see" Haiti ...
praying that the Holy Spirit will rest on you & the country of Haiti
today & bring peace & joy to all... inara :o)

Date: Feb 7, 2006 9:48 am



Thanks so much for the words you have written. You have pinpointed
exactly how I am feeling about our adoption and how family and
friends react. I am praying for the people of Haiti this morning
and hoping that they get a much needed leader who will help out
their country. Thanks so much also for letting us know what the climate is like in
Haiti . I am praying there will be now election related violence.
Your words have touched me this morning. Thank you so much for
taking the time to write to us.      Tracy
Date: February 2006


Dear Bin,

Thank you for your message. I am so glad to hear that you are
feeling some confidence in what is happening today in Haiti . Thank
you also for explaining a little more about the hurdles you and other
people, including our orphanage directors and staff, have to deal
with. It is a good reminder for all of us.
  T. H.

Date: February 2006


I personally want to thank you for your post. I have been in prayer all day for Haiti and
have asked everyone I have spoke to, to also join me in prayer. My husband and I
made our first trip to Haiti last June, and it has forever changed our lives. We were in
Jolivert for ten days working with my aunt at Missions of Love (medical mission), and
five of those days we had our two Haitian Angels with us. Our time there was the most
rewarding, life changing, eye-opening experience. I came home with such a heavy
heart, I no longer take things for granted and I refuse to complain about the little things.
I now pray everyday for change in Haiti and to have our girls home soon. Thank you
again for reminding us of the constant struggles in Haiti . You are a blessing for so

With His love,
Annie D


OH, my dear Bin,

You are the most wonderful, lovely person. I am growing to love you very much!!!! I
have a huge heart for the Haitian people, and you make me love the Haitian people
even more. How I love your joy and excitement, your tenacity to continue even in the
worst of circumstances. You are a
wonderful group of people, full of life!!! Just look at the faces of the children at HCRM
and read the letters from the birth parents. Hear the prayers of the children, and read
your wonderful diaries and letters. You have changed my life forever. I will never be
the same. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into the Haiti and into your life.

May God bless you abundantly. May God bless Haiti ...Yes Lord, bless Haiti !!!!!!!

love in Christ,



 Thank you so much for the work and love you obviously put into the book and CDs "On
Almost Even Ground." The value of these items has really been unspeakable to us as
our family brought home Stanley (7) and Samantha (5) a week ago! We had the book
and CDs for much longer and listened, read, and learned little by little. We are by no
means fluent in Kreyol, but the words and phrases we have learned have been so
helpful that I cannot imagine taking this journey without the knowledge they have

 We are all (parents and children) a bit more comfortable with each other simply
because we can say and understand some basic things as we learn Kreyol and English
together. Your work is truly a blessing to many!

Thank you!
Jon M. - Pennsylvania

Date: 24 March


Thank you Bin and Maggie! Transracial and international adoptions can be very hard on
the children when they cannot see in the faces of their loving adoptive parents a
reflection of themselves - whose nose do I have, whose eyes, hands, height are the
same as mine? Your service of contacting the birthparents and building a background of
the family, the "This is Your Life" package, is one way we can help our kids find
themselves. I highly recommend this service!! Thanks to your efforts I now have things I
would not have thought I ever would - a photo of Douby being baptized at age 6
months, photos of his siblings, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, etc. Also knowing where
he comes from geographically in Haiti and that he has not been forgotten by his Haiti
family is vitally important. I read the articles about the Chinese and Vietnamese adopted
kids who will never know where they came from and I feel so lucky to be able to include
Douby's Haiti family now as part of mine!! At age 4, he is not ready to see all of the info
but it will be there when he is...

Thank you again from both Douby and me! Patricia, Toronto, Ontario

Date: April 3, 2006

Dear Bin and Maggie,

Re: Shakil and Yamila's This Is Your Life (TIYL) Report

Thank you soo much for finding the family of Shakil and Yamila. We are so grateful for
this and there is no way we can repay you for all you did. We have found the missing
members of "our" family as we think of them as familymembers. We were and still are,
so excited finally be able to see the birthparents of our children. We do see the
resemblance and that is fantastic as we, as parents of Shakil and Yamila, often
wondered from whom they got their looks. Things are so much more clear to us thanks
to your report. Actually I can't find the right words to describe what you have done for

Shakil and Yamila have now seen their Mom and Dad and they were very excited. They
are to young to understand all of the info that you have given us, but there will be a time
that they will come to us with questions and then we can provide them with answers.

Granny Bin you get a big kiss from Shakil and Yamila. We love you and Maggie. Thanks
is not enough but with no other words at hand: Thank you from the bottoms of our

With love,
Carla and Rob, 't Veld, The Netherlands
Date: April 11, 2006


Bin your serivce is just the best! Between the Kreyol lessons and the wonderful Granny
Bin reports, I feel so much closer to my 3 year old daughter Gyrlande....I was able to
completely communicate with her when I visited, and the monthly photos are a
Godsend. You are the best. I can’t wait to see the This Is Your Life report and read all
about my daughter’s family.

Mesi boukou!


Date: April 11, 2006

Bin & Maggie,

Mesi anpil anpil (thank you very very much!) for our children's "This is Your Life" report.
You traveled long hours on bumpy roads to dig up information and pictures on our kids'
birthfamily, and we are extremely grateful. The excitement on our son's face when he
saw his brother's picture for the first time, was priceles. There is no way we could have
accomplished what you did. Your "way" with the Haitian people is definitely evident and
you can get things done that we can't from the U.S. You are a blessing to them and us.
This is information our children will hold dear for all of their lives. Thank you also for all
you've done to help improve our children's birthfamilies lives, helping them to obtain
work, helping us to communicate with them, get pictures to them, etc. Your love shows
every day through your hard work, and we are glad to know you!

Colorado, USA

Date: April 15, 2006


Hi Bin, the pics you took of Valencia turned out AWESOME!! I can't stop looking at
them. I'm soo glad that you started this service for families. You are a true Godsend.
I'm off now to go send my money to you for next months report. Have a great day.
Blessings, Michele S.

Date: April 18, 2006


Bin, I am so thankful for the wonderful pictures you took of our son, Michael. The
adoption process is so long, but your service is going to help us keep up with our baby
throughout the process. Your patience with my many emails was tremendous. I am so
thankful for the opportunity to have beautiful pictures of our son to look at over and over
again and to share with friends and family. Ruth


Thank you so much for getting back to me. I was having a really bad week with waiting
and such and you have brightened my day. You have a big heart and the Lord is using
you in such a mighty way to bless HIS people. You will probably never know the
magnitude of you graciousness and hospitality until you come face to face with our Lord
and Saviour.

Lisa Z.

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