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									                             Webelos Badge Requirements

The 18-month Webelos Scout Program is for boys who have completed third grade or are age 10 but have not
yet completed fifth grade or reached age 11 1/2. Pronounced "WEE-buh-los", the word "Webelos" means WE'll
BE LOyal Scouts. After earning the Bobcat badge, a boy may earn the Webelos Badge and Arrow of Light
Award. Shorter Webelos Scout Programs are available for Webelos who start later.

The Webelos Scout program is more challenging than Tiger, Wolf, and Bear programs for younger Cub Scouts.
Webelos Scouts take part in Cub Scout pack meetings and activities as well as more Webelos activities and
outdoor fun. Webelos Scouts can earn Webelos Activity Badges and Belt Loops and Pins at any time. The
Webelos uniform has six parts.

To earn the Webelos badge, you must be active in your den at least three months and complete the requirements

Do these:

   1. Have an adult member of your family read the Webelos Scout Parent Guide (Webelos Handbook, Pages
      1-22) and sign here.
   2. Be an active member of your Webelos den for three months. (Active means having good attendance,
      paying your den dues, working on den projects).
   3. Know and explain the meaning of the Webelos badge.
   4. Point out the three special parts of the Webelos Scout uniform. Tell when to wear the uniform and when
      not to wear it.
   5. Earn the Fitness and Citizen activity badges and one other activity badge from a different activity badge
   6. Plan and lead a flag ceremony in your den that includes the U.S. flag.
   7. Show that you know and understand the requirements to be a Boy Scout.

       a. Demonstrate the Scout salute, Scout sign, and Scout handshake. Explain when you would use them.
       b. Explain the Scout Oath, Scout Law, Scout motto, and Scout slogan.
       c. Explain and agree to follow the Outdoor Code.

   8. Faith

       After completing the rest of requirement 8, do these (a, b, and c):
       a. Know: Tell what you have learned about faith.
       b. Commit: Tell how these faith experiences help you live your duty to God. Name one faith practice
       that you will continue to do in the future.
       c. Practice: After doing these requirements, tell what you have learned about your beliefs.
       And do one of these (d OR e):
       d. Earn the religious emblem of your faith.*
       e. Do two of these:

            o   Attend the mosque, church, synagogue, temple, or other religious organization of your choice;
                talk with your religious leader about your beliefs. Tell your family and your Webelos den leader
                what you learned.
            o    Discuss with your family and your Webelos den leader how your religious beliefs fit in with the
                 Scout Oath and Scout Law and what character-building traits your religious beliefs have in
                 common with the Scout Oath and Scout Law.
            o    With your religious leader, discuss and make a plan to do two things you think will help you
                 draw nearer to God. Do these things for a month.

       (1) ____________________________
       (2) ____________________________

            o    For at least a month, pray or meditate reverently each day as taught by your family and by your
                 church, temple, mosque, synagogue, or religious group.
            o    Under the direction of your religious leader, do an act of service for someone else. Talk about
                 your service with your family and your Webelos den leader. Tell them how it made you feel.
            o    List at least two ways you believe you have lived according to your religious beliefs.

Webelos Activity Badges
       Main article: Webelos Activity Badges
    Webelos Activity Badges

   Level:          Webelos Scout
   Created:        1967

Webelos Activity Badges are colorful metal emblems that may be pinned to the Webelos Colors or the
Webelos cap (this is a per-Pack decision).

                Webelos Activity Badge
                Worksheets can help you
              organize notes, listen actively,
              find resources, and document
                       your work.

Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program
A number of Webelos Activity Badges require completion of a Cub Scout Belt Loop. Also, there are a number
of other overlaps between the requirements.

             Webelos Activty         Cub Scout Belt Loop       Webelos Activty      Cub Scout Belt Loop
              Artist Req. # 11                Art              Scholar Req. # 7         Mathematics
             Citizen Req. # 8             Citizenship          Scholar Req. # 8             Chess
         Communicator Req. # 15         Communicating          Scholar Req. # 6     Language and Culture
         Communicator Req. # 14           Computers           Scientist Req. # 4         Astronomy
         Communicator Req. # 10 Language and Culture          Scientist Req. # 1          Geology
            Engineer Req. # 10           Mathematics          Scientist Req. # 4           Science
        Family Member Req. # 12            Heritages          Scientist Req. # 13         Weather
             Forester Req. # 7             Collecting        Showman Req. # 15             Music
            Geologist Req. # 9              Geology          Showman Req. # 10           Collecting
            Geologist Req. # 1             Collecting         Traveler Req. # 12         Geography
           Naturalist Req. # 13      Wildlife Conservation     Traveler Req. # 3     Map and Compass
        Sportsman has a number of Belt Loop options: Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Bicycling, Bowling,
        Flag Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Ice Skating, Marbles, Physical Fitness, Roller Skating, Snow Sports,
        Soccer, Softball, Table Tennis, Tennis, Ultimate, and Volleyball.

Earning Loops and Pins multiple times

“                                                                                                                  ”
    All registered Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Scouts can earn Cub Scout Academics and Sports
    Program Belt Loops and Pins more than once.
    — Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program Guide #34299B, p.1 & 4 and Cub Scout Leader Book, p. 31-1.

Belt Loops & Pins tie directly to these requirements: Tiger / Electives, Wolf / Electives, Bear / Electives, and
Webelos Activity Pins.

“ Badges. All boys may earn belt loops more than once; however, leaders should encourage boys to try
    Many Webelos Scouts may earn belt loops and pins a second time to qualify for Webelos Activity

    different requirements and earn the pin. Packs should have a clear policy in place to determine whether
    the pack or the boy's family will be responsible for the cost of awards that are earned more than once.        ”
         — Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program Guide #34299B, p.4 and Cub Scout Leader Book, p. 31-1.
Other awards available to Webelos Scouts
       See also: Cub Scout Awards for graphics.

      Belt Loops & Pins
      Outdoor Activity Award
      Conservation Good Turn Award
      Donor Awareness Patch
      Emergency Preparedness Award
      Interpreter Strip
      Leave No Trace Award
      National Summertime Award
      Physical Fitness Award
      Pro Archer Certificate
      Pro Marksman Certificate
      Recruiter Strip
      Religious Emblems
      Hornaday Award
      World Conservation Award

Honor Awards

      Medal of Merit
      Heroism Award
      Honor Medal
      James E West Award

       List of all Scouting Awards

History of the Webelos Program
In the spring of 1954, the Webelos Den was created for 10½ year olds who had earned the Lion Rank. It was
thought that this would keep the interest of the older boys and smooth the transition into Boy Scouts. They
utilized the newly published Lion-Webelos handbook.

In 1967, the Lion rank was eliminated and was replaced with the Webelos rank, which retained the "Arrow of
Light"-style badge design of the former Webelos Award and consisted of a new set of achievements and
experiences to better prepare older boys for Boy Scouting. The Webelos colors and activity badges were also
introduced at this time, originally numbering 15. Between 1967 and 1972, the Cub Scout uniform only
displayed two diamond shaped patches, Wolf and Bear, side by side, with the Webelos rank badge on the
pocket flap.

In late 1971 or early 1972, the old Webelos rank badge was slightly altered and was renamed to the Arrow of
Light, with a significant change in the requirements. In 1977, a new diamond-shaped Webelos rank badge was

When the grade-based rank system was phased in in 1986, the age for beginning Tiger Cubs was lowered to
First grade, and Webelos Scouts became a two year program aimed at 4th and 5th graders. Five new activity
badges were added to the Webelos Scout Book in 1987, and the two-year Webelos Scout program became
official in 1988.

In 2001, the current oval Webelos rank badge was introduced. This badge may be worn either on the blue
uniform in place of the rank badge diamond, or on the tan uniform like a Boy Scout rank badge.

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