TERIMA KASIH by abgtua



       Firstly, the writer expresses his great thanks to Allah SWT, the one and

only for His blessing and guiding me in my life.

       Then, the writer would like to express his sincere thanks to:

1. Dr. Wido H. Toendan, as the first advisor who gives an idea, advice, and

   guidance to make a progress and advancement of this thesis, and as a member

   of examining committee.

2. Dra. Natalina Asi, MA, as the second advisor for her advice and correction for

   the better result of this thesis, and also as a member of examining committee.

3. Drs. Tandang, MS, as a chief of examining committee, Drs. Surya Taib, and

   Ristati, S.Pd, M.Hum, as a member of examining committee for their

   willingness to examine this sarjana thesis.

4. Drs. C. Yus Ngabut, M.Pd as the dean of the Faculty of Teacher Training and


5. Dra. Takariwati Halim, M.Pd as the Chair of Department of Language and Art


6. Dra. Natalina Asi, MA as the Chair of English Education Study Program.

7. All the lecturers of English Education Study Program.

8. The writer’s parents, Mahlan Mandarson. and Sumiati for their support and

   motivation either morally or materially.

9. My friends: Adven Soritua Sinaga, Devy Yanita, Jahrani, M. Akbar, Yulia

   Pitri, Octarini, Ratna Wahyu jayanti, Ni Luh Kristina VS, Ade Devy

   Aningtya, Erpina Siahaan, Nunuk Dwi I and white Mission, who always

   struggle together and help the writer from the beginning of thesis proposal

   until becoming a thesis.

10. All English Education Study Program students who are directly and indirectly

   involved in supporting, encouraging, and motivating the writer until finishing

   this thesis.

       Finally, this thesis is presented to the English Education Study Program of

Language and Art Education Department of the Faculty of Teacher Training and

Education of Palangka Raya University.

                                                                 Leny Mahdalena


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