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   l.YouandtheDen.                                      .......1

   2 . R e s p o n s i b i l ioife se nC h i e f . . . . . . . . . 7
                              t D                s

   3 .D e n C h i e f s i n t h e D e n . .           ....... 19

   4. Den Chief IdeasChest                                   . . . 31

          Tricks ndPuzzles.....
               a                                         ..... 32

          Songs                                     ........42

          Games.                                      .......47

                      and Pantomimes. . . . 68

         Ceremonies....                                  .....75

   5 .Y o u r S e r v i c e R e c o r d                    .... 85

   Index.                                              ...... 9l
                                            ,^ " ,,#     "#

Congratulations! You havebeenchosen your Scoutmaster,
                                      by                     VarsityCoach,
or VenturingAdvisor to serveasa den chief.This is a job that will makeyou a
leaderfor Tiger Cubs,Wolf and BearCub Scouts, Webelos
                                               or           Scouts and will
help you learn and practiceimportant leadershipskills.
What is leadership? Leadership                        It's
                                 meansresponsibility. adventure    and often
fun, but it alwaysmeansresponsibility.  Don't think your new job asa leader
will be just an honor. It's much more than that. It meansthat other people-
boysand leaders-expectyou to takethe responsibility gettinga job done.

As den chief,you should seta good examplefor boyswho areyoungerthan
you. Through you they will learnwhat it meansto be a member of the Boy
Scouts America.Beingden chief is an important position;therefore,
       of                                                           you
should not hold anotherleadership position in your troop, team,or crew
while you are servingasden chief.

Cub Scoutingis a family program,and you'll meet the familiesof your den
members.    Thesepeoplewill be gratefulto you when they seehow much
their sonslike you and look up to you. Beinga den chief is your chance be
an exampleand a real leader. You'Il enjoy teachingboys what you know, and
you'll feel good when they askyou for help and advice.

You'Ilalsobe a big help to den leaders, they count on you to be
responsibleand reliable. You'll havethe chance come up with and use
someof your own ideasto makeplansand carry them out.
As den chief,you are a leader.
                             You are in the den so that Tiger Cubs,Wolf
and BearCub Scouts,   and Webelos Scouts   will havean older member of the
Boy Scouts Americahelpingthem. They'llwant to be like you. Because
           of                                                            of
you, asthey continuein Scouting, they'll find it easier work with all their
leaders-youth and adults.

Part of being a leaderis being reliable.
                                       The den leaderexpects
                                                           you to be at
den and pack meetings. you can'tbe at a meeting,be sureto let the leader
know aheadof time so that he or shecan makeother arrangements.   Den
leadersknow that you are busy.But they alsoknow that you havemade a
commitment and plan to honor it.

r     O      O

Wearyour badgeof office proudly. You will receive den chief badge,
which you'llwear on the left sleeve your uniform. You will alsowear the
den chief cord on your left shoulder.

When you havecompletedDen Chief Trainingconductedby your district or
council,you are eligibleto wear the "Trained"emblembelowyour den chief
badgeof office.

                                        DenChief          Webelos ftief

Den Chief Seryice Awqrd
The Den chief Service   Award recognizes chiefswho leadand serve
their densfor at leasta year.This awardemphasizes
                                                your key role within
Scouting-and complimentsyou for your important service.
You'll find the requirements the awardin this book. You can alsousethis
book asa guideto meetingtheserequirements.

Den Chief Pledge
Readthe den chief pledgeso that you will know and understandwhat is
expected you.

     i l' l ;)
How Cub Scouting
ls Orgqnized
Cub Scoutingis organized    around dens.ThereareTiger Cub densfor boys
in the first grade(or who are age7). Cub Scoutdens(Wolf and Bear)are for
boysin the second   and third grades(or ages and 9). And Webelos
                                            B                   Scout
densare for boysin the fourth and fifth grades(or age10).

Tiger Cubswork with their adult partnersto earnthe Tiger Cub badge.Then
they can learn,asCub Scouts the eight thingsthat leadto the Bobcat
badge. Cub Scouts                       and         to
                  work on achievements electives earn the \A'olfand
Bearbadges, well asgold and silverarrow points.Most of theseare done
                          but somethings are done in den meetings.
at home with their parents,

Webelos  Scouts can earn up to 20 activitybadges.Most activitybadge
requirements completedat den meetings       and approvedby the Webelos
leader, someone
       or          appointedby the Webelos         In
                                             leader. addition,Webelos
Scouts                                         to
       learn many of the thingsthat are needed becomeBoy Scouts.    Their
recognitionis the Webelos  badgeand the Arrow of Light Award,the highest
rank a Webelos  Scoutcan earn.

Tiger Cub densmeet twice a month; other densmeet everyweek,usuallyfor
about an hour.You'llbe very involvedwith the den meetings-helping to
plan them and then carry them out.

The pack meeting-a meetingof all the densand the familiesof the Tiger
Cubs,Cub Scouts,and webelosScouts-takesplaceoncea month. You'll
alsoattendthesemeetingsand help with your den'sparticipationin the

The next chapters  include detailsabout thesemeetings  and your
responsibilities. do your bestasa den chief,it is important that you use
this book to learn all you can to help Tiger Cubs,Wolf and BearCub Scouts,
and Webelos   Scouts and their leaders.
   REi$ Ni rHl[]*tTl[
      F$ $

Now, let'slook at the generalresponsibilities being a den chief.As a den
chiei you are responsible the following:
   . Knowing the purposes Cub Scouting
   . Helping boysachieve purposes Cub Scouting
                          the        of
   . Beingthe activities        in
                        assistant den meetings
   . Settinga good examplethrough attitude and uniforming
   . Thking part in weeklyden meetings
      Assisting den in its part of the monthly pack meetingprogram
      Beinga friend to the boysin the den
      Meetingasneededwith adult leaders

Krtow rHEPunposEs Cue ScounNG
Cub Scoutingis a year-roundfamily program of the Boy Scouts America
for boysin first through fifth grades(or 7, 8, 9, and 10 yearsof age.)parents,
       and organizations    work togetherto achieve 10 purposes
                                                      the             of
Cub Scouting:
   1. Character
              development              6. Respectful
   2. Spiritualgrowth                  7. Personal
   3. Good citizenship                 8. Friendlyservice
   4. Sportsmanship                    9. Adventure
   5. Family understanding            10. Preparation Boy Scouts

Thlk with your den leaderabout the meaningof eachof thesepurposes.
Hrp CueScoursAcnrrvr
THEPunposEs CueScounNG
Cub Scoutingemphasizes    action,achievement,   healthfulness,and
helpfulness.Through the program,a boy learnsabout respect his God,
his country,his home,and other people.He is alsogivenopportunities
to takepart in activitiesand to do things for others-a vital part of good

Everything  you do to help the den leaderand the boyswill help makethese
things happen. And asyou work with the leaders,  make surethat all the den
         you plan and help with relateto one or more of the purposes
activities                                                            of
Cub Scouting.  That'show the boyswill cometo know and understand     them
and their importance.

Boy Scouts  learn the ScoutOath, Law,and motto. Well, boysin Cub Scouting
haveto learn similar things,too. Tiger Cubshaveto learn the Tiger Cub motto
aspart of earningthe Tiger Cub rank. Then all boysin Cub Scoutinghaveto
earn the Bobcatbadge,and to do this, they must know the Cub ScoutPromise,
the Law of the Pack, what Webelos  means, Cub Scoutsign,the Cub Scout
handshake, Cub Scoutmotto, and the Cub Scoutsalute.
             the                                          You should know
these,too, and then help Cub Scouts  learn them.

Tiger Cub Motto

Search,       Share

Cub Scout Promise

I, fname],promiseto do my best
To do my duty to God and my country,
To help other people,and
To obey the Law of the Pack.

Lqw of the Pock

The Cub Scout follows Akela.
The Cub Scouthelpsthe pack go.
The pack helpsthe Cub Scoutgrow.
The Cub Scoutgivesgoodwill.
     Tell whot Webelos Meqns

                  It means
                         WE'll BELOyalScouts.

     Cub ScoutSign             Cub Scout Hondshqke

     Cub Scout Motto           Cub Scout Solute

     Do YourBest.

 Chorocter Connections

 \{rhen boys learn the cub ScoutPromise,they alsohaveto completethe
 HonestyCharacter    Connection.Character Connectionshelpsboysknow,
 commit, and practicethe 12 CoreValues Cub Scouting:
       1. Citizenship                7. Honesty
       2. Compassion                 8. Perseverance
       3. Cooperation                9. Positive
       4. Courage                   10. Resourcefulness
       5. Faith                     I l. Respect
       6. Health and Fitness        12. Responsibility

Sometimes, may help plan Character    Connectionactivitiesthat arepart
of the boys'achievements, you shouldknow the 12 CoreValues.
                         so                                  You can
readmore about Character            and the CoreValuestnthe Cub
Scout Leader Bookand the boys'handbooks.

Br rHr AcrvmEsAssrsrANT
The bestplaceto get help in learninghow to be the activitiesassistant at
Den Chief Trainingconducted your council or district.

Tiaining will make you more effectivein your leadershiprole. You'll find it
easier do your job because
      to                    you'll haveknow-how!

                                  you needto know a few things about how
But until this training takesplace,
to lead activities.                   You'll find more detailsand many
                   Here are somebasics.
ideasin Chapter4, "Den Chief IdeasChest."

LEADING GAMES. Boyslike to play action games.

Suit the gameto the room and space         It
                                  available. will haveto be a less-active
gameif the den meetingis in someone'shome or a small room.

Explainthe rulesof the gameand encourage
                                       boysto follow the rulesand
play fairly.
     Help boyswho are disabledtakepart in the games.

     Usegamesthat will help boysin advancement.

     Be the referee the judge,if needed.

     LEADING STUNTSAND SKITS.Here are sometips for leadingstunts
     and skits.

             boysto come up with their own ideas.

     Help preparethe script.Help select with boysto select
     their parts.

     Try pantomime-telling a story or spellingout words without speaking.

     Coachthe boysin the parts they areplaying.

     Help them makecostumes,
                           puppets,or props.

     LEADING SONGS.    Leadingsongscan be fun. You don't haveto be a great
     singeror conductor.
                       lust show enthusiasm!Here are somehints to help you
     get started:

     Pick a songto suit the meeting.Practice words and music aheadof time.

     Startwith a smile.Let the boysknow this is going to be fun.

 Hum the songsoftlyto yourselfto get the pitch.

                 hand movements indicatestart,faster,
                               to                   slower,

 Run through the songand wordswith the den oncefor practice.

 TEADING SPORTS.      You may know a lot more about sportsthan the boys
 in your den.It's a good ideato be certainthat you know the rules.When you
 are asked,you might
     . Leada gameof baseball,   soccer, flag football,or setup a relayrace.
        ' Help coachthe den in one or more sportsin the Cub ScoutSportsand
        ' Do physicalfitnessexercises you don't havethe space a very
                                    if                       for

Ssr l Gooo Exnmplr
People givean impressionof the kind of personthey are in many ways. You
seta good exampleby how you look, how you wearyour uniform, and how
you speakaswell asby your pride in being a member of the Boy Scouts  of
America.Tiger Cubs,Cub Scouts,  and Webelos Scouts want to be like you.

 Remember: Through your exomple
                              ond ottitude, ore olwoysleoding.
                                          you                 The
 boyslookup to you unless showthem,by whotyou do or soy,thotthey
 should lookup to you.

ATTITUDE. Attitude is how you feelabout yourself,about people,and
about things.It is whetheryou raiseyour voiceto make a point or whether
you speakquietly and still getyour ideasacross. is showingthat you like
what you are doing. It is liking yourselfasa personbut not being conceited.

If you cometo den meetingsin a grumpy mood, you can spoil the meeting
for the boys.Sure,you may not alwaysfeel great,but try not to show it. You
may evenfeelbetteryourselfasyou try not to showyour bad mood.

Tiy to be cheerfuland happy when you are with your Tiger Cubs,Cub
Scouts, Webelos          They cameto havefun!

Attitude is alsohow you dealwith adults.Speak  politely to adult leaders.
you havea suggestion,  speakup but don't insiston havingyour own way.
If you disagree about something, so politely and then makeyour own

The ScoutLaw sumsup very well what your
attitudeshouldbe: trustworthy,loyal,helpful,
friendly,courteous, kind, obedient,cheerful,
thrifty, brave,clean,and reverent.

UNIFORMING. One way to seta good example
is in the way you wearyour uniform. Studies
showthat boysof Tiger Cub, Cub Scout,and
Webelos   Scoutagelike to wear uniforms,
and they rvill like to seeyou dressed your

What you do meansa lot to them, so be sure
to wearyour uniform to everyden and pack
meeting,aswell asother Cub Scoutingactivities. your den meetsin the
afternoon,you could carry your uniform to schoolthe day of your den
meeting,or you could drop it off at the den'smeetingplacethe daybefore
the meeting.

Tnrr Panrru Drn Mrrnnos
You do your leadership at den meetings.   (Seemore about densin the next
chapter.)You help the boysadvance rank.You help them makethings,and
                   You alsohelp getthem readyfor their part in the pack
you lead activities.

The sizeof densdepends how many boysthe den leadercan work with
easilyand the sizeof the meetingplace.
                                     Tiger Cub densusuallyhavefive to
nine boy-adult partner teams, and Cub Scoutand Webelosdenshavesix to
eight boysin one den.

Tiger Cub densmeet twice a month and go on one outing a month. Wolf
and BearCub Scoutdensand Webelos      densmeet eachweek.Densusually
meet in a den leader'shome or in a school,church,or community building.
The den meetswhenever is convenient the adult leaders. could be
                         it             for                 It
in the afternoonafter school,in the eveningafterthe adultsget home from
work. or on a weekend.
The den leaderwill needto know your schoolschedule    and when your
troop, team,or crewmeetsso that the time is good for you, too. You should
try not to missany den meetings. you must missa meeting,letthe den
leaderknow aheadof time.

AssrsrWrn rHEPacr Mrrnruo PnocRAr\
A Cub Scoutpack is made up of all the dens.Once eachmonth, all the dens
in a pack cometogetherfor a pack meeting,which is led by a Cubmaster.
At the pack meeting,the boys in eachden get to show what they havebeen
doing or making.Theremay be exhibitsof the things boyshavemade.One
den may presenta stunt or a skit.Another den may conducta ceremony. It's
a chance everyone takepart.

Familiesareencouraged cometo pack meetings. is at thesemeetings,
                         to                       It                  in
front of their families,
                       that boysare recognized their achievements.
                                              for                   They
could be awarded badge.
                  a         They might be honoredfor a specialachievement
at schoolor in the community.Or they could be recognized doing a
service project.

At the pack meetingsyou'll meet other den chiefs, this is a good chance
for you to exchange
                  ideasand experiences.

You may be askedto help in several
                                 waysat pack meetings.  Your den leacier
may needyou to getboysand their familiesseated their assigned
                                                in              places.
Or you may help your den conductits part in the meeting,suchasputting
on a skit, conductinga ceremony, leadinga song.

Be readyto pitch in and help in any way.And keepan eyeon your boys to
make surethat they behave.

Bea Fnrrruo
You know the meaning of friendship and havemany friends of your own
age.You like to do things together.
                                  But how can you be a friend to young
boys? Here are sometips to help you understand and get alongwith boysof
Tiger Cub, Cub Scout,and Webelos    Scoutage:
   . Boysat this agedo not like to be made fun of or madeto look silly.
   . They worry a lot about what peoplethink of them.
   ' They might appearnot to listento you the first time because
                                                               they are
     testingyou to seewhetheryou meanwhat you say.

     ' They arebig on rules.If you tell them what the rulesare,they will try
       to obeythem.
     ' They know when they havemisbehaved     and will expectyou to say
     . They want to be independent.They want to try things for themselves.
     ' They want to belongto a group so the boysin their den will become
       their friends.
     ' They readat differentlevels. One boy may readwell, but anotherboy
       may be a poor readerand will needhelp.Don't embarrass poor
       readers, try to meet their special
                but                        needs.
     ' They will not all be ableto express
                                         themselveswell. Someboyswill talk
       more easilywith you than other boys.
     . They want to be activeand to do physical
                                              thingslike running,
       jumping, and climbing.
     ' They havelots of energyand needgood waysto useit.
     . They will try to keepthemselves
                                     neat and cleanif you askthem.
     ' They needto be praisedand made to feelgood about thingsthey have
     . They canbe askedto do things and be expected get the job done.

     They love to competewith eachother.If they loseor fail at something,
     they may needa little comforting.Their feelings hurt easily.
     They love to talk about things they havedone.
     They like to play action gameswith boystheir own age.
     They arebeginningto be interested hobbiesand in collecting
     They are closeto their parentsand carea lot about what their family
     thinks of them.
     They like their parentsand family to do thingswith them.

Mrrr Wrn Aoulr lraorns
You will meet with adultsseveraltimes.often, thesemeetingsare on the
samedatesasyour regularden or pack meetings. may sound like a lot of
meetings, it reallyisn't.You may meet for 10 minutesbeforeor aftereach
den meeting.or you and the den leadermay plan for the den meetingover
the phone.It's a good idea to makenotesto be sureyou don't forgetwhat
you havebeenaskedto do.
 You can entertheseplansin a special   notebook (or your copy of the Cub
 ScoutLeaderProgramNotebook)that you will keepduring the time you are
 a den chief.This is one of the requirements the Den Chief Service
                                            for                       Award.
 It alsohelpsyou keeptrack of the plansfor eachden meeting.

 The Cubmasteror assistant Cubmastermay want to havea few minutes with
 you and other den chiefsbeforeor afterthe pack meeting.In your troop,
 team,or crew,you may alsomeet occasionally  with the personwho serves as
 den chief coordinator.

 One important meetingfor everypack is the annualprogram planning
 conference, which is usuallyheld in the late summer.You should go to this
 meetingwith your den leaders that you are a part of the plansthe pack
 makesfor the whole year.It is important that you know when pack meetings
 and activitieswill be so you can put them on your personalcalendar.


                                             f.x   ''# -+r   :d

As a den chief,you will be helpingin one of the following dens:
    ' Tiger Cub den: Boysin the first grade(or 7 yearsold)
   ' Wolf den: Boysin the second grade(or B yearsold)
   ' Bearden: Boysin the third grade(or 9 yearsold)
   ' webelosden: Boysin the fourth and fifth grades(or 9 to l l yearsold).
     (A Webelos
              den usuallyhasall fourth-gradeor fifth-gradeboys.)
    Someof your dutiesin the den will be the sameregardless the ageof your
       . You will help at den meetings.
       . You will help boyswith their advancement.
       . You will help when the den goeson special outingsor field trips.
       . You will encourage  boysto stayin the Scoutingprogram and move on
         to the next rank (including encouraging Webelos        to
                                                         Scouts become
         Boy Scouts).

    Help qt Den Meetings
    Wro Is rn CnnnoE n DrN?
    Alwaysrememberthat in any den,you are a part of the leadershipteam in
    chargeof the den!
       . Tiger Cub densareled by a den leaderand an adult partner of one of
         the boys.EachTiger Cub hasan adult partner,and they work together
         in the program asa team.
       . A den leaderis alsoin chargeof Wolf, Bear,and Webelos
         will alsobe an assistant leader,
                                den                               denner.
                                          and a dennerand assistant

                                                         lri .
The dennerand assistant   dennerare den memberselected the den to help
you and the den leader. Boyshold the position for one or two months.Being
a denneris one of the first steps Cub Scouttakestoward leadership.

You and the den leaderwill work togetherto determinethe denner's
               which might includehelpingto setup the den meetingplace
and cleanupafterward, helpingwith games
                      or                    and other activities.

As a den chiel you can help the dennerand assistant
                                                  dennerto be leaders.
You are one of the leaders
                         closest their age,so they will look up to you.
    . Let the dennerand assistant dennerhelp you and learn from you.
   . Praisethem for doing a good job.
   ' Showthem how to do thingsand then let them leadboyson their own.

Wnnr Hnpprrus DrruMrrrlruGs?
Tiger Cub densmeet twice a month so boyscan play games,    work on
craft projectsand ptzzles,takepart in outdoor activities, work on
requirements their Tiger Cub badge(seethe TigerCubHandbook).
              for                                                  They
alsogo on a field trip, calleda Got SeeIt, oncea month.

Wolf and Beardensmeetweeklyand haveactivities       basedon a monthly
theme.For instance,    one month the thememight be "Circus Fun."In den
meetings, boysmight makecircuscostumes postersor plan a circus
           the                                   or
skit or stunt for the pack meeting.Boysalsowork on the requirements    for
the Wolf and Bearbadges     (which you can learn more about in the Wolf
Handbookand BearHandbook).

During their weeklyden meetings,  Webelos Scouts  work on activitybadge
requirements. There are20 activitybadges that boyswork on, and the
activities eachden meetingare usuallyaimed at one of theseactivity
badges. (You'lllearn more about activitybadges this book and in the
Webelos  Handbook.\

     Panrs A DrNMrrrrruo
     Den meetings made up of parts.Someof theseparts are similar in Tiger
     Cub.Wolf and BearCub Scout.and Webelos

     Tiger Cub Den            Wolf/Beor Den           Webelos Den
     Beforethe meeting        Beforethe meeting       Beforethe meeting
     Gathering                Gathering               Gathering
     Opening                  Opening                 Opening
     Discover                 Activities              Activity BadgeFun
     Search                   Business items          Preparation
     Closing                  Closing                 Closing
     After the meeting        After the meeting       After the meeting

     Let'slook at eachpart of a den meetingand seehow den chiefsfit in and
     what their dutiesmight be.

     Before the Meeting

     This part of the meetinggivesthe leadership (includingyou) time to
        ' Prepare        games,
                    songs,      crafts,or other activities.
        . Gatherand organizesupplies.
        . Setup the meetingarea.
        ' Thkecareof any last-minutedetails.

     Arrive earlyand be in full uniform.


     Boysusuallydon't all arriveat the sametime, so while boysarrive,the most
     important thing you might be in chargeof is leadinga gameor activitythat
     keepsboys interestedand busy.You alsomight
        . Greetboysasthey arriveand showthem whereto put coatsor schoolbags.
        . Help any boysthat might needspecialattention(suchasboyswith
        . Help checkattendance,collectdues,or checkuniforms (this might
           alsohappenlater in the meeting).During a uniform check,don't
                     any                         if
           embarrass boy,but make suggestions insigniaare not worn
           properly.Be sureto setan exampleof proper uniforming yourself.

The gatheringtime is informal,but the openingis an organized  activitythat
signals beginningof the meeting.    You might help the leader
   ' Get the boysto settledown. Usethe Cub Scoutsign for silence. aSet
     good exampleyourself.
   . Leadthe Pledgeof Allegiance, Cub ScoutPromise,a flag ceremony,
     or a theme-related openingceremony.
   ' Startoff with a songor a yell or havea fun roll call.

Tiger Cub densusethis time for boys to sharesomethingthey havedone
sincethe last meeting.
                     You can help by making sureall boysare quiet and

Discover/Activities/Acfivif)r       Bodge Fun

This is the main part of the meetingwhen activitiestakeplace.
                                                            Help the den
   . Lead the planned activity or activity badgework. This may involve
     distributing suppliesand materialsfor a craft or props for a skit. It will
     alsomean helpingboysdo the project.
          . Teach boysa gameor trick, or showthem how to do somephysical
          . Practice activity that the den may be planning for the pack meeting.
          ' Help boysto havefun. The den meetingshouldn'tbe like sitting in a
          . Recognizeboys who havecompletedachievements.

       Seo rc h/Business    lfems/Preporotion

       During the Searchtime, you'll help Tiger Cubsand their leaders
                                                                    talk about
       plansfor the Go SeeIt.

       In Wolf and Beardens,you may help the den leadercollectdues,check
       attendance,checkboys'advancement, explainplansfor upcoming

       For Webelos   dens,this is an "action" time when equipmentor props may be
       built for an outdoor experience pack meeting.Help the boysand encourage
       them to suggest  things they want to do or places they want to visit.

The closingis usuallymore seriousand quiet than the opening.Help the den
   ' Get the boysto quiet down.
   ' Make announcements.
   . Remind boysabout upcomingeventsand what they must bring or be
     prepared do.
   ' Help with any closingceremony.
   . Seethat boysare readyto go home and don't forgetjackets,

It's alsoa good ideato know whethereachboy is allowedto walk home or
whetherhe'll be pickedup. Keepan eyeon any boyswho arewaiting outside.

After the Meeting
   . Help put the meetingplaceback in order.
   ' Reviewthe meetingwith den leaders.
   . Help makeplansor assignments upcomingmeetingsor events.

Help With Advqncement
There are six Cub Scoutranks:
   1. Tiger Cub
   2. Bobcat
   3. Wolf
   4. Bear
   5. Webelos
   6. Arrow of Light Award

As den chief,you can help boysfeelso good about themselves their
achievements they will want to keepmoving in the program through the
ranks.This is an important part of your job. The bestencouragement boyscan
haveis to work with a den chief they like and admire-and that can be you!

Tiger Cubs,Wolf and BearCub Scouts,  and Webelos         all
                                                   Scouts havebadges
and awards they can earnwhen they havepassed requirements. can
                                               the            You
learn more in the boys'handbooks about advancement   requirements the
differentages, let'stake a look at the basics.
     TrcnnCus AovarucEMENT
     Tiger Cub advancement a blend of activities
     that boysdo in their home and activities they
     do in the den with their adult partner.They first
     earn the Tiger Cub badgeand rank by working on
     achievements electives
                   and           that are describedin
     the TigerCub Handbook.

     Young boys like to know when they havedone
     well, so Tiger Cubsreceive recognitionitemsto
     mark their progress, including totem beads,
     Tiger Cub badge,  and Tiger Tiack beads.

     Cug Scour (Wou ANDBrnn)AovarucEMENr
     Everynew boy who joins a Cub
     Scoutden first hasto earn the
     Bobcatbadge,            he
                      unless has
     earnedit as a Tiger Cub. After
     that, if a boy is in secondgrade
     (or 8 yearsold), he works on his
     Wolf badge. a boy is in third
     grade(or 9 yearsold), he works
     on his Bearbadge.

     You shouldbe familiar with both
     the Wolf Handbook and Bear
     Handbook,  which includeall the
     requirementsfor the two ranks.

     Like Tiger Cubs,Wolf and BearCub Scouts   can earn immediaterecognition
     beads(Progress   TowardRanks)and arrow points asthey advance.  A
     simpleden ceremony,   which you can help plan and lead,shouldbe held
     to recognize boyswhen they haveearnedadvancements.     Ranksand arrow
     points will be formally presented pack meetings.

Wrerlos Scour ADvANcEMENT
Because of the goalsof the Webelos
        one                           den is to prepareboysto become
Boy Scouts,Webelos activitiesand the advancement   plan are quite similar to
thoseof a Boy Scout.

You shouldbe familiar with the Webelos
                                     Handbook, which describes 20
activity badges boyswork on. Activity badgeareas similar to Boy Scout
merit badges.Here arethe subjects,
                                 arrangedby their activity badgegroups:

PhyskolSkills Communify       0uldoor        Mentol
                                                  Skills     Technology
Aquonout       Citizen        Fore$er        Arti$           [rofhmon
Athlete        [ommunicotor Geologist        Scholor         Engineer
Fitnes         Fomily
                  Member Noturolist          Showmon         Hondymon
Sportsmon      Reodymon       0utdoonmon     Troveler        Scientist

All Webelos Scouts should earnthe Webelos   badge.After that, they can
receive compass     points emblemby earningfour more activitybadges,
aswell asa compass  point for their badgefor everyfour additional activity
badges. Then they can go on to earnthe highestawardand rank in Cub
Scouting, Arrow of Light Award.

               ffi & #

                  '# ffi

Help With SpeciolOutings
or FieldTrips
Tiger Cubsgo on a Go SeeIt everymonth, and aspart of the leadership
team,you will help plan and leadthoseoutings.Wolf and BearCub Scouts
sometimes takespecial trips, aswell.

Planningcan be a big job. Alwaysbe readyto help and takeresponsibilitl
When out with boys-whether taking a hike or visiting a museum-make
surethey staytogetherand are safeat all times.Help keepthen-r
quiet when calledfor.

Outingsbecomemore of an emphasis Webelos
                                   for        Scouts, thev har.e
additionalopportunitiesto go campingwith a parent-as a Webelos
                                                             den or
perhapsaspart of a campoutwith a Boy Scouttroop.

Someboysmay havea lot of experience outdoor activitiesand camping;
othersmay havevery little. You can help preparethe Webelos  Scoutsfor the
fun of campingby telling them about your experiences.  Help them plan rvhat
to take in order to be preparedfor the weatheraswell asthe program that is
planned.  Your experience  campingin variousplaces all kinds of weather
                                                  in                     will
help them learnthat evenrain can'tdampenthe fun of a campout.

Encourqge Boys fo
Stoy in Scoufing
The bestway you can encourage
                            boysto stayinvolvedin scoutingis by
settinga good example. a leaderthey like and admire.Be their friend.

But alsotalk with the boys.Tellthem about the adventures Boy Scouting,
varsity scouting,or venturing,like hiking and camping.Tellthem how
much fun you havebeing a part of Scoutingyourself. Scoutinghashelped
,vouin your schoolwork, tell them how. Maybe now you havea hobby or
evena career mind that you didn't havebeforeyou becameinvolvedin
Scouting. Tellthem how Scoutinggot you interested.

                  part of your job asa den chief-to get someone
This is the easiest                                            else
excitedabout somethingthat you believein and are excitedabout yourself.

      MENI I$

                                        ;   .e-* .y' 'r
This "IdeasChest"will giveyou plenty of things to do for gathering-time
activities well asgames,
          as             songs,and other ideasto keepCub Scouts    activeand
busy.The IdeasChestsections are:
    . Tricks and Puzzles                Outdoor Games
   . Songs                             Fitness
   . HomemadeGames                     Skits,Puppets,
                                                    and Pantomimes
   . Indoor Games                      Ceremonies
     Leadingthe den membersin games,    songs,                and
                                               tricks,contests, other
     activities one of your most important jobs.Make sureyou know and
     practicethe instructionsfor leadingthe activity and haveall equipment
     readybeforestarting.Be surethat you understand steps follow:
                                                       the     to
        1. Choosean activity that fits the place,the number of boys,the time
                    and the type of den meeting.
        2. Prepare choosingthe equipmentneededfor the activity and by
           having it ready.
        3. Practicebeforethe den meeting.
        4. Explain the activity to the den membersclearlyand briefly.
        5. Alwaysusethe Cub Scoutsign asa signalfor gettingattention.

     Tricks qnd Puzzles
     Tricks andpuzzleswill help liven up the gatheringtime part of your den
     meetings. Boysenjoy trying to solvea trick or puzzle,learningnew ones,or
     simply outdoing their buddies.

                                                                 The denner
     As den chiel you can takechargeof thesefun-filled activities.
     can help leadthem.Your den leaderwill giveyou ideas, and the Cub Scout
     LeaderHow-ToBookhasmany more ideas.       Ask your den leaderwhetheryou
     can borrow a copy so you can learn more tricks and puzzles.

     Come to eachden meetingprepared showthe boysa new trick or stunt.
                   will help keepthe den meetingmoving and the members
     busy doing somethingthey enjoy.

     BLOCK PUZZLES.Thesesimple puzzlescan be
     fun to make and use.Haveboys draw a puzzle           Tl              t':--l'-'-l
                                                     r _ r , i , L _ _ rl i        ll
     designon light cardboardand separateinto pieces l - - i i i- ';- l-+ H
                                                     -- -- r - rr
                                                          L|              l' *-r-' ! l I
     asshown.Jumblethe pieces and seewho can
     assemble puzzlefirst.

                                                                    - ' o F7-7
                                                               -J',.1_ . )
                                                               l:.-"" l+K
                                                                             l'l rJl
                                                                  l - r      l t \ - / "   I

WHIMMY DIDDLE. You can usethis trick to amaze       your den. Fastena
light propellerto the end of a notchedstick or dowelwith a pin or nail. By
rubbing the notchededgeof the stick,you can makethe propellerrevolve.      At
will, you can stop the propellerand reverse directionof its revolution.

Do this trick by rubbing a pencil alongthe nickededgeof the stick to set
up vibrations that will causethe propeller to revolverapidly. The direction
of the revolutioncan be controlledby light pressure  with the thumb or
forefingeron one sideof the notchedstick or the other.Do this without
being observed  and credit the change directionto your will power.

BUTTONHOLER.Make a buttonholerfrom a tonguedepressor craft        or
stickwith a loop of string through a hole in one end of it. The string must
be shorterthan the stick.Haveboysloop string through the buttonholein
anotherCub Scout's   shirt pocket.The trick is to removeit without untying
the string.

To attachthe buttonholerto the shirt, pull the pocketflap through the loop
of the string until the point of the stick can be insertedin the buttonhole
and the string drawn up tight. It is impossible removethe stick in the
usualway,because string is shorterthan the boyshow
they can removeit by pulling the string backover the pocketflap and
withdrawing the stick,eyefirst.

     MAGIC KNOT. Get several   piecesof string about 2 feetlong to teachthe
     magicoverhandknot. It is done by tying an overhandknot in the middle
                                   of a string without letting go of eitherend.
                                   First,let the boystry it, and then showthem
                                   the trick. Put the string on the floor or table.
                                   Fold your arms asillustrated,   stoop,and
                                   pick up the endsof the string.While rising,
                                   uncross  your arms but keepyour hold on
                                   the string,and presto!-the overhandknot
                                   will appear.

     LIFT A BOTTLE.You can lift a bottle with a sodastrawif first you bend the
     straw asshown. Push it into the bottle and lift up slowly.

     SECRETCODES.Cub Scoutscan havefun and completea requirementfor
     Wolf Electivel, "It's a Secret," making up their own den codeand sending

     Cub Scouts  enjoymaking up secret   codesand other waysof signaling. Help
     the boys in your den invent their own code.When you are readyto help
     them work out a code,talk the idea over first with your den leaderand plan
     a code gameto help boys learn and havefun at the sametime.

Try a simplecodelike this:
                       \tt                   ,
                       At xtmrn nD
                        .   J    I

Suppose you want to sendthe message, "We will go."Haveyour boys make
up a codedmessage substitutingthe next letter of the alphabetfor the
actualonesin the words of the message. example:
                                      For          "We" becomes "Xf."
"Will" would be "xjmm." The entire messagewould read"Xf xjmm hp."

Tiy substitutingnumbers,marks,lines,    etc.,for letters. den
                                   boxes,               Let
membersdreamon this project.

Plan games around the codes.Using the scheme shown above, the message
"We will go," becomes-

The boyswill soon catchon and try a few of their own.

Thesecodes,  plus the suggestions the WolfHandbook,willgiveyou plenty
of ideasfor secretcodegames.

SNATCHTHE COIN. This is a testof skill and alertness.     One boy holds a
small coin in his outstretched  palm. Another holds his hand,palm down,
about 12 inchesabovethe coin. He tries to snatchthe coin beforethe holder
can closehis hand.He can do it, too. The trick
is for the snatcherto strike the other fellow's
palm smartlywith his fingertips.   This throws
the coin up into the snatcher's  hand.The holder
must hold his hand wide open until he sees    the
snatcher's  hand go down.

     BEHIND YOUR BACK. With your handsbehind your back and awayfrom
     the audience,loop a pieceof ropeabout 18 inches  long aroundone wrist
     and crossthe ends.Piace your other wrist, with your hand pointing in the
     oppositedirection,over this crossedrope and asksomeone tie the two
     rope endstightly overyour hand.Turn around to showthat you are tied.
     Then facethe audience  again.TWist your handsaround to point in the same
     direction,and you will havea largeloop through which you can easilydraw
     out one hand and show it to your amazed  audience.

     To completethe trick, put your hand back through the loop, twist your
     handsin oppositedirections, and askdoubtersto inspectthe knot.
           left Hond                                            RightHond

                   Bring   Around

     PRISONER'S               Tie
                    ESCAPE. a pieceof string around the wrists of one of the
     boysin your den.Loop anotherpieceof string over his wrist and tie it to
     the wrists of a secondboy.They are now lockedtogether.   Challenge   them to
     get awaywithout breakingthe string or untying a knot. \Arhen  they giveup,
     showthem how. Pushthe centerof the string of one boy through the loop
     on the insideof the other'swrist, bring this new loop back over his hand,
     and draw it back through the wrist loop. They will be free.Seethe diagram
     for help on doing this trick.

MAGIC PICKUP.Drop five toothpickson a table.Be surethey are not in an
evenrow. Pick them up as follows:

First toothpick between your two thumbs;second   one between   your two
first fingers;
             third one between  your two secondfingers;fourth one between
your two third fingers;and fifth one betweenyour two little fingers.

You must lift toothpickslengthwise completethe trick. Neat trick if you
can do it!

YOKE PUZZLE.Make this puzzlefrom a 1-by 6-inch pieceof thin board (a
tonguedepressor craft stick is excellent),
                or                                              Bore
                                          string,and two washers.
holesin the board and fastenthe string and washers shown.

           the                 togetherwithout untying any of
Challenge boysto get the washers
the knots.

Showthem how to do it. Havethem pull the loop at the centerhole straight
out about 2 inches.Slidethe washerthrough the loop, and then pull the rest
of the centerloop back through the centerhole.Slidethe washerthrough
the centerloop onto the oppositeloop. Pull the centerloop back through
the hole.The washeris now hangingon the oppositeloop. Reverse    the
procedure get it back.

STRAPAND BUTTON PUZZLE. Make two parallel cuts in the centerof
a strip of firm, pliableleatheror vinyl. Justbelow this, cut a hole the same
width. Then passa hear,y   string under the slit and through the hole,as
illustrated. Fasten buttons to the looseendsof the string.

The objectis to removethe string without taking off the buttons.Boyscan
do this by bendingthe leatherand drawing the narrow strip through the
hole.The string and buttons then can be removedeasily.

     IMPOSSIBIE. This looks easy,  but
     it can'tbe done.Placeboth heels
     squarelyagainstthe wall and then
     try to pick somethingup from the
     floor and straighten againwithout
     moving your feet.

     FRANKFURTER.Hold your two index fingersat eyelevel a little apart.
     Keepyour eyes the centerbut look into the distance;you'lI a magic
                     on                                      see
     frankfurter floating betweenyour fingers.


     HIDDEN TOOTHPICK. Amaze your den with this trick. secretlyput a
     toothpick in a hem of a handkerchief   beforedemonstrating   this trick. Ask
     a boy to placea secondtoothpick in the handkerchiefand fold it several
     times.Let one of the boysfeelthe toothpick in the hem and askhim to break
     it in two or three pieces.
                              Make a few magic motions over the handkerchief,
     unfold it, and removethe second    toothpick without a singlebreak.Teach   the
     trick and askthe boys to try it on their parents.

HAND HYPNOSIS. Boyswill enjoy mystifying friends with this stunt. Have
a boy strokethe palms of another's           times.After making a false
strokingmotion, he should stop suddenly-and the other boy'shandswill
rise mvsteriouslv.

JUMP TWO. Challenge membersof your den to take 10 objects-coins,
matches,   pebbles, washers-and j.t-p eachone over two othersto form
five piles of twos.

Drive 10bradsinto a small strip of wood at l-inch intervalsand placea
washerover eachbrad to make a convenientpuzzle.    Number eachbrad.

           r       2       3       +   5       6       7   8 I     r O
Solvethe ptzzle by moving washers follows:5 to 2,7 to 10,3 to 8, I to 4,
and 9 to 6.

               1   2   3       +   5   t   -       7   8   9   1   0

Stretcha rubber band alongthe tops of the washers keepthem from being
lost when you're not using the puzzle.
     THREE-IN-A-ROW. Put three coins in a row on a table.The przzle is to see
     whetheryou can removethe middle coin from the centerwithout

     Solution: Move the coin at the left over to the right end of the row. This
     changes position of the original middle coin, putting it at the left end of
     the row.

     srRoNG MAN. Place     your palm on top of your head.Then aska boy to
     takehold of your wrist and lift your hand off your head.It can'tbe done if
     you hold your hand firmly in place.

     THE EXPANDING HOLE. In the centerof a pieceof paper,cut a round
     hole about the sizeof a dime. Givethis paperand a quarterto a boy and ask
     him to try to passthe quarterthrough the hole without tearingthe paperor
     touchingthe coin.When he fails,take
     the paperback.Fold it in half so the
     fold is across hole.Havesomeone
     slip the quarterin betweenthe folds.
     Hold the extremeendsof the paper
     wherethe fold is. Raisethem upward
     and toward eachother. Shakethe
     paper gently,and the quarter will slip
     through the hole.

MAGIC STRAW.    Cut a slit in the middle of a straw.Threada string through
         Tellthe boysyou can cut the strawin half without cutting the string.
the straw.

Solution: Bend the straw. Pull the string out of the slit, and then cut the straw.

MAGNETIC SPOON.Rub a spoon,pretendingto magnetize Hold the
                             The spoon seems stick to your hand.
spoon asshown.Showto audience.             to

                   View                                       View

BOTTOMS UP.Standthreeplastic
tumblers in a row with the middle one
upsidedown. With threemoves,    picking
up only two and turning them over
with eachmove, end up with all three
"bottoms up" in the threemoves.

Solution:  First move-turn over second
and third tumblers.Second    move-turn
over first and third. Third move-turn
over second   and third again.

  For more ideasask a leaderto help you find GroupMeetingSparklers,
  ScoutProgramHelps,the Webelos   LeaderGuide,and the Cub ScoutLeader

     Most den and pack meetings   will includeat leastone song.Your den may
     be responsible leadinga songat the pack meeting.
                  for                                       You may be asked to
     teachthe songto the den and help them preparefor the packmeeting.Don't
     worry! Most boys like to sing, especially the song is funny and/or involves

     You can also do a few things to make songsmore fun:
        1. Add motions that will fit the words.
        2. Leavewords out and usehandclapsinsteadof the words.For example:
           "The More We Get Together"-clap everytime the word "together"
           shouldbe sung.
        3. Add rhythm instruments.
        4. If you or a den memberplaysan instrument,useit to accompany
           the songs.

     Seepage12 for tips on leadingsongs.

          "Row Row RowYour Boat")

     Soap, soap,soap,and towel
     Towel and water,please
     Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
     Scrubyour dirty knees.


          "BattleHymn of the Republic")

     I like bananas,
                   coconuts,and grapes,
     I like bananas,
                   coconuts,and grapes,
     I like bananas,
     That'swhy they call me
                            and grapes,

     (YelI)Tarzanof the Apes!                         o

     "The More We Get Together")

Did   you everseea horse fly, a horse fly, a horse fly?
Did   you everseea horse fly, a horse fly,fly,fly?
Did   you everseea board walk, a board walk, a board walk?
Did   you everseea board walk, a board walk, walk, walk?

(Variations;Shoelace,hair pin, tooth pick, eyedrop, necktie, eyelash,yard
stick,ear drum)

     "The Children's
(Tune:              Marching Song")

This Cub Scout,number one,
He just likesto get things done.

            after eachstanza.)

With a knick knack paddy wack
Give Cub Scoutsa chore;
This they'll do and askfor more.

This Cub Scout,number two,
He will do odd jobs for you.

This Cub Scout,number three,
Is full of humor, full of glee.

This Cub Scout,number four,
Followsrules and knows the score.

This Cub Scout,number five,
He hascourage, hasdrive.

This Cub Scout,number six,
He makesthingswith ropesand sticks.

This Cub Scout,number seven,
He was sentto us from heaven.

This Cub Scout,number eight,
Givesgoodwill and suredoesrate.

     This Cub Scout,number nine,
     He is pleasant the time.

     This Cub Scout,number 10,
     Singsthe chorusonceagain.


     Found a peanut,found a peanut,
     Found a peanutlastnight,
     Lastnight I found a peanut,
     Found a peanutlast night.
        2. It wasrotten.
        3. Ate it anyrvay.
        4. Got a stomachache.
        5. Calledthe doctor.
        6. Got somemedicine.
        7. Died anf^/ay.
        8. Went to heaven.
        9. Met SaintPeter.
       10. I washungry.
       11. He gave a peanut.

     Therewasa farmer had a dog,
     And Bingo washis name-o:
     B-I-N-G - O , - I - N- G - O , -I-N -G -O
                 B                B
     And Bingo washis name-o.

     (Singthe songthrough six times,the first time spellingout the name B-I-N-
     G-o; the second  time, spellingout the first four lettersand clappingthe o;
     the third time, spellingout the first threelettersand clappingthe G and o;
     and so on, until all five lettersare clappedout.)

            JOttY FISHERMEN
Therewerethreejolly fishermen,
Therewerethreejolly fishermen,
(Group I shouts:)"Fisher,
(Group 2 shouts:)"Men, men, men"
(Group 1 shouts:)"Fisher,
(Group2 shouts:) "Men, men,men"
Therewerethreejolly fishermen.

The first one'sname wasAbraham,
The hrst one'snamewasAbraham,
Abra,Abra; ham, ham, ham, etc.

The second   one'snamewasI-I-saac,
The second   one'snamewasI-I-saac.
I-I,I-I; zik,zik,zik, etc.

The third one'sname wasIa-a-cob,
The third one'snamewas Ja-a-cob,

They all went up to Jericho,
They all went up to fericho,
]er-i, Jer-i;cho,cho,cho,etc.

They shouldhavegoneto Amsterdam,
They shouldhavegoneto Amsterdam,

The other day (the other day),
I met a bear (I met a bear)
Out in the woods (out in the woods)
Away out there (awayout there).

The other day,
I met a bear
out in the woods
awavout there.

     He looked at me,
     I looked at him.
     He sizedup me,
     I sizedup him.

     He saidto me,
     "Why don't you run?"
     I seeyou ain't
     Got any gun."

     And so I ran
     Away from there,
     And right behind
     Me was the bear.

     And then I see
     Aheadof me
     A greatbig tree-
     O glory be!

     The lowestbranch
     Was l0 feetup.
     I'd haveto jump
     And trust my luck.

     And so I jumped
     Into the air.
     I missedthat branch
     Away up there.

     Now don't you fret,
     And don't you frown,
     I caughtthat branch
     On the way back down.

     That's all there is,
     Thereain't no more,
     UnlessI see
     That bear oncemore.

      For more songs, the Cub Scout
                    see                  and
                                  Songbook the Boy ScoutSongbook.

Leadingden games  will be a big part of your job asden chief.Gamesareused
to teachgood sportsmanship, help boysdevelopphysically, allow boysto
let off excess     and to havefun! It's not hard to teachand lead a game.

Hrprul Hrrurs Lraolruo
   . Know the rules of the gameand havethe necessary
                                                   equipmenton hand.
   . Startwith your "best" game-one that is easy explainand fun to play.
   ' Make sure there is enough room to play the gameand allow everyone
     a chanceto play.
   ' If you're outside,checkthe areafor potentialhazards,such asexposed
     roots,largerocks,or unevenground.Move any that you can.Usethe
     immovableonesfor bases "home."
   . Make sure everyboy hasthe opportunity to play,but never force a boy
     to play a gameif he doesn'twant to. He can be a judge or scorekeeper.
   . fJsea varietyof games-quiet and noisy,competitiveand
     noncompetitive, of physical
                      lots             action or brain teasers.
   . Stop while the boys are still having fun.

TURTLE RACE.Boyscan cut their turtles from heary cardboard,ply.wood,
or floor tile usingscissors, jigsaw, a copingsaw.They will enjoy
                            a      or
decorating   their turtles.


     Racethe turtles on heavycords20 feetlong.
     Fasten  one end to a support the same
     height asthe hole in the turtle. To begin
     the race,hold the cordstaut, with
     the turtlesleaningslightlytoward
     the "jockeys"(the boys).
     On the signal"go,"race
     the turtles toward the
     jockeysby tighteningand
     relaxingthe cordsso that
     the turtles move along
     slowly in turtle fashion.
     The first turtle to touch
     the finish line wins.

     RING TOSS.Make five rings out of rope,
     rubbel heary cardboard, stiff wire, or use
     rubber fruit-jar rings or lids from yogurt or
     cottage cheese containers   with the centerscut
     out. Let eachplayertossrings in turn at a stick     flin   E

     driven into the ground or set in a stand for
     indoor use.Eachringer countsthreepoints;
     leaner,two; nearest stick,one.

     PIE TIN WASHERTOSS.Let eachplayertossfive washers a pie tin. Score
     one point for eachwasherthat remainsin the tin.

RING THE BOTTLE. Provide several
sodabottles,rings,string,and sticks
for this game.One way to play is to try
to placethe ring over the neck of the
bottle.When you can do this,lay the
bottle on its sideand attemptto pull it
upright with the ring and string.

ztrNl RING GAME. You will needa stick,string,and rings.Tie one end of
the string to the stick and the other end to a ring. The objectis to swingthe
ring forward and catchit on the end of the stick.The Zunis twisteda twig
into a circleand tied it with blue yarn to makethe ring, but you can usea
rubber ring sealfrom a canning jar or somethingsimilar. Some Zuni ring
games  havethreeor more rings;a playerwho rings a small ring scores      four
points,but only two for the largerrings.

     BEANBAG TOSS.Make the target
     by painting a faceon plywood and
     cutting openingsfor the eyesand
     mouth. Eachboy in turn tosses
                scoringthreepoints for
     hitting the eyesand one point for
     the mouth.

     SODA BOTTTE BOWLING. Collect l0 empty plasticsodabottleswith lids
     (or dishwashing  liquid containers).You may want to add a little sandto the
     bottoms for stability.Line the bottles up as in bowling. Draw a line about
     20 feetback from the bottles.Eachboy is given two bean bagsto throw
     underhanded the bottlesasin regularbowling. Keepscoreby counting the
     number of "pins" knockeddown.

     This can alsobe playedrelay fashion.Eachboy setsup the pins for the next
     boy in line afterhe completes toss.Eachteam receives  points for the total
     number of pins knockeddown. This is not a speed race.

BOX HOCKEY.To start the game,two players        standon oppositesidesof the
hockeybox. After crossing   their sticksthreetimes,they put the puck into play
from the top of the partition separating two courts.Eachplayertries to
playthe puck toward the outsidehole, on his opponent'ssideof the box.A
point is scoredeachtime aplayerknocksthe puck through the outsidehole.

BOUNCEBATL.The idea of this simplegameis to bouncea rubber ball into
a targeton the first bounce.Usea wastebasket,  paperbag,or box for a target.
Eachtime a playerlands a ball in the target,he getsa point. Vary the gameby
using severalballs of different colors and counting different scores each.

     BOWI AND BOUNCE. Eachboy, in turn, rolls a ball up the incline so that
     it fallsthrough one of the numberedholes.Giveeachboy threechances  and
     scoreaccording the numbers.

     CAN THE CAN. Select       four or five tin cansthat nestinto one anotherand
     setthem in a row. Make a stick on a string asillustrated.   The stick shoulc
     be a little longerthan the largest  can is wide and shouldbe sharpso that it
     hooks on the insideedgeof the can.The string shouldbe tied on the stick a
     little off centerso that one end of the stick is higher than the other when the
     string is being held.

     The objectof the gameis to tip the high end of the stick down into the
     second can;if you are careful, stickwill wedgeon the sidelip of the can
     so you can lift the can into the next largerone.Continuethis until all cans
     are nested.

      You can find more ideas for homemade games in the Cub Scout Leader
      How-To Book and Cub Scout Program Helps.

GLIDERS.Hold a glider contestusingpapergliders.  Try for distanceand
        Land the glider in a targetareasuchasa wastebasket.

ZIP-ZAP.Thisis a good gamefor indoorsand for den meetings smallquarters.

Form a circlewith one boy in the center.  The boy in the centerpoints to one
of the other boysin the circleand says  either"zip" or "tup" and countsto five.
If the playerin the centersays"zip," the playerpointed at must givethe name
of the playeron his right beforethe count is up. If the playerin the centersays
"zap|'the playerpointed at must givethe name of the playerto the left.

BIRD, BEAST,    OR FISH. Players sit in circleexceptone,who is "It." He
points or throws a knotted handkerchief someplayerand callsout "beast"
or "bird" or "fish" and quickly countsto 10.If the playerhasnot named
rvhatever calledin that time, he becomes
          was                                 "It." No one may usethe name
of any bird, beast, fish that anotherhasalreadynameduntil "It" changes.

KIM'S GAME. Arrange20 differentobjectsin an orderlyway on a tray or
table.Coverthe objectswith a sheetof newspaper    until the gamebegins,
rvhenyou'll lift the sheetand let the boysstudythe objectssilentlyfor one or
two minutes.Then replace cover.
                           the         The boysmove to anotherpart of the
room and individuallywrite down the namesof all of the objectsthey can
remember. The one with the longestcorrectlist wins.

The objectscan be relatedto the theme of the month, suchasnatureobjects
for a naturetheme.
     TOUCHAND TELI. Have the membersof your den stand shoulderto
     shoulderin a circle,facingin, with their handsbehind them and their eyes
     closed.  Pass number of small objects,
                   a                          one at a time, to the denner.He feels
     eachone and passes on to the playeron his right, who doesthe same.
     When the objectshavecompletelypassed       around the circle,ask eachplayer
     to tell one of the itemshe wasableto identif,' and remember. around the
     circle until all of the objectshavebeen identified.

     FIND THE LEADER.The boyssit in a circle.Select       one to be "It" and have
     him leave room. The remainingboysselect leader.
                the                                  a         The leaderbegins
     an action,suchasclapping.   "It" is then calledback into the centerof the
     circle.The leaderslylychanges motion, suchasmaking aface,snapping
     fingers,patting his head,etc.The othersin the circleimmediatelyimitate the
     leader. watches     everyone try to determinewho is leadingthe motions.
     The leadershould change   motions frequently.   When "It" discovers  who the
     leaderis, the leaderbecomes new "It" and the gamestartsover.Give"It"
     four or five chances identifi' the leader.If he is unsuccessful,
                          to                                         congratulate
     the leaderand havehim becomethe new "It."

     CALENDAR PITCH. Placeone pagefrom a large deskcalendaron the floor
     asthe target.Eachboy tosses   threecheckers bottle capsfrom a distance
     of 5 or 6 feet,and totalshis scoreaccording the numberson which his
     markersland. Markerson a line don't count. The winning scoremight be 75
     points or more. For addedexcitement,   scoredoublepoints for holidays,
     aseight points for Independence   Day (Julyath).

     NAIL-DRIVING CONTEST.This gamewill help boys developtheir wrists
     and arms and improve their coordinationand accuracy.

     Divide the den into two teams.
     Line up the teamsfor a relayrace
     about 10 feetfrom the driving area.
     Provideeachteam with a pieceof
     two-by-four about I foot long, a
     hammer,and nailsshorterthan the
     thickness the wood. Eachboy
     runs to the board, drivestwo nails,
     runs back,and givesthe hammer to
     the next player.The team driving
     the most nailsstraightwins.

     Haveboysswitchhandsfor a variation of this contest.

and knot games. They know knot tying is a
part of Boy Scoutadvancementrequirements

Beforeyou teachany knot game,be sure every
boy can tie the knot usedin that game.Here
are sometips on teaching  knots:

As part of your den equipment,havea 3-foot
length of sashcord for eachmember.Whip
the endsso they won't fray.(This is part of
BearAchievement   22.)

When teachingboysto tie a knot, standwith your back toward them. Raise
your handsand the rope so they can seethem clearlyin the sameway that you
do. Don't talk about right hand and left hand. Justlet them tie the knot with
you, stepby step.Don't expectthat all of them will get the knot the first time.
Tie eachknot at leastthreetimes.Give individual help to boyswho needit.

Invite the knot-tying championof your troop or patrol to visit your den
when you are playing.

SHOESTRINGRELAY.This gamewill help Wolf Cub Scoutscompletethe
requirements Wolf Elective17,"Tie It Right."

First,teachthem to tie a square                              tie.
                               bow knot, the correctshoestring Divide
the den into two teamsand giveeachteam time to practice. thereis an
odd number of boys,use
the dennerasa judge.In
relayfashion,one team
runs to the den leader
and the other to the den
chief.When he reaches
the leader,eachboy ties
his shoestring  and runs
back to touch off the
next player.Scoreone
point for eachcorrect
tie and one extrapoint
for the team that is first
to tie a given number of

     SQUAREKNOT PULLOVER. Divide playersinto two teamsand line them
     up facingeachother,with a line down the middle separating two teams.
     Eachplayerpasses rope around his own waist and letshis opponenthold
     the ends.Now you can start the game.At the startingsignal,eachplayer,
     without any interference  from his opponent,ties a square  knot in the ends
     of the rope around his opponent's   waist.The instanthe finishes knot, he
     pulls on the rope and tries to pull his opponentover the line.

     Caution:This gamewill not succeed the boysdon't stick to the rule about
     not interferingwith eachother while tying the knots.Also caution them to
     pull on the ropesonly,not uniforms.

     CIRCLE KNOT RACE.Explain the gameand show how to tie a squareknot
            bend (usedfor joining ropes).
     or sheet

     Divide the group into two teamsand haveeachteam form a circle.At the
     word "go,"eachboy grabsthe end of the rope of the playerto his right, joins
     his rope to it, and stepsinto the circle.The team that is first to haveall its
     playersstandinginsidethe circlewith correctknots wins.

     Note: It isn't necessary tell you that boys like to cheer.
                            to                                Why not let them
     givetheir den cheerwhen all membersare in the circle.That will makeit
     easier you to judge the winner.

Ourooon GaMEs
HAND BADMINTON. To preparefor this simple home game,first show
boyshow to maketheir own "poputs,"asshown and described       below.The
objectof the gameis to keepthe poput off the ground.Playboy against
boy or one-halfof the den against other half. Usea rope,a line on the
ground,or a net to mark off a centerline that the poput must crossin flight.

Make sure that the poput is packedfirmly so it will travel faster.
Eachtime a team allowsthe poput to touch the ground,scoreone point
   1.Insert featherin threeholespunchedin cardboardcircle.
   2. Bend quills over and tape down.
   3. Stuff toe of old sockwith cotton.Put featherbaseinsideand secure
      with rubber band or string.

                                                 2. Bendquills

t . Insert
         feothers three
                h      hohs
       in       dnle.

                                                   Rubber or string

  Stufftoeol oldrodrwilfi
  cotlon. feotlprblre
  inside seorewilh
  rubber or slring.

     ROPE-THROWING CONTEST.This is an excellentgameto play while boys
     are arriving at a den meeting.Let the dennerstart it assoon asthe first boys
     arrive.This gamewill help the Cub Scouts   with BearAchievement22,"Tying
     It All Up," and will help webelos scouts earn the Aquanaut activity badge.

     Beforebeginning,do four things:
        l. Get a long pieceof rope or join short pieces make a singleline. Tie a
           small stick or other weightto the end of the line.
        2. Showboyshow to coil and throw a rope.Havea right-handedboy
           coil the rope in his
           right hand and a left-
           handedboy in his left
        3. Make a targetby              d
           drawing three          /-;@-l
           circles-one within
           the other, 7-,2-, and
           3-feetin diameter-
           on the floor or on the
        4. Havea paperand

     Let eachplayerhavethreetries coiling and throwing the rope at the target.If
     any part of the rope is touchingthe small circle,scorethreepoints;scoretwo
     points for the second  circleand one for the outer circle.

     TIE AND JUMP.This gamewill help Wolf Cub Scouts   learn skillsto passthe
     requirements Wolf Elective17,"Tie It Right."Beginby teachinga simple
     knot. Make sureeveryplayercan tie it. Practice standinglong jn-p.

     Line up the playerssideby side.At the word "go,"they all start tying the knot.
     On the command"Drop ropes!"everyone       drops his rope in front of him.
     Haveeveryplayerwho correctlytieshis knot pick up his rope and standwith
     his toeson the long jump startingline. After you (or other den leaders) have
     completedinspectingthe knot, conductthe standinglong ju-p.

     Usingthe jumping areaasthe new startingpoint, repeatthe gametwo, three,
     or more times,dependingon the spaceyou havefor jumping. The boy who
     jumps the greatest       is
                      distance the winner.

teamsand line them up in relayformation.
Selectone player on eachteam to act as
"starter."Stationeachstarterabout 35 feetin
front of his team.

At the word "go," eachstarterthrows his ball
to the playerat the headof his team.This
player catches ball, throws it back to the
starter,and then getsout of the way by sitting
or squatting.Eachplayer in turn catches    the
ball, throws it back,and sitsor squats. case
of fumbles,the playermust chase ball and
throw it after returning to his placein line.

Make up your own rules for this game.Don't
worry if the teamsare unevenin number,as
the team that completes certainnumber of
throws first wins.

If you arrangethe gameso eachplayer must catchand throw several
all thosewho succeed havecompletedpart of the requirements Wolf
Achievement "Featsof Skill."

NATURE HUNT. Try this gamethe next time your den goeson an outing or
       you work on a naturetheme.

Ask your den leaderto help you makeup a list of natureobjectsyour den
can search Here are a few ideas, you'll havemany more of your own:
          for.                   but
   ' An oak leaf
   . A seedof any type (Be carefulof the den leader's
   . A cloverleaf (four-leafclover. one can be found)
   ' A berry
   . An acorn

Tell the boysthat they may pick up objectson the ground,but may not pick
leaves seeds
       or      from treesor bushes.

In startingthe hunt, you should name only the first objectto be found. As
soon asa boy finds the first object,he shouldbring it to you and you can
givehim the name of the next one.The first boy to find all objectswins.

     RUNNING LONG IUMP. This gamegivesthe less-experienced
     asimportant a part asthe betterjumpers.

     Divide the den into two teams, and let the captainscoachtheir teams.
     first contestant eachteam toesthe startingline and takesa running long
     j.r-p. The second  member startshis running jump wherethe first member
     of his team finished,and so on. The team that hasits membersout in fronr
     after an equalnumber of jumps wins.

     ROOSTERFIGHT. Two boys
     standin a circle6 feetin
     diameter.  Eachholds his left foot
     with his right hand behind his
     back,and then grips his right
     arm with his left hand behind
     his back.On a signal,they hop
     at eachother,eachtrying to
     forcethe other out of the circle
     or to let go of his raisedfoot.
     \Arhena playerlets go of his foot
     or arm or leaves circle,he is

     3O-YARD   DASH. Placemarkersat start and finish lines 30 yardsapart.All
     boysracefrom the start to the finish line. Pick first, second,
                                                                  and third places.
     Usethis and other fitnessraces and contests help boysdevelopdifferent
     muscles the body.

ARM WRESTLE.Eachboy tries to forcehis opponent's     hand to the ground
or raisehis elbolvlvithout movinq his own elbow.Try alternatinghands.

STICK PULL. Contestants on the ground, facingeachother,with the
soles their shoes     The winner must pull his opponentforward to
his feet.

     HOR STERAND JUMP RELAY.         Get the dennerto help you leadthis relay
     race.Divide the den into two groupsand let eachgroup practicethe hop,
     step,and j.,-p until eachmember can do it. Then conductthe game.

     The first member of eachteam toesa mark and takesin succession hop, a
     step,and a jump. The second                     toeingthe lastheelmark
                                   playerdoesthe same,
     of his teammate.  Other membersrepeatthe action.The teamwhoselast
     player finishesin front wins.

     WHEELBARROW RACE.Divide the den into pairs.One boy in eachpair
     "walks"on his handswhile the other holds his legsasthey raceto a turning
     point. Boysreverse positions,and new wheelbarrows  raceback on their
     handsto the startingline.

CRAB RELAYRACE.Dens line up for a relay.The first boy in eachden
crawlscrab-styleto a line l5 feet away)
                                      standsup, and returns to tag the next
boy,who continuesin the samemanner.

                                                           . t l

                                                          " f"r'
                                                             ,d,fu,a   l

                 t i

ASTRONAUT'STEST.You'll need two broomsticks3 to 4 feetlong for this
game.Form the den into teamsfacingeachother.At the signal"go,"the first
boy in eachline runs to a spot in front of his line, standsthe stick on end,
places forehead it, doesthreecompleteturns, drops the stick,and
returnsto touch off the next boy in line. The team finishingfirst wins.

     HOPPING RELAY.Boysline up for a relay.     One from eachteam hops 25 feet
     on his left foot to a markerand hops back on his right foot to tag the next
     boy in line.

     STRONGARM TRICK. Show this skill to the boys in your den and suggest
     that they go home and try it on their family.This is done by holding the
     palm of eachhand against chestwith fingertipstouching.After the boy
     getsinto this position,he should challenge adult or anotherboy to pull
     his fingers apart,using only a steadypull.

KANGAROO HOP RELAY.Boysassume semisquat  a           position.Keepingtheir
feet together,they spring forward to covera setdistance.
                                                       The first team done
wins the relay.

GORILLA RELAY.Boysspread     their feetshoulderwidth, bend down, and
grasptheir ankles.
                 They walk forward,keepingtheir kneesextended and legs

                                                    =/ t


     TEGWRESTLE.TWoboys lie right side to right sideon their backswith
     their headsin oppositedirections.  They hook right elbows.  When you count
     "one,"they raisetheir right legsand touch them together,  then lower them.
     At the count of "two," they repeatthis action.At "three,"they hook their
     right kneesand try to turn eachother over.The playerwho pulls the other
     one over is the winner.

     PUSH BACK. TWoboysstandback-to-back     with arms linked.Beginthe
     contestbetweentwo lines,20 feetapart.The winner is the one who pushes
     his opponentback over the line.

BAREFOOT MARBTE RELAY.Form two relayteams,and haveplayers
removetheir shoes         The first boy runs to a line 15 feetaway.
                 and socks.                                       He
grasps marblewith the toesof eachfoot, and then returnswith them to tag
the next boy.

              o                      O         O

 Seethe Cub Scout Leader How-To Book for more ideas.

     Skits, Puppefs, qnd Pontomimes
     At the pack meetings,
                         eachden will havesomeresponsibility. might be a
     ceremony, demonstration, a skit.

     skits help boysdeveloptheir self-confidence independence. can
                                                 and                You
     help with skitsin many ways.  You can help them plan what they want to do,
     what characters they want to portray,and whetherthey will act the parts or
     create puppets.

     The Cub ScoutLeaderHow-To Book and Cub ScoutProgramHelpshavemany
     skit ideas.Ask one of your den leaders let you reviewthe ideasin these
     books.  Also,the monthly themewill help stir the imagination.

     Make skitsreal with props and costumes.    Boyslike to show off, and skitsrvill
     help them do just that. Remember    that they arenot creatingone-actplays,
     but rather short skitsthat lastlessthan five minutes.

     You can useseveral    kinds of skitsat packmeetings.One type is the
     pantomime,eitherwith spokennarration or setto music,and anotheris the
     puppet show.With the den leaders,     help the boysdecidehow they want to
     d e ve l o p
                theirpr es ent at i o n .

     Here is a simpleoutline and worksheet help boysdeveloptheir own
     original skits:
        1. A boy wantssomething.
        2 . Th e boy s t ar l.ts ge ti t.
        3. An obstacle
                     stopsthe boy.
        4. The boy achieves goal.

     You can usethe worksheet the next pageto write down the skit ideasas
     the den membersdevelopthem. Usea largepieceof paperand a marker so
     everyone can seewhat you write.

     Some Skit ldeos

     You can create comedyactsfor almostany number of participantsusing
     the following skit ideasor one from your own imagination.Ask the boysfor

                           SKIT WORKSHEET

Type of characters:            People   OR    Puppets

L e n q t ho f t i m e :

Staging(lighting,soundeffects,       etc.):

              (enoughfor everyone the den):
     Characters                  in

     Location or settins:
     What the characterwants:
     Obstacleor other problemsto overcome:


     They will haveplenty of good ones.Get the boystogetherand have
everyonework with ideas.In this way,a skit will developquickly.

AIRLINE FLIGHT. Passengers    make funny remarksasthey look out of the
airplane.They mistakeNew York for Hawaii. They think that a small lake is
the Atlantic Ocean(or the opposite).They mistakea bird for a spacerocket.
The flight attendantpatientlycorrectsthem.

                   At             the
BEACHCOMBERS. the seashore, players         find all sortsof curious
                   suchasa bottle containinga letter written by Columbus
things on the beach,
and a pearlasbig asa baseball.

AT THE ZOO. Playersdo and sayfunny things asthey visit a zoo (with
imaginaryanimals).A zookeepertries to help them understand
the animals.

LAUGH TIME. The actorsshow how many different waysthere are to laugh.
                                        someroll on the floor.
Somelaugh with a deeprumble,othersgiggle,

SINGERS.  Players hold a tryout for singingrolesin a musicalplay.Each
playersingsbriefly and humorously.

NATURE HIKE. Players on a nature hike. They try to identify different
kinds of birds and treesbut get all mixed up.

CANDIDATES.Several                                        The
                    candidates officepracticetheir speeches.
candidatesmakestrange        suchasa pair of fishingboots
for everyone.

IMITAIION CONTEST Performers      hold a contest see
                                               to   who cangivethe best
imitation.They imitatea puppet,a policeman, animaltrainer,and so on.

LOSTWAICH. Someone lost his watch at a picnic.Everyone
                          has                              has
interestingadventures  while searching the watch.(Example:
                                     for                 They chasea
squirrelthat they think hastakenthe watch.)

HOMEWORK. A playerneedshelp in finding answers his homework
problems.His friendslook through books for him. After all sortsof wrong
       they finally come up with correctones.

TELEVISION SHOP.Customers        come into the televisionrepairshop to
askodd questions                  For example,
                  about their sets.             someone  askswhetherthe
trouble wasin the carburetoror the sparkplugs.

     TREASURE    HUNT. The performershavean old treasure     map. They search
     around the desertand find old bottlesand tires,but no treasure.
     havea good time.

     STRANGEISLAND. The skit takesplaceon a remote island where visitors
     run into all sortsof strange         (You can"recycle"
                                 creatures.               costumes
     masksfrom other skitsfor this one.)

     CANDY FACTORY.  workers in a candy factory try to invent new kinds of
     candy.They comeup with greenchocolates,square  jelly beans,and other

     GAS STATION.A motorist in an imaginarycar drivesinto an imaginarygas
     station.Attendantsrush out to sellhim tires,oil, a battery,and anythingelse
     they can.They eventry to charge him for air in his tires.

     During den meetings,  you may help the boyspreparetheir costumes      or
     other props.They will alsorehearse   their skit one or more times.At the pack
     meeting,you shouldhelp them get their props and costumes       readyso they
     will be preparedwhen it is time for their presentation.

     Puppetsare fun to make and use.Puppetshelp boysimprove their voice
     projection,gain self-confidence, developcreativity. boysare shy about
                                     and                If
     being in front of a crowd at packmeetings,
                                              puppetsgivethem away to take
     part without actuallystandingbeforean audience.

     Boyscan makemany differentkinds of puppets.You will be ableto help
     them maketheir puppetsaswell asdeveloptheir puppet skit. They will also
     needto create stage their puppet show.Perhaps
                  a     for                         you can alsohelp them
     find somebackgroundmusic for their show.

     FoLD-uP PAPERPUPPET.      This simplepuppet will giveboysa chance  to
     practice"being someone else"and to learn to move the puppet'smouth to fit
     the words being spoken.
        1. Fold a sheetof constructionpaperinto thirds lengthwise.
     2&3. Fold the paperinto
          quarters with the top
                                  , o @                              G:

          and bottom meeting
          in the middle.
                                  i ti \ nn
                                  I      \
                                                     r-nt \
                                                             \ tl
                                                                    G/ i /

                                  t'--],<)               l


   4. Fold in half with the
      openingson the outside.
   5. Slip thumb and fingers
      into slot to makethe

                                               f,\r rV

                                                                          ) r
Decoratewith a different color                                   /'q@/
of constructionpaper,felt,                                       @?'

marking pens) yarn, etc.                                              Nr@

Pantomimeis an expression a thought, emotion,or action without
words.In someforms,words may be suppliedby a narrator or theremay be
recordedmusic,but the actorsneverspeak.

Encourage boysto think about how any thought or feelingor action can
be shownwithout words.Havethe boysthink about how they would act,and
then havethem get up and showhow they would do it. Here are someideas:

Show how you would walk if . . .
   ' You had to go into a room where a baby was sleeping
   ' You were wearing skis
   . You were on stilts
   . You had a nail in your shoe
   . It wasvery hot
   ' It wasvery cold
   . You werescared
   ' You were happy

Showhow you would look if . . .
   ' Someonegaveyou a ferocious lion
   . Someone   gaveyou a beautifulring
   . You lost something. . . and found it again!
   ' You slippedon ice
   ' Your report card was all ",{s"
   . You smelledsomethingbad
   ' You tastedsomethingyou didn't like

     Pantomimethe five senses:

     Hearing           A suddenclap of thunder
                       A far awaybell
                       A whisper

     Seeing            A friend approach
                       An auto crash
                       A houseon fire
                       A bird flying by

     Thsting           Food to seewhetherit is properlyseasoned
                       Hot soup
                       Bitter medicine

     Feeling           Freshpaint
                       Waveson a beach
                       Warmth from a stove

     Smelling          A deadfish
                       Your favorite meal

     Show how you would act if you were a . . .

     Baker                   Actor                 Policeman
            player           Doctor                Boxer
     Lawyer                  Swimmer               Dentist
     Singer                  Plumber               Dancer
     Barber                  Band member           Scubadiver

     The Cub Scout Leader How-ToBookhasinformation on skitsand puppets.
     Ask one of your den leaders let you borrow a copy so you can reviewit for
     ideas.Cub ScoutProgramHelpsmay also haveskit ideas.

 -                    o

Ceremonies are used to open and close the den meeting and to mark special
events in the lives of the boys.

Remember these four things when planning den ceremonies:
     1. Keep them simple.
     2. Keep them short.
     3. Fit them to everyday experiences.
     4. Don't use the same ceremony over and over. Try to make each one a
        littie different.

 Ask your den leaderto let you seeCub ScoutCeremonies Densand
 Packs lots of ceremony    ideas.
   . Haveboysmarch pastthe U.S.flag or den flag or both, saluting.
     the U.S.flag on the right.
   . Parade U.S.flag and den flag pasta line of boys,who standat
     attentionand salute.
   . Plan a ceremony the history of the flag.Eachboy can make and
     color a differentpaperflag to show how our presentflagwasformed.
   ' Boyscan put on a ceremony    basedon an historic personwhose
     birthday is celebrated
                          during the month the den meetingis held.For
     example,useAbraham Lincoln or GeorgeWashingtonfor February.
   . Readand havethe den act out a simplestory about one of these

Wrgrlos Scour OPENTNG
Boysneedsomethingthat says them "the meetinghasnow officially
started." simpieopeningceremony    accomplishes Webelos
                                                this.       Scoutswill
soon be Boy Scouts, useof the ScoutOath and Law in ceremonies
                    so                                         will
help them to betterunderstand real meaningof each.Here are a few
simpleopeningceremonies   that you can usein your meetings.
   . Pledge  allegiance the flag.
   ' Face flag and in unison sing"America]"America,the Beautiful,"
         the                                                       or
     "God Bless America."
   ' Form a circlearound the den flag,with Webelos
     flagpolewith their left hands.
   . Givethe Cub Scoutsignwith right handsand repeatthe Cub Scout
     Promiseor the ScoutOath.
   ' Assigna point of the ScoutLaw eachweekto a WebelosScout.Have
     him prepareto readthe point of the Law at the openingof the next
     week'smeetingand givea brief explanation what it means.
   . Form the den into a horseshoe  formation,with the U.S.flag in front of
     the horseshoe.EachWebelos     Scoutin turn stepsforward,salutes the
     flag,and stepsback in formation.When all havefinished,the den gives
     the Cub ScoutPromiseor ScoutOath.
   . Line up the den in a singleline. Bring WebelosScouts attention,
     and turn out all the lights.Spotlightthe U.S.flagwith a flashlight.
     Webelos Scoutreadsthe first verseof "The Star-Spangled    Banner."

Orxrn CsnrmoNrEs
NEW BOYS.Whenevera prospective    membervisitsyour den,makehim feel
at home.Welcomehim by havingthe dennerintroducehim to the den.Tell
him about Cub Scoutingand the den activities.

You and the den leadershould invite him to bring his family to the next
meetingof your pack.Probably, boy will know someof your den's
membersand will be ableto feelright at home aftera few meetings.

For a ceremony welcominghim into the den,you might form a Living Circle
with the new member in the centerand haveall the boyssaythe Promise
and Law of the Pack.

BIRTHDAYS.Eachtime a boy hasa birthday,your den can celebrate in
somespecial way.Perhaps boy'sfamily will providespecial
                        the                             treatsor a
birthday cakewith candles. the honoreeblows out the candles, other
                         As                                the
membersof the den form a circlearound him. When the candles out. the
dennershouldleadthe boysin a den yell.

THE LIVING CIRCLE.The Living Circlemay be usedaloneor asa part of
anotherceremony. remindsa boy of the fine friendships is making in
Cub Scouting.



Form the Living Circleby standingwith the den leaders    and den in a close
circle,facing inward. Ask everyoneto turn slightly to the right in the circle
and extendhis left hand into the center,palm downward and left thumb
pointing to the right.

Haveeachboy graspthe extended thumb of the personon his left-thus
making a Living Circleasshownbelow.Eachpersonshould hold his right
hand high abovehis headin the Cub Scoutsign.Then everyone
                                                        can repeat
the Cub ScoutPromise,  Law of the Pack,or motto.

The Living Circlecan be addedto by pumping all the left handsup and
down while the boyssay'Ah-h-kay-y-la!We-e-e'lldo-o-o ou-u-r best!"
Haveeveryone  snapinto a circleof individual salutes the word "best."

ADVANCEMENT. Although the boys in your den will be recognizedfor
their advancements receive                at
                               their badges the pack meeting,don't miss
the opportunity of holding a ceremony honor theseboysin front of the
membersof the den.

Beginthe den advancement  ceremony reportingto the den the namesof
thosewho are readyto go beforethe pack to receivetheir awards.Havethem
standand say,"Let'sshow [names]we'reproud of them."

Ask eachof the boysreceiving   awardsto tell other membersof the den
what he hasdone to meet the requirements his badge. your den has
                                            for            If
a flag,presentthis to the boy or boysto hold asthe dennerleadsa cheeror
yell.The yell may be practicedat this time so that it can be usedat the pack
meeting  awards presentation.

IMMEDIATE RECOGNITION CEREMONIES.            Beforereceiving Tiger
Cub,Wolf, or Bearbadge, boy can earnvarious"immediaterecognitions"
for completingachievements.  Thesecan be presented the den meeting.
This is an opportunity to havea special       for
                                      ceremony theseboys.

Standin a circlewith thoseTiger Cubsor Cub Scouts    who are getting
recognitions  standingnext to the den leaders.Eachof the boysmay be asked
to tell which achievement completedand perhapssomethingabout one
special  projector thing he learned.
                                   You or the dennerthen leadsthe den yell
or the short grand howl (see  below).

GRAND HOWL. For speciai     recognitionceremonies guests,
                                                 of       parents,
       and membersof your den,usethis versionof the grand howl. It is
longerthan the short grand howl and includesmore opportunitiesfor action.

Boysstandin a circle.The personbeing honored standsin the center.
Startingfrom a crouchingposition,the boysmakethe Cub Scoutsign,
but insteadof putting their handsover their heads,they touch the ground
betweentheir feetwith the two fingersof both hands.Then,wolf-like,they
raisetheir heads  and howl,'Ah-h-kay-y-la!  We-e-e'lldo-o-o ou-u-ur best!"
As they yell the word "best"in unison,they jump to their feet,with both
handsheld high abovetheir headsin the Cub Scoutsign.Hands remain up
while the den chief or den leaderyells"Dyb-dyb-dyb-dyb"(meaning"do
your best").On the fourth "dyb,"eachboy drops his left hand smartlyto
his side,makesthe Cub Scoutsalutewith his right hand,and shouts"We'll
dob-dob-dob-dob"(meaning"do our best").After the fourth "dob,"the boys
drop their right handsto their sidesand standat attention.

SHORT GRAND HOWI. Haveboys form a circle around the person in
whosehonor the grand howl is to be given.This may be a visitor,a leader,
a boy who is being recognized.

Ask eachboy in the circle to squat,make the two-fingeredCub Scoutsign
with eachhand,and touch the fingersof both handsbetween feetto the
ground.Then lead the boysin a long howl,'Ah-h-kay-y-la! We-e-e'lldo-o-o
ou-u-r best!"As they yell the lastword-"$s51"-[ave them jrr-p to their
feet,with both handshigh abovetheir headsin the Cub Scoutsign.
A simpleceremony-basedon the flag,our country'shistory,or patriotic
songs-is a quiet and impressive
                              way to closea meeting.
   ' Form your den around the U.S.flag or den flag. Have the boys salute
     and sing"God Bless America"or one stanza 'America."
   ' Turn off the lights in the meetingroom, light the artificial campfire,
     and sing'America,the Beautiful."
   ' Play"America"asbackgroundmusic and readthe Preamble the       to
     constitution of the united States haveboysname the l3 original
     colonies,one by one.
   . Ask boysto preparein advance l0-line statement "What My Flag
                                     a                   on
     Meansto Me."Your den leadercan select interestinsone and have
     the author readit.
   . Turn off the lights and shine the beam of a flashlight on the flag
     fluttering in the breeze an electricfan. Sing"The Star-Spangled
   . Form a friendshipcircleby giving eachboy a 3-foot sectionof rope.
     Havethem join ropesby tying a square   knot to ropeson their left.
     Eachboy holds his rope with his left hand and pulls backto form a
     tight circle.Remind them of the meaningof the friendshipcircleby

     saying:"You are now a part of a group of closefriends,held together
     by the squareknot-the symbol of trust. Let us give our Cub Scout
   . Closeyour meetingwith a short thought on the meaningof the Cub
     Scoutmotto, the Law of the Pack,or the Cub ScoutPromise.

Wrsrlos Scour CrosrNG
The closingceremony                        for
                     offersanotherchance you to get across   someof
the ideasof the Boy Scouts America-patriotism, mental alertness,
                           of                                    and
good citizenship.Here are a few closingceremonies try with the den.
    ' The den standsin circlewith heads bowed.The leadergivesthe Scout
     benediction-"\zf4y the GreatMaster of all Scoutsbe with us until we
     meet again."
   ' The den forms a circle.Eachboy crosses arms in front of himself
     and grasps neighbors'hands.
                his                 Sing"ScoutVesper"    from the Boy
     ScoutSongbook,  followedby humming "Taps."
   ' Retirethe U.S.flag.Boyssaluteasthe flag is retired.The leader
     says, Prepared";    Webelos Scoutsrespondby shouting,"We'll Be
   . With lights dimmed, sing "Thps"from the Boy ScoutSongbook.          Each
     boy slowlyraises outstretched     right hand with the change lines
     "from the lake,from the hills, from the sky"; on "all is well," all arms
     are folded acrosschestsand headsarebowed.
   . Form a circle.Eachboy makesthe Scoutsignwith his right hand and
     with his left grasps upraisedright wrist of the boy to his left. The
     den chief giveseachpoint of the ScoutLaw,and aseachpoint is given,
     the Webelos   Scouts repeatit.
   ' Form a brotherhoodcircle,with eachboy placinghis arms around the
     shoulders the boy on eachside.Sing"Scout's
               of                               Good-Night Song"
     from the Boy ScoutSongbook.

Ask your den leaderto let you seeCub ScoutCeremonies Densand Packs
for more ideas.

     'j,jt .ifq;
 Den Chief Senrice Awqrd
 When you take on the job of den chief,discussthe following with your den
 leaderand eitherthe Cubmaster your troop, team,or crewleader:
    . The importanceof the attitudeof service  and leadership within
        . The attituderegardingservice             within the den
                                      and leadership
        . The length of service the pack
        . The needto cafty and usethis book

 Den Chief
                                                Your name

 hasdiscussed role of den chiefwith us and is now prepared begin
 working for the award.

 Den Leader
                                    Signature                                   Date

 Unit Leader*

     PrnroooF SERvrcE
 Initials* *

                 Den chief has servedthe pack faithfully for one full year.

                 AttendedDen Chief Tiaining (conducted the councilor district)

     * Leadermay be the Cubmaster,Scoutmaster, Varsity Coach,or Crew Advisor.
     ** Leadermay be the den leader,Cubmaster,Scoutmaster,Varsity Coach,or Crew Advisor"

    Know and understand the purposes of Cub Scouting.

    Help boys achievethe purposes of Cub Scouting. The den chief
    knows and usesthe following within the den:
     . The Tiger Cub motto
     . The Cub ScoutPromise
     . The Law of the Pack
     . The Cub Scoutmotto
     ' The Cub Scout salute
     ' The Cub Scoutsign
     . The Cub Scouthandshake
     . The meaningof Webelos

    Be the activities assistantin den meetings.The den chief hasled
    the following activities:
    Five songs
                                Date     Date     Date     Date      Date

    Five stunts or skits
                                Date     Date     Date     Date      Date

    Five games
                                Date     Date     Date     Date      Date

    Fivesportsor activities
                                Date     Date     Date     Date      Date

    Set a good example by attitude and uniforming. The den chief
    hasmaintainedthe following for a period of six months:

    A cheerfulScoutingattitudewithin the den

        H.n""rn   lao.rtn   N4-onth    N4-onth   N4-onth   vr"ntrt

    Properuniforming at den meetings

        Month     Month     Month      Month     Month     Month

          Be a friend to the boys in the den. The den chief understands
          The meaningof friendship
          What Cub Scout-ageboys are like
          The needto praiseand build up the boys

          Takepart in weekly meetings. The den chief took part in weekly
          meetings six months.

              Month    Month   Month     Mor-rth   Month   Month

          Assist the den at the monthly pack program. The den chief has
          assisted den at the monthly packprogram at leastthreetimes.

                                       Date                Date

          Meet as neededwith the adult members of the den, pack, troop,
          team,or crew.The den chief understands needto work
          together.He/shehasmaintaineda notebook(preferably Cub   the
          Scout Leader Program  Notebook)with the telephone  numbersof
          the den leader,Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, team Coach,or crew
          Advisorwho works with den chiefs,   and any other adult member
          of the pack,troop, team,or crew namedby the den leader.   This
          notebookhasbeenusedto mark down the datesand times of all
          den functionsfor one year.The den chief haseitherattendedthe
          annualpack planningconference met with the Cubmaster
                                           or                         or
          den leaderto preparetheir notebook.The den chief hascalledthe
          leaders           if
                  concerned unableto attendscheduled     meetines.

     CornplETE oF Tnrsr Pno.lrcrs
                                         Cub Scoutingevent,suchasa
          Serve a staff memberof a special
          Scoutingshow bicyclerodeo,etc.
          Eventand date

          Serve a staff member of a Cub Scoutday camp or residentcamp.

          Advanceone rank.

Assistin recruitingthreenew boysinto Cub Scouting.

AssistthreeCub Scouts becomeWebelos
                    to            Scouts.

                 Scouts join a Boy Scouttroop.
AssistthreeWebelos     to

Help to plan and carryout a joint pack-troopactivity.

Activity and date

Recommend your Scoutmaster,
            to                VarsityCoach,or Venturing
Advisor anotherBoy Scout,
                        VarsityScout,or Venturerto be a den

        CnrrrSrnvrcrAwano AppRovAt
     Den Chief

     of Troop/Team/Crew

     hascompletedthe preparation,service   period, training, servicerequirements,
     and projects.He/sheis thereforeentitled to receiveand wear the Den Chief

                                Signature                             Date

     Den Leader
                                Signature                             Date

                                VarsityCoach,or VenturingAdvisor for
     Showthis to your Scoutmaster,
     presentation the appropriate
                 at              ceremony.


     Date awarded                                 Pack

     Drx Cxrrr SrnvrcrAwaRDREcocNrnoN
     Den chiefswho qualif'for the Den Chief Service  Award wear the special
     Den Chief ServiceAward Cord and may continueto wear it aslong asthey
     are Scouts Venturers,
               or            evenif no longer a den chief.Wear it with pride! You
     worked hard to earn it!

A                                          D
Activity Badges, 27,27
                5,                         Denner,20
Advancemen 25-27, 79
             I,                            Den Chief Badge, 3
AdvancementCeremony,79-80                  Den Chief Cord, 3
Arm Wrestle,6l                             Den Chief Pledge, 4
Astronaut'sTest,63                         Den Chief Service Award,3, 86
Attitude, l3                                Recognition,90
                                            ServiceRecord,  85
B                                          Den Meetings,20-25
"Bananas,     Coconuts,               42
Barefoot Marble Relay,           67        E
Beanbag      Toss,   50                    ExpandingHole,40
" B e a rS o n g , h e " , 4 5
BehindYour Back,36                         F
"Bingo",44                                 Find the Leader,54
Bird, Beast, Fish,53
                or                         FitnessGames,  60-67
BirthdayCeremony,             78           "Found a Peanut",44
Block Puzzles,       32                    Frankfurter,38
B o t t o m sU p , 4 l                     Friendship,15
Bounceball,      5l
BowlandBounce,52                           G
Box Hockey,51                                        ,
                                           G a m e sL e a d i n g 1 1 ,4 7
Buttonholer,       33                      GIiders,53
                                           Gorilla Relay,     65
c                                          G r a n dH o w l , 7 9 - 8 0
Can the Can,52                             H
Catch-and-Throw                            Handshake, Cub Scout,l0
                  Race,  59
Ceremonies,                                Hand Badminton,5T
  Advancement,79-80                        Hand Hypnosis,3g
  Birthdays,TS                             Hidden Toothpick,38
  Grand Howl,79-80                         Homemade ames,47-52
  Living Circle,78-79                      Hop, Step,
                                                    and fump Relay,62
  New Boys,78                              Hopping Relay,64
  Short Grand Howl,80
Circle Knot Race,56
ClosingCeremonies, 1-83
                                           ImmediateRecognition          79
Compass  Points,27
                                           ImpossibleTrick, 38
Crab RelayRace,63
                                           Indoor Games, 53-56
Cub ScoutAdvancemen 25-27
Cub ScoutClosingCeremonies,    81-82
Cub ScoutHandshake,    l0                  t
"Cub ScoutN'larching  Song",43             fump Two,39
Cub ScoutMotto, l0
Cub ScoutOpeningCeremonies,     T6
Cub ScoutPromise,   9
Cub ScoutPurposes,   8
Cub ScoutSalute,  10
Cub ScoutSign,10
     K                                    s
     KangarooHop Relay,65                 Salute,   Cub Scout,10
     K i m ' sG a m e , 5 3               Secret    Codes,34-35
     K n o t - T y i n g o n t e s t5 5
                       C             ,    ServiceAward Approval, 90
                                          Service     Projects,    88-89
     t                                    Service     Record,   85
     Law of the Pack,9                    Service     Requirements,          87-89
     Leadership,  2                       Shoestring       Relay,    55
     LeadingGames,I l, 47                 S h o r tG r a n dH o w l , 8 0
     LeadingSongs,    l2                  S i g n ,C u b S c o u t ,l 0
     LeadingSports,12                     Skirs,   68-72
     LeadingStuntsand Skits,l2            Skit Worksheet,        69-70
     Leg Wrestle,66                       Snatchthe Coin, 35
     Lift a Bottle,34                     "Soap,    Soap,    Soapand Towel",'12
     Living Circle,The, 7 8-79            S o d aB o t t l eB o w l i n g , 5 0
     M                                    S o n g sL e a d i n g l,2
     M a g i cK n o t , 3 4
                                          SquareKnot Pullover,              56
     M a g i cP i c k u p , 3 7
                                          StickPull, 61
     M a g i cS t r a w , 4 l
                                          Strap ar-rd    Button PvzzLe,37
     Magnetic poon,4l
                                          StrongArm Trick, 64
     M o n t h l yT h e m e , 2 l
     N                                    T
     Nail-Driving Contest,    54
     N a t u r eH u n t , 5 9             "-l'here           'l'hrcc                   -1r
                                                     Were               olly Fishermen",
     New BoysCeremonv,        T8
     o                                    Three-in-a-Rorv,
                                          Tie andfunrp,58
     O u t d o o rG a m e s , 5 7 - 6 0
                                          lbuch and 1b11,        54
     P                                                   ,
                                          Training3, I l, 86
     PackMeeting,6, 15                    T r i c k sa n d P u z z l e s , 3 2
     P a n t o m i m e s ,3 - 74
                       T                  Turtle Race,      47
     Pie'fin Washer        Toss,  48
                                          Uniforming, l3
     Prisoner's     Escape,    36
     Purposes Cub Scouting,
                   of                8
                                          WebelosDen Chief Corcl,-3
                                          Whimmy Diddle,,l.l
     Ring the Bottle,49
                                          Y o k eP u z z l e , 3 7
     R i n gT o s s , 4 8
     Rope-Throwing        Contest,
     Running Long Iump,60                 Z u n i I { i n gG a m e , , 1 9

1325 West       Hill
          Walnut Lane
P0.Box 52079
      Texas 5-2079
lrving,    7501

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