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Texas Trails News 1204


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									                                               Community Donate
                                     Texas Trails Council, Abilene Texas

                                              Texas Trails News
Volume 2, Issue 4                                                                                         Nov 2004 - Dec 2004

    Scout Offices Closed
                                   LOCAL COMMUNITIES DONATE OVER
  Dec 23 (Noon) – Jan 3 2005
           Jan 17
                                           13 TONS OF FOOD
           Feb 21
           Mar 25
          Office Hours
Abilene – M – Th - 08:30 – 5:30
      Friday – 8:30 – 3:00

                                         Penateka Lodge of The Texas Trails Council, in association with United
                                  Supermarkets and local food banks, conducted their annual good turn – Scouting for
                                  Food—on November 20, 2004. This annual food drive is designed to help the local
                                  food banks and pantries.
                                          The food drive serves two purposes for the community. With the holidays just
                                  around the corner, Scouts help the food banks in providing a holiday meals for the less
                                  fortunate in our communities. It also gives Scouts an opportunity to exercise the third
                                  point of the Scout Law; “ Scout is helpful”. The Arrowmen of Penateka Lodge
                                  organized the food collection and made arrangements with the food banks that will
                                  warehouse and distribute the food to needy people.
                                          Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venturers picked up all donated food items and
    Inside this issue:
                                  delivered them to the food bank and local community food distribution centers. Scouts
Double Mountain Pushmobile   2    collected nutritional non-perishable canned goods such as baby formula, peanut butter,
Brownwood Scout Shop         2    complete packaged meals, and canned goods including vegetables, meats, and soups.
Eagles                       3
                                  All food collected throughout the area will stay within the community in which it was
Phillip Terry – DE           3
Blue and Gold Banquet        3            Local Packs, Troops, Posts and Crews collected over 26,000 pounds of food,
                                  not quite reaching last year’s record of 34,000 pounds but still far surpassing previous
OA Design Contest            3
Webelos Woods                4
Awards and Recognition       5           Many thanks to the units of the Texas Trails Council and the citizens of the
                                  17 ½ county area served by the Texas Trails Council for their hard work and generosity.
My Turn                      5
Boy Scout Summer Camp        6
Shooting Sports              6
                                                                  Report to State
Double Mountain Camporee     6    On February 5, 2005, all 19 Boy Scout Councils will be represented by a delegation to
Camp Wish List               7    report the state of their council to the Texas House of Representatives. Only six youth
Council Pinewood Derby       7
                                  may be on the floor to make the report but up to 30 people may be part of the main
Memorials                    8
                                  The cost is $35.00 per person which does not include transportation and lodging. There
                                  is a $10.00 late fee if registering after January 10, 2005. No registrations will be
                                  accepted after January 18, 2005. Contact the Abilene Scout office or Ms. B.J. Pollan at
                                  325-673-2040 for more information. A flyer and registration form will be available on
                                  the council website.
PAGE 2                                                  TEXAS TRAILS NEWS                                        VOLUME 2, ISSUE 4

                                         DOUBLE MOUNTAIN DISTRICT PUSHMOBILE DERBY
                                                                        HAMLIN, TEXAS
                                                                       SATURDAY 11/13/04
                                       117 youth from the Double Mountain and White Buffalo districts gathered to see who
                                       had the most “Boy Power” in this annual event. Cub Scout and Webelos Dens pitted
    Texas Trails Council               their engineering and construction skills against each other as they raced home made
          Officers                     “cars” powered only by their own two feet and determination as they raced on a 300
President—H. Miller Richert
                                       foot, 4-lane track and changing drivers along the way. They even had to turn around
Immediate Past President -             and race back so they would finish where they started, racing 600 feet total.
                 Pat Leatherwood
Past President— Lee Hamilton           There were 18 cars from 9 packs representing Hamlin, Haskell, Merkel, Sweetwater,
Scout Executive—Kent Brown             Breckenridge, Coleman, and Abilene racing in four divisions – Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and
Commissioner—Stanley Walker, Jr.
Treasurer—Guy Yancey &                 Webelos. Besides racing, cars were judged in a variety of categories.
            John Cole
Legal Counsel—Dan Fergus Jr.                                                  RESULTS:
VP Administration—Larry D. Smith
VP Endowment—Dan Garrett               Overall Grand Champion
VP Finance—John Estes                         Webelos Den #2 Pack #143 Hamlin Lions Club
VP Membership—Gary Stephenson
VP Program—Steve Ellis
VP Properties—Robert (Bob) Rider
                                       Tiger Division
VP Marketing -                                1st Place - Abilene Jackson Elementary Pack #208
National Council Representative—              2nd Place - Hamlin Lions Club Pack #143
                 Pat Leatherwood

 Double Mountain District              Wolf Division
       Committee                              1st Place - Haskell Lions Club Pack #136
                                              2nd Place - Hamlin Lions Club Pack #143
Chairman—Patrick Pace
Vice Chairman – Kenneth Patton                3rd Place - Abilene Jackson Elementary Pack #208
District Commissioner—
VP Finance – Abe Turner                Bear Division
VP Membership -
VP Program—
                                              1st Place - Sweetwater Eastridge Elementary Pack #146
VP Training – Carroll Osborn                  2nd Place - Haskell Lions Club Pack #136 Den 3
VP Advancement/Recognition -                  3rd Place - Haskell Lions Club Pack #136 Den 4
                Sammy Ferguson
VP Activities/Civic Service -
                     Dan Byerley       Webelos Division
VP Outdoor/Camp Promotion -                  1st Place - Hamlin Lions Club Pack #143
                  Mike Allen                 2nd Place - Coleman First United Methodist Church Pack #226
      Kickapoo District                      3rd Place - Abilene Jackson Elementary Pack #208
                                       Design Judging
Chairman – Rob Lindsey                        Best Looking - Breckenridge Roughneck Men’s Bible Class Pack #81
District Commissioner-Roy Curbo
Asst. District Commissioner –                 Most Unusual - Abilene Jackson Elementary Pack #208 Wolf Den
                       Frank Griffin          Best Design - Abilene Johnston Elementary Pack #252
VC Program – Pam Rider
VC Training – Shirley Teague
VC Advancement/Recognition –
                  Hubert Swann                Brownwood Scout Shop Closes
VC Finance – Tom Cody Graves
Finance – Brown County -               The Council Executive Committee and the Executive Board voted to close the Scout Shop, but
                    Carey Stewart
Finance – Lampasas County -            not the office, in Brownwood, effective December 15th , because of low usage and negative
                    John Cole          income over expenses. Michael Deming will continue to use the building as his office and it
Finance – Mills County –               will also be able to be used for meetings and other functions.
                    Brandon Grebe
Popcorn Sales – Mike Hall              Please send all future Advancement Reports, Eagle Applications and requests for Trading post
VC Membership – Johnny Dodds           items to: Texas Trails Council, 1208 N. 5th, Abilene, Texas 79601 Phone: (325) 677-2688
New Units – Esmerelda Riojas
Membership – Brown County -            Fax: (325) 677-2923 or Toll Free (888) 407-2688.
                    Vince Ornelias     The Toll Free 888 number was setup for mail orders, and an on-line system is being developed
VC Activities and Civic Service —
                    Kathy Gist         to provide scouting accessories to be purchased over the Internet and delivered to your front
Camping and Outdoor – Joe Shaw         door. With gas prices on the rise this form of purchasing will be the most economical for all
                                       members as well as the council.
VOLUME 2, ISSUE 4                                     TEXAS TRAILS NEWS                                                     PAGE 3

                                                                                                  Noreast District Committee
                    CONGRATULATIONS                                                              Chairman—
                                                                                                 District Commissioner—Ray
Daniel E.Collier                    Troop 18                                                                         Easterling
Zachary Gallagher Murry             Troop 39                                                     VC Finance/Membership – David
James Marshall Toney                Troop 220                                                    Program Chairman – Butch
Trent Wilhite                       Troop 258                                                                        Wakefield
                                                                                                 Training Chairman - Ray Easterling
Randall Doud                        Troop 275                                                    Advancement/Recognition Chairman –
Jared Scott Blair                   Crew 2000                                                    Larry D. Smith
                                                                                                 VC Activities—

                                                                                                     White Buffalo District
                                                                                                 Chairman – Blair Haynie
                                                                                                 VC Finance – Danny Brown
                                                                                                 District Commissioner-Trevor Thuett
                                                                                                 Roundtable Commissioners:
                                                                                                            Boy Scout – Jimmy Thomas
                                                                                                            Cub Scout – Donna Yost
                                                                                                 VC Program – Dr. John Dearing
                                                                                                 VC Training – Larry Bevill
                                                                                                 VC Advancement/Recognition –
                                                                                                                      Doug Allmand
Introducing Phillip Terry, WB District Executive                                                 VC Activities/Civic – B.J. Pollan
                                                                                                 VC Camping/Outdoors –
                                                                                                 VC Membership –
Phillip Terry was born in Widbley Island, WA. and grew up in Abilene, Texas,
attending Abilene High School and receiving his Eagle Rank in 1994.                                Council Office Personnel
                                                                                                 Scout Executive—Kent Brown
From 1989-1998, Phillip worked on Summer Camp staff teaching Small Boat Sailing                  District Director—Michael Deming
and also teaching non-swimmers to swim.                                                          District Executive—Doug Paxton
                                                                                                 District Executive—Phillip Terry
He was in the US Army and the Texas Army Guard and is also a Commercial rated                    District Executive—Les Zimmerman
pilot in both Single and Multi Engine aircraft, with flight instructor privileges including      Ranger—Jeremy Moon
over 3000 hours of flight time.                                                                  Office Manager/Accounting
                                                                                                  Specialist -       Darline Jurkis
Phillip graduated from Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi, in 2004.                            Brownwood Registrar/Store Manager -
                                                                                                                     Barbara Dixon
We want to welcome Phillip and wish him a long and fruitful professional Scouting                Abilene Registrar/Store Manager—
career.                                                                                                              Cindy Webb
                                                                                                 Order Fulfillment Specialist –
                                                                                                                     Cindy Callahan
                Blue and Gold Banquets                                                               FROM THE OFFICE
February is the traditional month for Cub Packs to hold their annual Blue and Gold                    New Operating Hours
Banquets as part of the anniversary of Scouting. Cub Scouts was started officially               Effective November 1, 2004 the
in 1930 and has been a part of the Boy Scouts of America for 75 years. What a                    new operating hours of The
great time to celebrate Cub Scouts and the Boy Scouts of America by having a Pack                Abilene Scout Office will be 8:30
Blue and Gold Banquet. Be sure and order your banquet supplies early so you will                 am – 5:30 p.m. Monday through
have them on hand for the big event!                                                             Thursday and 8:30 a.m. – 3:00
                                                                                                 p.m. Friday.
                                      WANTED: Shirt designs
                                                                                                      E-Commerce is coming
                 Penateka Lodge has voted to have lodge shirts and needs your ideas and
                 designs. We would like a t-shirt with a large design on the back and a          Starting January 1, 2005, you will
                 smaller design on the front (on either the left or right side). These will      be able to purchase items from the
                 probably be silk screened. We would also like a polo shirt with a similar       Scout Office and register and pay
                 (or same) design that would be on the front of the shirt (it will probably be   for activities and events on-line
                 embroidered). These will be available for all lodge members to help weld        from the council website. Stay
                 tightly our link of brotherhood. The lodge totem is the medicine wheel          tuned for more information.
                 and the primary lodge color is blue but every design will be considered.
                 Please submit all designs with coloring and shirt color to the Scout office
                 or by email to bfm04a@acu.edu or ajurkis@cox.net no later than
                 December 31, 2004.
PAGE 4                                               TEXAS TRAILS NEWS                                         VOLUME 2, ISSUE 4

          January 2005
Jan 6 – Brownwood Roundtable
Jan 6 – WB District Committee Mtg
Jan 8 – McMurry MB College #1
Jan 9 – OA Chapter Councils
Jan 10 – KP District Mtg
                                                             Webelos Woods
Jan 10 – NE Roundtable – Eastland
                                      Over 350 Webelos, Boy Scouts, Scouters and parents enjoyed another extremely successful
Jan 11 – DM Roundtable
                                      year for Webelos Woods. The weekend’s weather was beautiful and the nighttime
Jan 11 – KP Commissioner’s Mtg
                                      temperatures were not too cold. The purpose of Webelos Woods is to show fourth and fifth
Jan 11 – NE Roundtable –
                                      graders the excellent adventures and skill development that await them with the promise of
                                      scouting. Webelos saw and participated in fourteen demonstrations by area scout troops
Jan 13 – WB Roundtable
                                      including fire building, outdoor cooking, cold weather camping, first aid, monkey bridge,
Jan 14 – KP District Dinner           rope making, orienteering and many others. All in all, the weekend had to be great – because
Jan 14 – 16 – OA Winter Fellowship    all of Camp Tonkawa was really quiet after the Saturday campfire program. Webelos and
Jan 18 – Lampasas Roundtable          Scouts alike were ready for those sleeping bags!
Jan 22 – McMurry MB College #2
Jan 29 – WB Pinewood Derby            A special highlight of the evening was the campfire program, presented by the troops and
Jan 30 – Penateka LEC                 Webelos. At the campfire, awards were given out to the troops who had the best flyer
                                      describing their troop (Troop 272), best demonstration (Troop 201) and best totem (Troop
                                      206). Thanks to the Webelos and their adults who voted on these awards. The program
         February 2005
                                      culminated in a special flag retiring ceremony prepared by the Webelos patrols. Sunday
Feb 3 – Brownwood Roundtable
                                      morning began with an excellent flag ceremony and moving scout worship. The message
Feb 3 – WB District Committee Mtg
                                      for scout worship was the first part of the Scout Law – A Scout is Trustworthy.
Feb 5 – KP Pinewood Derby
Feb 5 – NE Leader Essentials          Many people deserve to be thanked including the SPL’s and Scoutmasters from each troop.
Feb 5 – Stephenville MB College #1    Others who made the event a success were Cindy and Darline in the Council office, Doug
Feb 6 – OA Chapter Councils           Paxton, Jeremy Moon and of course, Kent Brown. Special thanks to the Scouts and Leaders
Feb 6 – Report to State               of Troop 272 for hosting the event. For all the others who extended a hand – a great big
Feb 8 – DM District Banquet           thanks. I know the Webelos are already looking forward to Webelos Woods 2005, which
Feb 8 – KP Commissioner’s Mtg         will be hosted by Troop 201 – thanks for volunteering to keep this annual event going.
Feb 8 – NE Roundtable –
Feb 10 – Council Banquet
Feb 10 – WB Roundtable
Feb 12 – WB District Eagle
Feb 14 – KP District Mtg
                                                      Texas Trails News Distribution Changes
Feb 14 – NE Roundtable – Eastland     To increase availability and distribution to better serve you, we are changing the way the
Feb 15 – Lampasas Roundtable          Texas Trails News is being distributed. We are currently mailing copies of the Texas Trails
Feb 15 – NE Roundtable -              News to all registered families of the Texas Trails Council. While this may sound good, it is
Stephenville                          not the most efficient method.
Feb 17 – WB District Banquet          The Texas Trails News will be available in three formats: On-line on the Texas Trails Council
Feb 18 – 20 – KP Outdoor Skills Tng                                                           n
                                      web site for reading, downloading, and printing; A electronic copy e-mailed to anyone
                                      wishing direct distribution; Paper copy mailed to your post office address. These options are
Feb 19 – DM Pinewood Derby
                                      available to you at no additional cost.
Feb 19 – NE Leader Specific Tng
                                      To continue receiving the Texas Trails News we need to know what format you want it in.
Feb 19 – Stephenville MB College #2   While the on-line version is available to everyone at any time (and does not require any
Feb 26 – Timber Tag 81 #1             additional response from you), we need to know if you would like a copy e-mailed or sent to
Feb 27 – Penateka LEC                 you. We will need your e-mail address if you want it e-mailed to you, and your physical
                                      mailing address if you want it mailed to you via the UP Postal Service. You may e-mail me at
                                      ajurkis@cox.net with the information, or give the information to anyone at the Abilene Scout
                                      Office. If we do not hear from you then we will assume you will access it on-line and do not
                                      wish a copy sent to you.
                                      If you have already told us how you want to receive the Texas Trails News you do not have
                                      to tell us again. If you have not told us, then please do so as soon as you can.
                                      We apologize for the time it is taking to make this happen but we have had to overcome
                                      some technical issues and develop some procedures and guidelines.             Thank-you.
VOLUME 2, ISSUE 4                                      TEXAS TRAILS NEWS                                                      PAGE 5

                                                                                                     UPCOMING EVENTS
                        Awards and Recognition
                                                                                                            March 2005
Every year, several awards are given to deserving Scouters in our District and Council.            Mar 3 – Brownwood Roundtable
                                                                                                   Mar 3 – WB District Mtg
Following is just a partial list of awards. Please go by the Council office and they will be
                                                                                                   Mar 4 – 6 – OA Winter Leadership
happy to help you obtain the appropriate nomination form(s). The nomination deadline is            Encampment
Friday, December 31.
                                                                                                   Mar 5 – NE Outdoor Leader Tng
                                                                                                   Mar 6 – OA Chapter Councils
                                    Unit Camping Awards                                            Mar 8 – DM Roundtable
                                                                                                   Mar 8 – KP Commissioner’s Mtg
                                Twelve Month Camping Award                                         Mar 8 – NE Roundtable –
                                    Winter Camping Award                                           Mar 14 – KP District Mtg
                                                                                                   Mar 14 – NE Roundtable –
                                   National Camping Award                                          Eastland
                                                                                                   Mar 15 – Lampasas Roundtable
                                     Unit Scouter Award                                            Mar 17 – WB Roundtable
Every unit has someone who goes out of his/her way for their unit. The District Committee          Mar 19 – NE Leader Specific Tng
would like to thank these people for the efforts in their unit. Therefore, the Unit Committee is   Mar 19 – 20 – Timber Tag 81 #2
asked to nominate one person who should be recognized.                                             Mar 20 – Penateka LEC

                                   District Award of Merit
                                                                                                             April 2005
The District Award of Merit is a Council award presented by the District. The award is             Apr 1 – 3 – Noreast Family
available to Scouters who render service of an outstanding nature at the District level. The       Campout
nominee must have rendered noteworthy service to youth in Scouting, outside of Scouting, or        Apr 2 – 3 – Timber Tag 81 #3
both. The award is made available annually on the basis of 1 for each 25 traditional units or a    Apr 2 – NE Outdoor Leader Tng
fraction thereof.                                                                                  Apr 3 – OA Chapter Councils
                                                                                                   Apr 4 – NE Roundtable –
                                         Silver Beaver                                             Eastland
The Silver Beaver Award is one of the more prestigious awards made by the Boy Scouts of            Apr 7 – Brownwood Roundtable
America. The award is presented by the National Boy Scouts and is the highest award that a         Apr 7 – WB District Committee
local Council can bestow on a volunteer for rendering outstanding service to Scout youth.          Mtg
                                                                                                   Apr 8 – 10 – OA Spring
Established in 1931, the Silver Beaver Award is presented for distinguished service to young       Fellowship
people within a BSA local council.                                                                 Apr 8 – 9 – Summer Camp Staff
                                        My Turn                                                    Apr 9 – Baloo Plus
                                                                                                   Apr 10 – Cub Scout Field Day
I will turn “My Turn” over to an article written by Trevor Thuett.                                 Apr 11 – KP District Mtg
As we enter the season of Christmas and fellowshipping with loved ones, let us also remember       Apr 11 – NE Roundtable
our Scouting family. We share good and bad times with this Scouting family all year long; at       Apr 12 – DM Roundtable
events, camping, meetings, and community activ ities. Let us reme mber that we are here for        Apr 12 – KP Commissioner’s Mtg
one reason: to see our boys grow up to be men of character and honor.                              Apr 12 – NE Roundtable
                                                                                                   Apr 14 – WB Roundtable
During this time of joy and celebration with our families, let us remember to “Do a Good Turn
Daily” for our fellow man. We are blessed with every moment we have with friends and               Apr 15 – 17 – WB Camporee
family, so treat one another with the love and respect that God has shown each of us.              Apr 15 – 16 – Upland Bird
I pray that each and every one of you have a Merry Chris tmas and a wonderful New Year             Apr 16 – KP Cub Field Day
celebration.                                                                                       Ap0r 19 – Lampasas Roundtable
From my Scouting family to yours;                                                                  Apr 23 – 24 Webelos Lock-in
                                                                                                   Apr 24 – Penateka LEC
                                                                                                   Apr 29 – 30 – TTC Sporting Clays

                                                                         --Trevor Thuett
PAGE 6                                               TEXAS TRAILS NEWS                                        VOLUME 2, ISSUE 4

                                  Boy Scout Summer Camp
Now that the New Year is here and we are beginning to think about what we are going to be doing with our Scout
Troop this year, it is time to include Boy Scout Summer Camp in your planning. Each Scoutmaster will receive a
special Leader's Guide this spring to help you plan your troop's participation in this summer camp experience and the
2005 Texas Trails Council summer camp CD will be available December 17th at the office. It’s action packed with all
forms needed and new pricing. Remember – a $50.00 non-refundable deposit is needed to secure your slot for summer
‘05 with Billy Gibbons and Tonkawa. Slots are filling up quickly so get your deposits in soon.
Have you made you campsite reservation yet while the best sites are still available?
Camp Billy Gibbons will be operating two different weeks this summer. The first week is June 5-11 and the second
week is June 12-18, 2005
Camp Tonkawa will also operate for two different weeks. Those weeks are June 19-25 and June 26-July 2, 2005.
The Texas Trails Council is now accepting applications for adults and older youth to serve on the summer camp staff.
You will want to contact Les Zimmerman, Camp Director, for more information and a staff application. His address is
512 E. Elm St., Dublin, TX 76446, phone number 254/445-2190 and e-mail address is leszimmerman@hotmail.com.
If you have not gotten your application filled out and turned in, and you plan on working at camp, you need to get that
done as soon as possible!

                           Sporting Clays Classic is Around the Corner
Did you hear about all the fun we had in May? Yes, that’s right, the Texas Trails Council Sporting Clays Event went
off with a big bang. The 5th Annual Event is set for April 29th -30th 2005.
Take a little time to visit your local gun club and get the dust off the shotgun early. New shotguns, hunts and other
first place events are awarded and you want to be able to win one of these. Last year the governor’s mother and father
attended. Make your plans to come, shoot teams are only $500 dollars which include: a hat, lunch the day of the
shoot, and a special invitation to the night before reception and auction with heavy Hors D’vors.

                                 2004 Double Mountain Winter Camporee
          212 total youth and adults from 17 Troops representing all 4 districts of the Texas Trails Council converged on the
historic site of the original Ft. Griffin December 10th, and departed reluctantly on December 12th.
          Scheduled activities were different than the usual camporee format this year as Scouts could choose to participate
in at least two of several options and work on Merit Badge requirements, as well as participating in the Camporee events.
Highlights included the Fishing Merit Badge, Sculpture, Radio, and Law. Also included were opportunities for Disability
Awareness, Engineering, Public Health, American Heritage, Safety, Finger Printing, First Aid, and Camping – and don’t
forget Animal Science. The Park Staff corralled the Longhorn Herd and provided interested Scouts an opportunity to
participate in vaccinating and performing routine maintenance on some of the selected stock Saturday morning. Troop 30
Assistant Scoutmaster, Kelly Ricks, assisted and brought a wealth of knowledge to this activity, making it a memorable
morning spent on the “range”.
          If that was not enough, the young Scouts also had opportunities to learn flint & steel fire starting along with Fire
Safety. Camp Tools and the principles and purposes of the Axe Yard were also on the list of things for the Scouts to take
advantage of. As an added bonus, the Houston Astronomical Society was at the Park during this weekend. Troops were
invited to go “star-gazing” if it could be worked into their busy schedule, which some found time to enjoy.
         Best Campsite and Pioneering Projects were on the list of competitions for the Scouts to earn recognition. Awards
were given to Troop 255 for best Campsite, with Troop 296 judged runner up. Troop 228 developed the best pioneering
project and Troop 26 earned runner up bragging rights. The Troops were privileged to a performance by the Penateka
Indian dancers at the Saturday night campfire. Immediately following everyone had the opportunity to eat all the cobblers
cooked up during the afternoon for the Scoutmaster Dutch Oven Cobbler Cook off. Leland Terry, ASM Troop 136, was
determined to have the best-judged cobbler and took home a special embroidered apron commemorating his
accomplishment. Robert Funderburg, SM Troop 17 was Runner-up and Karl Kieke from Troop 228 earned Honorable
mention. Blue Bell ice cream was a surprise bonus to top off the cobbler samples and a full day of fun and
accomplishments. Merkel Lions Club Troop #220, Scoutmaster Wesley Helmer, planned and hosted this event. He and his
volunteer staff did an outstanding job, and a good time was enjoyed by all. Thanks also goes to all the people who
volunteered to teach the Merit Badges.
VOLUME 2, ISSUE 4                                  TEXAS TRAILS NEWS                                                  PAGE 7

                 Council-wide Pinewood Derby Finals
                                                   The First Ever Council wide Pinewood Derby finals is set for March
                                           5th 2005 in the Abilene Mall. Start time is 9:30 am and sign in will be from 8-
                                           9:30. The event is open to all registered Cub Scouts in the Texas Trails
                                           Council. Even those cars that don’t do well in their district meets, tune-up
                                           your car and come race in the Finals. There is a patch to be had, ribbons to be
                                           awarded, and trophies to be won. Moms, sisters, other family members – take
                                           this opportunity to go shopping while waiting your son’s turn to race.
        This event will be first come first serve on patches and all interested participants should contact the Abilene
service office to register. There will be a $6.00 dollar fee for this event and the first 300 participants to sign up will get
a commemorative patch.
       Cub Scout Packs – don’t be afraid to ask a local Boy Scout Troop for help with putting on your pack race.
They are always looking for ways to help others.
        Boy Scout Troops – Do you realize that Cub Scout Packs have Webelos who are looking for a Troop to join?
      The Pinewood Derby is an excellent way for Cub Scouts to see how Boy Scouts work and for Boy Scouts to
show what they are all about. The two groups are made for each other.

                                            Pinewood Derby Workshop
The Abilene Home Depot has agreed to put on a workshop and tool demonstration for assisting anyone
who would like help in cutting out the basic shape of their Pinewood Derby car. The workshop WILL NOT
include any finishing, such as sanding and painting; only cutting of the basic shape.

Location: The Home Depot - 4590 Southwest Drive Abilene Texas
Date: Saturday - January 8, 2005
Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm (noon)
Workshop Area: Out front of the Home Depot, weather permitting; otherwise inside in the middle of the
lumber aisle.

                                                          Camp Christmas Wish List
                                       This year on your Christmas List, don't forget that ever important needy
                                    CAMP - that's right - camp. There is a Christmas tree at the Abilene scout
                                   office foyer, with lots of needed items for camp this year. So please - Troops,
                                    Packs, Scouters – go by the office and take a peek and see if we can't help
                                    out one of the needy this year, CAMP. This wish list may also be found on
                                   the website so there is really no excuse not to know what to get. Thank you.
Boy Scouts of America                                                               NON-PROFIT

Texas Trails Council                                                                US POSTAGE
1208 N. 5th St.                                                                     ABILENE , TX.
Abilene, TX. 79601                                                                  PERMIT # 642

Phone: 325-677-2688
Toll Free: 888-407-2688
Fax: 325-677-2923

Phone: 325-646-0616
Fax: 325-646-0212

Email: scouts@texastrailsbsa.org
Web page: www.texastrailsbsa.org
BSA Web page: www.scouting.org
Editor: Aivars Jurkis – (EMail: ajurkis@cox.net)

IN MEMORY OF:                    Guy Williams Sr. by:    JE Conner
                                                         Roland & Louise Smith
                                                         Burl & Emma Lee Owens
                                                         John & Sarah Keyerries
                                                         Mark Owens
                                 Richard Buckly by:      Rusty Beard
                                 James Weeks by:         Rusty Beard
                                                         Janie Alexander
                                 Bill Lynn by:           Don & Lanita Keith
                                                         James Dehay
                                 Robert E. Hitt by:      Rusty Beard
                                 Maurice Hufstedler by: Joe Roeder
                                                         Mary E. Young
                                                         Mrs. Mona Mollenhour
                                                         Henry McGinty
                                                         Mrs. Tommy Evans
                                                         Kim Ligon & Bonnie White
                                 Doyle Hufstedler by:    Janie Alexander
                                                         Jim & Elizabeth Cullwell
                                 David Dennis Davis by: Morris D.
                                 Charles Trevathan by: Rusty Beard
                                 Charles Stanley Lindsey by: Dale Nix

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