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									                              CHAPTER IV

                     WHERE THERE’S SMOKE

   Someone    in   his   or   her   own   life   has   the   feeling   of

happines, love, longing, angry and hate. It is felt because

of some reasons. This analysis discusses about the                 main

characters’ hatred depicted in Sandra brown’s novel, “Where

there’s Smoke”. The main characters that discusses here is

Jody and Lara. Jody hates        Lara and her son, Key. Lara also

hates her husband for some reasons since the death of their

daugthe, Ashley. She think her husband is too ambitious.

Both Jody and Lara have the same characteristics. They hate

their family.

4.1 Jody’s Hatred to Lara

   Jody Tackett is the mother of Clark Tackett, Key Tackett

and Janellen Tackett who own the Tackett oil in Eden Pass.

She is   well known in Eden Pass because of her influenced

in the small town in Texas.

   She hates Lara Mallory, Randal’s wife so much. She hates

her because Lara has known by American’s society as a bad

woman    who   has       broken    down   Clark      Tackett’s      carrier    in

political      as    a    senator    in   America      representative       from


   All mothers in this world are wished their son to be a

good and successful person. They are willing to do every

thing for the success of their son and also protection.

That is the pure love from a mother. See the following


               “The only thing Jody loved better than Tackett
               Oil was her boy,Clark. She thought the sun rose
               and set in him. I guess he never crossed her.
               Anyway, she had his future all mapped out,
               including a stint in the White House”

               “Clark was Eden Pass favorite
               (Sandra Brown, 1993: 51, 67)

   The    quotation        above    shows     that     Clark   has    become   a

favorite son in Eden Pass. It is Jody’s plan on him. Jody

is happy because her plan becomes true

   In    her    eyes,     Clark     was   a   golden    boy    in    the   family

because he always follows whatever she said to him. So that

she also loves him very much more the others her son and

daughter, are Key and Janellen.

   However, it is not too long. Her happiness changes into

a sadness, hatred, disappointed and revenge. Clark catches

red-hand with a woman who has a husband, named Lara Porter.

The scandal         becomes the hot news in America.

   It makes Jody hates to Lara because she thinks that the

good name of Clark and his politic carrier is going to be

down because of Lara. Moreover Americans do not like him

anymore. See the following quotation:

               “He had no future, period. You cost
               him his carrier in politics. He didn’t
               even embarrass his political party by
               running again. He knew that American
               had   had  their   fill  of   statement
               getting    caught    in    compromising
               position with bimbos.
              (Sandra Brown, 1993: 63)

   The quotation above shows Jody’s sadness on Clark and

her hatred to Lara is the cause of her failure in getting a

good future for Clark. Of course all mothers do not want

their sons’ future broken by someone whoever they are. The

mothers will really get angry to them, even they do not

want to see them.

   Jody’s hatred to Lara has made her leaving Eden Pass.

She worries that Lara will find out              the scandal. Clark

tells   his   mother   he   does   not   let   Lara   knows   about   the

scandal. In fact she knows it herself when she comes to her

husbands room where he and her husband are making love.

This is the condition that makes Jody feels worry if Lara

stays in Eden Pass. Jody worries if Lara will tell the

truth about Clark. If Lara tells the truth about Clark to

the public, it surely makes her family’s good name downed.

Thus, Jody think the problem solving for this case is to

get Lara out of Eden Pass. Thus she makes some tricks to

move Lara from Eden Pass, see the following quotation “

            “Just stating the fact, Doc. Nobody
            in Eden Pass will dare offend Jody by
            becoming your patient. You can count
            on that. Too may families depend on
            Tackett oil for their livelihoods.
            They’ll drive forty miles for an
            aspirin before they’ll darken your
            Sandra Brown, 1993: 67)

   The quotation above shows Jody’s trick to move Lara away

from Eden Pass. As a woman who has a big power and    ownes

everything, she can influence the people in Eden Pass not

to come to Lara as her patient. Her influence is felt by

Lara. Although she is a competent doctor, no many people

come as her patient for they afraid of Jody’s intimidation.

All the people in the town   drive out of the town only to

get an aspirin moreover, they afraid of Jody because they

can be fired from her company if they don’t listen to her.

   Jody really hates Lara. She does not want to be helped

by Lara thought she needs the help very much. Examine the

following quotation.

            “Ge’ ‘er away from me. Don’ want ‘er
            to touch me.” Her speech was slurred,
            but her message was clear.
            “Dr. Mallory saved your life, mama,”
            Janellen said gently.
            Jody tried to sit up but couldn’t.
            She fixed a murderous stare on Dr

            Mallory.    Although   she    couldn’t
            articulate her animosity, it was
            effectively conveyed.
            Key made a swift motion with his
            head. “Take off, Doc. She doesn’t
            want you near her. You’re only making
            matter worse.”
            (Sandra Brown, 1993: 252-253)

   The quotation above shows Jody’s hatred to Lara. Even

she is dying she still rejects Lara’s help to save her

life. Her hatred to Lara is also the reason to forbid Key,

her son, to be close with her. She does not like Key makes

a relationship with Lara. She really wants to drive Lara

away from Eden Pass. She even says that she will not die in

peace before she knows Lara goes out from Eden Pass. See

the following quotation:

            “Lara ignored him. “Primarily, I’m
            backing down because I’m afraid the
            fight might kill you.”
            Jody focused on her for the first
            time since entering the room. “Well,
            you’re wrong. I won’t die until I see
            you on your way out of town. My town.
            Clark’s town. I won’t rest until
            you’re gone and the air is fit to
            breathe again.”
            (Sandra Brown, 1993: 288)

   The above quotation shows Jody’s hatred to Lara. It has

become her principle that she does not want to stay in the

same town as Lara. Moreover, Lara stays in the town where

Jody is the most influence person, Jody says that she will

never die until she is able to get Lara out of her town,

Eden Pass.

   Her     worry   is   on    climax     when    Randal    comes   from

Montesangre and stays in Eden Pass. She is afraid if Randall

tells the truth about her Clark to the public. So she comes

to Randall and shoots him to make him silent forever. See

the following quotation:

              “Oh, God, Key! I did not shot him. I
              couldn’t. I didn’t!”
              “No, I did.”
              The husky confession came from behind
              the   wedge  of   space  between  the
              partially open door and the paneled
              the wall. Key reached past Lara and
              closed the door in order to see who
              was hiding behind it.
              (Sandra Brown, 1993: 487-488)

    It shows that Jody really wants to cover the scandal.

She does not want the Eden Pass citizens know that her son,

Clark is a gay. After killing Randal, the trouble makes in

her family. She dies in peaace in Key’s embrace.

4.2 Jody’s Hatred to Key.

    Jody is a kind of mother who does not make a fair

decision   children.    To   her   children,     she   always   makes   a

differentiation    in   giving     her   love.    Especially    between

Clark and Key. She always makes comparation between Clark

and Key. In fact, it makes Key a bit dissapoint.

    The relationship between Jody and her son is not good.

Since Key’s born, she never gives him her love as a mother.

Her husband causes her hatred to Key. Her husband makes a

fatal mistake, when Clark born he gives Jody six dozens of

yellow rose and when Key is born he does not give her

anything. It makes Jody hates because she thinks that her

husband does not love her, and as the effect of her hatred

to her husband, she hates Key. See the following quotation:

         “Your father is captivating”. Her
         face is calming. “When Clark was
         born, he had gave me six dozens of
         yellow rose. I angry with him
         because of his waste, but he said
         that there is not in every day a
         man gets a son”
         “How when Key was born?”
         Jodi’s eyes, which are red because
         of    tear    changes    in    into
         lightening. “I have got nothing.”
         (Sandra Brown 1993: 214)

   The quotation above clearly shows that the cause of

Jody’s hatred to her husband who does not give her presents

when Key is born. Even at the time, Tackett junior, Jody’s

husband does not at home when Key is born. He is going out

side with a woman. That is the cause of the problem.

   In this case, Jody makes a fatal mistake to her husband.

Her hatred to her husband also happens to her   son, Key. Of

course it is a big mistake of a mother. Even though her

hatred to her husband ends up with a divorce, as a good

mother, she still has to love her son.

      The relationship between Jodi’s and Key is no fixing for

thirty-six years or since Key was born. Their relationship

is the same as west and east. See the following quotation:

             Jody and her son look each other.
             Between them there is a deep gap,
             which for thirty-six years is
             never   ended.   Key   is doubted
             whether the gap between him and
             her mother can be ended.
             (Sandra Brown, 1993: 51)

      The quotation above shows that Jody’s relationship with

her   son,   Key   is   not   harmony.   It   is   because   Jody   never

appreciates each Key’s presents to her. She always compares

Key with her gold son, Clark. Of course between two people

there are some differences.

      Key feels doubt on the relation between him and his

mother will change. If it changes it means that the power

of angel has came to change her mother’s heart and mind.

      Her hatred to Key is making her treating him unlovely.

Whenever she meets Key there is always debate among them.

It even happens on the dining room. Moreover, Key always

closes to Lara to find out a secret of Lara’s daughter,

Ashley. Key guesses that         Lara’s daughter is his brother’s

daughter because he thinks Lara has made a love affair with

his brother. He doesn’t know the true of the story about

his brother’s scandal. He does not know that his brother

has the affair with Lara’s husband. So that, Jody is angry

to her son, Key. She doesn’t want to accept a member of her

family   makes   a   relation    with    Lara.   See   the   following


           “I’ve not going to hospital. I’ve
           going Dr. Patton’s clinic. There
           is I was served by a beautiful
           doctor. She was who treated me.”
           “Of course,” Jodi’s words were the
           expression of her angry.
           “What the hell kind of the word?”
           “The doctor. Do you know her name
           is? She is used Lara Mallory. Her
           name   after   married    is   Lara
           (Sandra brown, 1993: 55)

      The quotation above explains clearly that Jodi really

won’t let her family have a relation with Lara Porter.

However, Key ignores her order. Thus she says to Key that

he does not appreciate her brother by having a relation

with Lara, the woman who makes Clark’ carrier in political

broken down.

      At the end of Jody’s life, she dies in Key’s embrace.

Key   realizes   that   even    her   mother   shows   hatred   to   him

however, in her deepest heart she still loves him.              As the

wife word that says the wild of tiger never eats her child.

4.3 Lara’s Hatred to Her Husband.

      Lara is Randal’s wife, the ambassador of America in

Montesange. Lara hates her husband because of two reasons,

firstly Randal is the person who makes love affair with

Clark, but to protect his carrier he sacrifices his wife

and says that Lara is the woman who makes the scandal with

Clark.     And   secondly     Randal    sacrifices    their     daughter,

Ashley for his ambition in carrer.

      As narrated in the novel by the author that Randal and

Clark have a scandal. Lara catches red-hand them; however,

to   protect     his    carrier,    Randal   composes   a     story   that

actually    Clark      has   the   scandal   with   Lara.   Examine   the

following quotation:

            “Tell me, Jody,” Key asks her mother.
            “try, please. Tell me. I must to
            “Randal Porter is….”
            “Yes, Jody. What?”
            “”No, Key. Don’t. Don’t, please.”
            “Shut up, Lara. Randal Porter what,
            “He is Clark’s love.”
            (Sandra brown, 1993: 489)

      The quotation above explains that Randal is a selfish

to protect his carrier, he sacrifices his wife, Lara. It

makes Lara suffers and she hates him.

      Actually, their marriage cannot stand and Lara asks

him to divorce her. However to keep his performance, Randal

does not allow her moreover Lara is pregnant of her first

daughter. So Lara just follows him because she doesn’t want

if her child will face problems in her growing up. After

the   scandal   known   by   America   society,the   government   of

America sends them to Montesange in order to calm down the


      In this country, Randal has a plan; he wants to come

back to America as a hero of the country which is involved

in conflict. Then he makes a plan to pretend that he has

found the revolution. He joins the rebel to make him be


      The capture is done on his way to attend a party. At

the party he brings his wife and his daughter. The rebels

stop his car on traffic jam. The rebels do their action.

Unfortunately, his daughter dies in his play and his wife

is shooting and the rebels bring them . See the following


           “When arrived at my new duty, as son
           as possible, I make a plan. I make it
           in   order   I  can   come  back   to
           Washington as a hero. Emilio is a
           clever youth, and owned his ambition
           in his self. It is fulfill after the
           death of Perez.

          She is playing with Ashley at the
          back of the car. Their car arrives
          near of a crossroad. When the car
          slow down, a group of people who have
          gun come their car. Their driver is
          shooting and his body falls down on
          the driver chair.
          She is crying. Randal look at back,
          looks at her. “Good by, Lara.” He
          looks   unfrightened,   however,   he
          “So you have known! You and Emilio
          composed the attacked! You kill our
          (Sandra Brown, 1993: 556)

      The quotation above shows Lara’s hatred to her husband.

She has known that the cause of their daughter’s death is

her   husband.   Because   of   her   husband   ambition,   their

daughter, Ashley who does not know anything dies. Her father

sacrifices her to get his ambition.

      Lara’s hatred to Randal cannot be resisted. She wants

Randal is death because Randal, as the head of family should

protect his family but on the contrary, he sacrifies his

daugther to get his ambition.

      A good mother will protect her children fromany person

who want to hurt them. Lara also does it; even the person

who kills her daughter is her husband. So that she wants to

kill Randal as seen in the following quotation:

          “Your betrayed killed our daughter’s
          life.” Lara’s sound calm and on her
          hand is a magnum gun 357. “Fuck you!
          You kill my daughter. Now I will kill

         (Sandra Brown, 1993: 648)

    The quotation above shows that Lara won’t forgive her

husband as he is the cause of her child’s death. Her mind

does not work normally, but there is emotion that masteres

her soul. His hatred to Randal almost comes into climax as

she is ready to kill her husband. Fortunately when she is

ready to shoot she hears an explotion close to her place.

Then her attention goes to the explosion. She goes there to

help any victims. It mean Randal is saved.


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