David David  First task Change the by wuzhenguang



   First task: Change the shock options to “all losers”
        o I am using the mouse and I cam clicking the option
        o Popup with all options comes up
        o user clicks on the appropriate option with ease (all losers)
        o then the user clicks done
   Next task: choose a new game Spanish level 2
        o I am using the mouse and I clicked on New Game
        o Now I am going to use the mouse and I click on Spanish MT1 I think
        o And then I use the mouse and click done.
   Final Task, Complete round of gameplay
        o Started on the sign in page
        o Now I use the joystick and click fire
                 Does it three times for three players
        o Now I am putting down the joystick and using the mouse to click continue
        o Next Screen: Pick Icon
                 David
                          K I am fine with that icon so I am going to use the mouse and
                           click start
                               o Nothing happened
                          Okay that didn’t work, I am going to use the mouse I con to
                           click right
                          Now I click start
                               o “that is not what it is then”
                          Now I pick up the joystick and I click fire
                 mark
                          selects an icon (bowl of rice) by moving right with the joystick
                           and pressing fire
                 Naldi
                          presses left with the joystick and hits fire (now he is a panda
                 David
                          Now I use the Mouse and click start
        o Gameplay Screen (with three players)
        o Popup comes up with Move Icon to Anser press fire , press p to pause, q to
             continue (timed, nothing he does happens, but he tried to)
        o Then popup comes up to click to start
                 David
                          I use my jotsick and I click to start
        o Popup of cat comes up
                 David uses the joystick and goes down
                 Mark goes left
                 Naldi goes left
                          Presses fire, nothing happens
                 David
                       After some time, clicks fire on his joystick
                       Mark and naldi lose health, get shocked
      o   Popup comes up with see lesson or continue game
               Goes down on joystick, clicks fire
      o   I just didn’t visualize that there was another step required. I figured just
          moving down was enough
               Explained that we wanted the ability to correct itself
      o   Next round starts
               David
                       Presses right and fire
      o   Mark and Naldi gets shocked
      o   Questions for david
               I was confused at which functionality to use, keyboard,
                       Use an alert with a red circle or something when someone uses
                           the wrong input device
               If I get something wrong, I immediately wanna see what the right
                   answer is, so have the option to select view lesson or continue game

BaoVinh Nguyen
Release Form Signed
 First task
 Kevin
       o Just nods while being read the rules
       o When explaining the joystick, Kevin says “nice”
       o Home Screen
              Moving mouse to options, click
       o Options menu
              “Changing it to what again? All losers….”
              Uhhh..
              Moves mouse to shock options and says click
              Clicks on all losers
              Clicks done
       o Home screen
 Next task, select Spanish lesson
       o Clicks on new game
       o New game screen
              Does it matter which spanish lesson?
              Clicks on Spanish mt1
              Clicks continue
 Task three: complete a round of gameplay
       o Select player screen
              Uses the joystick and presses fire
              Mark presses fire
              Greg presses fire
              Kevin cicks on continue
       o Pick icon screen
                  Kevin – “do I choose for other players?”
                  Click right, changes to panda
                  Clicks right, changes to gun, presses fire
                  Greg presses left, presses fire on a bowl of ric
                  Mark presses fire and accepts happy face
                  K, no more player, Kevin clicks on start
                  Would pressing fire again have done the same thing?
                         If everyone is locked in then yes
                What about if you want to unselect?
                         Yea that works too, it should undoing is better
        o Now gameplay screen
                Popup comes up, timed
                Popup with press fire to start
                         Kevin presses fire
                Cat comes up in the middle with options
                         Mark moves left on joystick
                         Kevin moves left and presses fire, nothing happens
                Greg moves right, fires, nothing happens
                Mark moves up, presses fire
                Everyone else gets shocked, they lose health
        o Popup wit continue game
                Down on joystick, fire
        o Next question, flag with countires comes up
        o Presses fire to start
                Kevin moves left on joystick
                Greg moves up and presses fire
                Kevin presses fire
                Greg presses fire
   So thank you, anything you found confusing?
        o Nope, besides the Spanish
   Anything you liked?
        o I liked that I could use the joystick as well as the mouse, though it wasn’t that
           clear, but id probably figure it out if I had a stick in my hand
   Anything you’d change to make it easier?
        o Nope

 Signs the release form
 Is a complete smartass
 First task, change to all losers
 Home screen
      o I heard you say options so, Clicks on options
 Options screen
      o I click on shock options
                Drop down menu comes
       o Clicks on all users
                 Menu goes away
       o Clicks on done
   Home screen
   Next task, select spanish
       o Clicks on new game
   Choose lesson screen
       o Clicks on Spanish MT1
       o Clicks on continue
   Task 3, play a round of connectrode
   Sign in screen
       o Picks up joysick and presses fire
       o Naldi: fire
       o Greg: fire
       o Alex clicks on continue
   Pick icon screen
       o Uses joystick, moves right to panda
       o Moves right again to bowl of rice
       o Moves right again to a gun
                 That’s pretty cool, ill go to the right again
       o Back to the smiley face
                 Can I see the bear again
                 Goes back to smiley face
       o Just sits waits for something to happen (nothing does, is continue)
       o Clicks start, nothing happens
       o Is frustrated, just clicks start again
       o Clicks fire, with some coaxing
                 Icon becomes selected
                         Should say press fire to select
       o Naldi: presses fire bear
       o Greg: presses fire: bowl of rice
       o Alex, confusingly is like, now start?
                 Clicks start
                 Ah, this is just like street fighter
                         Im always the last user to press fire to confirm, always a couple
                           seconds of delay, cuz im not used to the interface
   Gameplay screen
       o Popup comes up, alex reads it, then it goes away
       o Popup for press fire to start
                 Alex presses fire
       o Cat comes up
                 Alex moves to the right
                         Um, I think its fire?
       o Everyone else gets shocked
       o He moves up in brain power they move down
       o Popup comes up, alex is lik euhhhh,
                Moves down, presses continue game
       o Flag comes up for Germany
                Goes right, presses fire
       o They all get shocked again
   You just complete connectrode
       o Woahhhh
   So what was confusing
       o Not much really, I was confused by that one thing that popped up, had a lot of
   What about the part where we were selecting characters
       o Not really that confusing
   You never though to touch him and lock him in
       o Uhm, I thought by showing him it was enough
       o What if it blinks like in street fighter until you confirm
                Yeahhhhhh
   Easy to do?
       o It was aesthetically pleasing, I liked the spacing around the center
   Would it be useful as a study tool
       o To me it just seemed like a multiple choice question in visual format
       o So its like jeopardy, you kind of buzz in
       o I didn’t have any competition, (yeah you did) oh that’s right, first person to
           move and fire
   Would your curiosity immediately say why did I get that wrong
       o Yeah I would want to know what the right answer is
       o I was confused by “see lesson”
                It should say more info, or answer explination
                It should say “show solution” that’s the best
       o Why the bowl of rice?
                Again, total smartass….
                I think I like zodiac signs more…

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