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SOULBURY by gegeshandong


                  PROCEDURAL GUIDANCE

These procedures apply to those people who are employed under the
conditions of service of the Soulbury Committee.

The Soulbury Committee, in recognition of the contribution Soulbury employees
make to the authority’s role in raising standards in schools, and the promotion of
child development and learning have agreed to the establishment of Structured
Professional Assessment (SPA) which would enable such employees to apply
for up to two additional points over and above the annual pay award.


Those employed by the LEA under the conditions of service of the Soulbury

Officers have the opportunity to apply to their Service Director after four year’s
continuous Soulbury service with one or more Local Education
Authorities. In normal circumstances, this would be after not less than two
years in the current post.

There is discretion for applicants to apply for Level 1 after completing 2 years
service in their current post following consultation and agreement with their line
manager. Level 2 would not normally be awarded until completion of 4 years of
Soulbury service in their current post.

Applying for an Assessment

Application forms are available from Education Human Resources. It is the
responsibility of individual employees to make an application for SPA’s
when they fulfil the eligibility criteria.

Completed SPA application forms should be sent to Education Human
Resources together with supporting evidence which demonstrates how the
assessment criteria has been met. An Assistant Director together with a Senior
Human Resources Officer will undertake an assessment of the application and
make a recommendation to the Corporate Director of Children’s Services.

Should an applicant be seconded to another position or acting up, then the
application will be based on the permanent post being undertaken.

Assessment will be based on evidence offered in support of the criteria covering
Level 1 and Level 2.

As the Structured Professional Assessment is now part of the salary structure,
successful applications will receive payment of the SPA points from the
September, after they have accrued the necessary service. If a point has been
awared as part of the normal increment, the range will be extended by one
point. This is in line with the normal date for Soulbury pay increases.

Employee’s who wish to make an application must make a submission no later
than the 31st December for payments to be effective from September.
Any application received after this date, if successful, the employee will be
awarded the additional points from the following September.

Assessment Criteria

An employee and their line manager should discuss the criteria for SPA
assessment in advance of the employee applying for the assessment. An
appropriate forum for discussion would be the employee’s annual performance
review meeting.

To qualify for either level applicants do not have to provide a portfolio, however,
it is expected that for both levels applicants ensure that they give sufficiently
detailed evidence to allow the assessor(s) to make a fair and fully informed

To be eligible for progression, an applicant must satisfy the Corporate Director
of Education that they meet the following criteria based on the range of duties,
responsibilities and achievements against targets and objectives for the post
they occupy, as identified as the PDR process.

This assessment of the overall contribution will need to take into account the

Level 1

1.     Development – Employees must show that they are fully informed of the
       developments in their area of specialism.

2.     Developing the Service – Employees must make a recognised
       contribution to the policy, planning and meeting of performance targets
       for their authority.

3.     Improving Standards – Employees must make an identified contribution
       to the improvement and evaluation of service delivery across all
       appropriate aspects of the authority’s functions, including a contribution
       to the authority’s targets for improving standards.

4.     Management and Administration – Employees must manage and
       assess resources to provide efficient delivery of service.

5.     Equality of Opportunity – Employees must contribute to the
       development of the authority’s policies in improving access to their
       services and in raising achievement levels for their local communities.

Level 2

To be eligible for progression to Level 2 an applicant’s will need to demonstrate
a significant and sustained contribution to raising standards in schools,
including their contribution to progress towards LEA targets for standards.

Role of the Line Manager

The line manager who overviews the relevant aspects of the individuals work
will be asked to support and comment on the evidence provided by the
employee on their application form.

Assessment Panel

A panel consisting of an Assistant Director and a Senior Human Resources
Officer will determine, on the evidence presented on the application form and
any other supporting evidence to determine whether an employee should be
awarded SPA point(s).

Feedback to Employee

The Assistant Director will notify the employee of the outcome of their
application once the assessment has been completed.

Right of Appeal

An employee who has not been successful has a right of appeal with 10
working days to the Corporate Director of Education, who will appoint a single
review officer usually another Assistant Director whose decision will be final.


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