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									                                                    More about
                                                    Webelos Den Meetings
Cub Scouting is for Boys                                        Cub Scouting has an Advancement Plan
Cub Scouting is for boys, and each boy is different. Cub        The advancement plan recognizes a boy’s efforts and
Scouts come in all sizes, shapes, and colors and from a         achievements. It provides fun for the boys, teaches them
variety of backgrounds. There are no “average” boys. Cub        to do their best, and helps strengthen understanding as
Scouting is easily adaptable to a boy with a physical,          family members work with boys and advancement
mental, or emotional limitation, just as it is adaptable to     requirements. Badges are awarded to recognize
boy who come from low-income, urban or rural areas.             advancement, and boys like to receive and wear these
                                                                badges. The real benefit comes from the worthwhile
Cub Scouting is Fun                                             things the boy learns while he is earning the badges, as his
                                                                self-confidence and self-esteem grow.
Boys join Cub Scouting because they want to have fun.
For boys, however, fun means a lot more that just having
a good time. Fun is a boy’s code word for the satisfaction      Cub Scouting Belong
he gets from meeting challenges, having friends, feeling        Belonging is important to boys. They like to be accepted
good, and feeling he is important to other people. While        as part of a group. In Cub Scouting, boys belong to a
boys are having fun and doing things they like to do, they      small group called a den where they take part in
also learn new things, discover and master new skills,          interesting and meaningful activities with their friends. In
gain self-confidence, and develop strong friendships. Cub       the den they learn sportsmanship, good citizenship, and
Scouting is a positive place where friends and leaders          loyalty. They learn how to get along with others and how
accept and support each boy.                                    to do their best for themselves and their den. Cub Scouts
                                                                also belong to a pack, which is a larger group made up of
                                                                several dens.
Cub Scouting is for Families
There are many different types of family structures in
today’s society. Scouting is a support to all types of          The Cub Scouting Den
families as well as to organizations to which families          A den is a group of six to eight boys within the pack,
belong. We believe in involving families in the training of     usually at the same grade level, that meets several times a
youth, and we are sensitive to the needs of present-day         month between pack meetings. The den organization
families. Cub Scouting provides opportunities for family        allows boys to build relationships with leaders and other
members to work and play together, to have fun together,        boys. The den provides opportunities for activities that
and to get to know each other a little better.                  would be difficult with a large group. The den also
                                                                provides leadership opportunities for the boys.
Cub Scouting Provides Adventure
Cub Scouting helps fulfill a boy’s desire for adventure         More Information
and allows him to use his vivid imagination while taking        This and the following information are brief overviews of
part in skits, games, field trips, service projects, outdoor    the Cub Scout Den and how it is organized. For more
activities, and more. The use of monthly themes lets a boy      detailed information please refer to the Cub Scout Leader
play the role of an astronaut, clown, explorer, scientist, or   Book and the Webelos Leader Guide .
other exciting characters. Boys find adventure in
exploring the outdoors, learning about nature, and gaining
a greater appreciation for our world.
                                           Program Ideas for your
                                           First Month’s Den Meetings
                                           Theme: “Bobcats All”

Every boy in second, third, fourth, or     allowed to do in your home?” As boys         assume the same position, they find they
fifth grade must earn the Bobcat badge     respond, have them agree on their rules      cannot even budge.
first. So, what could be a better first    them on the piece of paper. When they
theme than “Bobcats All”?                  agree on the list, post it at all of your    Guess Who I Am.
                                           den meetings.
The Bobcat requirements include the                                                     The leader starts by saying, “I will answer
fundamentals of Cub Scouting. Keep         Ask, “What should happen if someone          ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to twenty questions while
in mind that Cub Scouts and Webelos        breaks a part of the code?” and let the      you try to find out who I am.” This is a
Scouts should do these requirements        boys discuss this. One possibility is that   good den game that will also keep boys
with their parents at home. The den        the first time he must phone home and        busy and quiet at the pack meeting. With
meeting plans will include practicing      have his parents pick him up                 the help of one leader for each den,
the requirements at the meeting, but       immediately. (If you do this, make           leaders can decide who they will be, and
parents should still approve their         provisions for someone to pick up your       the game can be conducted as a contest to
completion in the boy’s book.              son if necessary.)                           see which den can guess who they are.
                                                                                        Rotate leaders each time.
Cub Scout Den Meeting                      Share the code of conduct with the
                                           parents of your Cub Scouts.                  Magic Knot Trick.
The objectives for this month’s den
meetings are to give every boy the         Some dens use a “Conduct Candle” as          The den leader provides several pieces of
opportunity to earn his first award-       an incentive for good behavior. A large      rope or cord about three feet long. Ask a
Bobcat; to complete den organization,      candle is lit at the start of the den        Cub Scout if he can tie an overhand knot in
get acquainted, and elect boy leaders;     meeting, and stays lit until there is a      the middle of the cord without letting go of
and to give leaders and boys an idea of    behavior problem, or until the end of        either end. He lets the Cub Scout try it, then
how den meetings are conducted.            the meeting. Tell the boys that when         shows him the trick:
                                           the candle burns to the end, there will
A grid on the next page will outline all   be a special den party or field trip.        First he folds his arms over his chest, then
four of the Cub Scout den meetings this                                                 he leans over and picks up each end of the
month. Here are the details.               The Months Den Activities                    cord without unfolding his arms. As he
                                                                                        straightens up, he unfolds his arms-still
Den Code of Conduct                        This month’s openings, closing               holding the ends of the cord- and, presto,
                                           gatherings, and den activities are           there’s the overhand knot!
Boys will respond to and respect rules     designed to be simple and fun, using
                                           materials you might have around your         Clothespin Game.
if they have a part in setting them.
Before your first den meeting, think       house.
                                                                                        Place a wide-mouthed bottle or jar upright
about some of the rules you would like
                                           Gathering Activities                         on the floor. Give each boy, in turn, ten
to have your den follow at meetings.
                                                                                        clothespins. Have him stand over the bottle
Have a large piece of paper or poster
                                           It Can’t Be Done.                            and, holding each clothespin at eye level, try
board and a marking pen ready for the
                                                                                        to drop them into the bottle.
                                           First, the leader says that he can jump
                        Webelos Den Meetings
                        Webelos dens are similar in many ways to Cub Scout dens, but there are a few differences. Webelos
                        Scouts are older, and are looking for something different. These are the parts of a Webelos den meeting:

1. Gathering                                                      4. Preparation
As is the case with Cub Scouts, if Webelos Scouts do not
have something to do, they will find something on their           This is when you can practice for your den’s part in the
own. Tricks, games, puzzles, or practicing the Boy Scout          pack meeting and/or for upcoming projects or activities.
joining requirements should keep them busy.
                                                                  5. Closing
2. Opening
                                                                  Use this time for announcements and a formal end of your
In addition to getting the meeting off to a formal start, this    meeting. A good closing can be the opportunity to get
may be another good time to practice the Boy Scout                some strong messages out to your Webelos Scouts about
joining requirements. After the ceremony, a roll call,            the aims of Scouting – Citizenship training, character
uniform inspection, and collection of dues may be                 building, and personal fitness.
                                                                  5. After the Meeting
3. Activity Badge Fun
                                                                  Den leadership should evaluate the meeting and review
As your Cub Scout Leader Book says, this is the heart of          plans for the next meeting and upcoming events.
the meeting. This is a time for instruction, practice,
games, and contests related to the activity badge you have
chosen for this month. Consider asking a parent who has
knowledge or skill related to your activity badge to help
out as an “activity badge counselor.”

Getting Started
No matter what grade a boy is in when he chooses to join Cub Scouting, he needs to earn an award during this first month as
he starts along the Scouting trail. First-grade boys will begin their adventure in Scouting by earning the Tiger Cub belt totem.
Boys in all other grades will complete the Bobcat requirements, which include learning the fundamentals of Cub Scouting.

The following pages have been designed to take the “guesswork” out of running den meetings your first month. We have
provided you all of the information needed for you to get your den meetings off to a great start and have your boys earn their
first award.

You will need to acquire the appropriate Tiger Cub, Cub Scout or Webelos books in order for you to fully utilize these
materials. Information included:
        Tiger Cubs........................1st months den meeting plans and activities
                                          Objective: Earn the Bobcat Badge
        Wolf, Bear,
        and Webelos Scouts..........1st months den meeting plans and activities
                                          Objective: Earn the Bobcat Badge
 Webelos Scout Den Meetings - 1st Month “Bobcats All”
 Sportsman Activity Badge
 For your first meeting you will need to have the Webelos Leader Guide, Cub Scout Leader Book, Webelos Scout Handbook and
 the How To Book. These items are available through your pack or the Scout Service Center. Review items below to prepare for
 your first month’s den meetings.

First Month                                                                                          Den Activities
Welcome to Webelos (We’ll be Loyal Scouts)           Keep the age and abilities of your Webelos
Scouting! As a new Webelos leader, you and           Scouts in mind, and keep them looking
your Webelos Scouts are probably anxious to          forward to the excitement of Boy Scouting.
get started on the activity badges in the Webelos    Prepare them to become Boy Scouts when the
Scout Book. However, if most or all of the boys      time comes, but don’t make them Boy Scouts
are new to Cub Scouting, they will first need to     too early.
earn the Bobcat rank. The meetings outlined
here are designed to get the den organized, to
help all the boys become Bobcats, and to help
them earn the Sportsman activity badge.                                                              Forehead Squeeze Play

Look over the material in the Cub Scout section      Sportsman Activity Badge                        Activity level: Moderate
on the Den Code of Conduct and the gathering
activities. We will be using these in the                                                            Needed: Large playing area, even number
                                                     Your Webelos Leader Book (page 138) will        of players, several tennis balls or oranges
Webelos den meetings, too.                           have more detailed information about other
                                                     activities and requirements for earning this     The object is for two players in each team to
Activity Badges                                      activity badge.                                  carry a ball or orange across the room and
                                                                                                      back again by holding it between their
Each month the Webelos den program will              Sports are usually high on the list of favorites foreheads. If dropped, start again. When the
feature one of twenty Webelos activity badges.       for Webelos Scout-age boys, so most boys         first pair completes their circuit, the next
For the first month we will work on Sportsman.       will show an instant interest in the Sportsman pair in that team begins. Hand over the ball
                                                     activity badge. Chances are some of them will or orange quickly.
Don’t be afraid of the technical-sounding names      already know enough about the rules.
like Geologist and Engineer. Keep in mind that       Techniques, and scoring of several sports to     (How-To Book, page 3-16)
these badges are designed for fourth and fifth       pass the requirements quickly. But that isn’t
graders, and there are lots of resources to help     enough.
you. Take advantage of them, and if you aren’t
careful, you might have some fun and learn        We’re not as concerned with the athletic skills
something, too!                                   as we are with fitness and good citizenship,
                                                  which help fulfill the purposes of Cub
When you start using Program Helps, you will      Scouting. Your own example will help to
find that there is a pattern involved in earning  achieve these goals. Be sure that the least
the activity badges that leads toward earning the skilled boys get just as much instruction and      Balloon Battle Royal
Webelos badge and the Arrow of Light Award.       encouragement as the best athletes. See that
Keep this pattern in mind when you plan so that the better athletes learn not only to tolerate       Activity level: High
your Webelos Scouts do not miss an activity       more awkward boys but to help them, and that
badge that they need.                             all boys learn to win and lose with grace.         Needed: Any # of players, balloons, string
                                                  Stress the fun of the game, not just the
Webelos-To-Scout Transition                       winning.                                           Arrange Cub Scouts in a large circle, each
                                                                                                     with an inflated balloon tied to his ankle.
If your Webelos Scouts are in the fifth grade (or    To earn this badge, boys must earn Cub Scout On a signal, players try to break all other
are 10 years old) it is not too early to contact a   Sports participation awards for two individual balloons by stomping on them, while not
Boy Scout troop and begin the process of             sports and two team sports. This means that a letting their balloon get broken. When a
preparing your Webelos Scouts to become Boy          variety of opportunities should be available to balloon is broken, that player leaves the
Scouts. Your Cub Scout Leader Book and               them in den meetings.                           game. The game continues until only one
Webelos Scout Program Helps can help with                                                            player is left. Scouts knocked out of the
ideas.                                                                                               game should be encouraged to cheer on
                                                                                                     those still playing.
However, you need to be careful, regardless of
how old the boys are. Some of us who were                                                            (How-To Book, page 3-3)
Boy Scouts tend to do too many “Boy Scout
things” too early.
1st Month Webelos Den Meetings
First Month's Cub Scout Theme: Bobcats All and Sportsman Activity Badge

                      First WeekFirst Week            Second Week                    Third Week                     Fourth Week

BEFORE THE           Review the meeting         Review the meeting             Review the meeting           Review the meeting plans,
MEETING STARTS       plans, set up a den        plans, gather the              plans, gather the            gather the materials and den
                     record book for            materials and den records      materials and den            records, and set up the
                     attendance and dues,       and set up the meeting         records, and set up the      meeting room.
                     and set up the meeting     room.                          meeting room.

                     Have a parent, or the      Play Guess Who I Am.           Play Balloon Battle          Let the boys try their hand at
                     first boy to arrive lead                                  Royal                        the Clothespin Game.
                     the It Can't Be Done
OPENING              Explain the Cub Scout      Have the boys stand in a       Recite the law of the        Ask the denner to lead in the
(Ceremony)           sign. Have the boys give   semicircle, then give the      Pack. Light the Conduct      Law of the Pack. Light the
                     the sign and say the Cub   Cub Scout sign and             Candle. During roll call,    Conduct Candle. Give
                     Scout Promise. Show        repeat the Law of the          have each boy step           recognition to those in
                     the Cub Scout salute,      Pack. Light the Conduct        forward and salute as        uniform.
                     and repeat the Pledge of   Candle.                        his name is called.
                     Allegiance. (Cub Scout
                     Leader Book page 2-3)      Tell the boys about the
                     Introduce the den          pack meeting, and work
                     leaders and den            on a den yell.

ACTIVITY BADGE       Discuss Sportsman          Practice skills of one or      Practice skills of one or    Play another den in a sport or
FUN (Instruction,    requirements. Discuss      more of the sports for the     more of the sports for       practice skills of one or more
practice, games,     the importance of          Sportsman requirements         the Sportsman                of the sports for the
and contests         teamwork and               3 and 4. Review and            requirements 3 and 4         Sportsman requirements 3
related to Webelos   cooperation in sports.     practice official's signals.                                and 4.
skills)              Play Forehead Squeeze      (requirement 1)
                     Relay (How To Book
                     page 3-16)

                     Discuss the meaning of
                     good sportsmanship
                     (requirement 2)

PREPARTION           Discuss and establish      Practice the Cub Scout         Elect the denner and         Prepare a demonstration or
(Making props and    the Den Code of            handshake and work on a        assistant denner by          display for the pack meeting.
equipment; getting   Conduct. Explain and       den yell. (How To Book         secret ballot (Cub Scout     Check with your Cubmaster
set for future       light the Conduct          page 5-11) Discuss a           Leader Book page 20-         for details.
special events)      Candle. Tell what the      name for your den.             7). Then ask the boys to
                     Webelos den will be                                       suggest their den yells.
                     doing at the pack

CLOSING              Remind the boys of up-     After reminders, have the      Close with the boys          Talk about the theme for next
(Announcements,      coming meetings and to     boys form a line and           sitting in a circle as you   month. Ask the assistant
ceremony)            work on their Bobcat re-   repeat the Cub Scout           tell them the meaning of     denner to lead in giving the
                     quirements at home.        Promise, then blow out         the Cub Scout motto.         Cub Scout sign, and then say
                     Form a "Living Circle,"    the Conduct Candle.            Blow out the Conduct         the motto together. Extinguish
                     then blow out the                                         Candle.                      the Conduct Candle.
                     Conduct Candle.

AFTER THE            Put away equipment, put    Put away equipment, put        Put away equipment,          Put away equipment, put
MEETING              records in order, and      records in order, and          put records in order,        records in order, review the
                     review the meeting with    review the meeting with        review the meeting with      meeting with your leadership
                     your leadership team,      your leadership team, and      your leadership team,        team, and assign duties for
                     and assign duties for      assign duties for next         and assign duties for        next week.
                     next week.                 week.                          next week.
                                   The denner supervises cleaning up after the den meeting.
                               For more program ideas, read Boys' Life and Scouting magazines
                                 and attend your district's Monthly Adult Leader Roundtable.
                                                                                                Cub Scout Sports
                                                                         Den Recognition Report
                                       When requesting Cub Scout Sports recognition items, den leaders should enter B
                                       for belt loops and P for pins. Present the den’s recognition report at the next pack lead-
                                       ers’ meeting so that a composite pack request can be made. Awards should be avail-
                                       able for presentation at the next pack meeting.
 Tiger Cubs BSA

                                                                                                                        Sports Belt Loops and Pins                                                                      ennis

Den No.__________Pack No. ________








                                                                                                                                                                                                                  able T



                                                                                                                                            Physical Fitness


                                     Den leader________________________________________ ___________________
                                                                                                Signature                                                         Date
                                             Cub Scout Academics
                                   Den Recognition Report
                          When requesting Cub Scout Academics recognition items, den
                          leaders should enter B for belt loops and P for pins. Present the
                          den’s recognition report at the next pack leaders’ meeting so that a
                          pack request can be compiled. Awards should be available for pre-
 Tiger Cubs BSA           sentation at the next pack meeting.

                                                                                      Academics Belt Loops and Pins

                                                                                                                                                                                 Wildlife Conservation
Den ______________________________






Pack _____________________________


                  Den leader________________________________________ ___________________
                                                Signature                                                                 Date

         p                                                                                                                                          34293A
730176342931                                                                                                                                        ISBN 0-8395-4293-3
                                                                                                                                                    1999 Boy Scouts of America
                                                                                                                                                    10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
This booklet idea came from Heart of America Council.
We have updated it and added a few graphics and the forms for our leaders.

If your Pack can afford PackMaster you might want to purchase this software.
PackMaster is the most powerful and popular Cub Scout pack management
system in America. Developed by experienced Scouters, PackMaster makes
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The next PDF in this packet is one designed by to
make Den Advancement recording easier. This was a Wood Badge ticket item
and was sent to National for evaluation. Other ranks are available at this web

Lastly, I have included a Cub Advancement Trail by
for easy overview of the Advancements in the different Cub ranks.
WEBELOS               CITIZEN ______           Technology group       FORESTER _____
ACTIVITY              (Page 143)                                      (Page 259)
BADGE                 Do This:                 ENGINEER ______        Do five of these:
SCOREBOARDS             1.                     (Page211)                1.
For                   Do all of these:         Do both of these:        2.
___________________     2.                       1.                     3.
AQUANAUT _____          3.                       2.                     4.
(Page 83)               4.                     Do 4 of these:           5.
Do all of these:        5.                       3.                     6.
  1.                    6.                       4.                     7.
  2.                    7.                       5.                     8.
  3.                    8.                       6.                     9.
Any three of these:   Do any two of these:       7.                     10.
  4.                    9.                       8.                   Outdoor group
  5.                    10.                      9.
  6.                    11.                      10.                  GEOLOGIST _____
  7.                    12.                    Community group        (Page 279)
  8.                    13.                                           Do five of these:
Physical skills         14.                    FAMILY                   1.
                        15.                    MEMBER ______            2.
ARTIST ________         16.                    (Page 227 )              3.
(Page 101)              17.                    Do all of these:         4.
Do these:             Community group            1.                     5.
  1.                                             2.                     6.
  2.                  COMMUNICATOR ___           3.                     7.
Do 5 of these:        (Page 165)                 4.                     8.
  3.                  Do any seven of these:     5.                     9.
  4.                    1.                       6.                   Outdoor group
  5.                    2.                     Do any two of these:
  6.                    3.                       7.                   HANDYMAN ____
  7.                    4.                       8.                   (Page 299)
  8.                    5.                       9.                   Do this:
  9.                    6.                       10.                    1.
  10.                   7.                       11.                  Do 6 of these:
  11.                   8.                       12.                    2
Mental skills           9.                       13.                    3.
                        10.                    Community group          4.
ATHLETE ______          11.                                             5.
(Page 123)              12.                    FITNESS _______          6.
Do these two:           13.                    (Page 245)               7.
  1.                    14.                    Do this:                 8.
  2.                    15.                      1.                     9.
  3.                    16.                    Do any six of these:     10.
  4.                  Community group            2.                     11.
  5.                                             3.                     12.
                      CRAFTSMAN ____             4.                     13.
Do any 2 of these:    (Page 197)                 5.                     14.
  6.                  Do all of these:           6.                     15.
  7.                    1.                       7.                     16.
  8.                    2.                       8.                     17.
  9.                    3.                     Physical skills        Technology group
Physical skills         4.
NATURALIST ____         .  12.                          In Puppetry         8.
(Page 317)                13.                      Do #1 and 1of these      9.
Do this::                 14.                      not done for #1:         10.
  1.                      15.                        2.                     11.
Do 5 of these:          Community group              3.                     12.
  2.                                                 4.                     13.
  3.                    SCHOLAR ______               5.                    Mental skills
  4.                    (Page )                      6.
  5.                    Do this:                     7.
  6.                      1.                            In Music
  7.                    Do 3 of these:             Do #1 and 1of these
  8.                      2.                       not done for #1:
  9.                      3.                         8
  10.                     4.                         9.
  11.                     5.                         10.
  12.                     6.                         11
  13.                     7.                         12.
Outdoor group             8.                         13.
                          9.                         14.
OUTDOORSMAN____         And do 3 of these:           15.
(Page 343)                10.                           In Drama
Do 2 of these:            11.                      Do #1 and 1of these
  1.                      12.                      not done for #1:
  2.                      13.                        16.
  3.                    Mental skills                17.
  4.                                                 18.
Do any five of these:   SCIENTIST ______             19.
  5.                    (Page 401)                   20.
  6.                    Do all of these:             21.
  7.                      1.                         22.
  8.                      2.                         23.
  9.                      3.                       Mental skills
  10.                     4.
  11.                   Do any six of these:       SPORTSMAN ____
  12.                     5.                       (Page 455)
Outdoor group             6.                       Do all of these:
                          7.                         1.
READYMAN _____            8.                         2.
(Page 365)                9.                         3.
Do all of these:          10.                        4.
  1.                      11.                      Physical skills
  2.                      12.
  3.                      13.                      TRAVELER ______
  4.                      14.                      (Page 461)
  5.                    Technology group           Do any five of these:
  6.                                                 1.
  7.                    SHOWMAN ______               2.
  8.                    (Page 429)                   3.
Do two of these:        Do one of the following:     4.
  9.                    Puppetry, Music, or          5.
  10.                   Drama                        6.
  11.                     1.                         7.
Arrow of Light 2nd year __________________
Complete #7 Character Connections
4 Activity Badges = Metal Compass point

4 Activity Badges = Metal Compass point

4 Activity Badges = Metal Compass point

4 Activity Badges = Compass Point Emblem

**Webelos Badge ________________
And **Fitness Activity Badge _______________
And **Outdoorsman Activity Badge
1 Activity Badge from other group _____________

            Activity Badges to work from:
  **Bold = Arrow of Light.
Physical Skills: Aquanaut, Athlete, **Fitness and Sportsman
Mental Skills: Artist, Scholar, Showman, and Traveler
Community: **Citizen, Communicator, Family Member, and
Technology: Craftsman, Engineer, Handyman and Scientist
Outdoor: **Forester, Geologist, Naturalist, and
 **                Outdoorsman
                                      Advancement Trail from Tiger to Arrow of Light                                                                                                                                                                     Earned
                                                                 Using BSA Cub books 2003 and the 2006 Tiger edition                                                                                                                                     Activity Pins
                                        3 Achievements=4 Gold Beads                                                                                                                                                                                      are placed on
                                                                                                                                                                           to award the Scout                                                            Webelos Colors
                                       represented by the 4 sets of Wolf prints
                                       (59 tracks through all 12 Achievements)                                                                                             his advancement
                                       This program is during 2nd Grade
                                                                to award the Scout
                                                                                                                                               3 Achievements=4 Red Beads
                                                                his advancement
                                                                                                                                              represented by the 4 sets of
                                                                                                                                              bear prints (81 tracks through
                                            These are awarded after the                                                                       all 12 Achievements)
                                                                                                                                                                                                           If a Bo y jo in s Cub Sc o ut s now

                                                Wolf Badge is earned                                                                          This program is during 3rd Grade

                                                                                        If a Bo y jo i ns C ub Scou ts now
                                                  For the first 10 electives                                                                              These are awarded after the

                                                                                        his f ir s t bad ge w il l b e the Bob c at
  Ceremony                                          a Gold ar r ow is earned                                                                                  Bear Badge is earned
                                                                                                                                                                                                           his frst badge wil l be the Bo b cat badg e

  to award the Scout                              Foreveyr 10 electives                                                                                         For the first 10 e lectives

                                                                                                                                    ba dg e
  his advancement                                      f
                                                     ater ward s aSilver a rrow                                                                                   a Gold ar r ow is earned
                                                       is earned                                                                                                For ever y 10 electives
                                                                                                                                                                                                          There are 8 requirements
                                                                                                                                                                   afterward s a Silve r a rrow
                                                                                                                                                                                                          to earn the Webelos Badge
                                                                                                                                                                     is earned

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              to award the Scout
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              his advancement
to award the Scout                                                                                                                                      Ceremony
his advancement                                                                                                                                         to award the Scout
                                                                                                                                                        his advancement                            There are 4 requirements
                                                                                  There are 6 requirements                                                                                         to earn the Compass Badge
                                  There are 15 Tiger paws achievements            to earn the Arrow of Light
                                  ( 5 white beads for family activities,                                                                                                                          Ceremony
                                  5 orange beads for den activities and           One of them is that a Scout must                                to award the Scout
                                  5 black beads for Go See It activities.         earn the Webelos Badge and a total                              his advancement
 There a re 8 tra ck s to         After the Tiger earns all 15 beads he           of 8 Activity badges that include: Fitne , ss
 comp lete t he B obca t tra il   receives his Tiger patch to put on the          Citizen, Readyman, One from the Outdoor
   If a Boy joins Cub Scouts      back side of his Tiger Cub Belt totem.          group, one from the Mental Skills group, one
   now his first badge will be    The Tiger can earn 1 yellow Tiger track         from the T echnology group, and 2 more of your
   the Bobcat badge.               beads for every 10 electives he completes.     choice                                         For every 4 activity badges earned
                                  This program is during 1st Grade                                                                                                            a Scout earns a metal “compass point” (only 3 total)

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