5th Annual ASCE Golf Tournament

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					                                                    October 2009                                Volume 2 Issue 1
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                                           5th Annual ASCE Golf Tournament
                                           ASCE’s first fundraising event of the 09-10 school
                                           year turned out to be a great success.
                                           Temperatures into the 80’s and clear skies
                                           allowed for great golf all afternoon. 11 teams
                                           competed in a best ball tournament at the Mad
                                           Russian Golf Course in Milliken, CO, but nobody
                                           could keep up with the winning score of 51 shot
                                           by the TST Inc. team.

     INSIDE THIS ISSUE                     Behind TST, Kiewit shot a 56 and Dr. Van De
                                           Lindt’s team came in third with a 58 on the day.
       Golf Tournament
                                           ASCE would like to thank Anderson Consulting,
       Pumpkin Chunkin
                                           Engineering America, Stantec, CTL Thompson,
       Webelos Day                         Applegate Group, Dr. Clark, and Dr. Roesner for
                                           helping make the tournament possible.                Former Webmaster Isaac
       TST visits CSU
                                                                                                Anthony follows through
       Upcoming Events                                                                          with his shot

                                                        Chunkin Contest to support ASCE
                                           Do you like smashing pumpkins? If so, join us at the Northern Colorado
                                           Pumpkin Chunking Competition on October 24th to see the greatest
                                           pumpkin smashing show on the Front Range. CTL Thompson is sponsoring
                                           the Pumpkin Chunkin Competition, and challenges anybody to complete
                                           the tasks they’ve set up. Pumpkin Chunkin consists of launching
                                           pumpkins at targets or as far as possible using pumpkin chunkers (air
                                           cannons, centrifugals, catapults, and trebuchets).
                                           Bring your friends along to participate in mini games or watch the
                                           pumpkin chunkin and develop plans to win next year! Contest will take
                                           place at the Osborn Farm in Loveland, starting at 9 AM. For more details
                                           visit the ASCE website or CTL Thompson

  Join us to help with Webelos Badge Day
  This Halloween, come demonstrate what being an engineer is
  all about and help the Webelos Scouts earn their Engineering
  Badge.    Webelos will complete four different activities,
  including catapult building, west point bridge design, circuits,
  and floor plan.

                                 TST Inc. Discusses Engineering at CSU
                                 Wednesday, September 23rd – TST Inc. Consulting Engineers presented to
                                 CSU engineering students and faculty about the experiences of new
                                 graduate, as well as land development civil engineering.        TST is
                                 comprised of engineers, planners, and landscape architects among others
                                 who specialize in community design and development.
                                 Andrew Gingerich and Steven Humphrey of TST discussed what it was like
                                 for them to enter into the civil engineering field as graduates, and the
                                 common experiences that they shared, and what some of us will
                                 experience in the near future. As recent graduates they discussed how
                                 they had mentors in the company to guide the on their way, and ease
                                 their transition into the professional sector.
                                 It was encouraging to hear what it was like to enter into the field of civil
                                 engineering, something that most of us will be doing in the near future.
                                 To learn more about TST visit their website at www.tstinc.com.

TST landscape design

Upcoming Events
   •   October 2nd – Faculty vs. Student
       Softball Game
   •   October 3rd – Adopt a Trail
   •   October 3rd – Engineering Exploration
   •   October 8th – Northern Colorado
       Branch Meeting
   •   October 24th – FE After Party
   •   October 24th – Pumpkin Chunkin
   •   October 31st – Webelos Badge Day

                               Looking to get involved?
                                       Be sure to check website:

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