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English 4 U & Far East Conversation 7~9
I Listening comprehension 10 %
   <Part A> Choose the best response or reply.
  1. (A) Really? I had no idea she was that sick.
     (B) I agree. Nobody really knows anything about her.
     (C) What makes you say that she is feeling sad?
     (D) I know, she always has big parties at her house.

  2. (A) That’s right. I’m fixing this window today.
     (B) Who said that I’m going to be on television?
     (C) Yes, I’m traveling to Asia to help the poor.
     (D) No, I’ve decided to wear this dress, instead.

  3. (A) I’m glad I took a trip to Japan last year.
     (B) I hate getting out of bed in the morning.
     (C) I feel really bad that I didn’t go to college.
     (D) I always get sick during the winter months.

  4. (A) No, I don’t think it is broken.
     (B) Why do you want to change its shape?
     (C) I don’t think that goes in the trash.
     (D)You can’t change what it’s made of.

<Part B> Short Conversations
  5. (A) Not to tell anyone what happened.
    (B) To keep holding onto the rope.
    (C) Not to fall into the hole by accident.
    (D) To cut the rope into two pieces.

  6. (A) Some sports shoes.
     (B) Some delicious snacks.
     (C) Some toy dolls.
     (D) Some bright stickers.

  7. (A) To leave her alone right now.
     (B) To stop making jokes about her.
     (C) To show her that he loves her.
     (D) To go out on a date with her.

  <Part C> Passage
  8. (A) Job problems.
     (B) Health problems.
     (C) Money troubles.
     (D) School tests.

  9. (A) He has not felt like eating.
     (B) He has been sleeping too much.
     (C) He has stopped exercising.
     (D) He has taken a long trip.

10. (A) Earning as much money as you can.
    (B) Help from family and friends.
    (C) Learning new things about life.
    (D) The medicine your doctor gives you.

II Vocabulary & Phrases 15%
11. My father is such a(n)         of habit—he always has to have a book with him when he takes a bath.
    (A) orbit              (B) galaxy         (C) universe      (D) creature
12. The ward was full of children          with TB. When you enter it, remember to wear a mask, or the virus will be
    passed to you.
    (A) infected            (B) contacted       (C) survived            (D) educated
13. I am very grateful to my           parents for all their efforts to bring me up. But for them, I would have been
    unwanted and uncared for in the orphanage.
    (A) regretful           (B) regrettable     (C) adopted             (D) adoptive
14. Mr. Serkin used to be an           pianist until the age of 40, when he turned professional.
    (A) fierce              (B) amateur         (C) mysterious          (D) alien
15. The defendant is charged with a wide range of             , from theft to murder and drug smuggling.
    (A) lawyers             (B) requests        (C) crimes              (D) platforms
16. The noise of the firecrackers           the birds and the whole flock fluttered away.
    (A) startled            (B) beat            (C) exploded            (D) performed
17. He knocked his             three times down in the first round of the boxing game.
    (A) opponent            (B) chapel          (C) wrapper            (D) clue
18. We            for the delay of the flight and regret any inconvenience it may have caused.
    (A) ignore            (B) manage         (C) benefit         (D) apologize
19. I made a New Year’s ______ to run a Marathon by the end of 2008.
    (A) dedication        (B) resolution     (C) foreigner       (D) tournament
20. Donna may not be a bright girl, but she can’t be so ______ as to believe his ridiculous stories.
    (A) naïve             (B) dense           (C) moody          (D) virtual
21. Jasmine struggled with her ______ before talking to the police about the real cause of her uncle’s tragic death.
    (A) victory           (B) concentration        (C) appetite            (D) conscience
22. The Chinese New Year's Eve reunion dinner traditionally includes fish. The Chinese character 魚 “ yu ” sounds
    like the character 餘 “yu ,” meaning ______.
    (A) abundance          (B) similarity              (D) performance          (D) applause
23. Friends and family gather from distant places to share the joy of this lucky couple’s golden wedding ______.
    (A) anniversary         (B) cheerleader            (C) contest              (D) attendance
24. I used to be the black sheep in the family, but from now on I will try to ______ and at least keep promises that I
   have made.
   (A) brighten up          (B) pay off               (C) look down on          (D) turn over a new leaf
25. When my father see eye to eye on my study plan, he always says “ ______”
    (A)You have two left feet.
    (B)You got to face the music.
    (C) Too many cooks spoil the broth.
    (D) Now you’re talking.

III   Cloze 10%
      Do aliens exist? It is a question we all would like to know an answer     26   . With all of the scientific
studies that    27    on the subject, the sign that extra terrestrial life does exist is very true. But the fact
   28 they do actually visit this small planet is the most improbable idea that has ever been thought of. SETI
scientists once discovered a strange     29     from outer space, but it was gone before it could be studied. Humans
have long tried to send messages to the outer space, but it will take a 30          decades for us to hear a reply from
them. So, do aliens really exist? Let’s wait and “listen.”
26. (A) with                   (B) from              (C) to                      (D) by
27. (A) have been done         (B) have done         (C) have been doing         (D) had been done
28. (A) of                     (B) that              (C) which                   (D) why
29. (A) sign                   (B) signature         (C) signal                  (D) significance
30. (A) an amount of           (B) plenty            (C) the number of           (D) a few

     Stress is a natural part of everyday life and there is no way to avoid it.   31 , it is not the bad thing as it is
often supposed to be. A certain amount of stress is important to provide motivation. It is only when the stress gets out
of control     32    it can lead to poor performance and ill health.
      The amount of stress a person can stand depends very much on the individual. Some people are not afraid of
stress and such personal qualities are obviously important to managers.    33     lose heart at the first sign of unusual
difficulties. When exposed to stress, we react both chemically and physically. Actually, we make a choice between
“flight or fight.” In early days the choices made the difference between life or death. The crises we meet today are
__34 to be so extreme, but however little the stress is, it involves the same response. When such a reaction lasts
long, health becomes endangered.        35    we cannot remove stress from our lives (it would be unwise to do so even
if we could), we need to find ways to deal with it.
31. (A) For example             (B) In fact             (C) Unfortunately       (D) Even worse
32. (A) and                     (B) so                  (C) that                (D) but
33. (A) Some of them            (B) People who          (C) Others              (D) They
34. (A) unlikely                (B) probably            (C) absolutely          (D) about
35. (A) Unless                  (B) Until               (C) Even                (D) Since

Far East L 9 ~ L 12
I Grammar 8%
36. Every day I spend some time exercising _____ keep fit.
    (A) so as to                (B) in order            (C) so that               (D) with a view to
37. This person is definitely _____.
    (A) too special to spend time                (B) special enough to spend time with him
    (C) special enough spending time with       (D) special enough to spend time with
38. Tom was severely injured in that accident. Luckily, he left the hospital with all his wounds ______.
  (A) healed                     (B) to heal             (C) heal                    (D) of healing
39. Usama Bin Laden has been one of America’s ______ criminals since the September 11 terrorist attack
  (A) most-adored               (B) most-adoring         (C) most-wanted             (D) most-wanting
40. When I visited Mary, I found her windows ______ but the door wide ______.
  (A) closing / opening           (B) close / opening    (C) closed / open            (D) close / open
41. I need to find a secret room ______ no one can interrupt my work.
  (A) , where                   (B) which              (C) on which                 (D) in which
42. Both of the actresses are good. ______ wins the role of Juliet, she will play it well.
  (A) Whoever                   (B) Whichever          (C) Whatever                  (D) However
43. The girl keeps looking at her watch impatiently. She looks ______ the person she’s waiting for is late.
    (A) even if                 (B) only if            (C) as if                     (D) what if

III    Cloze 20 %
      In a word, people procrastinate when they put off things that they should be focusing on right now. Usually they
__44 do something more enjoyable than get on with what they’re supposed to do. Procrastinators work as many
hours in the day as other people (and often work longer hours) but they     45    their time in the wrong tasks. There
are several causes for procrastination. Sometimes this is simply because they don’t     46 the difference between
urgent tasks and important tasks, and jump straight into doing something important that isn’t actually urgent.
        47    common cause of procrastination is feeling overwhelmed by the task. They may not know where to
begin. Or they may doubt that they have the skills or resources they think they need. So they seek comfort in doing
tasks they know they’re capable of completing.     48 , the big task isn’t going to go away — truly important tasks
rarely do.

44. (A) prefer            (B) would rather          (C) are in favor of       (D) choose to
45. (A) abuse             (B) spend                 (C) reveal                (D) avoid
46. (A) recognize         (B) treasure              (C) achieve               (D) imagine
47. (A) Other             (B) The other             (C) The others            (D) Another
48. (A) Unfortunately     (B) Suddenly              (C) Patiently             (D) Completely

     Little Penguins,     49     blue grey backs and white fronts, are the smallest of all the penguins in the world. They
usually stand 35 to 40 centimeters tall and weigh typically around 1 kilogram with annual variations of        50    200
    Little penguins dig out long (0.5 m) burrows as nests. Two eggs are normally __51__ and often two chicks are
raised. Incubation    52     33 to 39 days with both parents sharing in shifts of 1 to 3 days. Chicks are guarded by one
parent while 53        is collecting food for 30 days.
49. (A) on                   (B) by                 (C) with                   (D) onto
50. (A) up                   (B) beneath            (C) out of                  (D) up to
51. (A) laid                 (B) lay                 (C) lain                    (D) lied
52. (A) expands               (B) values             (C) hatches                 (D) takes
53. (A) another                (B) others             (C) the other               (D) the others

      Sue and Joanna rent an apartment together to share expenses. In November, Joanna becomes ill with pneumonia.
As her illness lingers, she turns frail and loses hope of    54 . Outside her window is an old ivy vine with only a few
leaves remaining. Joanna has become so disheartened         55     she convinces herself that when the last leaf falls off
the vine, she will die. Sue is worried and reveals her fears to Mr. Behrman, a grizzled, unsuccessful artist who dreams
of one day painting a masterpiece. Mr. Behrman finds only one leaf         56     to its stem. He cannot but feel worried
that it will eventually fall victim to the wind and rain. The next morning the last leaf is still there, which causes Joanna
to think that fate made the leaf stay on the vine so that she would not die. With this change in attitude, Joanna
gradually gets well. However, Mr. Behrman becomes ill and quickly 57               pneumonia. Later that day, Sue
discovers how Mr. Behrman became ill. On the stormy night           58    the last leaf was about to fall, Mr. Behrman
took a ladder, climbed the wall, and painted a true masterpiece--a picture of the last leaf on the brick wall.

54. (A) recovering             (B) returning        (C) counting              (D) creating
55. (A) then                   (B) that             (C) even                  (D) thus
56. (A) clung                  (B) to cling         (C) cling                 (D) clinging
57. (A) lets go of             (B) complains of     (C) dies of               (D) loses control of
58. (A) where                  (B) when             (C) how                   (D) which

     Lantern Festival takes place on the fifteenth day of the first moon. Last in a series of springtime 59 , this
"second New Year" is widely celebrated all around Taiwan. On the night of the festival, decorative lanterns of

different themes are carried by children.    60   more attention to these glowing works of art, competitions are held.
The Taipei Lantern Festival is the largest and most famous one.
     The night sky on Lantern Festival is also lit up by the Tainan Yenshui Fireworks Display and Taipei Pinghsi Sky
Lanterns. The atmosphere up north in Pinghsi is beautiful and peaceful.      61     sky lanterns has been a sign of peace
in history. What’s more, people may write some prayers on lanterns, and as they watch thousands of sky lanterns
carrying wishful messages,      62 up toward the heavens, they cannot but have a feeling of peace and thankfulness.
The mood down south in Yenshui,          63 , is completely different! Many people come to the festival fully prepared
for danger and they get their thrills from running, jumping, and screaming in the rain of missiles.
59. (A) fashions                     (B) scenes               (C) means                      (D) festivities
60. (A) Drawing                      (B) Drawn                (C) Draw                       (D) To draw
61. (A) Launching                    (B) Shooting             (C) Organizing                 (D) Setting up
62. (A) floating                     (B) floated              (C) have floated               (D) to float
63. (A) for better or for worse      (B) as a result          (C) on the other hand          (D) in all directions

IV Reading Comprehension            16%
     An old king sat on his throne with his face creased in worry. His troops were battling a nearby kingdom and
bandits roamed his lands. The messenger had just informed him that his mother was very ill on the deathbed. After
some thought, he called six of his guards and his bard to his chamber.
     "As you may already know, the Queen Mother is near death in the castle of her ancestors. I wish to see her once
more before she leaves us. Since we cannot risk taking too many of our guards from the castle, I feel that the eight of
us should go in disguise."
     "Yes, Sire."
     The next day they started out. As they set up camp for the evening, they were surrounded by bandits. There were
twenty of them. The bard realized that the guards were outnumbered. In a loud voice he addressed them.
     "Say, my friends! Have any of you heard of the tale of the great thief Catchnot?"
     The leader looked suspiciously at the bard. "What do you know about Catchnot?"
     "Only that he is the most clever and skillful thief in the world," purred the bard. He started to tell the bandits
how Catchnot stole a fortune from a lord who was not worthy of it. After that tale, he told about the tinker's tools and
the story of the warrior and the jeweled mask. He then sang a song of love so sweetly that every bandit was wiping the
tears from their face. He then told them about the gems of Orion. After the tale of the wishing stone, the bandit leader
announced that they would let the party go unharassed.
     "You have given us something more valuable than gold tonight, bard. If you wish to pass this way again, then
sing and we shall know by your voice that it is you."
     So he did on the way home. It took six songs before the bandits showed up and again pledge them safe conduct.
When they returned to the castle, the king called the bard to him.
     "Because of your skill and bravery, I bestow upon you these jewels:
                   One white diamond for your crystal voice,
                   Seven pink diamonds for the lives you saved,
                   Five light sapphires for the stories you told,
                   And seven amythests for the songs you sang."

64. Which of the following is NOT the reason that the king gave the bard jewels?
    (A) He saved the life of the king’s ill mother.
    (B) He rid the king of danger with his bravery.
    (C) He dealt with the crisis very well with his skill.
    (D) He moved the fierce bandits into tears by telling touching stories.
65. Which of the following match between the number and its related fact is INCORRECT?
    (A) 20 / the number of the bandits surrounding the king
    (B) 6 / the king’s group going back home

   (C) 20 / the jewels the bard received from the king
   (D) 6 / the king’s guards escorting him back home
66. Why didn’t the bandits rob the king of anything?
    (A) Because the bard gave them a lot of jewelry as souvenirs.
    (B) Because they were moved by the skill and bravery of the king.
    (C) Because they listened to the bard telling a series of stories.
    (D) Because the king sang many a heavenly melody.
67. Which statement is TRUE about the whole story?
    (A) The leader of the bandits Catchnot stole many valuable jewels from the king.
    (B) It was the bard’s wit and courage that saved the king from the bandits’ hands.
    (C) The number of the king’s guards escorting him was a lot more than that of the bandits.
    (D) That the king’s wife was about to pass away made the king eager to see her.

     With the rising number of vehicles and the limited parking spaces, city traffic has become a serious problem.
     More cars are produced every year and the streets are getting more and more crowded. So during rush hours,
when people are going to or from their work, traffic is brought to a standstill. It has been suggested that people should
share their cars and give each other lifts. So each car would carry four or five people instead of only one. This carpool
project is a good idea; however, so far nobody has been able to think of a way to make people do so.
      Roadside parking can be one of the solutions to traffic problems. When you park at a meter along the road, you
must put a coin in the slot. This pays for a certain amount of time. The meter records this and it shows the time that
you have paid for is finished. If the car is still there then, you have to pay a fine. Traffic wardens look after the meters.
If a meter shows “TIME EXPIRED”, the motorist who has left his car there will be fined. Of course, the traffic
warden cannot wait for the owner of the car there to be fined. It is impossible to wait for the owner of the car to return
so the traffic warden carries a pile of paper, and on one of these he writes down all the details, such as the number of
the car, where it is parked, how much the driver must pay and where he must send the money. He leaves this form on
the car where the driver will be able to see it easily. When the driver comes back, he gets an unpleasant surprise. The
ticket can be a reminder. Next time, he’d better watch out for the expiry time.

68. The suggestion that people should share their car has not been accepted because ______.
    (A) it is not useful enough
    (B) drivers don’t like it
    (C) it is difficult to carry out
    (D) most people are against it
69. In order to solve the traffic problem, ______ are needed.
    (A) more parking meters
    (B) high speed cars
    (C) cars with more people
    (D) more traffic wardens
70. Traffic wardens ______.
    (A) usually get the fined money at once
    (B) always give people an unexpected surprise
   (C) always wait for the owners of the cars to find them
   (D) leave the forms to the drivers where it is easy for them to find
71. This passage is NOT concerned about ______ ?
    (A) the parking policy
    (B) the expiry date of the driver’s license
    (C) the carpool project
    (D) traffic wardens’ job

                                                 班級                    座號                     姓名

以下人工閱卷                  整張試卷交回
I Vocabulary 9%
1. If you accidentally d______e a file, you can still find it in the Recycle Bin.
2. Being a senior high school student, striking a b______e between schoolwork and extracurricular activities is
3. How long is China’s Great Wall ? A geographical survey will be launched to solve the 500-year-old m_____y.
4. One of the important tasks for psychologists is to observe b______r. How people act says a lot about who they are.
5. Copycats are annoying. Why don’t you just be yourself and stop i______ting others?
6. Politics f______ted my uncle. Whenever he gave his opinion on political issues, he got very excited.
7. According to witnesses of Rwanda genocide, there are dead bodies everywhere on the street, which was a truly
   d______l scene.
8. Two hundred people showed up for the wedding, about 50 more than we o______ly planned.
9. The idea of studying abroad really a______ls to me. I’ve made up my mind to master English and saved all my
    allowances to realize this dream.

1. ___________________________         2.____________________________           3.____________________________

4. ___________________________         5.____________________________           6.____________________________

7. ___________________________         8.____________________________           9.____________________________

II Translation 12%
1. 每天晚上時間銀行把你沒能妥善投資的時間刪除。
    Every night Bank of Time writes off whatever of the time you have
    (f)____________________________________________________ purpose.

2. 要了解一個月的價值,問一個生了早產兒的媽媽。
    To realize the value of one month, ask a mother who

3. 當我突然發現一個梯子蹦出魔術師的箱子時,我尖叫了一聲。
    I let out a scream when I ________________________________________________
    out of the magician’s box.

4. 雖然風吹得厲害,仍有一片孤伶伶的葉子倚靠著那邊的牆而佇立。
   Though the wind had blown hard, there yet
   s____________________________________________________________leaf .

5. 許多人戴著頭盔、面罩,穿著厚重衣物以保護自己不要被鞭炮射傷。
   Many people join in the Yenshui Fireworks Display with helmets, face masks, and heavy clothing
   ______________________________________________________ being hurt by the firecrackers.

6. 儘管全副武裝,他們的頭髮終究還是著火了。
   Despite that they are fully prepared for danger, their hair still

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