The Waiora Scam--is It Bogus

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					The Waiora Scam--is It Bogus

Waiora was started in 2004 by Stan Cherelstein and Eddie Stone. Their company literature claims that
current management has more than 130 years of ex;perience in the "direct selling and healthy-living

My objective is not to form a judgment for or against this company, its management,or products. Rather, its
to offer information to people who have heard about a Waiora scam, and are looking for a dependable home

Waiora's brochure states: "We are the only company that provides more than 150 life-essential nutrients in a
'one shot a day' product (EDN) - providing 100 percent of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of the
vitamins and minerals that are critical to health. We are the only ones with an activated, liquid zeolite
product (NCD) that detoxifies the body - eliminating the toxins and chemicals that we are exposed to every
day and have been exposed to for our entire lives. And, we're the only company that has a patented Agaricus
Blazei hybrid mushroom--a revolutionary immune enhancer (Agari Gold) that is so potent it's being studied
by the National Institutes of Health."

Is there a Waiora scam? Let's look at three areas in question: 1) products, 2) scientific research, and 3)

Waiora Scam Question #1 : Products

Waiora's management and distributors rave about the products. Not everyone agrees. Penny-stock advisor--
Timothy Sykes--writes, "If anyone is still interested in the MLM-zeolite-Waiora scam perpetrated by
Waiora and their volcanic wonder-supplement scam called NCD, take note that Lifelink Pharmaceuticals
Inc. who holds Dr Harvey Kauffman's patent on the Zeolite product, is currently suing Waiora (and its
phony scientist and chief plagiarist Dietsch) for patent infringement."* (2009 Note: This lawsuit may have
been settled.) .

Jonathan Treasure writes: "Let us be clear here. In relation to cancer, zeolite belongs in the same category as
mangosteen, juice plus, noni, and all the other fad products that are marketed largely on the basis of
financially interested 'distributors' who have no clinical, scientific, or natural product training or expertise
but who have vested interest in product promotion. These are not proven therapeutic agents - period." He
also wrote: "the main real world use of the stuff is as a cheap throw away substitute for activated charcoal in
removing toxic metals from industrial waste water in third world countries that cannot afford the superior
efficacy of charcoal due to its expensive recycling costs. The main ingredients are inorganic (it is ground up
volcanic ash) principally aluminum and silicon; both these elements are associated with significant toxicity
in humans. Feb 24, 2006. )**.

Waiora Scam Question #2: Research
"Author Jake Reimer ruthlessly debunks the credentials of Rik Dietsch, Waiora's so-called chief scientific
advisor who authored the 'Scientific Research Document.' But particularly amusing is a neat pdf file from
Reimer showing Dietsch's document side-by-side with abstracts of articles which he literally cut and pasted
to 'write' his article." (May 14, 2007)**

Author Jonathan Treasure says: "Dietsch is apparently a chemistry graduate who is described as an "adjunct
professor" at Atlantic Florida University in the dept of continuing business education. Not according to that
university's web site, where there is no trace of him. Maybe the downliner zealots should look into this
obvious facade of pseudo-scientific respectability and Mr Dietsch's credentials before they push their MLM
product and make anticancer claims based on these phony "authorities" and their junk white papers with
fabricated study claims about cancer cures."**

Waiora Scam Question #3: Management

Waiora company literature states:

"You wouldn't ask a plumber to fix your electrical wiring. Yet some companies use that same logic with
their management teams - bringing in executives from unrelated industries to run their network marketing
operations. Not at Waiora. Our executive and management team is skilled where it counts - in running a
profitable, debt-free, operation that is rewarding and secure for our distributors. With combined experience
of over 130 years in successful network marketing, we are a team driven and dedicated to help you be
successful. When you join Waiora, you aren't just joining a company - you're becoming part of our family."

Stock adviser Timothy Sykes counters:

"Good 'ole Stan Cherelstein is president & CEO of the MLM Waiora and has a rather colorful past full of
embezzlement charges & FTC false advertising. He was controller for Phar-Mor during a period when the
company embezzled hundreds of millions of dollars, and was subsequently sued by investors."*

Nov 8, 1994.)

"The story of Phar-Mor is a tale of fraud, one of the largest in American corporate history, but it's also a
modern morality play in which previously honest people, hired more or less at random, sustained the fraud
for years."***

Stan Cherelstein was the Controller for Phar-Mor during that time. When interviewed by FRONTLINE, he
said, "We had cabinets stuffed with held checks at the company that had been generated out of the accounts
payable system, but we couldn't mail them because if we mailed them, the checks would have bounced. So
they kept accumulating and accumulating." ***
Is there a Waiora scam? Your family's future may be impacted by your conclusion. Please do your own
research before investing time and money in any new business. I certainly have. After much research, I
found a business that worked out perfectly for me. I wish the same for you.

*Timothy Sykes Online: October, 2009
**Herblog. Author Jonathan Treasure March, 2006
***FRONTLINE: Nov 8, 1994. "Since 1983, FRONTLINE has served as American public television's
flagship public affairs series."

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