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Hello Everybody,

This could be the profit opportunity of a lifetime. I'm not talking about a quick double or triple... I'm talking
about a staggering 13-fold leap in the value of your shares driven by a perfect storm of profit-producing

Liquid black gold.

Put Appalachian oil in the mix too.

Many investors don't realize that thanks to advanced drilling and well management technologies, huge
reserves of Appalachian oil and natural gas remain to be recovered. The numbers are enormous...

4.8 billion barrels of oil and up to 96 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

These are reserve estimates that with current technology can be recovered from Appalachian oil and gas
fields. It's as much recoverable reserves as has been produced from this region over that last 90+ years.

Americas Energy Company proves the point.

On September 22, Americas Energy Company announced the first results coming off its 1,700 acre
Kentucky oilfield.

This is an area that has been well explored with a substantial body of data showing where and how much oil
is yet to be produced. Many of these sites are ready to produce economically for the first time in years.

Americas Energy Company is making that happen.

Improvements in the first of five existing wells on the Americas Energy Company field produced
exceptional results. Oil production was ramped up to as much as 40 barrels per day, with stable production
rates of up to 20 barrels a day.

With plans in place for an additional 95 wells on the property, Americas Energy Company could achieve
well production totals from this field approaching 730,000 barrels a year.

That's $58.4 million cash flow at today's prices.
You can double that with oil prices I see on the horizon.

Buy AENY immediately. The sooner you load up on AENY the better.

If you haven't already gone to your broker, let me recap. Here are six compelling reasons that AENY should
be in your portfolio immediately.

Americas Energy Company is coming out of the gate with world class resources. Following the company
business plan, Americas Energy Company will have locked up $22.5 billion in coal with production
underway. The cherry on top is 1,700 acres of proven oil production that could add tens of millions to the
company's annual cash flow.

Investors are pouring into coal stocks. This year, coal shares have out-profited oil, natural gas, and
alternative energy by threefold. Of all the energy investments out there, coal is consistently bringing home
the greatest profits.

The largest coal companies in the world are Americas Energy Company neighbors. Location is everything
and Americas Energy Company is located in the most sought-after coal-producing region of the country.
This is a giant in the making that could soon become one of the leading producers in the region.

Appalachia is the leading source of U.S. coal exports. U.S. demand for coal is rising, but global demand is
soaring. Not only does Appalachia hold the highest quality coal in the world, it is the "go-to" source for coal
importing countries worldwide.

Coal prices along with all energy prices are ready to skyrocket. Last year, Appalachian coal sold for over
$140 a ton, more than double what it's selling for today. Now that the global recession is winding down and
demand increasing, energy prices will soar again. For companies like Americas Energy Company, those
price jumps can go straight to the bottom line.
Cohen Independent Research Group issued a "Buy" rating on AENY.On Friday, Nov 6, 2009, Wall Street's
#1 Independent research firm released this 32-page report on Americas Energy Company.

Here's your bonus reason to invest in AENY. I have a stellar record for finding opportunities ready to
explode in value, making tons of money for readers who follow my picks.

Just start, DON'T WAIT - Invest in AENY today. A company with fundamentals as rich as this does not
escape the attention of investors searching for their next big wins. I expect Wall Street to be all over this
once Americas Energy Company starts making real progress on their production and profit picture.

What's more, I'm not the only analyst to have spotted Americas Energy. I strongly recommend that you
make your move now, while the share prices are so low and hold on to your shares for at least 12 months.
The serious profits... like the 13-fold gain I'm forecasting on the horizon, could be made if you act on AENY

Have a great holiday!

Best Penny Stocks

Hello Everybody,

My first stock pick includes BGEM. Here is why.

BGEM saw gains a little over 14% today with heavy volume yet again.

Volume today was almost 7 million!

BGEM traded almost $4 million today!


BGEM could keep on seeing volume like this considering that the Company received a long-term target
price of $1.01 yesterday by Grass Roots Research and Distribution, Inc.!

BGEM released two more PRS today about adding more products to sell.

BGEM has added one of the top selling bottled waters in the Southeast US, Zephyrhills Water, to its roster
of brands available through its direct store distribution network in South Florida!

"Zephyrhills is a tremendous brand and a hot seller so we are thrilled to be selling it to our network of
independent stores," says BGEM Sales Head Bob Friedopfer.

"In order to continue to fill the South Florida demand at convenience stores and gas stations, and bring the
finest products to our customers, we're proud to be distributing the Nestle Water products, in particular the
highly popular Zephyrhills brand," he continued.

BGEM has also added the full line of Organic Juices from the Apple Rush Company of Illinois.

BGEM Head of Sales Bob Friedopfer commented, "The Organic beverage sales are expected to approach $
2 billion in the US in 2010. We plan on building our organic offerings in South Florida by bring the finest
products to our customers and we're proud to be distributing Apple Rush products."
BGEM will begin carrying and selling Zephyrhills and Apple Rush by January 1st!

With so many PRS coming out this week, I think BGEM could keep accumulating heavy volume for awhile.

Investors are considering BGEM a golden opportunity!

Earlier this week BGEM announced that they have begun the distribution of Title into Publix Supermarkets
in South Florida.

Publix is the largest and fastest-growing
employee-owned supermarket chain in the United States!!!

BGEM also announced this week that giant pharmacy chain Walgreens has had brisk orders of Title and that
re-orders have been submitted to restock the shelves of over 250 South Florida Walgreens stores!!

There's a lot more to look forward to with BGEM. There is no telling how big BGEM could be in the near

BGEM is most recognized currently for being the distribution company for Title Sports Drink, which is
making great noise in the sports world today.

The exciting partnership between both entities will include a spectacular array of activities and commence
with a star-studded exclusive event Wednesday, February 3, 2010 hosted by eleven-time Pro Bowl and
Super Bowl MVP Ray Lewis!

Imagine a drink that could bump Gatorade from the spotlight!!!

Title Sports Drink is scientifically established to have more electrolytes than Gatorade and more energy
naturally than any drink on the market today!!

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