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									The Uniting Church in Australia



                  Uniting Church in Australia
                  BOWRAL – KANGALOON
      Churches: Bendooley Street, Bowral
                        Kangaloon Rd., Kangaloon
      Church Office: 28 Bendooley St. Bowral
            Phone: 4862.1350       Fax: 4862 2709
Minister: Rev Bob Thomas
            Phone: 4883 7687 (H), Mobile 0428 621 350
Church Council Chairperson:         Sharon Hoogland 4871 1583
Secretary of Church Council:        Barry Roberts   4862 4511
Treasurer:                          Barry Wilson    4861 4472
Assistant Treasurer:                Jon Hoogland    4871 1583
Congregational Chairperson:         Pat Lynch       4861 5480
Secretary of the Congregation:      Barry Roberts   4862 4511
Convener of Elders:                 Jim Layton      4862 4623
      Deputy Convenor               Frances Manton 4871 1897
Property Officer: Bowral:           Ric Hinde       4872 4487
                    Bookings:       Arthur Alcorn   4861 2751
                  Kangaloon:        Stan Schofield  4888 2208

Fellowship Group informal gatherings as advertised 1st Thursdays
    Frances Manton 4871 1897          Ruth Menzel        4872 1942
Men’s Breakfast is held quarterly on a Saturday in the Gallery:
    Lloyd Vidler 4861 1890, Jim Osborne 4861 3690,
                        or David Manton 4871 1897
Pieces and Yarns meets in the Gallery every Tuesday at 10.00 am
                               Jean Herring        4861 3462
Men’s Coffee Morning 10 – 11am 1 Tuesday of month in the
       Grand Atrium, Bong Bong St.      Lloyd Vidler 4861 1897
In Stitches on Saturday meets in the Gallery on the 4th Saturday each
   Month, 10.0am – 4.00pm; and 5th Saturdays in March and May
                        Jan Hamilton         4872 3048
Bible Study Group Tuesdays at 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm
             Anne Kingdom      4861 4979
Wednesday Reflections meets Wednesdays at 10.00 am till 12 noon
    Hazel Bunker 4861 1352            Una Vidler         4861 1890
The Men’s Shed is open each Tues., & Thursday from 8.30am to
    2.00 pm        Coordinator: Jeanette Frangoff        4862 5285

Address:                Level 3. 222 Pitt St. Sydney NSW 2000
Electronic BSB No.: 704-951                   Electronic Account No.: 10003401

WORSHIP AT                    BOWRAL               AND            KANGALOON UNITING
All services will be led by Rev Bob Thomas, except 20th September when Rev Keith Garner visits Bowral
Sept 6th         BOWRAL:     9.00 am Morning Service
                 KANGALOON: 11.00 am Holy Communion

Sept 13th        BOWRAL:               9.00 am Holy Communion
                                          and “Sunday Live” (Kids’ Church)

Sept 20th        BOWRAL:               9.00 am Morning Service: Rev Keith Garner
                                          Superintendent Minister: Wesley Mission, Sydney.

Sept 27th        BOWRAL:               8.00 am Holy Communion
                                       9.00 am Morning Service

Oct 4th          BOWRAL:    9.00am Morning Service
                 KANGALOON 11.00am Morning Service

Oct 11th         BOWRAL                9.00am Holy Communion
                                          and “Sunday Live” (Kid’s Church)

Oct 18th         BOWRAL               9.00am     Morning Service: Preacher: Rev Lloyd Vidler.
                                                  The 50th Anniversary of Lloyd’s Ordination

Oct 25th         BOWRAL               8.00am     Holy Communion
                                      9.00am     Morning Service

Every Sunday at Bowral:          7.00 pm       Worship/Discussion

Every Thursday at Bowral          9.30 am Café Church in the Gallery
                                   (Includes morning tea/coffee)
Each Sunday an Elder leads in the beginning of Worship, and the Readings for the day are read by
one or more members of the congregation. Morning Tea/Coffee follows the morning service, and a time for fellowship
and catching up with friends..
Sunday afternoon Communion Service provides for seniors, but is open to all.

     After Church discussion………………………………..2nd Sunday of the month

   After worship each Sunday there is a coffee or tea in the Gallery, adjacent to the Church.
   When everyone has their cuppa…. on the 2nd Sunday of the month, Rev Bob Thomas will be
   leading a discussion in the Fellowship Room on issues for our faith in the 21st century, as the
   paradigm shift requires us to rethink some of the major issues for our faith.

   September 13th:        “Can Jesus be both Saviour and Model”

     See “Bob’s Eye View”…. next page.

A BOB’S-EYE VIEW:                Shaking the World
350 smiling people with hands raised, all particularly proud to be residents of
Bundanoon; this was the scene at the public meeting on Wednesday, 8 July, when
the vote was taken to make Bundanoon a bottled-water free town, and the smiles
have not stopped.
I write of this here for two reasons. First, as part of my own ministry in the community, I was one of the initiating
people that brought this action to birth; and second, because it illustrates the potential embodied in a mere handful of
ordinary people when they dare to take an ideal and turn it into a reality that makes a difference in the world.
The church began with a handful of such people, driven by an ideal that inspired them into action, which consequently
reshaped their world. I doubt that few, if any, of those early apostles had a real sense of what they had accomplished,
and certainly none of them would have had any idea that they were creating one of the great religious movements in
human history. They were simply pursuing their ideal in faith, believing that it was the right thing to do.
The Bundy-on-Tap group in Bundanoon was more fortunate than the early church, in that the modern world-wide media
provides almost instantaneous feedback by which to evaluate actions. Although the people who brought the idea of a
bottled-water free town to reality anticipated wide media exposure, given that no other town in Australia, or possibly
even in the whole world, had done this, no one was prepared for the explosion of interest that followed.
In every corner of the world, even in Antarctica, people responded to the story of an heroic small community taking on
the might of the bottling industry for the sake of the environment, and making a moral stand against one of the biggest
marketing con jobs ever perpetrated. But for me and for many others, the real story – the one that will have its effect
long after bottled water has disappeared – is about the community spirit which, although present previously, has been
enhanced to the degree that people rejoice in being residents of Bundanoon, and share this joy with one another in the
street, in the cafes, at the pub and at the club.
I bring this to your attention because Bundanoon reminds the church of its own beginnings; how a small group of
people, gathering around a table, sharing an ideal, changed not only their own community, but shook the world and
changed history. The realization that God’s Spirit is still actively creating, and recreating, gives hope and impetus to
others to dare to give their ideals free reign, so that they may attract people who want a better community, a better
world, and are searching for a way to become involved.

                                         Shifting Paradigms
Theologian Marcus Borg helps us to understand the reason for the occasional disagreements over religion by using the
notion of changing paradigms. A paradigm is set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way
of viewing reality for the community that shares them, especially in an intellectual discipline. It is like a set of clean
spectacles, through which we view the world and gain an understanding of it. I emphasise the cleanliness of these
glasses, because paradigms are not usually visible to us.
Human knowledge and understanding evolves with time, and at intervals, when knowledge and understanding increase
to the point where they can no longer be totally grasped through the old specs, a new paradigm emerges. People
viewing through the “new glasses” see things in a different way than people using the old ones; hence, it is possible for
two people to be focused on the same reality, yet describe it in quite different ways.
This, suggests Borg, is what has happened in Christianity. The traditional paradigm is still very common, but a new
paradigm is emerging which casts the old, old story in new words, new ideas and new beliefs. It sometimes seems to
people using the old paradigm that those who use the new paradigm are speaking in a different language. In the arena of
religion, this new language can sound heretical, and may be seen as a threat to existing belief systems.
In order to clarify the misunderstandings that can occur between people operating in these alternative paradigms, I will
be hosting an after-worship discussion on the 2nd Sunday of each month, starting as soon as people get their cuppa after
The themes will arise from the participants, who will bring their questions and comments, from which we hope to
create, if not agreement, then at least common understanding and respect for one another’s points of view.
If no starting themes emerge from the initial participants, we will begin with the question: “Can Jesus be both saviour
and model?” This is a question raised by the emerging paradigm, to which the traditional paradigm answers with a
simple “yes.” It is so simple? Come along to the Fellowship Room after church on September 13 th and find out.
                                                                                                  Bob Thomas
                                Official Launch
                                Sat, 26, September
                                     at 10 am
                                 Bundanoon Hall             4
                                 KANGALOON JOTTINGS

Winter has been kind to us this year so far. Even our son in Temora has a smile on his
face as the prospects for a harvest look good. Kangaloon survived well whilst I was away
and my thanks go to Joyce Whatman who played the organ for the July service.
Our time in Mwandi was not long enough. We had been encouraged to travel to our final
destination by bus as that is the way Africans travel and always with a lot of
parcels/luggage. Hence, when we arrived at Mwandi and told we only had 200 metres to
walk, we did, but, have you ever tried to pull a suitcase on wheels through deep sand. We
had many offers of help, but determined to succeed we were……Fiona had been
expecting us to ring, but we had no telephone with us.
Our first job was to sort and count the contents of a 40 foot container. The accountant
requires this sort of information and we succeeded in less than two days. Alison then had
the task of putting all that info on computer and spent most of her time thereafter working
on the computer, detailing information that means nothing to me. I was working with the
sewing students of a morning, giving devotions to the workers and children as well. Fiona
is very keen to see the project become self supporting and to that effect I was teaching the
sewing people how to appliqué, make templates, enlarge and decrease the sizes of
templates. Fortunately there was a young man, ‘Webbie’ who was an excellent drawer and
he provided the basic pattern of African animals for us. The students learnt well how to
buttonhole, chain stitch and satin stitch. However, my name, accent and expectations were
not easy for them to digest. I would hear them muttering, ‘no shortcuts’, ‘no shortcuts’,
‘slow down’ etc, and they mostly called me ’muum’.
Meal times were interesting. I would help serve the meals. 237 children were being fed,
and for many, this was the only meal that they had of a day. The children are either
orphans or “vulnerable’, which means that they probably have one parent who is either
sick, drunk or unemployed. The children who go to school on this programme are those
who are being sponsored. No child can attend school unless he/ she has shoes, uniform
and school books. At present 538 children are sponsored to attend school in Mwandi, a
further 97 are sponsored to Sesheke High School, grades 10-12, 48 to Evening classes
and 8 to College/University.
The meals served consist of Shema (a porridge type of food which is made from maize
meal (mealy meal) a vegetable e.g. pumpkin, cabbage, spinach, and a soup type food
from red kidney beans, tomato, dried fish etc. Occasionally rice or pasta replaced the
shema. The children wash their own plates and return them to the server, then clean their
teeth, before returning to the activity room for devotions and some sort of activity. Alison
and I spent some many afternoons teaching ‘scoobie’ which was using plastic string and
tying knots. We were aiming to make key rings in the shape of the HIV/AIDS symbol. A
number of children became quite proficient at this. There is a great need for these children
to have different kinds of craft activity to broaden their skills base. The container has a
good supply of craft materials but teachers only come via volunteers.
To help with the feeding programme a large garden is maintained in spite of a continuing
attack from insects. This has increased since an overhead watering system was put in
place. While we were there, the garden had tomatoes, cabbages, spinach and onions
available. An area under cover was growing seedlings for later planting and a green crop
for manure was also evident. February and March are difficult months for production due
to the rains. Fresh vegetables are also sold when available. There are a number of fruit
trees growing - banana, paw paw and guava. The need is there to extend the feeding
programme but the funds are not available. At least 100 children have been identified as
needy. It costs $6 per week to feed a child.
Every day the children received a vitamin supplement. This is provided by a school in USA
that raises funds for this medicine. It is served in a small container which the children then
wash for later reuse. The HIV positive children also receive a supplement each day which
tastes like peanut butter and a spoonful is placed in the palm of a child’s hand to be licked

off. Milk is served three times per week, orange juice every Saturday after the grounds are
cleaned and tidied, and showers completed.
There is much more I could say but some other time. Fiona Dixon-Thompson is a great
young lady and to be admired for her integrity and her energy. Much has been achieved in
the short time she has been there… 2005. However, for me, holidays are now over and
the ‘busy’ season has already commenced here. Planning is underway for our
“Alternate Christmas Market” which will be held on Sunday morning, 8th November,
from 10.30am to 12md. Please diary the date now, so that you can begin thinking about
your giving for this year. Included are some information /order forms from last year’s
catalogues, detailing what was available and how the money was distributed.

This page is from the Leprosy Mission catalogue. The catalogue is around 12 pages long
      with many items to choose from. The goods are available all year.

This page is from the Oxfam Christmas Catalogue. These are usually available from
November onwards
Other items will be for sale on the day. They include: blank cards from the Kibera project
in Nairobi, calendars from CBMI, small Christmas cakes, shopping bags for Mwandi, and
fair trade produce.
For further information, or any other inquiries about these catalogues, please call Narelle
Schofield on 4888 2208.

.A page from the CARE Australia catalogue.

                                   Sunday 23rd August 2009

Following the 9.00am service on Sunday 23rd August the Annual General Meeting of the Bowral
UC Congregation was held. Here is a report of the meeting, some of the content of reports
presented, and decisions taken.

The meeting was chaired by Pat Lynch, chairman of the congregation, and Elaine Hills recorded the
Minutes, in the absence of the Secretary. Reports were presented by the Rev Bob Thomas, Sharon
Hoogland ( Church Council), Barry Wilson (Treasurer), Brian Pattinson (Property C’tee), Jim
Layton (Elders), Una Vidler (Good Neighbours), Jan Hamilton (In Stitches on Saturday &
Beginners Patchwork), Lloyd Vidler (Men’s Breakfast), David Manton (Contact),
Bruce Schubert (Kids Church), Gerd Menzel (Stamps).

Some highlights from these reports included the following:

MINISTER: Bob spoke to his report highlighting his involvement in community development
projects such at the Transition Towns concept, and its impact on Council elections, the involvement
of members of the congregation in a wide variety of mission work, and the steady stream of new
people at worship services. Bob believes that the educational activity of the congregation is limited
to a U3A class (Lloyd Vidler) and “Reflections” on Wednesdays, and is commencing a Sunday
after-church discussion on a monthly basis. Bob will continue his commitment to involvement in
the community in regard to environmental issues and climate change, in coming years.

CHURCH COUNCIL: Reported in full ( p13.14), following this Report.
TREASURER: Barry reported that giving at Bowral had been “well under budget” and 2.8% less
than last year. Kangaloon giving was over budget, and income from property use was also over
budget and 12% up on last year. Overall, our income is over budget. Expenses are slightly over
budget, but reserves have been used to meet this cost.
The accounts have been audited., the Budget for 2009-2010 was presented and adopted. Copies of
the full statements are on the church noticeboard in the Gallery.
It was resolved to make contributions to mission beyond the congregation again this year:
          $6,000 to Living is Giving… (projects selected)
          $1,000 to Lochhardt UC
          $2,500 to Lake Cargelligo UC
          $1,000 to Victorian bush fire area UC
          $1,500 to NSW Flying Padre (Broken Hill)

ELDERS: Jim reported that the elders continue to support Bob’s leadership in worship with their
participation each week, and to work with the Good Neighbours in pastoral care.
Several new initiatives have been discussed, including need for a family worker, a mid week service
of worship, and action has been taken in relation to visiting people who are home bound, and the
“pantry Sunday” through which food items are collected and distributed through Anglicare. Elders
continue to lead the 5th Sunday morning services.

PROPERTY: Brian reported on the completion of the fence project with the support of
Wingecarribee Shire Council, and a working bee. Thanks to Steve Pinczi for help with a Bobcat.
The new Shed extension is under way. The property has been maintained in good order. The report
of the refurbishment of the church was referred to general business (and is reported on p.22). Brian
thanked Ken Adams, Graeme Robinson, Arthur Alcorn, Jim and Margaret Osborne, Virginia

Adlide, Alan and Vera Pickford for their help with property matters. Brian is completing his 3rd
year as convener, and the meeting thanked him for his excellent work.
Arthur reported on the increased usage of the Church facilities and therefore of income from rentals.
There is need for an assistant bookings officer to help when Arthur is away.

KIDS CHURCH: A written report was received from Bruce. They propose to hold additional
Kids Church activity on special Sundays (eg Mothers Day) when families might be present, and this
would involve participation in the early part of the morning service with appropriate music etc.
There is a need to attract kids from new families and non-church families. Some additional helpers
would be appreciated.

For Reports from Flower Convener and In Stitches on Saturday see p 16. and for Beginners
Patchwork see p 19. and on the recent visit to Lake Cargelligo see p. 15,16

ELECTIONS: The following people were elected or re-elected:
Chairperson: Pat Lynch
Church Council Chairperson: Sharon Hoogland was nominated to Church Council for
Secretary:      Barry Roberts and nominated as Secretary of Church Council.
Treasurer:      Barry Wilson and nominated to Church Council as Treasurer
Banking: Anne Kingdom
Elders convenor: Jim Layton
Good Neighbours coordinator: Una Vidler
Kids’ Church: Bruce and Dawn Schubert
Presbytery Lay Representative: Jon Hoogland, Alternant: Barry Wilson
Worship and Events coordinator: Denise Layton
Weddings and Funerals coordinator: Narelle Harwood
Property Secretary: Ric Hinde
Hall Bookings: Auther Alcorn; Assistant; tba
Church Stewards coordinator: Narelle Harwood
Communion Stewards: Brian and Liz Pattinson, Barry and Beverly Wilson, Judy Turner
Communications and Media: Bob Thomas
With Love to the World: Anne Kingdom
Morning Tea: Byron and Rhonda Grant
Archivist: Alan Pickford
Men’s Shed rep: Bill Dinning
Pieces and Yarns: Jean Herring and Vera Pickford
In Stitches on Saturday: Jan Hamilton
Men’s Breakfast: Lloyd Vidler, Jim Osborne, David Manton
Catering: Barry Roberts
Privacy officer: Bob Thomas

Thanks were expressed to all who had undertaken leadership roles over the last 12 months, and in
particular: Dawn Schubert who retires as Secretary, and Brian Pattinson who retires as Property
Jim Layton reminded everyone of the Church Directory now in production, and of the board in the
walkway on which are to be recorded the dates for bookings of the hall during the year.

The meeting then addressed the report of the Church Refurbishment Committee. (see p.22)

The next Congregational meeting will be held on Sunday 28th March 2010

(Reported by David Manton, with apologies to any whose report is unintentionally omitted)

                               UNITING CHURCH

Church Council Chairperson’s Report 23 August 2009
  1. This report covers year one of my position as Chairperson. Church Council has met
     quarterly and the Executive has also convened quarterly, in between CC meetings.
     Activity has included:
   Congregational Reports – under the heading “What does Church Council need to know?
     From whom? How often?” CC agreed that written Annual Reports from the various
     congregational groups would be presented only at the Annual General Meeting of the
     congregation. If however, significant events or exceptions to normal operation is planned or
     occurs, reports to CC would be expected and welcomed.
     In a new initiative, Group co-ordinators have been invited to attend a CC meeting
     annually, to share an update of their activities, highlight any concerns, request resources,
     etc. To date, Ken Adams (Men’s Shed), Jan Hamilton (In Stitches on Saturday and
     Beginners’ Patchwork) and Arthur Alcorn (Church Bookings Coordinator) have presented
     reports to Council and we were enlightened and encouraged by the breadth of their

       Church Council gratefully acknowledges the voluntary ministry of our many group leaders
       and coordinators. These wonderful people are the face of BKUC in the wider community
       and as a result, our participation in mission, care and outreach is quite remarkable. We give
       thanks to God for His provision of people with the skills, dedication and commitment to
       respond to His call and His challenges in their daily lives.
     two concurrent (one daytime, one evening) Lenten Bible studies were presented by Rev
       Lloyd Vidler;
     a Fellowship dinner was held (23 May) with about 80 people in attendance. Another dinner
       is planned for September, thanks to Barry & Ruth Roberts and Elizabeth Pattinson;
     Pancake Day lunch raised $1000 for the UCA (the third highest amount in NSW!),
       organised by Denise Layton, Barry Roberts and me;
     Easter Breakfast before morning worship, with about 30 people attending, organised by
       Denise Layton and me;
     a very successful Cancer Council luncheon organised by Helen Ling and Beverley Wilson.
     the purchase of Together in Song hymn books. Thank you to all who made donations
       towards this decision.
     Mrs Denise Layton was appointed to a new position of Worship & Events Coordinator and
       Mrs Narelle Harwood was reappointed as Wedding/Funeral Coordinator.

  2. Issues which are exercising on-going Church Council consideration include:
   Opportunities for congregational planning and mission (including communication). Church
     Council met for a planning day with Elders and Good Neighbours representatives to
     consider our congregational mission. Collation of draft Mission Statements from the last
     Congregational Meeting took place and a list of Actions (goals) was developed. An article

        detailing the outcomes was published in the June-July-August 2009 Contact and will require
        confirmation at today’s meeting.
      There was a good attendance of interested members who responded to the CC invitation to
        an evening workshop on opportunities for supporting the UCA in the widest sense, and our
        minister Rev Bob Thomas locally, with regard to Environmental sustainability. A lively
        brainstorm was recorded before a shared meal. In conclusion, 6 Action points were agreed
        on and the details will be published in the next issue of Contact.
      Understanding the role and responsibilities of CC, the Elders and Good Neighbours,
        including the differences and the overlaps.
      Two small working groups are planning a Tulip Time Fair for 3rd and 5th October 2009 and
        an Autumn Fest Craft Show for 23 & 24 April 2010. Both events have received very
        positive initial support and in addition to the fun and fellowship experienced during the
        planning stage, we anticipate that much needed funds will be raised to support our
        congregational upkeep and mission – both locally and wider afield.
      I am disappointed that we have not actively participated in Presbytery activities such as the
        Jesus, All About Life (JAL) statewide campaign, the Disaster Preparedness workshop and
        the Building Belonging Communities workshop. There has not been sufficient information
        circulated about these events locally and to a certain extent, we remain aloof from
        Presbytery activities.

        I am thrilled to be working with such an active and inspired team of people who make up
        our Church Council, Elders and Good Neighbours, Group Leaders and Coordinators. I
        personally thank them for their support and on your behalf I thank them and acknowledge
        their many activities - those we see up front and those who labour quietly behind the scenes.
        I thank Dawn Schubert for her past three years of service as our Secretary to Church Council
        and to the Congregation. I would also like to acknowledge the outstanding service of Brian
        Pattinson who has been our Property Coordinator. Brian is not seeking re-election and
        deserves our thanks and admiration for the way in which he has maintained our property

       Whilst we celebrate the year that has passed, we acknowledge that there are significant
       challenges ahead. The ongoing pastoral care and nurture of our church community require
       unflagging commitment from ordinary people to do extraordinary activities and our ongoing
       sustainability requires huge financial commitment. If we are indeed to be a transformational
       community, then we must work together, upholding one another in love and looking to Jesus
       Christ, the pioneer and perfecter of our faith, who calls us to love our neighbour and spread
       the good news of the Gospel.
A sincere ‘thank you’ to all congregational members who support Church Council members
and activities in their prayers.
                                                     SHARON HOOGLAND, Chairperson

NOTE:    The following was adopted:
Church Planning Outcomes:
Action 1   To establish a system of effective communication.
Action 2   To invite all members to belong to a House Group.
Action 3   To make connections and develop relationships with young families.
Action 4   To be a transformational community, building effective internal and external

            “The Lake”   …a brief Bowral visit
                   (June 13 & 14, 09)…

Well as they say in the classics….”a bonza weekend was had by all!!”
Flexibility (in planning & deployment) was the Key word…people & plans were changing by the
hour for Bowral folk as well as our friends at the Lake!

Our team in the end consisted of…
     The Searles…they have contacts & family everywhere & know everyone!!!
     The Roberts…Their daughter taught in the area (Ungarie) & they have (or had) other
        connections as well as vast property investments (?? a house??) in nearby Forbes….so knew
        the area well.
     The Laytons…Jim’s dad was the Methodist minister here in 1934 (& Ungarie)…sadly there
        was no one around who remembers him. Jim’s Sydney Male Choir was there on a ‘Drought’
        tour 2 years ago…, which was warmly remembered.
So…we all were able to identify closely with them which helped to cement already established

We all set off early on Saturday in 2 cars…excited & full of expectations.
We were extra excited because they (The Lake) had enjoyed some long awaited rain…every man &
all their dogs were out on their tractors (24x7), ploughing & sowing hoping to reverse the drought
just for a moment with the hope of benefiting from their labours in the form of a harvest!!! The
country is looking lovely even if the ‘green’ is rather thin!

We eventually arrived in time for a cuppa with Gwen Brown(?Greg’s directions?) & then they
invited us to Tea at their Church Hall. I think they were catering for an influx of about 200 master-
chefs judging from the volume & quality of the food (4 Courses!!).
The talk fest that intermingled with the ahs & oohs, the slurps, giggles & many other noises was
great…some of them sacrificed valuable tractor time to meet with us. We also had a few diversions
(games & skits) & then sleep for us…probably a bit more tractor work for others!

Sunday…a glorious winters day…& the Service!
What a lovely & friendly atmosphere!
We all did our bits supporting Denise & her sermon…& enjoyed a wonderful time of worship &
fellowship. Yes…& more food afterwards…Boy…they were great!
They were most appreciative of our visit…we all felt a close bond with these wonderful
people…but most of all…the Bowral visitors all came away with the powerful feeling that it was
they (or us?) that were the main beneficiaries of the blessings that were visited on them (or us).
Some of them (the Lake) would love to visit us if they can get away from the many rural
responsibilities & demands…hopefully around “Tulip Time”…so…everyone keep their fingers
“The Lake” is a lovely town, made all the more beautiful by these wonderful people who know how
to, & do, share God’s Love…& yes, they need our prayers.

Greg & Kathy, Ruth & Barry, Denise & Jim.

Note: This is now the second recent visit to Lake Cargelligo Uniting Church by a team from
      Bowral.        Let’s hope we can repay the wonderful hospitality later this year. Ed.

        Lake Cargelligo Uniting Church with Bowral UC visitors and f ellowship time

                                    CHURCH FLOWERS
Thank you to the eighteen ladies on the Flower Roster who ensure that our worship service each
week is supported by floral arrangements celebrating the beauty of God’s creation. Thanks, also,
to the wonderful gardeners out there for their valuable contribution.

In addition to the weekly service, there have been several weddings and funerals requiring special
floral attention, often at short notice. Thank you to those who so willingly gave their time for this
somewhat daunting task!

On 12th September the Flower Ladies will meet, over a “thank you” afternoon tea, to discuss
suggestions for clarifying their role, enhancing communication and setting appropriate fees for
special requests.
                                                            Kathy Searle and Helen Ling
                                                            Flower Roster Coordinators


This group meets on the 4th Saturday of each month in the Gallery. We share skills, tips
and life experiences while we work on various activities like dress making, patchwork,
embroidery, cross stitch and other similar things. We have averaged 10 attending this
year.    We have also held a workshop on any 5th Saturday and those have been well
attended and we have enjoyed learning new skills from members of the group who have
prepared the lesson and shared their expertise.

Members have supported various activities within the Church community and have made
some financial donations to a range of requests. For example, $300 to Church funds, $50
to Narelle Schofield to support her trip to Africa, $50 for fabric for Beginner’s Patchwork
Group for their Royal Flying Doctor Quilts, paper for the church photocopier, kitchen
utensils for church use, etc.      Some members have also made additional personal
donations to some of these things.

We have organised another challenge for the Autumn Fest event in April 2010.
The group also functions as a caring and sharing time, supporting one another and also
offering friendship to people who are not members of our congregation who have joined
us.                                                              Jan Hamilton      .

                               HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

The other day I celebrated my birthday. So what’s the big deal?
We all have them – in fact one a year and if we were to add up the number of birthdays we
have celebrated between our Church Family – it would provide a few centuries of wisdom
and knowledge.

This year I was given a themed party by my local grandchildren.
“A Haunted House” party. When we arrived at the back door of the home there was a sign
that read “I’d turn back if I were you”.

                                   Luckily we didn’t, because we would have missed out on
                            the fun – which several young people had gone to a lot of effort
                            to prepare.

                                  After the exchange of presents – photograph albums for
                            granddad’s many photos – bottle of champagne – and special
                            owl cards created by Charlie and Ben – it was time to
                            experience “The Haunted House”.

                            We had to experience this individually. The selected adult was
                            placed on an office swivel chair (with very good small wheels),
                            and as they were pushed down the darkened hall by one of the
                            bigger – stronger boys , at various spots there would appear
                            strange apparitions of weird and ghostly shapes – shouting and
                            making threatening gestures.
                            At the same time, flickering lights and other strange noises
                            were emerging from the background of the various rooms

                            Much use had been made
                            of wigs, rubber masks,
                            and a variety of costumes
                            – all of which added to
                            the haunted atmosphere.

After this experience we had tea followed by the
birthday cake which had been iced in a rather
brilliant bright blue. The total number of the birthday
celebrant’s years had been picked out in white
chocolate “buddies’”. The number of candles used
had to be symbolic, as one could have easily caused
a fire with the proper number required. Instead there
were only 9 – two pink and 7 blue – representing
significant younger people in my life.

It seemed as soon as the cake was cut – it disappeared.
Creating a haunted house must be hungry work?

I know many of you have shared similar special birthday celebrations, prepared with love
for you by your family members. How fortunate we are.
Another blessing we enjoy as Church family is receiving a personal birthday card – created
by Dawn and Bruce Schubert’s Kid’s Church Group. (If you have not received such a card

on your Natal Day, and would like to, make sure that you recorded your birthday with a
church council member.)

Birthdays tend to make me reminisce of
“birthdays past”. Such as

Pre “big school” birthdays when the high light
was sitting in the special little cane birthday
chair in the centre of the dark vestry, (it seemed
so then), of the Camden Methodist Church,
whilst the other children sang “Comes a Birthday
once again – o happy day o happy day – through
the sunshine and the rain – God has brought us
on our way”. We were then given a Big card
(as opposed to the small memory text ones given
to us every other week) and allowed to sit in the
little cane chair for the rest of Sunday School.
It was a bit difficult when during that Sunday you
shared your birthday with others – sometimes your
sit in the cane chair turn was very short.

My great twenty-first in the old Camden RSL Hall in Camden when for the first time I wore
a PINK shirt with a dark charcoal grey suit – purchased from Farmer’s Store in Sydney –
under the guidance of my mother – who would not have approved of a strong watermelon
pink – but could not persuade me to rely on the ever safe white Arrow brand of the past!
The MC at this party was The Rev. Clyde Dominish later a Moderator of the NSW
Methodist Church. We were allowed to have “dancing”.

My half century celebration at the home of friends in Burradoo with a This is Your Life
theme, with great inspiring and humbling letters from former Sunday School teachers and
a Camden Central School teacher.

My sixtieth – very up market and small – planned by Mary at The White Horse Inn at

                                         My first birthday celebrated in the season of
                                         summer in 2000 with Ken and Beryl. They took us
                                         to dinner in a former beautiful, stone historic
                                         church in outskirts of Dundee, Scotland. Alas
                                         now an Indian Restaurant with gambling facilities
                                         on the newly constructed top floor!

                                         2004 when the whole immediate family were able
                                         to gather at Long Island, Queensland, for a week
                                         of activities. Sadly 13 out of 17 at some stage
                                         suffered severe gastric problems – but hey as the
                                         old hit song reminds us - “memories are made of

                                         So the years continue on.

                                         Friends I have not meant to rave on and bore you
                                         with what might appear to you as trivial times of
                                         my past – but whether we regard birthdays as

celebrations, reminders, or days to be forgotten – let us remember we all have a lot to

Now I don’t want those words to sound glib and unreasonable.

Naturally many situations such as illness, broken relationships, personal loss and sorry
might take away some of the sparkle from our lives for a time – but let these things not
consume us totally.

We read it in Scripture – we hear it from pulpits – we can experience
it in our individual lives. God has made us in His Image – His Son Jesus Christ can be a
personal Saviour and Guide – The Holy Spirit can still enable us (no matter how many
birthdays we have celebrated or endured) to be up and about, doing with joy and
fulfillment, that which our abundant God directs.

So, as we hear each week, let us embrace the diversity and richness of life for as long as it
is granted to us.

Charles Dunk.

Beginner’s Patchwork Report
The group has been meeting on the 3rd Monday each month and a set
programme of lessons using various techniques and designs was
prepared after consultation with members of the group.    With an
average attendance of 9 it is a hive of activity and discussion.
The Lesson is held from 9.00 am to 12 noon, and the afternoon is
spent in practice of what has been learned, working on the charity
quilt being made by the group, or other projects.    This year
nearly 50 quilts have been made for the Flying Doctor Service.

Next year the group will run differently with less structure and
more freedom to expand our skills in different ways. There will
still be some teaching, as required, and we will still make
charity quilts. There will be more flexibility with design and
workload and so I encourage anyone interested in joining to have a
chat with me or to come and visit us to see what we do.

                                                       Jan Hamilton



This year Jan Hamilton coordinated an appeal for sewing and craft requirements to be
sent to the ladies who lost these things in the Victorian bushfires. There was a wonderful
response from these groups, the Church community, some businesses and the wider
community. 15 boxes of articles, craft books and magazines were sent to Kinglake area.
Some items have been distributed to individuals and others will be used in the
Neighbourhood House when it is rebuilt. Thanks you to Jan, everyone who participated.

Way back in 1977 the Uniting Church in Australia expressed an abiding concern for the wellbeing
of the planet and for the rights of future generations, thus: “We are concerned with the basic
human rights of future generations and will urge the wise use of energy, the protection of the
environment and the replenishment of the earth’s resources for their use and enjoyment.”
The natural environment is not merely a resource for the benefit of human beings but has intrinsic
value as part of God’s good creation. In 1991 the Uniting Church declared that “Nature has a right
to the protection of its eco-systems, species and populations in their inter-connectedness.”
Problems of poverty, availability and use of resources, security, population growth, all in their turn
influence the environment – they all need to be considered together.
Sponsored by the Church Council, congregational members were invited to a workshop in July to
identify strategies through which we could support the church’s goals, both individually and
The following ideas are the result of two ‘Brainstorming’ sessions…
    1. Engage in and encourage simpler living, including car pooling, lending, sharing
    2. Water Tanks
    3. Solar Power (incl Hot Water)…+ for Sale
    4. Wind Power
    5. Grow more food, barter surplus home-grown food
    6. Use Church Grounds (for community garden)
    7. Church/Hall Heating
    8. Re-cycle, buy recycled
    9. Environmental Resource capability, Centre of Excellence
            a. Community Example(s)
            b. Information Centre
            c. Accessible resources
    10. Greening/Carbon Sink
    11. Affirmation of current practices
            a. processes to affirm initiatives
            b. Reward &Recognition program/Green Leaf/Green Spade Award
    12. Telling/Sharing the Story(ies)
    13. Small Groups: share/work together
    14. Members as Educators (workshops for interested people)
    15. Access available information, ongoing basis
    16. Grow Trees…to improve environment, attract wildlife (all forms)
    17. Worm Farming
    18. Chooks
    19. Links to local (& other) societies/organizations/etc (eg Council, Canwin, Garden
    20. Men’s Shed…assist with Chicken Coops, Tiered Vegie Gardens
    21. Book ‘No Dig Gardening’
    22. Seeds as Gifts
    23. Support Welby Gardens etc…especially re the Propagation programmes
    24. Share produce
    25. Share our ‘excess’ & our skills eg sewing
    26. Rethink Church Times to minimise energy waste etc
    27. Ideas/Suggestion Box
    28. Meal Sharing
    29. Cull our own ‘stuff’ & recycle
    1. That we are an outwardly active Church, active in the community
   2.  Creative Thinking
   3.  Church generates own power & uses income to provide water resources
   4.  Bike Rack
   5.  Church Bus (Solar/electric?)
   6.  More connected, more sustainable, stimulating, community able to withstand the Oil price
   7. Pantry Sunday
   8. Market Garden, Market/Produce stalls, also for those in need
   9. Acclaimed for vanquishing the God ‘Mammon’
   10. Acclaimed for ecumenical participation
   11. Acclaimed as the ‘contrast’ society
   12. Hold Market Days
   13. Supporting ministries which are in need (Australia & beyond)
   14. Acknowledged as encouraging others…?Challenge!!
   15. Tell the story (via Press)…publish the story
   16. Communicating locally & beyond
   17. Trees

   1. Property Coordinator (plus co-opted members) to investigate funding possibilities.
   2. Research possibilities/follow up leads etc, (Bob Thomas)
   3. Identify a storyteller to write and publish articles of our current activities:
          Wraps with Love (Singlets for African babies)
          Quilts – Royal Flying Doctor Service, Children’s Ward, etc
          Support for Lake Cargelligo (Victorian Bushfire victims, Flying Padre Patrol)
          TEAR Shoe Box
          Alternative Christmas Market
          Stamps
          Men’s Shed (raised garden beds, Myna boxes)
          Cancer Council Lunch/Biggest Morning Tea
          UCA Pancake Day
          Etc
   4. Identify zones in the directory (view to car pooling)
   5. Identify individuals for acknowledgement in September services
   6. Simple Living Tip of the Week for Weekly News
A follow-up meeting will be held in September. Watch the Weekly News for date. Everyone is
invited.! If you find the ‘shorthand’ of these notes intriguing, please join us!

    (Sharon Hoogland for Church Council)


During the presentation of the Refurbishment report (see next page), following worship on 23rd
August, as David Manton spoke about the proposal to construct a smaller, moveable Pulpit from
the existing one, the “stage whisper” by Lloyd Vidler was heard : “ Then if the preacher is boring,
we can just wheel him out the back door !” This, OF COURSE, did not refer to ANY member of
the existing congregation or our minister !!

Report on the Refurbishment of the
Bowral Uniting Church
The Congregational Meeting held on Sunday 23rd August received a report from the committee
appointed to make recommendations regarding the refurbishment of the Bowral Church. The full
report has been available for several weeks, and copies are available for those who have not yet
seen it. The report contains a brief sketch of the history of the Church and the changes that have
been made over the years since 1929, and a comment on future needs.

In order to provide a more attractive, more flexible Sanctuary and Worship space, the Church
Council has approved the following:
    1. Fans to be installed in the church and are ready now for the electrician to fit.
    2. A new Data Projector has been ordered to be mounted from the ceiling
    3. A roving mic, and new, more effective mics for lectern and pulpit
    4. White lights have replaced the “yellow” main church lighting.
    5. Screens to the crèche areas have been removed.
    6. The smaller “Annesley School” Lectern has replaced the very high lectern
    7. The Choir pews have been removed.
    8. A heater has been purchased for the entry porch.
    9. The Keyboard has been placed next to the organ, and a pew re-placed.

The Congregational Meeting on 23rd August approved these additional proposals:
   1. Entry doors (red) to be renovated and glass window panels fitted.
   2. Boarding over the wall vents at top of side walls to be placed behind the
               metal grill, sealing them off, leaving the grills visible.
   3. The platform for the choir to be removed
   4. The pulpit to be removed, and a smaller pulpit made from the corner panels of the
           existing pulpit, with reduced height (one step, not 4), and made to be moveable.
   5. The communion railing to be removed and placed as panelling along front
               wall of church, linking to the timber of the entry doors.
   6. The existing sanctuary floor to be extended to 3.6 metres, with a new wider
               step, with hand rail at side wall, and the whole area recarpeted.
   7. Connection points for sound and power to be fitted in face of floor
               extension to eliminate long cords.
   8. Organ to be relocated to corner under screen, and keyboard to congregation
               side of organ. Screening to the organ and keyboard to be retained.
   9. A new central flood light for the sanctuary area and heating for the area.
  10. Four 1000x 1000x230mm carpeted boxes made for platform extension of
               use as required in the sanctuary area.
Long Term projects, as funds are available or donations made:
   1. New stand for candle and two new flower stands, all matching.
   2. Possible new Lectern and Communion Table
   3. All Church carpets to be replaced
   4. Pew cushions to be recovered, or replaced
   5. Colour scheme of Church interior to be reconsidered.
   6. A memorial cabinet to be placed in the church for existing memorial plaques plus photos to
       identify the people, with any other suitable memorabilia.

Concern has been expressed at the variety of timber colours and finishes to Pulpit, Lectern, Chair &
Table, etc, and the committee will look at having them repolished to a lighter, matching finish.
The decision to adopt these recommendations was unanimous, and the committee thanked for its
work so far. Work will begin on the changes as soon as possible.
                                       EGAP           KCAB

       A Taste of Wine

       We are the fruit of the wild vine - Lord,
       We are the fruit of the wild vine.
        Bruised by the rain and scorched by the sun,
        Thou hast gathered us one by one
       And made us into new wine.
       Oh the intoxicant joy of living!
        Now that thou hast made us thine!
       Crushed by thy firm but loving hand
       Into the taste of new wine.

       Cradle us in thy cellars deep - Lord,
       Cradle us in thy cellars deep.
        Send us not out prematurely,
        care for us, guard us ever surely,
       We are the slowly maturing wine.
       Oh the intoxicant joy of living!
        Now that thou hast made us thine!
       Tendered by thy careful hand
        Into the taste of maturing wine.

       Decant us carefully, Lord we pray thee,
       Decant us carefully Lord we pray.
        Brand us with thy special brand
        Warm us gently with thy hand,
       Test us for thy sweet bouquet.
       Oh the intoxicant joy of living!
        Now that thou hast made us thine!
       Tried and tasted, warm and tested,
        We are the taste of mellow wine.

       Send us forth when it’s time to go - Lord
       Send us forth when it’s time to go.
        As we seek to know thee who always knew us,
        Let thy pure light shine through us.
       Transforming us with a golden glow.
       Oh the intoxicant joy of living!
        Now that thou hast made us thine!
       We praise thee Lord that thou hast turned us
       Into the taste of precious wine.

                                       Thurla Lynch

(Printed in the December 1968 edition of her, then, local church paper)


For weekly meeting dates see Directory (page 2)

      Occasional events, monthly & other meetings etc.,:

      SEPTEMBER 2009
      1st      10.00 am       Men’s Morning Coffee in the Grand Atrium
      3         2.00 pm       Ladies Fellowship Gathering
      10        7.30 pm       Elders’ and Neighbours’ meeting
      19        ???           Church Fellowship Dinner
      20th     10.00 am       Rev Keith Gardner, Wesley Mission Sydney, to preach at Bowral
      21st      9.00 am       Beginners Patchwork… Post and rail
      26th     10.00 am       In Stitches on Saturday

      OCTOBER 2009
      1st       2.00 pm       Ladies Fellowship gathering
      3rd and 5th….. Tulip Time Fete in grounds of the Bowral Church.
      6th     10.00 am        Men’s Morning coffee in the Grand Atrium
      11th            Material for next issue of CONTACT due by today.
      18th      9.00 am       The Rev Lloyd Vidler’s 50th Anniversary of Ordination
      19        9.00 am       Beginners Patchwork… Stack n slash
      24th    10.00 am        In Stitches on Saturday
      25th            Next CONTACT available at Church for November - January
      31st    10.00 am        In Stitches on Saturday Workshop

      Alternate Christmas ordering day: 8th November following morning service: 10.30 – 12 noon.

Note: This is a TWO MONTH issue only.
                    Next Issue of CONACT will be printed in late OCTOBER
      for the three months…. November, December,2009 & January. 2010
      The theme will be “Advent & Christmas…. Celebration !”

      Closing date for material will be       11th October.

                  Publication Date for the November – January issue of CONTACT
                                         is Friday October 23 .

                   Material for inclusion in the next issue of CONTACT should reach
                                               David Manton
                              by Sunday 11th October at the latest !!! ,
                                              earlier if possible
                                                 by Email to


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