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Hedge Fund Secret Discovered


									Hedge Fund Secret Discovered

A secret among the world's top hedge funds has just been leaked. Shockingly, it turns out many of the most
well known and respected hedge funds secretly make large investments in an underground area of the stock
market . . . penny stocks.

By taking a large position in a small stock with a small market cap, the share prices of the penny stocks they
invest in may absolutely skyrocket. The gains may be as large as 1000 percent or more, sometimes within a
matter of days or even a single day.

The sheep out there who don't know what's going on and how professional traders really operate are always
talking about hot penny stocks and how great they are. However, they're not talking about how much money
they made, they're talking about how much money they could have made.

These hedge funds can take a penny stock from 10 cents to a dollar just by buying shares and reducing the
already small supply of shares available to purchase. Once the hedge funds have a large position in the
penny stock company, they utilize various techniques to get share prices even higher . . . sometimes as high
as FIVE dollars.

This represents a gain of 4,900 percent for those who invested in the penny stock when it was 10 cents. This
means a small investment of $10,000 could turn into $500,000! A half a MILLION dollars. Even a very
small investment of $500, after a gain of 4,900 percent, would become $25,000.

Finding the right penny stocks to invest in can be challenging, but another hedge fund secret has been
leaked. Many hedge funds actually use penny stock newsletters to find the next hot penny stock to invest in.
Newsletters send out penny stock picks and penny stock alerts about penny stocks that are undervalued and
have a strong chance of making large gains. They also will send out a penny stock alert if there is a good
short term trading or day trading opportunity, which can also be extremely profitable.

Day traders who use newsletters make smaller profits, but they do it every day. Day traders play the penny
stock picks just for a single day, buying in the morning and selling before the day is over. Sometimes they
will buy and sell multiple times within a single day, buying when the stock goes down and selling as it goes
up. Day traders may make 50-100 percent in an average day, but on occasion make as much as 2000 percent
in one day on stocks with very low share prices, often one cent or a fraction of a cent.

The beautiful thing about penny stock newsletters is they aren't just for hedge funds and professional traders.
Anyone can use them, putting the Average Joe on a level playing field with Wall Street elite.

More and more hedge funds and day traders are taking advantage of penny stocks. They're making gains that
leave the average trader in the dust. The free newsletters allow them to play the right stocks. While the
public makes gains of 10-30 percent a year or less, those in the know about penny stocks are making more
than that every single day.

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