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									Free Penny Stock Alerts

Free Penny Stock Alerts

What are ? If you have been trading the stock market for any period of time you have most likely seen
plenty of promotional companies marketing free penny stock alerts and bragging about the 100% of returns
that their alerts have gained their subscribers.

Are these penny stock alert websites and sign up list worth your time? Well, maybe.

Why Use Penny Stock Alert Websites?

Basically the premise behind Penny Stock Alert websites is to gain as many followers as possible so that
when they send out an alert to their follower base, the volume increase in the stocks pps will rapidly
increase, hence attracting more investor attention based on that volume.

If you have played any penny stocks or OTC stocks long enough you know that money flow volume is key.
Some traders refer to this as momentum or "momo". The down side to penny stocks is once this alert is over,
the volume can drastically decrease leaving the stock dormant for some time.

Trading Penny Stock Charts

One way to become more efficient playing penny stocks is to learn the basic principles behind reading
charts. Some free penny stock alert companies will offer charts and video chart explanations of the trading

With even the most basic understanding of technical indicators, you can learn how to remove your emotions
while day trading or investing in penny stocks.

A good penny stock alert website will not only offer it's subscribers solid due diligence and research for you,
but also technical analysis on each alert.

Making Money Trading Penny Stock Alerts

The whole point of making an investment in any security is to make a return on your money. As a new
investor or stock trader, the most important investment you can make first is in your education of basic DD
and technical understanding of charts. Click here for more information on .

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