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Exclusive Menus and Wedding Packages - Feastivities Events


									            Feastivities Events             New
      Balls Falls;                                   m               Niagara-on-the-Lake
                 nter &               Shiraz Ballroo                  Community Centre
Conservation Ce                         at Armenian
     Historic Barn                         Center                  Bissell’s Hid
                                                                 New Weddin away
    Fort Erie Leisureplex                                                     g Building
Stevensville Hall                                               Peninsula Inn
              Staff                                                     The New Heid
    S ue-Ann inery                                                                              ehof
    Estate W                                                            Feastivities
Outdoor Weddings                                                     Conference Centre
                                                                        in Welland
           Feastivities has been catering to venues in the Niagara Region since 1971,
       offering fresh local cuisine accommodating guest lists ranging up to 3,000 people.
              Award Winning Event and Culinary team will be happy to assist you
                          in coordinating your complete catering needs.

    Services we offer;
    1. Complimentary Event Consultant
    2. The only caterer in Niagara with heated and refrigerated food delivery
       for the finest in food quality.
    3. Complete rental requirements. We do all the work in arranging your
       rentals required for that perfect outdoor wedding, we own all the rentals!
    4. Outdoor Wedding Specialists. We feature a 24 ft. mobile kitchen, 100% self sufficient.
    5. Annual open house where each client meets our team, views our setups, and best
       of all, tastes all of our most popular dishes and desserts. Call for your invitation.

          To view menus and offer great ideas, visit our web site at
  Choose From 10 Recommended Banquet Locations
  Member of  Call The Professionals…     Member of
 Chamber of
 Commerce             Prices Are Based On Location Selected
  Niagara            Tel: (905) 735~5864 or (905) 994~7979                           Caterers
Culinary Trail             Email:                         Association

            Catered Events Made Memorable Since 1971!
                                   All Inclusive Package 
1. Available at the following venues
   (A)	 Feastivities	Conference	Centre	(up	to	250	guests)	•	162	Hagar	St.,	Welland

	 (B)	 The	New	Heidehof	•	600	Lake	St.,	St.	Catharines

	 (C)		Fort	Erie	Leisureplex	(up	to	500	guests,	including	dish	rental)	•	Hwy	#3,	Fort	Erie		

	 (D)		Stevensville	Community	Centre	(up	to	200	guests,	including	dish	rental)

	 (E)	 Balls	Falls	Barn	or	New	Conservation	Center	(including	dish	rental)

   (F) Niagara-on-the-Lake	Community	Centre	(up	to	250	guests,	including	dish	rental)	•	14	Anderson	Lane,	N.O.T.L.

   Please see online for Armenian, Sue Ann Winery and Bissell’s Wedding Packages.

   2. Silver Package Includes
   (1) Venue	rental

   (2) All	china	and	glassware	rentals	required,	not	included	with	venue	rental

	 (3)	 Complete	linen	package	from	including:	
	 	     chair	covers,	napkins	and	complete	floor	length	linens.

	 (4)	 Family	Favourite	Menu,	see	enclosed.	Served	Family	Style	or	Buffet.

   (5) 7 HOUR OPEN BAR			Bar	will	be	open	for	guests	arrival	until	1:00	a.m.	NOT	closed	for	dinner!
        	 Includes	Rye	•	Rum	•	Vodka	•	Scotch	•	Gin,	choice	of	5	domestic	Beers	
        	 •		Choice	of	2	specialities;	i.e.	Baileys,	Schnapps
        	 All	mixes	•	juices	•	ice	•	cups	•	bartender	and	hall	fees
        	 Also	included	is	unlimited	VQA	Ontario	wine	for	your	guest’s	tables	and	bar	service.

                                        *	(1)	Venue	does	not	include	china.	
             Our	price	includes	complete	“Everything	on	the	Table”	including	water	and	wine	glasses
                              Over	200	guests,	receive	an	additional	$4	pp	discount
                     *	Niagara	Conservation	Authority	does	not	allow	third	party	agreements.	
                                  Bridal	client	will	book	and	pay	for	all	hall	fee’s

Price INclUdES black tie service, all service gratuities,
           HST tax and all related hall fees.
                                                                                        $5.00 OFF per person for
                                                                                    FRIdAY ANd SUNdAY WEddINGS!
          Guests	4	years	and	under	are	free	and
         children	5	years	to	11	years	are	$25	pp.

                                                       Serving Niagara Since 1971
                                    905-735-5864	•	905-994-7979	•	web:	
                                 Show Special
                          BridalInclusive Package 
                            All
Feastivities	has	been	serving	the	Niagara	Region	since	1971.	We	cater	over	100	weddings	a	year	from	Fort	Erie	to	Toronto.	Our	
Wedding	Team	will	discuss	every	detail	from	our	qualified	wedding	consultants,	professionally	trained,	to	our	award-winning	chefs.
We	are	also	the	exclusive	caterers	for	the	Armenian	Community	Centre,	Feastivities	Conference	Centre	in	Welland,	Peninsula	Inn,	
Bissell’s	Hideway	and	Sue	Ann	Staff	Winery.	We	also	host	an	annual	open	house	exclusive	to	our	brides.	This	is	a	chance	to	taste	
our	meals	and	meet	our	staff.	As	our	2010	promotion	had	a	terrific	response	we	are	happy	to	offer	the	following	special	to	all	brides	
who	book.
1.   choose a HAll/Hall Rental and Fees Included (except Balls Falls)
	    (A)	 The	Brand	New	Armenian	Community	Centre	(up	to	225	guests)	•	156	Martindale	Road,	St.	Catharines		
	    (B)		 Fort	Erie	Leisureplex	(up	to	500	guests,	including	dish	rental)	•	Hwy	#3,	Fort	Erie		
	    (C)		 Stevensville	Community	Centre	(up	to	200	guests,	including	dish	rental)
	    (D)	 Peninsula	Inn	and	Resort,	perfect	for	weddings	up	to	100	guests,	indoor	and	outdoor	in	the	beautiful	Gardens,	
	    (E)	 Feastivities	Conference	Centre	(up	to	250	guests)	•	162	Hagar	St.,	Welland
	    (G)	 Balls	Falls	Barn	or	New	Conservation	Center
	    (H)	 All	new	decorated	Heidehof	(up	to	250	guests)	•	Lake	Street,	St.	Catharines
	    (I)	 Inquire	about	our	fabulous	outdoor	settings	at	Bissell’s	Hideaway	and	Sue	Ann	Staff	Winery.
	    (J)	 Niagara-on-the-Lake	Community	Centre	(up	to	250	guests,	including	dish	rental)	•	14	Anderson	Lane,	N.O.T.L.
2.   choose a mENU	(We	would	be	happy	to	customize	a	menu	just	for	you!)
	    	    Freshly	Baked	Rolls	•	3	Lettuce	Garden	Salad	with	Fresh	Edible	Flowers	•	Penne	Pasta	with	Rose	sauce
	    	    10-12	oz.	Roast	Prime	Rib	of	Beef	au	Jus	•	Yorkshire	Pudding	•	Parisienne	Potatoes	•	Glazed	Baby	Carrots	
          •	Green	Beans	Almondine	•	Dessert	(15	to	choose	from)	•	Coffee	&	Tea
	    (2)	 BuFFET	or	FAMILY	STYLE
	    	    Fresh	Baked	Rolls	•	3	Lettuce	Garden	Salad	•		Penne	Pasta	with	Meatballs	&	Sausage	or	Cabbage	Rolls	•	Roast	Beef
          Roast	Chicken	•	Roasted	Potatoes	•	Green	Beans	Almondine	•	Glazed	Baby	Carrots	•	Dessert	(15	to	choose	from)	
          •	Coffee	&	Tea	•	Menus	can	be	custom	designed	for	your	convenience.
3.	 mIdNIGHT BUFFET		Served	11:00	p.m.	-	midnight
	 Includes	towering	Fruit	Tree	•	Wedding	Cake,	cut	•	Coffee	&	Tea	•	Fresh	Pizza	and/or	Assorted	European	Petite	Pastries
4.	 choose a WEddING cAKE (or $350 credit)
	 You	choose,	see	all	at	our	open	house.
5. Feastivities new, complete dEcORATING PAcKAGE, see	page	3	and
6.	 7 HOUR OPEN BAR		Bar	will	be	open	for	guests	arrival	until	1:00	a.m.	NOT	closed	for	dinner!
    Includes	Rye	•	Rum	•	Vodka	•	Scotch	•	Gin,	choice	of	5	domestic	Beers	•		Choice	of	2	specialities;	i.e.	Baileys,	Schnapps
	 All	mixes	•	juices	•	ice	•	cups	•	bartender	and	hall	fees
	 Also	included	is	unlimited	VQA	Ontario	wine	for	your	guest’s	tables	and	bar	service.
7. PROFESSIONAl dISc JOcKEY SERVIcE	from	9:00	p.m.	-	1:00	a.m.	 (or $350 credit)
	 We	use	only	highly	recommended,	licenced	D.J.s	who	will	provide	you	with	unlimited	music	of	your	choice.
8.	 cHAIR cOVERS Decorative	chair	covers	with	ties	to	ensure	a	perfect	wedding	setup.
Sue	Ann	Staff	Estate	Winery,	Bissell’s	Hideaway	and	Peninsula	Inn	have	their	own	exclusive	package.	Call	for	details.

Price INclUdES black tie service, all service gratuities,
           HST tax and all related hall fees.
                                                                                              $5.00 OFF per person for
                                                                                          FRIdAY ANd SUNdAY WEddINGS!
            Guests	4	years	and	under	are	free	and
           children	5	years	to	11	years	are	$25	pp.

                                                       Serving Niagara Since 1971
                                      905-735-5864	•	905-994-7979	•	web:	
                      Feastivities Events
                      Decorating Package
                         2011 / 2012
              Our company has worked hand-in-hand with Professional Decorators,
  to create a decorating package that will allow you to easily and painlessly create a stunning
       Wedding Day. Specific choices can be made in-person or at our annual open house.

Your Decorating Package Includes:
• 2 cANdElABRAS on head table with White candles.
• WHITE lIGHTS dRAPEd IN VOIlE for the entire head table.
• decorative lIFE lIKE TREES with Mini White Lights OR upgrade to 6 Coloured LED Pin
  Spot Lights instead of the tress to create a beautiful atmosphere for only $250.00 additional.
• Your choice of mONEY BOX
• Your own personal GUEST BOOK with Filigree Base, to keep!
• Your choice of many Fresh cENTERPIEcES (1 per guest’s table-holder rental)
  with decorative candlelight accents.
• Your own personal cAKE KNIFE to keep!
• Elegant ETcHEd TOASTING GlASSES for the bride and groom to keep as a special gift.

           Elegant linens including:
             ~ floor length table cloths in choice of colour
             ~ single-ply linen napkin in choice of colour
             ~ chair covers with choice of colour (based on location chosen)
             ~ floor length linens for head table, cake table,
               receiving tables and gift tables
             ~ check out colours on our website!

                      You will also see additional choices
                      available at our annual open house
                        all set-up and clean-up included
                            set-up on daY of function
        NEWD!                       9.95 per person

       TRE            No Charge for Decorating Package with
                               All Inclusive Package
          Inquire about our Decorative Ceiling Drapery and Magical L.E.D.
                                 Lighting Packages!
                            Professional Wedding Team
                      available for consultation upon request
                                    905-735-5864	or	905-994-7979
                       Email:	•	web:	
            Cocktail & Hors D’oeuvres Events
Activity Stations                                               Hot Hors D’oeuvres
Paella                                                          1)    Mini Pizza with caramelized Onion and
Famous Caribbean dish prepared on a 5 foot round frying               Roquefort (V)
pan. Ingredients include baby gulf shrimp, jerk chicken,        2)    Our Famous Swedish Meatballs with
fresh mussels, wild rice and andoulie sausage. Dish is                Bamboo Shoots
created right in front of your guests.                          3)    Chicken Satay Marinated with Thai Chili or
Bacon Wrapped Scallops out of the Wok                                 Yakitori
Wrapped fresh water scallops prepared with 2 sauces.            4)    Crab Cakes with Red Pepper Aioli and Chive (V)
Skewered Chicken Station                                        5)    Fig and Swedish Blue Cheese Tart with fresh
Chicken on a skewer, BBQ or out of the Wok with                       Raspberry Sauce (V)
2 unique Thai and Hickory smoked sauces.                        6)    Grilled Asparagus and Prosciutto Straws
                                                                7)    Cheeseburger Sliders with Speared Pickle Round
Shrimp Tree                                                     8)    Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms (V)
Tower of Shrimp served on a tree of pineapple,
with Chef’s own Seafood Sauce.                                  9)    Twice Stuffed Mini Potatoes with Sour cream
                                                                      and Chive (V)
Mirrored Cheese and Crudite Tray                                10)   Indonesian Beef Satay with Thai Curry Sauce
3 to 6 foot international cheeses to compliment wine service.   11)   Spanakopita Stuffed Phyllo with Spinach and Feta
Fresh Fruit Fountain                                                  Cheese (V)
Variety of 7 Fruits cascading from a gold fountain.             12)   Curried Lamb Vol-au-vents
                                                                13)   Lamb and Mango Skewers with
Italian Station
Tri-colour Penne and Stuffed Tortelini served with rosé and           Hoisin-soy Marinade
rich Alfredo. Guests choose from 12 toppings, prepared in
front of each guest.                                            Cold Hors D’oeuvres
Mashed Potato Martini Bar                                       1)    Spinach and Strawberry Rose (V)
WOW your guests with this interactive station with 3 sauces,
                                                                2)    Steamed Snapping Peas with Wasabi and
including onion jus, Seafood Bisque and Chardonnay Cream
Sauce with 12 delectable toppings.                                    Chives (V)
                                                                3)    Shrimp Shooters (V)
Savory Crepe Station                                            4)    Marinated Asian Bean and Tomato served in
Our chefs will prepare fresh French crepes in front of your           Wonton Soup Spoon (V)
guests, while they choose the fillings and toppings.
                                                                5)    Deconstructed Caesar Salad
Canadian Station                                                6)    Chicken Caesar in Frico Baskets
Carved Hip of Beef served with 3 sauces, kimilwick,             7)    Wild Mushroom and Herb Bruschetta (V)
variety of mustards and our own Jus. Award winning              8)    Whipped Brie Dill Crostini with
smoked Alberta Side Ribs and Red Bliss Potato Salad.                  Roasted Grapes (V)
Mexican                                                         9)    Caprese Salad on Bamboo Skewers (V)
Mini Soft and Hard Taco shells, shredded cheese, lettuce,       10)   Balsamic Tinted Watermelon with Baked
diced tomatoes, salsa, sour cream and nacho chips.                    Almonds served in a Wonton Soup Spoon (V)
Italian Antipasto Mirrored Platters                             11)   Wasabi Lime Crab Salad in Cucumber Cups (V)
Prosciutto, Ham, Salami, Cappicolo, Provolone Cheese,           12)   Roasted Crab Salad on Farm Fresh
Grilled Vegetables, Stuffed Peppers, Calamari, Cantaloupe,            Endive Boats (V)
Olives and Breads.                                              13)   Salmon Lollipops. Salmon served wrapped
Carved Herb Canadian Beef Strip Loin                                  around Cream Cheese and grapes, speared in a
Strip Loin Rubbed with Fresh Herbs and Peppers, cooked                pineapple. (As showcased on City T.V.) (V)
to perfection, carved and served with Wild Mushroom             14)   Soft Spicy Chicken Wrap
and shallot sauce, grainy mustard and sourdough rolls.          15)   Breaded Buffalo Chicken Slider
  Our chef’s will be happy to customize any Hors D’oeuvres of
      your choice. (V) – Depicts items that are vegetarian.                           Per Person
  All our Hors D’oeuvres are showcased on our photo gallery            3 - 5 choices $____ • 6 - 9 choices $____
                  online at                                   10 - 12 choices $____
               905-735-5864	or	905-994-7979	•	Email:	•	web:	
                    Plated and Sit Down Meals
          The following menu options include complete event planning services, consultation and set-up of event.

Individual Served Functions
Host chooses the main entree and options to be served to the guests. Menus include choice of potato, fresh vegetable
medley, dessert, coffee and tea service, black tie service and complete Chinaware for menu choice.
              These are a sample of our offerings, please call our banquet sales staff for further unique ideas
                                      or visit our web site at
Individual Service
Variety of Fresh baked rolls, Foccacia, Roasted Red Pepper & Feta Breads and Sweet Butter
Choice of one Salad or Soup
Spring Mix Salad - Mixed Niagara spring greens with red wine vinaigrette or raspberry dressing
Classic Caesar - Baked croutons and crispy bacon in our own classic dressing
Mandarin Orange Explosion - Baby spinach tossed with Mandarin oranges, toasted almonds and raspberry dressing
Fresh Fruit Salad - Variety of in season fruit, served in a chilled wine glass, topped with cream and fresh mint
Twin Soups of Gin Fennell - A marriage of cream of potato and cream of tomato soup.
Italian Wedding Soup - A classic chicken broth soup with mini meatballs.
Pasta (choice of one, ask event planner for complete selection)
1. Penne Pasta in a Rich Marinara Sauce
2. Tri-colour Stuffed Tortellini in a Rich Alfredo Sauce
3. Stuffed Ricotta shells with chef’s own Rosé Sauce
Main Entrée
Price of entrée determines menu price per person
1. AAA Alberta Prime Rib of Beef with Yorkshire Pudding Au Jus
2. Grilled Chilean Seabass laced with Red Cabernet Sauvignon Sauce
3. Chicken Italiano 6oz. Chicken Breast Stuffed with Asiago and Steamed Baby Spinach
4. Chicken Cordon Blue 6oz. Breaded Chicken Breast stuffed with Ham and Mozzarella Cheese,
    served with White Chardonnay Cream Sauce
5. Mustard Crusted Australian Lamb with Peppermint Demi Glaze
6. Lacquered Maple Glaze Atlantic Salmon with Sesame Jewels
7. N.Y. AAA Roasted Striploin, served with onion shavings
8. Surf and Turf, our Filet with choice of Lobster or Sauteed Garlic Shrimp
9. Rock Cornish Hen with Wild Rice and Peach Stuffing
10. Stuffed Pork Tenderloin with Traditional Apple Chutney Bread Stuffing
11. Chicken or Salmon EnCroute (wrapped in puff pastry with own sauce)
12. Swiss-Crusted Salmon Fillet with Pineapple Salsa
Special Course Add-Ons
1.   Relish Tray - Variety of Fresh Vegetables, Chef’s Onion Dip and Pickle Garnish
2.   Italian Antipasto - Provolone, Bocconcino, Olives, Proscuitto, Salami, Capicola and Melon
3.   Lobster Ravioli with Lobster Medallions
4.   Seared Ginger Crusted Scallops served with Jade Sauce

        Above prices do not include
     applicable taxes or service charge.                                         Prices based on location chosen!

                                                   Serving Niagara Since 1971
                905-735-5864	or	905-994-7979	•	Email:	•	web:	
                       Niagara Region’s Best
                       European Antipasto Bar
                                             Talk about WOW!
   This	is	when	we	get	to	use	our	props	from	Italian	flags	and	coloured	organza	linen,	mirrored	platters,	
revolving	mirrors,	to	glowing	ice	sculptures!	This	can	be	added	to	one	of	our	popular	buffet	choices	or	as	a	
 stand	alone	buffet	when	your	guests	first	arrive.	Let	our	chefs	dazzle	your	guests	with	a	most	memorable	
                            Italian	themed	buffet.	All	items	are	clearly	marked!

                                        Your Antipasto Bar Includes:
                            Italian	Roasted	Red	Pepper	and	Feta	Cheese	Breads
                                         Selection	of	6	Foccacia	Breads
                                             Marinated	Mushrooms
                                           Bruchetta	Bread	Crustini
                           Mirrored	Vegetables	Crudites	and	6	International	Dips
                                               Pickled	Vegetables
                                        Stuffed	Italian	Jalapeño	Peppers
                           Olive	Bar	consisting	of	a	tiered	display	of	4	Varieties
                                    Prosciutto	on	Bread	sticks	and	melons
                                Sliced	Capicolla	and	southern	Smoked	Hams
                                       International	Variety	of	4	Salami
                                              Bocconchini Cheese
                                                Provolone	Cheese
                                      Aged	Marble	and	Cheddar	Cheese
                                        Quartered	Wheeled	Blue	Cheese
                                         Tropical	Fresh	Fruit	Fountain
                   Rotating	4	foot	Fresh	Shrimp	Tree	floating	on	a	bed	of	Seafood	Sauce
                Fresh	Seafood	Salad	served	in	a	round	ice	bowl	with	clients	name	engraved
                           and	many	more	surprises	to	make	the	perfect	event!

                   Price	per	person	based	on	60	to	90	minutes	of	service,	min	90	guests
                          Stand	alone	European	Antipasto	Bar	Reception												$	
	   	   Added	to	one	of	our	Main	Entrée	Buffets,	Reception	Buffet	or	Midnight	Buffet			$	

                   Chilled	Mussels	and	Bloody	Mary	Oysters	served	on	a	3	foot	ice	bar	-	$	
                   To	add	another	one	of	our	Dramatic	Food	Stations	see	enclosed	menus.

                                                Serving Niagara Since 1971
              905-735-5864	or	905-994-7979	•	Email:	•	web:	
  Hot and Cold Popular Buffet Menus
          BUFFET No. 1                                                          BUFFET No. 2
      Sliced	Roast	Beef	and	Turkey                                              Caesar	or	Garden	Salad
    Seafood	Newburg	on	a	Patty	Shell                                     Shrimp	Stir	Fry	and	Chicken	Marsala
        Mini	Chicken	Cordon	Bleu                                            Ravioli,	Garlic	Bread,	Eggplant
           Vegetable	Rice	Pilaf                                          Vegetable	Rice	Pilaf,	Rolls	and	Butter,	
      Rolls	and	Butter,	Relish	Tray                                           Relish	Tray,	Italian	Cookies
      Coffee,	Tea,	Cream	and	Sugar                                           Coffee,	Tea,	Cream	and	Sugar

                        per person                                                            per person

          BUFFET No. 3                                                          BUFFET No. 4
   Hand	Carved	Baked	Ham,	Baked	Ziti                                        Hand	Carved	Prime	Rib
         Mini	Chicken	Cordon	Bleu                                         Hand	Carved	Turkey	Breast
        Rice	Pilaf	or	Duchess	Potato                                Oven	Roasted	Potato,	Seasonal	Vegetable
        Fresh	Tossed	Garden	Salad                                         Fresh	Tossed	Garden	Salad
Dinner	Rolls	and	Butter,	Choice	of	Vegetable                               Assorted	Rolls	and	Butter
       Coffee,	Tea,	Cream	and	Sugar                                      Coffee,	Tea,	Cream	and	Sugar

                        per person                                                            per person

          BUFFET No. 5                                                    ITAlIAN FAVOURITE
        Carved	Steam	Ship	Round                                                    Served	Individually
      Hand	Carved	Turkey	Breast	or                                       Freshly	Baked	Rolls,	Italian	Antipasto
    Seafood	Newburg	on	a	Patty	Shell                                                  Seafood	Salad
     Garden	Salad,	Parissenne	Potato                                                Stracietella	Soup
           Whole	Green	Beans                                                 Manicotti	(1	cheese	&	1	meat)
        Assorted	Rolls	and	Butter                                           or	Tri-coloured	stuffed	Tortellini
      Coffee,	Tea,	Cream	and	Sugar                                               8	oz.	Prime	Rib	au	Jus
                                                                           Skewered	Fresh	Garlic	Shrimp	(4)
                        per person                                               Herb	Roasted	Potatoes
                                                                              Honey	Glazed	Baby	Carrots
    All	buffets	come	with	your	choice	of	                                    Green	Beans	with	Red	Pepper
 individual	dessert	(see	our	dessert	list)	or                                   Spring	Mix	Garden	Salad
 Buffet	dessert	of	Fresh	Fruit	Fountain	and                              Dessert,	Coffee,	Tea,	Cream	and	Sugar
selection	of	(4	per)	European	Petite	Pastries
                                                                                              per person

                                            Serving Niagara Since 1971
          905-735-5864	or	905-994-7979	•	Email:	•	web:	
                          Ultimate WOW
                       Family Favourite Menu
     Since	this	menu	has	been	so	popular	over	the	years,	our	chefs	have	given	you	a	detailed	choice	to	choose	
        from	to	ease	your	ordering.	Majority	of	this	menu	is	available	for	tasting	at	our	annual	open	house.
1. Bread:	Your	selection	includes;	White	Italian	Rolls,	Whole	Wheat	Rolls	and	our	own	Foccaccia	Bread,	
	  Roasted	Red	Pepper	and	Feta	Loaves	served	together	in	a	basket.
2.     choose a cold Salad:	Buffet	you	receive	a	choice	of	4
	      •	3	Lettuce	Garden	Salad	with	choice	of	2	dressings	on	table	or	our	House	Red	Wine	Vinaigrette
	      •	Caesar	Salad	-	our	famous	salad	with	fresh	baked	croutons	and	fresh	bacon	bits
	      •	Marinated	Tomato	and	Onion	Salad
	      •	Niagara	Spring	Mix	-	a	variety	of	petit	lettuces	with	choice	of	dressing
	      •	Mandarin	Orange	Explosion.	Fresh	local	spinach,	toasted	almonds,	mandarin	oranges	with	
         raspberry	dressing.
	      •	Greek	Salad
	      •	Fussili	Pasta	Salad	with	fresh	julienne	Niagara	vegetables
3.	 choose a Pasta dish or cabbage Rolls
	   •	Penne	Rigate	in	our	Famous	Marinara	Sauce	or	Creamy	Alfredo
	   •	Baked	Ziti	(Buffet	only)
	   •	Tortellini	Alfredo	with	a	delicate	cream	sauce
    Add Pasta:	Lasagna	-	layers	of	fresh	vegetables,	meat	and	a	3	cheese	blend	                         $1.90 per person
                  Tri-colour	Fettuccini	-	freshly	made	with	your	choice	of	sauce	                       $1.00 per person
	   	             Manicotti	-	1	meat	and	1	cheese	per	person	                                           $2.00 per person
                  Tri-colour	Tortellini	Primavera	tossed	with	fresh	vegetables	and	a	3	cheese	sauce	    $1.00 per person
                  Famous	Family	Recipe	-	Meatballs	and	Sausage	                                         $2.45	per person
                  Stuffed	Ricotta	Shells	(3	per	person)	                                                $2.00 per person
4.	    main Entree:	Choice	of	2	-	(a)	Chicken,	(b)	Turkey,	(c)	Smoked	Ham	or	(d)	Roast	Sirloin
	      •	(a)	Roasted	Chicken	-	whole	chicken	cut	into	9	pieces,	marinated	and	baked	to	perfection.
	      •	(a)	Boneless	Breast	of	Chicken	with	chardonnay	mushroom	sauce,	baked	and	served	with	a	light	
	      	    		chardonnay	sauce,	with	or	without	mushrooms.
	      •	Chicken	Marsala	Our	Way	-	boneless	chicken	breast	lightly	floured,	grilled	and	served	in	our	very	own	
	      				marsala	wine	sauce.	
	      •	Chicken	Skewers	-	chicken	breast	marinated	Greek	style	served	on	6”	skewer,	2	per	person.	
	      •	Chicken	or	Veal	Parmagianna	-	breaded	chicken	or	veal	cutlet	with	melted	mozzarella	cheese	with	red	sauce.
	      •	(b)	Roast	Turkey	-	our	slow	roasted	turkey	served	with	home	style	dressing	and	whole	cranberry	sauce.
	      •	(c)	Smoked	Ham	served	with	pineapple	glaze.
	      •	(d)	Roast	Top	Sirloin	-	our	beef	is	AAA	Alberta	Beef,	slow	roasted,	sliced	and	served	with	our	home	style	gravy.
	      Treat	yourselves	to	the	finest	cut	of	beef,	BBQ,	slow	roasted	Beef	Tenderloin	with	Onion	Jus,	add	$4.95
5.     Potatoes or Rice:	choice	of	ONE
	      •	Roasted	Potatoes	-	seasoned	and	roasted	to	perfection
	      •	Parisienne	Potatoes	-	seasoned	parisienne	style	potatoes	roasted	to	perfection
	      •	Mashed	Potatoes	-	creamy	home	style	mashed	potatoes
	      •	Seasoned	Orso	Rice	or	Basmati	Rice
6.	    Vegetables:	choice	of	TWO (subject to seasonality)
	      •	Honey	Glazed	Baby	Carrots	-	sweet	baby	carrots	with	honey	and	brown	sugar
	      •	Green	Beans	Almondine	-	tender	green	beans	with	almonds
	      •	Prince	Edward	Medley	-	a	medley	of	green	beans,	yellow	beans	and	baby	carrots
	      •	Broccoli	Mornay	-	broccoli	florets	with	mornay	sauce
	      •	Corn	with	Roasted	Red	Peppers	-	sweet	kernel	corn	with	roasted	red	peppers
	      •	Sweet	Peas	with	Mushrooms	and	Pearl	Onions
7.  dessert:	see	selection	sheet
8.	 coffee and Tea:	served	butler	style
               905-735-5864	or	905-994-7979	•	Email:	•	web:	
           Wedding Midnight Buffet Choices
      We	have	created	these	choices	for	your	convenience	and	added	value.	You	can	supply	your	own	
      buffet	upon	request,	a	table	will	be	provided	and	you	will	be	responsible	for	set	up	and	cleanup.
                        Any	questions	please	speak	with	our	wedding	consultant.

       Because	some	of	your	quests	leave	early,	we	have	provided	a	cost	based	on	numbers	included.
          For	example	if	you	have	150	guests	invited,	we	suggest	choosing	100	minimum	guests.
                   Totals	are	figured	on	total	guest	count,	minus	35%.	No	exceptions.
                             Service	staff	to	maintain,	and	clear	guest	tables.

                      Bronze                                                                    Silver
               Cut	Clients	Wedding	Cake                                                   Cut	Clients	Wedding	Cake
                  Place	on	Paper	Plates                                             5 Foot Towering Fresh Fruit Fountain
                 Coffee	and	Tea	Service                                                        Fresh	Cut	Pizza
         Supply	Paper	Napkins	and	Condiments                                                Coffee	and	Tea	Service
                                                                              Served	On	China	Plates,	Paper	Napkins,	Silverware

           Gold Extravaganza
           Midnight Buffet                                                     Chocolate Fountain Buffet
  2	Flavours	of	Confetti	Candy	in	Large	Martini	Glasses                           Add	to	buffet	or	enjoy	it	all	by	itself!
         Variety	of	Fresh	Baked	Italian	Cookies                            Towering	flowing	milk	or	dark	chocolate	fountain
          Selection	of	Decadent	Italian	Pastries	                           Table	completely	covered	with	dipping	pretzels
         (Variety of 12 will be served, 2 per person)                   Tropical	fruit	and	marshmallows	kabobs	(1	per	person)
        Croquembouche/profiterole	tower	-	WOW!                                         Served	on	a	4-foot	palm	tree
  Chocolate	Dipped	Strawberries	Variety	of	cakes,	based	               Chocolate	chip	cookie	lollipops	for	dipping	(.5	per	person)
   on	your	guests	count,	see	enclosed	list,	your	choice.                                        $6.90	p.p.
     To	add	to	any	All-inclusive	Packages	$7.50	p.p.

                                                    Fun 	Candy	Bar
Let	our	event	planners	dazzle	your	guests	with	a	Variety	of	several	Old	Tyme	favorite	candies	served	in	a	decorative	
container,	including	hanging	from	the	draping!	You	choose	the	choice	of	draping	and	we	even	include	packages	with	
 your	names	and	date	stamped	on	it	for	your	guests	to	take	home.	A	perfect	Wedding	favor	that	everyone	loves!	Let	
                       us	create	that	WOW	for	your	guests!	See	Pictures	in	our	photo	gallery!

                            	 #	of	Guests	        	Bronze	                 Silver	              Gold
                            	 Min	75-100	

       Add o                    151-200                                                                          As
                                                                                                              abou k
      Espreccino                201-250
                                                                                                             onsitet our
          u                                                                                                Cream Ice
     Capp vice              	 over	251	                 see	your	banquet	consultant
       Ser                                                                                                               !

                                                         Serving Niagara Since 1971

               905-735-5864	or	905-994-7979	•	Email:	•	web:	
                           Wine & Beverage Service
                                                       - OPTIONS -
1.    PAY PER BOTTlE	(Consumption	Bar	minimum	100	people)
	     -		40	oz.	Bottle	(our	choice	Rye,	Rum,	Vodka,	Scotch	and	Gin)	                           	              $95.00	per	bottle	
	     -	 Beer	Bottle	(Domestic)	                                                               	              $		3.95	per	bottle
	     -		Beer	Bottle	(Imported)	                                                               	              $		4.95	per	bottle
	     -	 Wine	                                                                                 	               Priced	per	bottle
      Host	Bar	is	measured	by	tenths.	A	full	bottle	is	10,	a	half	bottle	is	5.	Host	pays	only	amount		 onsumed	in	bottle.
	     Prices	include	all	mixes	and	bartenders.	Minimum	$495.00 charge.	Prices	subject	to	applicable	Taxes	and	
	     10%	Service	Gratuity.

	     -		our	choice	Rye,	Rum,	Vodka,	Scotch	and	Gin
	     -	 choice	of	2	speciality	bottles,	i.e.	Bailey’s,	Schnapps	                              5	hours					
	     -	 choice	of	5	domestic	beers	                                                           	
	     	 (1	hour	before	Dinner	and	Re-open	@	9:00pm	-	1:00am)
	     	 (open	during	Dinner	or	earlier)	                                                       7	hours					
	     All	mixes,	juices,	glasses,	ice	and	bartenders	included.	Package	price	is	charged	per	person,	guests	over	age	19.
	     Guests	attending	under	the	age	of	18	will	not	be	charged	for	Bar	Package.	Guests	under	age	19	will	be	charged		
	     $3.00	per	for	consumption	of	soft	drinks	and	juice.	Prices	subject	to	applicable	HST	and	10%	Service	
	     Gratuity.	Minimum	100	Guests.	Drinks	will	be	served	according	to	the	L.C.B.O	rules	and	regulations.	Feastivities		
	     reserves	the	right	to	limit	numbers	of	drinks	served	per	guest.	No	corkage	fee	for	clients	to	provide	own	wine,	
	     however	clients	are	responsible	for	obtaining	proper	licensing	for	wine	only.
      Options for Full Service Bar
	     1.	 Champagne	Toast	or	Champagne	upon	Reception	-	add	$3.95 per person
	     2.	 Martini	Bar	upon	request	(90	min)	-	add	$12.95 per person
      3.	 unlimited	Wine	Service.	Priced	Per	Bottle	chosen.

3.	   cASH BAR
	     Is	available	when	guests	of	function	purchase	their	own	alcohol	beverages.	Following	prices	will	be	charged:
	     -	 Our	choice	Rye,	Rum,	Vodka,	Scotch	and	Gin	                                     	                     $3.95 ea.
	     -	 Domestic	Beer	                                                                  	                     $3.95 ea.
	     -	 Other	Top	Shelf	Liquor	and	Wine	                                                	         Quoted	as	per	Brand
	     Host	 will	 be	 asked	 for	 choice	 of	 Domestic	 Beer	 to	 be	 available.	 Minimum	 charge	 for	 Cash	 Bar	 is	 $495.00.	
	     One	(1)	Bartender	is	charged	to	host	at	$15	per	hour.	All	mixes,	juices,	glasses	and	ice	are	included	in	drink	price.	
      Cash Bar prices include	all	taxes.	If	we	provide	Cash	Bar	and	client	provides	own	wine,	we	charge	only	on	a	Cash
	     Bar,	a	$12	per	bottle	corkage	fee.

    Clients	 supplying	 their	 own	 bar	 at	 hall	 locations	 must	 provide	 L.C.B.O.	 license	 and	 abide	 by	 all	 rules	 and	
    regulations.	Most	halls	require	a	mix		and	bartender	charge	which	will	be	quoted	on	an	individual	basis.	Please	see	
    terms	and	conditions.	Client	will	be	100%	responsible	for	all	guests	actions.	Some	halls	require	limited	liability	insurance.	
    All	liquor	and	supplies	must	be	removed	from	hall	location	on	night	of	function,	unless	other	arrangements	have	
    been	made	directly	with	the	hall	director.	Insurance	must	be	obtained	and	list	venue	and	F.E.C.	as	third	party	liability.	
    For	information	go	to

                                                       Serving Niagara Since 1971
                  905-735-5864	or	905-994-7979	•	Email:	•	web:	

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