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                                 high adventure
                                    and more!

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We are pleased to present the Fall/Winter 2011
Activity Guide for the Boy Scouts of America,
Mid-America Council!

The Mid-America Council offers youth the
advantages in life that we all dream of for our
children when we first hold them in our arms.

As the new Scout Executive for the Mid-America
Council, I strongly believe the programs offered in
this activity guide are part of what make Scouting
not only fun and exciting for our youth, but keep
them engaged in a program that continually
benefits our communities.

This guide is a great resource for your pack, troop, crew or post. We hope you take
advantage of the opportunities provided by the businesses and organizations in this
book, as well as the information and tools provided, to help make Scouting stronger!

If you have any questions about the guide, please contact Molly Phelps at 402.431.9BSA
(9272) or

We hope you enjoy your Scouting experience and make even more lasting memories
through this guide.

Eric Magendantz
Scout Executive, Mid-America Council

                                                                      Fall/Winter 2011 | Page 1
    Welcome                                                     1
    Index of Advertisers                                        3
    What Will Your Scouts Do This Year? How to Use This Guide   4

Activities & Program Calendar, August - December 2011           8-12

Funding Your Program
    Selling at Storefronts & Pre-Orders                         17
    Meet our 2011 Youth Popcorn Chair                           18
    Unit Kernel Training                                        19
    Important Dates                                             19
    Online Sales                                                19
    Scholarships                                                19

Fall & Winter Camping
    Renting Camps for your Pack/Troop/Crew                      21
    Camping with Horses                                         22
    Tour Permit Updates                                         23

High Adventure
    Learn more about BSA High Adventure Bases                   27
    C.O.P.E.: Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience           28

    Quick Reference Guide of Required Trainings                 33
    How to Train Online                                         34
    Learn about Wood Badge & NYLT (Pahuk Pride)                 34

    Resources for Advancement                                   39
    Spotlight on Robotics                                       40

Journey to Excellence Service Hours
    How to Log Service Hours                                    45
    Recommended Partners for Service                            45
    Service Project Ideas                                       46
Index of Advertisers
Omaha Blue Waves Martial Arts                   5
Oxbow Enterprises                               5
SkateDaze                                       6
That Pottery Place                              7
Kansas Cosmosphere                              13
Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo                          14
UNO Planetarium                                 15
Omaha Lancers Hockey Club                       15
Mahoney State Park                              16
Omaha Symphony                                  16
The International                               20
Amazing Pizza Machine                           24
Panera Bread                                    25
Sail School Bahamas                             26
Philmont High Adventure Base                    29
Project C.O.P.E.                                30
Camp Cedars 2012                                30
Harlem Globetrotters                            31
The Durham Museum                               32
The Vault                                       35
Arbor Day Farm                                  36
Over the Edge                                   37
Strategic Air & Space Museum                    38
Fran Sillau, Theater Teaching Artist            41
River City Rodeo & Stock Show                   42
The Kroc Center                                 42
Batchelder Family Scout Museum                  43
The Josyln Art Museum                           43
World O! Water                                  44
Exploring                                       47
Bricks4Kids                                     48
Maplewood Lanes                                 49
Hy-Vee                                          50
American Legacy Complex                         51
Courteous Kids                                  51
Kohll’s Pharmacy                                52
DiVentures                                      53

                                       Fall/Winter 2011 | Page 3
         What will your Scout do this year?
         Inside these pages, you will find information on activities, events, camping,
         high adventure and more in your area, across the state and beyond!

         These programs are designed to be family-friendly and fun for your Scout.
         Go through this book with him or with your entire Pack to decide what you
         want to participate in this year. Why not calculate how much popcorn your
         Scout needs to sell to pay for all of his activities this year?

   Activity/Event           Date            Page Number           Cost Per Scout












Fall/Winter 2011 | Page 2
                                                      Scout out animal careers !

                                                           Spend the week learning about animals
                                                          and their care during Junior Vet Camp,
Focus, Self Control and Fitness                             presented by Oxbow Animal Health.
have never been so much fun!                                    • Work with a variety of live animals
     Martial Arts Classes
                                                                • Learn about veterinary medicine
                                                                • Examine real X-rays
     Self Defense Seminars                                     • Perform mock surgery
     Summer Camps
                                                                • Develop new friendships
                                                      Take home FREE surgical scrubs and stethoscope!
     Fitness Classes to earn your merit badge

                                                          2012 Camp Information
                                                                  can be found at www.
Stop in to find out why Omaha Blue Waves was
voted the #1 martial arts school in Omaha by City
Voter and has been featured in a number of interna-
tional martial arts magazines.                               New Expanded Schedule!
                                                            Camps run Monday-Thursday
                                                                8:00 am - 4:00 pm

    Cox Cable Channel 22 - Qwest Cable Channel 69

    Omaha Blue Waves is con-
    veniently located northeast
    of 144th and Millard Ave. at
    14205 U St. next to Meineke.

     Omaha Blue Waves Martial Arts and Fitness
           14205 U St. Omaha, NE 68137
          (402) 215-6017 or (402) 215-6003
          Email:                                                    Save $25.00
                                                             send this ad with
                                                                                             your registration
                                                                               BOY SCOUTS-2012

                                                         For more details, call 800-249-0366 or
*Boy Scouts Overnight Daze:
Date: Saturday, February 18, 2012-Sunday, February 19, 2012 (Deadline of February 13, 2012)

Cost:   $25 Scout
        $15 Leaders - Join in the fun!

Time:   7:30 pm-10:00 pm Earn SkateDaze FUN Badge
       Skating includes Skate Rental                               At 10:00 pm when their event goes private they
       Lazer Runner                                                 can earn their Skating Merit Badge at our Skate
       Bumper Car Ride                                              Clinic.
       Rock Wall Climb                                             Then it’s bunk down to a Movie
       Roller Coaster Ride                                         Sleepover
       8-game Tokens for the Arcades                               Donut and Juice in the morning...Ending at
       Pizza slice or Hot dog and Soda                              6:00am

What to bring:
Sleeping Bag & Pillow
Extra Spending money
Scout t-shirt/uniform

*Minimum of 50 people                                         NOTE: Discounts for private Scout Groups available

Cub Scout SaturDaze - Every Saturday! Earn your Roller Skating Belt Loop and Pin
Cost:   $20 Scout & Siblings
        $15 Leader/Adult (participating)
        Free for Non-Participating Adult

Time: 10 am-4 pm

Includes tickets for:
     1-Hour Skating Lesson with Skate Rental                       Roller Coaster
     Lazer Runner                                                  Rock Climbing Wall
     Bumper Cars                                                   10 Game Tokens
     Playdazium                                                    Slice of Pizza or Hotdog & Soda

What to bring:
Extra Spending money
Scout t-shirt/uniform

                            FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO REGISTER:
                   Contact Tiffany at or 402-895-1400 x 20
   CALENDAR, August - December
   Tear out and put on your fridge at home! Be sure to keep checking www. and click on the ‘Calendar’ tab for any updates or changes,
   as well as any new activities that have been added.

 August                                                      4th Annual Benjamin Petrzilka Charity Golf
 BojiFest, August 5-7                                        Tournament, August 29
 Come enjoy an Outdoor Extravaganza at Lake Okoboji!         Join us at The Knolls in Omaha for a charity golf
 For more information and to register, download the          tournament to raise funds for building storm shelters
 Information Packet on the ‘Calendar’ tab of our website.    and making camping safer for the Scouts. There will
                                                             be a silent auction during & following the golf outing.
 Day Camp at Camp Wa-Kon-Da, August 6                        Please contact John Nordmeyer at john.nordmeyer@
 All Cub Scouts are invited for a wet ‘n wild day at Camp or 402.639.2934 for more information.
 Wa-Kon-Da! Program will include water games, water
 sports, wet explosions, wet tug of war, water science
 and more! Cost is $35 for one youth and adult and
 includes lunch. To register, visit
                                                             Henry Doorly Zoo Explorer Post Kickoff, Sept. 3
 CubScoutCamp.                                               Are you a high school student and does learning about
                                                             exotic animals excite you? Would you like to explore
 Order of the Arrow Summer Conclave, August 12-14            various Zoo careers? This program gives you the
 Mark your calendars for the OA summer conclave at           opportunity to step into the real world of animal care,
 Camp Cedars.                                                research, conservation and education. Contact Lindsey
                                                             Rai Reasner for more information, Lindsey.reasner@
 Nani-Bha-Zhu Tribal Festival, August 19-20         or (402)514-3065.
 All NBZ members are invited to the annual Tribal
 Festival! Cost is $20 before August 15 and $25 after.       Bellevue University Robotics Crew Kickoff, Sept. 6
 New Chief ceremony will be Friday night -- don’t miss       Bellevue University is opening its doors to all women
 it! Please contact Steve Dunham at steve.dunham@            and men ages 14-20 to join a 12 week, hands on or 402.431.9BSA (402.431.9272) for more        Robotics Program. Contact Lindsey Rai Reasner for
 information.                                                more information, or
 World O! Water Festival, August 20
 Youth and families of all ages are encouraged participate   Photography Explorer Clinic, Sept. 8
 in water fun activities designed to educate about water     High school students, do you have a passion for
 conservation at Wehrspann Lake in Omaha. Download           photography? Have you always wanted to know what
 the event flyer under our ‘Calendar’ tab on our website.    it is like to pursue a career in the field? Join the Rick
 Please contact Chester Black at Chester.Black@              Billings Photography Exploring event for a one day, Please include “World O! Water” in the      photography clinic. Contact Lindsey Rai Reasner for
 subject line.                                               more information, or
 Fitness Class, Blue Waves Martial Arts, Aug. 26
 Boy Scouts, earn your fitness merit badge! Download
 the registration form on our website.

Fall/Winter 2011 | Page 8
UNO Aviation Explorer Post Kickoff, Sept. 8                  infrastructure, improving transportation, and more - join
This program will expose high school students to             us! Contact Lindsey Rai Reasner for more information,
different career options in the aviation industry. The or (402)514-3065.
University of Nebraska at Omaha Aviation Institute will
be hosting this post. Contact Lindsey Rai Reasner for        Dream It Do It! Explorer Post Kickoff, Sept. 13
more information, or            Are you a high school student interested in engineering,
(402)514-3065.                                               construction or logistics industry as a career path. As a
                                                             result, the Nebraska Advanced Manufacturing Coalition
Henry Doorly Zoo Explorer Post Kickoff, Sept. 8              “ Dream It Do It” organization and their corporate partners
Are you a high school student and does learning about        would like to invite you to participate in our Exploring
exotic animals excite you? Would you like to explore         Post program where you will learn about career options
various Zoo careers? This program gives you the              and career paths during this series of informal lectures
opportunity to step into the real world of animal care,      and hands on exercises. Contact Lindsey Rai Reasner
research, conservation and education. Contact Lindsey        for more information, or
Rai Reasner for more information, Lindsey.reasner@           (402)514-3065. or (402)514-3065.
                                                             Advance Air Explorer Post Kickoff, Sept. 15
Order of the Arrow Section Conclave, Sept. 9-11              Private airplane ride, parents can come too! High School
All Arrowmen are invited to the 2011 Section C-5A            students only join the Instructors of Advanced Air Inc.
Conclave at Camp Cornhusker in Humboldt, NE. A               at the Council Bluffs Airport for a five week exploration
$10.00 deposit will reserve your spot in our lodge           of the Aviation Industry. Contact Lindsey Rai Reasner
contingent. To download the registration form, visit the     for more information, or
‘Calendar’ tab on our website. Please contact Vince          (402)514-3065.
Cummings, Jr. at,
                                                             Omaha Community Playhouse Explorer Post
Self Defense Class, Sept. 10                                 Kickoff, Sept. 15
Learn self defense with Omaha Blue Waves Martial             Come join us for an overview of the content of our
Arts. For Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. Visit our website       six exciting theatre based sessions. Contact Lindsey
to download registration form.                               Rai Reasner for more information, Lindsey.reasner@
                                                    or (402)514-3065.
Merit Badge Clinic, Sept. 10
All Boy Scouts are invited to earn their Communications,     Wilderness 1st Aid Training, Sept. 16-18
Dog Care and Truck Transportation Merit Badges at the        Wilderness First Aid is a 16-hour outdoor-oriented first
LDS Church on 110th & Martha St. in Omaha. There             aid course for backcountry situations when EMS is not
is no cost, but pre-registration is required. Registration   readily available. Training will be at Thomas Ashford
deadline is three weeks before the clinic date and is        Scout Ranch. For more information or to register, visit
limited to 30 Scouts. Please see the ‘Calendar’ tab on       the ‘Calendar’ tab on our website.
our website for more vital information including how to
register.                                                    Show Me the Money! Day, Sept. 17
                                                             Brought to you by New York Life & Bank of the West.
Intl. Taste Tour Explorer Post Kickoff, Sept. 12             Cub Scouts will participate in games about money,
Get your passports ready! Join us as we tour around the      investing, and more. Boy Scouts can earn their Personal
world and taste test one of Omaha’s ethnic restaurants       Management merit badge. Parents can learn about
each month from September-May. Learn about foods,            raising financially responsible children and sign their
customs and more! Contact Lindsey Rai Reasner for            kids up with the New York Life Child ID program. Space
more information, or            is limited. Cost is free and workshop sessions vary in
(402)514-3065.                                               time. For more info or to reserve your spot, email Molly
                                                             Phelps at
Lamp, Rynearson & Assoc. Explorer Post Kickoff,
Sept. 13                                                     Cub-O! Sept. 17
High School students interested in creating                  Cub-O! is an orienteering event designed for everyone

                                                                                            Fall/Winter 2011 | Page 9
 to enjoy: from dens that want an easy hike in the             the unique Loess Hills of Little Sioux Scout Ranch.
 woods, to dens that compete hard or dens that want to         For more info or to register, visit
 teach their boys more about problem solving and map           cubscoutcamp.
 reading. All Tigers, Cub Scouts, Webelos, leaders,
 parents and siblings are invited. For more info or to         Webelos Woods, Camp Wakonda, Sept. 23-25
 register, visit                 Make sure all the Webelos in your pack are ready
                                                               to do some overnight camping at Camp Wakonda in
 Scout Bike Jam, Sept. 18                                      Bellevue! Check out our website for more info.
 Gather your pack, troop or whole family to learn more
 about bicycling and to check off those Bicycling Belt         ITT Tech Explorer Post Kickoff, Sept. 24
 Loop and Badge requirements! 1-4 p.m., Durham Scout           Learn about drafting, visual communications,
 Center. Scouts will also ride to Tranquility Park on the      electronics, information technology, criminal justice,
 Papio Trail. Cost is free but pre-registration is required.   nursing and more! Contact Lindsey Rai Reasner for
 Visit to download the registration            more information, or
 form.                                                         (402)514-3065.

 HDR Explorer Post Kickoff, Sept. 21                           Over the Edge, Sept. 24
 High School students interested in Architecture               Go Over the Edge for Boy Scouts at Woodmen Tower
 and Engineering Career Exploration come join the              in downtown Omaha. Participants will rappel down the
 professionals of HDR. Contact Lindsey Rai Reasner             side of the tower! Register today to confirm your spot.
 for more information, or         For more information, including cost, visit the ‘Calendar’
 (402)514-3065.                                                tab on our website.

 Scout Night at the Rodeo, Sept. 22                            Day Camp at Thomas Ashford Scout Reservation,
 Join us for Scout Night at the Rodeo! 3 Youth will win        Sept. 24
 a rappel as part of the opening ceremonies (Webelos           Come to Day Camp at Thomas Ashford Scout Ranch
 or older). Youth in uniform are free, accompanying            in Homer, NE where Cub Scouts can launch bow
 family members are $15 each. Reserve your tickets by          and arrows, shoot BB guns and participate in other
 September 7. Download the reservation form at www.            fun activities. Cost is $35 for one youth and adult. To                                                  register, visit

 Pinewood Derby Display at the Douglas Co. Fair.,              Ohwahnasee District Fall Day Camp, Sept. 24
 Sept. 22-25                                                   Learn about nature in a fun and exciting way while
 Join us at the Douglas County Fair for a special display      earning several belt loops. The cost is $15 for the day
 of Pinewood Derby cars! Download the registration             and activities, Held at Nishna Bend Recreation Area
 form at on the Calendar page.                 and Nature Center in Harlan, Iowa. Please visit www.
                                                      to download the registration form.
 BALOO, Webelos Outdoor Training, Sept. 23
 All adult Cub/Webelos leaders are invited to get trained      MCC Culinary Arts Explorer Post Kickoff, Sept. 26
 in Harlan, IA. BALOO is $10.00 for food, handouts and         Interested in Culinary Arts, the Hospitality industry?
 BALOO pin; Webelos Outdoor Leader is $20.00 for               MCC invites all interested high school students to join
 food, handouts, training supplies and/or campground           our Culinary/Horticulture Exploring Program. Contact
 fees. Please contact Sherry Frazier at sherryfrazier2@        Lindsey Rai Reasner for more information, Lindsey. or 402.431.9BSA (402.431.9272) for more    or (402)514-3065.
                                                               OPS Construction Explorer Post Kickoff, Sept. 27
 Advancement Camp at Little Sioux Scout Ranch,                 Learn hands-on about the many fields of
 Sept. 23-25                                                   construction! Contact Lindsey Rai Reasner for
 Advancement Camp is for Cub Scouts & Webelos to               more information, or
 earn belt loops & pins, fish at the lake, enjoy friendship    (402)514-3065.
 with other Scouts, camp for two nights and experience

Fall/Winter 2011 | Page 10
                                                            Alegent Health Bergen Mercy Med Center Explorer
October                                                     Post Kickoff, Oct. 11
Boy Scout 25 and 50-mile Ride, Oct. 1                       Interested in a career in healthcare? We invite you to
Scouts can ride either 25 or 50 miles as part of their      become a member of our Medical Exploring Program.
Cycling merit badge requirements. Meet at the               Contact Lindsey Rai Reasner for more information,
Democracy Park Trailhead, 88th & Fort in Omaha at 9 or (402)514-3065.
a.m. Cost is free but pre-registration is required. Visit on the Calendar page to download            Alegent Health Lakeside Hospital Explorer Post
the registration form.                                      Kickoff, Oct. 13
                                                            Interested in a career in healthcare? Contact Lindsey
ITT Tech Explorer Post Kickoff, Oct. 1                      Rai Reasner for more information, Lindsey.reasner@
Learn about drafting, visual communications,       or (402)514-3065.
electronics, information technology, criminal justice,
nursing and more! Contact Lindsey Rai Reasner for           OPS Trap Shooting Crew Kickoff, Oct. 13
more information, or           Crew 25 is a competitive trap shooting crew available to
(402)514-3065.                                              students in the OPS School District. Learn the basics
                                                            or compete for the title. Contact Lindsey Rai Reasner
Creighton Physical & Occupational Therapy                   for more information, or
Explorer Post Kickoff, Oct. 4                               (402)514-3065.
High School students will have the opportunity to
speak with professors, clinicians, and professional         Cub Scout Day at the Rose Theater, Oct. 14-30
students, get hands-on experience using real therapy        The Rose Theater is offering a $6 discount off the
techniques and more! Contact Lindsey Rai Reasner            standard $16 ticket price for all Cub Scouts and their
for more information, or       families. To take advantage of this offer, download the
(402)514-3065.                                              ticket order form at and return with
                                                            payment to the Rose Theater. Questions? Contact
Trauma Tuesday, Oct. 4                                      Lindy Aleksiak at 402-502-4625.
Are you a high school student interested in attending
college for a career in the medical field? Come join        Ohwanasee District Camporee, Oct. 14-16
the Alegent staff and have an evening of “hands             Join us for a survivor-themed camporee at Lake Anita in
on” activities. Contact Lindsey Rai Reasner for             Anita, Iowa. All welcome - $15 registration fee/person.
more information, or           For more info, visit our website at
(402)514-3065.                                              or contact Greg Cook, 641-344-3624 or gbcook@
Alegent Health Mercy Hospital Explorer Post
Kickoff, Oct. 5                                             Wagon Wheel District Camporee, Oct. 14-16
Interested in a career in healthcare? We invite you to      Little Sioux Scout Ranch. All welcome! Please continue
become a member of our Medical Exploring Program.           to check our website for more information including
Contact Lindsey Rai Reasner for more information,           cost and program information. or (402)514-3065.
                                                            Rendezvouz at Thomas Ashford Scout Reservation,
AAA Traffic Safety Merit Badge Clinic, Oct. 8               Oct. 14-16
Boy Scouts can earn their traffic safety merit badge        Rendezvous is the next best thing to having a Jamboree
with the experts from AAA! For more info, visit www.        in your backyard! There will be tons of activities that on the Calendar page.                           make this stand out from all other camping events.
                                                            Check out our website for more information, including
Fitness Class, Blue Waves Martial Arts, Oct. 8              how to register.
Boy Scouts, earn your fitness merit badge! Download
the registration form on our website.                       Day Camp at Western Trails Hist. Center, Oct. 15
                                                            All Cub Scouts and families are invited out to the Western
                                                            Historic Trails Center for Trailblazer District’s Fall Cub

                                                                                         Fall/Winter 2011 | Page 11
 Scout Day Camp. Please contact Kim Schierkolk at             Please see the ‘Calendar’ tab on our website for more or 712.246.1921 for more         vital information including how to register.
                                                              Heartland University of Scouting, Nov. 5
 Southwest Iowa Merit Badge Clinic, Oct. 15                   The Heartland University of Scouting provides program
 All Boy Scouts are invited to IWCC in Council Bluffs         ideas, resources and FUN for all Scouting volunteers.
 for one of the largest Merit Badge events in the council     Registration includes course fees and patch. Find
 with over 30 merit badges! Please contact Jason Cruse        course schedules & registration packet at http://www.

 Boy Scout Space Exploration Merit Badge, Oct. 21             Boy Scout Aviation Merit Badge, Nov. 11
 Boy Scouts, earn your Space Exploration Merit Badge          Boy Scouts, earn your Aviation Merit Badge with the
 with the Stategic Air & Space Museum. Call 402-944-          Stategic Air & Space Museum. Call 402-944-3100 ext.
 3100 ext. 211 for more information.                          211 for more information.

 Soaring Eagle District Fall Camporee, Oct. 22                Scout Madness at the Amazing Pizza Machine, Nov.
 Little Sioux Scout Ranch. All welcome! Please continue       12
 to check our website for more information including          Fun for Cub Scouts at the Amazing Pizza Machine!
 cost and program information.                                Please call 402-829-1785 for info.

 Scout Day at the Joslyn Art Museum, Oct. 23                  Self Defense Class, Nov. 12
 Join us at the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha, Nebraska          Learn self defense with Omaha Blue Waves Martial
 from 1-4 p.m. Gallery activities, art-making, and            Arts. For Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. Visit our website
 something fun for all. For more info, visit www.mac-         to download registration form. and click the ‘Calendar’ tab. Limited to first 200
 registrants.                                                 Cub Scout Overnight at the Strategic Air & Space
                                                              Museum, Nov. 18
 Order of the Arrow Vigil Meeting, Oct. 29-30                 Call 402-944-3100 ext. 211 for more information.
 Order of the Arrow Vigil Banquet and Induction
 Weekend at Camp Eagle. Please contact Jason Cruse            Connect2Engineering Day at Kiewit, Nov. 19
 at or 402.514.3048 for more         Earn your Webelos Engineering activity badge or your
 information.                                                 Engineering Merit Badge with the experts at Kiewit. To
                                                              register, please download the form at www-mac-bsa.
                                                              org. Space is limited.
 The Creative Center Explorer Post Kickoff, Nov 1.
 Are you interested in an art career? Do you enjoy            December
 creating concepts, design, layout, illustrations, web,       Boy Scout Aviation Merit Badge, Dec. 2
 interactive or video? Join our program as we spend four      Boy Scouts, earn your Aviation Merit Badge with the
 sessions going over graphic design. Contact Lindsey          Stategic Air & Space Museum. Call 402-944-3100 ext.
 Rai Reasner for more information, Lindsey.reasner@           211 for more information. or (402)514-3065.
                                                              Cub Scout Overnight at the Strategic Air & Space
 Cub Scout Overnight at the Strategic Air & Space             Museum, Dec. 9
 Museum, Nov. 4                                               Call 402-944-3100 ext. 211 for more information.
 Call 402-944-3100 ext. 211 for more information.
                                                              Briar Cliff Day Camp, Dec. 10
 Merit Badge Clinic, Nov. 5                                   Attend a men’s & women’s basketball game, earn
 All Boy Scouts are invited to earn their Citizenship in      your sports belt loops or merit badges at the Briar Cliff
 the Nation, Emergency Prep, Dentistry merit badges           Sports Camporee in Sioux City. Check out our website
 at the LDS Church on 110th & Martha St. in Omaha.            for more information.

Fall/Winter 2011 | Page 12
    Join us for Scout
      Nig ht with the
      OMAH  A Lancers!
Who:         All Boy and Cub Scouts, Leaders,
             Adults, Friends and Family Members

When:        Sat., March 3, 2012 @ 7:05 p.m.
             against the Sioux Falls Stampede

Where:       Omaha Civic Auditorium,
             1804 Capitol Ave., Omaha, NE

Cost:        $4/youth, $10/adult
             Children 3 and under are free!

Deadline for registration and payment is Monday,
 February 20th. T-shirts can be ordered for an
        additional $8. Register online at

Omaha Lancers fun patches are available for the
 first 250 Scouts in the door. We will also have a
Lancers Fan Pack raffle (autographed jersey and
hockey stick) and a drawing for one lucky Cub or
            Boy Scout during the game!
           ents with
Workshop Ev Ticket Purchase!

         Earn your Music Merit Badge,
        Music Belt Loop, & Academic Pin!

             CuB SCout DAy
                  SunDAy, FEB. 26, 2012
                  Omaha Symphony Family Concert
   2:00 PM   The Amazing Music Machine
        3:15 PM   Cub Scout Workshop

             Boy SCout DAy
                SAturDAy, APriL 28, 2012

        6:00 PM   Boy Scout Workshop
                  Omaha Symphony Pops Concert
  8:00 PM   The Gershwins: Here to Stay
Go to the link below to register starting Jan. 9
             (Please specify # of scouts & adults)
         Cub Scout Day Promo Code: cub scouts
         Boy Scout Day Promo Code: boy scouts
    For more information call 402.342.3836 x 126.
Funding your activities!
Popcorn Sales are EASY!
Popcorn sales are easier than ever now with the          Have Scouts practice selling popcorn at the kick-
pre-order option. A unit can choose to pre-order         off so they are comfortable when the time comes.
their popcorn and have it on hand while selling          When it comes time for your sale make sure you:
in the month of October. Units can pre-order
up to 100% of their 2010 sales retail value. So,          • Have a table cloth (vinyl) for your table, pick a
if Pack 103 sold $10,000 in 2010, they can pre-              fun color like blue, red, or gold
order $10,000 (retail) in 2011 risk free. If Pack 103     • Use the posters you receive at training
would like to order $12,000 for the 2011 sale, they       • Bring in balloons, or something eye catching like
can receive $10,000 risk free and purchase the              a small tent so customers understand why your
remaining $2000 at the time of pre-order pick-up.           Scouts sell popcorn
Units will only not need to pay the retail amount on      • Make sure you have a cash box, and explain to
the extra product.                                          your Scouts how to make change
                                                          • Have some generic thank you notes ready to
Selling at Storefronts                                       give to each customer, have a way for them to
Setting up a storefront sale is easy and can prove          get in contact with you if they want to buy more
to be rewarding. Think of local businesses that pull        popcorn – or maybe even join Scouting!
in a lot of business, especially during the weekend • Have the appropriate amount of adults monitoring
daytime. This can be a grocery store, hardware              each table, but not making the sales.
store, gas station, hobby store, craft store, even
local team football games are a great place to set Other Pre-Order Information
up! Call the business you would like to set up at, There are many other ways a pre-order can
and ask if you can sell popcorn outside of their be successful. Pre-orders are a great way to
business. Make sure to cover the following:               increase your unit’s and Scout’s sales. Scouts can
                                                          individually take product door-to-door and sell or
• Will they provide a table and/or chairs?                take product to church, mom’s or dad’s office - the
• What happens if it’s raining/snowing – can you possibilities are endless!
   set up inside?
• Can you have a table at every entrance?                 Pre-Orders are due into the popcorn system
• Are there any contracts you need to sign?               by noon on Tuesday, September 6, 2011. Unit
• What other specific rules do they have?                 Kernels can be trained to use the popcorn system
                                                          at Popcorn Training, held in each district in August.
It’s best to book your store front sales early, so you Late orders will not be accepted. Pre-orders
have it on your calendar and the store has it on can be picked up at the district distribution sites
their calendar as well. The best time to announce September 22nd – 24th. Please check with your
this store front sale option to your unit is at your unit District Kernel for district specific pick-up time and
popcorn kick-off in September. Break up your allotted location.
time into two to three hour segments. Allow two –
three Scouts to sign up for each segment, to make
sure the table doesn’t get overwhelmed by Scouts.

                                                                                      Fall/Winter 2011 | Page 17
                            Meet our 2011 Youth Popcorn Chair
 Funding your activities!
                            Patrick Kennedy, Pack 86
                            We had a great end to our centennial year in
                            the Mid-America Council popcorn campaign –
                            we sold $3.5 million, a new record. To start
                            off a new year with a new tradition, we’re
                            introducing the Mid-America Council Youth
                            Popcorn Chair. Patrick Kennedy will be the
                            2011 Youth Chair and will have the chance
                            to speak to our board of trustees, the news
                            media, and other community leaders as we
                            grow our campaign. We recently sat down with
                            Patrick and talked a little about popcorn with

                            Name: Patrick Kennedy

                            Age:11         Years in Scouting: Five

                            Grade: Sixth Troop: 558, Omaha, NE
                                                                              Scouting!” Sometimes saying that changes
                            School: Adams Elementary                          their mind, and they end up buying from you
                            Started selling popcorn when you were: A
                            Tiger Cub!                                        Do you have a favorite way of selling
                                                                              popcorn? I like selling at storefronts.
                            Favorite Scouting memory: Pinewood Derby
                            - it’s fun making the cars and racing them too.   Do you sell with any friends? Or your
                                                                              parents? Sometimes.
                            What do you use popcorn sales to pay for?
                            Summer camps!                                     I hear your little brother is a Tiger this year
                                                                              – are you going to help him sell popcorn?
                            Do you set goals every year? YES!                 Yes.

                            If so, what are they? To hit the $2,500           Who do you think will sell more popcorn;
                            benchmark                                         you or your brother? ME!!!

                            What’s your favorite kind of popcorn?             What do you want to do when you grow
                            Chocolatey Caramel Crunch                         up? A game designer.

                            Do you have any advice for Scouts selling         Are you excited for the 2011 popcorn
                            popcorn? Always be polite and use your            campaign? Yes.
                                                                              Any last words? Ask everyone you see if
                            Make sure to thank everyone even if they do       they would like to help support Scouting by
                            not buy from you, by saying, “Thanks anyway!”     buying popcorn. If you don’t ask, you don’t sell
                            Or if they say they have already bought make      popcorn!
                            sure you say, “Thank you for supporting

Fall/Winter 2011 | Page 18
                                                                                                           Funding your activities!
                                                  8/20: Lewis & Clark District
                                                  Hawkins Construction - 9 am

                                                  8/20: Learning for Life District
                                                  Hawkins Construction - 9 am; w/L&C

                                                  8/23: Wagon Wheel District
                                                  First United Methodist Church - 6 pm

                                                  8/23: War Eagle District
                                                  WITCC, Rooms L416/417 - 7 pm

                                                  8/30: Ohwanasee District
                                                  IWCC, Atlantic - 7pm

                                                  Important Dates
Training                                          Sept. 6, 2011 – NOON – Pre-orders due in
Unit kernels have a lot on their minds every      popcorn system
fall. We’ve developed a special training          Sept. 22-24 – District Specific distribution of
especially for unit kernels. At training you’ll   pre-order
learn tricks of the trade, get to talk to other   Oct. 1, 2011 – Sale Begins
unit kernels and swap ideas, learn about          Oct. 29, 2011 – Sale Ends
popcorn system updates and new products,          Nov. 1, 2011 – NOON – Final orders and
and just by attending – you’ll be making your     prize orders due in popcorn system
unit more money! Make sure you have your          Nov. 1, 2011 – NOON – Returns due online
district’s unit kernel training date on your      Nov. 17 – 19, 2011 – District specific
calendar.                                         distribution

2011 Kernel Training Dates                        Online Sales
8/2: Goldenrod District                           A great way to add to your annual popcorn
Salem Lutheran Church - 6:30 pm                   sales commission is with online sales. It’s
                                                  easy and takes only a few minutes to set up.
8/2: Many Rivers District                         Scouts can sell popcorn year round online
Norfolk: NECC - 7 pm                              and these sales count toward prizes and
                                                  scholarships! Visit to set
8/4: Many Rivers District                         up your account today!
Columbus: Pawnee Park West Shelter - 7
                                                  Is college in your future? How would you like
8/6: Soaring Eagle District
                                                  to earn money for school now? You can – by
Bank of the West, 132nd & Dodge, Omaha
                                                  selling popcorn! A Scout needs to sell $2500
- 9 am
                                                  once and he will then earn 6% of his sales
                                                  to be put in a college savings fund. Every
8/13: Prairie Gold District
                                                  year after that you sell popcorn, you’ll get
UMC 211 East 3rd St. Storm Lake , IA
                                                  6% of the sales put into your savings fund.
                                                  Not to mention, you’ll be earning interest
                                                  too! Check out to
8/20: Trailblazer District
                                                  learn more.
IWCC, Council Bluffs - 2 pm

                                                                                           Fall/Winter 2011 | Page 19
    A priL 21-22, 2012 • O west center • O maHa, nebraska

E arn your HorsemansHip Badge!
  HorsemansHip services provided by american Legacy

caLL susan at 402.312.3613 to scHeduLe an appointment
   and/or coordinate HorsemansHip activities.

               w w

                     introduce your scouts
                   to tHe world By attending
                 tHe international Horse sHow!
                • expo open daiLy apriL 21-22 from
                  9am-6pm and is free to tHe pubLic
                   • sHopping and food
                   • interactive dispLays,
                     incLuding equi-mania
                • you wont want to miss tHe
                  excitement of tHe evening
                  main events
                   • tickets avaiLabLe for friday
                     and saturday nigHt sHows
 Find us on        • Bring tHe wHole family!
Fall/Winter CAMPING!
Did you know that all of our Council        Scouts from Troop 402
Camps are open to our Packs, Troops,        (Omaha, NE) on their annual
Crews and families?                         winter camping trip.

Depending on the camp, we have
cabins, lodges, campsites and various
equipment that can be rented. What a
great idea for your unit or next family

Camp Locations
The Mid-America Council owns and
operates five camps: Camp Cedars and
Camp Eagle in Cedar Bluffs, Nebraska;
Little Sioux Scout Ranch in Little Sioux,
Iowa; Thomas Ashford Scout Ranch in
Homer, Nebraska; and Camp Wa-Kon-
Da in Bellevue, Nebraska.

Reserve Today!
To check availability, call Scouter
Services at (402)431-9272. No phone
reservations are accepted. You can
find the reservation form online at Click the ‘Camping’
tab, followed by the ‘Camp Locations’
tab. All reservation forms are found on
the right side of the page.

Forms can be turned in at our offices
on 124th & Maple in Omaha, or faxed
to (402)431-0444.

                                                           Fall/Winter 2011 | Page 21

                        The same great horses that are available  rings allow for campfires with S’mores
                        each summer at the Equestrian Center      for groups of 10 to 30 or more. Meals
                        at Camp Cedars are now available for      can be prepared and eaten and the more
                        weekend activities in the Omaha area      adventuresome can spend the night.
                        during the school year.                   A lake allows for fishing and hiking is
                                                                  available as well as trail rides. Geese
                        The horses are located at Pony Paradise, and ducks m grate through the area and
                        a private acreage which is just ten a blue heron lives on the property. Wild
                        minutes north of I-680 and Hwy 133 and is turkeys and deer are abundant. There is
                        accessed on paved roads. The complete an indoor area for tenting and/or horse
                        horse program is available to all Scouts, activities in bad weather and fresh water
                        Scouters and their families for weekend and a port-a-potty are provided.
                        and holiday campouts, rides and other
                        outdoor activities.                       Horsemanship Merit Badges and Cub Belt
                                                                  Loops and Sport Pins are taught as are
                        These totally dependable and kid-proof Girl Scout horse activity badges. Birthday
                        horses, which are used with youth ages parties and other family and group
                        seven years and up during the summer activities can be held on the property.
                        months, return to their winter quarters Information is available by contacting Walt
                        in August and can be used for all of the Thomas at 402-681- 8811 or at afpafa@
                        activities found at Camp Cedars and Reservations are now being
                        Eagle. Several camping areas with fire taken for this fall.

Fall/Winter 2011 | Page 22

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Fall/Winter CAMPING!
 Tour Permit Updates
As a result of National sending out surveys                                                                        TOUR PLANNING WORKSHEET

and asking for input on March 1, 2011, tour
                                                    For office use
                                                    Tour plan No. ____________________________ Date received ___________________________ Date reviewed _________________________
                                                    Date _______________________________________________________
                                                    o Pack o Troop/team o Crew o Contingent unit/crew                               Unit No. _________ Chartered organization ___________________________

permits, both Local and National, will be on
                                                    Council name/No. ________________________________________________/_______________ District _________________________________
                                                    Purpose of this trip is _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                    From (city and state) ________________________________________________ to __________________________________________________
                                                    Mileage round trip __________________ Dates ____________________________ to ____________________________ Total days ____________

one form. Both will need to be submitted
                                                    Itinerary: It is required that the following information be provided for each day of the tour. (Note: Speed or excessive daily mileage increases the
                                                    possibility of accidents.) Attach an additional page if more space is required. Include detailed information on campsites, routes, and float plans,
                                                    and include maps for wilderness travel as required by the local council.
                                                                                                                          Travel                                              Overnight stopping place
                                                                Date                                                                                      Mileage

21 days in advance of the tour. Both will be
                                                                                                 From                                 To                                  (Check if reservations are cleared.)

approved locally, no more waiting for the           Type of trip:      o Day trip    o Short-term camp (less than 72 hours)    o Other (OA Weekend, etc.) _________________________________
                                                                       o Long-term camp (longer than 72 hours)    o High-adventure activities
                                                     Party will consist of (number):                                                          Party will travel by (check all that apply):

National request to come back.                         ____ Cub Scouts
                                                       ____ Venturers—male
                                                       ____ Adults—male
                                                                                   ____ Boy Scouts
                                                                                   ____ Venturers—female
                                                                                   ____ Adults—female
                                                                                                         ____ Varsity Scouts

                                                                                                               ______ Total
                                                                                                                                                 o Car
                                                                                                                                                 o Canoe o Van
                                                                                                                                                                  o Bus             o Train
                                                                                                                                                                                    o Boat
                                                                                                                                                                                            o Plane
                                                                                                                                                                                            o Foot
                                                                                                                                                 o Bicycle o Other ______________________________
                                                    Leadership and Youth Protection Training: Boy Scouts of America policy requires at least two adult leaders on all
                                                    BSA activities. Coed Venturing crews must have both male and female leaders older than 21 for overnight activities. All
                                                    registered adults must have completed BSA Youth Protection training. At least one registered adult who has completed
                                                    BSA Youth Protection training must be present at all events and activities. Youth Protection training is valid for two years from the
                                                    date completed.

The policies on when a tour permit needs            Adult leader responsible for this group (must be at least 21 years old):
                                                       Name ____________________________________ Age _______ Scouting position _________________ Expiration date __________________
                                                       Address __________________________________________________________________________________ Member No. ________________

to be filed has also changed. Mid-America
                                                       City __________________________________________________________ State _______________ Zip code ___________________________
                                                       Phone _______________________________ E-mail __________________________________ Youth Protection training date ______________
                                                    Assistant adult leader name(s) (minimum age 18, or 21 for Venturing crews):

Council will no longer require them for
                                                       Name ____________________________________ Age _______ Scouting position _________________ Expiration date __________________
                                                       Address __________________________________________________________________________________ Member No. ________________
                                                       City __________________________________________________________ State _______________ Zip code ___________________________
                                                       Phone _______________________________ E-mail __________________________________ Youth Protection training date ______________

any district or council event. No more              Attach a list with additional names and information as outlined above.

                                                    o Our travel equipment will include a first-aid kit and a roadside emergency kit.
                                                    o The group will have in possession an Annual Health and Medical Record for every participant.

filing for Camp Cedars summer camp,                 We certify that appropriate planning has been conducted using the Sweet 16 of BSA Safety, qualified and trained supervision is in place,
                                                    permissions are secured, health records have been reviewed, and adult leaders have read and are in possession of a current copy of
                                                    Guide to Safe Scouting and other appropriate resources.

any cub camp, any OA event, any district
                                                                         Committee chair or chartered organization representative                                      Adult leader

                                                    Unit single point of contact (not on tour) name __________________________________________________ Telephone ___________________

camporee, lock-in, merit badge clinic, etc.                                                                                                                                                                       1

Each unit should still use the Tour Planning
Worksheet in their planning to insure that
proper leadership, training, route and
transportation are considered.

If your unit is going to a BSA National High Adventure Base; Philmont, Sea
Base, the Summit or Northern Tier; you WILL need to submit a tour permit If
your unit is doing a unit campout or summer camp other than Camp Cedars
you will need to submit one for that. If your unit will be traveling more than 25
miles one way on any outing you will need to submit a tour permit.

There are two parts: the Tour Planning Worksheet and the Tour Plan. Both parts
need to be filled out and submitted for approval. If you fill this form out online,
the information will automatically populate on the other where applicable.

For either form, visit, click either the ‘Cub Scouts’ or the
‘Boy Scouts’ tab, followed by the ‘Forms’ tab.

If you still have any questions please contact                                                                           Sue                      Baldwin                                                        at or 402.431.9272.

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Fall/Winter 2011 | Page 23
                             A M A Z I N G

            BOY SCOUT
                           S P E C I A L S
       The Amazing Pizza Machine is THE destination
              for Food, Fun and Fellowship!

     SPECIAL EVENTS                                                                       CUB SCOUT                                             only $15

                                                                                                                                              per Scou
             Advance reservations required.                                                                                                           t!
          Call for full details! Siblings welcome!

            Scout Madness!                                                                                           Make a
                       7 pm - 1 pm
                                                                                             • Make and
                                                                                            • $5 B IG FU t your own Pizza! (b
      November 12, 2011 • May 4, 2012                                                                     N
                                                                                            • 2 Attractio Arcade Card
                                                                                                                              everages in
                                                                                                                                          cluded too!
                                                                                                         n                                            )
                                                                                           • Take-Hom Rides
 • UNLIMITED trips to the Amazing Buffet!                                                                e Educatio
                                                                                           • APM Fun                n Packet
   (Buffet serves until 9 PM)
                                                                                                    Who: Ti
 • UNLIMITED Beverages ALL night long!                                $
                                                                       35                                   ger C
                                                                                                    Earn: Nut ubs, Cub Scouts, Webel
                                                                    Value!                                   ri  tion Belt Lo
     - UNLIMITED Rides!
     - UNLIMITED Glo-Golf & Mini Bowling!

     - UNLIMITED Video Games!*
 • $10 in PlayPoints to play Ticket, Token & Prize Games!
                                                                                                                    ners Works
                                                                                                      • Good Man Buffet & Beverages
                only   $
                           1999 Per                                                                   • U N LI M ITED          Card
                                                                                                                     N Arcade
                                Scout                                                                  • $5 B IG FU Rides
                                                                                                Wh o:              io n
                                                                                                       • 2 Attract adge
               * Does not include ticket, token, or prize games.                                                     B
                                                                                                        • APM Fun                           elos
                                                                                                                                  outs, Web
                                                                                                                       bs, Cub Sc
                                                                                                    Wh   o: Tiger Cu                    p ,
                                                                                                                             s Belt Loo uirements
    Blue and Gold Banquets                                                                                         d Manner
                                                                                                     Earn: Goo 8 Academic Pin Req
                                                                                                              6 of
With seating for 700, we have tons of room to host
your Pack meetings and Blue & Gold Banquets!
Call for event pricing options. Unlimited Buffet
included with all meeting pricing.                                                                          Video Game
                   Deals starting at only $1 per Scout!
                                            1                                                               • UNLIMITED Buffet & Beverages
                                                                                                            • $5 BIG FUN Arcade Card
                                                                                                            • 2 Attraction Rides
                                                                                                            • Take-Home Education Packet
                                                                                                            • APM Fun Badge

                                                                    CALL !
                                                                                                        Who: Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, Webelos
                                                                                                        Earn: Video Game Belt Loop,

                                                                                                                6 of 9 Academic Pin Requirements

                                                                              ops requir
                                                                                         ea                      For details call
                                                                   All Worksh at least 7 days
                                                                   deposit p to schedule your
                                                                   in advan osit applied to
                                                                    event. D e due.
                                                                                                                     or e-mail:
            139th & Millard Ave                                               c           
                                                                    the balan
                Omaha, NE                                         
              402-829-1777 All guests required to purchase event package or buffet for admission. Prices do not include tax. Call for full details.
Does your child prefer the Food Network to Sesame Street? The Panera Bread
B.I.T. Kids program might be for them! We now offer an introductory culinary experience
for kids ages 4-12. This program is perfect for the aspiring bakers in your house,
classroom, scout group or kids club.
Your “Baker in Training” will be taken on a journey through a Panera Bread bakery-cafe
to learn the essentials of kitchen safety, proper food handling and food preparation. Plus,
all B.I.T. Kids will be outfitted with their own baking hat and learn to bake their own loaf
of bread. What are you waiting for? Let’s get baking!

 Classes will be offered at the following Panera Bread locations:
 Eagle Run Shopping Center             Saddlecreek Road                       Western Springs
 13410 West Maple Road                 344 North Saddlecreek Road             17730 West Center Road

 Classes are $5 per child (ages 4-12). There is no cost for parents. Classes can be scheduled during regular business
 hours, subject to availability.
 To register or for more information, Please call 1.800.301.5566, x.3954 or visit
                                                 With Sail School Bahamas
 Learn to sail in the Sea of Abaco, Bahamas - the safest and most beautiful location in
 the world! Tropical islands, awesome snorkeling, historical settlements, deserted
 beaches, great food, shing and friendship.
 Our Captains are registered with the BSA as Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge
 Counselors, so your group can return home with that coveted Merit Badge!

  This is A Limited Time Offer
  Call UsToday - 404.394.0936

for more info visit our website
     or email us at
high aventure!
CLIMB        Get out of the house and into the excitement offered at one of
RUSH         the BSA’s High Adventure™ Bases! You’ve got three choices: a
             unique aquatic quest at the Florida Sea Base; a canoeing or winter
HIKE         camping challenge at the Northern Tier; or a wild west backpacking
             expedition at the Philmont Scout Ranch.
ADVENTURE    Florida Sea Base
RAPPEL       Make a splash! Head to the Florida Keys and dive into an amazing
             Florida Sea Base adventure and wade into more excitement than
EXTREME      you ever though possible. Snorkeling, SCUBA, boating, and beach
             camping are among the many possibilities.
             Northern Tier
ADRENALINE   Don’t miss the boat! One of the most beautiful, and remote parts of
             North America offers a unique opportunity for Scouts. Canoeing,
FUN          hiking, fishing, and winter camping in and around the beautiful
             lakes of northern Minnesota and southern Canada await you at
THRILL       the Northern Tier.

CLIMB        Philmont Scout Ranch
RUSH         Take a hike! The mountains of New Mexico offer the adventure
             that you have always dreamed about. Backpacking, rock climbing,
HIKE         western lore, living history, and the views from peaks over 10,000
             feet tall will make memories that last a lifetime.
ADVENTURE    High Adventure is a chance to try something you may never
RAPPEL       experience again. So take adventure to the limit. You’ll never
             forget it.
EXTREME      All three bases have year-around opportunities. Write or call for
CANOE        more information.

ADRENALINE   For more information, visit
CLIMB                                                   Fall/Winter 2011 | Page 27
 High Adventure!

                                                                                   What is

                    About Project C.O.P.E.                     through group discussions, the participants
                    Project C.O.P.E., a National Boy Scout process their experience of each element,
                    Program provided by the Mid-America what was learned, what could be done
                    Council, stands for “Challenging Outdoor better and what goals were achieved. This
                    Personal Experience.” It is comprised part of C.O.P.E. is perhaps more important
                    of group initiative games as well as low than the actual activity itself.
                    course and high course elements.
                                                               The Mid-America Council provides
                    Some of the activities involve a group a qualified, knowledgeable, safety
                    challenge, while others test individual conscious and highly trained staff for each
                    skills and agility. Participants climb, C.O.P.E. session.
                    swing, balance, jump, rappel and think of
                    solutions to a variety of challenges. Most For more information, contact Dusty
                    participants do much more than they ever Keiser at 402-431-9272 or dusty.keiser@
                    believed they could do! A one to three-day
                    training encounter at the Council’s Camp
                    Cedars, C.O.P.E. provides a facility and Storz Climbing Tower
                    center for groups like schools, churches, Our Storz Climbing Tower can also be
                    businesses, corporations and civic rented for activities. This 50-foot tower has
                    organizations, to challenge themselves to six separate climbing and rappelling walls,
                    reach personal and team goals.             in 50, 35 and 20 foot heights and two 40-
                                                               foot chimney climbs inside! Call Scouter
                    Project C.O.P.E. is not just games - Services for more information today.

Fall/Winter 2011 | Page 28
  2 hi
     3                                                           Start planning your
                                                                     next adventure


Planning Your Adventure
•	 Plan at least a year out!                                           Rescources:
•	 Determine what the SCOUTS want to do &                              Passport to High Adventure
   Where they want to go.                                                 (Supply#34245)

•	 What type of adventure?
  (National or Council High Adventure Base, or go on your own)

•	 Develop a Budget.

•	 Develop a trip itinerary

•	 Start training well in advance.
P   Commu
                                           Not Jus
                              mwork                t     for Sum
                                                                    mer Ca
                                                                m Solvi

E               Sign your unit up for Project C.O.P.E.
                today at Scouter Services or email

  2012 rs                                                                       2012 Camp Cedars Weeks
                                                                                Week 1: June 3-9
                                                                                Week 2: June 10-16
              W ha                  me
                     t’s your aweso                                             Week 3: June 17-23
                                                                                Week 4: June 24-30
                          xt summ                                               Week 5: July 1-7

                    for ne                                                      Week 6: July 8-14

The World Famous Harlem Globetrotters have thrilled audiences around
the world for 86 consecutive years and will be bringing their World Tour
  back to the Mid-America Council, Boy Scouts of America area in 2012!

  Discounted tickets and official Harlem Globetrotter patches will be
  available for all Scouts, families, friends and neighbors. Ask about
 opportunities to present the Color Guard, participate in the Half-Time
 Fan Tunnel, recognize your top popcorn seller, fundraising and more!

Please visit or call 1-800-641-4667 to find
  out when we will be in your area during the 2012 World Tour and for
  more information on how to purchase your discounted Scout tickets.
   801 South 10th Street • Omaha, NE                                                (402) 444-5071 •

Beautiful architecture blends with memories of a time gone by at The Durham Museum. Making its home in one of Omaha’s most
unique treasures, Union Station, The Durham Museum offers a fascinating look at the history of the region and offers a broad-
range of traveling exhibits covering subjects ranging from history and culture, to science, industry, and more through its afliation
with the Smithsonian Institution and strong ties with the Library of Congress, National Archives, and the Field Museum. The Durham
Museum is located in Omaha’s Historic Old Market at 801 South 10th Street.

Cub Scout Workshops
All Cub Scout Workshops are held on Tuesday evening 6 - 7:30PM. Cost is $6 per Scout and $4 per adult. Private workshops can
be booked for packs of 10 or more.

  Making My Family Special
  Dates: September 20, October 18, November 15, January 10, February 7, March 6 and April 3

  American Indian Lore
  Dates: September 27, November 22, February 14 and April 10

  It’s a Secret
  Date: October 25, January 17 and March 20

  What Makes America Special
  Date: October 4 and February 21

  Tall Tales
  Date: January 24 and March 27

  American Indian Life
  Date: November 1 and April 17

Advance registration and payment are required for all programs. Please contact the Education Department at (402)444-5027
with any questions or to make reservations. Group discounts are also available for groups of 10 or more. Visit for workshop descriptions.

Cub Scout Camp-ins
Spend the night at the coolest museum in Omaha! Scouts will enjoy a fun lled night of hands on activities, games, and making new
friends from around the Council. Camp-ins start at 5PM Friday and conclude at 8AM Saturday. An evening snack and breakfast
will be provided. A 50% deposit is due at time of registration; all registrations must be made two weeks in advance. Cost is $25
per scout and $10 per adult (2 adults per registration are free). Please no siblings. A private camp-in may be booked for Cub
Scout Dens over 50. Camp-in dates: February 17 and March 2.

Boy Scout Merit Badge Workshops
The Durham Museum is excited to offer a variety of merit badge workshops. All merit badge workshops are held on Saturdays.
Cost per workshop is $10 per scout and $4 per adult. Advance registration and payment are required. Please contact the
Education Department at (402)444-5027 with any questions or to make reservations.

  Indian Lore (all requirements will be met): October 8, 1-3PM; November 12, 10AM-12PM; January 28 1-3PM; and
                                              March 24, 10AM-12PM
  Soil and Water Conservation: October 1, 9AM-12PM and October 29, 9AM-12PM
  Coin Collecting: October 1, 1-4PM and April 14, 1-4PM
  Collections: February 4, 10AM-12PM; March 24, 1-3PM; and April 14, 10AM-12PM
  Textile: January 14, 10AM-12PM and February 4, 1-3PM
  Stamp Collecting: October 8, 9AM-12PM and January 14, 1-4PM
Training? Who, me?!
Why wouldn’t you want to be a trained leader? Training makes your job
easier, helps your Scouts have more fun and of course, trained leaders
get to wear the coveted ‘Trained’ emblem recognition once they have
completed the basic training requirements listed below.

Basic Training Requirements for Adults
CUB SCOUT                               BOY SCOUT/VARSITY SCOUT                 VENTURING/SEA SCOUT
X Fast Start (OLS)                      X Fast Start (OLS)                      X Fast Start (OLS)
X Youth Protection* (OLS)               X Youth Protection* (OLS)               X Youth Protection* (OLS)
X Leader Specific (by position)         X Leader Specific (by position)         X Leader Specific (by position)
X This Is Scouting (OLS)                X This Is Scouting (OLS)                X This Is Scouting (OLS)
                                        X Introduction to Outdoor Skills        X Introduction to Outdoor Skills**

Supplemental and Advanced Training for Adults
CUB SCOUT                               BOY SCOUT/VARSITY SCOUT                 VENTURING/SEA SCOUT
X B.A.L.O.O.*                           X Hazardous Weather* (OLS)              X Hazardous Weather* (OLS)
X Cub Casts (OLS)                       X Philmont Leadership Challenge         X Philmont Leadership Challenge
X Hazardous Weather* (OLS)              X Philmont Training Center              X Philmont Training Center
X Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos       (various courses)                       (various courses)
  Leaders                               X Powder Horn                           X Powder Horn
X Philmont Leadership Challenge         X Roundtables                           X Program Forums
X Philmont Training Center              X Safe Swim Defense*                    X Roundtables
  (various courses)                     X Safety Afloat*                        X Safe Swim Defense*
X Powder Horn                           X ScoutParents Unit Coordinator (OLS)   X Safety Afloat*
X Pow Wows/University of Scouting       X Supplemental Training Modules         X ScoutParents Unit Coordinator (OLS)
X Roundtables                           X The Trainer’s EDGE                    X Seabadge
X Safe Swim Defense*                    X Troop Committee Challenge (OLS)       X Seabadge Underway
X Safety Afloat*                        X Wood Badge                            X Supplemental Training Modules
X ScoutParents Unit Coordinator (OLS)                                           X The Trainer’s EDGE
X Supplemental Training Modules                                                 X Wood Badge
X The Trainer’s EDGE
X Wood Badge

Training Opportunities for Youth
CUB SCOUT                               BOY SCOUT/VARSITY SCOUT                 VENTURING/SEA SCOUT
X It Happened To Me                     X Troop Leadership Training             X Crew Leadership Training
                                        X National Youth Leadership             X Crew Officer Orientation (OLS)
                                          Training—NYLT                         X National Youth Leadership
                                        X Kodiak                                  Training— NYLT
 LEGEND                                 X National Advanced Youth Leadership    X Kodiak
                                          Experience—NAYLE                      X National Advanced Youth Leadership
 (OLS) = Available through the
                                        X Powder Horn                             Experience—NAYLE
 Online e-Learning System at www.
                                        X The Trainer’s EDGE                    X Wood Badge (18 + years of age)
                                        X Mentoring Tomorrow’s Leaders          X Powder Horn
                                        X Den Chief Training (OLS)              X The Trainer’s EDGE
 * = Required for a tour permit
                                        X A Time to Tell                        X Mentoring Tomorrow’s Leaders
                                                                                X Youth Protection (OLS)
 ** = Crews with outdoor programs
                                                                                X SEAL (For Sea Scouts only)

 Questions about training? Contact
 Arli Boustead at arli.boustead@ or 402-431-9272.
                                                                                          Fall/Winter 2011 | Page 33
                     Using the Online e-Learning Skills Useful Outside of Scouting
                                                 You will be able to use these lessons and
 training            System
                     Many trainings are available for leaders
                                                                  experiences from Wood Badge outside of
                                                                  scouting to make every team a successful
                     to take online through www.myscouting.
                                                                  team, whether the team is at your work or
                     org. It’s easy to do and you can do it in
                                                                  is your family. Inspired in England by Lord
                     the privacy of your own home. To find out
                                                                  Baden-Powell at Gilwell Camp, Wood
                     what courses are available, please refer to
                                                                  Badge is today offered around the world.
                     the previous page and look for the (OLS)
                                                                  Upon completion, a Scouter receives
                     listed after the available courses.
                                                                  a certificate, neckerchief, woggle, and
                                                                  beads, and becomes a permanent
                     You will be required to create an account to
                                                                  member of Troop 1, Gilwell.
                     use the e-Learning Course Management
                     System. Some courses also require you
                     to have the latest version of Flash player, Spotlight on... National Youth
                     a free browser plug-in available from Leadership Training (Pahuk
                     Macromedia (Adobe).
                                                                   National Youth Leadership Training is an
                     Important: The required courses on the
                                                                   exciting, action-packed program designed
                     Online e-Learning System are different
                                                                   for councils to provide youth members
                     based on program. Click on either Cub
                                                                   with leadership skills and experience they
                     Scout, Boy Scout, Venturing or General
                                                                   can use in their home troops and in other
                     depending on what program you are
                                                                   situations demanding leadership of self
                     taking training for.
                                                                   and others.
                     After completing the course, there is an
                     option to ‘View Certificate.’ It’s always a   What do Scouts learn?
                     good idea to print out the certificate just   The NYLT course centers around the
                     as verification that you completed the        concepts of what a leader must BE, what
                     course. Technology can be fickle and this     he must KNOW, and what he must DO.
                     is a great back-up in case any problems       The key elements are then taught with a
                     should arise.                                 clear focus on HOW TO. The skills come
                                                                   alive during the week as the patrol goes
                                                                   on a Quest for the Meaning of Leadership.
                     Spotlight on... Wood Badge
                     Wood Badge is an adult training where
                     you work with others to learn and practice
                                                                   What’s the format?
                                                                 NYLT is a six-day course. Content is
                     leadership skills (as a member of a
                                                                 delivered in a troop and patrol outdoor
                     successful working team) and live the
                                                                 setting with an emphasis on immediate
                     values of scouting.
                                                                 application of learning in a fun environment.
                                                                 Through        activities,     presentations,
                     Wood Badge for the 21st Century challenges, discussions, and audio-visual
                     21st Century Wood Badge is the support, NYLT participants will be engaged
                     ultimate leadership training experience in a unified approach to leadership that will
                     for adult BSA leaders, conducted in an give them the skill and confidence to lead
                     outdoor encampment, with the focus on well. Through a wide range of activities,
                     application of leadership skills. These games, and adventures, participants will
                     skills are conveyed through active learning work and play together as they put into
                     sessions in an ideal Scout setting.         action the best Scouting has to offer.

Fall/Winter 2011 | Page 34
                                             The Vault
                                                    Skateboarding & BMX
                                                    6912 N. 97th Circle
                                                    Omaha, NE 68122
                                                    Phone #: (402) 210.2260
                                               "Like Us" The Vault (Omaha)

 The Vault           is Omaha's, Boy Scout Friendly, Skateboard and BMX retailer. We are proud to
be the first Omaha Metro Area Skateboarding & BMX shop to sponsor and work with Cub Scouts,
helping scouts earn their:
                                Skateboarding Belt Loop & Pin
                                  Bicycling Belt Loop & Pin

                  The Vault will also be hosting Professional Skateboarding & BMX
                        events throughout the year! Available to all Scouts!

 Skateboarding Belt Loop & Pin
Cub Scouts
Offering 3-4 hour workshops to complete the requirements for the Skateboarding Belt
Loop and Sports Pin. Ideal group size is around 10 scouts, however one-on-one
instruction or large group events can be arranged.
Basic Package
   •   $45.00 (Per Scout)
   •   * Includes Skateboarding Explained (Instructional DVD)
   •   * Free Skateboard Stickers & Discounts on Skateboarding Equipment
Complete Package
   •   $79.99 (Per Scout)
   •   * Includes Skateboarding Explained (Instructional DVD)
   •   * Complete Pro-Complete Skateboard
   •   * Free Skateboard Stickers & Discounts on Skateboarding Equipment

 Bicycling Belt Loop & Pin
Cub Scouts
Offering 2-3 hour workshops to complete the requirements for the Bicycling Belt Loop and Sports
Pin. Ideal group size is around 10 scouts, however one-on-one instruction or large
group events can be arranged.
Basic Package
   •   $15.00 (Per Scout)
   •   * Free Helmet Supplied (If Needed)
   •   * Free Stickers & Discounts on Bicycle Equipment
  Calling all CUB Scouts!
      ich with history and committed to conservation, the Tree

R     Adventure® surrounds all your senses and captivates
      you with fun and discovery from the moment you arrive.
Experience the Woodland Pavilion’s interactive indoor forest
and movie theater. Hike the Tree House Trail to the 50-foot
tall Canopy Treehouse and Nature Explore Cabin. Owned and
operated by the Arbor Day Foundation, this historic 260-
acre working farm and forest is the model of environmental
stewardship. Our mission is to inspire people to plant, nurture

                                                                               R. Neibel
and celebrate trees.

Fall Scout Day October 15, 2011
Celebrate Scouting at Arbor Day Farm
Registration: (402) 873-8757 •
Facilitated Workshops and Self-Guided Scout Activities Available
on Scout Day on a first-registered basis, up to 25 scouts per
session. No additional cost on Scout Day. Scout Day activities
free with paid Tree Adventure admission: $6.50 adults; $4.50
per scout

Activities Available:
Tree Sleuth: (grades 4 & up) A fun and engaging activity in
which scouts learn how to identify trees by their bark, shape,                             Discovery Ride:
seeds/fruits, and leaves. A hike on the Tree House Trail then                              Enrich your experience at the Tree Adventure with a Discovery
offers the opportunity to practice those skills in a beautiful,                            Ride. The Discovery Ride is a one-hour guided scenic journey
forest environment. The facilitator will discuss the trees                                 through historic orchards and forest. Cost: $3.00 per child;
usefulness to wildlife and humans. Additionally, the scouts will be                        $4.00 adults.
focusing on the sights, sounds and scents of the forest.
Biomass Energy: (grades 2 & up) tour Lied Lodge to view                                    Creeking:
how Biomass can be transformed into fire and steam. Learn
how fast-growing trees are grown, cut and re-grown for energy.                             Put on your trail hikers and take off on a guided hike through
Explore Arbor Day Farm’s Fuelwood Energy Plant Visitors                                    the Arbor Day Forest and along the banks of South Table
Gallery to learn about other renewable energy sources.                                     Creek. Look forward to getting muddy and wet! Explore the
                                                                                           geologic history left by the layers of sediment in the stream bed,
Tree Factory: (grades 1-5) immerse your scouts in the lives                                discover and identify tracks and trails of local wildlife. $15 for
of trees with this multisensory role playing activity. Scouts learn                        adults, $13 for age 5-12; price includes your admission to the
the components and systems of trees.                                                       Tree Adventure. Rain or shine.
Reading the Rings: an introduction to Dendochronology.                                     Conservation Research at
Scouts discover how a tree’s rings reveals its life history.
                                                                                           Arbor Day Farm:
 Rates                             Scout                   Adult                           For the Conservation Minded Group - see examples of living
                                                                                           snow fences, alley cropping and the Hazelnut Arboretum.
 Tours*, One Hour                  $5.00                   $7.00                           Continue your visit at Arbor Day Farm and get up close to
 Additional                        $1.25/hr.               $1.25/hr.                       innovative Orchard Renewal techniques, experience the fertile
                                                                                           Lied Greenhouse, hop on the Discovery Ride to learn about
 Guided Time                       /person                 /person
                                                                                           Bio Engineering and Water Quality endeavors along South
 Discovery Ride                    $3.00                   $4.00                           Table Creek. $15 per adult, $13 per scout; price includes your
                                                                                           admission to the Tree Adventure. Rain or shine.
*Includes Admission plus one hour of guide time.
Payment method: Direct billing or purchase order preferred. Minimum $100 for
groups of 20 or less.

                                                                                                                           2611 Arbor Avenue
                                                                                                                Nebraska City, Nebraska 68410
                                                                                                     (402) 873-8757 •
                                                                                                Check our website for new events and activities!
                                                        Boy Scouts of America, Mid-America Council
                                                         Are you daring enough to rappel nearly 500 feet down the side of

                                                                      Woodmen of the World
                                                                      Life Insurance Society
                                                                        “Woodmen Tower”
                                                                1700         Farnam      St.       Omaha,     NE
                                                                Saturday, September 24, 2011                                               Rain Date : Sunday, September 25
                                                                $1,000 donation per rappel. Must be minimum of
(402)431-9BSA (9272)
                                                                   14 years of age and weigh 110-300 pounds.                                         Limited number of rappels, so hurry and reserve
                                                                                 your spot now!

100% of payment must be received to reserve your rappel.
Payment deadline: August 24, 2011. If collecting multiple pledges,
please hold until full payment can be made. No refunds, thank you.

       YES! I would like to go Over the Edge
       I would like to sponsor an individual to go Over the Edge

   Online registration/payment available at

                                                Rappeller Information:
                                                Company (if applicable)
                                                City, State & Zip
                                                T-shirt size (circle one):        S     M      L      XL     XXL
                                                Preference of rappel time (circle one)     A.M.        P.M.
                                                Please make checks payable to Mid-America Council, BSA
                                                Mail checks to:       Mid-America Council
                                                                      Over the Edge
                                                                      12401 West Maple Rd.
                                                                      Omaha, NE 68164
                                                     American        Express       VISA      Mastercard     Discover
                                                Account number
                                                Card Expiration Date             3 digit Security Number
                                                Cardholder’s Name
                                                Billing Address of the card
                                                Cardholder’s Contact Phone Number
                                                Total Amount __________
                                                Signature of Cardholder
           November 4, 2011
           November 18, 2011
           December 9, 2011
            January 6, 2012
           February 10, 2012
             March 2, 2012
              April 6, 2012
              May 4, 2012
            October 19, 2012
           November 2, 2012
           November 16, 2012

           November 11, 2011
           December 2, 2011
           February 24, 2012
             March 9, 2012
             April 13, 2012
           November 9, 2012
           December 7, 2012

           October 21, 2011
           January 12, 2012
           March 30, 2012
          November 30, 2012

             April 20, 2012
             May 18, 2012

                         Located strategically
                         between Lincoln & Omaha
                         on I-80 at Exit 426

                         402-944-3100 ext. 211
Slow Advancement                                       Online Merit Badge Counselor
We all know advancement is a cornerstone of            Directory
the Scouting program. Slow advancement,                Thanks to a Wood Badge project by Scouter
however, is harmful to your pack or troop. If your     Tony Arrowsmith, Wagon Wheel District, there is
Scout is earning awards and advancements but           a great new tool on our website. You can search
isn’t being recognized very quickly, you may           by badge or city to find a counselor to help you or
have a problem on your hands.                          your Scout work toward and complete a variety
                                                       of merit badges.
This leads to declining interest in unit activities,
lack of enthusiasm in wearing his uniform,             This directory can be found at www.mac-bsa.
irregular attendance and lack of attention during      org, by clicking on the Boy Scouts tab, followed
activities.                                            by the Advancement tab, followed by Merit
                                                       Badge Directory.
By using the Internet Advancement system
(found at under ‘Cub Scouts’
and ‘Boy Scouts’ under the Advancement tab),           Become a Merit Badge Counselor
you can ensure fast, easy and accurate entry           The merit badge counselor is a key player in the
into ScoutNet, reduce your travel time to the          Boy Scout advancement program. Whatever
Council offices to file paperwork, and receive         your area of expertise or interest—whether it is a
your awards by mail.                                   special craft or hobby, a profession, or perhaps
                                                       a life skill; as a merit badge counselor, you can
                                                       play a vital role in stirring a young man’s curiosity
                                                       about that particular topic. By serving as a merit
                                                       badge counselor, you offer your time, knowledge,
                                                       and other resources so that Scouts can explore
                                                       a topic of interest. Visit Scouter Services at the
                                                       Durham Scout Center to apply today.

                                                       Webelos work on their Forester activity
                                                       badge at the Cabela’s Day Camp in May
                                                       with the help of Boy Scouts from Troop
                                                       282, Omaha, NE.

                                                                                     Fall/Winter 2011 | Page 39
 ADVANCEMENT         Spotlight on...
                     Interested in Robotics?
                     Bellevue University Robotics Crew
                     Kickoff, Sept. 6
                     Bellevue University is opening its doors
                     to all women and men ages 14-20 to join
                     a 12 week, hands-on Robotics Program.
                     Contact Lindsey Rai Reasner for more
                     information, Lindsey.reasner@scouting.
                     org or (402)514-3065.

                     More About Robotics
                     The Robotics merit badge is part of the
                     BSA’s new curriculum emphasis on
                     STEM: science, technology, engineering,
                     and math. The BSA focus on STEM
                     takes a fun, adventurous approach to      robots move (actuators), how they sense
                     helping Scouts develop critical skills    the environment (sensors), and how they
                     that are relevant and needed in today’s   understand what to do (programming).
                     competitive world. The new merit badge    Scouts will spend approximately 14
                     is one of 31 STEM-related merit badges    hours meeting the requirements of this
                     that Scouts can earn.                     merit badge, including that they design
                                                               a robot and demonstrate how it works.
                     “The Robotics merit badge is an example The BSA anticipates more than 10,000
                     of how Scouting remains true to its roots Robotics merit badges will be earned in
                     to help young people be prepared,” its first year.
                     said BSA Chief Scout Executive Bob
                     Mazzuca. “While the guiding principles of The BSA developed the Robotics merit
                     Scouting—service to others, leadership, badge because of the wide-reaching
                     personal achievement, and respect for impact of robotics and the role STEM
                     the outdoors—will never change, we will continue to play in young people’s
                     continue to adapt programs to prepare lives moving forward. Robots are used
                     young people for success in all areas of in almost every field—in medicine and
                     life.”                                    manufacturing, law enforcement and
                                                               search and rescue, and space and
                     This merit badge involved approximately underwater exploration. They appear
                     14 months of development and input from regularly in daily life, be it vacuuming,
                     more than 150 youth members, leaders, mowing the lawn, and/or cleaning the
                     and industry professionals from across pool. Even some video game controllers
                     the nation. Earning the Robotics merit are considered robots.
                     badge requires a Scout to understand how

Fall/Winter 2011 | Page 40
        Fran Sillau, Theater Teaching Artist       402-660-6892

                 Cub Scout Webelos Showman Badge
Date: November 12, 2011
Time: 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Location: Durham Scout Center
Cost: $10.00 per Scout and $5.00 for adults/Scout leaders (must be at least five or more Scouts

Project Description: Work toward Your Showman Badge in ONE fun session! Scouts will create
their own paper bag and sock puppets along with an actual puppet play to perform for other
troops. Please bring a sock for making your puppet; all other materials will be provided.

                      Boy Scout Theater Merit Badge

Date: April 7, 2012
Time: 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Location: Omaha Community Playhouse
Cost: $10.00 per Scout and $5.00 for adults/Scout leaders (must be at least five or more Scouts

Project Description: Work toward earning your Theater Merit Badge in this FUN session! Scouts
will learn the basics of directing and acting, and will use those skills to direct and act in their
own short play. Scouts will also create set and costume designs as well as comedy sketches and

All items needed for workshop will be provided.
                                     Badges + Fun =
                                     KroC C enTer
            September 22-25, 2011

                                    Test for your
                                    swim classification
                                    and/or swimming badge at
                                    The Salvation Army Kroc Center.
                                    Call Linda Behounek, Aquatics Director,
                                    to reserve a time -- 402-905-3590.
                                    $5 each . . . Swim Classifications,
                                     . . . . . . . . . Belt Loops & Sports Pin
                                    $10 . . . . . . Aquanaut
                                    $25 . . . . . . Swimming Merit Badge
FREE Event Admission • Family Fun
     Kids Activities • Parade
     Rodeo & Concert
    Tickets as low as $15
         Thursday Rodeo             enjoy Free
     Friday Rodeo & Concert         Swim Time
          Clay Walker               after testing!
    Saturday Rodeo & Concert        Water slide! Lazy stream!
                                    Games & more!
        Tracy Lawrence              Please bring your own
                                    swimsuit & towel.

                                    2825 Y St, Omaha, NE 68107
“Focus on the rich history...”
The Batchelder Family Scout Museum (BFSM) was                                    2200 Dodge Street
                                                                                 Omaha, NE 68102
founded by Anne Stuart Batchelder in 2007. With
its Scouting exhibits and displays, the museum has a
focus on the rich history of the Mid-America Council.       Painting, Drawing, or Sculpting
The museum is located in the Durham Scout Center in            Work toward your Artist Activity Badge
Omaha, Nebraska.                                             by enrolling in a workshop that includes            who
                                                             gallery exploration and lots of hands-on         Web :
 “Explore the traditions...”
                                                                                  fun in the art room!       Sco elo
                                                                   when: Sundays, 1:30–3:30 pm                  uts
                                                                cost: $8 per boy (chaperones free)
Learn about which camp penant Norman Rockwell
painted from our Council in one of his famous paintings.      capacity: Minimum 12, Maximum 24
See how Scouting has been a part of eastern Nebraska,
southwest Iowa, northwest Iowa and South Dakota for
over 90 years. View the historic uniforms and handbooks                           Working with Clay,
of the past. Explore the traditions of the honor camper                           Paper-making, or Silkscreen
tribes from Camp Gifford and Camp Cedars.                                         Work toward your Cub Scout Art Pin by
                                                                                  enrolling in a workshop that includes gallery
                                                                   Cu ts          exploration and lots of hands-on fun in the
                                                                                  art room!
“Honor Scouting’s heritage...”                                                    when: Sundays, 1–4 pm
For 100 years, Scouting has left its mark on our history.                         cost: $10 per boy (chaperones free)
The Batchelder Family Scout Museum is proud to honor                              capacity: Minimum 12, Maximum 24
Scouting’s heritage.

                                                               Registration: Advance registration and payment is due
                                                               three weeks prior to the workshop. To register, contact the
                                                                       Youth & Family Programs Coordinator at
                                                            or call (402) 661-3868.

                                                              Please be ready to identify which Badge/Pin you wish to earn
                                                              and have two possible dates that your group will be available
                                                                                to attend the workshop.
                                                                          Refunds are only given if an event is
                                                                              cancelled by the Museum.
                                                             Joslyn is FREE on Saturday mornings, 10 am–noon, and offers a
                                                              variety of self-guided options for young people. The Museum is
                                                                         fully accessible to persons in wheelchairs.

Scout Museum                                                Mark your calendar!
                                                            Join us on Sunday, October 23, 2011; 1–4 pm for Welcome to
                                                            Boy Scout Day at Joslyn! We’ll have gallery activities, art-making,
                                                            and something fun for all! See Mid-America Council website for
             ILY        USEUM                               registration and event information.

12401 W MEST  APLE ROAD                                                                        (402) 342-3300
 MA ,
O HA NE 68164                                                                        
     Earn ges
Activity B
    Br ing Y en

      World O! Water is a FREE annual event, aimed at educating the public about water
   conservation, quality and recreation. Come learn what you can do to ensure this invaluable
           resource is here for us to enjoy now and for future generations. Join us for:
   Demonstrations      Science Experiments        Games        Canoeing        Face Painting

  AUGUST                                       20                         NOON
                                                                          to 4PM
                                                                           Rain Or Shine
  Location: Papio-Missouri NRD at Wehrspann Lake, 8901 S. 154th Street, Omaha

How to Log Your JTE Service Hours Idea 2: Assist with Council, District, and
You can now enter your service hours at www.             Unit Activities Look for        Cub Scout pack: Pinewood derby, Arrow of Light
the “Service Project” area of the screen. There you      presentations, teach camping or cooking skills,
can find the link to log your hours, information for     teach flag etiquette.
first time users and ideas and tips for a successful
service project. To enter your service hours click       Boy Scout troop: Contact the Camping Director for
on “service hours website.” Choose “New User             ways to earn service hours at camp.
Click Here” or enter in your existing username and
password.                                                District: Work a day camp or District Pinewood
Users can still use
and they will be redirected to the new data collection   Council: Scouting for Food, clean up and beautify
site. If you have any questions, please contact the      a council camp, assist with set up and clean up at
national service desk at 1-972-580-2267.                 Heartland University of Scouting.

Volunteers with a MyScouting account can also            Idea 3: Assist the Elderly in Your
reach the Journey to Excellence service hour             Community
website by clicking on the Journey to Excellence         Participate in caroling at a nursing home. Collect
Information link on the left side of the screen in       personal items and make baskets for the elderly
the “Council Tools” section. Once you click the link     with no families. Conduct visits and reading
you will be directed to         programs. Construct reading tables for residents to
journeytoexcellence and can follow the same              be able to read sitting in a chair or in bed. Prepare
procedures as listed above.                              and distribute Valentine’s cards.

Recommended Service Partners                             Idea 4: Remember Others During the
Salvation Army                                           Holidays.
Habitat for Humanity                                     Assit a needy family: Assist agencies that provide
Keep Omaha Beautiful                                     meals to the needy by helping them prepare and
                                                         serve the meals.
Service Project Ideas
Idea 1: Book and Magazine Drive                          For Veterans and Memorial Day: Place American
This project can be done door-to-door in one day,        flags on gravesites for Memorial Day. Make and
or Scouts can leave door hangers and return later        deliver thank-you cards to veterans on Veterans
to collect the books and magazines. Work with            Day.
a store (grocery, dry cleaners, donut shop) to
collect the books over a period of time, and make For      Religious  Holidays:    Assist   religious
arrangements with the benefiting organization prior organizations in setting up and cleaning up
to the collection drive.                            exhibits and activities.Deliver, retrieve, and
                                                    dispose of Christmas trees. Remove lights for

                                                                                    Fall/Winter 2011 | Page 45
                     residents. Repair and paint town holiday     supplies for developing countries. Assist
                     decorations. Collect toys for Toys for       with a blood drive. Collect books for
 service hours       Tots. Prepare and serve hot chocolate at
                     the annual town tree lighting. Go caroling
                                                                  a VA medical center. Distribute organ
                                                                  donor cards to the public. Distribute
                     at a home for the elderly. Purchase toys     healthy living and drug abuse awareness
                     for a children’s hospital. Make stuffed      literature. Provide a first-aid station at a
                     animals, include personal notes, and         district or council event. Help children
                     donate to a children’s hospital (e.g.,       make safety kits to take home and use
                     Build-a-Bear). Assist with parking cars      when bicycling. Make “welcome home”
                     at the annual Easter pageant. Assemble       hygiene kits for disaster victims. Make
                     Easter baskets and distribute to shelters.   bandanas and pillows for cancer patients.
                     Assist with the palm burning before Ash      Collect and donate toys for children’s
                     Wednesday.                                   hospital. Serve as victims for a county
                                                                  EMT or first responders training course.
                     Idea 5: Home             Repair      and
                     Maintenance                                  Idea 8: Military
                     Adopt a town after a disaster. Assist         Adopt a service troop and send birthday
                     organizations     that  provide    home       cards. Conduct a book drive to send to
                     maintenance services for those in need.       military deployed in the Middle East.
                     Assist with painting a school, church, or     Send Christmas cards or be pen pals with
                     chartered organization. Clean a Habitat       someone in the military. Collect books
                     for Humanity house before the family          for a VA medical center. Create video
                     moves in. Clean a local animal shelter.       histories of American Legion members.
                                                                   Make and deliver thank-you cards to
                     Idea 6: Litter Cleanup and veterans on Veterans Day. Organize
                                                                   a movie night at a VA medical center.
                                                                   Place American flags on gravesites for
                     Adopt-a-Road         cleanup.   Assist     in
                                                                   Memorial Day. Provide telephone cards
                     community        beautification    projects,
                                                                   to servicemen and -women. Clean up the
                     including repairing and repainting homes
                                                                   yard at an American Legion hall.
                     and sprucing up the yards of those in need.
                     Litter cleanup projects. Beautification
                     project at city hall. Cemetery cleanup and Idea 9: Safety
                     inventory. Cleanup and beautification of Build a fence around air conditioners on a
                     community center. Clean up campgrounds, playground for the children’s safety.Build
                     a local park, river, or a school parking lot. handicapped ramp access at community
                     Cleanup and beautification of a council locations. Construct a walking path for
                     camp. Clear brush from fire buffer zone. children walking to school. Conduct a CPR
                     Clear debris and downed trees from training event. Provide a first-aid station
                     people’s yards following a disaster. at district event. Help children make
                     Improve walking trail. Pick up trash at safety kits to take home and use when
                     the chartered organization prior to or bicycling. Host a bike rally to train youth
                     after a Scout meeting. Yard cleanup at on bike safety and maintenance. Make
                     an American Legion hall. Yardwork for a “welcome home” hygiene kits for disaster
                     senior citizen in the neighborhood.           victims. Repair and repaint playground
                                                                   equipment. Serve as victims for a county
                                                                   EMT or first responders training course.
                     Idea 7: Medical
                     Assist in the packaging of medical

Fall/Winter 2011 | Page 46
Exploring is a unique career exploration program for young men and women ages 14-20. Our
program provides an ideal link between the academic environment and the real world.

       Student Benefits:
       Character Development        Social development
       Build self-confidence        Unique career experiences, networking & internships
       Leadership development       Volunteer community service
       Group collaboration and teamwork

Please visit to learn more about our programs and to view the fall
kick-off calendar or contact Lindsey Rai Reasner at

Athletic Training                 Fashion/Modelling              Physical Therapy/Occupa-
UNO Athletic Department           Agency 89                      tional Therapy
                                                                 Creighton University PT/OT
Attorney/Lawyer                   Fine Arts/Music                Go Physical Therapy
Erickson & Sederstrom             Omaha Community Playhouse
Fraser Stryker                                                   Photography
Sarpy County Bar Association      Landscape Architecture &       Billings Photography
Aviation                          CM’s Custom Lawncare           Robotics
University of Nebraska Aviation                                  Bellevue University
Institute                         Law Enforcement/Fire Rescue
Advanced Air                      Omaha Police                   Theater Design/Set Design
                                  Douglas County Sheriff         Omaha Community Playhouse
Construction                      Ralston Fire
Peter Kiewit Sons, Inc.           Omaha Fire                     Sports Management
The Durham School of Ar-          Boys Town Fire                 Omaha Storm Chasers
chitectural Engineering and
Construction                      Medical                        Trades
                                  Children’s Hospital            Dream it Do it!
Culinary Arts/Foods/Cooking       Clarkson College
Metro Culinary Arts               Immanuel Medical Center        Veterinarian Medicine
                                  Midlands Hospital              Henry Doorly Zoo
Dentistry                         Bergan Mercy Hospital
Creighton University Dentistry    Lakeside Hospital
                                  Nebraska Methodist Nursing
Engineering Architecture/         College
Interior Design
HDR                               Meteorology/ Earth Science
Leo A Daly                        American Meteorology Society
DLR Group
Lamp, Rynearson & Assoc.
Peter Kiewit Institute
The Durham School of Ar-
chitectural Engineering and
• Scouting Programs coming soon! •

We Learn... We Build... We Play with... LEGO® Bricks!
 Bricks 4 Kidz® is a hands-on learning experience where young boys and girls will build machines, catapults,
     animals, cars, buildings and other constructions out of LEGO® bricks. While exploring engineering,
         architecture and physics, students will develop problem solving and critical thinking skills.

                    We Offer:     • After School Activities
               •Camps             • Home School Programs
               • Birthday Parties • Pre-School Activities
                                 Contact us for more information!
               Phone: (402) 968-5723 • Email:
                LEGO® is a registered trademark of the LEGO® Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse these programs or this website.
                                            3030 N 101st St.
                                            Omaha, NE 68134
                                            Contact: Jeanne Belitz, General Manager

                                What is more fun than spending the night and having the bowling center to yourselves?!

                                             Who: All ages - great way to meet other Dens and Packs
                          When: Available any weekend: Friday, Saturday and on Sundays before a holiday or all school vaca-

                                                Cost: $15 per person ($2 per person for each additional hour)

                                                                  Price Includes Unlimited:
                                                                         ·     Hotdogs
                                                                      ·      French Fries
                                                                           ·   Nachos
                                                                             ·  Soda
   ALL NIGHTER                                               ·   2 Hours of Cosmic BOWLING!

  Packages Available!                             1 A.M. to 3 A.M. (Minimum of 75 kids and up to 288 kids)

        Short Season Leagues are a perfect way for Boys to experience a bowling league. Boys will learn how to
 calculate handicap, averages, bowling rules and how to read standing sheets. Gear the boys up now for a lifetime sport! Perfect
                 for Parent/ Child teams or competitions among the different packs or dens or within their own!

 Call to schedule a 4 to 12 week short season league. Can even design your own league for after school, or Saturday and Sunday

                  Cost is $8.25 per bowler per week for 3 games and shoes. League record keeping is included!
       INSTRUCTIONAL                                                                     PIZZA, PINS and PEPSI with
      BOWLING SESSION                                                                            FRIENDS!
  Learn how to bowl with a United States
 Bowling Congress Coach! We have “take                                                   This is perfect afternoon out with the
home” curriculum and videos available. We                                                 Den or Pack for celebrations or for a
            can assist with one                                                          Father/Mother and Son Bowling Event.
      session or multiple sessions to
           improve your game!
                                                                                            $55 per lane for up to 5 people .
            $3.25 Per Game

  Call for a reservation today!                                                                  Call For Availability!
Scout leaders…are you looking for an event to help your Scouts earn their cooking merit badge? Then look no
further. Your local Hy-Vee dietitian can provide a store tour and an informative hands-on nutrition class to help
your Scouts learn the importance of preparing healthy meals and snacks. They will also learn how to make
healthy food choices, how to read food labels and receive fun recipes they can prepare at home!

Who:           Boy Scouts
               Cub Scouts – leaders may call your Hy-Vee dietitian for age appropriate
                            activities available at your local Hy-Vee.

When:          Schedule a class with your local Hy-Vee dietitian at your convenience.

Where:        Your Omaha, Council Bluffs and Papillion Hy-Vee food stores:

               51st & Center, 553-2664                      90th & Center, 384-9072
               108th & Fort, 493-2089                       79th & Cass, 384-8668
               96th & Q St., 339-3047                       35th & L St., 731-6107
               132nd & Dodge St., 493-2911                  180th & Q St., 896-4168
               156th & Maple, 493-0390                       145th & Stoney Brook Blvd., 697-0811
               Mall of the Bluffs, 712-322-9260             23rd & Broadway, 712-328-9792
               Papillion (73rd & 370), 597-5790

Cost:          $6 per Scout; payment due day of class
               Adults admitted free

Capacity:      Minimum 8, Maximum 20 (check with your dietitian if you have fewer than 8 scouts)

Registration: Call your local Hy-Vee dietitian to schedule the class.

Chaperones: Follow two-deep leadership guidelines.

Recognition: Cooking badge

Questions:     Please contact your local Hy-Vee dietitian.
               You may find your nearest Hy-Vee dietitian by logging onto
  American Legacy complex is conveniently located just five
miles North of I-680 in Omaha, Nebraska. We offer a complete
 line of services including boarding, training, lessons, horse
                       camps, and clinics.
                                                                   Courteous Kids Manner Belt Loop (Tiger, Wolf,
                                                                   Bear and Webelos)
Cub Scouts
Cub Scouts will have the opportunity to tour the barn, meet the    A one and a half hour program teaching the
stabled horses, groom a horse, learn how to stay safe around a
horse, look at various sizes of horse shoes, see and touch horse
                                                                   essentials of good manners starting with a proper
teeth and take a ride on two different horses.                     greeting and introduction which reflect a confident
                                                                   scout. The class also walks scouts through a mock
Boy Scouts
American Legacy Complex will help you learn the skills             formal meal from being seated to table settings to
necessary to complete your Horsemanship Merit Badge. Please        dining and table etiquette. All food and materials
bring your workbook and blue card.
                                                                   provided. Program takes place at meeting location.
When: Saturdays and Sundays in the afternoons. Dates and
times are scheduled at your convenience. The Cub Scout             Cost: $7/scout
program takes two hours. The Boy Scout Merit Badge program
takes three to four hours to complete. Some requirements can       International Taste Tour (Venture Crew)
be done ahead of time. Your group size may also determine the
time.                                                              Get your passports ready! Join us as we tour around
Where: American Legacy Complex, 7193 County Rd. 40,                the world and taste test one of Omaha’s ethnic
Omaha, NE                                                          restaurants each month from September through
                                                                   May. Each month students visit a new country ( in
Cost: $15.00 per Scout
                                                                   Omaha) and learn about specific ethnic foods,
Capacity: Ideal size is 15 to 20 Scouts. Minimum group size is 6   dining customs and etiquette. Students can
                                                                   customize their restaurant tour package with a
Registration: Call Dorothy Turley at 402.468.4588 for a date. I    minimum of five restaurants.
provide directions when a date is booked. Each Scout must
have a signed release of liability form. Directions and releases   Cost: app. $20 - $25 per student for each
are mailed prior to the outing.
                                                                   restaurant. Program price includes tax and gratuity.
Leadership: One adult for every five Scouts                        No additional expenses required.

Refunds: You must cancel at least two days in advance.

Notes: American Legacy has a complete kitchen facility, grill
and picnic tables. The viewing room is heated and air                   For class registration and
conditioned. You may bring food and drinks. Boys will ride in       information call (402) 651-1696
the indoor arena so outside weather conditions will not
interfere with the outing.
                                                                      or email
                Stay in the loop!
                Stay in the loop!
                                                                                                                        Want e-news
                                                                                                                     specific to your
                                                                                                                     district as well
                                                                                                                       as activities
                                                                                                                     updates for your

                                                                                                                              Go to

                                                                                                                  Put your email in
                                                                                                                    the box at the
                                                                                                                 bottom of the page
                                                                                                                   and click ‘GO’!

                                                     Quality, Customer Service & Specialty Medical Products at Great Prices!
                                                    PHARMACY SERVICES:                     •   Age Management               •   Stair Glides/Lifts                 • Diabetes Shoes & Inserts
                                                    • Retail Pharmacy                      •   Bone Density Testing         •   Wheelchair Cleaning & Diagnostic   • Blood Glucose Meters &
                                                    • Compounding Pharmacy                 •   Cholesterol Testing          •   Walking Aids                         Supplies
                                                    • Specialty Medications                •   Skin Damage Screening        •   Bathroom Aids
                                                    • Infertility Specialists              •   Blood Pressure Testing       •   Home Modifications                 BREATHING & OXYGEN
                                                    • Vaccinations: Flu & Pneumonia,       •   Diabetes Screening           •   Wheelchair Van Sale & Rental       SERVICES:
                                                      Tetanus, Meningitis,                 •   Vein Efficiency Testing      •   Vehicle Lifts                      • Respiratory Therapists
                                                      Hepatitis A & B, & More                                               •   Vehicle Modifications              • In-home setup with instructions
                                                    • On-line Ordering                     AESTHETICS:                      •   Home Modifications                   on all respiratory equipment
                                                    • Refill Reminder Services Available   • Botox®                                                                • Respiratory Evaluations
                                                                                           • Juvederm®                      PERSONAL CARE ITEMS:                   • Liquid Oxygen Systems
                                                    • Rental Equipment Available
                                                                                           • Artefill®                      • Certified Mastectomy Fitters         • Oxygen Concentrators
                                                    • Delivery
                                                                                           • Radiesse®                      • Compression Stockings                • Portable Oxygen Systems
                                                    • Regular Monthly Delivery for
                                                                                           • Laser procedures               • Orthotic Supports                    • Oxygen Conserving Devices
                                                      Reoccurring Orders
                                                                                           • Medical-Grade Facial Peels     • Ostomy Supplies                      • Nebulizers & Supplies
                                                    • Travel Vaccination Clinic
                                                                                                                            • Urological Supplies                  • Ultrasonic (Portable) Nebulizers
                                                    • Medication Management
                                                                                           MOBILITY & REHAB                 • Breast Feeding Pumps & Supplies      • Air Compressors
                                                                                           EQUIPMENT & REPAIR:              • Wellness Services & Testing          • Percussors
                                                    WELLNESS CENTER:                       • Motorized Wheelchairs          • Wound Supplies                       • CPAPs
                                                    • Smoking Cessation                    • Certified Repair Technicians                                          • BiPAPs
                                                    • Weight Loss                          • Motorized Scooters             DIABETES SUPPLIES                      • Ventilators
                                                    • Male & Female Hormone                • Manual Wheelchairs             & CONSULTATION:                        • Respiratory Medications
                                                      Replacement:                         • Electric Seat Lift Chairs      • Insulin Pump Supplies                • Suction Machines

Seven locations to serve you.   84th & Hascall - 402.393.1404 • 114th & Dodge - 402.408.0012 • 50th & Dodge - 402.553.8900                  127th & Q - 402.895.3101 • 51st & L - 402.733.2000 • Papillion - 402.331.8632 • 29th & Leavenworth - 402.342.6547
Begin your underwater adventure!
Earn your Scuba Diving Merit Badge.
Complete your Open Water Diver certification and Merit Badge requirements
at DiVentures. Work with trained dive professionals who have the experience
and knowledge to make you a safe and confident diver.

Scheduled Classes
2011                                2012
August 2, 4, 9 and 11               February 6,8, 13 and 15
November 8, 10, 15 and 17           June 4, 6, 11 and 13
Classes meet twice a week for two weeks from 6:30-9:30pm.
Choose Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday option.

Scout Pricing
$275 + the cost of equipment
Boy scouts qualify for special pricing on the Open Water Diver course.
Price includes classroom and pool training and open water checkout
dives. Scouts must purchase their own mask, fins and snorkel prior to the
start of class. DiVentures carries a wide variety of diving equipment.

Call 402.933.6251 to sign up for a course!
Visit for more information

  Start explorin
       Start diving.
Registration Information
Payment must be made in advance to reserve spots.
Scouts may enroll as a troop or as an individual.
  Minimum class size: 4
  Maximum class size:8

Swimming Merit Badge classes also available.

Proud sponsor of the Boys Scouts of America
             4303 S. 121 Plaza • Omaha, NE
                                                                Co uncil
                                                -Am erica
                                 c sa
               of Awww.mac-bmeri
Boy S
                     t Ce     nter
            Sc a oule Road
       am1 West ME p68164
  Durh 1240Omaha, N SA (9272)
             P: 402.4 .431.0444

                 F: 40
                     Sceou d
                 k a Roa
         chalst ME p6l8164
        s 1 We
    Gott 1240Omaha, N31.0700
                     P: 40 431.0444 527.2622)                      g        y
                      F: 40 BSAMAC
                                                  e rican ter
                                             idAm      t cw an nue
                                                     u i-vie e ve
                                                sc1o2 tr city, ia
                                                 1 0
                                                       sioux 55.8846
                                                       p: 71 255.9587
                                                       f: 71

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