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					Sample Website Timeline
Project Description
The website referenced below is a medium scale project that required approximately 5 months and
100 work hours to complete. The project included substantial graphic design and several functional
sections that required separate meetings and requirements (Client Login, Informational Resources,
etc.) which increased its scope.

                                                                         Original Responsible Date
Done Milestone Description/Comments
                                                                         Date     Party       Completed

     Initial Meeting                                                     Aug 27 Jon/Client

     Client provides list of which aspects of current site to maintain   Aug 30 Client

     Initial graphic design meeting                                      Sep 11 Jon/Client

     a) Client Login and b) Recruitment section meeting                  Sep 18 Jon/Client

     a) Informational Resources evaluation and b) General Content
                                                                         Sep 20 Jon/Client

     Presentation of first draft of graphic design templates             Oct 5   Jon

     Feedback on first draft of graphic design templates                 Oct 12 Client

     General Content meeting                                             Oct 19 Jon/Client

     Presentation of second draft of graphic design templates            Oct 19 Jon

     Feedback on second draft of graphic design templates                Oct 26 Client

     Search Engine registration initial meeting                          Nov 2   Jon/Client

     Presentation of final graphic design templates                      Nov 9   Jon

     Presentation of completed Informational pages                       Nov 9   Jon

     Project Assessment meeting                                          Nov 16 Jon/Client

     Presentation of completed Informational Resource section
                                                                         Nov 16 Jon

     Presentation of completed Client Login section and Recruitment
                                                                         Nov 23 Jon
     section meeting

     Site testing and pre-implementation meeting                         Nov 30 Jon/Client
                                    Dec 8   Jon
Publish site online
Register site with search engines   Dec 11 Jon

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