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					Elk River Currents
    Elk River District Roundtables                    February Roundtable Date Change
First Christian Church                               First Thursday, February 7th, 7:00 PM
120 West Grundy Street, Tullahoma                    First Christian Church, Tullahoma
2nd Thursday each month – 7:00 PM                    In order to give scouters the opportunity to spend
June Picnic, Dark July, Preview August               time with their special someone, Roundtable is
                                                     being moved up from February 14th to the 7th.
            District Resources
Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner                           Elk River District Banquet
and District Training Chairman                       Saturday, February 2, 2008, 6:00 PM
       Regina Harrison                               First Methodist Church, Tullahoma,
       931-967-9499                                  Family Activities Center, $5.00 each at the door
       teamharrison@comcast.net                      RSVP with names and numbers for food count to
District Commissioner, Bill Morgan                   Dr. John Petty at: drjohnpetty@hotmail.com.
       931-723-1667                                  Meat, vegetable, and bread will be provided
       aducbil@bellsouth.net                         Bring a two-liter drink (tea, lemonade, or cola) or
District Chairman - Vacant                           dessert. Help recognize our district successes.
District Executive, Dale Turner                      Theme: “Scouting: Strong Trees Need Deep Roots.”
       dajt@cafes.net                                2008 Centennial Quality Unit Award
District Webmaster, Tom Gillard                      2008 Centennial Quality Unit Commitment Forms
       tjgillard@bellsouth.net                       are due by February 15th. Under the new quality
District Website                                     program, now run on a calendar basis (no longer
       www.bsa-troop402.org/elk_river/index.html     processed at charter time), units are required to
                                                     review their year-end results and estimate new goals
  Cub Scout New Leader Essentials                    for the coming year. With a filed Commitment
                                                     Form, the unit can then review and potentially claim
    and Spring Basic Training                        their quality unit award at the end of the year.
Saturday, March 1, 2008                              Forms available at:                www.scouting.org
First Christian Church, Tullahoma                    Commissioners, Centennial Quality Awards.
Registration required – Courses will be
held only if minimum registration met.               New Roundtable Adult Recognition
New Leader Essentials                      8:00 AM   While Roundtable presenters will still be looking to
       Required only once for all leaders.             award all units that are represented in the coming
Cub Leader Specific Classes 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM       2008 year, individual leaders deserve incentives too.
   For other available training dates in the area      Now, look forward to instant recognition for your
   or special arrangements for training contact:      leadership and unit involvement by sporting an Elk
        Regina Harrison, 931-967-9499 or               River District Roundtable Rounder. Find out more
            teamharrison@comcast.net                     at your next Roundtable and spread the word.

        On-Line Training Available                     On-Line Uniform Insignia Guide
Fast Start, Youth Protection and Water Safety                 The BSA Uniform Insignia Guide
No Cub Leader Basic Courses available on-line                     is now available on-line.
                www.mtcbsa.org                            www.scouting.org/pubs/33066
            Theme for February:                               Opening Ceremony:
             Chinese New Year                                 Chinese New Year Welcome
           Webelos Activity Badges:                           Materials: Rolled-up paper banner that says
             Scholar, Engineer                                “Happy Birthday, Cub Scouts!”
                                                              CUB SCOUT 1: Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy New
Purposes of Cub Scouting:                                     Year!
Respectful relationships, family                              CUB SCOUT 2: Our calendar year is 2008, but the
understanding, and fun and adventure                          Chinese calendar year is 4706.
                                                              CUB SCOUT 3: Chinese New Year is actually a
Core Values: Cooperation                                      15-day celebration, this year starting on February 7.
                                                              CUB SCOUT 4: The Chinese are celebrating the
Preopening Activity:                                          start of a new year, but at our blue and gold
Fortune Cookie Matchup                                        banquet, we are also celebrating the start of a new
Materials: Preprinted strips of proverbs or sayings,          Cub Scouting year.
decorated container or box                                    CUB SCOUT 5; Cub Scouting is 78 years old this
         Collect or create a series of proverbs or            year.
sayings that might be found inside a fortune cookie.          CUB SCOUT 6 and 7: (roll out banner): Join us in
Write half of each proverb on one strip of paper and          saying “Happy Birthday” to Cub Scouts
the second half on another strip of paper. Place all          everywhere.
the strips in a box decorated with Chinese symbols.           ALL: Happy Birthday, Cub Scouts!
As people arrive, have each person pull a strip from
the box, then try to find another person whose strip          Song: “Happy New Year”
would appropriately complete their own phrase.                Tune: “Farmer in the Dell”
Examples of proverbs                                          (Actions in parentheses)
focusing on the core
value of cooperation                                          Happy New Year,
include these:                                                Happy New Year,
Alone we can do so little … Together we can do so             Gung Hay Fat Choy!
much.                                                         Happy New Year.
Let everyone sweep in front of his own door …                 Dragons dance ‘n’ prance (dance and prance)
And the whole world will be clean.                            Firecrackers go “Bang!” (shout “Bang!”)
We may have all come on different ships … But                 Gung Hay Fat Choy!
we’re in the same boat now.                                   Happy New Year.
We should use not only the brains we have … But               Need a Theme Cheer?
also all that we can borrow.
                                                                              Gung Hay Fat Choy
Teamwork is working together … Even when                      Pretend to open a fortune cookie and read the
apart.                                                        fortune. Yell out “Gung Hay Fat Choy! And Best
He who does good to another … Does good to                    Wishes!”
                                                                           Chinese Applause
Prayer: Prayer for the Coming                                 Yell “YUCH PHOO, YUCH PHOO, YUCH,
                                                              PHOO!! RICE BOWL FULL, YUCH PHOO,
Year                                                          YUCH PHOO.”
“We give thanks for our family and
friends. May we continue to have good
                                                                              Chinese Cheer
fortune, happiness, and many blessings to our Cub
                                                              “Fooey! Fooey! Fooey!”
Scout families for the coming year. Amen.”

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Advancement Ceremony:                                          Project: Hong Bao (Gift Money Envelope)
Fortune Cookie                                                 Materials:
Preparation: Make fortune                                      Red
cookies from felt or craft foam.                               construction
Cut a circle, fold in half, insert                             paper or copy
message, and glue top together. Bend in the                    paper, gold or
middle and glue two ends together. Use messages                yellow paint or
like “Congratulations—You are a Wolf!” or “You                 paint pens,
are a hard worker—You have earned a Bear                       scissors, glue
badge!” or “We’ll be loyal Scouts and you show it’s                    When the Chinese people give money at a
true!” have fun making messages.                               happy occasion, it is usually placed in a red
Materials: Finished fortune cookies with messages              envelope, often decorated in gold with lucky letters.
appropriate for advancement and badges pinned on               Cub Scouts can create their own envelopes to hold
the outside. Keep cookies for different ranks                  thank-you notes to their parents or leaders. One side
separate.                                                      of the note could be a piece of pretend money
CUBMASTER: We have had a wonderful year full                   saying, “Thanks a million!” Cub Scouts can write a
of hard work and good fortune. Will (name of                   personal thank-you on the other side.
Scout) please come forward with your parents? You                      Create a template for boys to trace and cut
have made many wise choices as a Cub Scout that                out using the pattern shown. Fold flaps 1, 2, and 3
brought you here tonight. Please choose your new               in order by number, gluing them in place. Decorate
fortune and read it to the audience.                           the front with a Chinese symbol or letter. Insert
                                                               thank-you note, fold flap 4 down, and glue to close.
Game: Catch the Dragon’s Tail
All players stand in line, their hands on one                  Closing Ceremony: New Year Traditions
another’s shoulders. The first in line is the head of          CUBSCOUT 1: Many traditions are associated with
the dragon, and the last is the tail. The head tries to        the Chinese New Year, a time of new beginnings.
catch the tail by maneuvering the line around so that          CUB SCOUT 2: Fruits are displayed in homes and
he can tag the end player. The line must not break.            stores. Tangerines and oranges represent good luck
All other players do their best to keep the head from          and wealth, and apples symbolize peace and safety.
catching the dragon’s tail. When the head catches              CUB SCOUT 3: If a flower bud opens exactly on
the tail, the end player becomes the head.                     new Year’s Day, it is believed that a year of good
                                                               fortune is ahead.
Game: Chopstick Challenge                                      CUB SCOUT 4: Dragon dances bring good luck,
Materials:                                                     and firecrackers keep evil spirits away.
One pair of                                                    CUB SCOUT 5: Grown-ups give children red
chopsticks and one                                             envelopes. What’s inside? Lucky money!
bowl for each player; one                                      CUB SCOUT 6; As Chinese people wish for good
large bowl per team                                            fortune for the new Year, we wish good fortune and
containing marbles and beans.                                  bright futures for all of our Cub Scout families!
        Divide participants into teams of four to six
players. The object of the game is to transfer as
many items as possible from the large bowl into
                                                                     Cubmaster’s Minute: Everything
your smaller bowl in a given time. Award 10 points                   Has Beauty
for each marble transferred and 5 points for each              “Confucius, the great Chinese philosopher, once
bean. The players must pick up items one at a time,            said: ‘Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees
and hands are not allowed to touch the items. At the           it.’ As you go back to your families, your homes,
end of a set time, each team adds up all the points            and your schools, look for beauty and good things
its players earned.                                            in everything and everyone you meet. Give
                                                               goodwill as a Cub Scout should, and be a friend to

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Audience Participation Story:                                 Scholar: Chinese Number Cards
“The Chinese Calendar”                                                              Materials: 10 index cards and
Divide audience into three groups. Assign each                                      a black marker for each
group a part to perform when the designated word is                                 Webelos Scout. Using the
read in the story.                                                                  chart, write one number on
                                                                                    each of the index cards.
Cat: “Meow!”                                                                        Uses of the cards:
Rat: “Cheese, please.”                                                              One or more players: Shuffle
Ox: Lift arms like lifting weights and say “Strong!”                                cards well. Place them
Animals: Everyone makes sounds together.                                            facedown. As you draw a
                                                                                    card, say the number in
        Many, many years ago the emperor of China                                   Chinese.
decided to have a race among the Animals. He                                        Two players: Use two sets of
declared that the first 12 Animals to cross the finish        cards, numbered on through five in each set. Place
line would have a year named after them. The                  cards facedown. Each player turns his top card. The
Animals were all very excited—especially Cat and              first player who can correctly add the numbers and
Rat, who were best friends.                                   say the sum in Chinese wins.
        Cat and Rat woke up really early to get a             Even number of players, four or more:
head start. They were doing very well until they got          Mix the players’ sets and play a game of
to a river. The finish line was just on the other side.       Concentration.
Cat and Rat were trying to figure out how to get              Think of your own game.
across when Ox arrived. When they asked for Ox’s
help to get across the river, he agreed to carry them.        Engineer:
        Cat sat on Ox’s back and Rat sat on his               Chopstick Catapult
head. As soon as Ox began to climb the bank of the                                        Materials: Three sets of
river, Rat jumped off and crossed the finish line                                         disposable chopsticks,
first. When Rat jumped, Ox was startled, causing                                          two rubber bands, bottle
Cat to fall into the river. The other Animals quickly                                     cap, tape, tacky glue or
followed Ox across the finish line—Tiger, then                                            low-temperature glue,
Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey,                                              knife
Rooster, Dog, and finally Pig. When Cat finally                                                   Cut one set of
pulled himself out of the river, he was too late. Cat                                     chopsticks in half and
was number 13 across the finish line. And that is             tape the halves together. Fasten together the
why Cat is not part of the Chinese calendar with his          remaining two sets of chopsticks with a rubber band
best friend Rat.                                              on the narrow ends. Insert the taped piece between
                                                              the two and secure in place with a rubber band.
Webelos Activity Badge Projects                               Glue the bottle cap to the end of the top chopstick.
                                                              Place a small object in the cap, hold down the
Scholar: Chinese Characters                                   catapult b the crossbar, and fire!
for the New Year
These two lucky                                               Orange
characters are                                                Blossom
commonly used for the
New Year. Fu means
blessings, good luck,
                                                              shape an
and fortune. Chun is
                                                              orange into a
spring, which means a
                                                              basket shape. Scoop out the inside and fill with
new beginning. Write on each on red paper. Make
                                                              orange gelatin and chunks of the scooped-out
the characters large to almost fill the sheet.
                                                              orange. Refrigerate and serve when set.

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