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									The InterContinental Ballroom unveils a refreshing and
auspicious new look inspired by the hotel’s unique
position on Victoria Harbour

HONG KONG, September 23, 2011 --- This month, which marks the hotel’s 10 anniversary,
InterContinental Hong Kong welcomes a new era of hosting the city’s most prominent meetings
and glamorous events, as it unveils a refreshing, contemporary new look for the InterContinental

Following the extensive refurbishment of this iconic space, clients will be delighted with the
stunning modern look, and most especially, with the venue’s flexibility, efficiency and state-of-the-
art facilities.

The new InterContinental Ballroom, which is the largest pillarless ballroom amongst the
city’s top hotels, also offers a sense of luxury and elegance, with a design inspired by the
hotel’s unique position on Victoria Harbour and the rich imagery of the harbour’s currents
and textures at sunset.

As per InterContinental Hong Kong’s Managing Director Jean-Jacques Reibel, “Our vision
was to create a space of the highest quality that has an understated and refined luxury and
richness and provides guests with a sense of comfort and welcome.”

Renowned for its unique position on the edge of Victoria Harbour, with unmatched views of the
famed Hong Kong skyline, InterContinental Hong Kong found inspiration for the ballroom design
from Victoria Harbour – as it relates to the hotel’s unique sense of place and time. The rich
textures of the harbour, with its intriguing currents, form a graphic motif of concentric circles –
with the colours, and imagery of the waves and the visual texture of the harbour.
Stephen Jones, Regional Managing Principal Asia of Woods Bagot (,
whom InterContinental Hong Kong commissioned to redesign the hotel’s ballroom and pre-
function area, explains, “For the redesign of the Ballroom, our artistic point of departure came
from recognizing the hotel’s unique location on the edge of Victoria Harbour. We were inspired by
the imagery of the harbour at sunset with its shimmering golden glow, its complex textures,
colours and activity”.

Throughout his 20+ year career in Asia, Woods Bagot’s Stephen Jones has consistently sought
to incorporate the principles of feng shui into his work. “The InterContinental Ballroom design is
an interpretation of the hotel’s dramatic harbourfront location and auspicious feng shui - truly the
experience of Hong Kong,” explains Jones.

Sprawling over 885 sq meters, InterContinental Hong Kong’s Ballroom is an impressive and
versatile space, airy with plenty of light and with delightfully high ceilings. The adjacent pre-
function area adds 446 sq meters to the venue, making it the largest combined ballroom space
of any of Hong Kong’s top hotels.

The two areas have been seamlessly connected with overarching design effects and features,
inspired by the city’s renowned harbour.

The Theme / Motif:
Concentric circles inspired by the waves and ripples on the harbour form the graphic
manifestation of the harbour used throughout the design.

Translating the imagery of the currents of the harbour with the rippling effects, Woods Bagot then
developed design elements that synthesize the textures of the harbour as it moves through the
changing sunlight of the day, like the rippling effects of a pebble on the harbour. This motif of
concentric circles comes into play in the ballroom design.

The water element plays a prominent role --- beginning with guests’ arrival at the hotel
entrance with its auspicious feng shui fountain that symbolizes the “Pearl of the Orient”. This
serves as the first of the “energy pools” which ignite the flow of positive “chi” through the space.

The hotel’s iconic white Italian Carrarra marble staircase, which is 4.5 meters wide, has been
upgraded, refinished and polished. It serves as a dramatic entry way to the ballroom, with the first
focal point being reflected in the ceiling design at the top of the staircase. This focal point is a
special light feature of concentric waves, with programmable lighting and pre-set lighting modes.
The motif of the wave and energy points are prominent features of the ballroom design.

New white balustrades complement the existing iconic white marble staircase and allow for
themed decorations for wedding banquets and other gala events.

The Carpet Design:
The custom-made Brintons carpet design is an extension of this motif with concentric circular
patterns in auspicious colours from a palette of red, burgundy and copper, creating zones of
positive energy as the concentric rings merge across the zones, enhancing the flow of chi.

The Ballroom Ceiling Design:
The Ballroom ceiling design incorporates 12 significant points of energy in the space through
which “waves” radiate.

The ceiling is made of bronze and mirrored glass, with built-in programmable custom-designed
lighting fixtures. The twelve custom designed lighting fixtures, made with bronze, rose and light
champagne coloured metals, sit on the ceiling in a frame of pearlescent white. Fine ‘shadow lines’
are etched into the ceiling, like the water patterns generated from the harbour.
Colours, Textures & Finishes
The colour tones used in the ballroom and pre-function area are drawn from the harbour at
sunset – incorporating four tones of bronze (dark orange, rose, rust and copper), plus white, gold,
champagne, and charcoal grey.

This concept extends into the pre-function area which showcases the same champagne coloured
ceiling and satin-finish wall coverings, with a range of metallic and pearlescent paints. These
include a fine range of subtle colours, with off-white, pale gold and purple used on the ceiling
surrounding the lights.

Satin fabric in a golden / champagne colour is used for the wall panels in the ballroom and pre-
function area. The ballroom walls also feature textured metal (bronze) finished wall panels with
the ripple pattern. This provides a shimmering effect that reflects and echoes the details of the
ceiling and carpet.
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Impressive walnut doors leading into the ballroom provide a dramatic entrance with oversized
metal and brass handles which resonate the same circular motif – symbolizing peace, energy and
welcome upon entry.

Surrounding the doorways are wall screens made of an ultra white travertine, positioned at 15
degree angles with feature lighting. These dramatic wall screens appear to float in the space with
mirrors around the perimeter and dramatize movement into the ballroom space.

The interior wall features walnut timber veneer panels and doors – providing warmth and a rich
contrast to the side wall panels of satiny champagne/golden fabric and bronze feature panels.

Flexibility of the space for a variety of events & functions:
The Ballroom acts as a custom-designed stage set / artist’s canvas for a diversity of events from
weddings and gala dinners to meetings, conventions and product launches.

The InterContinental Ballroom offers the largest combined ballroom space of any of Hong
Kong’s top hotels. The Ballroom and pre-function area are designed to flow into one space ---
with the same carpet throughout and the same satin finished wall panels running straight through
both spaces.

It is also the largest pillarless ballroom amongst the city’s top hotels. In contrast to most hotel
ballrooms which have large chandeliers, the InterContinental Ballroom has currents of lights
which run through the ceiling -- radiating positive energy and enhancing the flow of “chi”.

InterContinental Ballroom Facts & Figures:
Ballroom: 885 sq meters
Ceiling Height: 4.5 meters

Capacity: 1000 persons: theatre style, 480 persons: classroom style, 1000 persons: reception,
          720 persons: banquet rounds, 120 persons: U-Shape

Pre-Function area: 446 sq meters
Ceiling height: 2.6 meters
Capacity: 500 persons: reception; 156 persons: banquet rounds

For more information on the InterContinental Ballroom and to plan an event, please call the
hotel’s Events department at 2313 2211.

InterContinental Hong Kong, 18 Salisbury Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
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