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Midwest Leak •January 2009 • 10
To the ones that make this all possible;
Thank you for supporting the Midwest Movement another month by picking up this issue
of Midwest Leak Magazine. The Midwest is making major moves lately and I’m glad to get
to be the one to highlight it for you all to check out. Congratulations to Milwaukee rapper
Ray Rizzy who has been named the newest member of Young Jeezy’s Corporate Thugs
Entertainment. Nappyville has put out the first installment in their mini-movie series for
the single “Roller” off their Supernatural album.
Also, as you may remember from our last issue, The Recession Tour traveled through
the Midwest heavy last month. Mr. Indiana was selected as one of the artists featured on
the tour along with Young Jeezy and Lil’ Boosie. Our cover artist, Tony Neal has many
accomplishments lately including the success of his latest digital marketing campaigns to
the point where the upcoming Core DJ Retreat X in Atlanta has already sold out of hotel
rooms a month in advance!
Speaking of the Core DJ Retreat it is being sponsored by Konvict Music and Corporate
Thugs and Midwest Leak has been named as your official guide to the event. You can
still get your advertisement in here for your opportunity to be seen by hundreds of indus-
try movers in shakers at one time. If you haven’t already registered, get out here and get

                              Le’Deana                                            Contributing Writers
                               Brown           Publisher
                                               The Leak Entertainment, LLC.       B Swift, Lindsey Taylor
                               editor@         P.O. Box 88789
                             midwestleak.      Indianapolis, IN 46208             Public Relations
                                com            *Mail Subscription requests        The Leak Ladies
                                               here +$12                          Erica Pierce
                                                                                  Jesse James (Missouri)
                            (317) 454-2656     Editor-in-Chief                    Fresh (Ohio)
                                               Le’Deana Brown                     Tay Dilly (Ohio)
                                                                                  Judy Jones (Ohio)
                                               Editorial Assistants               Brian Franklin (Wisconsin)
                                               Tana Tyler, TaNisha Bellamy,       Janie Jennings (Illinois)
                                               Brandon Milton, II, Angel Rhem     Angel (Georgia)
                                                                                  LaKisha Patterson (Ken-
                                               Administrative Manager             tucky)
                                               Johnetta Thompson                  Teddy Ford (Indiana)
                                                                                  Clarence Thompson (Gulf
                                             April 7, Media Director
                                               New 2009                           Coast)
                                               Leland Brown, II                   J-Mac (Mississippi)
                                                                                  Pimp G (Florida)
                                               Contributing Photographers         Maxxposure (Minnesota)
                                               Pride Photography, Ms. Rivercity
                                                                                  Special Thanks
                                                                                  To God and all our readers!
 Le’Deana and Trey Songz

                                                                            Midwest Leak • March 2009 • 3
                                                                             Midwest Leak •January 2009 • 3

   He started out banging beats on the lunch table in grade school. A few
   years later he’s graduated to spitting bars in the studio of 1 Hundred
   Entertainment. He feels music is his calling and Sean Collione AKA S.
   Colli is continuing enrich his talents and learn more about his craft. He
   went from making beats on the table to performing live at talent shows
   within a short amount of time and he can’t help but be excited about
   what’s to come.

   The road has been rough and not exactly paved with gold for the young
   Indiana native. However, he stays focused and motivated with thoughts
   of the future that is unfolding before him. Always smiling and showing
   off his heavily decorated grill, Colli’s bright personality bring sunshine
   to anyone that he encounters.

   His career has taken him through many major changes but there’s al-
   ways a light at the end of the tunnel beaming bright and ready for Colli
   to come stand in it. The recent loss of one of his label heads, Sir Hart, to
   the criminal justice system may have took him aback for a moment, but
   Colli won’t allow himself to miss a beat. Hart wouldn’t want him to.

                       For booking or more info: 317.603.2894
                 Call and request “Like Yeah” at local radio station
 Midwest Leak • January 2009 • 4
                                                      FIRSTROUNDDR AFTPICKS

            Kenny P is the C.E.O and premiere artist on A1 Entertainment. Reppin’ Cincinnati,
Ohio with Alabama in his blood, Kenny P has a subtle country accent with a Midwest flow.
            With over 10 years of experience in the game, Kenny P has released over 6 CDs,
including the hard-hitting hood classic “Time To Floss.” His most recent cd entitled “It Is What
It Is” features collaborations with gold and platinum selling artists Twista, Gucci Mane, Yung
Joc, and Jim Jones and includes production from major industry heavy hitters Chino Dollar
and Hi-Tek, just to name a few.
            “It Is What It Is” also includes the hit “Like My Birthday”, which was produced and
inspired by Chicago’s own Soundmaster T. “Like My Birthday” is currently taking the clubs
and urban & satellite radio by storm and the video is fast becoming a hit on YouTube and
            Always on the grind, Kenny P is currently working on his 7th independent cd “The
People’s Choice.” Dropping in early 2009 on A1 Entertainment, “The People’s Choice” show-
cases Kenny P’s hard to find wordplay and skills on such songs like “Party People” and the
follow-up to his current smash hit “Like My Birthday Pt. 2.”
             His major level status and undeniable swag can also be heard on his remix of Lil
Wayne’s “Mrs. Officer”
and the single “Errybody
Else” ft. T-Pain. Pay
close attention as Kenny
P continues to surpass
the competition and rise
to the top of his game!
            Check out the
video to “Like My Birth-
day” On YouTube. To
purchase “It Is What It
Is” & “Time to Floss,” log
on to
(Search Kenny P.)

          Recently Ken-
ny P. has hooked up with
the Hittmenn DJ’s and is
traveling throughout the
South getting that true
Southern Hospitality on
Radio, in the clubs, and
on the streets, partying
everyday like it is his
          In the South
they call him the Birth-
day Man, the Midwest
labeled him Mr. Birthday
and the East Cost says
the Boy Swagga Soooo
Cold. Check out Kenny
P. “Like My Birthday” on
a radio station near you
real soon.
Ya Boy Kenny P. www.

                                                                       Midwest Leak • March 2009 • 5
The previously retired rapper for-
merly known as Alpha Live from the
group formerly known as Trillogy
has come back to us reincarnated
as alpha. Period. An artist in it’s
truest form.
Unable to turn in his pad and pen,
he tried to get it out in another
form, spoken word poetry, yet the
beat kept on creeping in. Finally
he gave in and decided that he had
to allow himself the opportunity
to get his groove back. However,
this time he is doing it in a more
conscious way.
Possessing a versatile, yet sophisti-
cated formulation of hip-hop swag,
You could find alpha. vibing on the
stage of Def Poetry Jam, in the stu-
dio, chilling for lunch or on a shop-
ping trip with The Roots, Erykah
Badu, Common and Lupe Fiasco
and even the artists themselves
would believe that he belonged.
Call him the comeback kid that
never left and probably will never
go away.
(317)937-5843 or (317)503-6959

                                 Midwest Leak • January 2009 • 15

             UGK for LIFE               B: I didn’t select the title. Barry
                                                                                   By: Le’Deana Brown

                                                                               L: What was the hardest part of
Le’Deana: Thank you for taking          Weiss, the head of the company         the experience and how did you
the time to talk to me on your          came up with the title. It does sum    deal with it?
birthday Bun! I know you’ve             up everything that the group is and    B: Dealing with emotions. There’s
been very busy. What are you            has always been the mantra of the      no therapeutic remedy for it. When
doing today to celebrate?               group.                                 you’re sad you cry, when you’re
Bun B: I’m having a party tonight in                                           happy you laugh.
Houston at Club Zeplin.                 L: Pimp’s words will continue to
                                        circulate as people use it over        L: When you all made music
L: How old are you?                     and over in songs through sam-         previously, was there a part that
B: I’m thirty-six.                      ples and quotes. Do you have           was your job and a part that was
                                        a favorite or best used Pimp C         his job?
L: I heard you also just celebrat-      sample on any song out there           B: Pimp was the producer, so he
ed your anniversary. How many           right now?                             did the mastering. For this album
years has it been and what did          B: I just did a song with Redman       I had to do all of the mastering. I
you get her?                            and Method Man called “Tore Up         didn’t have to learn, I just had to do
B: We’ve been together six years.       Under City Lights.” Most of the        it. He did it all before.
She gets plenty presents all year       tracks producers submit to me
long. She is very well taken care       have Pimp or myself on the hook.       L: Do you feel extra protective
of.                                     Those songs tend to work well for      over this material as far as let-
                                        other people.                          ting it out before the release date
L: What role does family play in                                               and potential leaking of music?
supporting your career and the          L: What was the song creation          B: It’s going to get leaked and boot-
success that you’ve had this            process like having only one           legged to some extent. I just tried to
far?                                    member of a duo to give input?         keep it down as much as possible.
B: If you don’t have a solid back-      B: His input was put in before I       Once it leaves the warehouse, no
bone, you don’t have anything. It’s     started. This is not an album I        one can protect it from that point.
good to have someone in your cor-       sat down and put together myself.      Songs will probably start getting
ner that you can trust and hopefully    Pimp left everything structured.       leaked by next Tuesday. That’s
that’s family. There are advantages     We had three or four songs already     usually the best you can hope for
and disadvantages [to working with      put together, mixed and mastered.      is seven days out. With this album,
family.] It’s okay when you first get   This is not a tribute album. This      we can’t replace anything. Pimp
started, but if the people involved     was laid out exactly how it was sup-   C’s not here to re-do vocals. I had
don’t gain experience also...           posed to be. I couldn’t have taken     to keep this very close to my chest.
                                        a verse where he was talking about     A lot of people invested a lot of
L: Although the titling of the al-      girls and put it on a song talking     time into this album. I want to say
bum seems pretty obvious, can           about cars.                            thanks to everyone for supporting
you tell me in your own words                                                  us. I appreciate it and hope they
why “UGK for Life” was selected                                                continue to.
as the title?

   Midwest Leak •March 2009 • 8
                  UGK’S FINAL ALBUM


                              2009 ZOMBA RECORDING, LLC   Midwest Leak • March 2009 • 9

 Midwest Leak •March 2009 • 10
 You can catch me live at:
 Don Victor’s on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
 at Tropicana
 I get the party started with: Gucci Mane “Bricks”
 I wind down with: Jamie Foxx “Blame it”
 My first piece of wax was: Eric B. and Rakim
 I broke into the game by: making hot mixtapes.
 Slept on song of year: Young GoldE “Big Kid”
 If you wanna buy me a drink: Sprite
 Word of advice to independent rappers: Make
 sure your CDs are presentable; get it to ALL the
 DJs, radio stations and streets. Make sure the
 music is hot!

DJ BLACK                          You can catch me live @ 34th & Keystone! Dragged Up
                                  Music, or walkin down the street in any hood! No b.s.! I was
                                  in Jackson,Mississippi last month & I was in one of they
                                  hoods just walkin browsin the scene,and I thought to
                                  myself....damn....what if a muthafucka from Nap rolled down
                                  on me...Random...That b da coolest shit!
                                  I get the party started with:40. Smoke..midgrade.
                                  Kush too high!,and
                                  Juicy J(36 Mafia).
                                  I wind down the night with:Patron n Red Bull (gasoline).
                                  And BuckWildGangstaBeat...again...I'm the my
                                  judgement,ima make it sound even better 2nd time!
                                  I sing this in the shower:
                                  Tony Yayo's "I Kno'U Don't Love Me" & Dj Black's new
                                  single, "Da'Human Punching Bag"!
                                  My first piece of wax was:SuperDuckBreaks & Mantronix,
                                  & Master P" 99Ways 2 Die" (1997)
                                  I broke into the game by: Marketing & Dj Skills
                                  Slept on song of the year is: Lil Wyte "Some Other Sh*t"
                                  If you wanna buy me a drink:
                                  Nothin...I get my own if I can a
                                                                 afford,nigga might put
                                  sumptin n my,lol..
                                  Word of advice to independent rappers:
                                  Come didifferent! Its the same shit all day everyday and come
                                  hard in the same form as to what the consumer is buying in
                                  your area. Your area is gon’ get u HOT..for ex>if yo area is
                                  Gucci Mane,don't bring Gnarls Barkley...Bring..Gnarls Bark-
                                  ley w'da Gucci Mane Swag etc...feel me...Different!

DJ KC Perfect                               You can catch me live at:
                                            The Negro League Cafe in the Chi
                                            I get the party started with: Rich Boy - Drop or
                                            Khia - My Neck, My Back (classic record)
                                            I wind down the night with: Birthday Sex by Jer-
                                            emiah (Chi Town stand up!!)
                                            I sing this in the shower: Frankie Beverly -
                                            Before I Let Go
                                            My first piece of wax was: Walking with a Pan-
                                            ther - LL Cool J
                                            I broke into the game by: 2002
                                            Slept on song of the year is: Ludacris - One
                                            More Drink
                                            If you wanna buy me a drink: Remy all day!!
                                            Word of advice to independent rappers: Start
                                            with ya block then go for ya city.. DJs honor cats
                                            that have a real strong movement.

                                                                  Midwest Leak •January 2009 • 7

                                                  DJ Jo-Nasty
                                                  You can catch me live at:
                                                  Freelons Bar & Groove every Thursday and Friday
                                                  I get the party started with:
                                                  Hurricane Chris - “18 Wheeler” or Paul Wall - “Bizzy
                                                  I wind down the night with:
                                                  The Dream - “Rockin That Thang”
                                                  I sing this in the shower:
                                                  B.O.B. - “I'll Be In The Sky”
                                                  My first piece of wax was:
                                                  3rd Bass - “Pop Goes The Weasel”
                                                  I broke into the game by:
                                                  Doing college parties for Omega Psi Phi at The Palm
                                                  Beach Nightclub in Jackson
                                                  Slept on song of the year is:
                                                  Rich Boy - “Drop”
                                                  If you wanna buy me a drink:
                                                  Jack Daniels & Coke!
                                                  Word of advice to independent rappers:
                                                  Holla at the DJ at the beginning of the night BEFORE
                                                  he starts mixing, not during the middle of the party!

              DJ FLIP
You can catch me live at: Club Tremors on Thursdays in Indianapolis
I get the party started with: Yung LA “Ain’t I”
I wind down the night with: Jamie Foxx “Freakin’ You”
I sing this in the shower: Ne-Yo “Mirror”
My first piece of wax was: “Super Ducks” break records
I broke into the game by: djing at the west rink in 1997 through DJ LP
Slept on song of the year is: Lil’ Cory “Say Yes”
If you wanna buy me a drink: Mack truck
Word of advice to independent rappers: Be humble and don’t say
your joint is better than what I’m playing.

 DJ Scream                                                         You can catch me live at:
                                                                   A Club in a town near you.
                                                                 I get the party started with:
                                                                     Shawty Lo "Dunn Dunn"
                                                                 I wind down the night with:
                                                                      Jamie Foxx "Blame It"
                                                                   I sing this in the shower:
                                                                      Plies " Plenty Money"
                                                                  My first piece of wax was:
                                                                      Outkast "Players Ball"
                                                                   I broke into the game by:
                                                               Touring with D4L & Montell Jordan
                                                                 Slept on song of the year is:
                                                                     Paul Wall "Bizzy Body"
                                                                If you wanna buy me a drink:
                                                                       Grey Goose & Cran
                                                              Word of advice to independent
                                                                     Midwest Leak • January 2009 • 11
                                                                    GRIND & PRAY!!!

                                                         DJ Danny
                                                               You can catch me live at:
                                                               BMBz Variety Store 3716 N. Sher-
                                                               man Drive
                                                               I get the party started with:
                                                               Young Jeezy
                                                               I wind down the night with:
                                                               Michael Jackson
                                                               I sing this in the shower:
                                                               OJ da Juiceman “Make da Trap
                                                               My first piece of wax was:
                                                               Fat Boyz and Whodini
                                                               I broke into the game by:
                                                               dealing with the hot DJs in my city
                                                               like DJ Black and DJ World and
                                                               the hot artists in Indianapolis like
                                                               Lil’ Nut.
                                                               Slept on song of the year is:
                                                               Nappyville “Take ‘Em Off”
                                                               If you wanna buy me a drink:
                                                               Word of advice to independent
                                                               Grind hard every single day. Don’t
                                                               stop! Put out mixtapes twice a
                                                               week and feed the streets!
                                                               Contact me at:

                       DJ Mr. King

You can catch me live at: Any club in the country...I perfer those hood clubs where I can really get loose but I
can do my thing with the grown and sexy crowd when need be.
I get the party started with:Ca$h "Walk Wit A Dip", Dorrough "Ice Cream Paint Job" or any Gucci record right
I wind down the night with:G-Mack "Get Naked"...This is after I have probably already played it 10 times that
night. I just want to be sure it sticks in ya head on the way to the crib! (Strong 2nd:) Kapri: Bad (Crrraaazzzyyy
end of the night slow jam!!!)
My first piece of wax was:George Clinton: Atomic Dog...I was just geeked to have turntables I started digging
through all my moms old vinyls...I think she still pissed I used that as a practice record...
I broke into the game by: being observant and developing my own brand. I noticed what worked for some DJs
and what didnt work for other DJs and created my own lane. On top of that I wanted to make sure I understood
the game and had the talent to back it up.
Slept on song of the year is:G-Mack "Get Naked"
If you wanna buy me a drink:Patron and Goose w/ a splash of pinapple juice
Word of advice to independent rappers:Stay on ya shit, have thick skin and dont believe everything ya boys
tell you. As DJs or people in the industry we have an ear for this music shit. Does that mean we are always right.
No. But that does mean we likely know a little more than ya cousin at the barber shop. Also make sure you have
a budget. If you talking bout tricking off 5 stacks on a stripper in ya lyrics but cant spend $500 w/ the Disc
Burnas (shameless plug) to get some mixtapes in the street, you got ya priorities all mixed up.
.Contact Info;330-701-8327 / /
                         TONY NEAL
DJ Tony Neal has been in the game doing his thing for over a decade. He
has won several awards and had several significant accomplishments over
the span of his career. In honor of one of his most successful and consis-
tent events, the Core DJ Retreat, Midwest Leak will be producing a special
Core Retreat edition of the magazine next month featuring the stories of
Tony and several of his colleagues from Core DJs to Core Models. We will
also be featuring a special Q & A on called “Ask A Core
DJ.” If you have a question for a Core DJ, send me your question to with “Ask A Core DJ” in the subject line.
What is the Core DJ Retreat?
THE CORE DJ’S proudly announce the 5th year Anniversary and Celebration of the Core DJ Retreat, April 24th
-27th, 2009 at the W Hotel – Downtown, 45 Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd, Atlanta, GA. The Core DJ Retreat X will unite many of
today’s hit breaking DJ’s, ground breaking artist, music industry professionals, and innovators for a weekend of
networking, performances, new music and celebrations honoring those who bring music to the masses.
The Core DJ Retreat is a semi-annual reunion for all DJs by inviting them to join together, no matter what crew/DJ
affiliations they have, to network while attending listening sessions, panels and seminars detailing new industry
trends. New artists performances presented by many of today’s leading labels including Tag Records, Atlantic Re-
cords, Def Jam, Warner Brothers, Konvict Muzic, Interscope, J Records, Jive Records, So So Def, Rap-A-Lot Re-
cords, Bad Boy Entertainment, Capitol Records, DTP, Grand Hustle, CTE, and others allow for DJ’s and industry
professionals to hear and mingle with today’s hottest acts and icons from Hip Hop, Rap and R&B.

Now in its 5th year, The Core DJs, founded by National Mixshow DJ, Tony Neal, is a premier coalition and acts as a
union for DJs. The Core DJs Worldwide has over 400 of the countries most influential DJs as well as The Core
Models. The Core DJs Retreat is one of the special added components that reunite these members for a weekend
of networking, festivities, and honoring some of the past, present, and future innovators of the music industry.

                  DJ DUCK
              You can catch me live at:
                                                             DJ Jay-o
                                                          You can catch me live at:
              Tremors of Kappa party le fool!             Check
              I get the party started with:               I get the party started with:
              The hottest record out! Why wait?            The Lonely Island
              I wind down the night with:                 I wind down the night with:
              Nappyville “Take Em Off”                    G.B. THE FLYBOI!!
              I sing this in the sho
                                 shower:                  I sing this in the sho
              Soulja Boy “Turn My Swag On”                I am not my haiirrrrr
              My first piece of wax was:                  My first piece of wax was:
              Quint Black “Shake dem Haters Off”          2Pac Greatest Hits ?
              I broke into the game by:                   I broke into the game by:
              2004                                        Djin a frat party and causing chaos
              Slept on song of the year is:               Slept on song of the year is:
              Nappyville “Donkey Kong”                    Just Dance (Just Kidding)
              If you wanna buy me a drink:                If you wanna buy me a drink:
              Get me a mack truck                         Corona Light
              Word of advice to independent               Advice to independent rappers:
              rappers:                                    Get in the real studio...
              Ask people’s honest opinion on music        If it sounds pro it has a way better
                                                          chance of actually getting played
                                                                                Midwest Leak • January 2009 • 13

Midwest Leak • January 2009 • 6

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