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									HONG KONG
Hosted by the University of Hong Kong
Architecture; Arts; Business and Economics; Dentistry;
Education; Engineering; Law; Medicine; Science; Social


The University of Hong Kong’s Mission:
The University of Hong Kong will endeavor to advance constantly the bounds of scholarship,
building upon its proud traditions and strengths; to provide a comprehensive education,
developing fully the intellectual and personal strengths of its students while developing and
extending lifelong learning opportunities for the community; to produce graduates of distinction
committed to lifelong learning, integrity and professionalism, capable of being responsive leaders
and communicators in their fields; to develop a collegial, flexible, pluralistic and supportive
environment that will attract, retain and nurture scholars, students and staff of the highest caliber
in a culture that inspires creativity, learning and freedom of thought, enquiry and expression; to
engage in innovative, high-impact and leading-edge research within and across disciplines; to be
fully accountable for the effective management of public and private resources bestowed upon the
institution and act in partnership with the community over the generation, dissemination and
application of knowledge; to serve as a focal point of intellectual and academic endeavor in Hong
Kong, China and Asia and act as a gateway and forum for scholarship with the rest of the world.

Hong Kong
With its exhilarating fusion of cultures, its engaging people and unparalleled natural beauty,
Hong Kong is like no other place in the world. Adventure to remote islands with intriguing,
century-old Chinese traditions. Explore spectacular museums, galleries and historical monuments.
Find divine inspiration in a traditional Buddhist temple. Experience the contagious energy of the
city; mingle with the people in a colorful local market or a boisterous Chinese festival.
For a unique cultural experience, head to the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden, the favorite gathering
place for Hong Kong's songbird owners… for sweet scents and exotic, fortune-bringing flowers
and plants, stop by Hong Kong's colorful Flower Market.
Bring home a beautiful memory of Hong Kong from the Jade Market. Located in Yau Ma Tei, the
Jade Market features 450 stalls selling all types, shapes, sizes and prices; open daily from 10am –
3:30pm. No matter what you choose, Hong Kong is an experience you will never forget.

Students residences, in the following halls and colleges, are insufficient to meet the demand but,
nonetheless, accommodate over two thousand students:
Lady Ho Tung Hall
Lee Hysan Hall
R. C. Lee Hall
Ricci Hall
Simon K. Y. Lee Hall
St. John's College
Swire Hall
University Hall
Wei Lun Hall
Most halls are occupied mainly by undergraduate students;
special provision for postgraduates is already made by Robert
Black College, St. John's College and the Graduate House. Hall
life is highly valued by students and provides a focus for many
sporting, social and other activities.

Semester 1:        mid September – late December
Semester 2:        late January – early May

UVA Students will pay their regular tuition rate to UVA for the term they are on a UVA
Exchange Program.
Students are additionally responsible for room and board, transportation, and personal expenses
while on a UVA Exchange Program. Students will pay the host institution or make their own
arrangements for accommodations. Check the host institution web site for accommodation
choices, cost, and application procedures.
Students are responsible for booking and paying for their own international airfare.
UVA students are required to purchase the ISIC: International Student ID Card that provides
medical and accident insurance while abroad. For more information go to http://www.istc.org/
OR STA Travel in Newcomb Hall or Peace Frogs Travel in Barracks Road shopping center.
Expected Expenses:
        -UVA Tuition and Fees
        -Host institution Room and Board
        -Insurance and ISIC Card
        -Books and Supplies
        -Local Transportation
        -Passport and Visa
        -Personal Expenses

This program is a UVA Exchange Program. All UVA Students who want to participate on a
UVA Exchange Program should obtain the UVA Exchange Program Application Form from the
Study Abroad Library, 216 Minor Hall. UHK’s internal applications for Fall: March 31 and for
Spring: September 1

                           FOR DEADLINES
                          Exchange program information, requirements and conditions change regularly.
              It is the student’s responsibility to check that the information in this flyer is accurate and up-to-date.

UVA Study Abroad Office  216 Minor Hall  982-3010  studyabroad@virginia.edu  www.virginia.edu/iso

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