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Friends and fellow disciples,
    Because I don’t say it enough: Thank you. We have come through a remarkable Lenten season, and I remain grateful for
the many ways the Spirit is at work among us. It began with ashes on our heads, sins thrown into the fire as we began our
journey of repentance and contemplation. And since then, we have done our best to pay attention to the things that matter.
We have welcomed new members, studied the Bible, eaten together, baptized babies, baptized adults, packed meals, met and
worshipped and prayed. And it all came to its holy culmination as we waved palms, as we processed, as we moved into the
depths of the pain of Christ’s arrest and death. We heard haunting and powerful music and saw candles extinguished as we
departed in silence on Maundy Thursday. And then, on a glorious Easter morn, the brass welcomed us as we stood to sing, as
we heard this familiar story that is always new, as we were moved by the anthem Worthy is the Lamb. Because of that early
morning so many years ago, the world will never be the same. Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!
    Many of you worked so hard so the entire community could sense the particular rhythms of this Lenten season. And I am
so grateful. Your wonderful staff did so much, but also found time to listen, to pray, and to be fed. They are a gift to us all.
To complement their work, so many of you cooked meals, practiced and sang and played, set up for events, moved chairs,
ushered, folded bulletins, led Bible studies and participated in them, gave extra gifts, took care of your own and other people’s
children, attended Lenten lunch worship services, as well as special services around here. In a world filled with activity, you
made choices, you listened to the call to come and worship. Thank you.
    This worship, this seeking of our spiritual core, is something that will continue to sustain us as the rhythm shifts. A
women’s retreat, a men’s group, confirmation, and our annual community workday (May 1) are on the horizon. Spring is here
in all its pollen, and all its glory. And, through it all, let our ministry be informed by our gratitude to the One who is alive and
at work in the world – even among us.                                                                               Chris

Mark your calendars and join our talented Chancel Choir for A Musical Journey through the Book of Psalms!
When? Pentecost Sunday, May 23, 2010, at 7:00 p.m.
Where? Westminster’s beautiful Music Room, top floor of the HMC (just above the parlor).
Do I have to miss dinner? No. A 6:00 p.m. church-wide potluck supper—in the Fellowship Hall—precedes the
program. Fine food, followed by fine music. A winning combination!
Do I get to sit back and be an anonymous onlooker during the choir’s program? Another no. This program is
interactive, so get ready to sing some psalms with us. Hint: The choir will still be doing most of the work, so don’t worry.
Your part is fun (well, mostly).
What do you mean “mostly”? Come and find out.
Will I enjoy the program? We certainly hope so. If you enjoyed last year’s program, you will enjoy this one, too. If you
missed last year’s program, all the more reason not to let this one slip by. Besides, do you really think the choir would
spend months working on a program that isn’t enjoyable?
Will I learn something about the Psalms and their musical significance through the ages? Yes, of course,
but please don’t let that stop you from attending.
Will I be bored? No. We simply won’t let that happen.
Any more questions? Contact Monica Rossman at monica@wpcdurham.org or 489-4974, ext. 113.
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                      •   Mary Harward is recovering from eye surgery at Duke on March 31.
                      •   Pete Lilly, Kay Wellemeyer’s father, is home recovering from a heart attack.
                      •   Barbara Rynerson is recovering from surgery at Duke on Tuesday, March 30.
                      •   Richard Watson asks for prayers for a friend, Megan Kelly, 2 years old, who has been
                          diagnosed with leukemia.
                      •   Loma Young’s niece, Glenda Wickstrom, is in treatment for a rare disease.

  •      Congratulations to Quinn and Billy McFall on the birth of William David McFall III on Friday, March 26. Parents,
         baby, and big sister are all doing well.
  •      Congratulations to Natalie Wolf, who was accepted into the Duke Youth Academy, a
         two-week summer experience with the Divinity School that includes theological study,
         worship, and service.
  •      Congratulations to Chuck and Evelyne Byrd, who became first-time grandparents on
         April 5 when Edward and Lilly Byrd of Maryland welcomed Lucius Huang-Na
         Boucoiran Charles Byrd into the world.

                                                               Lenten Dinner Recipes Online
          Westminster School                                  Have you been wishing you had
                                                              the recipe for a dish served in
          For Young Children                                  one of the recent Wednesday
                                                              night dinners? Now you can. The
                                                              recipes have been posted to the
It’s the Month of the Young                                   church’s website. Go to
Child at Westminster School!                                  www.wpcdurham.org and click
                                                              on ‘Lenten Recipes’ or go
    The National Association for the                          directly to http://
Education of Young Children sponsors the “Week of the www.wpcdurham.org/Lenten_recipes/recipes4.htm. See if
Young Child” each year to bring national attention to         you can make your dish taste as good as Helen Harrison’s.
children’s issues. This year, April 11–17 has been
designated as the week to celebrate!
     The Westminster staff has decided, once again, to declare April               LIBRARY
the Month of the Young Child! We are planning a number of events
in which our parents and friends are encouraged to participate.                     ALERT
  * Take a stroll down the hall and enjoy our school-wide art gallery.
  * Come to Fit Kids and see what this class is all about! Our Fit         The Gift of Years:
Kids teacher, Beth Howell, will hold an open house during school           Growing Old Gracefully
on Monday, April 19, and Thursday, April 22.                               By Joan Chittister
  * Support the Food Bank of North Carolina’s BackPack Program             Reviewed by Mary Lou Henneman
with donations of non-perishable food items. The program is in-
tended to meet the nutritional needs of children during non-school         I wasn’t prepared to like this book as much as I do. Of
hours, specifically weekends. Each Friday, at-risk children are given course, I’m sixty-one years old and do want to go
backpacks filled with healthy food items that can be used by their         gracefully into my retirement years, but growing old is
families.                                                                  somewhat scary. Fortunately, Joan Chittister, a well-
                                                                           known author and Benedictine nun, has allowed me to
MOST NEEDED ITEMS: (Pop tops or microwave cups preferred -                 look at the whole aging process as a way of life. She
please no glass containers)                                                writes that it is our attitudes toward living that will
Spaghetti & Meatballs                   Animal/Graham Crackers             make the difference.
Fruit Bowls / Cups                      Ravioli
Light Popcorn                           Applesauce                         This book’s forty short sections cover such topics as
Beef-A-Roni                             Whole Grain Cereal Bars            regret, joy, fear, adjustment, learning, religion, loneli-
Dried Fruit (raisins, cranberries, plums)                                  ness, and spirituality. Recognizing that we all have
Lasagna                                 Granola Bars                       different emotional, spiritual, and physical needs,
100% Juice Boxes/Pouches                Individual Cereal Boxes            Chittister helps us realize that changes will happen and
Fat-Free Sugar-Free Pudding Cups                                           encourages us to embrace them as we continue to ma-
                                                                           ture and face challenges.
    A collection container will be placed outside the office door be-
ginning, Monday, April 12. Donations will be accepted throughout           This is an uplifting book for those who would prefer to
the month of April and will be delivered to the Food Bank on Satur-        grow older gracefully, and not just grow old and lonely.
day, May 1. Thanks, in advance, for your support of this project.          It is one I hope to re-read to remind me how much life
                                                                           has to offer if I stay alive in spirit as well as in body.
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                                          Kroger Gift                            Mark your calendars!
                                        Thank you to those
                                                                      Mother’s Day Celebration &
                                       who have purchased           Intergenerational Spring Dance
                                       and continue to use
                                                                      Sponsored by the 2010 Youth Mission Team
                                       these cards. If you
                                                                                 and Youth Council
                                        don’t have a card,
                                       please see Rebecca                              May 7, 2010
                                        to get one. 5% of                                7-9 p.m.
                                         what you spend
                                                                                     Fellowship Hall
                                        each time you re-
YOUTH CALENDAR                         load your card goes
April 18   Confirmation Class with                                         Light Refreshments Provided
                                           to the Youth
           Session                        Mission Fund.                 Suggested Donation: $5/person
April 23   Youth Sponsor Retreat           Thank you !
April 25   Mission Team Meeting                                    All proceeds go to the Youth Mission Fund
May 1      Deacon Community
           Work Day                                                                Youth in Mission: Six youth learned to
May 2      Confirmation Sunday            2010 Mission Trip                     put storage shelving together this past
May 7      Dance                             Middle School and                  Saturday for the Williams Square Apartments.
May 7-8    Senior High Lock-in.              Senior High Youth                  They worked hard, had fun, and learned more
May 22     Youth Sunday Practice              June 20-26, 2010                  about Housing for New Hope. It was a great
May 23     Youth Sunday                                                         way to spend part of the day!!
                                              Atlanta, Georgia
May 30     No Youth group                                                          The Middle School Retreat was great
June 6     Baccalaureate at WPC                                                 fun! Check out the youth blog for pictures
June 13    Last youth group meeting                                             and more reflections from the weekend. We
June 20-26 Mission Trip                                                         had a wonderful time together playing games,
July 11-17 Senior High                                                          making lots of palm crosses, cleaning up
           Youth Conference                                                     sweet gum balls, taking rides on the boat and
July 21-25 Middle School                                                        tubing! This is such a great group of youth to
           Youth Conference                                                     be with!!
                                              www.doornetwork.org                                                     Rebecca

                     Art Show to Benefit                                                             Urban Ministries
                       Genesis Home                                                                     of Durham
                          On April 30, May 1 and 2,                                                     During March, our Local
                      the Eighth Annual MOMART                                                      Missions emphasis was on
                      show will take place. The art                                                 feeding the hungry in our
                      show and sale attracts thou-                                                  community through organi-
sands of guests over the weekend and 50 artists                                                     zations and events such as
will donate at least 25% of their sales (or more)     the Crop Walk, Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina,
to Genesis Home. MOMART will be held at 300           and Meals on Wheels. Another way we provide food is through the
Fuller St. in West Village right across from Tosca    Shelter Meals we cook and serve every fourth Tuesday of the month
in downtown Durham.                                   at Urban Ministries of Durham. This month we continue our emphasis
     A preview party will be held from 7:00 to        on the great work that UMD does, not just in feeding folks, but in
10:00 p.m. with wine, beer, and hors d'oeuvres        housing them and providing many other essential services.
and an opportunity to meet the artists and buy            As part of this effort, we will continue our food drive. This drive is
early. The show continues Saturday from               in preparation for their May 22 Beloved Community Event. The
9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Sunday from noon           event, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., is a time for fun and fellowship
to 4:00 p.m. with FREE admission to the public.       with a free picnic lunch, a kids arts and crafts area, live music, and a
    Tickets for the preview party can be pur-         resource area in which numerous Durham aid agencies will be avail-
chased at the door, ($20 for adults, $10 ages 12-     able. UMD’s food pantry is currently distributing about 4,000 pounds
17 and free for children under 12), or they can be    per month, a number that is certain to rise as summer approaches
reserved by contacting Mary McGuigan at 683-          and children who received free breakfast and lunch will be at home.
5878 ext. 22 or development@genesishome.org.          We need your help! Please bring your food items and place them in
    To purchase tickets online, go to                 the green donation box to the left of the reception desk in the Mission
www.genesis home.org and use the donate tab           Center. A few weeks ago, Patrice Nelson, the Executive Director of
at the top of the page. Go to Paypal and enter        UMD, spoke about their work for the Sharing Our Mission time. If you
"MOMart tickets" in the purpose line.                 missed hearing her, or would like to know more about this wonderful
                                                      organization, check out their website at www.umdurham.org.
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                          Westminster Community Work Day                                                       Be a VCS
                          Join us for Westminster’s annual Community Work                                      Sponsor
                      Day on Saturday, May 1, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.                                   At this year’s
                      Please mark this date on your calendars, as we would love                             Vacation Church
                      to have everyone involved in this special day of fellowship                           School, Iglesia
                      and benevolence in our community.
                                                                                                            Presbyteriana will
                         We currently have projects on tap for IHN, Camp New
                                                                                       be joining us and will need financial
                      Hope, Genesis Home, and the Food Bank of Eastern North
                      Carolina.                                                        assistance for many of their campers.
                         We will meet at the church at 8:30 a.m. for some light              $50 will sponsor one child
                      breakfast and prayer and finish at our respective sites                   for the entire week.
                      at 1:00 p.m. There will be both light and heavy work so
                      everyone can be involved.                                        Contact Nancy Rozak at 489-4974 or
                          You may sign up in the courtyard after church to give              nancy@wpcdurham.org
your time and energy to any specific project you wish.                                 or Marilyn Hedgpeth at 628-5511 or
   This is a great way to meet and have fellowship with people you may not know         m.hedgpeth@firstpresdurham.org
yet. Come join in on the fun for a great cause!                                                                 Thank you,
                                                                                                       VCS Planning Team
     Sunday Morning Men’s Group
    A men’s fellowship group began meeting on
the Sunday after Easter in the church parlor.
The new group plans to meet each Sunday                                             Communications Committee
morning at                                                                                 Forming
7:20 a.m.                                                                           Westminster is forming a new
   Join us for                                                                  committee to study the ways we
coffee and                                                                      communicate with our members,
fellowship.                                                                     prospective members, and the
    All ages                                                                    community.
are welcome!                                          If you have interest or expertise in computers, writing, marketing,
                                                   or other areas of communication and would like to serve on this
                                                   committee, contact Barbara Fletcher in the church office at 489-4974
                            Summer                 ext. 122 or barbara@wpcdurham.org.

                            Sunday                                       New Girl Scout Troop Forming
                            School:                                   An interest meeting for a brand new Girl Scout
                                                                      Troop will be held Sunday, April 18, after the
                           A Festival                                 11:00 a.m. worship service in the parlor.
                                                                          Troop 1806 will be a multi-level troop for 1st
                            of Faith                                  grade Daisies, 2nd and 3rd grade Brownies, and
                                                                      4th and 5th grade Juniors. Long-time Cub Scout/
WPC’s intergenerational summer Sunday              Boy Scout leader and WPC member Chip Reinhardt will be the
school is back in June and we are trying           leader of this new multi-level Girl Scout troop, which will start up in
something new!                                     September. He is also looking for men and women willing to help co
                                                   -lead the various divisions of new troop, especially you Girl Scout
Rather than working on a full summer-              alumni out there. Because Westminster already hosts two other Girl
long project like the musical, we will be          Scout troops, Troop 1806 will be sponsored by and meeting at
providing shorter (one, two or three               nearby St. Paul's Lutheran Church.
week) faith based learning experiences.               Girls who will be in first grade through fifth grade this fall are eligi-
The Summer Sunday School committee is              ble to join Troop 1806. In addition to the interest/information/Q&A
going through the time and talent sheets           meeting on Sunday, April 18, 2010, there will be two other meetings
and working with WPC members to set up             – one on April 25 at St. Paul’s and one on May 18 at Westminster in
                                                   the Cabin.
a fun summer curriculum that we are sure
                                                      All interested and eligible girls and their families, plus any Girl
you and your family will enjoy. More
                                                   Scout alumni who would be interested in helping as leaders for the
information will be forthcoming in the
                                                   new troop, are warmly invited to attend any of these meetings.
following weeks.                                      Feel free to e-mail Chip at rmlaw@nc.rr.com (home e-mail) or
                                                   car@rmfi-law.com (work e-mail), or call him at 534-1200 (work-
We hope that you will make plans to
                                                   daytime), 489-6858 (home-evenings) if you have any questions
spend part of your summer at WPC!                  about the new troop.
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                        Some of Westminster’s New Members
            Janet Bradley                                          Donnie, Ashley, Kevin, & Zach Barnes
   Janet is a native of Georgia. She grew            We live out on the Haw River in Chatham County. We have horses, dogs, and
up in Brantley County and has lived in           cats. Kevin is in second grade at Perry Harrison School. Zach is in the transitional
Waycross and Douglas. In August 2009,            5’s class at University Presbyterian in Chapel Hill. Both are looking forward to lots
she moved to Durham to live with Mike            of fun in MP2 and meeting new friends. Ashley is looking forward to joining a Bible
and Kathryn Bunch – she is Mike’s                study and helping out with youth. She likes scrapbooking and genealogy. Donnie
mother. She has a daughter, Michele, who         wants to get involved with community service projects, Bible study, and basket-
lives in Ocampo, Mexico, with her husband        ball. He enjoys racing cars and mountain biking.
Ken. They operate a mission and a school
there. Her other son, Pat, lives in Stock-                                 Steve and Mary Harward
bridge, GA.                                         Steve and I were married on December 16, 2006. Steve was accepted to Duke
   Janet loves to paint and write and has        Medical School after completing his undergraduate studies there, so we officially
published some of her poems and short            moved to Durham that summer. I began teaching kindergarten at Hope Valley
stories. She has five grandchildren and          Elementary School and have happily been there ever since. Steve decided to join the
nine great-grandchildren.                        MD/PhD program after completing his second year of medical school, so he is now
                                                 working in a neurobiology lab. In our free time, Steve trains for marathons and tri-
          Jim & Laura,                           athlons and I enjoy cooking, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.
        Emily & Zack Smith                       We have a miniature long-haired dachsund named Andi that occupies our time until
   Jim and Laura Smith have been Durham          we add to our family. We are thrilled to be a part of the congregation at Westmin-
residents since 1999 and live in Colvard         ster. We hope we can add to the already vibrant community that we have found here.
Farms. Jim has a PhD and is a Medical
                                                                                 Glen Frybarger
Director with a pharmaceutical company
                                                    I am Guamanian, from my mothers side. I am a U.S. Navy Veteran, and served
(Pfizer) specializing in neuroscience and
                                                 on the U.S.S. Missouri BB-63 during the Gulf conflict.
Alzheimer’s disease. He is the Cubmaster
                                                    I moved to Durham in 1998 working for IBM in RTP. I received my B.S. in
for Cub Scout Pack 451 and an Assistant
                                                 Computer Information Systems from NC Wesleyan College. I met my wife, Julie,
Scout-master for Troop 451, both chartered
                                                 here and we have four children.
by WPC.
                                                    We are a volunteer family. My wife is a presidential volunteer award winner for
   Laura has a BA in Math and Statistics
                                                 her work at local schools, and is a Girl Scout volunteer. I volunteer for the Durham
and is a Revenue Management Analyst with
                                                 Chorale, Housing for New Hope, and Boy Scouts of America. I will be supporting
the Duke University Health System. Their
                                                 Westminster remotely as God has called me to an IBM job in Dubuque, Iowa.
daughter Emily is a senior at Appalachian
                                                    I enjoyed singing in the Westminster choir, which I will truly miss.
State University and will graduate magna
cum laude with a BS in Business Manage-               Mike Wallace, Colleen O’Briant Shayla, Devin and Meghan
ment in May 2010. She is a member of the           Our family includes Michael Wallace, Colleen O'Briant as well as our three daugh-
Sigma Kappa Sorority and will pursue her         ters Shayla, age 7, Devin, age 5, and Meghan, age 3. We live in Prescott Place in
MBA at the Walker School of Business in          Durham and our two older daughters attend Creekside Elementary School while our
the fall.                                        youngest is at Westminster School for Young Children. Our newest addition to the
   Their son Zack is a sophomore at Jordan       family is a seven-month-old puppy named Mia that we got for Christmas this past
High School in Durham and an Eagle Scout         year.
in Troop 451. Other family members in-               As a family we enjoy playing games together whether that be singing karaoke on
clude Casper (a rescued greyhound) and           the XBox or playing a board game like Sorry. We also enjoy spending time outside
Gizmo (Zack’s chameleon).                        riding bikes, blowing bubbles, drawing with sidewalk chalk, and hanging out with
   The Smith family enjoys traveling,            our neighbors in the cul-de-sac.
boating, water skiing, collecting wine, and          We look forward to becoming a part of the Westminster family and learning more
participating in Scouting activities and         about the activities available to us through the church.
   Jeremy & Cameron Chason,                  Jonathan & Sally Evans
   Claire, Charlotte & Shelby                    Sally is a native of Savan-
    We are Jeremy, Cameron, Claire (4),      nah, GA, and works for a
                                                                                                  Please remember to avoid
Charlotte (20 months), and Shelby (20        pharmaceutical company in
                                                                                                  parking in the spaces which
months).                                     RTP. Jonathan is a native of
                                                                                                  are designated for ages 65
    We live near Southpoint Mall. Claire     Durham and works for an
                                                                                                  and over at all times,
is currently at St. Stephen's Preschool.     automation engineering firm in
                                                                                                  particularly during busy
We are looking forward to getting in-        Cary.
                                                                                                  times when many groups are
volved with the children's programs as           They live in Southern Dur-
                                                                                                  meeting, such as Thursday
well as some of the outreach programs at     ham and are looking forward
WPC.                                         to becoming active at WPC.
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         Westminster Presbyterian Church
                3639 Old Chapel Hill Rd
                     Durham, NC 27707
                   Phone: 919-489-4974
                      Fax: 919-493-4553

                     April 18
    Preaching: The Rev. Chris Tuttle
             John 21:1-19

                    April 25
           Preaching: Guest Preacher
              The Rev. Jane Wilson
          Colleague of Nancy and Betty
             Psalm 23, Acts 9:36-43

                 May 2
     Preaching: The Rev. Chris Tuttle
                   Acts 11:1-18

              Congregational Responsibilities for April 18, April 25 & May 2
    ACOLYTES                               USHERS
4/18 - Jack & Alex High                    4/18  8:30 -    Howard Pedersen, Beverly McGraw, Betsy Ahern, and Ann Kline
4/25 - Megan Mouton and Sara Irvin              11:00 -    Bill & Barb Burig, Monica, Neal, Lauren & Ella Nichols
5/2 -  Ashley Vann and Lily Duling         4/25  8:30 -    Jill & Michelle Nelson, Adella & Christina Boxberger
                                                11:00 -    Pam Smith, Shan Wiley, Ray Soloe, and John, Jack & Alex High
    LECTORS                                5/2   8:30 -    Dave, Pam & Shane Calderwood, and Sarah Wolf
4/18  8:30 - John Graham                        11:00 -    Mark, Holly & Thomas Schmidt, Cathy Snider, John Gunter,
     11:00 - Mary Beck Sutton                              and Walt Beckwith
4/25 8:30 - John Sundy
     11:00 - Eileen McAvoy
5/2   8:30 - Linda Van Gombos                     NURSERY
     11:00 - Dave Snyder                          Nursery Coordinator for April - Katherine Stanley
                                                  Nursery Coordinator for May - Jennifer Feiler
    OFFERING COUNTERS                              4/18, 4/25 & 5/2:
4/18 8:30 - Sara & Megan Pottenger                 8:30       Infants - Thoko Manzini and Jessie Tharrington
     11:00 - Anne & Eric Wolf                                 Toddlers - Christabel Yamoah and Tatum Pottenger
4/25 8:30 - Paul & Kim Garcia                      11:00      Infants - Thoko Manzini and Jessie Tharrington
     11:00 - Sam Griffith and Patrick Wooten                  Toddlers - Christabel Yamoah and Tatum Pottenger
5/2 8:30 - Sharon Barnes and Merida Negrete
     11:00 - Beth Eagen and Gloria Kanoy           4/18 8:30 -      2-5 - Andy, Erik & Madison Dunk
                                                       11:00 -      2-3 - Angela & Madison Ruffing and Rebecca Edwards
    SOUND TECHNICIANS                                               4-5 - Elizabeth & David Hoffman
4/18 8:30 - Don Dates                              4/25 8:30 -      2-5 - Karis & Michael Jackson
      11:00 - Frank Stallings                          11:00 -      2-3 - Angela & Clint Myers
4/25 8:30 - Don Dates                                               4-5 - Anne Beckwith and Sarah Wolf
      11:00 - Frank Stallings                      5/2     8:30 -   2-5 - Dexter & Peter Meath
5/2    8:30 - Bosworths                                   11:00 -   2-3 - Jennifer & Michael Feiler
      11:00 - Blair Chesnut                                         4-5 - Anne Sherman & Jeff Laufenberg

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