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Believe it or not, basic SEO is all common sense and simplicity. SEO goal is to create a site as search
friendly as possible. It's really not that difficult. SEO 101 does not require specific knowledge of
algorithms, programming, or societies, but requires a basic knowledge of how a search engine.

For simplicity, this work begins with a series of cases. The first requirement is that a small business
website can work. The second assumption is that the site is written in a fairly standard mark-up
language like HTML or PHP. The assumption is that the last word research and analysis has already
taken place and the wrong choice of web-goals. There are two aspects to discuss the research before

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The first is how spiders work. How the second search to find pages related to keywords and phrases. In
its simplest form, seeking to gather information on a website, sending e-spider visits and copy the
contents stored in a database search. Known as "spiders", these robots are designed to provide links
from one page to another to follow. Prior to assimilate and copy the contents of the page to include a
link and other crash-TEC, for example, to send these pages. This process will continue indefinitely.
Sending and collecting data spinning 24 / 7, a large database to search for tens of billions of enormous
extent. Learn about spiders and how the information on the main site to collect technical finally SEO.

Spiders have designed the content of the site, as you read, and read a newspaper. Start from the left
corner, a spider-line reading of the contents of the bar position from left to right. If columns are used
(such a great place), spiders, closing the left column to follow before going to the central and side
columns to the right. If a spider is facing a link, follow this link to save and another bot to copy and
store the data page, the link to dispatch. The spider will continue through the site to absorb what might
be found. Spiders follow links and record everything their way, we can assume that if there is a link to a
site, there's a spider on this site.

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There is no need for manual or electronic search to your site great. Search spiders are perfectly capable
of finding their own way, provided a link on your site somewhere on the Internet. Find supernatural
ability to issue or topic they are studying and to seize the opportunity to strengthen relations pages of
news related judge. The most valuable incoming links from sites that are current issues. A search
engine spider finds your site, help is a priority. One of the most important basic SEO tips is to clear
paths for spiders to follow from point A to point Z on your site. This is easily implemented through
simple text links to follow to important pages in the site navigation, or just at the bottom of each page.

One of these text links should lead to a program that text-based website that lists and provides a text
link on any page of the site. The website of the project, the most basic page in the site of this goal is
more important than the spiders will help visitors to get lost if the designers should consider visitors to
your site when you create a site map. Google will also adopt a more advanced mapping XML-based
web site, please read the Help Center for webmasters.

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