The Beacon by yaosaigeng


									 September 2008
                               The Beacon
                         Trinity United Methodist Church
Special Interest
                          Sharing your story with others
• Fifth Sunday           Dear Friends,                     With great power the           there will be many
  Breakfast on           Two times a year I meet           apostles gave their            opportunities to tell others
  September 7th          with a large group of             testimony to the               about what we did during
                         clergy in the Virginia            resurrection of the Lord       the summer. There will
• Youth Center           Annual Conference who             Jesus, and great grace         also be opportunities in
  Open House on          are on their way to being         was upon them all.”            the church to give
  September 7th          ordained as elders. One                                          testimony to the
                         of my responsibilities is to      The clergy in that room        resurrection of the Lord
• Wednesday              lead them in their group          shared many things in          Jesus.
  Night Live             time where one of the             common: call, serving a        On September 7th, we will
  resumes on             goals is community                church, struggles and          gather in the Family
  September 10th         building. To begin our last       triumphs. There was            Activity Center at 9:30 for
                         session, I opened with the        great power in the sharing     a breakfast and we will
                         passage from Acts that            and hearing of the stories.    hear the Wesley Bible
                         speaks to believers               Those who were feeling         Class give witness. Each
                         sharing their possessions.        isolated began to realize      Sunday morning and each
                         The practice of sharing all       that they were not the only    Wednesday Night we
                         things in common has              ones who ever doubted or       have opportunities to give
                         long been done away with          struggled. Just as we          witness to the presence of
 Youth River Bash
                         but this doesn’t render this      heard some struggles, we       Jesus in our lives. As we
 Sunday, Sept. 7         passage obsolete. In Acts         also heard stories of how      share and as we hear, I
                         4:32-33 we read, “Now the         they and their                 hope we too will
 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
                         whole group of those who          congregations were             experience not only the
 Look inside for more    believed were of one heart        experiencing the presence      power of the witness but
                         and soul and no one               and power of Jesus in          the great grace that was
 details!                claimed private ownership         their midst.                   upon those early
                         of any possessions, but                                          believers.
                         everything they owned             As our church calendar         Grace and Peace,
                         was held in common.               gets back in full swing        Will

                         Five practices of Fruitful Congregations
                         Radical Hospitality -             excellence and growth in       five weeks—just thirty-five
                         Passionate Worship -              the life of our church. And    days—reading, praying,
                         Intentional Faith                 they are the practices we      discussing, and focusing
                         Development -                     will be focusing on for five   on these Five Practices.
                         Risk-Taking Mission and           consecutive weeks,             God can change
                         Service – Extravagant             beginning Monday,              individuals, entire families,
                         Generosity                        September 22nd and             and our whole church—
                         These are the Five                ending on Sunday,              thus changing the
                         Practices of vital, fruitful      October 26th.                  difference we can make in
                         congregations. These                                             and beyond our
                         ideas aren’t secret or new,       Just imagine what can          surrounding community.
                         but they are the practices        happen if everyone in our      (Continued inside)
                         that can lead to                  congregation will spend
                                   THE BEACON
                            Fifth Sunday Breakfast - One Week Late!
                            With the Fifth Sunday          begin at 9:30 a.m. The         two long-standing Bible
                            falling on Labor Day           Wesley Bible Class will        classes in our church: the
                            Weekend, we are going to       present the program. They      Ladies Bible Class and
                            make the most of this          will be sharing from their     the Wesleymen Bible
                            opportunity to kickoff our     rich history as they tell      Class. This Sunday will
                            Sunday School Program          their story of faithfulness    also serve as Promotion
                            on Sunday, September           through the years. This is     Sunday for our children.
                            7th. The breakfast will        a newly formed class from

                            Support our mission efforts
                            Mission is the life of a       Christmas gifts for the        congregation’s support to
                            thriving church. Trinity has   children in the fall of each   help raise these funds.
                            become a leader in our         year. We have sent two
                                                                                          A Church grows not only
                            community in outreach.         mission teams to Frakes
        “Consider joining                                                                 by what it does within the
                            Through our role with          to do house repairs. A
                                                                                          church, but what it does
Trinity’s mission team to   Christian Outreach             request has been made to
                                                                                          outside of the church
 Henderson Settlement       Programs, we host              form a team to go back to
                                                                                          walls. Become a part of
    in November 2008..”     “Souper Saturday”,             Henderson Settlement for
                                                                                          this Mission experience
                            support the food bank,         another work project. A
                                                                                          and donate your time
                            supply work teams when         date has been selected,
                                                                                          and/or financial means to
                            asked, shelter the             November 2nd, 2008.
                                                                                          help those who are
                            homeless and fill many
                                                           We are looking for             unable, for whatever
                            other local needs.
                                                           volunteers to be a part of     reason, to help
                            It is important that we        the team and we must           themselves.
                            support other Methodist        raise the funds necessary
                                                                                          For more information
                            Missions such as               to pay our expenses and
                                                                                          please contact Simns
                            Henderson Settlement in        for project materials costs.
                                                                                          Jacquette at 357-5354 or
                            Frakes, Kentucky. We           An estimate of necessary
                                                                                          call the church office.
                            give our support by            funds is about $4,500. We
                                                                                          You’ll be glad you did!
                            donating clothing and          are asking for the

                            Five Practices (continued from front)
                            You are invited to             --Church Wide Work Day:        devotions, Scriptures,
                            participate in this exciting   --Souper Saturday,             prayers, and challenges
                            emphasis in a variety of       October 4th                    together during the five
                            ways:                          Cultivating Fruitfulness,      weeks. Each week, we’ll
                                                           the devotional books we        read together about the
                            --Sunday morning and           will read together as a        practice that we’ll focus on
                            evening worship with a 5       congregation during            in the upcoming Sunday
                            Week Sermon Series             Focus on the Five              worship. The plan is that
                            --At-home devotional           Practices, should be           the books can be picked
                            readings on “Cultivating       available by the middle of     up by members on or
                            Fruitfulness”                  September. The members         before Sunday,
                            --Planning Groups              of every household are         September 21st.
                            --Special Teams                encouraged to read these
                                                               The Beacon

Youth Center Open House
The youth of the church        serve refreshments and         house for members of
invite everyone to come        members can see and            the church to see the
to the Youth Center            hear the plans for the         Youth Center.
following the 11:00            Youth Center. We are           This time of fellowship
service on Sunday,             dreaming BIG, but then         will not conflict with the
September 7th. This is         again we believe God           normal fellowship in the
an opportunity for             has BIG plans for the          Family Activity Center.
members to experience          Youth in the church and        Due to the Breakfast in
the “Before” picture.          community. We will be          the FAC that day there
We hope to refurbish           working throughout the         is not a fellowship
and redesign the Youth         fall to transform this         planned.
Center to make it more         area. Once we have             Come join us! See the
inviting for the youth in      finished we will then          “Before Picture” and
our community. We will         offer another open             help dream with us!

Family Caregivers Corner by Carolyn Savinsky
(This is part two of the       other in successful            10. Caregiving is a
Caregivers column              caregiving.                    balancing act composed
published in June)                                            of three balls juggling for
                               8. Take care of your own       position. The balls
Some practical                 health. Eat right.             represent your loved one,
strategies for the family      Exercise. Get adequate         you as caregiver, and the
caregiver, part 2 of 2:        rest. Do what you need to      responsibility of
                               do to take care of yourself.   caregiving. You need to
7. Do something to             If something happens to        pay attention to all three in
replenish yourself—to fill     you, what will happen to       successful caregiving.
your bucket. You can’t         your loved one?
give and give without                                         11. You can’t play
giving out. Your bucket        9. Make a support system       leapfrog and jump over
can get a hole in it, so you   for yourself. Engage your      the hurdles of caregiving.
have to find ways to fill it   family if you have one.        The only way to get
back up. Do something          Call a family meeting and      through it is to go through
that nourishes your soul       discuss ways to share the      it. Caregiving is a             “The Family Caregivers
and body so that you can       load. Divide up finances,      process—a journey. Take         Support Group will meet
be refreshed and do the        day-to-day care, dealing       one step at a time.             Wednesday, September
caregiving things you          with the physician/health
need to do. Blow bubbles,      care system, the               12. Learn the serenity          3rd at 6 p.m. in the
listen to music, take a        shopping. Use a calendar       prayer and practice it—         Wesleyan Bible Class
walk, laugh, do “retail        to decide who will do what     Grant me the serenity to        room.”
therapy,” meditate, etc.       and when. Call in a            accept the things I cannot
The care you give your         neutral party to conduct       change, courage to
loved one is in direct         the meeting when there         change the things I can,
proportion to the care you     are heated family issues.      and the wisdom to know
give yourself. Or said         If you don’t have family       the difference.
another way—taking care        support, look to friends or
of yourself is taking care     your faith community.          13. When all else fails and
of your loved one. You         Don’t be an eighteen-          you get to the end of your
can’t have one without the     wheeler.                       rope, tie a knot and hang
        THE BEACON

 Wednesday Night Live is back!
 Trinity’s popular Wednesday Night Live resumes on September 10th. Here’s
 the schedule:
 5:30-6:30        Meal in the Family Activity Center
 6:30-7:30        Bible Studies & Small Group Ministries (Chapel)
 6:15-6:35        Cherub Choir, ages 3-5. Children will come to the Nursery for
 choir practice & can stay in the nursery supervised until 7:30.
 6:00-6:45        Children’s Choir, Grades 1-5 in the Sanctuary
 6:45-7:30        Kingdom Kids, Grades 1-5 in the room near the elevator
 7:30             Chancel Choir Practice in the Sanctuary
 7:35             Committee Meetings

Food Pantry needs your help
The Christian Outreach          all other canned goods.       take the opportunity to
Food Bank needs the                                           bring food items to help
                                Many families in our
following items to help                                       others. Boxes are located
                                county continue to
those in our community                                        in the closet across from
                                experience hard times
who are less fortunate:                                       the church office and, as
                                because of the difficult
                                                              part of the Catch the Habit
Canned fruit, cereal,           economy and many other
                                                              program, baskets are
oatmeal, canned meats           issues. As September is
                                                              available outside of all
like chicken, ham and           a kind of “new beginning”
                                                              three church services on
turkey, spaghetti and all       with the starting of school
                                                              Sunday. Help someone
types of pasta, soups, and      and a new season, let us
                                                              else today.

 Prayer shawl update
 “I can’t begin to tell you     buried with his prayer         many. You have brought
 how much the prayer            blanket. Another lady          great joy, love and peace
 shawl and the loving           wears her shawl every          to many lives.
 thoughts that came with it     night when she holds her
                                                               I have no words to tell
 have meant to me. It is        rosary and prays. A
                                                               everyone how thankful I
 without a doubt the nicest     woman who lost her 10
                                                               am for their love, help and
 gift I have ever received. I   year old daughter was so
                                                               support for the prayer
 hope you will convey my        moved she cried with
                                                               shawl ministry. So I will
 heartfelt thanks to the        gratitude. She was
                                                               just say, when I count my
 ladies at Trinity UMC that     comforted with the love
                                                               blessings, I count all of
 made it. Sincerely, Betty      and prayers given to her
                                                               you. What a wonderful
 Edwards.”                      with the shawl.
                                                               church family.
 By Dottie Stevens              Ladies your sore fingers
                                                               God Bless you.
                                and tired shoulders have
 A man who died was
                                brightened the day for         Dottie Stevens
                                                                  The Beacon
Music Notes by Carol Rowland
Another church year is         opportunities for youth       start working on the
about to begin and there       interested in sound           Christmas pageant.
are many opportunities to      engineering and video.
participate in Trinity’s       Instruction in voice,         Cherub Choir
Music and Worship Arts         drums, percussion,            We have a program for
Ministry.                      keyboard, bass and guitar     our youngest church
                               will be available. Starting   goers. The Cherub Choir
Chancel Choir 2008/2009        September 10th, the           is led by Webbie Sauls for
It’s time for our Chancel      ensemble will meet from 5     children ages 3 to 5. The
Choir to start a new           to 6 on Wednesday in the      Cherubs learn sacred
season. Choir members          Youth Center.                 songs by rote and through
had a long summer break                                      play and will work on
and are ready to get back      Rivers of Life Praise         songs for the Christmas
to work. The congregation      Band
                                                             pageant and for the 11:00
has certainly missed the       Another musical venue is
                                                             service. Cherubs will meet
choir and will be glad to      the River’s of Life service
                                                             on Wednesday evenings
hear them again when           on Sunday evenings. Our
                               praise band consists of       at 6:00 in the nursery
they return September 7th.                                   starting September 10th.
                               singers and musicians
This is a great time to join   that lead the congregation    Hand Bell Choir
the choir. If you enjoy        in songs of praise and        The Hand Bell Choir is
singing, can carry a tune      worship. We are always        directed by Webbie Sauls
and have free time on          looking for worship           and is a lot of fun. The
Wednesday nights, please       leaders, soloists, back up    choir performs special
come give us a try. We         singers and musicians.        music for worship services
can seat 40 singers and        Volunteers interested in                                     Contact Carol Rowland
                                                             and seasonal programs.
have the most comfortable      sound engineering and                                        at 357-4958, 288-2619
                                                             Rehearsal times will be
seats in the house.            media production are also
                                                             announced.                     or email
                               needed. Praise band
The upcoming year will be      members have the              Musicians and Soloists         carolgrowland@yahoo.
filled with wonderful          flexibility to participate    Musicians, soloists and        com
anthems, meaningful            every week or once or         small ensembles are
cantatas and lots of fun       twice a month. Rehearsals     encouraged to provide
and fellowship. The first      begin in September and        special music throughout
rehearsal will be held         will be on Thursday           the year and are welcome
Wed., August 20th at 7:30      evenings at 7:30.             at all services. Our
p.m. in the Sanctuary. We                                    Christmas cantata has
will start singing on          Children’s Music
                                                             parts for trumpet, flute and
Sunday Sept. 7th.              Children’s music is an
                                                             percussion and electronic
                               integral part of our
                                                             keyboard. I am available
                               worship arts program. The
Youth Contemporary             children’s music program      for personal rehearsal
Music Ensemble                 includes 1st through 5th      time and private
I am very excited about        graders and will meet on      instruction.
our new Youth Contem-          Wednesday evenings            It is my goal to see our
porary Music Ensemble.         from 6 to 6:45 starting       Worship Arts Ministry
The ensemble includes 6th      September 10th.               grow. I encourage
through 12th graders who                                     musicians and singers to
will perform at Trinity and    Our children will be          share their talents. All
at events in our               introduced to all forms of    levels of musical
community, district and        sacred music and will         experience from beginner
region. The group is           participate in worship        to advanced are welcome.
working on Contemporary        services and seasonal         I envision a vibrant music
Christian Music and            programs. It’s always         program in Trinity’s future
includes singers and           exciting when the kids        and look forward to
musicians. There are also      return in September and       another great year.
Youth Events in               Catch the Habit, each and everyone
September                     Let’s look at the numbers for May, June and July:
Trinity’s Youth Group will
meet on Sunday, Sept.         Date            Attendance      Items
14th and Sunday, Sept.        May 4           239             88
28th for dinner and a         May 11          365             111
program. The meetings         May 18          253             76
begin at 5 and end at         May 25          263             150
6:15 p.m. in the Youth        Total           1120            425
                              June 1          275             124
All youth in grades 6-12      June 8          271             111
are encouraged to             June 15         266             143
attend and to bring a         June 22         263             69
friend for dinner and a       June 29         251             87
program led by Pastor         Total           1326            534
                              July 6          215             114
Check out the Trinity         July 13         246             100
website beginning Sept.       July 20         216             66
1st with updates on a         July 27         205             118
community event and           Total           882             398
youth tailgating
opportunities!                Thank you for continuing to bring food items each week. As you know, we have a             challenge ahead of us. Food prices are rising and all of us are trying to
                              economize and make our food money go further. Please remember that you do
                              not have to bring a “big ticket item” for our COP baskets. If you are counting your
Banner Ministry               pennies and struggling, choose cheaper items that are on sale and try to use a
starts a new year             coupon. Each item we give adds up to a lot in the COP pantry and ultimately
Trinity’s banner team will    makes a difference in someone’s life.
begin a new season of
beautiful banner making       Why are we doing this? Because Jesus said, “Whenever you did it for any of my
in September and you          people, no matter how unimportant they seemed, you did it for me.” Matthew
are invited to participate.   25:40, The Contemporary English Version.

If you are artsy crafty, or   “Catch the habit, each and every one. We are helping others in Christ’s name!”
just like the idea of
helping make banners,
you are invited to join
the group, which meets        School supplies still needed
mostly on Monday
mornings at 9 a.m. in the     Our church has begun collecting       12-inch rulers
Family Activity Center. If    school supplies to help those
you have questions or                                               Backpacks
                              children at local schools whose
just want to talk about
                              families cannot afford the            Colored markers
banners, see any one of
                              necessary supplies for a
our team members:                                                   Number 2 pencils
                              successful school year. There
JoAnn Hall, Judy
Etchison, Lisa Jett,          are boxes available for the           School scissors
Wendy Solberg, Bettye         following supplies in the hall in
Thomas or Ann Fisher.         front of the church office:
                              Notebook paper
Our first meeting is                                                Baby wipes
planning for Monday           Notebooks
morning, September 8th                                              Binders
                              School glue
at 9 a.m. in FAC.                                                   Cash!
                              Scotch tape

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