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					                       P      rovoking Love & Good Works

                       Riddle Me This
Our Shepherds
                       "I know that you can do all      Each one of these riddles
                      things, and that no purpose       has one thing in com-
Phillip Martin                                          mon. Each of them
                        of yours can be thwarted.
                          'Who is this that hides       requires that you
Dennis Folks                                            explore all the pos-
                         counsel without knowl-
                                                        sibilities,      even
Tim Martin             edge?' Therefore I have ut-
                                                        those beyond what
                      tered what I did not under-
                                                        you might normally
Our Deacons           stand, things too wonderful
                                                        consider. The right
                         for me, which I did not
                                                        answer will not al-
Glenn Duncan                                            ways be the obvious
                              (Job 42:2-3)
                                                        one.        For instance,
Tom Hargis             “Imagine you were in the         “What months have 28                                       we
                      middle of the ocean in a          days?” Did you say Febru-                             are
Keith Sabiel          sinking rowboat surrounded        ary?      Great, but all the      thinking too small, not
                      by sharks. How would you          months have 28 days. To           seeing that “all things
Ministers             survive?” It is a riddle…a        further illustrate, “What is in   are possible” when we
                      problem, to which there is a      the middle of Paris?” Well,       answer through Christ
                      logical answer. Do you know       if I am a “thinking-of-all-the-   and allow Him to work in
All members                                             possibilities-person,     then    us. Now, he is not going
                      what it is? Well, this is the
                      question I found facing me        my first question is going to     to help you solve those
Preacher                                                be, “What Paris?” Does the        riddles, but he will save
                      this morning on the back of
                      the box of cereal, as I wiped     riddler want the middle of        your soul and make this
Edward Benesh         the sleep from my eyes. I am      the place called Paris? Or,       life one of extraordinary
                      not sure I was ready for it,      perhaps they want the mid-        possibilities if you will let
  Worship Times       but I did fairly well. How will   dle of the word, which            Him. Will you? In this
                      you do?                           would make the answer “r.”        day, give all to Him and
      Sunday                                            Bingo, we got it.                 explore the possibilities
                      Let me give you a couple
   Singing 9:45 AM                                      You know we are not often         he has waiting for you.
                      more. “There was an air-
  Bible Study 10 AM   plane crash and every single      good at this sort of thing        Oh! The answer to the
    Worship 11 AM     person was lost, but two peo-     because we are not used to        first riddle is “Quit imag-
   Worship 6:30 PM    ple survived. How is this         thinking beyond the present       ining.” The answer to
                      possible?” How about one          and the probable to see just
                                                        what might be possible. We        the second is “They were
    Wednesdays        more? “I am the part of the                                         not married.” The final
                      bird that is not in the sky. I    get too caught up in our cur-
  Services 7:30 PM                                      rent circumstance, troubles       answer is “Shadow.”
                      can swim in the ocean and
                      yet remain dry. What am I?”       or even victories to see that
                                                        we are falling short because
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                                                                         Spiritual Classifieds
                               Pinellas Park Potpourri                   Transportation
                               Ministry Leaders
              Study            Tentative calendars of 2011 events -
                                                                         Bus for the Sonshine Day
          Opportunities        due by Feb. men’s mtg.                    Games
                               Marching for the Masters                  Games for Sonshine Day        Camp,
                               MFTM is an outreach group of the Pi-      ages 5 and up. See Beth Martin.
Sermon A.M./P.M.             nellas Park Church of Christ meets on
AM-One Way To God?           the 2nd and 4th Sundays in the church
PM-You’re not the boss of me                                             Wanted
                             library following morning services.         Thanks to all who have donated thus
                             Thanks to everyone who helped paint
Sunday Adult Class                                                       far. Your benevolence is Greatly ap-
                             the preacher’s house. It’s looking great.
Walk Through The Bible L.A.C.E. Membership Drive                         preciate, especially by our Youth! We
                             The Ladies of Lave will be forming a Pi-    could still use a
                             nellas Park branch for 2011, which will     storage cabinet,
Wednesday Adult Class
                             meet monthly at Pinellas Park. Dues         couple of bean
Christianity 101                                                         bag chairs, cur-
                             are $10 a year. The Pinellas Park
                             branch is competing with the Bartow         tains and family
Wednesday Teen Class         group to see who can get the most           friendly DVDs
The Me I Want To Be          members. See Melissa folks for de-          for youth movie
Classes available most Sun- tails.                                       nights.
days and Wednesdays for
all ages.
Young Adults                      Today - Sweetheart Banquet
Sun. - Walk Through Bible         13th - Elders / deacons meeting
Weds. - Proverbs                  15th - Men’s meeting

Sunday Morning Ladies
Class, Raising Girls—          Our Family Prayer Requests                 Betty’s nephew) double mastectomy
TBA please see C. Benesh          Nancy Hargis, is in pain after her      Timothy Hicks, Throat cancer
                                  recent knee gel shots                   Bob Martin, is doing much better and is
Weekly Bible Reading              Joetta Lane is home from the Hos-       in rehab after neck surgery.
Exodus 39-40                      pital and doing much better             Co-worker of Beth Martin Asks for
Leviticus 1-18                     Marilyn Libby, sister of Carol Axe,    prayers for premature twins.
                                  Chemotherapy                            Audrey Young, declining health
Online Worship Services           Paul Brown, friend of Kathy R.          Tom Horis, friend of the Gentry's, has
                                  brain cancer.                           had surgery for recurring cancer.
access to live video feed at
                                  Brian Stover, Needing prayers           Carol Axe, fell at home and is recover-
                                  Charlie B., Ongoing health issues       ing from painful bruises
                                  Bethlyn Christman, burns                Christy Claypool (sister of Linda
 Daily EDifications                                                       Rossy) recovering from bladder surgery
                                  Marion Brule, In assisted living
To receive daily lessons                                                  Ralph King home improving
                                  Donna Lampe is home from Hosp.
from Ed please sign up at         Pam G. 50% artery blockage              Del Hollingsworth -ulcer & Pneumonia               Violet (D. Lampe friend) very ill       Bob Weyandt - home recovering
.                                                                         Justice, a friend of Carol Axe
                                  Connie Woods, headaches
                                  Rick Woods, Bulging discs               Tim Martin, walking pneumonia
                                  Connie Woods’, (Sister) Abnormal        Faith Herkert, daughter of Nick and
                                  mammogram                               Tanika, surgery Feb. 17
                                  Homer and Lou Johnson Neph-             Larry Poteet, surgery Feb. 22
                                  ews, are both ill                       Reese Moore, friend of the Benesh fam-
                                  Deborah Pratt, (wife of Bob and         ily, undergoing testing
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Weekly Bible Reading               Steadfast Love
    Sunday       Exodus 39-40
                                   “It is good to give thanks to the LORD, to sing praises to your name, O
    Monday       Leviticus 1-4
                                   Most High; to declare your steadfast love in the morning, and your
    Tuesday      Leviticus 5-7
                                   faithfulness by night” (Psalm 92:1-2).
    Wed.         Leviticus 8-10
    Thursday     Leviticus 11-13
    Friday       Leviticus 12-15   So often in the Bi-
    Saturday     Leviticus 16-18   ble, God is de-
                                   scribed as steadfast
The questions for this week        in love and faithful-
are posted online at               ness, especially in    the Psalms. I have
adultamclass.php                   often heard a life tied
Each weeks answer key will be      at either end with
posted on the Monday after we      prayer will not un-
go over the lessons in class.
                                   ravel and that we
                                   should sandwich our
                                   day with praying first
Men to serve                       thing in the morning and the last thing at night.
Song Leaders
Sunday am: Phillip Martin
Sunday pm: Tom Hargis              Here’s an experiment. For the next week, wake up each day and de-
Wednesday: Phillip Martin          clare God’s steadfast love. Know there is nothing that will happen to
Lord’s Supper                      you that day that He will not equip you to handle, or handle for you.
Bread: Tim Martin                  Place the day and what lies ahead in His capable hands, because He is
Cup: Daryl Flint                   the only one who already knows what the day will entail. He has the
Assisting:                         plan. We just need to be tuned in to His will so we can follow it and not
Max Benesh
Michael Grimmer                    go off on our own bunny trails.
Opening prayer
Sunday am: Todd Walden             Then at night, place all the day’s happenings in His strong hands. Place
Sunday pm: Michael Grimmer         your soul and the souls of those you love in the palms with the nail
Wednesday: Bob Perry               scars in them. Rest easy knowing He is watching over you like a faith-
Closing prayer                     ful centurion on guard. You are protected. He won’t turn his eye away.
Sunday am: Harold Gentry           Nothing will sneak up on you. There is an old Scottish prayer that says,
Sunday pm: Timmy Martin
Wednesday: Todd Walden
                                   “From ghoulies and ghosties and long-legged beasties and things that
Sermons                            go bump in the night, Good Lord deliver us.”
Sunday Am: Ed Benesh
Sunday pm: Ed Benesh               Steadfast love and faithfulness- the two things that can sand-
                                   wich our lives and keep us from unraveling. Only God’s love is
                                   that solid, unchanging and immovable. He is the only one we can truly
 'The LORD is slow to anger        turn to in our times of need and know the He will always be right
 and abounding in steadfast        there.
 love, forgiving iniquity and
transgression, but he will by      When our days are set in between steadfast love and faithfulness,
  no means clear the guilty,
                                   whatever happens that day is held together, as are we. His love binds
  visiting the iniquity of the
  fathers on the children, to      us and His faithfulness guides us and protects us. Our day just goes
the third and the fourth gen-      better because we know Who is in charge. Our sleep is more restful
            eration.'              because we know the One who loves us the most never sleeps.
       (Num 14:18 ESV)
Pinellas Park                 Visit the Pinellas Park Church of Christ online at
  church of
  6045 Park Blvd.             Questions about minis-             Dear Visitor…
  Pinellas Park, Fl           tries?
                                                               Welcome! It is hard for us to express in this small
                              Preaching Programs
                                                               space just how blessed we feel by having you visit
                                P. Martin, E. Benesh
                                                               with us today. You will, no doubt, find that this
Phone: 727-544-8920           Missions                         small welcome address will be followed up by loving
Preacher :727-723-4519         C. Axe, T. Hargis, M. Drake, K. conversation with our members, as they introduce
Preacher email:                Sabiel                          themselves and personally welcome you. We are a            Sonshine Day camp                friendly group who cherish our time together and
                               T. Martin                       are always looking to adopt new folks into our fam-
Visitors are you in need of   WWCC                             ily. We want you to feel welcomed and yet, we real-
help? For directions to our    G. Duncan, P. Martin            ize that visiting a church can be overwhelming.
building, roadside assis-     Youth Ministry                     You can expect us to not only make you feel at
tance , finding points of     D. Folks                           home and a part of what we do, but also find a will-
interest in our community     Young At Heart                     ingness on our part to help you understand what we
or for emergencies please      B. Perry                          do and why we do it. Some things that are part of
call: 727-647-6758.           Worship Coordination               our worship may be different than what you are
                               T. Hargis, D. Folks               used to, just as some of the things you hear may be
                              Weds. Eve. Speaking                different than what you are used to. Rest assured,
                               W. Robinson                       we welcome all your questions and will be more
Vital Statistics              Benevolence                        than happy to explain our reasoning and love for
Attendance Sunday             D. Folks, H. Gentry,               God. We do hope you have enjoyed being with us
                                                                 and come back again soon.
Bible Class– 64               W. Robinson
A.M.– 93                      Transportation
P.M. - 55                      T. Martin                                         Edward Benesh, Minister
Wednesday - 41                Bldgs. and Grounds
Weekly contribution            H. Gentry, K. Sabiel, T. Walden
$2481                         Education                           Blessed is the man who remains steadfast un-
Contribution Goal              B. Perry, D. Folks                 der trial, for when he has stood the test he will
$2500                         Women’s Studies Ministry            receive the crown of life, which God has prom-
                               N. Gentry, A. Jucknath                        ised to those who love him.
                              Financial                                                (Jas 1:12)
Area Events
Let us try our best to sup- Pinellas Park church of Christ
port the events of other
local congregations.        6045 Park Blvd.

                              Pinellas Park, Fl 33781
   See bulletin board.


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