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                                                                                                   Inside this Issue:
                                                                                                  EAA Flight Advisor            2
                            by Don                                                                 Jabiru Flt Report
                            Thompson                         by Scott Walton, Ch 7 VP             The Eagle’s Nest             2
Greetings Chapter 7 Members,                    Hey Folks,                                         May 10th—ESCAP
   We have done it again! Our Chapter              We had a great time with EAA’s B-17,           Classified Section           4
members worked together to make the B-          Aluminum Overcast. I think Mike Hanson’s          Tech Counselor               4
17 visit a great success. This EAA Pro-         Stearman got almost as much attention as            Summertime
gram is an important fund raising event for     the B-17. It felt like we put on our own mini
                                                                                                  Calendar of Events           4
our Chapter. To those member that pitched       airshow! I have enjoyed reading the book
in and gave time - THANK YOU, THANK             by our last month’s speaker, Norm Ste-            Golden West                   5
                                                vens, An Innocent at Polebrook. The ac-            Regional Fly-In
                                                counts of his observations over Europe            Members Dues                 5
  So now let us turn our attention to the
                                                during WW-II reminded me of the accounts
May meeting. May 8th is our meeting and                                                           B-17 Stops at KLGB           6
                                                my Uncle Nick told me when I was a child.
on Saturday the 10th we will do a small                                                           Next Stop—Van Nuys           6
                                                Uncle Nick was a nose gunner and bom-
Young Eagle event in the morning. We
                                                bardier in a B-24 Liberator and survived          Riverside Air Show           7
should be done with the YE by 11am and
                                                the infamous Ploesti raids. The stories he
then set up for a midday CHAPTER PIC-                                                             Secretary’s Notepad          8
                                                told me were my main inspiration to be-
NIC. Members that can make it should
                                                come a pilot and yes my son, Nick is              Chapter Application       7
come around 11am and we will cook bur-
                                                named after him. My point is that we, as          Pass It On - Bring A Friend
gers and dogs starting at 12 noon. Some of
                                                pilots, builders and aviation enthusiasts are
us will give rides to those daring enough to                                                      Chapter Officers            11
                                                role models for those who follow. Take             Meeting Information
go flying. This is a good day to celebrate
                                                every opportunity to pass on your knowl-          Cover / Mailing Info        11
our Chapter successes. Please call me,
                                                edge in a positive way, for you may never
cell # 562-500-0173 or 562-498-0862, so I
                                                know who you influence.
can have a headcount so nobody goes                                                               Wanted:          Roving
hungry. The CHAPTER will supply all the          PROGRAM — May 8, 2008                            reporters.        Been to a fly-
food and drinks and the headcount keeps                                                           in lately, taken a trip, been to
the waste down.                                    The program for May will be on Light           another chapter meeting.
                                                Sport Aircraft (LSA) and our guest speaker        Take your camera, we’ll do
   Here is the location for the YE and PIC-     will be Mr. Mike Duke. Mr. Duke will dis-         the rest.
NIC - “ ESCAP FLIGHTLINE “              Take    cuss two LSAs, the Remos and the Sting
Cherry Ave to 36th St one block north of                                                           Aircraft of the Month
                                                Sport. If weather and his schedule permit,          By far the EAA B-17 Alumi-
Wardlow. Turn EAST - towards the airport        he will bring one of these two airplanes to      num Overcast is the highlight
and follow the street, pass the stop light,     the AirFlight Ramp before the meeting for        aircraft of the month. A superb
thru the S-turn and go to the Stop Sign.        display, so plan on coming early.                example of restoration.
You will turn left into the gate and onto the
flight line. I will put up some signs to help      Keep June 12th open as Michael Gou-
show the way. Leave at anytime you want.        lian, a Red Bull Air Racer, will be the
    Later this year in the fall LGB will have   speaker. We have great programs lined up
it’s “Airport Day” again. I will keep up with   for about as far as I can see. This is good,
the plans and see what part our EAA             because if I can’t find a program for any
Chapter can be included in.                     given month, I have already decided that I
Should be a good event                          will bring in my bagpipes and do a concert
 to look forward to.                            for you all. If that isn’t motivation, I don’t
                                                                                                 It’s income allows the Chapter
                              Don T.            know what is!
                                                                               Scott             to send a candidate to the
                                                                                                 EAA Air Academy annually.

 Third floor lobby                   AirFlite Executive Aviation Terminal                            Long Beach Airport
 Meeting at 7:30 p.m.                     3250 AirFlite Way, Long Beach, CA 90807            Second Thursday of Each Month
                                                                 tively short takeoff roll, the Jabiru was telling me it was
                                          by John Mahany         ready to fly. The mains were starting to skip along the
                                          Chptr Flt Advisor
                                                                 pavement, and the control stick was coming alive…
                                          2007 Master CFI
                                                                 becoming responsive. I applied some back pressure….I
                                                                 don’t ‘yank’ an airplane off the ground, unless it is a short
                                                                 or soft runway. The Jabiru seemed to leap skyward…I
Fellow Chapter 7 Members,                                        had just unleashed it from terra firma!
   In late March, I had the opportunity to fly with Bob             We were off and climbing…crossing the 10 Freeway,
Luskin in his Jabiru. We had been talking about doing this       and then heading south, and approaching the 605. We
for some time. It finally happened. I wandered over to           leveled off at, 2000, I think, and continued south. Picking
Millionaire North from FlightSafety, and met him, and we         up the Long Beach ATIS, we called tower and requested
went over to his hangar, where he had his Jabiru pulled          25 Right, again.
out and waiting. This would be my first opportunity to go
up in a Jabiru. We decided to fly all the way to El Monte           This was the strange part for me. Flying from the right
for lunch. A short flight, to be sure, but a chance to fly,      seat but with my left hand controlling the ‘stick’ and with
and enjoy lunch at the restaurant there. Since Bob had           my right hand, the power, is, well, different. This is a ‘non-
not been to EMT recently, we spent a few minutes look-           standard’ set up, compared with what I am used to, when
ing over the route on a LA Terminal Chart. Since I do not        flying from the right seat. But that’s the way it is. I
fly a lot these days, my approach to flying is more conser-      adapted. Just different. We had a cross-wind, from the
vative now, as well. Time spent reviewing important infor-       south, which would not normally be a problem. Except in
mation, even for a short flight like this, is time well spent.   the Jabiru, with the ‘non-standard’ control arrangement, it
                                                                 took some effort, and was slightly awkward. I had to be
   After reviewing pertinent information, we got in. It is a     very conscious of my control inputs. When I was on
bit awkward getting into a Jabiru. You kind of lower your        short-final, and getting into the flare, I had my left hand
head and ‘back’ into the seat and then swing your legs           pulling full left aileron, along with enough right rudder to
up, in and around. There is a strange arrangement in the         keep us lined up with the runway centerline, as we
Jabiru cockpit. There are two throttles, one on either side,     flared….bled off airspeed, as we settled onto the runway,
and there is one control stick, in the center. I have not        with the mains first, then forward stick to gently lower the
seen this arrangement before. So, from the right seat, I         nose. It felt awkward, but it turned out ok.
would fly with my left hand. The brake is also controlled
by a lever, in the center, forward of the control stick. That       Once clear of the runway, I told Bob he had the air-
is different. The trim is also in the center, via a lever. The   plane, and he taxied us back to his hangar. By the way,
panel is glass, as far as I remember. The visibility is ex-      in the world of airline and ‘bigger’ airplane flying, this is
cellent.                                                         referred to as a ‘positive exchange of controls’. That way
                                                                 there is never any doubt as to who ‘has control’ of the
   After we taxied out, and completed the short checklist        airplane. We discussed the ‘awkwardness’ of the control
and run-up, we were ready to fly. We took off on 25              arrangement briefly, while taxiing to his hangar. Bob
Right, with a right down-wind departure, followed by a 45        agreed that it was awkward, but after a few hours in the
degree turn towards the 605 and 91 freeways, and we              airplane, he got used to it. Since I do expect to fly with
were on our way….all the way to El Monte. A short (13            him some more, I will get used to it, as well.
minutes), but fun flight! We were level at 2,500 in no time.
                                                                   All in all, it was really a lot of fun!
The Jabiru climbs very nicely, and while it is not fast,
since it is an LSA, it is very comfortable. The weather          And a chance as well, to fly another
was good VFR, and there was no turbulence to speak of.           type of airplane. Thank you, again,
We followed the 605 north, and called El Monte about 10          Bob!
miles south…per the GPS. We descended to enter the
pattern for a left down-wind for 19, and had the pattern to
our selves. Bob flew us up there, and did a very nice job,
                                                                                         The Eagles’ Nest
in his airplane! I enjoyed the ride!                                                                         by
   After lunch and some hangar flying, we were ready to                                          Holly Richards
head back. Bob took advantage of the low fuel price at                                          EAA Chapter 7
EMT and topped off. I am sure the price is higher now.                                      Young Eagles Coordinator
But it was a good deal. After that, we started up and tax-
ied out to runway 19.                                                Wow, the time seems to FLY by when each day is
                                                                 filled with non-stop adventures! I am sure that each one
   Bob offered to let me fly, and he did not have to ask
                                                                 of you has a very explosively busy schedule, as we near
twice! Thank you, again, Bob! Once cleared for takeoff, I
                                                                 the end of another school year. There always seems to
taxied onto the runway, and smoothly, steadily applied
                                                                 be so much to do between March and June, there leaves
power, and right rudder, to keep us tracking straight down
                                                                 little room for any down time! We are pressing forward
the centerline. This being my first chance to fly a new
airplane, I take a careful, cautious approach. After a rela-     to the May 10th Young Eagles event with total . . . EX-
                                                                 CITEMENT !!! That’s right . . . we are excited, want to

know why ??? . . .                                            able to see the Prado Recreation area. Upon arrival back
                                                              on terra firma, they wandered over to the Ch 92 food con-
   This month, May 10th, we will be holding our Young
                                                              cession. Being a fan of In & Out Burgers & B.K., his father
Eagles event at ESCAP instead of the normal station of        was surprised that he opted for a Ch 92 “super” burger
Signature!!!WOW, HIP HIP HOORAY, YEE HAW!!!!! I               that Connie Anderson was cooking. It was just at that time
always enjoy this time at ESCAP for several reasons!          that I happen to have the start of my heart attack (some
First, we get the pleasure to be outside, in the open air,    thought was only heat exhaustion). I managed to get to
enjoying the sun and gentle Long Beach breeze. Sec-           the ground without falling and it was Charles Frenes who
ondly, there is such a FREEING feeling being outside.         immediately called 911. There were only cold compresses.
Thirdly, we get to do fun extra barbeque!   The fire station is on the airport and the ambulance arrived
Sound like fun ?? You bet! We are looking for all the         in minutes. Charles gripped my hand and prayed over me
good help we can muster, to fly and to HAVE FUN, is that      that this was not my time to be taken from this earth. He
you?                                                          must have had a few favors owed as I am still here. Had I
   On our March 15th Young Eagles event, we had the           been home that day, my chances would have been even
great honor of unbelievable support of ground crew and        less since I live in a very remote area. I was where I
pilots!! A HUGE thank you is due to the following             needed to be, right place, right time. )
GROUND CREW: Nathan Parnham, Merv Meyer, Dylan                  ZACH LAMMERS: As a lot of you know, uncharacteristi-
Lee, Mike Laurent, Zach Lammers, Arnold Frerking, Dar-        cally, my entire family missed our April board meeting and
wyn Wolff, Bob Hartfield, Jacob Richards, Birch Parker,       Chapter 7 meeting on April 10, for a very valid and note-
Brian Ringel, Suzanne Parnham, Diane Stewart, and GT          worthy event. As a lot of you are aware, Zach Lammers,
Mc Daniel, THANKS SO-O-O MUCH..without all these              my youngest, plays trombone with St John Bosco March-
people working hard, we would not have been able to get       ing Band, Jazz Band and Advanced Band. He can really
the kids coordinated and safely to the planes. Our fear-      blow that Trombone, and it has landed him 1st chair for St
less and energetic Pilots were: Don Myhra, Tom Griffith,      John Bosco. As an active assistant for the band, I have
George Mc Daniel, and Don Thompson. Thanks guys, for          been told that this is a unique and first for St John Bosco,
the dedication and support to get the 18 Young Eagles         to have a sophomore sit first chair. Congratulations Zach,
flown! Early that morning, we had the low ceiling and light   your diligent hard work pays off BIG dividends!
misty showers, which seemed to attack our event, and
                                                                  MERV MEYER / DYLAN LEE / ZACH LAMMERS/
tried to put a damper on our turn out; however, we            JACOB RICHARDS / HOLLY RICHARDS: Yes, it was a
pressed on with total diligence and safety at heart, and      blast to work the B17 bomber Friday, Saturday and Sun-
FLEW!!!!! This is what I love so much about the dedicated     day! We all put forth our best efforts, and all that partici-
people who turn out for these Young Eagles events....the      pated should be recognized! We had so much fun just
pick em up and put em down, just do it attitude. I think      being at the event, and meeting crew which actually flew
Nike has a great slogan, perhaps we should adopted for        those planes, what an honor! As the day drew to a close,
our Young Eagles....."JUST DO IT"! We collected               on Sunday, April 13th, I was beckoned out of the trailer
$141.00 of donations, which is realy spectacular, and we      to go to the Chapter 7 table for a briefing. Little did I know
sold 2 Young Eagles shirts! We are looking forward to all     that I was going to be told of the HUGE HUGE EVENT to
the help we can muster, for our May 10th Young Eagles         take place. You guessed it, I was selected to fly in the B17
event, could that be you? I leave you with yet another        Bomber from Long Beach to Van Nuys! Oh man, words
famous statement......"I want YOU!" BE THERE!!                cannot express the JOY, the Experience, the Awesome
 YOUNG EAGLE NOTEWORTHY ACHIEVEMENTS                          feelings as we boarded the plane on April 14th, to fly in
                                                              her! We took pictures, we walked around the plane as she
TOM GRIFFITH: A little bird came and whispered in my          glided thru the air, but little did I know the experience wait-
ear, as I was working the sales trailer at the B17 Bomber.    ing me, as I approached the front of the plane, and was
On Saturday April 12th......TOM GRIFFITH has Flown 800        encouraged to go down into the nose of the plane!! To
YOUNG EAGLES!!!! WOW!!! Tom, that is so awesome               look out as we were flying, to see the Pacific
and worthy of far more recognition, than just a few words     Ocean....what a breathtaking opportunity of a life time!!!
in an article! You are so humbly dedicated to our Young       Wow, all I can say is, we will never, never be the same
Eagles, and I just want everyone to know how hard work-       after that adventure! A special thanks goes to Don
ing you are, to reach that ASTRONOMICAL amount of 800         Thompson and Tom Griffith, for flying us back in their pri-
YOUNG EAGLES flown!!! Thank you for truly setting the         vate aircraft from Van Nuys to Long Beach! We were
example of excellence and integrity, as you set the mark      privileged to fly in the B17, with a belly gun turret crew
and press on for 801 and beyond! CONGRATULATIONS     about living the experience!! We will
TOM, and a HUGE THANK YOU!!! (Editor’s Note: Tom              NEVER be the same!!
Griffith’s 800th Young Eagle was Justin Frenes. He and
his father were not schedules to be at Chino that day as      Do you know any Young Eagles achievements which need
no one from Chapter 92 had gotten back to them after they     to be recognized? Let me know of special achievements,
registered on-line. His father, Charles, took Justin to the   and I will make sure they make the NEWS!
airport in hopes that they would find room on a flight. Tom
Griffith was just that flight. Justin was mesmerized with
the flight over the Little League field, Chino prison and
      Classified Section
   Nuts, Bolts, Engines, Planes & Things
                                                                       We will soon be in the airshow season so if you hear of an
                                                                       event, don’t just assume I will post it here. Send me an e-
                                                                       mail and I will be sure that it does get on the list for ALL the
                                                                       members to be aware. Let’s see if we can get some fly-outs
                                                                       going this year and let the wind blow the dust off those
                                                                       wings. Due to limited space in this column, I strongly urge
                                                                       anyone planning to attend one of these events to go to the
                                                                       website for more complete details such as times, schedules,
                                                                       NOTAMS, frequencies, accommodations, pricing, etc.
  1958 Tri-Champ model, Champion Aircraft Co                           May 10: Redlands, CA. Redlands Airport Open House,
White with two-tone blue trim. Always hangared. Stits                  airshow, model R/C planes, vendors. Ctc: Dennis Brown, red-
Cover. Tandem seating. C-90 engine 594 hrs SMOH              
TTAF 2490, Cruise 100, stall 38. Not SLA qualified.
                                                                       May 10: Modesto, CA. Airshow, Modesto City-County
    Price Reduced. True showmanship quality.                           Airport.
 This will be an instant attraction wherever you travel
                                                                       May 17-18: Chino, CA. Planes of Fame Airshow. Ulti-
  $29,000.        Contact Dwight at: 714 / 828-7027                    mate warbird show. Ctc 909 / 597-3722 or see http://
For Sale: Mazda 13-B mid 80's era. Was going to con-
vert using belt redrive from ‘87 contact magazine. I have              May 23-25: Watsonville, CA. 44th Annual Watsonvile
                                                                       Airshow & Fly-In. Antiques, classic, warbirds, aerobatics, mili-
a Lycoming.) One engine complete, one in a "basket"
                                                                       tary, car show & more. Ctc 831 / 763-5600 ro visit website:
plus a pile of Mazda underhood and a points type dis-        
tributor. See photo. (engine in the shade at the top.)
                                                                       Jun 6-8: Marysville, CA. (MYV) Goldenwest Fly-In,
                                                                       theme is “Flying Together”. Yuba County Airport. Air-
                                                                       show daily, forums, workshops, aviation vendors. Ban-
                                                                       quet, guest speaker.
                                                                       Jun 14-15: Columbia, CA. (O22) Annual Father’s Day
                                                                       weekend fly-in and campout. Campgrond located in the center
                                                                       of the airport. Beautiful camping in the trees.

                                                                       Jun 21: Porterville, CA. (PTV) Eagle Mountain Air Show.
                                                                       This used to be referred to as the Moonlight Fly-In. Some of the
                                                                       best BBQ you can find, roasted corn on the cob. Down home
                                                                       atmosphere and plenty of aviation camaraderie. Check NO-
                                                                       TAMS & airport directories for current info.

                                                                       Jul 19: Hemet, CA. Admission free. Hemet-Ryan airport.
                                                                       Warbirds, CDF Base aircraft, homebuilts, cars, boats, and R/C
                                                                       demo. Down home atmosphere and plenty of aviation camara-
I need the space. it's moving outside to become junk                   derie. Check NOTAMS & airport directories for current info.
soon. make friendly offer or will swap for?? You haul.
Louis Bigelow            Tel: 562 /             Jul 28—Aug 3: Oshkosh, WI. The largest gathering of
698-6863.                                                              aircraft in the world. Homebuilts, prototypes, engines, avionics,
                                                                       seaplane base, and production aircraft. Everything from a
                                                                       Breezy to a Beechcraft Premier. Nightly movies, Theatre in the
                                                                       Woods, Shell Aero Square. Ford concept cars. Seminars &
                 Springtime Review                                     forums. Check NOTAMS & airport directories for current info.
                Getting Ready for Summer                               See for complete maps and schedule

                                                                       Aug 16-17: Camarillo, CA. EAA Chapter 723 Fly-In and
                      Paul Tremblay                                    Airshow. Excellent display of all categories. Top airshow per-
                   EAA Chapter 407, Idaho                              formers, and fly-bys of the local CAF chapter. Large display of
                                                                       old farm equipment. Chapter flea-markets, great bargains.
 We in Southern California are very fortunate not to have to
mothball our aircraft for the winter months. Generally there ia a      Oct 26: Los Alamitos, CA. 7th Annual Wings, Wheels &
clearing period within six weeks to kick the tires & light the fire.   Rotors. Free admission. Vendors see
Still there are other considerations to keep us on our toes.
BFR, charts, ELTs and good airwork. Make it a point to visit           If you are aware of any upcoming shows or chapter
some of those rare locations in the back section of your Air           events not listed here, please forward information to me
Guide to really see the other half of the world ( Cont’d Pg 5 )        at

Tech Counselor                                                         a 20 oz. bottle, that works out to more than double what a
   Be aware that the old 121.5/243 units will no longer be             gallon of fuel costs). [Incidentally, did any of you catch the
monitored by either the Russian or U.S. satellites. (They will         announcement of the new Bakken oil field in Montana/North
still be monitored by many local airfields and the CAP when            Dakota/Wisconsin and Wyoming? There is more than twice
training or on searches) Make sure to install the state li-            the proven oil reserves of Alaska to be found there.
cense tags if due.                                                        A very useful tool to take along that first flight is a copy
 Now, prepare yourself for your first flight in the last few           of the practical test standards. You can probably perform
months.                                                                those tests better than your initial qualifications, but it
                                                                       never hurts to challenge yourself with some of the maneu-
    To minimums, make yourself aware of any changes in                 vers that you haven’t done for a while. When’s the last
FAA rules for your license class since last reviewing them.
                                                                       time you practiced short field landings and take-offs? How
Did you know that in the aggregate, there are more than
                                                                       about slips or crabs?
700 regs in the FARs? Depending on your certi-fications,
you may be responsible for all of them! Are your maps out                 We’re occasionally asked about personal “exploits”. I
of date? Medical or biennial due? It never hurts to get in             took my youngest son up for some of the before-
touch with your friendly CFI to sharpen first your ground              mentioned practice. During a steep approach to the simu-
school knowledge and take him along for a critique on that             lated short field, his response was “Dad! This isn’t an ele-
first flight. Use the first flight to heat up the engine for the oil   vator!!!”. Later, I showed an FAA examiner the same thing.
change to follow. (You really didn’t think to use the oil you          His quiet comment was, “I said to simulate a fifty-foot tree,
put in three months ago for your first 25 hours this spring,           not a 200 footer!”.
did you?) Have the CFI monitor your pre-flight. Hadyou re-
                                                                       By the time you get back from this trip for the now $150
membered to remove the gust locks we discussed last
                                                                       hamburger, you’ll be current. Make sure your insurance is
time? Don’t worry about using a little extra fuel to take along
                                                                       up-to-date and take one of the
a passenger, especially since he could save your bacon in
                                                                       Young Eagles for a first ride.
an emergency. Av-gas is still cheaper than the cheapest
bottled water available from Wally-World. (even at 50 cents

                                      2008 Golden                           2008 Membership Dues
                                       West Fly-in                        EAA Chapter 7 continues to have one of the lowest
                                                                       rates for membership, just $12.00 annually. Please
                                                                       see the Chapter Treasurer, Don Thompson, at the meet-
   The purpose of this letter is to personally invite you and          ing to complete your membership.
your fellow Chapter members to this years’ Golden West
Regional Fly-in and Air Show at Yuba County Airport                       Printed lists of the membership will be available to
(MYV), CA, June 6, 7, & 8, 2008. No matter whether you                 members attending the meeting. If you receive your
fly-in, drive-in, come by train or balloon, we encourage you           newsletter via e-mail, please send a request to
to attend. It’s going to be the best SHOW ever.               and I will be sure to send you a
                                                                       copy of the membership list. It will be supplied in Adobe
   This year’s theme: “Flying Together”
Activities: A variety of excellent Workshops and Forums,
Food Court, Daily Air Show, New Product Demo Rides, Bi                   I urge you to renew so you do not miss a single issue.
Plane and Helicopter Rides, New GA & LSA Plane Exhib-                  An application form is available from the Chapter Mem-
its, War & Antiques Planes, Kid Quest & Young Eagle                    bership Chairman, Tom Griffith. Please mail or bring to
Rides and much, much more.                                             the meeting on Thursday.
   Two AV8-B Harriers are on the show schedule. One of                   If unable to attend, mail your check payable to “EAA
the pilots is from the Yuba County area. One will be on                Chapter 7” with $0.41 postage to: George McDaniel,
static display and the other will be doing demo and fly-bys.           EAA Chapter 7 Treasurer, 25442 Naccome Dr., Mission
There will also be displays of air racing.                             Viejo, CA 92691-4948.
  Regional fly-ins will be playing a greater role as gas                 If you have already renewed, we ask that you
prices soar. Av-gas is topping $6.00/gal in some places.
                                                                       complete the new form in this newsletter so we
  On the forum / workshop schedule there is a very inter-              can update your information for our files.
esting display of the Vacuum Infusion process for forming
foam/glass/epoxy parts with greater consistency. Using                    March is the month when we make correc-
an epoxy mixture with approximately 1/3 that of the old                tions to the membership roster and delete those
Aero-Poxy of the Rutan wet lay ups, parts can be pro-                  that did not renew for the new year. DON’T get
duced with equivalent strength with half the weight.                   dropped from our rolls as there are exciting
   Vendors are realizing the value of the regional fly-ins in          things ahead with programs and activities. Be
terms of exposure and sales. Come see what you have                    part of the action. Renew NOW.
been missing, join the camaraderie of fellow aviators.

                                                                                                 WW-II Fuselage emblem signifying
                                                                                                 participation in combat
       Ground Crew gather around Mike          Several ground crew members gather under
       Hanson’s gorgeous Stearman              the wing for shade as temps were in the 80’s

                                                                                         Holly mans the concession trailer which also
  Definitely not the place to get a Charley-                                             adds to our chapter revenue & supports YEs
  Horse in the middle of an 8-hour mission

                                               Engine is big enough for my BD-4
                                               but now I have to make gear ex-
                                               tensions like the Storch

                                                                                           Don Thompson, Pres and Kendle Hanson,
                                                                                           Media coordinator check trailer sales with
                                                                                           Roland Koluvek.

Long lonely hours protecting the back end                                                  In they go at the left front crew access door
of a B-17 on those mission over Germany                                                    and later exit at the left rear fuselage door.

                                                                                  L.A.      Harbor
                               Jacob mans the
                                                                                  view as A.O.
                               guns to make
                                                                                  circles for alti-
                               sure that their
                                                                                  tude to pass
                               mission to the
                                                                                  through        the
                               target is a suc-
                                                                                  “corridor” above
                               cess. Quick . .
                                                                                  LAX. Weather
                               Gerries at 9
                                                                                  is clear with little
                               o’clock high
                                                                                  turbulence           Zach in the nose as “traffic watch”
The Annual Riverside Airshow & Car Display was a near perfect day. Crowds used the parking at Harvest
Church with shuttles to the gate. Overcast turned broken but still left enough to keep the temps within the comfort
zone. High overcast returned in the afternoon but did not affect the show. Food concessions were plentiful and
reasonably priced. The Kettle Corn could not keep up with demand so waiting time was 20-30 minutes but worth
it. There was something for everyone in the way of cars, military ground vehicles, civilian and military aircraft.

                                                                                     No lack of military ground vehicles
                                                                                     of nearly every type and size
                                                        This recent C-130J
                                                        came from the
                                                        Channel Islands.
                                                        Note the six scimitar
                                                        shaped blades

The C-17 was parked for display at the
west end. When ready to depart it                                                            Bill Cheeseman, Ch 845,
“backed up” the entire length of the                                                         took home an award for
main runway. Max power produced                                                              his restored Taylorcraft
a cloud of dust and up and away she
climbed like a homesick angel.                                                      This CA-25 Australian “Winjeel”
                                                                                    has a unique hinged engine com-
                                                                                    partment. Aboriginal translation is
                                                                                    “Young Eagle”. 400 hp P&W, 225
                                                                                    mph cruise, aerobatic

                                                                                             These type of delivery
                                                                                             trucks were very common
                                                                                             in the 50’s and early 60’s
                                                                                             as they delivered milk,
                                                                                             bakery products, and
                                                                                             other groceries. This was
                                                                                             before the days of the
                                                                                             large grocery store &

                                                       The Riverside R/C Club
                                                       has an excellent display.
                                                       I would like to have seen
                                                       the Gee-Bee fly as that
                                                       must really be a handful.

                                         This ‘52 Pontiac was reminiscent of
                                         my grandfather’s “51 with prism on the

                                          This scaled Tiger Moth was brought
                                          over from the Flabob Chapter

                                          My trip to the hospital was not in this
                                          but brought back memories of the
                                          hometown volunteer Rescue Squad

                                          Have seen several match sets of
                                          kiddie cars with the real thing.

  Harry Leicher was part of the opening ceremony parachute team. The wing-walker and aerobatic performers
  were top notch. If you are looking for a pleasant day that won’t overdraw your food bank account, keep this
  event in mind for 2009. If you like cars along with your aircraft, come early and really spend the time to see the
  detail put into these renovations of automotive nostalgia.
       Harrison Ford Visits Chino                                       available.

On Apr 10th I happen to get a chance to meet Harrison Ford as           NEW BUSINESS
he inspected                                                            Guests were introduced:
the field be-                                                           STEVE GONZALEZ was passenger on a flight piloted by Mike
fore attending                                                          Hanson.
the Ch 92 YE                                                            TOM MONTERO is a member of the Marine Corps. He and his
event on Apr                                                            son will be taking a B17 ride. He is interested in pilot training.
12th. The
                                                                           Holly Richards, Young Eagles Coordinator, was unable to
Beaver he
                                                                        make the meeting. She asked Don Thompson to make the
flies is immaculate. I found him to be professional and it is an        Young Eagles report. The Chapter 7 Young Eagles program
honor to have him as the Young Eagle representative of EAA.             has accumulated 230 Young Eagle pilot credits. If the chapter
                                                                        gets 400 credits this will count toward 50% of the cost of Zack’s
                                                                        attending the Air Academy. The cost for Zack’s age level (14) is
                                                                        $800.Don asked Holly to take care of the airfare as soon as
                                                                        possible, because airfares are going up in price. Round trip
                                                                        economy fare for Zack to Appleton, Wisconsin is $380. Don
                                                                        said that the price five years ago was $199.
        by Merv Meyer, Chapter 7 Secretary
                                                                          Don told members that there will be a chapter picnic on Sat-
 BOARD MEETING — Apr 10, 2008                                           urday, May 10, at the Signature Air Services ramp. This will be
                                                                        combined with a Young Eagles event.
   Present were Don Thompson, Chapter President, Scott Walton,
Vice President, George McDaniel, Treasurer, Merv Meyer, Secre-             Tom Griffith, Membership Coordinator, told members about
tary, Mike Sawicki, Newsletter Editor, Tom Griffith, Membership         the membership badges and cards which he placed on the offi-
Coordinator and Dick Ryan.                                              cers’ table.

  Merv Meyer made a correction in the March minutes. It was                Don said that the EAA B17 visit has gotten free write-ups in
Brian Ringel, not Nick Walton who was called into the office of an      the Long Beach Press-Telegram and in the community newspa-
FAA inspector after a beach fly-by.                                     per of Leisure World.
   Don Thompson will announce a picnic to the members. The                Mike Sawicki, Chapter Newsletter Editor, has put up a banner
picnic will be at the Signature Aviation ramp on Saturday, May 10.      advertising B17 rides at the northeast corner of Lakewood
There may be a Young Eagles event together with the picnic.             Boulevard and Spring Street.
  Don said that National EAA came through with the two million             Scott Walton, Chapter Vice President, recently visited his son
dollar general liability insurance required by airport management for   Nick who is an aeronautical engineering student at Embry-
the EAA B17 visit.                                                      Riddle University in Prescott, Arizona. The altitude of the airport
   Don said that he told Holly Richards, Young Eagle Coordinator,       near the campus is about 5500 ft MSL. He was impressed by
to nail down the round trip airline ticket for Zack’s trip to the Air   the facilities and the beautiful campus. There is a new library.
Academy, because air fares are increasing. He told Holly to look to     The librarians subscribe to every aviation magazine they find
Northwest Airlines. Don sent in the security deposit of $150 to EAA     out about. They ask visitors to tell them about aviation maga-
Oshkosh to secure a date for Zack’s Air Academy class.                  zines they don’t know about yet. Scott toured the museum and
                                                                        the flight line.
  Don and Tom Griffith will pick up EAA members and guest at
Van Nuys Airport, after the B17 flight, and fly them back to Long          Don commented on the good set-up for Chapter 96 at Comp-
Beach Airport.                                                          ton Airport, in terms of hangar space working area and tools
In October there will be an open house at Long Beach Airport in         available.
connection with Air Force Week. Don has volunteered Chapter 7 to           Don said that 54 passengers were flown during the EAA
participate in this program which is called “:Wings over Long           B17’s visit to Chino Airport.. He asked for volunteers to serve
Beach”.                                                                 during the EAA B17 visit to Long Beach Airport. Volunteers are
  Don sent word to other chapter presidents and newsletter editors      especially needed during the afternoon, 1:00Pm to 5:00 pm. On
asking for Young Eagles credits they could spare. Chapter 49 in         Sunday afternoon, April 13, names of volunteers will be placed
Lancaster donated 120 credits. Pete Jay donated 51 credits.             in a hat. The names of six volunteers will be pulled out of the
                                                                        hat, and these six volunteers will fly for free aboard the EAA
GENERAL MEETING — Apr 10, 2008                                          B17, from Long Beach to Van Nuys. The volunteers will be
Attendance: 35                                                          picked up at Van Nuys Airport and returned to Long Beach Air-
Don Thompson, Chapter President, led members in the Pledge of
Allegiance to the Flag.                                                    Connie Anderson said that Alex Culp is requesting letters of
                                                                        recommendation to help her in her aviation career. Don Thomp-
OLD BUSINESS                                                            son asked Connie to e-mail Alex’s request to him and the other
   George McDaniel, Chapter Treasurer, gave his report. Payment         chapter officers and he will follow through. He will write a letter
for the EAA B17 ad is not deducted from his figures. Connie Ander-      of recommendation. Mike Sawicki gave information on aviation
son moved that the Treasurer’s report be accepted. Bob Powelson         scholarship money available. “Pinky” Beyers, a pioneer aviator,
seconded the motion. The motion carried.                                was a flight instructor and, at one time, one of only two pilots in
  DVD’s, videotapes and manuals are available for check-out on a        the Los Angeles area qualified for IFR night flight. She set up a
table near the officers’ table. Louis Bigelow donated data CD’s of      $200,000 scholarship fund. Her estate is now valued at twelve
the 4313 manual to the chapter library. There are still three CDs       million dollars. Scholarships from this fund are available to

NEW BUSINESS ( Cont’d )                                             witness any collisions when the stream of bombers from differ-
women only, in any field of transportation. Don asked Mike to       ent fields lined up over England. In the Boeing B17G Flying
put out a reminder about this scholarship source.                   Fortress, in which he served, the bombardier station was the
                                                                    farthest forward in the nose. He was in charge of the chin tur-
Mike had information about Inland Empire aviation through EAA       ret, which had two 50-caliber machine guns. The noise of the
Chapter 845, Redlands. San Bernardino’s city airport has a          four engines was all enveloping; no other noise was heard. At
new control tower, privately operated. New approaches conflict      cruising altitude it was so cold that ice formed around a crew-
with traffic at Redlands Airport. The city of Chino gave $100,000   man’s oxygen mask. The suit he wore had heating wires and
to the Planes of Fame Museum at Chino Airport. There are            could be plugged in.
strings attached, and the museum board is figuring out how to
deal with the restrictions and get the most out of the gift. Don       Bombing missions were not the sole danger he encountered.
complimented Mike on the newsletter calendar, covering avia-        Training was risky too. During the war there were over 20,000
tion events in Southern California.                                 training accidents. 5500 men were killed. He took his crew
                                                                    training out of a field near Alexandria, Louisiana. After 12 weeks
PROGRAM                                                             of training the crews went by troop train to Kearney Army Air
                                                                    Base in Nebraska. B17’s arrived here. His crew was formed
   Scott Walton introduced Norm Stevens. Stevens was born           and flew a B17 overseas to a field in Wales via Manchester,
and raised in Southern California. He graduated from Ingle-         New Hampshire and Gander, Labrador. The crew did not see
wood High School. Between April of 1943 and October of 1945         the B17 they brought in again. The crew was sent to Royal Air
he served in the Army Air Corps. At the age of nineteen he was      Force Base Stallings to learn the Royal Air Force navigation
a commissioned officer, a bombardier aboard a B17 in the Eight      system and then were assigned to the Army Air Corps field at
Air Force.                                                          Holbrook.
 After his military service he graduated from UCLA. He was a           His third mission was a raid on Hamburg. His B17 flew
school teacher, middle and high school, mostly in the Monte-        across the North Sea to the Danish coast and then southward
bello area. He has been retired for 23 years. He continues to be    to Hamburg. Approaching Hamburg he saw that the sky was
active as a writer.                                                 black with bursts of flak. It was necessary to fly a straight
   Stevens told members that from 1942 to 1945 the Eighth Air       course. The flak gunners were tracking his bomber. There were
Force was based in England. and bombed Europe, mostly Ger-          flak bursts in front of and behind his bomber. The ball turret
many. In the course of operations 26,000 airmen were killed         gunner was badly injured by flak. They made it back to Hol-
and 21,000 became prisoners of war. During the first year a         brook. A red flare was shot out a window, to inform the control
B17 crewman was assigned 30 missions before going home.             tower that there was an injured crewman aboard. The ball tur-
Only 35% finished 30 missions. During 1944 66% of crews             ret gunner was pulled out of the turret and tourniquets were
finished 35 missions. In 1945, during the final four months 81%     applied . The landing gear was damaged; the pilot had the op-
of crews finished 35 missions. The reason for the high casualty     tions of landing wheels up or landing on one main wheel. He
rate was because in the first year of operations the bombers        opted to land on one wheel. He was a good pilot, but eventually
had no fighter escort. When Stevens arrived in England in 1944      veered off the runway. The plane did not catch fire. This being
bombers had fighter escort to the target and all the way back.      only the third mission Stevens was wondering about surviving.
                                                                    His last mission was a raid over Kassel. During the return flight
   In August of 1943 there was a 300 bomber raid on Schwein-        he saw a B17 explode into a fireball. There was nothing left
furt and Regensburg. This is where the German ball bearing          after the fireball dissipated; he knew the crew did not escape.
industry was concentrated, and it was heavily defended. 60          Despite the euphoria he felt when his bomber reached the Eng-
bombers were lost. In October of ’43 300 more bombers were          lish Channel, he couldn’t get the image of the exploding B17 out
sent to the same target area. 60 more bombers were lost. It         of his mind. He wondered if the crew of this B17 might have
was finally realized that these losses could not be sustained       been on their last mission.
and fighter protection was needed. The P51 fighter with drop-
tanks came on line, and bombers finally had fighter protection        The missions lasted from 8 to 10 hours. The missions to
during the entire mission.                                          Munich were the most exhausting.

    Stevens told about one mission where his squadron of 12            Of the twelve bombardiers in a squadron, only the lead bom-
bombers became separated from the group. A radio call for           bardier and deputy bombardier used the Norden bombsight
fighter escort was sent out. He remembered the fear until the       during a bomb run. However, all bombardiers were trained in
P51’s arrived. When he arrived back at base he was told by a        the use of the Norden bombsight. Toward the end of the war a
radioman that monitored German radio messages disclosed             radar screen was used to locate the target when clouds ob-
that a German fighter base know about his isolated squadron         scured the ground. Three times his bomber returned to base
and fighters were dispatched. When the P51’s arrived ahead of       with the bomb load. Generally 500 pound bombs were carried.
the German fighters, the German base called off the attack.         For special missions two 2000 pound bombs were carried. His
Stevens believes that if he had been in this situation during the   plane carried the 200-pounders to knock out a V-1 launch site.
first year of operations, he probably would not have survived.         Stevens did not keep a journal while he was stationed in Eng-
                                                                    land, but he kept pictures in his mind. Some year ago he went
   Stevens was on 34 missions from June to September of
                                                                    to the National Archives in Washington, DC. He was allowed to
1944. The unusual number of missions was because the re-
                                                                    copy anything. He got records of missions involving his crew.
quired number of missions was raised from 30 to 35 missions
                                                                    The records aided his memory and he wrote a book entitled “An
just as his crew completed 29 missions. Because they came so
                                                                    Innocent in Holbrook”. This book is available.
close to completing their tour of duty, his crew was allowed to
go home after five more missions, instead of six.                   REFRESHMENTS
  Stevens’ home field was Holbrook, about 80 miles north of         May . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mike Laurent
London. Nearly all Eighth Air Force fields were located in the      June . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ron Wourhaye
East Anglia region, north and northeast of London. He did not       July . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dr. Roger Nahas

                                                2008 Chapter
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                                                  Please complete and return this with your
                                                     payment so we can update our files

  Chapter membership dues are $12.00 / yr. Please help us to verify your personal information.
  Members with e-mail will receive the chapter newsletter and membership list via e-mail for their
  review. Members without e-mail can request copies of the chapter membership at the meetings.
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       Year 2008 Officers                                                                                            EAA Chapter 7
President - Don Thompson
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        (562) 498-0862                                                                                          each month at 7:30 p.m.
        DSDT2 @
                                                                  12                     N                    We meet at the AirFlite facility
Vice President - Scott Walton
        (562) 989-1523                                                                                      on the Long Beach Airport. AirFlite
        Tubawalton @                                                                         25R    is located on the west side of the
Treasurer - George McDaniel
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        (949) 951-0957                                                                                      east on Wardlow Road from Cherry
        gcmcd @                                       AirFlite                                      Avenue to the AirFlite sign. Turn

Secretary - Merv Meyer                                                                                      right, go to the large parking lot at
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        (562) 423-2289                                                                                      the end and park. Go upstairs to the
        memjam @                                                                           third floor with the large open area.
Newsletter Editor - Mike Sawicki                                                               34R
                                                                                                              Board meetings begin at 6:30 p.m.
        (714) 343-4547 (cell)                                                                               Board meetings are open to all mem-
                                                                  Spring                               30                                                    405                        bers.
                                                                                     F   rwy
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