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Halloween Costume Contest


									G HO S T M A N ON THIRD                                   WEEK 6          FA L L 2 0 1 1

                                                 This week:
                                                                     Don’t be a pig on
                                                                     the field - Clean
                                                                     up after yourself!

 WEEK 6 SCORES                runs flip cup   WEEK 7 MATCH-UPS

 Saved by the Balls            2         0    6:15 You’re Killing Me Smalls        2-3-1
 Sons-a-Pitches               15         0    Field 1 Boot by the Foot             3-3-0
 You’re Killing Me Smalls      7         0    6:15 The Honey Badgers               4-1-1
 KTATS                         2         3    Field 3 Madballer’s                  4-0-2

 The Honey Badgers             8         0    7:00 With Another Man’s Balls        4-1-1
 Boot by the Foot              2         3    Field 1 Rubberballs and Liquor ...   2-3-1

 With Another Man’s Balls      3         3    7:00 TILF                            5-0-1
 Madballer’s                   3         0    Field 2 Vodka Red Balls              4-0-2

 TILF                          6         1    7:00 Balls and Dolls                 1-4-1
 Rubberballs and Liquor ...    5         3    Field 3 Too Close for Missiles...    0-5-1

 Balls and Dolls               1         0    7:45 Fozzy Balls                     1-4-1
 Vodka Red Balls               9         3    Field 1 STFU                         1-4-1

 Fozzy Balls                   2         0    7:45 Part-time Models                1-4-1
 Too Close for Missiles...     2         3    Field 2 Sons-a-Pitches               3-2-1

 Part-time Models              1         0    7:45 Saved by the Balls              1-4-1
 STFU                          4         3    Field 3 KTATS                        4-2-0
                                                             Win       Loss        Tie   Forfit   Runs For   Runs Agnst

       TILF                                                   5          0         1        0        29              9
       Madballer’s                                            4          0         2        0        21            13
       Vodka Red Balls                                        4          0         2        0        42            16
       With Another Man’s Balls                               4          1         1        0        32              9
       The Honey Badgers                                      4          1         1        0        42            27
       KTATS                                                  4          2         0        0        34            17
       Sons-a-Pitches                                         3          2         1        0        33            16
       Boot by the Foot                                       3          3         0        0        32            47
       You’re Killing Me Smalls                               2          3         1        0        31            25
       Rubberballs and Liquor South of the River              2          3         1        0        21            25
       Balls and Dolls                                        1          4         1        0        19            26
       Saved by the Balls                                     1          4         1        0        14            34
       STFU                                                   1          4         1        0        12            34
       Fozzy Balls                                            1          4         1        0        11            36
       Part-time Models                                       1          4         1        0        33            38
       Too Close for Missiles, Switching to Balls             0          5         1        0          9           43

      FAll 2011 BOARD

Past Pres: Mark         WAKA Rep: Joline       President: Lisa                Vice Pres: Tom           Photos: Michelle

Social Chair: Hillary   Social Chair: Amenah   Charity Chair: Jackie          Charity Chair: Annie Flip Cup Ref: Cody

Eqp Manager: Cory       Photos: Jess           Head Ref: Sarah                Head Ref: Kat            GMOT Ed: Dave
What an exciting week ahead of us: Not only will
we be wrapping up the 2nd last week of the reg-
ular season, but it’s HALLOWEEN!! Since reach-
ing young adulthood, I’ve been forced to catego-
rize my Holidays into favorite social holidays and
favorite family holidays. If not for my abnormal
love of St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween would be the
clear front runner for what I’ve deemed “social”
holidays. That said, I’m more than just a bit
excited for the costume contest this Thursday.
And since there was already a Smurfette run-
ning around Painter Park last week, my expecta-
tions are high. Don’t have a costume yet? Just
find the latest YouTube sensation…it rarely fails.

Great turnout last week at Legends for Bingo! I’m sure the charity team will enlighten us with the
total at some point, but it seemed to be quite successful! Although winless in Bingo and Kickball
that night, I still walked away with a crown. I must use this forum to publicly apologize to VP Tom for
stealing the crown so ruthlessly. I will keep my promise to repay you with an even better crown and
accessories when you take over the throne…now I just need to find them.

Random thought: I realized last week I’m connected (albeit loosely) to WAKA via 4 modes of social
networking…more ways than I’m even connected to my best friends or family. Crazy.

                                 Thank you again to everyone who came out to the Mid-
                                 Season Party on Saturday. It was a huge success for our
                                 fall charity and we’ll have final charity results for you next

We also want to thank everyone who participated in Hawaiian Night (with special charity
shots) and who purchased bingo cards… we raised over $200!! Thank you!!! All of those
proceeds also benefit the American Cancer Society!

To keep that momentum going - now that it’s nearing the end of Cancer Awareness
Month - we will be holding a costume contest at the bar this Thursday, so be sure to
wear your wigs, bring your brooms and have fun! Also keep an eye out for charity events
happening on playoff day and for End of Season Party! Thanks again Kickballers!
 Fall 2011 Social Calendar
 Date                 Event or Theme                                   Details

                                                       Wear your most obnoxious socks and
 Week 3
                                                       short jean shorts! Don’t have any? No
Sept 29th   CRAZY Socks and Short JORTS night          worries, buy them at the field for charity.
                                                       Everyone competes for best outfit contest
                                                       with prizes at the bar!

                                                       Get out your fav 80’s gear or go head to
 Week 4
                                                       toe neon for week 4! Buy some boozy
 Oct 6th    NEON & 80’s Night                          gummies for charity at the field and
                                                       compete for the best outfit contest with
                                                       prizes at the bar!

                                                       Don your leis and Hawaiian shirts and
 Week 5
                                                       grab your drink umbrellas! Buy a tropical
Oct 13th    HAWAIIAN Night                             charity shot at the bar and proceeds
                                                       benefit this season’s charity. Compete for
                                                       the best outfit with prizes at the bar!

Oct 15th    Mid-Season Party, details coming soon

 Week 6
                                                       Buy a charity BINGO card at the field and
Oct 20th    Bar Bingo Night                            compete in fun Bar Bingo for awesome
                                                       prizes at Legends following games.

                                                       Get festive and creative! Hit up the
 Week 7                                                Goodwill or costume shop and show us
Oct 27th    Halloween Costume Contest                  your best. Everyone competes for best
                                                       costume contest with prizes at the bar!

Nov 5th     All Day Playoffs with Post Party to follow, details coming soon

Nov 19th    End-O-Season Party, details coming soon
Fozzy Balls
  Team Fozzy Balls celebrated a tie on the field followed by a disappointing loss at flip cup.... Un-
  fortunately the pep talk prior to the 5th inning didn’t provide Team FB a win, although the team
  did “get their shit together” and “pulled their heads out of their asses” to maintain the tie!

  Later that evening, when challenged to a 1-on-1 3-cup flip cup round, the ever-faithful captain
  pulled the team through. Kat accepted the challenge from Cody of Team “Too Close For Missiles
  Switching to Balls”, with the caveat that it would determine the winning team on the kickball field.
  Amazingly, Kat won the challenge! Maybe next time, Cody, maybe not.....

  Not to mention, that out of the 3 rounds of bingo played for charity, Sven and J$ took home
  wins! Congrats on an overall successful week team!
 WEEKly RECAPS                                                           COnT...

  STFU finally silenced the nay-sayers….
  and found themselves VICTORIOUS for
  the 1st time this fall season! (Yes, you
  read that correctly…no need to have
  your eyes checked.)
  Just when even they didn’t think it could
  be done – all the pieces fell into place.
  Some people (ok, Ross only) believe it
  was because of the fierce training regi-
  men that our Emergency Backup Captain Extraordinaire, Roscoe, imple-
  mented (errr, tried to implement) But in actuality, STFU just had a really
  well-played game.
  From Zack’s Superman-esque dive back to tag home (after he missed
  it trying to score the 1st run)…to the 2nd inning triple play started
  by Tom….to STFU’s aggressive base-running….to Don’s almost kneel-
  ing RF catches….to Dan’s scoring his first ever run to give STFU the
  lead….and to Nikki’s “high kicking average”… Everything worked out for
  STFU. And no beer was spilled while attaining that ever-so-elusive vic-
  tory. It was an all-around team effort that they hope to repeat again in
  their lifetimes. :)
  Knowing that no flip cup game awaited them at the bar since PTM
  was hitting up another watering hole….they ventured to Legends to
  CELEBRATE! And celebrate they did! There might have been beer
  involved….and there might have been fun involved. All-in-all it was a
  pretty fantabulous night for the STFU crew!
  WEEKly RECAPS                                                          COnT...

Vodka Red Balls
  Vodka Red Balls had a baller week on and off the field. Not only did they crush their opponent 9-1,
  keeping their season undefeated just like the Green Bay Packers, the Balls were not even chal-
  lenged in flip cup. VRB players continue their awesomeness at the bar with Shannon’s limbo win
  two weeks ago, and Bre’s bingo win this week. Hopefully their luck will continue next week!

With Another Man’s Balls
  After a hard fought game with the upstart Madballers, the game ended in a tie. And yes, it was like
  kissing your sister... Just ask the Olson Twins.

  Madballers started off with the lead but
  WAMB stormed back with a big kick/hor-
  rible base running play by Joel. He confused
  the defense (look Crystal, I spelled it right
  this time) and confused himself as our run-
  ners rounded the bases to score.

  Jermey was a no show so I will continue to
  spell his name different in every GMOT.

  WAMB kicked the crap out of the ball on several occasions but the ‘ballers D played just right to
  catch em all. I think our last out was caught at 2nd base of the other field!!!

  Bingo and Flipcup ensued at the bar and as usual, the High Life Hangover was in full effect Friday.
  We’re all Pink inside!
 WEEKly RECAPS                                                           COnT...

 The big question this week was how would KTATS respond after its first loss of the season... and
 the subsequent week-long binge to drown away the sorrows. All the hopes and dreams and ex-
 pectations and aspirations were sky high. Unfortunately, they were simply delusions of grandeur
 and we came out playing like the Minnesota football team (just pick one... we looked like them).
 In a desperate attempt to motivate the team, Hoover offered to bust out her birthday suit if we
 pulled out the victory. Somehow it just wasn’t enough to rally us back from the 5-run deficit we’d
 dug at that point. We’re looking forward to next week though because (whether she knows it or
 not) the offer still stands for the rest of the season! OK, we can’t put all the blame on us; You’re
 Killing Me Smalls is on a hot streak and played a solid game... and as much as we love Boot by
 the Foot, they don’t quite run a tight ship when it comes to refereeing. The original theory was
 that the refs were trying to crush our spirits so they had the advantage when we face each
 other next week. On closer inspection of the schedule, however, we realized they actually take on
 You’re Killing Me Smalls next week. The joke’s on them! OK, sorry for the rant, we really can put
 all the blame on us. Reeling from another loss, we headed to Legends with a lust for blood... or
 maybe just wings, burgers, beers and a flip cup victory. Even though our kickball skillz have been
 waning in recent weeks, we still flip a good cup and yes, a forfeit is still a win.

 KTATS Learning The Hard (Right) Way...

    1. Yes, a forfeit really is a win. We really only care about Flip Cup anyway.
    2. The only way to make the hurt of a loss stop is to shot gun a beer.
    3. A certain team member would rather hang out with Future Farmers of America… rather
       than her own team. What a Hot Mess.
    4. Roger and Kathy H. are the KTATS newly inducted parental units of KTATS. Kathy can
       sub in for Brian any night.
    5. Despite the loss, someone still got naked.
    6. KTATS likes holding balls… more than our pitcher. We don’t like sharing even with our
       own team members.
    7. If you tell her she didn’t make the flip cup team, a certain Shit Show, may or may not
       throw a solo cup at your face.

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