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                                                 In that day shall thy cattle feed
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                                                 in large pastures.
-                                                                         Isa. 10:23

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              - - - J U L Y 23, 1949


                    NUMBER 1837
                                                and strengthening pbwer on all the              hearts of their children away from vital
                                                churches !"                                     religion and personal coininunion with
                                                   I t is very easy to see that the churches    God by card-playing and dancing. They
                                                are not reaching the masses as they ought       will merely laugh you to scorn if you,         .
                                                to. Crowds surge by their doors with-           "in this intelligent age," should mention
                                                out ever a thought of entering. I n order       it in so many words.
                                                to reach thenl, all kinds of devices are           Can you expect a revival, a genuine,
                                                resorted to, with the cry: "Let us reach        heart-searching, lasting revival of grace,
                                                the people by all means!" And many              where such a state of things exists, in any
                                                a church has adopted methods that cannot        general way? Should a real Holy Ghost
                                                possibly be blessed by the Holy Spirit.         revival strike such a church by some kind
                                                What is the good of getting a crowd into        of miracle, it would either sweep away all
                                                the church for a "special occasion" unless      the vain idols of these would-be mem-
                                                there is Pentecostal power in the pulpit        bers and humble them in the dust before
      The prowise 4s unto you and to your       and in the pew? Do you thinlc the               the Lord, revealing to them their lulce-
  clzild~en. Acts 2 :39.                        "secrets of the unbeliever's heart will be      warmness and worldliness (1 John 2 :15-
                                                made manifest; and so falling down on         . 17)) and bring tllein out on the resur-
  @ THERE ARE, in our day, so many
                                                his face he will worship God, and ;eport        rection side of the cross of Christ-wash-
  claims made on the members of the dif-        that God is in you of a truth"? I Coi.       " ed and cleansed in His atoning blood;
  ferent churches that some of the most         14 :25.                                         or it would make them ask for their cer-
  vital interests are often thrust aside, or                                                    tificates of church membership, and seek
  only occasionally touched upon.                 There are even "revivals" held that
                                                seem to leave a very weak impression            another church as dead as themselves.
     I refer especially to the necessity of     on the community. I asked a very in-            "Birds of a feather flock together."
  being "endued with power from on                                                                 The real facts, when known, are these,
  high." There are church members who,                                                          that a number of church members have
  merely reading that statement, are apt to                                                     never been saved. They have been re-
  throw tliis message aside, and say: "Non-                                                     ceived into membership merely on a gen-
  sense! What do I care about such high-                                                        eral confession of their acceptance of
 toned phrases? That may do for minis-                                                          Christ and Christian principles, and the
 ters, but it is completely outside my                                                         doctrines of the church. But they have
 sphere !"                                                                                     never experienced a change of heart, and
    And still, without this power, all the                                                     therefo~e     know nothing by practical, per-
 other interests of the church drag on,                                                        sonal experience of being justified
 drag on-and become a drudgery instead                                                         through the merits of Christ by faith, and
 of a delight.                                                                                 regenerated by the power of the Holy
    Those Christians who have not quite                                                        Spirit. Rom. 5 : l ; John 3 :8. Much less
 closed their ears to the voice of the Holy                                                    do they know anything by experience
 Spirit, as H e points to the dead state of                                                    of the blessings of sanctification and the
 numerous church members, are getting                                                          baptism in the Holy Ghost. There are,
 alarmed, and are beginning to see that        fluential and wealthy layman in America, nevertheless, some of them, having heaid
 the supreme need'of the Church today          "Don't you have revival meetings in your about this blessing-the full Pentecost-
is not any got-up, man-made revival but        church?" H e replied, "Yes, but they do who are seeking it, but vainly, because
a mighty outpouring of Pentecostal pow-        not revive! They are more a financial they have not yet entered in by the door
er. Prayer is being offered up in              operation than anything, for clearing to the kingdom of Christ.
churches and elsewhere on behalf of a          church expenses." Just fancy that-:a      re-      We have met cases where people are
general Pentecostal Baptism of the Holy        vival that can only pull the people LIP seeking this Pentecostal power who have
 Spirit. This is the only answer to the        to the level of giving a little more than not yet been saved. How s o ? Simply
spiritual dearth prevalent in so many          usual to the cause of Christ! On what because they have claimed that church
comnlunities, clogging the wheels of the       level do people of that class. generally membership is sufficient to make them
Church and preventing the onward               stand during the rest of the year? I will Christians. What stupendous blindness !
maich of the .kingdom of Christ.               tell you. They attend church just when it How often have I, on asking people
                                               pleases them, just to keep up the appear- if they were Christians, been met with
    I t was said of John the Baptist that      ance of being members, or not to offend the answer: "Oh, yes, I belong to the
"he was a burning and a shining light."        tile pastor, or because they have some                        Church" or, "Yes, Sir, I go
Both are necessary; we cannot shine un-        general interest in religious work. They to hear Dr. -----.._." they seem stupe-
less we burn. There is much would-be           have associations there, and like to appear fied when I reveal to them that the church
Christianity in our day, but it has only an    in stylish or attractive dresses. ,They give cannot save, or that church membership
outward brightness; there is no fire           their pastor a good salary, perhaps, and is not enough. "Protestants I Do Protes-
within. I was surprised one day to see         are interested in his high-flowing rhet- tants live in such blindness ?" Yes, by the
a, very bright light in the windows of         otic, and proud of his popularity. They thousands, I an sorry to say.
a house; it seemed as if the house             are interested in philanthropic work, o r s             (Continued on page sixteen)
was on fire, but it was only the reflec-       may merely come and go as members
tion of the sun. Some Christians reflect       without burdening their hearts with any
the glory of Christ; others have it with-      of the claims of church members save                     T. B. Barratt, pioneer of the
in-they both burn and shine. They have         living a moral life, attending services                Pentecostal movement i n Europe,    ,

Christ and His Holy Spirit within them.        and the ordinary r o ~ ~ t i n e church life.
                                                                             of                       wrote this message more than forty
                                                                                                    ' years ago. It is a call that needs to
    God be praised, the. cry is constantly     Many of them have no evil conscience                   be sounded again all over the world.
growing more intense : "Oh, that the fire      because of supporting theaters by their
of heaven might fall with all its refining     presence there, or leading the minds and

Page Two
                     .    ..
  @ IN 1 PETER :21 we have this scrip-
                   3                                                                              Christian) into the element of the Holy
  ture: "The like figure whereunto even                      Brocy I. Greer                       Ghost. This is the glorious Baptism with
  baptism dot11 also now save us (not the                                                         or in the Holy Ghost. Jesus is the Agent
  rutting away of the filth of the flesh, but                                                     or Administrator of this Baptism.
  the ansqrer of a good conscience toward       This proves that the Baptism in the Holr          "Therefore being by the right hand of
  God,) by the resurrection of Jesus            Ghost is not the Baptism that saves; bu           God exalted, and having received of the       '

  Christ." WHAT IS THIS BAPTISM THAT            you must be saved before you are eligible         Father the promise of the Holy Ghost,
  SAVES ?                                       for the Baptism in the Holy Ghost.                H e 'hath shed forth this, ,which ye now
    I t is not water baptism. This is evi-         The purpose of the Baptism in the              see and hear." Acts 2:33. The Bap-
  denced by the fact that the thief on the      Holy Spirit is not to save you, but to            tism that saves is administered by the
  cross was saved and entered heaven with-      give you the power to go an ef-          divine person,. the Holy Ghost ; when H e
  out ever being baptized in water. How         fectual witness and to get others saved           as the agent places the believer, as can-
  could he have been saved without water        Acts 1 :8.                                        didate, into the element of the body of
  baptism if that is the baptism that saves?                                                      Christ or the Church, THIS IS THE BAP-
                                                   The Baptism that saves is the Bap-             TISM THAT SAVES!
    I water baptism saves, why didn't
     f                                          tism of 1 Cor. 12 :13, ''For by one Spirit,
  Paul baptize at Corinth? H e stayed in        are we all baptized into one body." The              Rom. 6 :3 speaks .of the invisible Bap-
  Corinth a year and a half and God as-"        phrase, "by one spirit," signifies that the.     tism when by the Spirit we are baptized
  sured him that many people would be           Holy Spirit is the Agent or Administra-          into Jesus Christ. Rom. 6:4 speaks of
.saved; but in 1 Cor. 1 :14, he says, "I        tor who places us into the body of Christ,       the visible baptism and links the two to-
 thank God that I baptized none of you,         which is the Cliurch, and there is no            gether with the word therefore. "Know
  but Crispus and Gaius," and in the 17th       other way to get into the Church except          ye not, that so many of us as were bap-
 verse of the same chapter he states that       to be born into it by the operation of           tized into Jesus Christ .were baptized in-
  "Christ sent me not to baptize, but to        the Spirit of God.                               to His death? T H E R E F O ~we are buried
 preach the gospel."                               The Spirit of God-the      Holy Ghost,        with Him by baptism into death : that

                                                                                                 like as Christ was raised up from the
    Jesus did not baptize in water. Read        who is a divine personality-places us            dead by the glory of the Father, even so
 John 4:1, 2. Notice the order: Jesus           into the Body of Christ. 1 Cor. 12:13            we also should walk in newness of life."
  MADE them disciples, and His disciples        calls this operation a Baptism-TEIIS IS          The proof of our.visible baptism is a new
 baptized them. H e did nct baptize them        THE BAPTISM THAT SAVES.
                                                                                                 life; for "if any be in Christ, he is a
 to make them disciples, but H e first             The Baptism of water is a work that           new creature." 2 Cor. 5:17. If we are
 made them disciples, and then baptized         is administered by human agency. The             not changed and made new creatures so
 them. This order is carried out in the         minister, as the agent, places the believer      that our changed lives prove our baptism,          .
 conversions in the house of Cornelius.         as the candidate into the element of             then it means that the Holy Spirit 'has-not
 They were made disciples, their hearts         water. The Baptism of the Holy Ghost             administered that invisible baptism, plac-
 were purified by faith; and to witness         is the particular work of the Lord Jesus         ing us into. Christ ; and' our visible bap-
 to the Jews that they were genuinely           Christ. The Father told John the Baptist         tism is absolutely invalid, and does not
 saved, they were baptized in the Holy          that he could identify Jesus as the one          mean anything except that we think we
 Ghost and spoke with tongues and mag-          upon whom the Spirit would descend               have sometliing that we 'haven't and we
 nified God. Then Peter said : "Can any .       and remain, and that His work would be           are worse off than before. Having gone
 man forbid water, that these should not        to baptize with the Holy Ghost and fire.         down a dry sinner, we come up a wet
 be baptized, who have received the Holy        John 1 :33 ; Matt. 3 :11. Jesus, the LAd-        hypocrite, having a 'form of godliness
 Ghost as well as we?" They were bap-           ministrator, places the Christian (or in         without the power!
 tized, not TO BE SAVED, but because THEY       other words, H e literally immerses the              The figure that Peter referred to. in
 WERE SAVED. Water baptism did not save                                                          our text ( 1 Peter, 3 :21) is found in the
 them; it only signified that they were                                                          preceding verses of that chapter, and re-
 saved.                                                                                          minds us that Noah was not saved be-
    The Baptism of the Holy Ghost does                                                           cause he went into the water-but
 not save. Jesus said in John 14:17                                                            "because he stayed out of the water. The
 (speaking in reference to the Holy                                                              figure 'that h e refers t o is the passing
 Ghost/), "Whom the world cannot re-                                                           , away . of ; the old Antediluvian age com-
ceive. The Baptism of the Holy Ghost                                                           .pletely, shbmerge'd under .water; ,and the
is not for the world, or the sinners; it is                                                      coming forth of an entirely new Post-
for the Church and for those who are                                                            'ailuvian' world that had been conipletely

saved.                                                                                           cleansed. This is the-',Baptism tfiat saves
    The disciples at Samaria were saved                                                        '-the dying out 'of the<old, and the com-
and had the joys of salvation, but as yet                                                       'ing forth of the new; and this trans-
the Baptism of the Holy Ghost had not                                                            formatfon .can oriljr be produced by the

fallen upon any of them. The disciples                                                           mighty operation of the Holy Ghost
before the day of Pentecost were saved                                                           placing us into the, the body of Christ.
and had their names written in heaven,                                                          This operation is called in 1 Cor. 12 :13,
 (Luke 10 :20) but Jesus told them that                                                         a Baptism, . .   &    THE 1 s THE BAPTISM
they were not to depart from Jerusalem,                                                        THAT SAVES."
but to tarry in the city of Jerusalem until                                                                                      s
                                                                                                   I n 'Matt. 20 :20-23, ~ a m e and John had
they be endued with power frnrn on high.                                                               (Continued on page seventeen)

                                                                                                                               Page Thres
                                                                                                                      call you not servants; for the servant
                                                                                                                      knoweth not what his lord doeth: but
                                                       isitation                                                      I have called you friends; for all things
                                                                                                                      ghat I have heard of My Father I have
                                                                                                                      made known unto you."
@    As CHRIST walked toward Nain, many                  mighty stream of the Holy Spirit.                              Christ said doncerning the Holy Spirit,
of His disciples and much pepple accom-                                                                               "He shall show you things to come." Ex-
                                                                 The Gifts of the Spirit                              pect to be filled with the Spirit of wisdom
panied Him. As H e drew near to the
gate of this city, H e saw a funeral train.                 H e would have us believe to see the                      and revelation in the intimate knowledge
The only son of a widowed mother was                     goodness of the Lord in the land of the                      of Him and what H e is about to do, so
being carried to his burial. The Lord                    living. Has H e not promised that mirac-                     that you may be awakened to apprehend
had compassion on the widow and bade                     ulous signs should follow "them that be-                     the nearness of His coming, that that day
her not to weep; then H e touched the                    lieve"? H e has declared, "He that be-                       may not overtake you as a thief.-S. H . F .
bier and the pall-bearers stood still. H e               lieveth on Me, the works that I do shall
spoke a word, "Young man, I say unto                     he do also; and greater works thlrn         THE T EMPORAL OR T HE ETERNAL?
thee, Arise." And he that was dead sat                   these shall he do; because I go unto          I n the earlier years of the work in
up, and began to speak. And Christ                       My Father!'                                 Dohnavur we were constantly reminded
delivered him to his mother.                                How shall these greater works be ac-     of how there came a messenger unto
             Prophet and Priest
                                                         complished? Through faith in Christ and     Job and said . . . And while he was yet
                                                         His Word. H e has declared, "A body         speaking there came also another, and
   Those who witnessed this episode were                 hast Thou prepared Me." Heb. 1 0 5 . Not.   said . . . for trouble followed trouble
filled with great fear and said, "God hath               only did H e have a physical body, but      very much after the fashion of those
visited His people." The miracle they                    there is a spiritual body of which all      messengers. One evening, in a brief lull
had seen gave evidence of the presence                   His saints are members. The presence.       between the messengers, two of us spent
of God. But Christ wants us to con-                      of His Spirit in the members of His,        an hour with a small telescope looking at
tinually recognize His presence among                    spiritual body will be evidenced by the     the Great Nebula in Orion. As I looked
us. Has H e not said, "Where two or                      gifts H e bestows, by the word of wis-      into those deeps of darkness lighted by
three are gathered together in My name,                  dom, the word of knowledge uttered by       an infinitely far and faint pale flaine, a
there am I in the midst of them"?                        them in the power of the Holy Spirit,       sense of the eternal came upon me. T h e
   Acknowledge the presence of Him who'                  and by faith which is given by the same     world passeth away and the lzrst thereof,
alike is a great prophet and a great priest.             Spirit.                                     and the grief thereof, and the zwrong
As a prophet H e will give you revelation.                         Spiritual Equipment               thereof, but he that doeth the zerill o f
As a priest H e will bring you to God,                                                               God nbidefh forever, was the word of
that you may know Him and dwell con-                        "God llath set some in the church . . . that breath of flaine. The transitory
tinually in His presence.                                miracles, then gifts of healings." 1 Cor. appeared (as we know it to be), in
                                                         12 :28. Christ the Miracle-worker, the comparison with the eternal. of no ac-
            Acknowledging Him                            great Healer, functions through yielded count at all. I knew then that the only
   The trouble with the people of Israel                 members of His body. There is also the, thing that matters when trouble is ap-
was that they did not know God. They                     gift of "discerning of spirits" which H e pointed is our attitude towards that
did not know His ways, nor His thoughts.                 purposes that the members of His body trouble; and I turned from the telescope
They did not recognize His presence even                 shall have and exercise, and the power to to meet the next assault with an entirelv
though the cloud abode upon the taber-                   deliver those who are oppresed by de- new peace. This that I must touch and
nacle by day and the fire by night, even                 monic power.                                handle and feel was nothing of real
though H e spread the wilderness every                      Then there are the gifts of utterance: moment. A few days or ~nonthsor years.
day with manna, and every day there                      tongues and interpretation and pronhecy. and it would be forgotten utterly. B ~ l t
was the living stream gushing forth from                 The Lord has said, "Covet to prophesy," how I touched and handled it, how T felt
the Rock that followed them.                             and H e has declared. "On My servants and acted towards those who caused it
   W e do not have these evidences of His                and on My handmaidens will I pour out -that belonged to the eternal order. I t
presence with us, but Christ has said,                   in those days of My Spirit; and they belonged to the things that would abide
"Blessed are they that have not seen, and                shall prophesy." Acts 2:18. I t is writ- when earth and the heavens shall wax
yet have believed." Believe His word                     ten, "Let them all pronhesy, one by one." old as doth a garment, and as a vesture
when H e says, "Lo, I am with you al-                    Prophets are one of Christ's five gifts to shall be folded up.-Amy     Carmichael.
way," and "I will never leave thee nor                   His church. Eph. 4 :11. Amos declared,
forsake thee.'' Acknowledge Him in all                   "Surely the Lord God will do nothing,          If no one on earth prayed for the sal-
your ways. Continually acknowledge Him                   but H e revealeth His secret unto His ser- vation of sinners more fervently or more
as your helper. Recognize the day of                     vants the prophets." The Lord said, frequently than you do, how many would
His visitation. The Psalmist declares,                   "Shall I hide from Abraham that thine be converted to God through prayer?
" T h o u visitest the earth, and waterest it.           which I do?" Abraham was a friend of
T h o u greatly enrichest it with the river              God, and a friend is entitled to inside in-    "We have too little prayer, and too
of God, which is full of waterp'- the                    formation. Christ said, "Henceforth I much propaganda."

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Page Four                                                                                                                            THB PENTECOSTAL
                                                                                            There is a way to rest while we 11~~1-1i
                                                                                         with a mind at ieisure from itself, taliing
                                                                                         a vacation 011 the inside instead of always
                                                                                         seeking a vacation here or yonder.
                                                                                             W e come to Cl?rist and receive rest.
                                                                                         W e learn of Him and receive rest. I t is
                                                                                         both an obtainment and an attainment.
                                                                                         I t is not learned in a day. There will bc
                                                                                         lapses into old fears arid failures, but as
                                      Vance Havner                                       we practice His rest, the old becomes
                                                                                         occasional and the new becomes "natur-
@ NEARTIIE CLOSE of his life President        ed life of the sinner we may move al." W e labor to enter into rest, we
'Woodrow Wilson, showing signs of great by grace into the changed life of the diligently give ourselves to meet the con-
physical weariness, was asked, "Aren't saint; but we may move farther still ditions, but once we cease from our ow11
you afraid you'll wreck your constitu- into the exckanged life wherein we say, works and 'commit our way unto the
tion?" H e replied, "I've already wrecked "To me to live is Christ"; "Not I, Lord, then we trust also in Him, we t a l e
my constitution, I'm living now on my but Christ." Our Savior cane not the attitude of faith and live by the in-
bylaws !"                                     merely to take our part but to t a ke our vincible affirmation, "Christ liveth in
    In this ulcer and aspirin age the jour-   place. H e died for us, lives in us and, me." W e put on the Lord Jesus-His
ney is too great for us and inillions feel as we reckon, yield and obey, God works resources instead of our reserves. Thc
that they have long since used up their in us to will and do, so that what we Lord is rich unto all that call upon Him,
reserves. Heart attacks and nervous never could do in ourselves we do and His cupboard is never bare.
breakdowns reap a grim harvest. "That through Him, for His res~irrection           power     The poor sick woman who pressed
tired feeling'? is one of our most familiar worlcs in us mightily.                       through the crowd to touch Jesus had
phrases. Resting doesn't seem to help            Christ is not only our Savior and Lord: come to the end of her reserves and to
much, especially since we try to recover H e is our Life. W e were dead in tres- the beginning of His resources. But the
 in a week or two the energy we burn passes and sins and when we were born rich young ruler missed his blessing be-
 up for months. Some whip their jaded again Christ became our spiritual life. cause he "had great possessions"; he
nerves with stimulants and others try to But there is also life in Him for mind and still had some reserves of his own and
 relax with sedatives. Christian workers body. Our minds and bodies are wrecks still depended on them. The disciplcs
break down in crashes and collapses, then and we will not have new ones until went out to preach with neither purse
go to psychiatrists who some times advise the resurrection. But the power of God nor scrip. When they returned Jcsus
 them to "lay up their Bibles and forget is made available by the Holy Spirit and asked them, "Lacked ye anything?" and
 religion."                                   H e quickens our minds and bodies so they said, "Nothing." The young ruler
                                              that we are able to do all that God wants had purse and scrip and Jesus said, "One
    That advice does not make sense. If clone.
our faith does us no good when we need                                                   thing thou lackest."
 it most, it is no good any time. If the         Two mistakes are often made here.           Paul wrote of "having nothing, and yet
 Lord is not available in our darkest Some expect too much. W e have no possessing all things." No reserves-but
 hours, what comfort is there in His guarantee that we shall have no aches what resources! "All things are yours,"
 promise to be with us "all the day"? If and pains in these present bodies, nor he wrote to the Corinthian Christians.
 we have to rely on the arm of flesh that we will make no mistakes with our "All things are yours, but you-you are
 when we are weakest, then the Christian present 'minds. Others expect too little Christ's and Christ's is God's." We are
life is not worth living.                     and struggle along in their own strength. not our own: we are bought with a price.
                                              There is divine enabling for all that God
    But there is balm in Gilead. God has wants done. That does not mean that                 Will you exchange your reserves for
 promised to renew our strength, to supply we can accomplish spectacular things or His resources? Move out of your pitiful
 all our need, to do exceeding abundantly remarkable feats such as someone else efficiency with all its deficiency into His
 above all that we ask or think. H e is may be enabled to do. I t does not mean sufficiency. "Who is sufficient for these
able to make all grace abound toward that we are to disregard the laws of things? . . . Our sufficiency is of God."
 us so that we, always having all suffi- health. Indeed, we may do more by -Condensed from T h e Orlarzdo Digest.
 ciency in all things, may abound to every doing less. .
good work. W e can reign in life and
do all things through Christ.                                                                      KNOWING THE LORD
                                                                                             "For they shall all know Me, from the
    There is a life of rest for the rest of                                              least of them unto the greatest of them,
life! "Entered into Rest" is too often                                                   saith the Lord." Jer. 31 :34. W e fear the
reserved for tombstones: any day we                                                      will of God because we do not know
may cease from our own worlcs and enter                                                  God; and we fail to know God because
 into"His rest here and now. There is a                                                  we do not acquaint ourselves with Him, by
 way to live in the strength of noth her,:.,,                                            quietness, by meditation, by silence. One
not on human reserves, but by heavenly    '.:'                                           is tempted to thinli that is the peculiar
 resources.                                                                              failure of our own age. There is so little
    Paul knew how to be strong wllell. he.'.                                             time taken to acquaint the life with God
 was weak, so that God's strength was                                                    by quietness, by meditation and silence.
made perfect in. his weakness. We are                                                    Sometimes .our very Prayer Meetings
 wrecks of what we were and we are not                                                   are so full of our own talk that there is
 sufficient -for the'demands of life. But we                                             no room for God to talk. W e are con-
 can move out of our boasted efficiency-                                                 stantly so busy speaking to Him that we
 which really turns out to be deficiency-                                                hardly take time to listen to what H e has
into His sufficiency. From the unchang-                                                  to say to us.-G. Campbell Morgan.

 Jzdy 23, 1949                                                                                                         Page Five
                                                  dicates it. W e are hastening to that hour when
                                                  "God shall send them strong dilusion, that

    The World's                                   they all might be damned who believed not
                                                  the truth, but had pleasure in unrighte~usness."
                                                  The truth is that Christ Jesus now saves sin-
                                                                                                            Too Late
                                                  ners. The error is, "I don't believe it." Jesus
           Greatest                               Christ is coming in flaming fire, taking ven-
                                                  geance on them that know not God, and that
                                                                                                                    J. R. Spence
                                                  obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. O A T THE CORNER of Wing On Ma Lo and
                                                  What is going to be the result? They "shall another street in Canton, one of our mission-
                                                  be punished with everlasting destruction from aries rented a building. H e fixed up the
                                                  the presence of the Lord." Will you not listen? ground floor as a chapel and commenced to hold
                                                  Friend, don't believe a lie. Believe Christ. Re- services. Every night the place was full, so
           ERNEST S. WILLIAMS                     pent and be saved.
on National Radio Hour, "Sermons in Song"                                                          I was asked to come and hold special evan-
                                                     The devil has never changed. H e has chang- gelistic meetings. What an opportunity l Soon
                                                  ed his tactics, but has never changed in his the building was packed out and people stand-
@ OUR WORLD is full of falsehoods. Men have       character or designs. Two persons stand in ing right out on the street.
sought to deceive, unholy promises have been      contrast, the devil and our Lord Jesus. The
made, injustices have destroyed. Every evil       one is the embodiment of falsehood, the other       That ten days will always stay in my memory
has resulted from falsehood. But the greatest     is the Truth. The one is the deceiver; the as harvest week. Every night souls were born
falsehood of all is the firkt one recorded in     other is the Savior who gave His life for again; crowds grew until we did not know
history. I t came to a pair of persons who were   you. Which shall it be? Will you believe sin what to do.
blessed with every happy surrounding. I t was     has no retribution, or will you believe that        One of the nights, Mr. Lau, the ex-bandit,
a lie against both God and, man; and oh, the      Jesus came to bear our sins? What will you who was in Canton on business, was present,
evil and the sorrow that have resulted from it.   do with Jesus? What will you do with your so the missionary asked him to come to the
AII the falsehoods that have been since have      soul?                                            platform, and when the usual time came, he
descended from this first one.                       (All correspondence and offerings toward was asked to pray.
   Man was created upright. His home was to       the support of "Sermons in Sod?' should be          The meeting that night was tcnse. The Spirit
be the garden of Eden. There he had no wor-       addressed to the Radio Department, P. 0. Box was working. The Lord gave me special liberty
ries, no cares, no curse, and no sin. w h a t     70, Springfield, Missouri.)                      and I was led to preach on the grace of God
an environment in which to livel You and I                                                         to even the worst, and said that not only was
will never enjoy such surroundings unless we                 T H E A G E O F FLIGHT                sin forgiven but the power of sill brolie~l-
enjoy them in the Paradise above.
                                                     In 1926, Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd flew that there. were none too bad or too lo\\, for
   Before the fall man lived in a state of in-    the first airplane over the North Pole and was   God to save.
nocence. All was pure. There was no sin.          awarded high honors. Today the U. S. Air            Often as I face the crowds. I wonder just
Then the devil came. God had put some re-         Force planes fly over the North Pole three to whom 1 am preaching ; what are the cird
sponsibility on man ; had instructed , him to     times a week. Airlines cover the earth with a    cumsta~lces and how I can help them. 'That
avoid eating of the tree of the knowledge of      500,000 q i l e network that reaches practically night 1 had in my audience the most notorious
good and evil. But man believed a lie. The         every nation. The ,Age. of Flight is here.      bandit in South China. a man named Chau.
devil said, "You can eat of this                                                                                There was a price on his head,
tree. T o think you will di'e if                                                                                dead or alive. Every large robbery
vou eat is foolishness. God is
keeping you in ignorance. Instead
                                                     THE          VENT~RILOOtJICT                               was placed to his account; stories
                                                                                                                were rife about his daring, and
of dying you will just begin to                                                                                 how often he had shot his way
live. You will 'be greatly exalted,                                                                             out and escaped. True to his
You will be like gods knowing                                                                                   reputation, here he was right in
good from evil."                                                                                                the center of the city of Canton
   What a picture he drew before                                                                                attending a crowded gospel meet-
the imagifiation of the simple pair.                                                                            ing.
They fell for his flattery and yield-
ed to temptation. Their eyes were                                                                                 Of course, it was Mr. Lau,
opened all right. They learned the                                                                             the ex-bandit who recognized hin!.
difference between good and evil.                                                                              Slipping down, Mr. Lau began to
But, alas, they were bound to the                                                                              speak to him as if he did not
evil and separated from the. good.                                                                             know him. Souls at the altar had
                                                                                                               been dealt with and some more
   The present world still listens to                                                                          names added to the already large
the great untruth. I t comes from                                                                              list of enquirers. Some that night,
the same one who deceived in the
                                                                                                               we believe, were written down in
Garden of Eden. W e do not expect
                                                                                                               God's Book in Heaven.
to be able to stop the current. W e
can only lift up our voices and                                                                                   I t was now late. I was tired,
warn. ,Some will hear and b e                                                                                  hungry and thirsty. W e used to
saved. Others will ,pay little heed                                                                            go to a nearby tea house and
and be 'lost.                                                                                                  drink tea and have something to
   I recall that when I was a boy I                                                                            eat ere turning in for the gight.
heard a man recount .his exper-                                                                                I was about to leave, when Mr.'.
ience. A wall of water was rush-                                                                               Lau brought forward the stranger.
ing down on a community that                                                                                   The door was shut and there we
lived near a water c h a n n e I.                                                                              talked the gospel with Mr. Chan
This man saw thc onrushing flood,                                                                              for a long time. H e had been
leaped t o his horse and raced                                                                                 amazed t o see Mr. Lau on the
ahead crying as loudly as he COLI!~,                                                                           platform, knowing what he had
warning the people io make their                                                                               been. Once a police whistle sound-
escape. Some took warning and                                                                                  ed, and quick as a flash the ban-
were saved. Others believed not                                                                                dit chief had his gun in his
and perished.                                                                                                  hand. But nothing happened, so
   The hour of judgment for our                                                                                we resumed talking.
age is hastening. Every sign in-                                                                                  A t last it came time to go. We

Page Six
gave Mr. Chan a Gospel of John which he              I found it filled with almost three hundred         s~ipposed to lead the singi~lg. The caretaker
stuffed in his pocket. Looking us over he            Chinese, down on their ktlees crying out to         said, "Fill i t ? Oh, yes, we'll fill it and thetl
said almost these words. "The news I heard           God to send a revival to China, aslting God to      some!'
tonight is the best I ever heard. Had it been        save souls there in the mission in China."             Jim said. "That night when we went over for
twenty years ago I should never have hesitated          I was talking to my friend, Anderson, not        the services, the tent was filled and two-thirds
to be a Christian. Now I am hunted like a            long ago. H e went over to Norway jmst before       of the people were outside.          came by the
dog-it is too late, too late." H e gripped my                         1
                                                     World W a r 1 . His son, Jim, used to lead          tl~ousands." Sometimes even before the preach-
hand and passed into the night.                      the singing for me in some of my evangelistic      i n g of the sermon they sat there weeping, wait-
   Two years later he and his brother were           meetings, and I have seen the pictures and I        iiig for the invitation to be given, and they
caught in a house and surrounded by soldiers.        have heart1 the account of that revival that        would come down and drop on their knees.
They put up a desperate fight. His brother           broke o ~ i tin Norway jnst before the War. Be-     Those fisherman would stand up, men who had
was killed but the bandit chief they never got.      fore Hitler even got in there with his paganism,    blasphemed God, and would confess their sins
The house was set on fire. Either he escaped         Jesus came with a minor revival that swept          and get right with God. A revival broke out,
or, what is more likely, he burned to death.         Norway. When they landed aver in Norway             and hundreds and thousands of them came to
   T O O LATE, was he? Who knows? But                Jill1 went to the great tent that seated around     Jesus Christ. And that was not twenty, thirty,
oh, how slow we are getting out the good             five or six thotisand people and he said, "You      forty, or fifty years ago. T h a t happened just
news of salvation!                                   don't expect to fill this, do you?" H e was         before the war.-The     Gospel Herald.

                By Dr. L. Sale-Harrison '
   Since many Christians have made excuses for
their smoking by stating that Charles Haddon
 Spurgeon smoked, it is necessary to give the
following explanation:
   I was a member of the entertainment 'com-
mittee of the World Baptist Alliance i the
B a ~ t i s tT e m ~ l e Philaclel~hiain 1911.
                       of                      )me
months p i o r to these meetings, Dr. Shakes-
peare, General Secretary of the Alliance, came
t o give instructio~~ advice ill regard to the
conduct of these gatherings.
   A t that time there came to Philadelphia a
Baptist minister who had been the chief secre-
tary of the late Charles Haddon 'Spurgeon. xIn
his discussion of Spurgeon's life aqd of .his
 loyalty to Christ, he told this, sto* to , D r .
Shakespeare and me: ,                1  .

   "One Saturday morning Mr. Spurgeon went
out for a long walk, and when he came back,
he said to me, 'I saw in a shop window down
the street a can of tobacco, and on it a printed
card reading : Spurgeon's tdbacco.' Then he
asked me, 'When the Lord calls me home, shall
I be remembered by the tobacco I smoked or
by the Lord I preached? I can never again
smoke t o the glory of God! Immediately he
picked up all of his smoking paraphernalia and
threw it upon the fire. For nine months, to the                   A Beautiful Gift Bible That Will Be Treasured ~ l ; v a ~ s
day of his departure to glory, he never smoked
   I was myself present when these statements                   THIS DELUXE INDIA PAPFR          BIBLE is a superb exaqple of
were made. I t was known that Spurgeon suf-                     the art of fine Bibler&king. Its soft, genuine Morocco leather
fered greatly from gout and he may have                         cover is a delight to handle as well as to see. Here is luxury com-
thought that smoking eased the pain. However,
in spite of all this, he had finally come to the                bined with usefulness, at a price far below what such a quality
conclusion that his smoking dishonored the Lord,                Bible usually sells for. A Bible like this is a joy to own-and
and had given it up.-Good Nczvs Brqadcnsfer.                    to give. ,
                                                               COMPACT SIZE 0
                R. W. Neighborcr                                   LIGHT WEIGHT                               CENTER COLUMN REFERENCES
  I want to ;lslc ~OII-how inally people did you
invite to c h u ~ ~lately? How many people              Although the type is so large, this Bible          H a s over 50,000 center column referen-
have you talked to this past week about their           measures only 81/4x5'/2 inches and i t is       'ces, including many alternative render-
lost souls? There are hundrecls and hundreds            only 11/16 of an inch thick! I t is so ex-       ings, also Bible chronologies. Arabic
of people going into eternity. There will be            tremely thin and light in weight be-             chapter numerals and contents a t head of
 about 65,000,000 people who will die this year         cause it is printed on the famous ULTRA-         each chapter. H a s 12 beautifully colored
without the shot of a gm or bullet.g:J'here  will       T H I N Oxford India, paper.                     maps. Authorized King James version.
 be 65,000,000 people ill the world next year
whose solils will be going into eternity, and the
                                                                 Genuine Morocco, hand g rained, overlapping
majority of tlic~n will never have heard the
name of Jesus Christ
    A letter c a n e from a certain missionary in
 China. I-Ie wrote: "This morning it was pour-
                                                                 er, leather lined t o edge, silk sewed, round cor-
                                                       No' 0964x ners, red under gold edges                    'OV-                        $1 8.
i n g rain. 11 was dismal and d a r k I heard the
 church I~ellstolling and I wondered who was                                                                             Springfield I, Missouri
aver there a t the church at that time of morn-
                                                         GOSPEL PUBLISHING HOUSE
 ing. So I dressed and went over to the Temple.
                                                                                                                   are mere ec~coldit~.qs,when they might be
                                                                                                                   giamts, both ill their Christian life a~zd ill tlzcir
                                          S                                                                       service.
                                                                                                                                   IT/. -4 Iiunzblc Man
                                                                                                                      The four'th reason 'why God continuo~~sly,
                                                                                            R. A. Torrey through so many years, used D. L. Moody was
                                                                                                                   because he was a hilnrble naax I think D. L.
                                                                                                                   Moody was the humblest man I ever knew in
@FEBRUARY1837, there was born of poor
       5,                                                    People ofttimes say to me, "Well, I went all my life. H e loved to quote the words of
  parents in a humble farmhouse in North-                  many miles to see and to hear D. L. Moody, another: "Faith gets the most, love works the
 field, Mass., a little baby who was to become             and he certainly was a wonderful preacher."             most, but hzr@iZ+y &ceps the nzost." H e himself
 the greatest man, as I believe, of his genera-            Yes, D. L. Moody tvas a wonderful preacher; had'the humil'ity that keeps everything i t gets.
 tion or of his century-Dwight L. Moody.                   taking it all in all, the most wonderful preacher          As I have already said, he was the most
, The whole secret of why D. L. Moody was
                                                           I have ever heard, and it was a great ~ r i v i l e ~ ehumble man I ever knew, that is the most
  such a mightily used man you will find in                to hear hirn preach as he alone could preach.           humble man when we bear in mind the great
  Psalm          : "God bath spokeh once; twice            But only Out of a veryd intimate acquaintance things he did, and t h e p r a i s e that was lavish-
 have I heard this; that power belongctl~ unto             with him I wish to testify that he was a far ed .upon him. How he loved to put himself in
     But God does not give His
                                                        --greater pray-cr than he-was .preacher, ,
                                                                                                        .* .       the background aria put other men i n the
                                                             Time and time again, he was cd&dnted by foregroutldl Often he would stand 011 a plat-
 I t is true that H e gives it to whomsoever H e           obstacles that seemed insurmountable, but he form.:with some of us little fellows seated
 will, but H e wills to give it on certain con-'          always knew the way to surmount andi:;a,over-            behind liim, and as he spoke he would remark,
 ditions, which are clearly revealed in His                come all difficulties. H e knew the way -W bring "There are better men coming after me." As
 Word. D. L. Moody met those conditions and                to pass anything that needed to be brought to he said: it, he would point over his shoulder
 God made him the most wonderful preacher                 pass. H e ?knew and believed in the deepest with his thumb to the "little fellows." I do                .
 of his generation.                                        depths of his soul that "nothing. b a s too hard not know how' he could believe it, but he
     There were seven things in the life of D. L.          for the Lord" and that prayer could do ally- really did believe, that the others that were
                                                                                                    ,   :> !      coming ' after him were really better than he
 Moody that accounted for God's using hirn as             thing that God could do.
 largely as H e did.                                                                                              was. H e made .no .pretense to a humility he
                                                             Oftentimes Mr. Moody would write in~~<wbeiidid not -M$$ehs: 111 his heart of hearts he
            I. A Fzclly Surrendered Man                  -he ,.-
                                                            - was about. to undertake some new :lwd$i+k, constantly' ;underestimated himself, and over-
    ~h~ first tllillg that accounts for ~    ~ using
                                                   d     -'saying: "I arn beginning work in such and estimated .others. H e really believed that God
                                                         l     ~
 D. Moody so mightily was that he was a                    such a place           such and       ?,          I would use other men in a larger measure than
 fghlly * mrretzdered man. Every ounce of that            wish you would get the studellts together for he had been used.
 two ,hundred and eighty pound body of his                a day of fasting and prayer.'' I have taken                0 men and women, especially young men
 beloiged to ~ ~ N d ~ ,I ~ ,not saying that
                               am                         those letters and read them to the students;in          and young women, perhaps God is beginning
 M ~ . ~~~d~ was perfect; he was not, ~f                  the lecture room, and have     saicllX''Mr. Moody to use you; very likely people are saying,
 1 attempted to, 1 presume 1 could point out              wants us to have a day of fastlag and prayer, "What a wonderful gift he has as a , Bible
 some defect in-+,is character. lt does not               first for God's blessing on our own souls and teacher; what. power he has as a preacher, for
occur to me at this moment what thex were;                work, and then for God's blessing on him and such a young manl" Listen, get down upon
but T'ain confident that I could think df some            his                                                     your face before. God.               .  .
 if I tried real hard.                                       Often we were gathered ,in the lecture room             I be1ie~;here lies one of, the most: dangerous
    Henry Varley, a very intimate friend of Mr.           far into the night-someiimes       till one, two, snaresx-ofthe: devil.' When the devil cannot dis-
 Moody in the earlier days of his work, loved             three, four or even five o'clock in the morning, courage a man, he approaches him on another
to tell how he once said to him: '%'remains             ' crying    to God, just because,: Mr. Moody tack, which h e - k n o w s is far worse in its
to be seen what God will do with a man who                urged us to wait upon God tint11 we ieceived results. H e puffs him up by whispering in
gives himself up wholly to Him." I am told                His blessing. How many men and women I his ear, "You are the leading evangelist of
that when Mr. Varley said that, Mr. Moody                 have known whose lives and characters have the day. You are t h e man who will sweep
said to himself, "Well, I will be that man."              been transformed by those nights of prayer, everything before you. You are the coming
and I, for my part, do not think "it remains to           and who have wrought mighty things in many man. You are the D. L. Moody of the day."
be seen" what God will do with a inan who                 lands because of those nights of prayer!                If you listen to him, he will ruin you. The en-
gives himself UP wholly to Him: 1 think it
has been seen already in D. L. Moody.
                                                          III. A Deep and Practical Studcllt o f       Bible tire: shore of the history of Christian workers
                                                                                                                  is strewn with the wrecks of gallant ves-
    If you and 1 are to be used in our sphere as             The third Secret of Mr. Moody's Po\'Jer, or sel's that were full of promise a few years ago,
D. L. Moody was used in his, we must put all              the third reason why God used b. L. Moody, but these men became puffed up and were
that we have and all that we are in the hands             was because he WQSa deep and practical studeizt driven on the,focks by the wild winds of their
of God, for Him to use as H e will, to send us            of the Word of God. Mr. Moody used to rise own raging self -esteem.
where H~ will, for ~~d to do               us what        about four o'clock in the morning to study
H e will; and we, on our part, to do everything           the Bible. H e would Say to me, ''If I am go-              V. His Entb.e Freedom from the Love of
                                                          ing to get in any study, I have got to get up                                    Money
God bids us do.
    There are thousands of men and ,women                 before the other folks get UP." H e would                  T h e fifth secret ,of D., L. Moody's conti~iual
ill christian work, brilliallt men          women,        shut himself up in a. remote room in his house, power and .use.fdln&ss was h i s entive frcedpnz
rarely gifted men and women, men and women                alone with his God and his Bible.                      frdin t&i+'?ove of naoney. Mr. Moody might
who are making great sacrifices, men and.
women who have Put all ~onscioussin out of
                                                             Oh, you  may                                        have :Keen' a wealthy man, but money had no
                                                                             talk about powerl ,&t if you c h a r m s - f o i hitn: H e loved to gather money
                                                          neglect the one Book that God has given you
their lives, yet who, nevertheless, have stopped                                                                                       ;
                                                                                                                 for G o ~ s ? ' w o r k . h e refused to accumulate
                                                          as the one instrument through which H e im- money .foi?himself.
short of absolute surrender to God, and there-            parts and exercises His power, you will llot
fore have stopped short of fullness of Power.                                                                        H e told ,me:.during the World's Fair that
                                                         have it. You may read many books and go to if he had taken for himself the royalties on the
    But Mr. Moody did not StOD short of ab-               many conventions, and you may have your hymnbooks which he had published, they
solute surrender to God; he was a wholly                 all night prayer meetings to pray for the power would have. amounted, at that time, to a inil-
surrendered man. And if you and I are to be                                          ~ t ,
                                                         of the Holy ~ h ~ but unless you keep in lion dollars. But Mr. Moody refused to touch
used, you and 1 must be wholly s~lrrendered              constant and close association with the one
men and women.                                                                                                   the money. The committee into whose hands
                                                          Boolc, the Bible, you will not have power. And
                                                                                                                 Mr. Moody put the money gave it to various
                 II. A Man of Prayer                     if you ever had power, you will not maintain it
                                                                                                                 Christian enterprises. Millions of dollars passed
    ~h~ second secret of the great power ex-             except by the daily, earnest, intense study of
                                                                                                                 into Mr. Moody's hands, but they passed
hibited in Mr. Moody's life was that he was              that Book.                                              through; they did not sticlc to his fingers.
in the deepest and most ?~zcani+lgful      sense a           Nittety-nine Christians in every hiindred               This is the point at which many an evan-
w~anof fiayer.        -                                  arc nzrrcly $laying. at Bible statdy;?and .there-       gelist makes shipwreck, and his great work

P a p Eight
comes to an untiinely end. The love of money               was all the same to him; there was a soul to        bedridden saint in Mr. Lessey's church) the
on the part of some evangelists has done more              save and he did what lay in his power to save       power of God wrought thiough him so mightily
to discredit evangelistic work in our ,day, and            that soul.                                          in North London that figgdreds? y e r e .added
to lay many an evangelist on the shelf, than                  A friend once told me that the firit time        to the churches. That w;js \*hat led ' t o his
almost any other cause.                                                                                        being invited over to the wonderful campaign            .
                                                           he ever heard of Mr. Moody was when Mr.
                                                 .         ReynoJds, of Peoria, told him that he once          which followed in later years.-Reprinted
      V I . His Consm&g Passion for the                                                                        from Moody Monthly. Used by permission.
               Salvation o the Lost
                           f                               found Mr. Moody sitting in one of the squat-
                                                           ter's shanties that used to be that part of the
    The sixth reason why God used D. L. Moody
 was because of his connming passion for the
                                                           city toward the lake, which was then called
                                                           "The Sands."
                                                                                                                                OVERCOMING DAILY                 :''
 salvation o the lost.                                        With a colored boy on his, knee, a tallow            Resist sloth, laziness, sleeping too long, in-
    Mr. Moody made the resolution, shortly after           candle in one hand and a Bible in the other,        dulging the flesh. Throw, off indifference,
 he himself was saved, that he would never                 Mr. Moody was spelling out the words (for           coldness, formality, praying just enough to
 let twenty-four hours pass. without. speaking             at that time he could not read very well)           ease the conscience, but %not~ n o u g h to win
 to at least one person abouf his soul. His was            of certain verses of Scripture, in an attempt       any decided victory.
 a very busy life, and sometimes he would              '   to lead that ignorant colored boy to Christ.
                                                                           -                                       Confess your faults-any unkindnesses, harsh-
 forget his resolution until the last hour. Some-             0 young men and women and all Christian          ness, critical remarks, lax conversation, giddi-
 times he would get out of bed, dress, go out              workers, if you and I were on fire for souls        ness, extravagance, gluttony, shades of un-
 and talk to someone about his soul in order               like that, how long Would it be before we           truth, worldliness, carnal pride, vain ambition,
 that he might not let one day pass without                had a revival? Suppose that tonight the fire        unholy thoughts, slackness.
 having definitely told at least one of his                of God falls and fills our hearts, a burning            Overcome all tendency of doubt, fear; all in-
 fellow mortals about his need and the Savior              fire that will send us out all over the country     fection of the unbelief and defiance of God
 who can meet it.                                          and across the water to China, Japan, India,        a r 0 u n d . u ~ . Keep faith fresh, love ardent.
    On one occasion in Chicago Mr. Moody saw               and Africa, to tell lost souls the way of
 a little girl standing on the street with a               salvation !
 pail in her hand. H e went up to her and                                                                                - T H E ONLY S A F E P L A C E
 invited her to his Sunday school, telling her             VII. Definitely Etldzred with Power front               "Is it iafe to work among lepers?" some-
 what a pleasant place it was. She promised to                                opt High                         one asked Sam Higginbottom, missionary to
 go the following Sunday, but she did not do so.               The seventh secret of why God used D. L.        these outcasts in India.
 Mr. Moody watched for her for weeks, and                   Moody was that Ite had a very defhite en-              "Yes," he answered, "it is safer to work
 then one day he saw her on the street again,               duement         power from on high.                among lepers, if it's my job, than anywhere
 some distance from him. H e , started toward                  I n his early days he was a great hustler.      else!'
 her, but she saw him and began to run away.                H e had a tremendous desire to do something,
 Mr. Moody followed her. She went down one                                                                         The only safe place for a child of God
                                                            but he- .$ad no real power; he worked very         is in the center of his Father's will.
 street, Mr. Moody after her; up ano,$her street,           largely in the energy of the flesh. But there
 Mr. Moody after her; through an,alley, Mr.                 were two humble Free Methodist women who
 Moody still following; out on another street,              used to come over to his meetings in the
 Mr. Moody after her; then she dashed into a                Y.M.C.A. One was "Auntie Cook" and the
 saloon and Mr. Moody dashed after her. She                 other Mi's. Snow. ( I think her name was not
 ran out the back door and up a flight of stairs,           Snow at that time.) 'These two- wome? would
 Mr. Moody still following. She dashed into                 come to Mr. Moody a t the close of his meetings
 a room, Mr. Moody following, and threw                     and say, "We are praying for you."
herself under the bed and Mr. .Mooqy reached
 under the bed and pulled her out by ,the foot,                Finally, Mr. Moody became somewhat net-
and led her,to Christ.                                     tled, and said to them, one night, "Why are you
                                                            praying for me? Why don't you pray for the
    H e found that her mother was a widow                  unsaved ?"
who had once seen better circumstances, but                   They replied,  "w:     are praying that you
had gone down until now she was living over                 may get the power!'
this saloon. She had several children. Mr.                    Mr. Moody did not know wljat that weant,
Moody led the mother and all the family to
Christ. Several of the children were prominent
                                                           but he. got to thinkink   think ink hen
                                                           went to these women and iaid, . ~ e w i s h
                                                                                                                           @        Clear counsel for youth
members of the Moody Church until they                     would tell me what you mean," they told him
                                                                                                                           @        In brief "digestible"
moved away, and afterward became prominent                 about the definite enduement of the Holy                                    form
in churches elsewhere. This particular child
whom he pulled~~lfrom        beneath the bed was
                                                           Ghost, Then he asked that he might pray                                  For ages 1 2 to 22
                                                           with them, and not they merely pray for him.
the wife of one of the most prominent officers                Auntie Cook once told me of the intense
in the church when I was the pastor of                     fetvor with which Mr. Moody prayed on that
                                                                                                                                              Listen Girls
Moody Church.                                              occasion. She told me in words that I scarcely                         By Charles F. Weigle
   Only two o r three years ago, as I came oiit            dare repeat, though I have nwer forgotten                          A plain, clear ,talk t o young
of a ticket office in Memphis, Tenn., a fine-              them. And he: not only, prayed with them, but                   women.
looking young man followed me., H e said,
"Are you not Dr. Torrey?" I said, "Yes."
H e said, "I am so and so.!' He, was the son
of this woman. H e was then a traveling man,
                                                           he also prayed alone.        ,,
                                                              Not long after, one dhy. on his way to
                                                           England, he was walking up Wall Street
                                                           ill New York. (Mr. Moody very seldom told
                                                                                                                    ,'   ; .. .
                                                                                                                            ,   '
                                                                                                                                  ... .. .
                                                                                                                                             List& Fellows
                                                                                                                                 B y Charles F. Weigle
and an officer in the church where he lived.               this and I almost hesitate to tell it.) In the                   Heart-to-heart talk with young- .
When Mr. Moody pulled that little ohild out                midst of the- bustle and hsrry of that city his      '          men.
from under the bed by the foot,,be was pulling             prayer was answered; the power of God
a whole family into the kingdom .of 'God, and              fell upon him as he walked "up the street. H e                                2 5 , single copy   .   '

eternity alone w-ill reveal how macy, succeeding           had to, to the h u b e of a friend and
generations he was , g u l l j n g h ~ i ~ o kingdom
of God.
                                          the-             ask that he might have a room by himself, and                                Goal: A COPY TO
                                                           in tfiat room'he stayed dI'6ne for hours. Th'e
   D. L. Moody's consuming passion was not                 Holy' Ghost came3,upon him, filling his soul                   EVERY ASSEMBLY,YOUTH!
for the souls of those who would be help-                  with such joy that 'at last ' h e had to ask God
ful to him in building up his work here o r                to withhold His hand, lest ,he die onathe spot                           Gospel Publishing House
elsewhere; his love for souls knew no class                from very joy.                         -,
limitation. H e was no respecter of persons.                  H e went out from that place with $he power                            Springfield I, Missouri
I t might be an earl o i a duke, or it might               of. the. Holy Ghost upon Him, and wllen he
be an ignorant colored boy on the,,street, it              wentna$coad (partly through the prayer of a
                                                                                                         After giving tllcir naines one of the you~lg
                              . .                                                                        men said that IIC was saved, antl had brought
                                                                                                         his two brothers to our chapel to give their
                                                                                                         hearts to the Lord.
                                                                                                                                              ~i l
                                                                                                            The young men a c c o ~ ~ ~ p a ~the e tChinesc
                                                                                                         pastor to his Iiomc, ant1 there the two unsaved
                           Mrs. Oliver L. ' ~ 0 t ho f ' South India has returned to the States.         ones accepted Cllrist. The trio later invited
                                                          It   1:   *                                    us to their village, saying, "Our mother is
                           Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kehr of South China arrived in California a               old and we are afraid shc will die. She is not
                                                                                                         saved. Will you come antl tell her, too." The
                         few days ago.
                                                          * * *                                          following week our pastor went to their village,
                                                                                                         and won several of the villagers to Christ. They
                           Miss Mi,nnie Madsen left tlle States,,an June 24 for Bolivia..                begged to be baptized, so he baptized them.
                                                          * .* *                                            The three brothers began to minister to the
                           Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Palmer, missionaries to Peru, arrived                 people of their village soon after the two were
   Minnie Madsen                                                                                         saved. They used an upstairs room for a
      Bolivia            in New York by plane o n June 28.                                               chapel. A church was soon set in order with
                                                                                                         elders and a board. From time to time we have
                                                                                                         gone over to assist the boys, as has also our
                                                                                                         local pastor. Just recently thirty-five from
                                                                                                         the new, church were baptized in water.

      Sponsors a d H e l p Needed
                                                                                                            The village where the brothers live is
                                                                                                         in a Coinmunistic arca. A few days ago the
                                                                                                         Christians of the village ran out of rice, and
                                                                                                         the brothers were sent out to get a supply.
                                isplaced Persons                                                         Returning home through our village they
                                                                                                         were stopped by national soldiers and questioned
                                                                                                         as to where they were going with the rice. The
                                                                                                         soldiers were going to confiscate the rice.
  ALMOST    EVERY RELIGIOUS' &ganization in the      friends to reach the united Statcs in fairly        The brothers got word to us and we went to
United States is making ari appeal of some           large numbers, let us also meet the outstietched    one of the national leaders to plead their cause.
kind in behalf of the Displaced Persons of           hand of our Pentecostal fellow believers of         W e requested that our friends be given a per-
Europe. Among these unfortunate D. P.'s there        Europe. Let us bring them to our land that          mit to take the rice to their people as they
is a goodly number of our own Pentecostal            they may join with us in worshiping God             had purchased it for their own people's use
saints; therefore, we wish to bring this very        in a free, unmolested way; and that they may        and not to sell to the enemy. A permit was
urgent need of assisting them to the attention       ufilize their talents in a free and indeqiident      issued. W e were thanlcful that we were here
of the Pentecostal Fellowship of America, and        cduntry to earn, their own livelihood.              to intercede in their behalf. W e were thanked
in particular before our Assemblies of God              Fred Sinolchuclc, suPerhcndent of the            again and again.
constituency.                                        Ukrainian Branch. of the Assemblies of God,             These people have come to the Lord by
  W e are happy to share the news that several       has kindly consented to assume the responsibility   families, not j-ust one by one. I t is our hope,
Pentecostal refugee families are already under       of handling all correspondence and the neces-       and that of the Christiam of the village also,
consideration for immigration under the D. P.        sary formalities on this side of the Atlantic to     that the entire village will turn to Christ.
program, and that they expect to depart for          facilitate the immigration of Displaced Persons.    Already about sixty have turned to the Lord.
the United States .in the very near future. This     On the European side, Gustave IGnderman, of
                                                                                                                                    Written June 9, 1949
was made possible through the desire and ef-         the Foreign Missions Department, with two or
fort of several families here in the States, who     three members of our staff there, will select the
were willing to become sponsors of these             right persons for immigration.
D. P.'s, that is, to find jobs, provide living          Informatioil relative to the Displaced Per-          ORPHANAGE I N ARREARS
quarters, and give assurance that the immi-          sons Program may be secured froin Rev. Fred
grants would not becomc a burdcn to the              Smolchuck, 9 East Seventh Street, New Yorlc           T h e Junnar Orphanage, Poona District,
government.                                          3, New York.                                        South India, for some time has been running
   Most of the Displaced Persons were taken             In order that transportation charges fro111      something like $200 in arrears each month.
from their home country during the war by                                                                Those who would like t o help with the ex-
                                                     the port of debarkation to the final tiestination
Hitler's orders, or have since been driven away                                                          pense of the orphanage should send their
                                                     may be met (should the sponsor be unable to
by the powers in Europe. As a result they are                                                            offerings to Foreign Missipns Department,
                                                     meet with such expense), as well as other
a destitute people-they    have lost everything                                                          434 west Pacific Street, Springfield 1, Mis-
                                                     expenditures in connection with the program,
as far as earthly possessions are concerned.                                                             souri, designated for Ted Varsar for Or-
                                                     a definite Displaced Persous Fund is needed.        phanage.
They have become a burden to the countries
where they are now existing. In Germany
and in Austha, especially, they are being
                                                     W e shall be very happy to receive your
                                                     contributions designated for DISPLACED
                                                      PERSONS.        Send your contribution to:
looked upon as intruders. Thcir lives are lives      Foreigla Missions Departnzent,'434 West Pacific        H a r r y G. Downey, State Missionary Sec-
of hardship; living in camp?, in many cases          Street, Springfield 1, Missoii~ i.                  retary, Oregon District, advises of a change
twelve and more persons jammed into one room.                              4+                             of address from 808 McAndrews Road, Med-
Yet these people are tradesmen, farmers,                                                                 ford, Orego? to Box 433, Ontario, Oregon.
builders, etc., who would be more than willing
to work for a living if they were given an
opportunity. They do not have that opportunity
where they ,are.                                                                                                ARE. YOU MAKING PLANS
   Will you join us in finding living quarters           Thelma Hildebrand, Southwest China                     NOW FOR A MISSIONARY
and jobs for these people, or !~elp to sponsor                                                                        CONVENTION?
a displaced refugee Pentecostal family? Our            T H E FORCES OF DARKNESS are marching. on
government is providing for free transporta-         at a great speed, but the Lord is still working          Folders, flags, and helps a r e available
tion from Europe to an American port, and            among the villages of Southwest China.
                                                                                                            in limited quantities. By writing the
will clear eligibility for i~llmigratioil to the       Last year, just before Christmas, three young
United States through the I~~ternational    Refu-;                                                          Foreign Missions Department .immedi-
                                                     men came to our Sunday morning services
gee Organizatios~~ipon.~receiving~~assura~ce that    whom we had never seen beforc. They listened           ately you may schedule the fr;ee use of
a sponsor is offering work antl livi~igquarters.     very intently. At the close of the services            these supplies for your fall convention.
   As other organizations a r e helping their        we asked their names, and where they lived.

Page Tqt:
                                                                                                       too. On Tuesday the other four arrived, and
                                                                                                       classes were begun.

        e t t h e Students Come                                                                           Rosa, Marina, and Cleotilde sat on thc
                                                                                                       front r o w ; Eeonza, Anita, and Juanita on the
                                                                                                       second r o w ; and Celia, Adriana, Maria, and
                         Mr. and Mrs. David L. Kensinger, Nicaragua                                    Ofblia on the last row in the classroom. These
                                                                                                       were the girls God had placed in our hands
                                                                                                       for the six weeks of intensive Bible study.
O W H A T CAN  YOU DO TO HELP U S ? IS God a     decided blessing to thc churches in Nicaragua,        Classes and study periods lasted from 7:30
respecter of persons?                            and we were encouraged to have another                in the morning until five in thr: afternoon, with
   So many times those two questions were        term this year, trusting that the Institute would     two hours off at noon for lunch and rest.
asked of us by the Christian women and girls     become a definite part of the Nicaraguan work.
                                                                                                          Because of the limited time the girls werc
of Nicaragua. For more than ten years there         On April 18 and 19 this year we opened our         given as much as we thought that they could
had been a Bible School for men, but every-      school to ten young students from eight of            grasp. Classes were offered in Doctrine, Per-
one said it would not work for the women.        the churches. The two dorniitories had been           sonal Evangelism, Hygiene, Sunday School
Coeducation, even in public scho~ls, is rare     made ready, a new oil cloth purchased for             Methods, Children's Services, Spelling, Writ-
in Nicaragua.                                    the dining room table, the six-foot clay stove        ing, and Music.
   The questions followed us, and we began to    repaired in the kitchen, and the storeroom
                                                                                                          During the fourth week of the school a
pray. In our contacts with the women we had      filled with beans, rice, brown sugar, lard,
                                                                                                       precious spirit of prayer and intercmsioll
found them sincere, intelligent, capable. and    potatoes, large bananas called "platanos," onions,
                                                                                                       came upon us. I t was followed by a touch of
very quick to learn. Some very fine girls had    and garlic. W e were ready-let       the students
                                                                                                       Pentecost. Four of the girls were baptized in
told us that they felt the call of God upon      come !
                                                                                                       the Holy Spirit.
their lives. W e felt that surely God had a         At six on Monday evening April 18 the first
place for them in H i s vineyard.                                                                         On Sunday evening, May 29, we had our
                                                 bus arrived in Matagalpa, bringing us six
   As we continued to pray the way opened                                                              closing service. During the service the girls'
                                                 students. T h e youngest was only fourteen and
                                                                                                       lives were dedicated to the Lord. The old-
to hold a six-week Women's Bible Institute       so small that we completely overlooked her
                                                                                                       fashioned Pentecostal power fell during the
at Matagalpa. That was last year. I t proved a   until she timidly said that she was a student,
                                                                                                       dedication. W e felt that God had placed His
                                                                                                       approval upon the institute. T h e girls wore
    Top: Teachers-Mrs. David L. Kensinger, Mrs. Elmer C. Niles, and Mrs. Russell A. Kensinger-        white dresses for the occasion.
 and students of the Nicaraguan Women's Bible Institute. Bottom: Candidates for baptism at the            Since attending the short-term school the
 Girls' School and Orphanage, Bettiah, Bihar, India with. the evangelist and national pastor.         girls have taken hold in their home churches
                                                                                                      with new understanding and zeal. W e have had
                                                                                                       reports from nearly all of them. Juanita and
                                                                                                      Ofelia, in addition to their regular work
                                                                                                      in the Sunday School in Leon, have started a
                                                                                                      branch Sunday School i one of the suburbs.
                                                                                                      East Sunday they had thirty children in
                                                                                                      attendance. Maria has reorganized the Sun-
                                                                                                      day School in Subitava and has also started a
                                                                                                      W o n ~ e n ' s Missionary Council. Adriana is in
                                                                                                      a new field and has a Sunday School of more
                                                                                                      than thirty children.
                                                                                                         W e look forward t o a national church be-
                                                                                                      ing established in Nicaragua, as an indigenous
                                                                                                      church is t h e aim for all t h e mission fields. I n
                                                                                                      order that national churches b e established
                                                                                                      national leaders must be trained. Trained
                                                                                                      women a r e essential t o a strong national
                                                                                                      church just the same a s trained men.
                                                                                                         Inasmuch as the churches in Nicaragua are
                                                                                                      not yet in a position to support schools for the
                                                                                                      training of their leaders we wish to solicit your
                                                                                                      offerings for the Bible institutes in Nicaragua.
                                                                                                      A dollar invested in the training of a national
                                                                                                      worker means a inultiplied dividend in the
                                                                                                      salvation of souls. Your offering for the Bible
                                                                                                      institutes should be sent t o Foreign Missions
                                                                                                      Department, 434 West Pacific Street, Spring-
                                                                                                      field 1, Missouri, deaignated Bible Institutea
                                                                                                      in Nicaragua.

                                                                                                        Hilda Wagenknecht writes from the As-
                                                                                                      semblies of God Girls' School and Orphan-
                                                                                                      age, Bettiah, Bihar, India: "Just before Easter
                                                                                                      we had a week of special meetings at our
                                                                                                      school and orphanage. I t was followed by
                                                                                                      a baptismal service at 6:30 o'clock Easter
                                                                                                      morning when twelve of our older girls wcre
                                                                                                      baptized in the tank on the compound. All
                                                                                                      had received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit,
                                                                                                      some within recent months.
                                                                                                        "A number of the girls who were baptized
                                                                                                      were daughters of mothers who were in the
                                                                                                      school and orphanage many years ago. The
                                                                                                      daughters were sent back to attend our school.
                                                                                                      so that they, too, might receive Christian
                                                                                                      training. Some of the girls never had a home."
                                                                                                                  H O L D I N G O N I N CI-IINA
                                                                                                           A Chinese preacher, writing from Shanghai
                  ASSING %E PE                                                                           on May 20, shortly before the Comn~unists
                                                                                                         came in, declared that "although we cannot
                                                                                                         be too optimistic about our future, yet we are
                               Compiled by Robert C. Cunningham                                          quite confident that the clrurclres in China
                                                                                                         will be able to stand the test. W e may have
        A NATION O F SCIENTISTS                        JAPS RETURN T O SHINTOISM                         smaller numbers of Christians, but those who
   Israel has more scientists per 1000 popula-       The Japanese are returning to worship at            survive under the new tests will beconre much
tion than any other country in the world,          Shinto shrines. According to the New York             stronger in faith." Speaking on behalf
states The Jews in the Neews.                      Times, more than a million Japanese visited           of his fellow-Christians in China, he added
                                                   Shinto shrines in the first five days of the          that he was grateful "that so many of our
           T H E "ELECTRIC GOD"                    new year and contributed over 1,500,000 yen           missionary friends have decided to stay in
   In Tokyo, in May, Thomas Alva Edison            in collections.                                       China."
became a god. A new cult has been formed,                                                                  Praise God for all who are holding on in
called the "Electric God Religion," and in         ARM O F DEAD SAINT VENERATED                          China. Let us remember them continually
its creed Edison gets the title Mikoto, and           The right forearm of St. Francis Xavier            holding on in prayer for each one,
its accompanying veneration. I t is understand-    has been taken from Rome to Japan, to be
able for heathen Japanese, who have been taught    venerated at celebrations commemorating the              C H A P L A I N G E N E R A L CALLS F O R
to venerate the sun, to worship the electric       400th anniversary of the Jesuit missionary's                H O M E RELIGIOUS TRAINING
light; but how much better it would be if          arrival in Japan. On its way around the                  Many wartime disciplinary cases were the
they would worship Jesus, the Light of the         world there were elaborate ceremonies at Lis-         result of a breakdown of family discipline,
World !                                            bon, New York, San Francisco, and other               said Rear Admiral 0. S. Colclough, com-
                                                   places where the relic and its guardians stopped.     mander of U.S. submarine forces in tlre Pacific,
      W A N T E D : 1000 V O L U N T E E R S       Thousands of Roman Catholics greeted it.              speaking in tlre annual convention of tlre
   Robert A. Cook, President of Youth for             Many believe there is power in the right           Military Chaplains Association, at tlre Mor-
Christ International, is calling for 1,000 young   arm of a dead saint to perform miracles.              rison Hotel, Chicago, recently.
ministers who will give a year of their lives      But if Francis himself were alive he prob-               "Modern youth is not as familiar with rigor-
to foreign evangelism.                             ably would tell them there is not. R e might          ous family discipline as they were fifty years
   "Our Youth for Christ leaders in 55 coun-       point them instead to the Mighty One who              ago," said he. "Some of us who dealt with the
tries are crying for help to reach the people      is eternal, who never dies. H e has all power.        disciplinary problems of the armed forces were
of their lands," he says. "France alone wants      I t is written, "The right hand of the Lord           not surprised to find a close relation$hip be-
30 teams. China could use 50 teams. I feel         (not of a dead saint) is exalted: the right hand      tween them and broken homes," said he.
that 1,000 experienced pastors of American         of the Lord doeth valiantly." Psalm 118 :16.             The answer to this problem, according t o
churches, forming 500 two-man teams, could                                                               General Luther D. Miller, Army chief of
within a year's time create a spiritual blitz            PUBLICITY EFFORTS COUNT !                       chaplains, is the rebirth of religious training
which would shake those countries. Interpreters       A n article in Anzerica~t Lutheran Fentiotied      in the homes.
have been assured, so there is no language         the reinarliable job done ii; publicizing the
problem."                                           Cardinal Mindszenty trial' in Hungary last                       MIRACLES I N ISRAEL
                                                   February. For over a week the Cardinal was                A n editorial in The National Jewish Monthly,
            REBUILDING HAIFA                       the center of public interest. Stories of his          for May, pointed to Israel's victory and inde-
   The Arab city of Raifa is being rebuilt by      case received top priority in the news rooms           pendence as proof that "in the modern world
tlre Jews. The slums are being removed; and         of America. Baclcground articles ' appeared,          -without     divine intervention or miracles of
millions of rats, which were responsible for an    calling attention to the centuries of martyrdom        any kind-ideals can still win over imperialism,
outbreak of bubonic plague among the Arab          in the history of the Roman Catholic Church.            lust for oil, political chicanery and such
population little more than a year ago, are        The magazine pointed out that the publicity            things."
being scientifically exterminated. The Israelis    campaign must have been thoroughly organiz-               But the Jews who are in Israel, and who saw
hope that in ten years Haifa will be the largest   ed weeks and months in advance.                        the fighting first-hand, nearly all attribute the
seaport in the Mediterranean.                         "The Roman Catholic Church is able to               victories t o divine iirtervention. Mrs. Jacob
   Many Arab residents are remaining in the        'lay down a blanket of publicity on the                Blum, writing in The Jewish Era, says:
city, having decided to stake their future in a    American continent which is nothing less than             "You will* remember those miracles that hap-
Haifa under Jewish rule; and the Israeli gov-      awe-inspiring," i t said. "The conviction of          pened during the fighting in the Negev. Here
ernment plans to put an additional million         another Hungarian churchman, Lutheran Bish-           follows another surprising surrender from the
Jewish immigrants in the Haifa area. A fur-        op Lojas Ordass, did not even get passing              Arabs, which is viewed by the Jews themselves
ther 1,200,000 will be placed in Tel Aviv and      notice last summer.,"                                 as a miracle of God. Thcre was an Arab village
vicinity, 200,000 in the Holon-Bat Yam area                                                              from which the Jews had suffered much, al-
south of Jaffa, and another 100,000 in the                ISRAE,L'-S L I T T L E N A V Y                 ways sniping, bombing, and in the night stealing
Rishon-Le-Zion area.                                 Says Rabbi M a x Kirshblunr, in The Jewish          from their cattle. But it was a village with
                                                 OlLtl00k :                                              many inhabitants, cert+rly more than a thou-
SCIENCE SEARCHES FOR A SPIRIT                        "A young American hero, who occupies a               sand people. H o ~ . f oti&e :it? The army could
   The scientists at Duke University appear leading position with the Jewish Navy, told                  spare for fighting at thisc point only 20 or
to be wrestling with the age-old question of recently how the SS Pancrescent airived with                30 soldiers. But these young men, a g v u p of
whether anything about a person survives hundreds of refugees in company of a British                    Dutch soldiers froin the Jewish Army, could
after death. Dr. J. B. Rhine, one of the labora- destroyer, which was still cruising the waters          not see longer all tlre misery caused by this
tory scientists, says: "Yes,' there is a great around Israel-in      all Jikelihood to guard the         village. They borrowed five armored cars
accumulation of evidence that strongly favors interests of the Arabs. When both ships reach-             for one night, after nruch talking to get them,
the possibility that there is something about- ed the territorial waters of Israe1,'a little Jew-        and then they started for the village. I t was
human personality that can survive."             ish vessel &me out to greet our returning               pitch dark. A s silently as possible they reached
   Bible lovers rejoice when the scientists brethren and the overpolite spolcesmen of the                the village, then gave fill1 gas and drove as
offer tangible evidence to support the truth British Etnpire. An order was then issued to                hard as they could, with all lights toward the
of the Scriptures. But they are not dependent the pro& Atlee-Bevin' craft to be so kind as               village, making as much noise as possible,
oil such proof. W e walk 'by faith, not by to stop then and there. The destroyer had to                  throwing hand grenades and little bombs, shoot-
sight. The scientists will never iiolate the yield to the new, juvenile navy, which had just                                                They went rouud the
                                                                                                         ing their rifles and ~ i s t o l s .
spirit of man, or view it with a micqoscope, made itsa 'appearance upon the horizon. The                 vifiage three times; and suddenly they saw
though they search a thousand years. But the captain pf the Jewish boat later admitted,                  coming a group of Arabs from the village
Bible says man has a spirit that survives 'The guns of the British destroyer looked aw-                  swinging lights and , white flags. The Arabs
after the body perishes (1 Cor. 5:5)-and         fully big. ,We had to indicate in clearcut              decided to surrender before their village would
blessed are they that have not seen and yet terms that $e were already<of age and on our                 be destroyed by this? 'army' with cars and
have believed.                                   O?
                                                   !     lp.,:,         r:
                                                                        j                              , tanks."

Page Twelve
WE TVIJJST REACH T H I S GENERATION                     what they want and are going after it.                are trying to be leaders and are wasting time,
                    FOR CHRIST !                           The only way to meet that revolution is            money and energy duplicating ex11 other. If
                   By Vance Haenrer                     with another revolution, a revolution that began      we spent the time in prayer and soul-winning
                                                        centuries ago at Pentecost. W e need a new out-       that we spend trying to outdo each other, we
   I i Adolph, Hitler could poison one genera-          break of New Testament Christianity that will         would have had a revival long ago. There                                       .
tion of German youth and well-nigh wreck                make a head-on collision, create a conlmotion         must be a wholesale breaking down of Chris-
the world, what might we not do for such a              and precipitate a crisis. W e have got used           tians in repentance and confession. There must
world if one American generation could be               to Christianity; we talce it for granted and          be a fresh enduement of the Holy Spirit. There
reached for the Lord Jesus Christ! The real             what we talce for granted we never talce ser-         must be plain preaching 011 sin, judgment and
issue today is not Russia or the atom bomb,             iously. The early Christians were at contrast         salvation through Christ. W e umst reach this
important as they are. The issue is Christ or           to the world around; we are at comproinise            generation for Christ; if not, they will turn to
Antichrist, God who became man or the man               with it. The world order is not just un-Chris-        Antichrist. And it is so late-so much later
who will claim to be God. The lines are drawn           tian, it is anti-Christian. What some think           -than we think! - Condensed from a tract
and multitudes are on the march. Antichrist             is the world becoming more Christian is just          published by Christ for Ainerica.
has a dynamic movement in full swing. I t apes          Christians becoming more worldly. It is a des-
God and imitates the church. It is winning              perate hour. The tragedy is that the situation          The modern Judas Iscariot is the man who
converts by the millions. Its followers toil            is desperate, but the saints- are not! I t is too     professes Christ and lives for self.-Paul
and suffer for what they believe. They know             late in the day for half-measures. Too many           Bettex.

                                                                                                                                        F or the newly mar-
                                                                                                            ried or engaged couple
                                                                                                            T h e Gospel Publish-
                                                                                           ing House has an unusial type of
                                                                                           "help" books, These.,splendid volumes
                                                                                           deal with the building of truly Chris-
                                                                                           tian homes. Present copies to young
                                                                                           folk-make a small investment in the
                                                                                           most important institution on earth.

           Making Marriage Christian                                                 The Home-Courtship,                 Marriage, and Children
                                           BY STROTHER A. CAMPBELL                                                                               BY JOHN R. RICE
             T h e Christian home with the father taking the initiative in             Says H. A. Ironside, "In this volume Dr. Rice speaks as
           religious devotion is offered as the solution for today's prob-           a pastoral counselor on questions many ministers studi-
           lems of unsuccessful marriage. T h e young man and woman                  ously avoid. H e is both scriptural and practical. A careful
           contemplating matrimony, married couples, and parents of                  consideration of many of the chapters, coupled with a sin-
           growing children, will find here helpfttl ideas. Cloth $1.50              cere desire t o practice the truth therein, might save many
                                                                                     a family from shipwreck." 22 chapters. Cloth ...........,... $2.50
           Home Builders of Tomorrow
                                              BY WARREN D. BOWMAN
                                                                                     W h a t God Hath Joined Together
             A book that has grown out of the experience of Dr. Bow-
           man in conducting discussion groups for young people on the                                                             BY WILLIAM COOK BOONE
           problem of preparing for marriage and home life. Young folk                 This volume of frank, sane, sincere messages on love,
           will like tl$s book with its practical idealism and constructive      -   courtship, marriage, and.the home has proved by time and
           counsel. S o will parents and youth leaders, ministers and                use its ability to answer the questions young people have
           educators-anyone who has a n interest in influencing youth                always had to face-questions which today are particularly
           along lines of successful Christian home life. Cloth, $1.00.              acute. A good, readable book. Cloth ...................,. . $135

Building the Home Christian                                                                             For Better, Not for Worse
                   by J. A. Huffman                                                                                            by Walter A& Maier

   A sympathetic and practical guide to a truly                                                           A complete discussion of every angle of the
Christian home life, showing its possibilities for                                                      subject of marriage and the home. 598 pages of
spiritual growth and the dangers which may lead                                                         sound scriptural teaching, offered in a n open,
to failure. Especially fine for young people                                                            frank, yet sober manner, and appreciated by
just about t o enter into marriage. I t will help                                                       young person, parent, pastor,' counselor. An
every sincere Chiistian in that most important                                                          outstanding chapter (44 pages) proves conclu-
task-living   for God. 143 pages. Cloth $1.25                                                           sively "The Blight of Birth Control." Other
                                                                                                        phases considered in similar exhaustive fashion.
                                                                                                        C1,oth ..................................................................... $3.75

   ,   .
       GOSPEL PUBLISHING HOUSE                                                                                            Springfield I, Missouri

July 23, 1949                                                                                                                                                Page T h i ~ t e e n
                                                                                                            ed that time-piece as she must get to qleetings
                                                                                                            on time, and also her sewing inachine which
                                                                                                            was her living.
                                                                                                               Sutlday the rain came down in torrents. In-
                                                                                                            stead of the usual crowd less than 300 came.        '
                                                                                                            All spoke of failure, but Mrs. Pak had assur-
                                                                                                            ance. She started the offering with Iter sezuir&g
                                                                                                            macltiize. The result-147,000  yen was given.
                          A True Story by J. Eliner IGlbourne-Seoul,
                                                                                                                    OUR HOME FRONTIERS
    For three years our church here in Korea           even if it also meant her life, and the lives           Fred Vogler Home Missions Director
mas completely dissolved by the government.            of their three boys. After the last few words                       HOME MISSIONS
And the reason was their strong stand against          of instruction, he closed his eyes and prayed
compromise regarding the shrine question.              a beautiful prayer for the success of the O.M.S.            An I N V E S T M E N T that pays
(The Christians refused to yield to the                Korean Holiness Church. With that he went                   D I V I D E N D S in
denlands of the government that they bow               to his heavenly reward.                                   * New souls won to Christ
down to Shinto shrines.) During that time                 A s an immediate result of his death, two              *More areas opened to the full gospel
all of our preachers and many of the Chris-
tians went to jail.                  -                 doctors, two nurses and the five men who                  * Additional Christian workers for the
                                                       cremated him, became Christians. The men who                future
    T h e complete story of the sufferings of our      cremated him said that a t the cremation of               * A larger constituency to support our
church members and national co-workers dur-            his body a miracle occured which caused them,               n~issionary program
ing those years will never be known. I t would         five heathen, to become Christians. Iinmediately
take literally thousands of interviews and then                                                                OUR SCOPE:
                                                       following, six of the town's leading men were
-could human lips retell the :suffering?               also converted.                                           The untouched areas of the United
                                                                                                               States and Alaska; the North Ameri-
    As an example of these Christian martyrs, I           His widow, with her husband's exhortations
                                                                                                               can Indians ; Jews ; Foreign Language
would like to give you the story of Mr. Pak,           still ringing in her ears, started out immediate-
                                                                                                               Groups ; Deaf Mutes ; and Prisoners.
one of our ministers, who paid with his life for       ly to carry on his work. After much prayer,
the privilege of preaching this glorious gospel.       she felt God leading her away from her friends,         OUR NEED:
I wish with all my heart that you could have           to start work in the capital city of Seotil which         Fulzds that we may not be forced to
heard the story as I did from the lips of Mrs.         she felt was God's call to her.                         withdraw from our present work.
 Pak. She is one of the most radiant Christian            In a strange city, anlong strangers, God               More fwrds to reach communities which
women I have ever met. H e r tears told of             wonderfully cared for her and her family. One           have never received the blessing of the
 her suffering but her radiant face, of the             by one she led those around her to God, and            full gospel.
victory that was hers.                                  immediately after V-J Day she started a mission.          Faithful Christians who will G I V E
     Mr. Pak, along with the rest of our pastors,       They needed a church badly because the little          REGULARLY and P R A Y E V E R Y
 was taken to the police station at 6:00 A. M.          room was much too small. After weeks of fast-          D A Y for the salvation of souls, and
 His wife was able to visit him only once or            ing and praying they had a revival in a build-         God's blessing on our ever-increasing
 twice a week. She noticed his rapid physical           ing secured for this special meeting and there         Home Missionary program.
 decline which was caused by the severity of            were over 700 in attendance every night. Sun-             All offerings are used 100% as speci-
 the torture inflicted by the police. One morn-         day, the close oi the revival, they wanted to          fied by the donor.
 ing about 8:00 as she made her visit, while            raise the 150,000 yen (Korean currency) need-
 climbing the stairs to his cell, she heard moans       ed to finish the purchase of their church build-          Send your contribution to
 coming from the cell of her husband. As she            ing. Everyone told her if she got a tenth of that              T H E HOME MISSIONS
 looked into his cell she saw two policemen             amount it would be a miracle.                                        DEPARTMENT
 beating him with clubs and they were saying,            Saturday night before the final day, as                         GENERAL COUNCIL,
 "Will you stop preaching about Jesus?" I n a          Mrs. Palc was praying, the Lord asked her,
 weak voice he boldly replied, "As long as                                                                             ASSEMBLIES O F GOD
                                                       "What have you in your cruse?" She told
  I have breath in my body I cannot stop preach-       Him all she had of value was her watch, and                 S P R I N G F I E L D 1, M I S S O U R I
 ing about Jesus!' Then again the terrible beat-       as she was the pastor of the mission she need-
 ing continued. She stumbled back down the
 stairs to fall unconscious on the floor. Finally
  someone shook her, arid regaining conscious-
  ness, she looked a t her watch. I t was 3 :00 P.M.
  All this time she had been unconscious.
     Not many days after that she received
  word that her husband was in the hospital.
                                                                                                                   @.         me          ]1)&?"

  She went to see him and found him in a                For study class or home use, read Myer Pearlman's
  paralyzed, dying condition. They had beaten
  him until he was unable t o move. H e could
  not eat or speak for nine days. On the ninth
  day he opened his eyes, loolcecl a t his wife and            Windows Into. the Future
  for the first time since entering the hospital,          This is a practical and devotional commentary which seeks t o
  he spoke. I n a clear voice he told her that          apply t h e teachings of Revelation t o life a n d conduct. T h e writer
   in a few moments he was going to go to               has kept before him this guiding thought: granted that the mean-
   heaven. H e held her hand and in a loud              ing of most portions will only be fully revealed in the future, what
  clear voice sang with her all four verses of          is the practical message for us today? Throughout there is clear
  Beulah Land. H e then gave a testimony to             explanation of the symbolism. T h e book is ideal for home devotional
   the doctors and nurses in the room. After            use, and is splendid for class studies o n Revelation. Cloth and
   this he gave his wife his last instructions.         paper bound.
   There was to be no action against his perse-
   cutors (if it was discwered that his death was               Price: single copy, $1.25 cloth; 60c paper
   ca.used by physical torture the policemen would          1 0 or more copies to one address, 1 0 % discount
   be severely dealt with by their superiors) ;
   next, since he could no longer fulfill his call-
   ing, he wished that his wife would do his work,       GOSPEL PUBLISHING HOUSE                                                Springfield I Missouri

                                                                                                                           THE PENTECOSTAL
God l ~ a dworked in her behalf and they had                  W H Y BE A T E E T O T A L E R ?
their church. I visited this cl~urchlast Sunday.         Dr. Somerville Hastings, British Mem-
They have a fine building. I t was formerly a          ber of Parliament, writes as follows in The
dancirlg school. The active membership is over        Labor Abstainer :
200, and over. 300 for Sunday school.                    "We lcnqw as a scientific fact that as teeto-
  After establishing this church Mrs. Palc left       talers we are healthier, wealthier, and better
and started all over again. She now has sixty          in every way.
church members and forty Sunday school                , "Abstinence is therefore nothing more or
members in another place. They are in a small
room and have had to move three times al-
                                                      less than common sense-intelligent       selfish-                 Ministers
                                                      ness, if you like.
ready. Now, their landlord is forcing them               "Do let us get it out of our minds and out
to move again. After three days' fasting and           of our propaganda that there is any self-                    Bible Students
praying, they raised 300,000 yen-a       modern       sacrifice about teetotalism. If people want to
miracle. One of the Christians had given               get the best out of themselves and others,
her wedding ring and clothes to help raise            and be really intelligent citizens today, they
                                                                                                                 Christian Workers
this money.                                           nwst be abstaiizeips."
  I wonder if I might ask. "What kind of                 If a worldly man sees that total abstineilce       Sunday School Teachers
Christians do the Americans make?" You have           from liquor is in the interests of self, surely
been giving your nickels-these Christians have        a Christian whose body is the temple of the
been giving their lives. Is God asking you,
"What have you in your cruse?"-Oriental
                                                      Holy Ghost should see that he must not touch
                                                      liquor if he wants to glorify his Lord and
                                                                                                                  a           *            *
                                                              to strengthen the
                                                            a during vacation time
                                                                 or leisure summer

                           Easy-to-Read Devotional Titles
                 to   Add       Spiritual Profit to Vacation Time

     Getting the Right Pitch                               His in Joyous Experience                         CRITICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL
by Peter H. Eldersveld                                 by Norman B. Harrison                                        COMMENTARY
   This book consists of radio messages de-                Meditations on Philippians on the theme
livered on the "Back t o God Hour!'           They         "rejoice." H e r e is the key t o a life lived                         and Brown
                                                                                                               By Jamieson, Fausse~
are splendid fundamental messages stress-               1.
                                                       1t under but on top of our circumstances.
ing t h e vital importance o f ' a k i n g , active    Truth is further clarified by t h e author's             The complete, unabridged, Jamieson,
faith in God's plan for man as revealed in             ,-hart. Cloth 7 5 ~ .
the Bible. $2.00.                                                                                           Fausset and Brown Commentary on
                                                                                                            the Old and New Testaments is one
                                                           "That I M a y Know Him"                          of the very best, if not the best Bible
   The Radiant Cross                                                                                        Commentary that was ever published.
by Paul S. Rees                                        by Vance Havner                                      This Commentary has been out of
                                                                                                            print for many years. T h e one vol-
   A group of unusual messages centering in              T h e author's tenth book-his       personal       ume abridgment did not begin t o re-
the Cross. T h e writer discusses "From t h e          testimony. I t is a record of spiritual qualms       flect t h e immense wealth of the orig-
Cross-A    Radiance," "At the Cross-De-                and physical hardships overcome-enriched             inal edition. W e take great pleasure
rision," "Around the Cross-Envy," "In the              with practical truths in Mr. Havner's force-         in offering you a new edition of the
Cross-Mystery,"    etc. $200.                          ful and charming style. $1.50.                       original text, in six luxurious volumes.
                                                                                                            Dr. Wilbur M. Smith of the Faculty of
      Sumrall's Short Stories, by Lester Sumralll                                                           the Moody Bible Institute has prefaced
   A captivating account of the author's travels among the peoples of many languages,                       t h e first volume of this Commentary
 every color, and varying stages of culture, from primitive jungle Indians of Paraguay t o                  with a Biographical Sketch of the
 university students in centers of learning. Many inspiring instances of God's saving grace                 authors of this Commentary, Drs. Jam-
 among souls bound in the depths of heathen darkness. Fine for illustrations. $1.25.                        ieson, Fausset and Brown. T h e size of
                                                                                                            each book is 6S/sx9%. Thickness 1%
 @    M e e t Yourself in the Bible, by Roy L. Laurin                                                       inch.
   Based o n the premise that situations in life can be classified into 36 basic types, the
 author presents these sketches 011 Bible characters who were conquerors of such situations                      Six volume set. Price $25.00.
 as fear, doubt, pride, willfulness, jealousy, anxiety, etc. As you read these pages you will
 find yourself in the experiences of these great lives. $2.50.

 eA      Book of Protestant Saints, by Ernest Gordon
   Vivid pen portraits of saintly men and-women of modern times. One of the main                              GOSPEL PUBLISHING HOUSE
 themes is t h e revivals brought about b y the lives of these triumphant soldiers of the                          Springfield, Missouri
 Cross. $29.

 GOSPEL PUBLISHING HOUSE                                                Springfield I, Missouri
                                                                                   , -  -

July 23, 1949                                                                                                                          Page Fiftent
        A CALL TO PENTECOST                          and all your un-Christlike motives and pride,      arise and unfurl the banner of salvation free
                                                    and' make a conlplete stxrender of yourself         and full, and a common-sense theology."
          (Continued from page two)                 to God.                                                God must have right-of-way in the Church.
  Do not suppose that I disparage church                                                                   But in spealting of the Church collectively,
membership. But, for God's and your own                And ere this revival can enter the Church
sake, see well to it that you do not put your       of Christ generally, and in its full .power, the    do not let us forget that the needed blessing      .
                                                     Church must have its Bochiin (vale of weep-        must be accepted hy the individual member.
hope for salvation in that.                                                                             Therefore if the Church as a whole is too
                                                    ing-Judges 2:l-5). Its pride and formalisnl
    How can we expect any other state of            its self-seeking spirit, its bigotry and worldli-   dead to rise out of the dust, let not that pre-
things in the churches when they are so full        ness, must be blotted out through the Elood         vent you from seeking your personal Pentecost.
of nominal Christians? The work must, natur-        of Christ, before it gets the power. The               Be subject to the conditions laid down in
ally, be hindered from progressing. The sin-        Church has sinned and polluted its ways by          God's Word. Claim, as you fully surrender
cere pastor weeps and prays, and plans and          touching the unclean thing. The Holy Spirit         yourself, a perlect cleansing in and through
studies the best methods of work, and many          has been grieved and all the leaders of the         the Atonement, by faith. Acts 15 :9; 2 Cor.
of the sincere members do so too, but some-         churches, in all denominations, ought to cry        6:ll-18; 7:l ; 1:21, 22. Then receive the gift
thing is in the way. What is i t ? Ah, friend,      out to the people of God, as they confess their     of the Holy Ghost.
there is "death in the pot." Not one, but           own sins, and call them to repentance. The             As the power strikes you, do not ask God
many Achans, even on the official boards.           constant covering over of sins and weakness,        to "stay His hand." Many have done this
They have touched the forbidden and con-            making excuses for impurity and lukewarmness,       as they felt the power entering their physical
demned thing. They have hid it in their hearts.     will never satisfy the Holy Spirit. The time        being, and have been unnecessarily anxious.
   Now, you may be perfectly assured that if        is come for the Church to shake off her fetters     Does not the Almighty know what you can
this is tolerated your church will not prosper.     and break away from the yoke of formalism;          stand? I t is merely His Holy Spirit taking
I t may keep up on outward appearance for a         and her arrogancy and half-hearted fight in the     full possession of your whole being. H e is
time, so long as you have an attractive orator      interests of Christ must be publicly confessed      desirous to give you the same blessing as
in the pulpit, but the deep work that lasts         and forsaken. There ought to be a general           that received by the first Christian churches.
for eternity, and for which the church is           season of prayer and fasting throughout all         See Acts 10:46; and 1 9 5 ; and Mark 16:17.
supposed to stand, will not be done. You have       Christendom.                                          When the Holy Ghost floods and fills you
lost your first love! Rev. 3:17.                       The appeal made by Dr. Daniel Steele, to         through and throzgh, as H e iilled the disciples
   But, a revival is coming! Praise be to Godl      the Methodist Episcopal Church, applies to all      on Pentecost, you will begin to praise and
There are many praying and waiting souls,           the churches: "Cease living on the heroism          magnify God in tongues, as the Spirit gives
both among the ministers and the laity. They        of your fathers; quit glorifying in numbers,        utterance. I t may not be the "gift bf tongues"
have already heard the sound of many waters.        sacrificing to statistics, and burning incense      you receive, spoken of in 1 Corinthians 12,
The revival is coming; it is coming Hallelu-        to General Minutes; down upon your knees,           but snatches of various languages, o r some
jahl But when it does come, many of those           and seek and find yourself the secret of the        celestial language that the angels and God
who prayed for it will be surprised. Ah, it         power of the fathers-a       clean heart and the    will understand. 1 Cor. 13 : l ; Eph. 3 :lo. I t
has already commenced and the surprise is           endowment of power from on high; and then           may not mean that you are to become a mis-
seen, the consternation, yea, even the doubt
and opposition of many, because it came in a
way they did not expect or care for.
   T o be candid, dear reader, I do not believe
that anything now, short of the same Pente-
costal power that fell on the disciples at Jeru-
salem, will suffice; but when that once falls
on the Church as a whole we will witness
the same demonstrations as recorded in the
Acts, and the same, yea, even greater results,
because the church is more extensive now than
then. .
   You may be prepared for any marevlous
exhibition of the "Power from on High" in
these days. So do not be surprised. If you
want to be in the fray when the blessing
comes, if you want to see the glory of the
Lord as H e demonstrates His mighty power
to save sinners and sanctify and empower His
people with His divine strength, then you must
fall into line with His claims.
   Oh, let us take this matter seriously There
is no time for man-made schemes and proud
and haughty attempts to do the work that
God alone can do. When will men get to see
that our plans, ideas, theories and schemes,
that we are asking God to bless, are only a
hindrance to His cause-so much rubbish that
fills the track where the gospel train is to roll                               with marked effect by pastors, teach-
by. The sooner we get i t out of the way the                                    ers, and Christian workers.
better. W e have to get there where we ask                                           Price, per volume, $2.5q.
God, "What are Your plans, Your interests?             .:   I                              3 volume set,    .
What kind of work is it You liave in store
for me?" Eph. 2:lO. Anything else must be
doomed to destruction, but if we go where
God wants us to go, and do His will, endued
with Pentecostal power-spiritual      dynamite-
we will be surprised to see the wonderful suci
cess God gives us.
  But ere it comes to this, something will                      GOSPEL PUBLISHING HOUSE                             Springfield I, Missouri
have to die (John 12:24) and that something
may he you. You must die to self, the world,

P u p Sixteen
sionary, althougl~ you are, of course, willing      WHAT I S T H E BAPTISM T H A T                     taught in the New Testament. How do we
to become anything for Christ. It was not                                                              harmonize these two seemingly conflicting
received by Cornelius and his friends in order
                                                               SAVES ?                                 scriptures? In Mark 12:39 we read, "Hear,
for them to go out as missionaries; it was a                 (Continued from page three)               0 Israel; the Lord. ogr God is one Lord."
sign and sure evidence that they had received       requested through their mothcr that they           In 1 John 5:7 we read, "There are three that      -
their Pentecost. Acts 10 :46. And besides this,     might sit one on the right hand and the            bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word,
your soul becomes so filled with the glory of       other on the left hand with Jesus in His           and the Holy Ghost: and THESE THREE ARB
God, that you will wonder how the Church            Kingdom. Then Jesus asked them if they             ONE."    Likewise there are three baptisms
could live on regardless of this wondrous mir-      were able to be baptized with the baptism          taught in the New Testament, but these three
acle of grace.                                      H e was baptized with. N o doubt H e was re-       are one. The baptism by the Spirit SAVES us
   Thousands are now rejoicing in the expe-         ferring to the baptisni of death on the cross.     by placing us into the body of Christ. The
rience of Pentecost and the new and wonderful       Certainly we must experience the baptism of        Baptism of the Holy Ghost administered by
light it fills their lives with. I thank God        death (that is, dying out to the old life and      the Lord Jesus SEALS us into the body. Eph.
that I may testify to this fact by personal         being resurrected into the new life) before        4:30. The baptism in water SIGNIFIES the work
experience.                                         we will ever have the privilege of sitting with    is done.
   You become lifted to a higher plane in your      Christ on His throne. Rev. 3 :21.                    FORT   WORTH, TEXAS
spiritual life. This is not the culminating           In Eph. 4 5 we are told that there is one
blessing, but it makes your heart a hot-bed         baptism (singular) ; but Hebrews 6:2 teaches         "If our circumstances find us in God, we
for all the fruits of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22),       the doctrine of baptisms (plural), making us       shall find God in all our circumstances."
and ought, therefore, to be attained when we        realize that in the principles of the doctrine
start out on our spiritual "race" (Heb. 12:1),      of Christ there is more than one haptism              The law of "giving" is the law of "living."
enabling us to be victorious always. I t does
not imply that we receive other supernatural
gifts, such as the gifts of healing, casting out
demons, or miracles. All the "gifts" were in

                                                                                                       Young Folk's Bible
the Church of God before Pentecost, except
the gift of tongues and interpretation, and
practiced by the disciples thamselves. But you
may seek these special gifts as led by the
   Pray, do not mix things! Just at this point                                                          For Gifts and Awards
I find that mistakes are heii:g made. Some
suppose that they have the special gifts because
they have received their Pentecost, and be-                                                           Illustrated-Self-Pronouncing
come discouraged when the supposed results
do not follow. Some, even ministers, are apt
to condemn the movement and say "Pentecost                                                                      BOLD FACE TYPE
is not come," because those who say they have
obtained it do not perform miracles.                                                                Authorized King James Version
   W e would say that it is a miracle that
they have received their Pentecost. I t is a
miracle, too, to speak in tongues. The pro-
phetic message delivered is also a miracle, and
no less a miracle is the interpretation. W c                    Although designed especially for young people, their smaller page
might speak of visions and wonderful healings               'size, readability, and sturdy construction appeal to many Bible read-
that have taken place as real as :hose spoken                ers. All have divinity circuit binding, 16 Color Illustrations, Pre-
of in the Bible, that have attended this won-                sentation Page, Family Register, Self-Pronouncing Type. Size,
drous Pentecostal Revival, hut the greatest                  4x6gx13/16 inches.
miracle is the transformed life and the new
and great spiritual results of that person's life
and work for the Master.
   If the world is to be saved and made bet-            No. 640
ter, it will be by Spirit-filled men and women!
   With this full Pentecost, your heart and                      Fabricated Leather Binding. Black Better edition, red .edges, gold
life become entirely changed. In a truer sense                                                     .........................................................
                                                                'stamped cover .....................                                        $2.00
than ever before it may be said, "All things
are become new !"                                        No. 6462
   Praised be God, it is for all His people.
Christ did not die for a nation, a church, or a                 Zipper Closed Wortex Binding. Black letter edition, red edges,
sect, but for all the world, and H e purchased                  gilt stamped cover .....................................................
the same blessing for all. On His way back to
heaven through Getllsemane, Calvary, and the            No. 610             .
earthquakes and revelations of Easter morning,
H e left the door open to Pentecost for all                 '   Wortex Binding. Black letter edition, red edges, gilt stamped
who would enter in. Acts 2:l-4, 39.                             cover ................................................................................
   "Ask, and it shall be givcn you; seck, and
ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened
unto you"! Luke 11 :9-13.
   You may possibly know all this, but when,
dear reader, will the time for action on your
part come? If you sin any longer against the
light, is there not a danger that God will
"remove your candlestick out of his place"
(Rev. 2:5), and leave you to your own sloth-
fulness of heart and mind?
   Go down at the Cross at once. Put every-
thing else aside. Get the matter settled NOW,
for your own sake and for the sake of Christ
and His kingdom.
                                                                 GOSPEL PUBLISHING HOUSE, Springfield I, Missouri
                                                                                                                                 , Page   Seventeen
                                                        PORTLAND, M a i n e w e have just closed a                         TEXAS DISTRICT COUNCIL
Among the Assemblies                                 series of meetings with George Butin of Green
                                                     Lane, Pa., as evangelist. From the first service
                                                                                                                   The 34th Annual Texas District Council met
                                                                                                                 June 7-10 in the beautiful and historical city of
                                                     God met us in a wonderful way, saving souls and             San Antonio. The convention was well attended
                                                     filling believers with the Holy Spirit. Others              and the blessings of God rested upon all.
                                                     testified to definite healings. Mighty conviction             All the officials were returned on the nomi-
                                                     rested upon the meetings. The heart-searching               nating ballot. Each one present went home with
  TISHOMINGO, 0KLA.-We         just closed a 4-      messages of our brother stirred the assembly to
week tent meeting with the Ammons Brothers                                                                       a renewed determination to press the battle for
                                                     seek a deeper realm in God. The closing night               the Lord,-E.   B. Crump, District Secretary-Treas-
Evangelistic Party. Twenty-five were baptized        of the services found the church filled to capacity,
in water, and several received the Baptism in                                                                    urer.
                                                     and a spirit of revival is still in our midst.-
the Holy Ghost.-Joseph  H. Bowling, Pastor.          Robert Wallace, Pastor, West End Gospel Taber-                 CLARKSVILLE, TEXAS-We            have recently
                                                     nacle.                                                      returned to the church here, to take up our
   ALVORD, TEXAS-We       had a 2-week revival
meeting in May, conducted by our pastor, M. M.                                                                   duties again as pastor. The Lord has been blessing
                                                        BELLFLOWER, CALIF.-For            the past six           our efforts in a wonderful way, and we feel that
Harrison. Five were saved, and 5 received the        weeks we have been enjoying the ministry of                 He is going to move in a greater way than ever
Baptism in the Holy Ghost. The church is mov-        Evangelist Robert Bayless of Hot Springs, Ark.
ing on for God. Our Sunday School attendance                                                                     before. There were 57 present for Sunday School
                                                     From the first service the revival tide rose until,         last Sunday. All Council ministers passing this
rose from 35 to 90.-Mrs.  Daisy Skaggs, Secre-       during some of the services while Brother Bayless           way are invited to stop and visit us.-Pastor  and
tary, Faith Temple Assembly of God.                  was preaching, the power of God would sweep in              Mrs. Willard Smith.
   INDIANOLA, IOWA-We         recently completed     and take charge of the service, and God would
special meetings with Robert Rosin and Bud           be exalted by the praise of His people. A goodly                   LIBBY, M0NT.-We            have just concluded
Lagerwall, students from North Central Bible         number have been saved, healed, baptized and                    revival meetings with "The Musical Mandigos" of
Institute, Minneapolis, Minn. Brother Rosin is       refilled with the Holy Spirit during this moving                Bismarck, N. Dak. God's presence, real in ev-
the evangelist and an able minister of the Word.     of God's Spirit. We sincerely appreciate the mes-               ery service, reached to all corners of the c.ity and
Brother Lagerwall, a lyric tenor, is excellent in    sage of power and holiness and the messages                     drew many visitors to the services throughout the
his ministry of song.-M.  C. Fishel, Pastor.         in song brought by the evangelist.-C.    Andrews,               campaign. Outstanding were the children's rallies
                                                     Pastor.                                                         which filled our auditorium to capacity each
   ANDREWS, TEXAS-We          are happy to report                                                                    week.      The consecrated musical talent and
a very successful 4-week revival campaign with           FOREST CITY, ARK.-We           are able to report           anointed preaching of these evangelists will not
Evangelist and Mrs. Herman Teichman of Ft.           that the blessing of the Lord is upon the work                  soon be forgotten. We thank God for a real work
Worth. A number were saved and several re-           here. We have a beautiful church building with                  accomplished.-Leon       H. Ayers, Pastor.
ceived the Baptism in the Holy Ghost. Two new        the best of equipment, in a thriving ~ i t y , ~ ~ $ $ 2 ; 0 0 0
all-time records were set in the Sunday School.      population, and a faithful group of praying ehr$i-                    A REPORT FROM GREAT BRITAIN
The messages from the Word and in song proved        tians. Yet we realize that without the ever present                We have just concluded a series of meetings
a great blessing to our church.-Leon  C. Quillin,    help of the Lord we could not hope to succeed                   in City Temple, Cardiff, Wales, with Pastor P. E.
Pastor.                                              in the effort to build for God a Christ-uplifting,              Brewster. The Lord met us m a wonderful way;
                                                     God-honoring, Spirit-filled church in this city.                26 were filled with the Spirit, and 18 were saved.
   DRASCO, ARK.-A      2-week revival meeting        The opportunities for us on the local radio sta-                   We have also ministered in several churches
was conductedzhere by Evangelist and Mrs. J. C.      tion are very encouraging. We shall greatly ap-                 in Wales, where the great Welsh revival of 1904
Martin of Hoxie. Several came to the altar           preciate your co-operation with us in prayer.-                  started; and thank God, we could still feel the
seeking God but no one fully surrendered to the      L. C. Ramsey, Pastor.                                           same meat enthusiasm and convictinn s ~ i r i tas
Lord. Several were healed through faith and                                                                          then-kly     in a greater way, as now it-was added
prayers offered by the evangelist.-Mrs.     M.           JENNINGS, LA.-We        were voted in as pastors            to by men and women being filled with the Spirit
Pushkarshy, Sunday School Superintendent, Dug-       of this fine Assembly of God on March 14, 1949.                 in every service.
hill Community.                                      Since coming here, 6 have been. saved and 5
                                                     baptized with the Holy Ghost i n our regular                       From South Wales we went to Bolton, Lan-
   CONWAY, ARK.-We          are in the fourth week   services. Three Sundays ago, we b'aptized' 6 .in                cashire, England, and here once more God came
of the most glorious revival that this assembly      the church baptistry. Monday, June 6, during our                forth; in two nights, 22 'were filled with the Spirit,
has known. Many have found' Christ precious to       church business meeting, -8 new members -yere                   and we left 40 more waiting on the Lord.
their hearts, and several have received the Bap-     taken into the church. We are praising ;.'and                      We are now in Kilsyth, Scotland, where the
tism in the Holy Spirit. Mildred Green of            thanking God for His blessings in our midst.                    great revival and outpouring of the Holy Spirit
Shreveport, La., is conducting the evangelistic      Within the next two weeks, we will be starting                  in 1908 started. Such enthusiasm and singing
effort. Certainly Pentecost has been repeated,       to build a 6-room parsonage, on a beautiful                     and deep hunger for God we have found here! I t
under the anointing .of the Holy Spirit. We thank    corner lot which has been purchased and paid                    makes one's heart rejoice.
God for what He is doing for us.-Joe    W. Adams,    for since our coming here.-Arthur          C. Bristol,             We will go from here to Belfast, Ireland, then
Pastor.                                                                                                              to London for a few days in a large tent meeting,
                                                        ELGIN, ILL.-We        have just recently had one             then on to Paris, France, to the great Pentecostal
   SPRINGVALE, MAINE-We         are praising God     of the finest revival meetings our church has ever              World Conference.-Pastor        and Mrs. Bird H.
for a gracious outpouring of His Spirit at the                                                                       Campbell.
Sanford Full 'Gospel Tabernacle during a recent      known. Dean Duncan and party ministered to us
10-day campaign with Evangelist and Mrs. Rich-       for three weeks, during which time souls were
                                                     saved, the Sunday School attendance far ex-                        SIOUX FALLS, S. DAK.-On           May 29-30 the
ard Vinyard of Kansas, accompanied by Ruth           ceeded all expectations, and hundreds of new                    dedication of the completed church edifice was
Darnell. Ten were filled with the Holy Ghost,        people attended the revival. I t is now several                 celebrated. Wilfred A. Brown was the guest
and several were born again, as night after night                                                                    speaker and brought the dedicatory address the
earnest hearts responded to the heart-searching      weeks since the meeting closed and we are con-
                                                     tinuing to benefit from the revival.                            evening of May 30. District Superintendent W. E .
messages from God's Word. Truly God sent us                                                                          Cummings also participated in this service. A
rain in the time of the latter rain.-Arnold   W.        We also had a very profitable meeting with
                                                     Harvey McAlister as the evangelist. His ministry                Homecoming and C. A. Rally was conducted in
Scott, Church Secretary.                                                                                             the afternoon, with S. E. Johnson, State C. A.
                                                     has a rich place in the hearts of the people.
  MONTREAL, QUE.-Philip            J. Brauchler of   Through his efforts several thousand dollars were               President, presiding. Nine of the eighteen who
Lakeland, Fla., was the evangelist for the opening   raised in pledges to enlarge the church building.               are in the ministry from this church were present
campaign in the new church recently erected by       During the past three years constant improvement                and each of them brought a short message.
the Central French Assembly here. Numbers of         and enlarging has been going on, both to the                       The new sanctuary comfortably seats 500. In-
outsiders were present a t each service. Some were   church structure and in the church itself. I n all              direct lighting, tile floor, and cushioned "push-
genuinely converted 'and some definite healings      this we give the Lord all praise and glory.-C.                  back" chairs are features which contribute to
took place. The evangelist's sound ministry in the   Merrill Johnson, Pastor.                                        making this one of the most beautiful auditoriums
Word was profitable t o all. Fifty 'followed the                                                                     in Sioux Falls. I n addition to the sanctuarv. the
Lord in baptism on the closing Sunday night of           REDWOOD CITY, CALIF.-Since             the first of         building also houses church offices and reception
the campaign. Prayer is solicited on behalf of                                                                       room, a book shop, church parlor with fireplace
                                                     the year God has stretchkd forth His hand in a                  adjoining a 4-room apartment, one large and one
the work here in French Canada.-E.         L. Las-   glorious way. Several young couples have been                   small basement auditorium, spacious rest rooms,
segues, Pastor.                                       saved, and one by one have been. receiving the                 a kitchen, and many Sunday School class rooms.
                                                     Baptism in the Holy Spirit.                                     Provision has been made for a large Sunday
  MATADOR, TEXAS-We              are praising the        The Sunday before Easter we began a two-
Lord for what H e has been doing in Matador.                                                                         School. The auditorium may be reached by
We took charge of the church here during the         week meeting with Evangelist Robert (Bobby)                     either a ramp or inside stairs. The building is
absence of Pastor and Mrs. C. B. Bowen, and          Clark of Bakersfield. The first week we had the                 almost entirely fireproof.
turned i t back t o them upon their return, June     Sunday School co-operating with the evangelistic                   The Gospel Tabernacle is downtown property,
12. During o w stay here, two months and a half,     campaign, using some splendid ideas taken from                  located in the same square block as the Post
12 were saved and 5 filled with the Holy Ghost.      an article by L. C. Honderick, found in the                     Office and Federal Building. The property and
Brother and Sister Hicks and children were with      March edition of "Our Sunday School Counsel-                    building are valued at $135,000.
us for two weeks i n May; 12 were saved ,and 4       lor."    This worked out very successfully with                    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Berg, the pastors,
received the Baptism in the Holy Ghost. With          around 15 coming tp the Lord for salvation. On                 founded this work October 5, 1930. They have
the help of the Lord and some hard working           Easter Sunday all previous records were broken                  maintained 1 8 years of radio broadcast. The
saints, we broke the all-time record in the Sun-     with over 300 in attendance.                                    present program is "The Tabernacle Hour," over
day School. On the last Sunday in May there              The last night of the campaign, before the serv-            Station KELO, 1320 kilos., at 10:30 every Sun-
were 116 present. We had bad weather to com-         ice, God began pouring out His Spirit, which con-               day night.
bat, but the Lord gave t h e victory. T o Him we      tinued in the prayer room on through the entire                   Evangelist Thomas B. Don Carlos of Petaluma,
give the praise.                                     meeting. By eleven o'clock approximately 12                     Calif., is conducting the first revival meeting in
   We are open for evangelistic or pastoral calls     had received their Baptism. Certainly God was                  the new structure. God is blessing. People are
anywhere the Lord leads.-Brother       and Sister     in it all, and t o Him belongs all the glory.-E.      R.       being saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, and
N. L. Locke, P.O. Box 486, Matador, Texas.            Gomes, Pastor.                                                 healed.-The     Pastors.

Page Eightem
                                                                                                                                CRESTON, Station KSIB, "The Assembly of God
                                                                                                                                  Hour," 1520 K.C., Saturday, 10:30-11:W a m . ,
                                                                                                                                  C. A. Nicholson, Pastor.
  ASSEMBLIES O COD ON THE AIR                                                                                                   FORT DODGE, S t a t i p K v a o , "The Bible, God's
                                                                                                                                  Message to Man,       1400 K.C.. Sunday, 8& : -
                                                                                                                                  8:15 a.m.

                       ALABAMA                                 MOUNTAIN VIEW Station KLOP, "Chorus Time,"
BREWTON, Station W E B J 1240 K C . , 'Sunday 1:15--             Calvary ~ s s e m b l ; of God, Phil & E~unice Lindvall,
  1 3 0 p.m., E a s t ~ r e w t o k
                                  Assembly of God, S. M.         Directors.
  Nichols, Pastor.
                                                               SANTA MONICA, Station KOWL, "Sacred Song and
ENTERPRISE, Stafjon WIRB, "The Good News                         Sermon," 1580 KC., Sunday 4:45 p.m., Assembly of
  Gospel Workers, 1230 K.C., Sunday 73 - :
                                     : &8W                       God of Venice.
  a m . , J. C. Thames, Pastor.
                                                               TULARE, Station KCOK, "Gospel Beacon Broad-
GLADSDEN, Station WGWD, 570 K. C., Sunday                        cast," 1240 K.C., Sunday 9:00--9:30 a.m., Full
  2:00 p.m., Alabama C ~ t yAssembly of God, Mel-                Gospel Tabernacle, Paul B. Franklin, Pastor.
  vin Freeman, Pastor.
                                                               YUBA CITY, Station KUBA; "Young People's,
MONTGS)MERY, Station WMGY; "Glad Tidings                         Christ's Ambassadors .Group, 1600 K C . , Slmd;ly.
  Hour, 800 K.C., Sunday, 8:30-9:00 a.m., Monday                 1:00 p.m., B. H. Gwens, Pastor.
  thru Friday, 8:15-8:30 a m . , First Assembly of
  God, Carl E. Perry, Pastor.                                                      COLORADO
                                                                CLIFTON Radio ' Station KEXO "Old Time Gos-
                                                                   pel," i230 K.C., Sunday 7:30' a.m., Paul Reed,
ARKADELPHIA, Stsrjon RVRC, "The Cruise of the                     Pastor.
  Old Ship of Zion      1340 K.C. Sunday 9:00--9:30
  a m . , First hse;bly   of God, William T. Hal-              DENVER. Station KTLN, "Prayer Time," 990 KC.,

  combe, Director.                                               Charles E. Blair, Pastor.

CAMDEN, Station KAMD, 1450 KC., Sunday, 9:00                    FORT COLbINS, Station KCOL, "Minutes of In-
  -930    a.m., Monday thru Friday, 7:4!&8:30                     SPIratlon, 14W K.C., Sunday, 8:05 a.m., E. D.
  a.m., First Assembly of God, A. W. Tanner,                      Beard, Pastor, koveland, Colorado, "Loveland's
  Pastor.                                                         Own Fam. Hour, Wed. 7:W p.m.
EL DORADO, Station ICELD, 1400 KC., Saturday,
                                                                                                                                     These Books S
  11:3&-12:OO m., Sunday, 8:3&9:00 a.m. Rev.                                          12p6:5t$.C.,                  Sunday
  C. C. Crace, First Assembly of God.                           TRINIDAD, Station KCRT, 1240 K.C., Sunday, 1:00
FORT SMITH, Station ICFSA, "The Sunshine Hour,"                   -1:30 p.m.
   950 K C . , Sunday, 8:0&-8:30     a m . , Rev.,, B. Owen
   oslin, pastor. ~~~~~~~l ~
                                       ~ H l ~ sunday, , FRUIT& Station KEXO, "Call to Worship," 1230
                                                     ~ ~ d
                 p.m., ICresse C. Sampson, M. C., Dodson
                                                                    F2;o?esday      & Thursday 7:30         Wm. B r a n d t l
   Avenue Assembly of God.
FORT SMITH. Station K W H N , "Songs of Praise                GREELEY,'Station KFKA "Assembly of God Hour "
   and Words of gfe," 7320 K.C Sunday 9:00 am.,                   1310 K.C., Sunday, 9:001a.m:, V. J. Crews, ~asto'r.           WHEN THE FIRE FELL
   "Bethel Echocs. Sunday 1 0 6 p.m., New Bethel              MONTROSE, Station ICUBC, "Gospel Melodies,"
   Assembly of God. George W. Hirdcastle, Pastor.                 1240 K.C., Sunday 1:45 p.m., E. C. Grauber,                   By George T. B. Davis
HARRISON, Station KHOZ, 1240 K.C., Sunday, 1:00                   Pastor.                                                         A thrilling account of the revival under
   -1:30      p.m., Assen~bly of God, Basil Edwards,          WRAY, Station KWGB, "Radio Gospel Missions,"                      Finney, Evan Roberts in Wales, D. L. Moody,
   Pastor,                                                        730 .K.C.,     Sat.. 6:3&-6:45   a m . , *alro, Mom-          and R. A. Torrey. A challenge to every
HOPE, Station ICXAR, "The Radio ~ i b l e Class,"                 T h u r a , same time. W. Keith Reed, Pastor.
                                                                                                                                reader to intercede for a revival and help
   1490 $.C., Sunday, 10:00--10:30 am.. "The Gospel                                   FLORIDA
   Hour.       Sunday. 1:0&1:30 mm.. H. Paul Hold-                                                                              enlist others in the great work of intercession
      ridge, Pasto;..                                         DAYTONA, Station WROD "The Bread of Life                          for a national and 'world-wide revival. Illus-
                                                                  Broadcast," 1340 K.Ca, Sinday, 10100-10:30 a.m.,
LITTLE ROCK, Station ICGHI, 1250 K.C., Sunday,                    First Assembly of God, '(Transcr~bed program.)                trated. Paper Bound. Price 30c.
   10:0&-10:30      a.m., Robert Sellers. Pastor, Central
   Assembly of God.                                           JACKSONVILbE, Station WOBS, "Assembly of
                                                                  God Hour,        1360 K C . , Sunday, 4:0&-4:30      p.m.     "BY MY SPIRIT"
LITTLE ROCK, Station KVLC, 1050 K.C., Sunday                                                                                    By Jonathan Goforth
   5:30 p.m., Rev. L. R. Hampton, Bethel Assen~bly. JACKSONVILLE, Station WOBS, 1360 K.C., "The
                                                                  Healing Hour," Monday thru Friday, 9:%9:15                       This volume is a record of the way that
MAGNOLIA, Station ICVM, 630 K.C., Sunday, 9:-                     a.m., Cyril E. Homer, Pastor.
   9:30 a.m.. F m t Assembly of God, C. B. Ander-                                                                               God, through His precious Holy Spirit, moved
   xm, Pastor.                                                                    1     GEORGIA                                 and worked in the hearts and lives of men
                                                              DECATUR, Statjon WEAS, 1010 K.C., Sunday, 5:00                    in Manchuria and China under the rich min-
NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Station KLRA, 1010 K.C.,                       p.m.,       Washrngton Street Assembly, Atlanta,
    Sunday, 8:00--8:30 a.m.,         First Assembly of            Jimmie Mayo.                                                  istry of Jonathan Goforth. T h e stoty of
   God, T. J. Gotcher, Pastor.                                                                                                  these great revivals is enough t o move and
RUSSELLVlLLE, Station KXRJ, 1490 K.C., Sunday,                POCATELLO, Station KSEI, "Calvary Echoes,"                        melt the heart of every reader. Cloth bound.
   8:00--8:30 a:m., Assembly of God. J. B. Lindsey,               930 K.C., Friday, 5:&5:15         p.m. Assemblies of          Price $1.50.
   Pastor.                                                        Sec. 4 Southern Idaho District, L. A. Steller,
TEXARKANA. Station KTFS, 1400 K C . , Sunday                                                                                    WHEN THE SPIRIT'S FIRE SWEPT
   9:00--9:30 a.m., Saturday, 9:15-930           a.m., Cen-
   tral Assembly of God, A. C. McGaugh, Pastor.
                                                                                        ILLINOIS                                KOREA
                                                              DANVILLE, Station WDAN, "The Heavenly Glory
                         CALIFORNIA                               Back Home Hour, 1490 KC., Sunday, 10:15-                      By Jonathan Goforth
BAKEIRSFIELD, Station KPMC, "Gospel Gleaners,"                    10:45 p.m., Assembly of God, James E. Hyllberg,
                                                                  Pastor.                                                         This little booklet which tells the story
    1560 K.C., Sunday 8:OO a.m., Assembly of God.
                                                                                                                                of the Korean Revival is considered a >itting
                                                              EAST ST. LOUIS. Station WHMV, "Afternoon
BRAWLEY, ,,Starion KROP, "Assembly of God                         Meditations," 1490 K.C.                                       companion'publication to "By My Spirit." The
    Broadcast,       1300 K.C., Sunday, 8:W-8:30        a.m.,                                                                   message on revival is urgently needed in
   Assembly of God, Neville E. Carlson, Pastor.               JACKSONV!LLE, Station WLDS, "The Hour of
                                                                  Comfort,       1180 K.C., Sunday 7:30--8:W            am,     these days of decline and apostasy. Price 25c.
BURBfiNK, Station KWIK,' "Sweet Hour of Pray-                     Edith Swope, Pastor.
    er, 1490 K.C., Sunday 4:30 p.m., Bern Bixler,
   Pastor.                                                                             INDIANA
CHICO, Station KHSL "Gospel ~                            i    LAPORTE, t , "
                                              ~ ~ d~ ~ ~~ d ~ ~ ~ Station WLOI, "Morning Meditation,"                           By Charles G. Finney
   1290 K.C., Sunday 8:00 p.m., E. Wm. Anderson,                  1540 K.C., Monday thru Friday, 8:30 a.m., Roy
   Director, R. J. Ferguson, Music Director.                      B. Warner, Pastor.                                              The twenty-two lectures that make up
                                                                                                                                this volume tell the why and how of revivals          .
DINUBA, Station KRDU, "The Full Gospel IIour,"                  MUNCIE, Station WLBC, l34O K.C.9              Sunday, 8Z15      and everywhere is evident the clear mind of
   1130 K.C., Sunday,. l:3&-2:oo p.m., Full Gospel                ".nl., ROY J. Davidson, Pastor.
   Tabernacle, Thomas Ming, Partor.                                                                                             Finney and the overwhelming spiritual in-
                                                                                          IOWA                                  tensity and power of his life. Price $2.25.
FRESNO, Station KYNO, "The Full Gospel Hour,"                   CLINTON, Station KROS, "The Living Word,"
  1300 K.C., Sunday 9:0&-9:30  a.m., Full Gospel                   1340 K.C., Sunday 8:3&-9:00 a.m., Full Gospel
  Tabernacle, Floyd L. Hawkins, Pastor.                            Tabernacle, C. E. Thompson, Pastor.
                                                                                                                                   GOSPEL PUBLISHING HOUSE
HANFORD, Station KNGS, "The Light," Broad-                      COUNCIL BLUFF:,     Station KSWI, "The Assembly
  cast ~n the Portuguese language, "A Luz,"
  Weekly, 89-855 am., J. Irwin Rogers, Director.
                                                                  of God Hour,      1560 K.C., Sunday, 9:Ol-9:30
                                                                  a.m., F. J. Fdeland, Pastor.
                                                                                                                                          Springfield 1, Missouri

J d y 23, 1949                                                                                                                                                   Page Nineteen
WATERLOO,. Station ICAYX, "The Challenge of                               MISSOURI                                                PENNSYLVANIA
  Truth," 1090 K. C., Daily, '330-10:W a.m., Sun-
  day, 8:%8:30    a.m., Assemblg of God, Rcv. J. B.    FLAT RIVER, Station K F M O "The Flame of rhe            CLEARFIELD, Station WCPA, "Gospel Echoes,"
  Hosier, Pastor.                                        Burniug Bush," 1240 K.C., an day, 6:0&5:45 p.m.,                              3 0
                                                                                                                                      : -:
                                                                                                                  900 K C . , Sunday, 8@90  am., "Sunday Scliool
                                                         Assen~bly of God, Bonne Teri'e, Mo. Direct from          Program," Sahirday, 11:15-1130   a m . , Gospel
                    KANSAS                               tlie Church.                                             Tabernacle, Philippsburg,
  -8:30  a m . , Monday thru Friday, ll:15-h:30        SPRINGFIELD, Station KWTO "Sermons in Song,"             BLOOMSBURG, Station WCNR, "Gospel Echoes,"
WICHITA, Station KANS, 1480 KC., Sunday 8:15              560 K.C., Sunday, 12:30-1:Lh pm:, Central As-           930 K.C., Friday, 2:3@-2:45 p.m., Samuel Y. Wiel-
  a.m., Assembly of God, Floyd L. Garver, Pastor.         sembly of God, E. A. Balliet, Pastor.                   der, Pastor, Danville, Pa.
                 LOUISIANA                             WEST. PkAINS, Station KWPIII, "C.A.'s of West            HARRISBURG, Station WHGB, "Redemption Tidings
SHREVEPORT, Station KRMD, 1340 K.C., Sunday              Plains,  Sunday, 5:15 p.m., "What The Bible              Hour, 1400 K.C., Sunday, 8:30-9:00 a.m., Leo
   11:30-12:W m., Mrs. Edith Mae Fennlngton,             Teaches," Monday, 8:00 p.m., Assembly of God,            S. Starner, Director.
   Pastor.                                               Rev. Rensink, Pastor.
                                                                                                                NEW KENSINGTON, Station W K P A , 1150 K.C.,
                    MAINE                                               NEW JERSEY                                Sunday, 2:W-2:30   p.m., Monday thru Friday,
PRESQUE ELI?,     Station WAGM, "The Gospel                                                                       7:30-7:40 a.m., "The Bible Broadcast," A. W.
                                                       NEWARK, Station WAAT, "The Pentecostal Mes-                Buckley, Pastor.
   Light Hour,"   1450 KC., Sunday, 5:30-6:OO            sage," 970 K.C., Sunday, 6:15-6:30 p.m., Andrew
  p.m., conducted by .the Wright Evangelists-            Rahner, Director, Plainfield, New Jersey.
  John & Norma.                                                                                                 PHILADELPHIA, Station WTEL, "Ukrainian Gospel
                                                                                                                   Hour,   1340 K.C., Sunday, 2:M) p.m., Bull
                                                                      NORTH DAKOTA          .                      Gospel Church, John Haynych. Pastor.
BROOKLINE, Station WVOM, "The Melody Hour,"            DEVILS LAKE, Station KDLR, 1240 K.C., Sunday
                                                         1:30-2:00 p.m., Lake Gospel Tabernacle, E'dward        STATE COLLEGE Station WMAJ "Gospel Eclioes,"
  1600 K.C., Saturday, 10:-10:30 p.m., Glad Tidings                                                                1450 K.C., sunday, 8:30-9:M) a.'m., Gospel Tabcr-
  Tabernacle, Everett, Mass.                             D. Kidroske, Pastor.
                                                                                                                   nncle of Philippsburg.
                    MICHIGAN                                                OHIO
ROYAL OAK, Station WEXL, "The Revival Melody           CANTON, Station WAND, "The Light of tlie Val-
  Hour," 1340 iX;C., Sunday, 4:0&4:30 p.m., "The         ley," 900 K.C., Sunday, 12:W-12:30  p.m., The          MEMPHIS Sration WDIA "Waves of Lifc," 730
  Radio Parson. Thursday 8:45-9:W    a.m., E. T.         Full Gospel Chapel, J. F: Johnson, Pastor.               K.C., ~ L n d a y , 1 :0&1 :JO 'p.m., First Asseinbly of
  Quanabush, Pastor, Revival Tabernacle, Detrolt.                                                                 God, James E. Hamill, Pastor.
SAGINAW, Station WKNX, "Gospel Melodies,"                                                                                          TEXAS
  1210 K.C., Sunday, 9:15-9:30 a.m., Gospel Taber-     BROKEN ARROW, Station KAKC,               "Tidings of
  nacle.                                                 Peace," 1570 K. C., Sunday, 9:15-9:45    a.m., James   BAYTOWN. Station KREL, "Morning Meditations,"
                                                         C. Dodd.                                                 1360 K.C., Sunday %
                                                                                                                                    W:     a.m., Central As-
                  MINNESOTA                                                                                       sembly of God.
AUSTIN, Station KAUS, <'Benefits of Calvary,#> 1480                     KCRC, ''The     Icings Ambassador
                                                          Hour,"   1390 K.C., Sunday, 8:30 a.m., Gospel         CLEBURNE, Station KCLE, 1120 K.C., Sunday,
  K.C., Sunday, 9:30-10:W a.m., Asselllbly of God,        Tabernacle, Aaron C. Staats, Director.                  5:-5:30  p.m., Assembly of God a t Alvarado,
  Wm. R. Konippi, Pastor.
                                                                                                                  Texas, R. B. Ring, Pastor.
                                                       TULSA, Station KFMJ, "The Full Gospel Broadcast,"
MANKATO, Station KYSM, 1230 IC.C.,         Sunday,       1050 K.c., Sunday 5:W p.m., Full Gospel Taber-
  8315 a.m., Lloyd W. Nelson, Pastor.                    nacle, Glenn E. Millard, Pastor.                       DENISqN, Station KDSX, "Assembly of God Broad-
                                                                                                                  cast,  1220 K.C., Monday thru Friday, 10:15
WADENA, Station ICWAD, "The Assemblies of God                                                                     a.m., Sunday 9:15 a.m., First Assembly of God,
                                                                          OREGON                                  Ernest A. -bIanley, Pastor.
  Gospel Hour," 920 K.C., Sunday, 8:%9:M)     p.m.,
  Brainerd Gosuel Tabernacle. R. S. Peterson. Pas-     ASHLAND, Station KWIN, "Assembly of God
  tor.                                                   Hour Broadcast," 14W K.C., Sunday. 1:-1:30             HEREFqRD, Station K P A N "Assembly of               God
                                                         p.m., Assembly of God, 0. W. Klingsheim, Pastor.         Hour, 860 K C . , sunday,' 1:&1:30  p.m.,          As-
WORTHINGTON, Station KWOA, "Assembly of God                                                                       sembly of God, S. E. Eldridge, Pastor.
  Vespers, 730 K C . , Sunday, 4:30 p.m., Assembly     SALEM, Station KSLM, "Tabernacle Echoes," 1390
  of Gnd Tabernacle, Lloyd Christianson, Pastor.         KC., Saturday, 7:15 p.m., Evangelistic Tabernacle.     LUFKIN, Stztion KTRE, "Clawson A3sembly of God
                                                                                                                  Program, 1420 K.C., Sunday, 1 :45-2:W p.m., V.
                                                                                                                  M. Grimer, Pastor.
                                                                                                                PAMPA, Station KPDN, 1340 K.C.,             Sunday 9:00
                                                                                                                  -9:30 a.m., Assenibly of God.
                                                                                                                PLAINVIEW, Station KVOP, 1400 KC., JYcdnesday,
                                                                                                                  6:30--7:W p.m.
                                                                                                                PORT ARTHUR, Station KOLE, "Healing Revival
                                                                                                                  Hour," 1340 K.C., Monday thru Friday, 8 2 %
                                                                                                                  8:45 a.m., Direct from First Assembly of God,
                                                                                                                  J. E. Inlow, Pastor.

                                                         These two books interpret end-                         SWEETWATE'R. Station KXOX, 1240 K.C., Satur-
                                                                                                                  day, 9:45-10:W  a.m., Assembly of God, H. S.
                                                      time prophecies in story form. Al-                          Cowart, Pastor.
                                                      though merely fiction they present
                                                                                                                SULPHUR SPRINGS Station KSST, 1230 K.C.,
                                                      a message to soleninize the heart                           Saturday, 8:%8:30'a.m., Winnsboro Assembly of
                                                      of both Christian and non-Chris-                            God, Albert A. Clark, Pastor.
                                                      tian.                                                                          'UTAH
                                                                                                                OGDEN; Station K O P P "Calvary Tabernaclc Broad-
                                                                                                                  cast," 730 K.C., SuAday, 8:%9:00   a.m., Calvary
                                IN THE TWINKLING OF AN EYE, by Sydney Watson                                      Tabernacle, F. L. Hinson, Pas,tor.

                                   This is an exceedingly interesting story in which the doc-                   PRICE; Station KOAL "Full Gospel Hour," 1230
                                                                                                                   K.C., Sunday 11:30 l.m., W. A. Vanzant, Pastor
                                trine of the return of the Lord is so intimately interwoven
                                that the reader absorbs it, utterly unconscious that he is                      PROVO, Station KCSU, "Moments &withthe Master,"
                                                                                                                  1490 K.C., Sunday, 7:W a.m., American Fork,
                                being taught, so thoroughly does he become absorbed in the                        Utah, W. J. Campbell, Pastor.
                                story. I t is just the book to put into the hands of young
                                Christians. Price $1.75.                                                                        WASHINGTON
                                                                                                                YAKIMA, Station KIT, 1280 K. C. Sunday, 8:30-9:00
                                  THE MARK OF THE BEAST, by Sydney Watson
                                  There are but comparatively few people who under-                             LACROSSE, Station WKTY, "The Assembly of ~ o c l '
                                stand correctly what the Bible teaches concerning the                             Hour," 580 K.C., Sunday 10:15-10:45 p.m., As-
                                                                                                                  sembly of God, G. P. Brown, Pastor.
                                "Great Tribulation," that awful period of distress that is
                                coming upon the earth during the time when the Antichrist                       MERRILL, Station WLIN, "Word of' Lifc," 750
                                will rule with unhindered sway. In "The Mark of the                               K.C., Sunday, $:45 a.m., M. Vincelli, Pastor.
                                Beast," these facts are most vividly portrayed in story                         RICE LAKE, Station WJMC, "Tabernacle Echoes,"
                                form. Price $1.75.                                                                 1240 K.C., Saturday, 4:30;5:00 p.m., 0. W. Apple,

                                            GOSPEL PUBLISHING HOUSE                                                               WYOMING
                                                                                                                CHE,YEN,NE, Station ' K F B C "The Light          of the
                                               Springfield I, Missouri                                            Cross,  1240 K.C., ~undlay 8:30 a.m.,
                                                                                                                  Dunets, Partor.

                                                                                                                SHERIDAN, Station        KWYO,     1410 K C . ,   Sunday,
                                                                                                                  9:0&9:15 a.m.
     The General Council                                     Have them for General Council
     A great General Council for the Assemblies              Let       delegates' cars be identifie$ with
  of Gpd will be held a t Seattle, Washington
  S e ~ t e m b e r8-15.. This will be an important
' Council. Among other matters of importance

  is election of a new General Superintendent
  since our present General Superintendent is
                                                                              ASSEMBLIES OF G O DECALS
  retirine from this office. I t is of much im-
  portance that the Lord give us one in this                   W e are glad to present this late "As-
  position who can be a spiritual leader. With-
                                                            semblies of God" decal o r sticker t o iden-
  out t h e Spirit we are nothing.
                                                            tify automobiles of the General Council
     Other important matters will be before us
                                                            Fellowship. Attractive when used on car
  for consideration. There are things of im-
                                                            windshields o r w i n d o w ; it is nicely de-
  portance related t o the work in our home
  country. Then there is "the uttermost parts               signed in gold, black, white, and maroon,
                                                            size 3x4 inches.
   of the earth!'       I t sometimes looks like Satan
  has attacked the world in great wrath, know-                 In              for General Council in
  ing that he has but a short time. W e cannot              September, we suggest that every pastor
  but feel that the coming of the Lord is draw-             order one for himself (Style C) and a sup-
   ing near. If God has given us a "last day                ply for his congregation (Style L) a t the
   message," how we need Him to guide us.                   quantity prices. Style L simply bears the
                                                            wording "Assemblies of God."
                 MEETINGS.                                                            Assembly of God Decal, Style C (for clergy)
                                                                                      Assembly of God Decal, Style L (for laymen)
    Prayer meetings, held weekly, in our
 churches, if not oftener, would be appreci-                                     Price: 20c each; 6 for $1.00; 1 2 for $1.50
 ated. Where two or three a r e gathered to-
 gether in the Savior's name, there He is in
 the midst of them. Times of fasting might
 also be added. But let us not forget regular
 personal prayer: Pray unto your Father in
 secret, and your Father which seeth in secret
 shall reward thee openly.

   Would it not be glorious were God t o                                                 Perhaps you've wished for just the right answer when
 send upon the General Council a fresh out-                                           dealing with a soul in error-maybe      have squirmed in
 pouring of the Holy Spirit? These are days                                           helplessness a t wrong teaching, unable to expose it with
 when, all over the world, Satan is pressing                                          Light from the WORD. To avoid repeti-
 hard. W e are certainly wrestling, not against
 flesh and blood, but azainst principalities                                          tion of such an embarrassing situation,
 and powers. Only God can make His cause                                              you will be eager to know of these
 to prosper.                                                                          books which have an important minis-
                                                                                 '    try for the Christian who wishes to be
       L E T ALL WHO CAN ATTEND.                                                      faithful in dealing with the lost.
    Let all who can. be present a t the Council.
  Come praying and continue in prayer while                  Jehovah's Witnesses
  there. Then be present for every business
  meeting.                                                  by Dan Gilbert
                                                               "This book proves bv a multitude of quotations from their
                                                            o w n works th& this seEt is tooth a n d nail engaged in a n effort
                                                            t o destroy all Christianity, all religion, and, as well, t h e govern-
                                                            ment of the United States. I t is a book that should be widely
          orning Meetings                                   read."
                                                                                         Price 25c

    Due to the fact that the Evangel is made up 16
  days before the date which appears upon it, all notices
                                                                     The Teachings of Mrs. Eddy, by W. T. Conner, price 75c.
  should reach us 18 days before that date.                          Lodges Examined by the Bible, by John R. Rice, price 50c.
                                                                     The Gist of the Cults, by J. I<. Van Baalen, price 50c.
                 GENERAL COUNCIL                                     Spiriteaalism, by William E. Biederwolf, price 30c.
    The General Council of the Assemblies of God
  will meet in the Civic Auditorium, Seattle Wash.,
                                                                    .Out of the Labyrinth, by L. H. Lehmann (former priest, now Editor
  Sept. 8 to 15, 1949. I t will open with a C. k. Rally                   of "The Converted Catholic") 252 pages, price $3.00.
  on Thursday n k h t , Sept. 8, and close with a sfnnd              Mormonism Under the Searchlight, by William E. Biederwolf, price
  fellowship meeting a n Thursday night, Sept. 15.
  For information concerning accommodations, write                        30c.
  R. F Ashworth. Housing Committee Chairman, 648
  Wect 80th St., Seattle 7, Wash.                                  Communism and: the Church, by A. M. Rehwinkle, price $1.50.
                                                                   Water Baptism and the Trinity, by Gortner, Gee, and Pickering,
    OLNEY     TEXAS-Assembly       of   God   July   IS-;                 price 25c.
  A. A. ~ i e n Corpus Cl~risti, ~vang(e1ist.-W.
              of                                       A.
  McCann, Pastor.                                                  Roman Catholicism Slays, by Lester F. Sumrall, price 50c.
    TERRE HAUTE, 1ND.-All-summer        Tent Meet-
  ings In progress, N. 13th St. and 6th Ave., spon-
  sored by the First Assembly of God, N. 13th and
  Lafayette Sts.-D.  Leroy Sanders, Pastor.                    GOSPEL PUBLISHING HOUSE                                                Springfield I, Missouri

   J y 23,1949
    d                                                                                                                                       Page Twsnty-ong
  NORTI-I L I T T L E ROCK, ARK.-First    Assembly              OHIO STATE CAMP, BIG PRAIRIE, OHIO                                     ERMA HOLINESS CAMP
of God; A u q 2, for 3 weeks: Lee I<rupniclc, Tulsa,
Okla., Evangelist.-T. J. Gotcher, Pastor.                     Youth Conference, July 30-Aug        6. C. C Bur-             Erma Holiness, Camp, Erma, N. J, Aug. 2 6
                                                           nett, evening speaker. Mnke application to Ruth                Sept. 5. Workers: Paul E. Uhrig, Jack Bierce, and
                                                           Ridqeway, 148 Grove St., Marysville, Ohio.-Paul   J.           Mias Gail Kiser, Missionary. Write James Hess, R. D.
  CULLEN, LA.-Rcvival      Mecting and V B S in            h . r r y , District Secretary-Treasurer.                      1, Cape May, N. J.-Milton    Collins.
 rogress: Mr. and Mrs. Bob McCutclien of Austin.
%exas, Evangelists.--W. D. Taylor, Pastor.                        ARKANSAS SECTIONAL COUNCILS                                    EASTERN NORTH CAROLINA CAMP
                                                             Sectional Councila for Arkansas District. Sectian 1,           Eastern North Carolina Summer Camp, Windsor, N.
 MERIDIAN, MISS.-Tent       Revival, Highland Park         July 28, Rogers, Section 10, Aug 1, Benton. Section
Tabernacle, p u g . 3-31; Gayle Jackson, Sike~ton,                                                                        C., Aug. 14-28. H. B. Kelchner, Bible teacher: E.
                                                           3, Aug. 8, Tuckerman, Section 8, Aug. 11, Parkin.              IL Summers, evangelist. For reservations write:
Mo., Evangelist.-Ira M. Bryce, Pastor.   ,                 -H. E. Shaw, District Secretary.                               Assemblies of God Summer Camp, Route 2, Windsor.
 DUNN, N. C.-~uly'l0-:       Earla McIGnley df Kansas                                                                     N. C.-Andrew      Stirling, District Superintendent.
                                                                          ARIZONA CAMP MEETING
City, Mo., Evangelist.-A.    A. Amerine, Pastor.             Arizona District Camp Meeting, Prescott, Arizona,                        INDIAN C A M P M E E T I N G
                                                           July 26-August 7. Speakers: A. A. Wilson, W. .E.
  DETROIT LAKES, M1NN.-Assenibly          of God,          I<irsclilte, John Hall, and Claude Kendrick. For In-             Sixth Annual Indian Camp Meeting, Hoopa, Calif.,
Augusr 2-14;  Evangelist and Mrs. Bennie Harris,           formation write J. K. Gressett, Box 1511, Prescott,            Aug. 1-10; Robert P r u e t t of Texas, camp speaker.
Ft. Morgan, Colo. I<. E. Olson is Pastor.                  Ariz.-J.     K. Gressett, Superintendent.                      All welcome. Bring camping equipment and camp
                                                                                                                          alongside beantiful Trinity River. Three meals served
  L A K E DALLAS, TEXAS-July  24, for 2 weeks or               A P P A L A C H I A N . DISTRICT' CAMP MEETING             daily. P o r further information write Jack Colas.
longer; D. W. Kyser and P a r t y of Carrolton,                                                                           Pastor, P. 0. Box 82, Hoopa, Calif.
                                                              Appnlachian District Camp Meeting, District Camp
Evangelists.-James M. Woods, Pastor.                       Groonds. 2% miles east of U. S. Routes 58 and 23                    MINISTERS' I N S T I T U T E A N D FORUM
                                                           at Hortanr Summit, Va., Aug. 5-14. Jonas Miller of
  GRANITE CITY, ILL.-Tent       Campaign, sponsored        IAceland, Fia., camp speaker. Improvements be-                   Ministers' Institute and Forum, 7 Auburn St.,
by First Asse~nbly of God, July lo--: Bill Durbin                made: erection of men's dormitary tabernacle,
                                                           i ~ ~ g                                                        Braminghom, Mass., July 28-29. General Superinten-
Evangelistic Party, .with the Hofmo Duo furnishing          several cabins, new kitchen, and i n h l a t i o n of         dent Ernest S. Williams, chief speaker, followed
the music. Hilliard Griffin is Pastor.                     water system.. Bring your 'bedding. For further                hy general discussloti among ministers of questions
                                                           illformation write W. W. Smith, Box 224, Big Stone             hvolved. Meetings open only to m i n i ~ t e r s and wives.
   ELMTRA, N. Y.-Tent        Meeting, E. Miller and        Cap, Va. A. W. Morrison is District Superintendent.            Meals a t eosr Bring sheers, pillow cases and
Falclc Sts., July 13-Aug. 7. L. IC. Dodge, Evangelist.     -Camp Committee                                                towels.-C   C. Garrett, Chairman of Committee.
-.Tohn Bedzyk, Pastor.
                                                           WISCONSIN-NORTH MICHIGAN COUNCIL A N D                                  POTOMAC PARK CAMP M E E T I N G
  SCOTTSBLUFF, NI1BR.-Assembly         of God 6th
                                                                             CAMP MBETING                                 . Potomac Park Camp Meeting, July 24-August      14.
hve. arid 15th St.. July 24-; Hnrry Walker of'Falls          The 16th Annual Wisconsin-North Michigan Dis-                1.ester Sumrall. Camp Evangelist. John Wright F?l-
City, Evangelist. E. M. Clark ia Pastor.                   trict Council and Camp Meeting will be held a t                lette. Camp Bible Teacher. For further information
                                                           Spencer Lake Bible Camp, 5 miles south of Waupaca,             or reservations write T. B. Pierce, 105 Grigg St.,
   ALBANY, N. Y.-Evangelistic          Center Washington   Wis. Speakers include T. J. Jones, Clifton Erickson,           Petersburg, V:   0. L. Harrup, District Superinten-
n ~ t dRobin Sts,; meeting ill progress; Evangelist and          ~ d
                                                           a ~ Tom Johnstone. Camp Meeting, July 2 8 - A u y ~ t          d e ~ ~ E. 0. Dickerson, Secretary-Treasurer.
Mrs. A. II. Vander Ploeg of Toledo, Ohio. The newly        7. Preceding the Camp Meeting will be the annual
f o ~ n i e d Assembly has shown remarkable gain. -411     I~usiness meeting of the District Council, . J d y 2 6 2 7 .              MICHIGAN CAMP MEETING
~ x s s i n gthis way invited to visit us.-Mr. and Mrs.    For further information write B. ' E . Stroud. Waupaca,
                                                           \Vis.-L.   E. Curtis, District Secretary, 1208 Twelfth            FA-HO-LO PARK, GRASS LAKE, M1CH.-
Burton 1% Ellis, Pastors.                                  St., Monroe, Wis.                                              Thirteenth Annual Michigan Camp Meetmg, July 23
                                                                                                                          -August    7. Bert Webb evening speaker. Arthur
       INDIANA BOYS' AND GIRLS' CAMP                              MONTANA DISTRICT Y O U T H CAMPS                        Graves, morning Bible teacher. Special new afternoon
   L A K E PLACID HARTFORD CITY, 1ND.-Boys1                    No?tana District Yout.11 Camps. Classes dufing             feature: "Training for Service" Course for Sunday
Camp, July 18-23: Girls' Camp, July 25-30.            Ages   Inormigs, recreation during aftelmoons, servlces             School workers, taught by Paul Miller, Director
9-15. Gene Hogan, Director. P ~ w lEvans* Committee         ill the evenings. Beavercreek Playground in Bear-             Teacher Training Division. National Sunday School
Chairman, R u t h Helton and Thelma ~ o h d , Instruc-      paw Motmtains, near Havre, July 28-Aug. 5. Evangel-           Department. For reservations contact Michigan Dis-
tors. R e g i s t ~ r e d ,
                          nurse and life guards. Supervised ists Paul and Myrtle Hild, evening speakers. Liorls           trict Council, 209 N. Wallace Blvd Ypsilanti, Mi&-
I~ostiilg, swlmmln.6, hiking and games. Religious           Sunshine Camp ill heart of Rockies near Helena,               D. G. Foote, s e c r e t a r y - ~ r e a s u r e r , '
instruction and worship. Last year over 50 were             August 12-20. Ages for both camps,' 9 through 18.
saved, and 25 filled with the Holy Spirit. Entire           Cost $10. Fifty cents extra for ages 13 and up to                 W E S T T E X A S DISTRICT CAMP MEETING
cost $10. OR^ boy and one girl from each S ~ i n d a y cover cost of hook for R W T C course to be                          Sixth Annual Camp Meeting of the West Texas
School a t half price. Writo Children's Camp, P. 0. given. For i~~formation        write Paul Williscroft. Chair-         District, Camp Tabernacle, just outside city limits of
Box 1020. Terre Haute, Ind., for application.-Roy           man. District Youth Camps Committee, BOX 784,                 I.ul~bock, Texas, on U. S. Highway 87, August 9- 18.
13. Wead, District Superintendent.                          Conrad, liont.

                                                                                                           -              First service, evenlng, August 9. T. J. Jones,
                                                                                                                          morning Bible teacher. Kenneth R. Schmidt, evenlng
                                                                                                                          evangelistic speaker. Special Junior camp for children.
                                                                                                                          Special Missionary Day planned. Plenty of camning
                                                                                                                          space for tents and trailers, but no cabins. Meals
                                                                                                                          served a t camp cafeteria a t nominal charge. For
   Need          help with                                                                                                further information or reservations in hotels or t o u r
                                                                                                                          ist courts, write District Superintendent H. M.
                                                                                                                          Sheats. Box 825, I.uhbock, Texas.-S.     E . Eldridge,
                                                                                                                          D ~ s t r i c t Secretary-Treasurer.

                             LEM AMUSEMENTS?                                                                                       LIVING W A T E R S CAMP M E E T I N G
                                                                                                                             15th Annual Living Waters Camp Meeting. Western
                                                                                                                          P a r t of the Eastern District, Cherry Tree, Pa.,
                                                                                                                          July 22-August     7. District Superintendent A. N.
                                                                                                                          Chase camp pastor. E. 0. Leeper of York, morning
                                                                                                                          Bible 'teacher, Paul R. Ridings of Martinsburg, W.
                             WHAT IS WRONG W I T H T H E MOVIES? by John R. kice                                          Va., afternoon C. A. speaker. Arthur Arnold of
                                                                                                                          1.0s Anrreles. Calif.. nirht sneaker. Mr. and Mrs.
                               -4 stirring, truthful message, bringing to light the vileness and                          Wm. F k e l l of Gree&bur& Camp Bible School
                             rottenness of the movie industry. The lurid ugliness and painted                             teachers. Emma Lazar, teacher of.VBS. Services daily,
       THEATER                                                                                                            10 a.m., 3 and 7 5 0 p.m. Special missionary day,
                             beauty of the silver scrcen are shown to be sirens of hell, beckoning                        July 31, J. Horn in charge; Mr. and Mrs. H. B.
                             youth to enjoy pleasures of sin with certain death as penalty.                               Garlock, jus,r returned from Africa, main speakers.
                                                                                                                          For information write R. F. Bender, 120 Arden
                             Price 60c.                                                                                   Road, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh 16, Pa.

                             T H E HERITAGE O F HELL, by Dan Gilbert                                                         N E W ENGLAND DISTRICT CAMP MEETING
                                                                                                                             District-wide Annual Camp Meeting, District Camp
                               A convincing discussion on the evils and pitfalls of the dance. The                        Grounds on Route 9, Bramingham Center, Mass.,
    THE DANCE                author states, "The underworld proposes by means of the dance to                             July 3 d - ~ u g u s t 14. Ernest S. Williams morning
                             perfect its control over the life of youth and its dominion over                             weaker, first week; Noel Perkin, secdnd week.
                                                                                                                          Charles E. Blair, evening speaker, Grand opening
                             American destiny." Shall we allow it to succeed? Price 3%.                                   July 30. Youth Rallies each Saturday evening. Mis-
                                                                                                                          sionary Day, August 7. Sunday School Rally, Aug~tgt
                                                                                                                          13. Communion Sunday. August 14. Servicqs 10
                             A DECK O F CARDS, by Charles F. Weigle                                                       a. m., and 7:30 p.m Special features each after-
         CARDS                 The "dirty deck" has a terrible and blasphemous~code.Each card                             noon, 2 to 5 p.m. Accommodations include dining
                                                                                                                          hall, lunch stand, rooms, tents. For further informa-
                             in the deck has , a n evil secret meaning. Fact$ concerning eards                            tion write Districr Office, 7 Auburn S o , Framing-
                             which are startling to most Christims. Price 2%.                                             ham. Mass.
                                                                                                                                     SECTIONAL CAMP M E E T I N C
                             TOBACCO, by John R. Rice                                                                       Redwood District Camp Meeting, Riverside Fark,
      TOBACCO                  Co-written by a physician. I s the use of tobacco a sin? Facts                             on the Van Dusen river 14 miles east of Highway
                                                                                                                          101 a t Fortuna, Calif., and 11 miles east of ZAlton,
                             concerning cigarettes; how to quit the habit. Price 15c.                                     California, August 15-28.  J. E. Neely, camp evan-
                                                                                                                          gelist. R. J. Thurmond, cam Bible teacher. R. C.
                                                                                                                          Fulmer, District C. A. ~ r e s i i e n t , in charge of first
      GOSPEL PUBLISHING HOUSE, Springfield 1, Missouri                                                                    3 days of camp. C. A. Rally, evening, August 15.
                                                                                                                          Plenty of camping space on grounds; meals served.
                                                                                                                          For further information write Pastor R, L. Neal,
                                                                                                                          Box 3, Bohnerville, Calif.
   Northern California and Nevada District Boy's and
 (Xrls' Camp, Bethany Park, Santa Cruz, Calif., July
 25-29. Ages 9 through 14. J. Raymond Ton, Camp
 IEvangelisr. I. W. Suter, Camp Director and District
 Representative, 1009 Fifth St., Vallejo, Calif.

   SIIERBURNE, N. Y.-Mountainview       Gospel Camp
                                                                                                Improve -Sunday School Lesson
of New York-New Jersey, District. July 22-August
7. H. B. Kelchner, camp evangelist. Nicholns Nikoloff,                                           Presentation by Using Maps
Uible teacher. For information or reservations write
Pastor Frank Reynolds, Box 127, Canandaigua, N.
Y.-Norman     Love, Secretary.                                                         These     maps are                     Seven attractive numbers:
                                                                                     printed in, six colors
  Indiana Dirtrict Camp Meeting, Lake Placid, Hart-                                  on linen cloth. The                       .
                                                                                                                              1 New Testament Palestine
ford City, Ind., August 1-14. Arthur Arnold, A. M.                                   names of Bible places                    2. Old Testament Palestine'
Alber, and C. E. Homer, guest speakers. New                                          are in very large let-                   3. Roman Empire, Paul's Travels
dor~nitory, improved grounds and accommodations.
For reservations o r information write Camp Meet-                                    ters. T h e seven maps                   4. Bible Lands of Old Testament
ing, P. 0. Box 1020. Terre Haute, 1nd.-Roy      H.                                   cover the following di-                  5. Egypt and the Exodus
Wead, District Superintendent.
                                                                                     visions of Bible geog-                   6. Ancient Jerusalem
      W E S T FLORIDA DISTRICT CAMP A N D                                            raphy. Size 18x27.                       7. T h e Divided Kingdom
  West Flotida District Camp Meeting, Blue Springs
C a n ~ p Grouuds, Marianna, Fla., July 25-Aug.  3,                                    Price: 60c each; 7 for $3.50
followed by District Council August 4-5. Cayle F.
Ixwis and R. C. "Keetah" Jones, guest speakers.
Zior information write G. H. Blair, District Secre-
tary, Box 465 Marianna, Fla.      '                          GOSPEL PUBLISHING HOUSE                                                           Springfield I, Missouri
              SECTIONAL CAMP M E E T I N G
  Sectional Camp Meeting, a t beautiful Lake Murray,
4 miles southeast of Ardmore, Okla., August 16-25.

                                                                             Teachers' Reference Bible
Carl Alcorn of Bt. Worth, Texas, principal speaker.
District officials and visiting ministers will also speak.
T e i ~ t sand cots for rent. Plenty of shade. For further
i~~forniation   write Paul E. Itiggs, Box 191, Ardmorea
Olcla.,-Floyd      L. Poag, Sectional Presbyter.

                                                                                  WITH CONCORDANCE
   Sectional Camp Meeting, Woodward Section of
Oklahoma District, Crystal Beach Pa&, Woodward,
                                                               Contains these special features:
Olcla., July ,22-30. District Secretary Robert E.r
Goggin, evening spenlwr. Visiting and local minis-'            HARMONY O F T H E                                         F E A S T DAYS
ters will speak mor~iings and afternoons. For room                GOSPELS                                                MIRACLES
inforination write Pastor E. A. Willeford, 914 \yeb-
ster, Woodward, ,Okla.-Olen    B. Cossey, Sectional            SYNOPSIS O F EACH BOOK                                    PARABLES
I'resbyter.                                                                                                              H I S T O R Y O F T H E BIBLE
                                                               J E W I S H SECTS
  ICansau District Camp Meeting, 5 miles west of                  This Teacher's Reference Bible contains many unusual features and
Alton, 3 miles east of Woodston, on Highway. 24,
August 2-11. Speakers: Harold Horton, mornlng;                 aids. One exclusive feature is use of stars (A) to indicate Old Testament
Wm. E. Kirschke, evening. Tents and cots for
rent. but each one required to bring own bedding.              passages; containing Messianic prophecies. Each has Divinity Circuit Bind-
ecc. Tourist cabins in nearby towns. Diniiig hall and          ing, Concordance, 60,000 Center Column References, Geographical Index,
lunch stand on grounds.-Paul    C. Samuelson, Secre-
tary-Treasurer, 1009 S. Broadway, Wichita 11, Kan-             Illustrated Bible Readers' Aids, S Color Illustrations, 8 Halftones, 16
sas.                                                           Color Maps, Presentation Page, Fanlily Register, Self-Pronouncing Type.
  Sewnd Annual Central Texas Camp Meeting,
Neff State P a r k , on bank of Leon River, 28 miles
southwest of Waco,
J$y 27-August
                         miles southwest of McGregor,
                    7. Bracy I. Greer of Ft. Worth,
                                                                                             No. 203C. GENUINE LEATHER BINDING AND
                                                                                                        LINING. Red letter edition, gold (over
mght speaker; John C. Reel of Joinerville, mornmg                                                      red) edges, gold stamped cover. 2 silk mark-
speaker. Afternoon speakers to be selected f ~ o m                                                      em, headbands. Size 5%x8x1% inches ........$7.50
visiring ministers. For reservations or informatioa
write Pastor Woodrow Wilson, 916 A d a ~ n v St., Mc-                                        NO. 253C. GENUINE LEATHER BINDING, LEATH-
Gregor, Texas.
                                             C                                                         ER LINED. Black letter edition, .gold
    SOUTHERN MISSOURI CAMP MEETING                                                                      (over red) edges, gold stamped cover, 2
  Boys' Camp, agos 9-14,          July 18-23. Cost $7.50.                                               silk markers, headbands. Size 5%x8x1%
Clyde Gunter, District C. A. President, in charge.
Girls' Camp, ages 9-14, July 25-30. Cost $7.50. Mrs.                                                    inches ........................................................................ 7.25
J. L. Shaffer in change. Youth Conference, ages
15-35,   Aug 1-6. Cost $10.00. Clyde Gunter In                                               NO. 201C. FABRICATED LEATHER BINDING. Red
charge. Bernice Vandermerwe, night speaker. Sourll-                                                    letter edition, gold (over red) edges, gold
ern Missouri District Camp Grotinds, Lake of the                                                       stamped cover, silk marker, headbands. Size
Ozarks near Eldon Mo. 'For information write As.
=emblei of God ~ i k t r i c tOffice. 424 Woodruff Bldg.,                                              5% ~ 8 ~ 1 %   inches ................................................ 5.75
Springfield, Mo.
                                                                                             No. 204C WORTEX BINDING. ' Red letter edition;
        MICHIGAN MINISTERS' SEMINAR                                                                   red edges, gift stamped cover, headbands.
Annual Mich~gan Ministers' Sein~iiar, August 8-12
                                                                                                      Size 5 s x 8 x 1 % inches ........................................ 2.75
and 15-19. Faculty includes C. W. H. Scott, Princi-
pal: R. Elmer Baker, Arthur S. Graves, a~:d C.. P.
Melvin. Cost $12 per. week or $20 for entlre t m e .
Mail npplications t o Michigan District Council, 209                   elect, 4% whom                     14 I have long time holden my
N. Wallace Blvd. Ypsilanti, Mich.-D.     G. Foote,
Secretary-Treagurer.                                                 th; CI have put .is, 20:            peace; I have been still, and re-
                                                                       : he shall bring                  frained myself: now will I cry like
                                                                     he &n'tilep.     Jr     k.,,        a travailing woman ; I will destroy
Annual Youth Conference, August 8-19, under direc-                    , nor lift up, nor c ce. 11.2.
                                                                                                " 34'
                                                                                                         and 7devour at once.
tion of State C. A. President Arnold Q. Hashman.                      be heard in the                     15 I will make waste mountaim
I'svening speaker, Paul Hild. Other faculty members:                                                     and hills and dr u all their herbs.
R. E Baker, C. P . Melvin, and Arthur S. Graves.
Cost, $22 for entire time; 5 days or more, $2 per
day. Mail application to Michigan District Council.
209 N. Wallace Blvd., Y~silanti, Mich.-D.
                                            G. Foote,        GOSPEL PUBLISHING HOUSE                                                           Springfield I,            Missouri

July 23, 1949                                                                                                                                            Page Twenty-threc
                                                                   NEW ADDRESS--“Have resigned as C. A. Presi-                              BROADCAST-“Radio         Revival Hour” by remote
                                                                 dent of the Northwest District, and am engaged in                        control direct from the auditorium of Assembly of God,
                                                                 evangelistic work. Home address: 538% S. Chelan                          Orange and Maple Streets, Orange, Calif., Sundays.
                                                                 Ave., Wenatchee, Wash.“-Norman L. Gardner.                               6:00-6:30 p.m. Station KVOE, 1480 kilos.: and
                                                                   NEW ADDRESS-Box 117, Arroyo Grand% Calif.                              Sctndays, 7:&7:30 p.m., Station KVOE, 96.7 M.C.-
                                                                 “After 3% years in evangelistic work, we have                            FM.-Fred      D. Stading, Speaker.
                                                                 accepted the pastorate here.“-Mr. and Mrs. M. E.                            NOTICE-We      are now holding services in our
                                                                 Edmunson.                                                                new church building, though it is fnr from completed.
  Space for address or church announcement                         NEW ADDRESS-After         pastoring the church at                      If those having relatives or friends in or “ear Espanola,
                                                                 Clnsksville, Texas, for B year, we have resigned                         N. Mex., \vill send us their names and addresses, we
                                                                 and have accepted the pastorate of the Assembly at                       shall be glad to contact them. Lloyd Munaker is our
                                                                 232 S. E. Fourth St., Cooper, Texas,.-Pastor and                         pastor. Send Mrs. Fritz Law, Secretary,
     ILLINOIS     DISTRICT CAMP MEETING                          Mrs. Walter Duncan.                                                      ;re;blLyo;f    God Mission, Route 1, Box 138, Espan-
                                                                                                                                              . .      .
 I’lhb ~nnn=l
   , . ..        Cam” MretinP. of the Illinois Dis-                BROADCAST-“Radio        Gospel Mission,” daily ex-
trier Co~~~i;-bla-~~~~--~I;~~~~usLa Grounds, Peters-             cept Sunday, Station KWGB, Goodland, Kansas,                               NEW ADDRESS-Hardin, MO. “We have accepted
burg, Ill., July 23-31. A. M. Alber! camp teacher.               780 on dial, 6:OC-6:30 a.m., Mountain Standard time.                     the pastorate here.“-Pastor and Mrs. R. F. Cun-
M. M. Brewer, Jr., C. A. Speaker. Wilfred A. Brown,              Address mail ro W. Keith Reed, Box 7, Wray, Cola.                        ningham.
camp evangelist. Hotel and cottage reservations should
be sent to J. H. Crouch, Box 94, Pocahontas, Ill.. Ac-
commodations provided for all who come eve” if no
reservations are available. M. M. Brewer, 76 E.
Tenninrrs St.. Wood River. Ill., camp manager.-W.
~<~~~~~W$&“sb”, Dibtrict Superintendent.
                                T)istrict    Couucil   will be
                                                                  Brand-new          Set
                                                                       dRUClFlXlON          AND         RESURRECTION
                                                                       No. 2181.    In full cqlor, here is a brand-
                                                                  new set of six pages of figures to dramatically
ROCKY MOUNTAIN DISTRICT CAMP MEET1N.G                             tell the story of Christ’    s crucifixidn    and resur-
   Annual Camp Meeting of the Rocky Mountain Dis-                 rection.    Enough .for ten scene4 covering           the
trict, on the Camp Grounds “ear Denver, August                    Prayer in the Garden, the Betrayal,            the Trial
2-12. W. I. Evans, morning Bible teacher: B. Owen                 Befote Pilate,     Carrying      the Cross, the Cruci-
Oslin, evening evangelist. For reservation info5r7;2;tioSr
write District Secretary, R. G. Folford,                          fixion, Women at the Tomb, Jesus’ Appearance
Broadway, Littleton, Cola.-J. E. Austell, Districi                to Mary, Two Appearances,           and the Ascension.
Superintendent.                                                        The 26 subjects are all large size on 11x 14-
             LAKEVIEW      GOSPEL CAMP                            inch sheets of special flannel-adhering            stock.
                                                                  Ready to cut and use. No pasting or mounting
                                                                   or coloring    necessary.              s
                                                                                                   Teacher’   manual     in-
                                                                  cluded.    Low in price, each set in
                                                                               __.____ _.__  ..__._ ___________.._.
                                                                   envelope __.__ _______._ __.._            ___________._.

                                                                                                               Just                Off   the Paess . . ,
secretary.                                                                                                                MISSIONARY                  PICT-O-GRAPH STORIES
TENNESSEE       DISTR;C&Cc+EP               MEETING     AND                                                              No.
                                                                                                                          2186.   Appealing    new Pi&-O-Graph          set, beauti-
                                                                                                                fully printed   in full color.    Nine complete and original
  Tennessee Di&rict Camp Meeting, ‘    August 9-18                                                              missionary stories featuring     South America, Africa, India,
Bethesda Camp Grounds, near Nashville. Tennessue
District Council will convene the last three days of                                                           .Tibet, China, Japan, Korea, Philippine          Islands, and the
the Canlp. Special days for C.A.s and W. M. C.‘   S.                                                            ielanda of the South Pacific.         Large-&e       figures, with
Wesley K. Steelberg, guest speaker for Camp Meet-                                                               three or more .sceues to each story. Six she%& 10% x.13%
ing and Council. W. G. White, District Supermten-                                                               inches, of special flandel-adhering      stock.     Ready to cut
dent-H. E. Darnell, District Secretary, P. 0. Box
385, Madison, Term.                                                                                                                                   s
                                                                                                                out and use. Included is teacher’ manual with all nine
                                                                                                                stories and detailed instructions     for constructing
                  OPEN FOR CALLS                                                                                                                                          _..___
                                                                                                                each scene. Each sef in envelope __.__.......____.___...~.. .OO$1
                 Evangelistic or Pastoral
  Floyd W. Baker, P. 0. Box 623, Chowchilla, Calif.
---“Open for evangelistic or pastoral calls in the                 L        --.---h-b-....
sn1aller cllurclles. Wife and two girls in fanlily.                                                 I          Old             .T@amenf            Set
1,icensedwith Northern Cnlifornia and. Nevada District.
Referencea”                                                                         JOSEPH,         MOSES,;                ~&ID
   J. A. Roberts, 7Oi E. Carter St., Mario”,,>Ill.’                     NO. 1133. Twenty-f our large Lheets, 11 x 14 inches,, con-
“As I have given up, the, pastorote of F$th Iaber-                 taining enough figures to illustrate      si-&-one       iucidents In the
nacle, 415 Mildred St., Montgomery,             and as
Sister Roberts pnssed on to be with th:‘     Lord    on            lives of Joseph, Moses, apd David.’ 1“ Beautifully‘                 colored.
June 13, 1 am open for calls, either evangelistic or               Ready to use.. Every: subject provide&&              brilliant    color and
pastoral. Experienced pastor, radio minister, con-                 printed on special IIannelGLh~ring         qzq@$ Just cut out and
vention speaker, and Sunday School worker. In
fellowship with General Council. Travel alone. Refer-              use. No mounting,     nb past;ing, n~~Q$$&lg            necessary.
ence: T. -1-I. Spence, Superintendent Alabama DIS-                     Full instructions                          6r’
                                                                                           in 24-page teapli’ s manual.                 Thirty-
trict, Box 2171, Montgomery Ala., or Howard P.                     seven of .the incidents    are illustrat.&d to show just how to
Trawick, District Secretary, P. 0. Box 276, Slocpinb,                                                 ar&nge       the various figures in
~\la. No place too small, no place too large. Wdhng
to fill in for some Pastor going to General Council.”                                                 “building’:      your story,         Com-
   Louis Kaplan, Z-50 49th St:,’ Astoria, N. Y.-                                                                     ,         i
“Open for evangelistic calls. AvaIlable during summei                                                   ..      ,’
months only. Now director of Youth for Christ                                                                N&b.         Tesfamenf             Set
rallies in Tinres Square, New York City. Fifteen
years in ministry. Hebrew Christian. Travel alone.”                                                                                           LIFE OF CHRIST
 NEW ADDRESS-1895 Rose Ave., San Marina 9,                                                                     NO. 1030. An. earlier series, but on the life of Christ.
Calif.-Albin G. Johnson.                                                                                   Total of thirty-two     large sheets, 11x 14 inches, providing
  NEW ADDRESS-5361 W. Adains Blvd., Los                                                                    enough cut-outs to illustrate      fifty-two incidents     in the life
Angeles 16, Calif. “I have left -the evangelistic field.                                                   of Christ.   Also printed    on the new flannel-adhering            paper.
God laid it on .o”r hearts to open a work at 5359                                                         Figures are in outline.       Children can color subjects first as
W. Adntns Blvd., Los. Angeles,, Calif. Conncil minis-
ters will find a welcot”e.“-Myrtle’ Driniel; Pastor... ..,.-.                                              a handwork    proj,eet, and then the teacher can cut.‘       them out
                                                                                                           and use in class to bring the Bible story to life. Also
  NEW ADDRESS-Frederick, Okla. “After spending                                                                    s
                                                                                                          teacher’ manual with simple instructiong.          Price..........$f..50
two y&s BS pastors of Assembly of God,                                                       “... ,_
we have accepted the pastorate here. Council minis-
ters passing this way are invited to visit US, and
will find a hearty welcoine at our church.“-Mr. and                GOSPEL         PUf$LlSHlNG                HOUSE                                              Springfield I, Missouri
Mrs. Charles M. Rhodes.

 Page Twenty-four                                                                                                                                         THE     PENTECOSTAL         EVANGEL

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