2010 Census Geographic and Cartographic Products

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					2010 Census Geographic and
   Cartographic Products
    2010 Census Geographic Product

•   TIGER/Line Shapefiles
•   Cartographic Boundary Files
•   Reference Maps
•   Thematic Maps
•   Relationship Files
•   Geographic Reference
•   Reports
         TIGER/Line Shapefiles
• 2010 Census-based geography
   –State-by-State beginning in Dec. 2010
   – National in early-mid 2011
   – Urban/Rural in mid-late 2012
   – 113th Congressional Districts in Jan. 2013

  •Releases timed with 2010 Census data
         New TIGER/Line Shapefiles
• Individual Road, Rail, and Linear Water
  –   National Primary Roads
  –   State Primary and Secondary Roads
  –   County all Roads
  –   National Rail
  –   County Linear Water
  • Additional state-based shapefiles
  • National Congressional Districts
  What’s New in 2010 TIGER/Line
• Results of Address Canvassing and Other
  Update Operations

  – Updated address ranges

  – New street features
   Cartographic Boundary Files
• Designed for small scale thematic mapping
• Generalized files
• Target scale range 1:500,000 to 1:5,000,000
•Files are significantly smaller than the
TIGER/Line Shapefiles
• Boundary Files are clipped to shoreline
•Should not be used for area calculations,
geocoding, etc.
Cartographic Boundaries vs.
  TIGER/Line Shapefiles
             Reference Maps
•   Congressional District maps
•   American Indian/Alaska Native Areas maps
•   County Blocks Maps
•   Voting District Outline Maps
•   State Legislative District Outline Maps
•   Census Tract Outline Maps
•   County Subdivision Outline
•   ZIP Code Tabulation Area Outline Maps
•   Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical
Reference Map – Block Maps
              Thematic Maps
•   Loss and Gain of Seats in Congress by State
•   Population Distribution (“Nighttime”) Map
•   Population Density
•   Population Change, 2000-2010, by county
•   Centers of Population
•   Urban Areas of the United States
              Relationship Files
•   2000 Tabulation Block to 2010 Collection Block
•   2000 Tabulation Block to 2010 Tabulation Block
•   2010 Collection Block to 2010 Tabulation Block
•   2000 Census Tract to 2010 Census Tract
•   ZIP Code Tabulation Areas to Core Based Statistical
•   ZIP Code to Core Based Statistical Area
•   Census Tract to ZIP Code Tabulation Area
•   Census Tract to ZIP Code
•   ZIP Code to ZIP Code Tabulation Area
       Geographic Reference
• Gazetteer Files
  – Counties
  – County subdivisions
  – Places
  • Geographic Area Inventory Lists (with
    population, housing units, and land area)
  • Geographic Identification Code Scheme
  • Geographic Change Notes
  • Geographic Terms and Concepts
  • Geographic Area Data Dictionary
      Exploring New Technology
• Web Mapping Applications
  –   On-Line Census Geography Atlas
  –   Download Maps & Shapefiles through map
  –   Geographic Reference
  –   Thematic Mapping

• Geo-Referenced PDF Maps
  –   Incorporates layers that can be turned on and off
  –   Dynamic Linking to other maps
  –   Can be used as a background in a GIS
  –   Meets needs in between paper map and full GIS
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