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PowerPoint Presentation - Connecticut Health Foundation


           September 27, 2010 12:00PM-1PM
Welcome and Webinar Overview

• RFP important concepts and information

• 20 minute Q&A
   – Questions may be submitted in writing any time
   – Questions may be verbalized during Q&A by “raising your

• 2 minute evaluation at end
RFP Rationale

• Role health policy research and advocacy play in
  fulfilling CT Health’s mission and strategic objectives

• Health policy and grantmaking coming together in RFP

• Relevance of policy research and advocacy in the face
  of impending governmental changes
About the Connecticut Health Foundation

• History, mission, theory of change, priority areas
About the Connecticut Health Foundation

Oral Health Goal: Improve the oral health of children from low-income families by supporting the
incorporation of oral health at every point where children and their families intersect with health
care, human service and education systems.

Oral Health Objective #1           Oral Health Objective #2           Oral Health Objective #3

Support institutionalization of    Support increasing the number      Support the implementation of
family oral health promotion and   of patient- and family-centered    school-focused policies and
links to “dental homes” into       “dental homes” providing care in   systems that promote family
health care, human service and     coordination with the primary      oral health and links to “dental
education systems to increase      medical provider for pregnant      homes” to increase the number
the number of pregnant women       women and children aged 0-5        of children enrolled in the
and children aged 0-5 years        years from low income families.    national school lunch program
from low-income families                                              who are caries free or have
receiving dental prevention and                                       completed dental treatment.
About the Connecticut Health Foundation

 Children’s Mental Health Goal: Reduce the number of at-risk children ages 6-14 entering
 intensive treatment and/or the juvenile justice system due to mental health problems.

 Children’s Mental Health Objective #1             Children’s Mental Health Objective #2

 Promote a community-based system of early         Support developing and disseminating
 identification and intervention for children at   knowledge in early identification and effective
 risk of mental health problems.                   interventions relating to children’s mental
About the Connecticut Health Foundation

 Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities Goal: Decrease racial and ethnic health disparities.

 Racial and Ethnic Disparities Objective #1          Racial and Ethnic Disparities Objective #2

 Create public will to eliminate racial and ethnic   Improve the quality of systems that enhance
 health disparities.                                 patient-provider interactions toward more
                                                     equitable treatment and outcomes for patients
                                                     of color.
About the Connecticut Health Foundation

  Cross Priority Area Policy Interests

  Policy research and advocacy related to public programs that affect the health of large
  numbers of underserved Connecticut residents, particularly Medicaid, HUSKY, and health
  care reform issues that span the three priority areas.
Need and Opportunity

• What we heard from grantees and partners

• The power of policy research + strategic
  communications and advocacy
Project Scope

• Purpose: Equip advocates and decision makers with
  timely, actionable health policy data during upcoming
  local, state, and federal election seasons and legislative

• Health Advocacy Definition: Efforts to educate
  decision-makers, community leaders, and community
  members about health-related public policy issues

               This opportunity will not support lobbying
     (see Alliance for Justice’s “What is Lobbying”
Project Scope

• 18-months (research,                Examples of Research Activities
  product production,                 • Polling
  dissemination and                   • Legal/regulatory analysis
  action-oriented                     • Economic analysis
  advocacy)                           • Evaluation of public programs
                                      • Survey research
                                      • Focus groups
• Four awards each up
                                      • 2ndary analysis of datasets
  to $50,000

  This opportunity is NOT intended to support scientific or academic research
Grantee Requirements

• 2-3 meetings with CT Health Representatives
   – discuss and refine research question(s),
     methodology, and advocacy objectives
   – review findings and discuss communications,
     dissemination, and advocacy plans
  Grantees may request a preliminary meeting with CT Health for
  assistance identifying an external consultant or technical
  assistance provider

• Progress report at six month intervals

• 501(c)(3) organization or fiscal agent

• Out-of-state applicants must demonstrate CT
  benefit and existing CT relationships

• Academic institutions and public entities NOT
  eligible to apply unless acting as supporting

• Current CT Health grantees may apply
Proposals Must Be Responsive to Grant
1) Generate timely, actionable health policy data, analysis, and/or
recommendations that advance CT Health’s strategic objectives.

2) Support the use of research findings to             3) In one or more of the following ways,
   do two or more of the following:                    increase the capacity of nonprofit
                                                       organizations to:
   -Increase the knowledge base about a health
   issue amenable to policy solutions                            -Conduct or commission policy
     -Evaluate outcomes or impact of current or
     future health policy
                                                                 -Translate and integrate
                                                                 research findings for action
     -Stimulate public debate about a health
                                                                 oriented advocacy/policy
     policy issue to raise its profile on the public
                                                                 -Effectively communicate and
     -Equip advocates
                                                                 disseminate findings to
                                                                 specific target audience
     -Provide decision support to decision
Proposal Narrative – Project Section

i) Research question(s) and hypothesis - Why is it important? What’s
     the desired outcome? Where’s the alignment with CT Health’s
     strategic objectives?
ii) Policy research – Who would conduct it and what’s their
iii) Data collection and/or analysis methodology - What are the
     strengths and limitations? Ensuring validity and credibility.
iv) Advocacy product(s) – What? Why? Target audience?
iv) Action-Oriented advocacy/policy change – Who would use the
     findings and how? Communications technical assistance needs.
v) High-level timeline of project benchmarks

            Be sure to see RFP for full application requirements
Budget Guidance – Allowable Costs

• Staff time + fringe for research and advocacy
• Consultant or project partner subcontracts
• Local travel for in-state applicants; travel to
  Connecticut permitted for out-of-state
• Editing, graphic design, printing, and dissemination for
• Up to 15% indirect rate
Application Submission

• E-mail complete proposal as a single PDF file by
  noon eastern time
  October 20, 2010 to (

    Late and incomplete applications will not be considered.
Grant Review Process

•   Internal review for completeness
•   Ad hoc review panel
•   Program Committee of CT Health Board review
•   Full Board vote

         Grant period: January 3, 2011-June 30, 2012
Selection Criteria

•   Alignment with CT Health’s strategic objectives
•   Compelling research question(s) and hypothesis
•   Capacity
•   Sound methodology
•   Articulation of how findings will be used
•   Communications plan

• Follow-up/offline questions to Elizabeth Krause or 860.224.2200 x14

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