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                Eisenhardt, Lucy Pawliczek,
                  Olivia Chapla and Haley
                  By Elizabeth Neils, Jane


1905.1906.1907.1908.1909. Kramer
• A very famous artist is Pablo Picasso. Though he has many
  works of famous art he is most well known for co- founding
  the cubist movement. The cubist movement is an art form
  that expressed different cultures through art, and then
  literature during 1907-1911.
• Bud Fisher was the first, successful daily comic strip artist. His
  comic was Mutt and Jeff. Mutt and Jeff remained in
  syndication until 1982, over time drawn by several
  cartoonists. Then later became a comic book.
• John Gamble was one of many famous artists who painted the
  beautiful landscape of California. One famous work of art was
  Goleta Point.
Mutt and Jeff book
collection of comic strips (1919)

                                              John Gamble
                                              Goleta Point

                                          Pablo Picasso Le
                                          Guitarste 1910
A popular style of music in the early 1900’s was
  jazz. Jazz was sometimes called “Dixieland”. A
  few famous songs from this time were: ”St.
  Louis Blues” by William Christopher Handy,
  “My mothers Rosary "by Charles Harrison, and
  “When you and I were young Maggie” by
  Charles Harrison..
Another famous style of music was Italian
  opera tenor. One famous singer for this type of
  music was Enrico Caruso. He is considered to
  be one of the most significant singers of his
  time and even after his time.
    Classic Literature
      During our time period, many books were
      written that are still enjoyed today. Some of
      the books are:
•   The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.
•   Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery.
•   Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum.
•   Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
•   Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter .
      Medicine and Scientific
During our time period there were many medicine and
  scientific advances that have helped made life the way it
  is today.
•   Thomas Edison invented the carbon microphone, record player, motion
    pictures (aka movies), and the perforated 35 mm film.
•   The zipper and paper clip were invented in 1900.
•   In 1903 ford invented one of the first cars.
•   The Wright brothers invented one of the first airplanes in 1903.
•   In 1905 Einstein came up with his theory of relativity.
•   1910 radon was discovered.
•   1st electric self car starter was made in 1911.
•   1911 was also the year the air conditioner was invented.
•   The first cinemas started in our time period.
      Random and important
• 1900- the Hershey bar was invented by Milton
• 1903-the airplane engine was invented by
  Charles Taylor
• 1903-the airplane was invented by the Wright
• 1912 –life savers were created by Clarence
  Crane in Ohio.
Major National and International Events
During our time period one of the most exciting international events
The titanic ! The titanic was a giant boat that hit an ice burg and began
  to sink. Many people died, some survived but it was one of the most
  tragic stories out at sea. It happened in 1912.
Some other events that occurred were : The Spanish Influenza epidemic
  during 1918-1920 were 20-100 million people died. There was also
  the Typhoid fever occurred from 1900-1907. Child labor was still an
  issue in our time period and so was racism.(where African Americans
  and Caucasians did not get along).
In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries were from –
•   Almost six million from Germany
•   Almost five million from Italy
•   Over four and a half million from Ireland
•   Over four million from Austria and Hungary
•   Over four million from Britain, (England, Scotland, and Wales)
•   Over two million from Scandinavia, (Norway, Sweden, Demark,
    and Finland)

     From 1820 to 1930 more than thirty – seven million people
    immigrated to America, this was the largest movement of people in
    the history of the world, and in 1907 a record number of
    1,285,349 immigrants were processed at Ellis Island. Of these
    1,004,756 were admitted
1902 – Death of Elizabeth Cady Stanton
1906 – Death of Susan B. Anthony
1909 – Carrie Chapman Catt organizes the Woman Suffrage
1910 – Washington passes women’s suffrage
1911 – California is won as a Woman’s suffrage state
1912 – Alice Paul founds the Congressional Union for Women’s
   Suffrage, later called National Woman’s Party
1913 – Ida Wells - Barnet and her contingent of African
   American women are segregated at a Washington D.C.,
   suffrage march
1917 – New York passes women’s suffrage
1918 – The federal amendment passes the House of
1919 – The federal amendment passes the Senate
1920 – The Nineteenth Amendment becomes law
                  Camp Dix
“Fort Dix has been serving America's Army since
July 18, 1917, when its predecessor, Camp Dix,
was officially established as a training and staging
camp for troops destined for the battlefields of
Europe during World War I. Camp Dix rapidly
became one of the nation's largest military
reservations as the 78th, 87th and 34th Divisions
and many smaller units trained for the war.
Because of its proximity to Hoboken, New Jersey,
the principal embarkation port for the Doughboys,
hundreds of thousands of men from other divisions
would pass through Camp Dix on their way to
France.” -
Would You Like To Dance?
    During our time period events called
      “balls” were very popular. A famous
      ball took place in Chicago which is
      formally known as The Hunt Ball.
    One important aspect of a ball was
      fashion. The women's gowns had
      short trains and a high peck. The skirt
      hems sometimes rose to the ankle !
      The dresses were very classy and

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