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The Future of America Depends on Us


									The Future of America Depends on Us
Written by Eedan Shwartz
Today there are nurses, teachers, scientists, soldiers, programmers, and many more who serve us in different ways. I look up to them and wonder how it will be like in 20 years and I am in their shoes, and young children area looking up to me. I trust myself that I can succeed in school so that I can give America a bright future. All the adults count on me and everyone else to do a great job at school so that everyone will have a good life. Also, I am expecting myself to do the goals I set for myself. So I believe that I can do well so every single one of us will brighten America’s future. And so remember. Tell your kids that the Future of America Depends on Them. The Future of America Depends on you came from Obama’s Education speech

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