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									                       FPL Launer Local History Room - City Directories - 1927

'HUNE 512            P. O. Box 815        Established 1918        H. KOEPPLE, Proprietor

               NATION~WIDE               COLLECTION SERVICE
                                                                            PROMPT REPORTS
                                                                            AND ACCOUNTING

       NORTH ORANGE (;OUNTY DIRECTORY (1927)                          81

~ORTH                  ORANGE. COUNTY
      MISCELLANEOUS DEPARTMENT                                             ~pest­
                       --Comprising--                                       -0_

      FRATERNAL AND MISCELLANEOUS                                          ANYWHERE

                     COMPILED AND PUBLISHED BY

               WESTERN DIRECTORY CO.
                       TRANSPORTATION BLDG.
                         LONG BEACH, CAL.
                     ANAHEIM CITY OFFICIALS
issessor H S Jayne
utorney G F Holden
loard of Education F N Gibbs pres Kate Rea clerk H W Lewis trustee M A
     Gauer district superintendent
loard of Trustees C F Leonard pres Wm Grafton A W Franzen A Curtis Case
     L E Miller
iuilding Inspector R P Tompkins
Ierk E B Merritt
lectrician V W Hannum
ngineer E P Hapgood
'ire Chief Rudolph Nyhoe
lall E Center cor Claudina
lealth Officer J W Truxaw
usticc of the Peace Chas Kuchel
[anager J W Price
[arshal John S Martin                                                      2640 N. Main
[avor C F Leonard
'luinhing and Sewer Inspector R P Tompkins                                       SANTA
'ower Plant Superintendent V W Hannum
'uhlic Service Dept Wm J Lake                                                     ANA
lecorder Geo F Holden
;treet Superintendent J W Price                                             Tel. 2028
'ax and License Collector John S Martin
'reasurer C A Boege

TONY'S CAFE                                                      The Place
Ieals, Lunches, Short Orders
,12 N. BUSH
                                 Spanish Dishes a Specialty
                                               SANTA ANA                   To Eat
               FPL Launer Local History Room - City Directories - 1927

Santa Ana Printing Cq                                                                 l
4.01 E. 4th   sr., Phone 2476                                            SANTA      A~
                   82           NORTH ORANGE COUNTY DIRECTORY (1927)

 ORANA              Attorney Albert Launer
                                            BREA CITY OFFICIALS

  BIRD              Building Inspector Elwood Moore
                    Clerk Grace L May
                    Electrical Inspector W E Fanning
                    Engineer W W Hoy

GOLDFISH            Fire Chief Emil Carlson
                    Marshal W H Williams
                    Mayor C A Sullivan
    co.             Plumbing Inspector A B Rhome
                    Recorder C C Kinsler
                    Street Superintendent F G Boxall
  LeRoy H.          Treasurer W C Davis
   (Roy)            Water Department F G Boxall
    Prop.                               FULLERTON CITY OFFICIALS
                   Attorney F H Lyon
 The Pioneer       Board of Education R L Chambers pres Albert Sitton member Myrta L Wi!
  Bird Man             man clerk
  of Orange        Board of Trustees H H Crooke pres W J Carmichael 0 M Thompson R R Dar
   County              Emanuel Smith meets Ist & 3d Tuesdays 7 :30 p m
                   Building Inspector G L Walters
                   Clerk F C Hezmalhalch
  Orauge           Electrician G L Walters
  County's         Engineer W C Record
                   Fire Chief Roy Davis
 Largest Pet       Health Officer Dr H A Krieger
   Store           Hall 123 W Wilshire
                   Manager W C Record
                   Marshal Thos K Winter
 Song and          Police Dept Thos K Winter chief rear of City Hall
Ornamental         Plumbing Inspector G L Walters
                   Purchasing Agent W C Record
   Birds           Recorder H I Spence
                   Sewer Superintendent W M Gillette
   Fancy           Street Superintendent W C Record
  Gold and         Treasurer Mrs Mae Reeve
                   Water Department Wm Gillette supt
    Fish                                 LA HABRA CITY OFFICIALS
 Cage and          Attorney Albert Launer
                   Board of Education M J Pickering R F Frantz G L Gordon
 Fish Bowl         Chief of Police Geo Wilcox
   Stands          Clerk H E Hart
                   Council C F Garner Saml Stoop Geo Clark Dr D L Burgeson J G Launer
                   Engineer P D Pratt
                   Fire Chief Geo Wilcox
Eud of North       Hall 213 E Central av
Main at Orana      Health Officer county supervision
                   Justice of the Peace H E Hart
 Santa Ana         Mayor J G Launer
                   Recorder H E Hart
P.O.Box 544        Sewer Supt P D Pratt
                   Treasurer Louis Muchow

                                               PRINTING             Flagg Buildin
                                                 Ruling             114 N. Broadw~
                                               Bookbinding          Santa Ana, Cali
                                               Embossing               Phone 117
                    FPL Launer Local History Room - City Directories - 1927

                 WE DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME
COSTA MESA                                             Gr~RAGE
                              COMPLETE SERVICE
Costa Mesa, California                                                        Phone 151
       NORTH ORANGE COUNTY DIRECTORY (1927)                           83

Assessor J ames Sleeper
                       ORANGE COUNTY OFFICIALS
Aid Commissioner W S Gregg                                                 Brock
Auditor Wm C Jerome
Bee Inspector J E Pleasants
Board of Education S R Fitz pres R P Mitchell secy members B F Beswick
     Geo C Sherwood C A Marcy
Board of Supervisors T B Talbert chairman r Huntington Beach
     First District S H Finely r Santa Ana
     Second District J C Mitchell Garden Grove
     Third District Wm Schumacher r Buena Park
     Fourth District Willard Smith r Orange                                SANTA ANA
     Fifth District Geo Jeffrey r Irvine
Clerk J M Backs
Court House and Hall of Records N Sycamore cor 6th
                                                                            Makers   of
Constables Jesse Elliott J H Ryan                                             Knobs
Coroner and Public Administrator C D Brown                                    Pulls
Court Reporters E G Hoff L W Slaback B A Swan wick
Detention Home A H Dawson supt 1207 Fruit
                                                                           Bird Baths
District Attorney Z B West Jr                                               Seed Cups
Farm Advisor H E Wahlberg                                                  Caster Cups
Farm Bureau A M Stanley sec
Free Library Margaret E Livingston librarian                               Auto Lenses
Garage F E Lamar supt 705 N Sycamore                                        and other
Harbor Commissioner Harry Welch secy
Health Dept V G Presson
Horticultural Commissioner A A Brock                                            in
 Hospital and Poor Farm Dr H E Zaiser supt W of Orange h Broadway cor (j
Interpreter C C Carrillo
 Judge of the Superior Court Department One H GAmes
 Judge of the Superior Court Department Two E J Marks
 Judge of the Superior Court Department Three J L Allen
 Justice of the Peace K E Morrison John Landell and Andrew Wilson           OPAL
 Law Library 18 Trust Building
 Live Stock Inspector H L Wilkins Anaheim
 Park Custodian J B Irwin R D 3 Orange
 Probation Officer LAWarren
 Purchasing Agent F W Slabaugh                                             Mold Work
 Recorder Justine Whitney                                                     and
  Sealer of Weights and Measures George McPhee                             "Special to
  Sheriff Sam Jernigan 617 N Sycamore
  Social Service Dept Mrs N Leebrick supt
  Superintendent of Highways J L McBride                                    business
  Superintendent of Schools R P Mitchell                                    solicited
  Surveyor W K Hillyard
  Tax Collector J C Lamb
                                                                           Phone 1958
  Treasurer J C J opln

 w.        E. ASHLEY                                 ATWATER KENT
    Plumbing and Electrical Dealer                         RADIOS
 Phone 26-W                Garden Grove
                   FPL Launer Local History Room - City Directories - 1927

                                           We Search Directories
Attorneys                             Our Research Department makes searches throughou
                                      California and Arizona for lost and missing people ant

Attention                             defendants in court actions.
                                      WESTERN DIRECTORY CO., Long Beach, Cal
                                      132 W. Ocean Ave.       Phone 623·24"4
                      84           NORTH ORANGE COUNTY DIRECTORY (1927)

 TAYLOR'S                             NORTH ORANGE COUNTY CHURCHES

 NURSERY              Atwood Union Church Placentia-Yorba blvd, Atwood
                      Bethel German Baptist Church Rev 0 R Schroeder pastor Lemon cor BwaJl
                      Brea Christian Church Rev W R Hunt pastor 201 WAsh, Brea
     Trees            Brea Congregational Church Rev W J Oldfield pastor 201 S Pomona, Brea
    Plants            Calvary Baptist Church Rev V K Ledbetter pastor Bway cor Citron, Anaheim
                      Calvary Baptist Church Rev C E Fuller pastor Bradford cor Chapman, Placentia
   Flowers            Catholic Church Rev Juan de Diego pastor 353 W Santa Fe, Placentia
    Shrubs            Catholic Church La Jolla I mi E of Placentia av 3% mi NE, Anaheim
                      Catholic Church Rev M Santacana pastor Main cor Katella, Los Alamitos
    Citrus            Church of Christ 719 S Spadra, Fullerton
    Walnut            Church of the Lord Rev Eleanor Heughan pastor 511 N Olive, Anaheim
                      Church of the Nazarene 123 S Melrose, Placentia
  Persimmon           Christian Church Rev G F Tinsley pastor Wilshire cor Spadra, Fullerton
      and             Community Church Rev F P Rosselot pastor Katella av, Los Alamitos
                      Congregational Church Rev W W Hart pastor 991 Grand, Buena Park
   Avocado            Free Methodist Mission (Spanish) Rev Emiterio Soto pastor Sierra Vista Tracq
     Trees                 Atwood'                                                                 :
                      Free Methodist Church Emma E Suess pastor Sycamore cor Claudina, Anahei~
   First cor. B       First Baptist Church Rev S F Langford pastor Pomona cor Wilshire, Fullerton
                      First Baptist Church Rev J J Bell pastor 107 N Pomona, Brea
  Phone 49-W          First Christian Church Rev H S Haysom pastor Cypress nr cor 1st, La Habra
  Tustin, Calif.      First Christian Church Rev L L Myers pastor Broadway cor Helena, Anaheim
                      First Church of Christ Scientist 125 N Philadelphia, Anaheim
                      First Church of Christ Scientist 142 E Chapman, Fullerton
                      First Methodist Episcopal Church Rev B S Haywood pastor Philadelphia c~
                           Bway, Anaheim
     H. R.            First M E Church Rev C A Kent pastor Arnerige cor Pomona, Fullerton         J

                      Firsth~:sbyterian Church Rev T H Walker pastor Cypress cor Claudina, Anj
  TAYLOR              First Presbyterian Church Rev G C Hunter pastor 145 W Commonwealth, F
 Real Estate          Four Square Church C F Brown pastor 202 N Lawrence, Fullerton
                      Friends Church Rev C N Jones pastor, Yorba Linda
     Homes            German M E Church Rev Frank Brinkmeyer pastor Bway cor Clementine, An"
    Business          Grace Lutheran Church Rev 0 A Fischer pastor S Palm cor Elm, Anaheim
    Chances           La Habra M E Church Rev W E Malan pastor Ist cor Main, La Habra
   Exchanges          La Habra Penticostal Mission Grand av nr 8th, Buena Park
      Lots            Maxwell Spiritual Church Rev Mildred Maxwell pastor 408 E Sycamore, An.
    Income            Methodist Church (Mexican) Rev Enrique Narro pastor Helena cor Oak, Anai
    Property               heim
    Ranches           Methodist Episcopal Church (Olinda) Rev J B Woodcock pastor, Olinda
    Rentals           Methodist Episcopal Church Rev J H Engle pastor, Yorba Linda
      and             Mexican M E Church Rev T Gomez pastor, Stanton City
                      Mormon Church 202 Chestnut, Anaheim
     Loans            National Church of Divine Science Rev A H Engelhardt pastor 327 N Phild
     Phones                delphia, Anaheim
   Office 49-W        Nazarene Church Rev W H South pastor North cor Claudina, Anaheim
   Res. 182.J         Nazarene Church Rev W C Urschel pastor, Cypress
   First cor. B       Nazarene Church 148 S Melrose, Placentia
  Tustin, Calif.      Nazarene Church Rev W B Corlett pastor 200 S Walnut, Brea
                      Old Time Gospel Church 302 E Amerige, Fullerton

MANTELS                                            Manufacturer of Cement Products
                                                   White and Granite Pressed Brick
TILE       BRICK               STONE
425 E. Second Street                        H. C. McCORD                              Santa Ani
                          FPL Launer Local History Room - City Directories - 1927

                                   ORANGE COUNTY IGNITION WORKS
Autorrrofiv'e Electricians                           Everything Electric for the Auto
Fifth alld      Spur~eoll.   SANTA ANA           Pbolle 231          RADIO BATTERIES
              NORTH ORANGE COUNTY DIRECTORY (1927)                        85

                                                                                A. G.
Peoples Church The Rev G A Anderson pastor Los Angeles cor E Wilhelmina,
Pilgrim Holiness Church Rev R V Steelhead pastor Brea Canyon rd nr Olinda
    blvd, Olinda
Placentia Presbyterian Church Rev G A Manshardt pastor Main cor Center,
Salem Evangelical Church Rev Geo G Schmid pastor 400 W Center, Anaheim
Santa Maria Church Rev Mortimer Murphy pastor 366 W Commonwealth av,
Seventh Day Adventist Church 601 E Adele, Anaheim
Seventh Day Adventist Church Rev Raymond Cales pastor 204 Chestnut pi,
Seventh Day Adventist Church Walnut ne cor Date, Brea
Seventh Day Adventist Church Dale av n of Lincoln av 4Y2 mi nw, Anaheim
St Andrews Episcopal Church Rev Henry B Moore rector 226W Amerige av,
St Boniface Church Rev Patrick Browne pastor Center cor Palm, Anaheim
St Michael's Episcopal Church Rev A G Bode rector E Adele cor Emily, Ana-
    heim                                                                            PRINTING
Temple Baptist Church Rev E M Huelett pastor 214 N Hiatt, La Habra
Yorba Catholic Church Esperanza rd nr Esperanza sta, Yorba
Zion Evan Lutheran Church Rev H G Schmelzer pastor Emily cor Chartres,
    Anaheim                                                                         RULING
                        FRATERNAL ORGANIZATIONS
Alianza Hispano Americana Logia No 76 meets Ist & 3d Mon eve at I 0 0 F
      Bldg, Anaheim
 B PO Elks Anaheim Lodge 1345 Wm Pearce sec N Los Angeles SW cor Syca-
     more, Anaheim
Brotherhood of American Yoemen No 6230 meets Friday night in Odd Fellows
     Hall, Fullerton
Daughters of the American Revolution Mrs W J Carmichael regent, Fullerton
Daughters of Veterans meets Ist & 3d Monday afternoon in Odd Fellows Hall,
Fullerton Rebekahs No 341 meets Ist & 3d Wednesday evening in Odd Fellows
     llaIl, Fullerton
I 0 0 F Anaheim Encampment No 105 meets 2d & 4th Friday H A Mang scribe
     133 W Center, Anaheim
10 0 F Anaheim Encampment (Ladies Auxiliary) No 205 meets 2d & 4th
     Friday evenings at I 0 0 F Bldg, Anaheim
10 0 F No 199 E B Johnson sec meets Tuesday night I 0 0 F Bldg, Anaheim        FLAGG BLDG.
 10 0 F No 103 meets every Monday evening Odd Fellows Hall, Fullerton
 I 0 0 F No 459 meets in Craig Bldg, Brea                                             114
Knights of Columbus A D Erickson sec meets 1st & 3d Wednesday at 215 E
     Center, Anaheim                                                           N. Broadway
Knights of Pythias J W Corder sec meets Monday 8 p m 325 W Center, Anaheim
Knights of Pythias No 332 meets in Craig Block, Brea                            SANTA ANA
Knights of Pythias meets every Thurs eve Odd Fellows Hall, Fullerton                 CALIF.
 Lois Rebekah Lodge No 268 meets Ist & 3d Friday night I 0 0 F Bldg, Anaheim
 Loyal Order of Moose No 1292 0 J Linnartz sec 135 W Center, Anaheim
 Modern Woodman of America meets Ist & 3d Tuesday evening in Odd Fellows
                                                                               Telephone 117
     Hall, Fullerton

        Orange County Paint Co.
                         T. O.         PAINTS AND VARNISHES
(,fiR '\'.   Main St., Santa Ana            Phonel376                CHAS. BLACKBURN, Mgr.
                FPL Launer Local History Room - City Directories - 1927

             H. II. ARMBRUST
                          THE LEADING PLUMBER
143 N. Los Angeles St.               Phone 29                  Anaheim, Calif,
                   86            NORTH ORANGE COUNTY DIRECTORY (1927)

  Fullerton         FRATERNAL ORGANIZATlONS-Cont.
                    Modern Woodman of America meets 2d & 4th Monday eve at 1 0 0 F Bldg
   Battery          Moosehart Chapter for Women Mrs W J Curran recorder 135 W Center, Anahein
                    Neighbors of Woodcraft meets Ist & 3d Thurs eve at I 0 0 F Bldg, Anahein
                    Pythian Sisters meets Wednesday 8 p m in K of P Hall, Anaheim

     and            Pythian Sisters No 137 meets in Craig Bldg, Brea
                    Royal Neighbors of America meets 2d & 4th Tuesday evening in Odd Fellowi
                        Hall, Fullerton
                    Royal Neighbors of America meets 2d & 4th Mon afternoons at I 0 0 F Hall
   Ignition             Anaheim
                    Woman's Relief Corps meets Ist & 3d Thursday afternoon in Odd Fellows Hall
                    Woodmen of the World meets 2d & 4th Wednesday in Odd Fellows Hall, Ful
    AUTO                lerton
                    Yeomen of Anaheim meets Tuesday 8 p m in K of P Hall, Anaheim
                                          MASONIC ORGANIZATIONS
                    Ami Tai Chapter U D (Order of Eastern Star) Miss K K Smith sec meets Is
                        Wednesday of month in Masonic Temple, Fullerton
  UNITED            Anaheim Chapter No 125 RAM Geo Jackson sec meets Ist & 3d Thursda
  MOTORS                Masonic Temple, Anaheim
 Distributors       Anaheim Lodge No 207 F & A M Wm Chambers sec meets Ist Monday il
                        month at 8 p m Masonic Temple, Anaheim
                    Buena Park Masonic Lodge 357 Chas Owens sec meets Ist & 3d Monday 0
                    Buena Park (0 E S) No 240 May Feagan sec meets Ist & 3d Mondays of eacl
  Willard A         Chipsa Chapter No 151 0 E S Mrs Grace Knipe sec meets 2d & 4th Tuesday iJ
                        Masonic Temple, Anaheim
 and B Power        Daughters of Job Blenda Probst and Mrs Ethel Carner secys meet 2d & 4th Sal
    Units               urday of each month at 1 :30 p m in Masonic Temple, Anaheim
                    Fullerton Azure Lodge No 553 F & A M E D Johnson sec meets Friday of eacl
                         month in Masonic Temple, Fullerton
                    Fullerton Chapter 191 (Order of the Eastern Star) Luvena McBride sec meet
                         2d & 4th Saturday in Masonic Temple, Fullerton
                    Fullerton Chapter No 6 (White Shrine) Mrs Maud Hoag sec meets 2d & 4tJ
  Phone 387              Wednesday in Masonic Temple, Fullerton
                    Fullerton Chapter No 90 RAM meets Lst Tuesday of month in Masonic Terr
                         pIe, Fullerton
                    Fullerton Commandery No 55 K T P L Bradford commander meets Ist Monda
                         in Masonic Temple, Fullerton                                         .I
    117-119         Fullerton Order of De Molay meets 3d Saturday in Masonic Temple           1
  E. Common-        Fullerton Lodge No 339 F & A M H H Williams sec meets Ist Tuesday 0
                         month in Masonic Temple, Fullerton
                    Liberty Court of Amaranth Eva Boyd sec meets Ist & 3d Tuesday Masoni
   Fullerton             Temple, Anaheim
   California       Masonic Temple Assn A A McCormick sec 505 N Spadra, Fullerton
                    Masonic Club H E Hart pres A J Young sec, La Habra
                    Masonic Club of Brea C C Kinsler sec 130 S Pomona, Brea
Frank S. Vogan
                    Yorba Linda Chapter (0 E S) No 347 Claire Shook sec meets Ist & 3d Friday
   Manager          Yorba Linda Lodge No 469 (F & A M) E R Walker sec stated meeting h
                         Thursday in each month

                                               PRINTING                 Flagg Building
                                                 Ruling                 114 N. Broadway
                                               Bookbinding,             Santa Ana, Calif.
                                               Embossing                   Phone 117
                      FPL Launer Local History Room - City Directories - 1927

Drink                                                                             DELICIOUS
                   Coca-Cola                                                            AND
        NORTH ORANGE COUNTY DIRECTORY (1927)                                87
                                                                                  W. I. STEWART
                  MISCELLANEOUS ORGANIZATIONS                                     A.H.T.TAYLOR
  American Legion Auxiliary meets Ist & 3d Tuesday basement City Hall, Ana-
  American Legion Post 72 J C Chamberlain commander meets Ist & 3d Tuesday
      basement City Hall, Anaheim
  American Legion Post 142 Fred Fuller sec meets 2d & 4th Tuesdays at Fullerton
      Club, Fullerton
  American Legion Ladies Auxiliary Mrs Luella Miller sec meets 221 N Spadra,
  American Legion Post 181 Frank Mason commander meets every Tuesday in                  &
      Legion Hall, Brea
  Anaheim Auto Club of Southern California 344 S Los Angeles, Anaheim
  Anaheim Business and Professional Women's Club Alice I Pannier sec meets
      Thursday at 411 N Los Angeles, Anaheim
  Anaheim Chamber of Commerce G W Reid sec City Hall Bldg, Anaheim
  Anaheim Ebell Club Mrs H D Newkirk pres meets Ist Monday at Hotel An-               Public
       gelina, Anaheim
  Anaheim Merchants Credit Assn Jeanne C Khilling sec 207-208 S Kraemer            Accountants
,      Bldg, Anaheim
,Anaheim Realty Board C C Sidnam pres meets Wednesday noon American                 Auditors
       Legion Hall, Anaheim                                                          Systems
  Anaheim Red Cross Assn Mrs Eva H Boyd sec meets 129 S Olive, Anaheim
  Anaheim Social Welfare Mrs J W Price sec 206 S Olive, Anaheim                     Installed
  Automobile Club of Southern California 104 E Amerige av, Fullerton, and 344
      S Los Angeles, Anaheim
  Barbers Union meets 4th Monday each month at 204 N Los Angeles, Anaheim
  Boy Scouts of America Orange County Council R E Dye Scout Executive 811          Special In-
      :'I Sycamore, Santa Ana; 10 Pac S W Bank Bldg, Fullerton; 303 E Center,      vestigations
  Brea Chamber of Commerce C C Kinsler sec 212 S Pomona, Brea
  Buena Park Women's Club Grand av cor 11th st, Buena Park
  Buena Park Chamber of Commerce Richard Nelson sec 930 Grand av, Buena            Income Tax
  Business Men's Club R W Jaffray sec-mgr 221 N Spadra, Fullerton                      and
'Carpenters Union meets every Wednesday of each month at 204 N Los Angeles,        Consultation
[Central Labor Union meets l st & 3d Monday of each month 204 N Los Angeles,
! Anaheim
'Christian Science Reading Room 304 American Sav Bank Bldg, Anaheim                  Notarial
  Christian Science Reading Room 103 W Commonwealth, Fullerton                        Work
  Community Nurse Assn Mrs Arthur Osborne pres 207 W Commonwealth, Ful-
.Concordia Club D Blankmeyer pres Bway at Adams, Anaheim
,Culinary Workers Union meets at 8:30 each Thursday of the month at 204 N
,     Los Angeles, Anaheim
  Delphian Society of Anaheim Mrs Fred Weisel sec meets 3d Tuesday Elks Club,
      Anaheim                                                                     402 First National
  Delphian Society of Fullerton Mrs E J Clark sec meets Ist & 3d Monday each         Bank Bldg.
      month at 2 p m, Fullerton                                                     Phone 2831
  Edgebrook Gun Club Northam sta, Buena Park
  Electricians Union meets 2d & 4th Tuesdays of each month at 204 N Los An-
      geles, Anaheim                                                                Santa Ana
.Fullerton Business Woman's Club Lillian L Yaeger pres, Fullerton                     Calif.
  Fullerton Chamber of Commerce Ray B Leach sec meets Monday noon Cali-
      fornia Hotel Court, Fullerton

  4 Per Cent Paid on Time Deposits LINDA
                           FPL Launer Local History Room - City Directories - 1927

A. W. CLEAVER, Proprietor                                                         Reliable and Hesponsibk

225-227 W. Santa Fe Ave.
                          Sanitary Laundry
                                    FULLERTON                               Phone 2(
CALLS FREE-Anaheim, La Habra, Brea, Plnccntia, Richfield, Yorba Linda, Buena Park
   Santa Fe Springs, Olive, Garden Grove, Orung», Santa Ana and Adjacent Territory
                   88          NORTH ORANGE COUNTY DIRECTORY (1927)

                               Fullerton Ebell Club Mrs Lottie Morse sec meets 1st Friday Ebell Club HOIH'
 SHEET                               Fullerton
                               Fullerton Merchants Assn Ray B Leach sec California Hotel Bldg, Fullerton
                                Fullerton Realty Board H H Hixon sec 122 E Commonwealth, Fullerton
 METAL                          Fullerton Red Cross Mrs Kate A Fuller pres 205 N Spadra, Fullerton
                               Fullerton Woman's Club Mrs Sophie Burdhoff pres, Fullerton
                               Harmony Club Orangethorpe cor Western, Buena Park
                               Hillview Golf Club (Associated Oil Co) N of Hole lease, 1 % mi SE of Brei
                               Hod Carriers Union meets Ist & 3d Tuesday of each month at 204 N Los Angeles
    Gutters                    Kiwanis Club Harry Horne sec meets Tuesday noon at Elks Club, Anaheim
                               Kiwanis Club Dan O'Hanlon sec 19-23 F & M Bldg meets Ist Monday eacl
     and                             month, Fullerton         -
 Downspouts                    Kiwanis Club Rev A C Early sec meets Thursday noon in Baptist Hall, La Hahn
 Unit Heating                  La Habra Chamber of Commerce A C Early sec 213 E Central av, La Habra
                               Lions Club of Anaheim R L Phegley meets Friday noon Elks Club, Anaheim
  a Specialty                  Lions Club of Brea Geo Henigan sec meets Friday noon in Boy Scouts Hall
 HENRY L. IMM                       Brea
      Prop.                    Lions Club of Placentia T L Pickerill sec meets Monday at Chamber of Com
  Phone 539-W                        merce Hall, Placentia                         _
    112 West                   Lois Thimble Club meets 4th Friday eve each month I 0 0 F Bldg, Anaheim
 Commonwealth                  Los Alamitos Women's Improvement Club Mrs B Juszkievicz sec, Los Alamitos
  FULLERTON                    Musicians Union meets at 204 N Los Angeles, Anaheim
      CAL.                     Oil Workers Union C C Kinsler sec 130 S Pomona, Brea
                               Orange County Gun Club % mi n of Lincoln blvd on Brookhurst av, R D \lId-
   THE                         Painters Union meets 7 :30 p m every Friday of the month at 204 N Los Angell's.

LINCOLN                        Placentia Chamber of Commerce T E Pickerill sec Bank of America Bldg, Pla-
                               Roofers Union meets at 8 p !II every Tuesday of the month at 204 N Los An-
NATIONAL                            geles, Anaheim
                               Rotary Club Rev Thos Walker sec meets Monday noon at Elks Club, Anaheim
LIFE INS. CO.                  Rotary Club meets Wednesday noon at McFarland's Cafe, Fullerton
                               Ronnd Table Club meets Bradford cor Chapman, Placentia
Of Indiana                     Sheet Metal Workers Union meets 2d & 4th Wednesday of each month at 204
                                    N Los Angeles, Anaheim
lee as regarding        yOU!   Truck Owners Assn of Southern Calif F L Day sec 108 E Commonwealth, Fill-
INCOME                              lerton
INHERITANCE &                  Typographical Union meets at 204 N Los Angeles, Anaheim
                               Women's Improvement Club Mrs W M Snow pres 133 Rose av, La Habra
CORPORATIOr                    Yorba Linda Chamber of Commerce J W Hargrave pres E R Walkcl' sec-trc.i-
INSURANCE                           125 Front, Yorba Linda
   ................ ,          Yorba Linda W omen's Club Yorba Linda blvd cor Valencia, Yorba Linda

Guy     1. Gilberf             Young Ladies Institute of Anaheim Marie Robertson pres meets 2d Tuesdav In
                                    Parish Hall, Anaheim
DISTRICT MGR.                  Young Men's Institute of Anaheim Thos Divine sec meets in K C Hall, \ 11.1-
413 N. Main                    Young Men's Christian Assn Archie Raitt sec Chapman Bldg, Fullerton
                               Young Men's Christian Assn Conrad J ongewaard sec 407 S Philadelphia, Ana-
Santa Ana                           heam

Join Today
    PHONE 452
            FPL Launer Local History Room - City Directories - 1927

                     (Our thirty-four years allays all fears)

Orange County Business College
        Santa Ana, California

             SCHOOL of force, prestige and power, where progressive
       A     thought is merged with sound business sense, where intensive
             training by expert specialists and with modern equipment
       prepares you quickly for remunerative employment, where asso-
       ciation with ambitious students makes study a delight. Here you
       will learn self-reliance, initiative and leadership-qualities for
       which the busy world offers CASH. In continuous session during
       the past thirty-four years. Day School and Night School through-
       out the entire year.

 This is a reliable, dependable, homesort of school that is entirely
 worthy of your support. We have students in attendance now
 whose parents were trained by us thirty-two years ago.
 Whether you are a young man or a young woman, a college
 graduate or not; whetber you are rich or poor, business offers
 you countless opportunities, and regardless of your sex or cir-
 cumstances a business training is the shortest and quickest route
 to such opportunities.
 Our courses are thorough, modern and strictly up to date. There
 is every indication that 1927 will be a good business year. Pre-
 pare for it by enrolling NOW, for one of our courses.
 Students received any school day or evening.                   Free catalogue
 sent upon request.

Orange County Business College
                                 Phone 960

        Santa Ana, California
     FPL Launer Local History Room - City Directories - 1927

s.        J. HALES
     Horses and Mules
     For Sale and Rent

We Can Furnish Any Amount
    of Mules You Wish

2415 West Fifth Street
     Santa Ana
Phones    .      Office 271             .      Residence 1598
                                         FPL Launer Local History Room - City Directories - 1927

W ickersheiIll Illlplenlent Co.
         J.                                       WM.             WICKERSHEIM, Pres. and Mgr.
Auto Loans and Refinancing       Insurance and Real Estate Broker
Ll7·119 W. Commonwealth Ave., Fullerton                 Phone 524
              NORTH ORANGE COUNTY DIRECTORY (1927)                                                                              89
                                                                                                                                              Phone 237

                      Abbreviations                                                                                                      I   Excelsior
rcct                         accountant l ftr .. __           0   •••          ••   fitterl sec ".__ .. ..                  secretary
               __         advertisement fur rms
         ••••• ••••••__ .••••..         j
                                  agentlfurn     __ .
                                                                        furnished rooms seam
                                                                                furniture.serv sta
                                                                                                       .. __ .
                                                                                                                    .service station
                                                                                                                             solicitor   Creamery
lvd               _         bOulevardrlmach _                             .,. .machinistltrav        _         _ . .traveling-
rklyr                      bricklayer mdse      .                 .       . merchandise treas            .._.. .. .treasurer
rkmn                        brakeman messr .                            .      messenger\trmr . .                    trimmer
Iway                       BrOadWaylmfg-     ..                         . manufacturing U S X           United Staes Navy
lallf .................• California mfr                                     manufacturer undtkr        .. .       undertaker
arp    ........•............ carpenter mg'r .. .                         . .. manag-erlUPhlstr                    upholsterer
ashr                          .caShiertmkt      ,.                              . .. maker vet               .    .veterinan
btmkr                 cabinetmaker mkt        . ..                                .market v-pres . .        . vice-president                   MILK

!o ....•.•••..••company, county Pac.                                     ..... Pacific Abbreviations of Given Names
omn                          commission pass __                         _passenger Albt         __ .. . __ ._..     .Albert                  COTTAGE
[)mnr ....• _           .commissioner I'harm               .. _ _. .v.Pharrna.... isfIAlex
                                                               ..                                 _ _ _._        Alexander
end           _                  conductor nhoto                     photogra;Pher Alfd                              Alfred                   CHEESE
[)TIf ._ ••••••• _•••   ••• confechoner nbvs                      ..
                                                        ._._ _ _._._ physician: Andw                 ._._._     _ .Andrew
mtr .......•...........oontractorIPk.                                   . . p'lrklBenJ                           Benjamin
)l'     .•.. ....•..•••      . . . • • corner pk r .                 ..        packer Chas               _._    . .Charles
'SP .Christian Science Pract. "I                     ..                   .     PlaCe!nanl                           Daniel                     ICE


 ~.::::::::::::::::::::::::::~~fr~~~~p:f.:S:::.::~~il~.~~::~;il·;::~i~~I~!~d · ·.·.·.·.~· ·: :·:·:·:·:·:·:· ·~·:·:·: i~ ~
 It ._              ..••..__ . _
                    _                   estate   rest                          restaurantlsaml                             _._Samuel
 tjl                                  express    " or s                              south Theo                         .. Theodore
 t.      _           ..
                    _ _      _. __ .. .freight   slsmn                         ..salesmanIThos                              .Thomas
                        ______ foot, from        ,e ._... _                  . southeast \\T1ll                           __ William
                                                                                                                                         926 E. 1 st St.

                                                                                                                                             Santa Ana

 106 N. MAIN ST.                                                                                                    INSURE IN
         SANTA ANA                                                                                                  INSURANCE

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