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									Cheap Wedding Favors and Ideas
Recession is the word that rules the world; all aspects of the life are affected with it. People are trying hard to save their hard earn money, but some
moments come ones in a life and everybody wants to celebrate such great event of the life with grandeur, just be little cautious with your budget and
enjoy your wonderful wedding. Re-design your wedding budget, spend wisely on favors and food, and enjoy the moment of your life.

Takeout Containers

Try these tiny takeout containers, as the wedding favor box. They resemble famous Chinese takeout containers, and are quite popular all over the
world. Available in numerous colors and design, you can select any design or pattern suiting your budget and theme. The best part about this item is
that it is not only perfect wedding favor item, but it goes well with your limited budget, it just cost about a dollar per piece. Just fill these wonderful
boxes with candies and decorate it with satin ribbon and tiny stars, here comes your awesome wedding favor, cheap and best.

Going Green:

All you environment friendly people this one is for you. Try vellum envelopes you will easily get it from any supermarket, fill it with seed packets like
flower seeds or birdseed, it would be one of the most environment friendly wedding favor item. The fragrance of blooming flower will fill life with
pleasure and happiness.

Soap Favors

Impress your guest with hand made items. Try handmade soaps, it will cost less than buying a soap for the guest. Make different scented soaps you
can ask your friend and family to help you and spend a lovely creative time with your loved ones. Try different shapes and fragrance. Pack it in
beautiful organza bags for delicate look.

Get Baking

Treat your guest with delicious homemade brownies and cookies, cheap yet tasty idea for wedding favor. Wrap it tastefully; your guest will sure love
this sweet and lovely favor, offered by you.

Personalized Champagne Flutes

Mesmerize your guest with this classy wedding favor, try personalized champagne flute, light on your pocket, heavy for the show. It will cost you less
than$1.50, if you go for bulk purchasing. Fill it with candies and chocolates or just decorate it with ribbons and add some glamour in your wedding

Just explore the world around you and you will find hundreds of creative ideas for cheap wedding favors. Use your imaginative power and shape up
your idea in a unique way; such wedding favors are far better than expensive but not so useful wedding favor items. Handmade items are the best way
to show your gratitude towards your guest.

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