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Barbecued Meat


Barbecued Meat

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									Barbecued Meat
barbecued meat is meat that is cooked over a gas, electric, or charcoal grill. Cooking over
charcoal is an ancient form of cooking, and most foods, including meat, FISH, and POULTRY,
can be cooked on a grill. Foods acquire a distinctive flavor when grilled. Some meats are better
flavored if they have been marinated beforehand. Vegetables like corn, potatoes, peppers, and
mushrooms can be wrapped in aluminum foil and cooked on a grill. Barbecued food can be
BASTED or served with any of a variety of traditional sauces.

To prevent food poisoning, meat and poultry should be defrosted in the refrigerator. Leftover
marinade should be discarded. Cooked food should never be put back on a plate that held raw
food. Likewise, all surfaces and utensils touched by raw foods should be washed thoroughly with
soap and hot water. Barbecuing meat allows fat to drip on hot coals or hot metal, which forms
CANCER-causing agents (BENZOPYRENES). These vaporize, adhere to soot, and deposit on
the surface of the meat. To lessen the production of carcinogens, meat should be trimmed of all
visible fat before cooking. Other methods to reduce fat drippings include wrapping meat in foil,
placing foil under meat as it cooks, precooking meat to shorten grilling time, marinating meats
before grilling, and cooking meat slowly at low temperatures.

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