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Milw Achiever AR 2002-2003


★                   ★

When you open this Milwaukee
Achiever Annual Report, you expect to
find statistics: numbers, percentages,
graphs, categories, and long lists of
names of donors, supporters, volunteers
and staff – and that’s what this report
does contain. It’s a wonderful testament
to a continuing and successful effort to
provide literacy services to hundreds of learners in the
Milwaukee area.

But there’s more to the story than facts and figures. And it’s
that part of the story that also needs to be told: how those
facts and figures affect the learners and tutors; how hearts
and lives have been changed because of the total effort of all
those who are more than just names on the numerous lists.

Jacek’s heart is part of the story. He beams as he tells of
being able to read The Turtle and the Rabbit to his
three–year–old daughter and enjoying it together.

Antonio’s excitement is part of the story as he announces his
promotion at work because he can now translate the English
directions for the other Spanish–speaking workers.

Sixty–seven–year–old Elaine had her heart set on reading
the Bible, and now the words she loves become hers as she
reads the Good Shepherd Psalm with her tutor.

A donor shares the effect on her heart, “I’m happy to be a
part of a program that does so much good for others,” and
that is echoed by Betty who speaks for the over 200 tutors,
“The day I tutor is the best day of my week. I receive more
than I give.”

Judy also knows that double effect of giving and receiving,
but in reverse. After receiving computer training as a learner,
she becomes a teacher at each Saturday computer class,
volunteering to help other computer learners.

Margarita’s heart is also part of the story as she proudly
shows her business card with “Director of the Near South
Side Interfaith Older Adult Program” beneath her name, the
culmination of years of studying English as a Second
Language, then getting her GED and now attending college.

This is the heart of the program – the impact it has on each
individual, whether a giver or a receiver. And that’s what
makes my heart glad. Thank you to each staff member,
learner, volunteer and donor who has put so much heart
into Milwaukee Achiever Literacy Services. May you receive
in return more than you give.


Peg Palmer, MSW
Executive Director
The mission of Milwaukee Achiever Program is to
provide adult learners with preparatory and
developmental instruction in Adult Basic
Education (ABE), English as a Second Language
(ESL), General Educational Development (GED),
computer skills, and the skills of citizenship
through individualized programming and flexible
scheduling. Through one–on–one and small group
collaborative efforts, learners and volunteer tutors
also achieve mutual appreciation of cultures that
enhances supportive relationships.

         DONORS 2002–2003
            (July 1, 2002 – June 30, 2003)

CHAMPIONS $25,000 and Up
School Sisters of Notre Dame –
     Mother Caroline Mandate Fund
Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi Ministry Fund

HEROES $10,000 – $24,999.99
Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, Inc. –
     La Crosse
Gesu Parish Endowment Distribution
Mount Mary College – College in the Community
Sisters of Mercy of the Americas
     (Regional Community of Chicago) –
     The Agatha O’Brien Ministry Fund

BENEFACTORS $7,000 – $9,999.99
Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes – Fond du Lac
   Agnesian Caring Through Sharing (ACTS)

PARTNERS $3,500 – $6,999.99
Bank One Foundation
Greater Milwaukee Foundation –
    Kopmeier Family Fund
Hydrite Chemical Company
Herbert & Nada Mahler
Weiss Family Foundation

LEADERS $2,000.00 – $3,499.99
Academy of Our Lady of          Milton & Lillian Peck
  Lourdes – Rochester, MN          Foundation, Inc.
Badger Meter                    Florence Poehlmann
  Foundation, Inc.              School Sisters of St. Francis –
Rev. Donald Laux                   U.S. Province
Mortgage Guaranty               Service Club of Milwaukee
  Insurance Corporation         Stackner Family
  (MGIC)                           Foundation, Inc.

ACHIEVERS $750.00 – $1,999.99
Anonymous                       Northwestern Mutual
Bostik Findley, Inc.                Foundation Volunteer
Brady Corporation                   Support Program
Greater Milwaukee               Park Bank Foundation, Inc.
   Foundation –                 Rexnord Foundation, Inc.
   Kendall Family Fund          St. William Parish –
   David C. Scott                   Waukesha
     Foundation Fund            E. C. Styberg
Evan & Marion Helfaer               Foundation, Inc.
   Foundation                   United Parcel Service
Joseph A. Henkel                    (UPS)
   Revocable Trust              Jay & Julie Van Cleave
Milwaukee – Pere Marquette      James Wiensch
   Foundation, Inc.

STARS $400.00 – $749.99
Archdiocese of                  Journal Communications
   Milwaukee Supporting         Lewis & Dorothy Kranick
   (AMS) Fund’s                     Foundation, Inc.
   Employee Matching            Herbert H. Kohl
   Grant Program                    Charities, Inc.
Gerald & Susan                  Messmer Foundation, Inc.
   Bellehumeur                  Walter Michalica
Christ King Parish –            Helen Reinke
   Wauwatosa                    St. Alphonsus
The Dundon Trust                    Congregation –
John Engebose Family –              Greendale
   Judy Engebose                St. Bernard Congregation –
     Memorial Fund                  Wauwatosa
William & Barbara               St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
   Fernholz                         Parish – New Berlin
Harold Hartshorne, Jr.          St. James Parish – Mequon
Barbara Holt                    St. Jerome Congregation –
Susan Jennik                        Oconomowoc

STARS continued
St. Roman Congregation – Split Rail Foundation, Inc.
   Milwaukee             State Farm Companies
School Sisters of Notre     Foundation Good
   Dame – Mother            Neighbor Grant
   Theresa Gerhardinger     Program
   Fund for the Poor     Constance Sylvester
Shorewest Realtors
Sisters of the Sorrowful
   Mother –

   “Illiteracy is one of the greatest barriers
 people face, not only in trying to get a job,
      but also in trying to complete normal
     day-to-day activities. By overcoming
   illiteracy, one is able to move a few steps
 closer to achieving the ‘American Dream.’”

        ---Jennifer Harrison, Volunteer Tutor

ANGELS $200.00 – $399.99
Dave & Kathy Adam              Our Lady of Good Hope
   Charitable Trust Fund          Parish – Milwaukee
Alverno Psych Forum            Julie Pagenkopf
Anonymous (3)                  Dr. George & Adrienne
Wayne & Agnes Clark               Palermo
Joan Collins                   Dennis & Judith Purtell
Helen Dalton                   Corine Ruhl
Michael & Carol Dana           St. John Neumann
Margaret Earley, SSSF             Congregation –
Mildred Freese                    Waukesha
Albert C. Gehl                 William & Mary Scheuer
Elizabeth Kubicki              School Sisters of Notre
Susan Levine                      Dame – Alms
Anthony & Mary Linn               Committee
Ed & Mary Ida Mahler           Patricia Storer
Vincent & Janet Martin         John P. & Barbara
Lou Anne Miller                   Sweeney
Jane H. Mueller                Scott & Kathy Weaver
Peter Ogden                    Betty White

ASSOCIATES $100.00 – $199.99
Anonymous (2)                    Pick ‘n Save – We Care
Susan Borkowski                     Program
Patricia Conrad                  Joel Read, SSSF
William & Therese                Elizabeth Ann Reinartz
   Corrigan                      Mary Louise Reinke, SSSF
Joyce De Cleene                  Esther L. Ritz
Austin Doherty, SSSF             Clayton & Joan Ryder

    “I cannot change the world, but I can
   change someone’s life by teaching them to
     read. I want to make a difference!”
                    ---Toni Symes, Volunteer Tutor

Kathleen Ellenbecker             St. Agnes Congregation –
Penny Engebose                       Butler
Fortis Health                    St. Luke Congregation –
    Foundation, Inc.                 Brookfield
Friends of San Camillo           St. Margaret Mary Parish
Alan & Diane Gaudynski               Community –
David & Mary Beth                    Milwaukee
    Goelzer                      Mary H. Schmidt
Timothy & Joyce Hall             Robert & Margery
Allan & Jean Halvorsen               Sherman
Mary Hanseder, RSM               Sisters of Mercy of the
Mara Harrington                      Holy Cross – Merrill
Leone Held                       Sisters of the Divine
Frances Henkel                       Savior – Provincial
J. P. & Associates, Inc.             Administration Offices
Jankins, Murphy, Jankins,        South Denver
    Jablonski & Fader, SC            Anesthesiologists, PC
Tom & Virginia Jenkins           Bernard & Celine Stanly
Leslee Jepson                    Linda Heintz Steeves
Suzanne Jund                     Barbara Stein
Judith Keyes                     Mary Jo Stipek
Roger Klement                    Richard & Anna Teerlink
Carol Ann Lulewicz               Mr. & Mrs. Edward
Jo Ann Miller, SSSF                  Tronca
Mary Louise Miller, SSSF         Phillip & Marilyn Vollrath
Mount Mary College               Kenneth Waldschmidt
Mary Jean                        Carol Wehrley
    Nonnenmacher                 Mr. & Mrs. W. Wilde
Office for World Mission –       Ronald & Patricia
    Archdiocese of                   Williams
    Milwaukee                    Don & Ruth Wood
Edward Pepan                     John & Cheryll Zellner
Patricia Piazza

SUPPORTERS $50.00 – $99.99
Anonymous (3)                      Joseph & Mary E. Mc Kean
Carol Ariens                       Florence Mikna
Eileen Baldus                      Mark & Janis Miller
Leo & Diane Barton                 Ruth Miller
Eugene & Gertrude Burns            Milwaukee Achiever
William & Daisy Carey                  Program – Layton
Nancylee Chatfield                     Center Staff
Camille Check                      Carl Morrison
Congregation of Sisters of         Doris Mueller
   St. Agnes – Fond du Lac –       Mary Mueller
      HOPE Ministry                Lucille Mull
      Program                      Robert Muren
Kathleen A. Davis                  Robert & Theresa
Bill & Norma Donnelly                  Muselman
Daniel & Judith Drury              William & Ruth Novak
Educators Credit Union             James & Jean O’Brien
Daryl & Joan Fanetti               PPC Foundation
Sharon Filz–Strawn                 Peg Palmer
John D. Fitzpatrick                Dr. Robert & Mrs. Sonja
Therese Frey, SSSF                     Pavlik
Corinne Grugel                     Robert & Dorothy Pitz
Louis & Mary Harding               Phillip & Ellen Recht
W. Harding                         John & Angela Reid
Agnes Marie Henkel, SSSF           Norbert & Edythe Reis
Herbert Hentzen                    Daniel J. Silvers
Clinton & Sandra                   Ron Skarie
   Hetchler                        Richard Streeter
Robert & Ruth Jones                Bernice Strenn
Vicki Koralewski                   Jeffrey & Paula Stroud
Rosa Kubena                        Edwin & Victoria Taibl
Lakeside Animal Hospital           Various Donors
Michele Lalicata                   Ed & Nancy Vojtik
Joan Lampe                         Mary Lou Wamser
Jessica Laub                       Mary Christyn Willems,
Justine Leonard                        SSND
Mary Lou Linton                    Moses A. Williams
Rita Lofy                          Mark & Kathryn Zellner
John A. Lorbecki                   Dorothy Zielke

  “Our time together is more than a literacy
    lesson; it is a time of acculturation
          and precious exchange.”
             ---Eleanor A. Guilbert, Volunteer Tutor

STEWARDS $25.00 – $49.99
Zita Allen                       Ruth A. Laconte
Donald & Marlene Atkielski       James Laing
Richard & Kathleen Baldwin       Jim & Sheila Lieske
John & Sandra Barry              Georgine Loacker, SSSF
Robyn Blahut                     Charles Macedonia
Eileen Bosch                     Jerry & Judy Mac Nab
Dr. D. S. & Mrs. Barbara         Randolph Mark
    Bruno                        Audrey Marshall
Mary Buerger                     Leora Mc Gee
Elizabeth Burke                  John & Mary Mellinger
Mariaelena Calhoun               Kenneth & Bailee
Rev. Victor Capriolo                 Mendelson
Mary Jane Carlson                William & Catherine
Bonnie Cimermancic                   Millington
Marlene Clark                    Milwaukee Achiever
John Czechan                         Program – Pierce Center
Veronica De Cleene, SSND             Staff
Violet Dewey                     Robert & Marilyn Multhauf
Helen Di Iorio                   National Association of
Mary Ellen Dusold Duran              Letter Carriers – Pioneer
Mary Early                           Branch #2
John & Therese Fleissner         Marilyn Neumann
Olile Fleissner                  Peter Neuwald
Elizabeth Flores–Joles           Barbara Olin

 “Two years ago I started to learn English,
and now I can…go to the supermarket and to
           the doctor by myself.”
     ---Cristina Sanchez, Adult Learner – Mexico

James & Nancy Fons               Brad & Vicki Piazza
Kathleen Fuchtman, SSSF          Kenneth & Nancy Pugh
Leo Gaar                         Thomas Rehorst
Mary Garvey–Rickstrom            Jay & Julie Snell
Robert & Deanna Giulani          Robert & Janice Sullivan
Thomas & Kathleen Grassl         Sharon Suter
Ginny Gribble                    Darin Swiatkowski
Giles & Mary Grimes              Sue Tenney
Terese Louise Hamik, SSSF        Veronica Walicki
Myriam Hegemann, SSSF            Jody Wall
Sandy Huebner                    Virginia Weiss, OSF
Evangeline Karioris              Rosemary Welter, RSM
Norman Kaye                      Nicholas & Vicky Wenzel
Rosalie King, SSSF               Khayyana Winfrey
Camille Kliebhan, OSF            Arlene Zaffrann
Allan & Phillis Knudsen          Reuel Zielke
Wayne & Barbara Kowalski         Dr. James & Mrs. Iris Zimmer
Elaine Kujawa                    Alice Zinky
Jean Kuntzsch                    Joseph & Jean Zoulek

FRIENDS $1.00 – $24.99
Anonymous (6)                   Helen Ann Kurek–Jepsen
Roy W. Arndt                    Diane Lange
David & Angela Baeten           Marie LeClerc Laux,
Mary Bates                         SSND
James & Margaret                Margaret Le Claire, SSSF
   Baylerian                    Joan Meznarich
Alexander Boehler               Marie Michalets
Edmund T. Bojnowski             John Miers
Joan Brede, SSSF                Milwaukee Achiever
Audrey Brennan                     Program – All Staff
Mary Callan                     Milwaukee Achiever
Carl W. & Theresa                  Program – Silver
   Carstens                        Spring Center Staff
Owen & Ruth Clark               Moya Mowbray
Mary De Cleene, SSND            Suzanne Patten
Bernardin Deutsch, SSSF         Joanne Pietroske
Bonnie Dompke                   Ruth Prentice
Rita Eisterhold, SSSF           Betty Jane Rafenstein
Sue Felice, OSF                 Olga Rodriguez
Mary Brian Foley, SSND          Celestine Schall, SSSF
Dale & Mary Foskett             Rita Schlumpberger, OSF
Ernestine Freeman               School Sisters of Notre
Marguerite Gaasch, OSF             Dame – Visitation
William Garvey                     Community
Aquin Gilles, SDS               Lynton Shake

“I have one teacher, and I am the only learner she
has. I can advance at my own rate of learning.”
      ---Urszula Wojnar, Adult Learner – Poland

John & Dorothy Goes             Leona Sibbel, SSSF
Carolita Greiner, SSSF          Maria Goretti Stefani,
Terese Greiner, SSSF               SSND
Marie Gross, SSSF               Mary Anna Stickelmaier,
Aimee Haider, OSF                  SSSF
Anna Henkel                     Corina Stifter, SSSF
Berniece Henkel                 Beulah Turnage
Dorothy Hochstatter             Paul & Eleanor Vincent
Adele M. Hofschulte, SSND       Anton Marie Voissem,
Joanne Horn, SSND                  SSND
Marie Cecile Huser, SSND        Robert & Catherine Voss
Angela Ireland, SSSF            Jean Wanta
Rosemarie Jakubiak              Irene Weber
Joan Emily Kaul, SSND           Marilyn Wegener, SDS
Helen Kenney, OSF               Susan Weinhold
Norena Kinsey                   Rita Marie Will, SSSF
Edythe Kirschling               James & Eloise
Ralph & Maureen                    Williamson
   Knoernschild                 Cecilia Zachman, SSSF
Theresa Korenic                 Chester J. Zak

(These donors specified Milwaukee Achiever Program
as the recipient of their donations through the
Combined Federal Campaign of Southeastern
Wisconsin. It was not possible to list them in a specific
category because amounts were not released.)

Anonymous                         Anna Mary Look
Helen Bolgrien                    Pamela Millington

Ray Acosta                        Mildred Freese
Al’s Happy Notes                  Wally Ann Fricke
Alverno College                   General Volunteers
David & Ange Baeten               Global Industries
Robert W. Baird & Co., Inc.          Midwest, Inc.
Diane Barton                      Jean Halvorsen
Judith Birlem                     Rick Haskey
Rita Boucher                      Agnes Marie Henkel, SSSF
Dennis Brandos                    Fran Henkel
Joan Brede, SSSF                  Rachel Hill
Eugene Burns                      Barbara Holt

       “My learner teaches me as much,
    if not more, than I teach him…I wish
  I would have discovered the immense joy of
        volunteering earlier in my life.”
                  ---Penny Engebose, Volunteer Tutor

Cardinal Stritch University       Ancille Horgan, OSF
Tony & Dorothy Cebar              Scott Johanning
Dennis Chung                      Norma Juarez
Wayne & Agnes Clark               Elizabeth Kaploe
Cobalt Corporation                Lee Kidney
Blaine Colvin                     Vicki Koralewski
Pat Conrad                        Tom Kranick
Cookie Sale Volunteers (35)       Elizabeth Kubicki
Gary Dalton                       Joselda Kuhle, SSSF
Julie Dalton                      Elaine Kujawa
Dana Investment                   Jim & Pat Laing
    Advisors, Inc.                Lens Crafters – Gift of Sight
Hedy Daniel                           Program
Joyce De Cleene                   Lutheran Social Services
Shirley Dillenburg                Barry Madore
Bonnie Dompke                     E. H. Mahler
Penny Engebose                    Terese Marohl
Rev. Ed Eschweiler

IN–KIND DONORS continued

Marquette University           St. William Parish –
   Students (4)                    Waukesha
Mavis Mathea                   School Sisters of Notre
MAXIMUS                            Dame – Provincial
Milwaukee Achiever                 Office
   Program Board of            School Sisters of St. Francis –
   Directors                       U.S. Province
Milwaukee Achiever             John & Kristine Schwartz
   Program Partners in         Sylvia Anne Sheldon, OSF
   Literacy                    Francele Sherburne, SSND
Milwaukee World                Sherwin–Williams
   Festival, Inc.                  Company
Mount Mary College             Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi
Marilyn & Bob Multhuf          Bernice Smith
Northwest Communications       Magdaline Suggs
Diana Palencia                 Fran Sweeney
Peg Palmer                     Technology Volunteers
Brad Piazza                    Dr. Martin Thomas
Patricia Piazza                Lan Tran
Vicki Piazza                   Volunteer Tutors
Joyce Ploch, SSND              Scott Weaver
Ed Polito                      Irene Weber
Priscilla Postlett             We Energies
Art Rankin                     Susan Weinhold
John Rantanen                  Carol Weishan
Eleanore Rebensburg            Rosemary Welter, RSM
Betty Rebholz                  Rita Marie Will, SSSF
Maria Rosales                  Eloise Samano Williamson
Marie Colette Roy, OSF         John Winter

In Memory Of                   LORRAINE CANN
                                Vonnie De Cleene, SSND
TOM ARIENS                      Adele M. Hofschulte,
 Carol Ariens                      SSND
                                Joanne Horn, SSND
MARY AUGUSTINE                  Marie Le Clerc Laux,
 Mary Jean                         SSND
                               DAISY ANN CAREY
WILLIAM (BILL) BAXTER           Vonnie De Cleene, SSND
 Allan & Jean Halvorsen         Marguerite Gaasch, OSF

  Allan & Jean Halvorsen        Bill & Terry Corrigan

RALPH BORK                     TOM DUSOLD
 Milwaukee Achiever             Mary Ellen Dusold Duran
    Program Staff               Milwaukee Achiever
                                  Program – Silver Spring
PATRICIA BRAUN                    Center Staff
  Ginny Gribble

MEMORIALS continued

JUDY ENGEBOSE                      GERALD HERSIL
John Engebose Family –              Patricia Piazza
  Judy Engebose Memorial
  Fund                             REV. PAUL W. HETTINGER
Penny Engebose                       Dorothy Hochstatter
Peg Palmer
                                   LEO IZARD, SR.
ANNE FOGLIA                          Vonnie De Cleene, SSND
 Alverno Psych Forum                 Marguerite Gaasch, OSF
 Elizabeth Burke
 Lucille Mull                      DENISE KAVANAUGH,
RITA HAMIK                          Bill & Pat Wilde
  Milwaukee Achiever
    Program – Layton               RUTH KINTOPF
    Center Staff                    Penny Engebose
                                    Peg Palmer
 Milwaukee Achiever                CAROL KLAAS, SSSF
   Program – Layton                 Mildred Freese
   Center Staff
                                   CLARISSA KLAAS, SSSF
RALPH (BUD) HEMMER                  Mildred Freese
 Arlene S. Zaffrann
                                   ANNA KLINKER
JOSEPH HENKEL                       William & Ruth Novak
  Helen Di Iorio
  Carolita Greiner, SSSF           HENRY KUBICKI
  Terese Greiner, SSSF              Elizabeth Kubicki
  Agnes Marie Henkel, SSSF
  Anna Henkel                      FRANK & BERNICE
  Berniece Henkel                    LORBECKI
  Joseph A. Henkel                   John Lorbecki
     Revocable Trust
  Mary Louise Miller, SSSF         ROBERT M. LORBECKI
  Milwaukee Achiever                John Lorbecki
     Program Staff
  South Denver                     MARIA T. MACEDONIA
     Anesthesiologists, PC          Charles M. Macedonia
  Virginia Weiss, OSF
  Cecilia Zachman, SSSF            RAYMOND MARTIN
                                    Helen Reinke
  Bonnie Dompke                    PHYLLIS MORRISON
  Sue Felice, OSF                   Carl Morrison
  Agnes Marie Henkel, SSSF
  Anna Henkel                      MOTHER OF CATHERINE
  Berniece Henkel                   DHEIN
  Mary Louise Miller, SSSF          Robert & Theresa
  Peg Palmer                          Muselman
  Patricia Piazza
  Olga Rodriguez                   MARGE PIETRE
  Rita Schlumpberger, OSF           Helen T. Reinke
  Anton Marie Voissem, SSND
  Susan Weinhold
  Virginia Weiss, OSF

MEMORIALS continued

ELINOR PLOCH                        Agnes Marie Henkel, SSSF
  Milwaukee Achiever                Milwaukee Achiever
    Program – Silver Spring            Program Staff
    Center Staff                    Virginia Weiss, OSF
                                    Rita Marie Will, SSSF
 Milwaukee Achiever                GEORGE F. WELTER
   Program – Pierce                 FAMILY
   Center Staff                     Rosemary Welter, RSM

CLARE RUSHLOW, SSND                In Honor Of
 School Sisters of Notre
   Dame – Visitation               NORMA BREITWEISER &
   Community                        WILLIAM DONNELLY
                                    Eileen Bosch
AUDREY SCHMIDT, OSF                 Audrey Brennan
 Patricia Piazza                    Tony & Dorothy Cebar
                                    Mary Early
DEBBIE STRENN                       Robert & Deanna
 Joyce De Cleene                        Giuliani
 Bernice C. Strenn                  Thomas & Kathleen Grassl
                                    Timothy & Joyce Hall
BERNADETTE TOBEN                    Louis & Mary Harding
  Milwaukee Achiever                W. Harding
    Program – Pierce                Clinton & Sandra Hetchler
    Center Staff                    Robert & Ruth Jones
                                    Evangeline Karioris
MARY WALCZAK                        Allan & Phillis Knudsen
 Betty J. Rafenstein                Theresa Korenic &
                                        Joanne Pietroske
JOHN WAMSER                         Ruth A. Laconte
  Eileen Baldus                     Jim & Sheila Lieske
  James & Margaret                  Rita Lofy
     Baylerian                      Jerry & Judy Mac Nab
  Joan Brede, SSSF                  Kenneth & Bailee
  Mary Callan                           Mendelson
  Sue Felice, OSF                   Marilyn Neumann
  John & Therese Fleissner          Barbara Olin
  Olile Fleissner                   Kenneth & Nancy Pugh
  Friends at San Camillo            Elizabeth Ann Reinartz
  John & Dorothy Goes               Nicholas & Vicky Wenzel
  Fran Henkel                       John & Cheryll Zellner
  Margaret Le Claire, SSSF          Mark & Kathryn Zellner
  Randolph Mark                     Dorothy Zielke
  Peg Palmer                        Reuel Zielke
  Patricia Piazza                   Alice Zinky
  Robert & Dorothy Pitz             Joseph & Jean Zoulek
  Ruth Prentice
  Rita Schlumpberger, OSF          PATRICIA CONRAD
  Constance Sylvester                Lou Anne Miller
  Anton Marie Voissem,
     SSND                          VONNIE DE CLEENE, SSND
  Mary Lou Wamser                   Mary De Cleene, SSND
                                    Joan Emily Kaul, SSND
 Jean Halvorsen

MEMORIALS continued
 Bernard & Celine Stanly             Constance Anne Sylvester

 DUNDON, SSND                         WEAVER, MIKE WEAVER
 Michael & Carol Dana                 Scott & Kathy Weaver

EDUCATIONAL                         SHELDON & MARIANNE
  ENDEAVORS                           LUBAR
  Congregation of Sisters of          Betty White
    St. Agnes –
    Fond du Lac – HOPE              MARIA
    Ministry Program                 Angela M. Ireland, SSSF

 SSSF                                 John & Barbara Sweeney
 J. Ann Miller, SSSF
 Jody Wall                          AUDREY SCHMIDT
                                     Julita Snell
  Thomas & Virginia Jenkins         SCHOOL SISTERS OF
  Ty & Mary Linn                      NOTRE DAME STAFF &
TOM HUWILER                           Carol A. Lulewicz
 Corine Ruhl
                                    SCHOOL SISTERS OF ST.
  William Garvey & Diane              2003
     Lange                            Mary Louise Miller, SSSF
  Susan Jennik
  Mr. & Mrs. Peter Neuwald          CHRISTYN WILLEMS,
  Various Donors                     SSND
                                     Christyn Willems, SSND

Loretta Adler, SSSF                 Agnes Clark
Lisa Andrus                         Mary Clinton
Jody Axtman                         Jeanette Coleman
Diane Barton                        Pat Conrad
Leo Barton                          Vincent Cox
Eileen Beard                        Mary Kyran Curtin, SSND
Sheila Beck                         Ryan Czeszynski
Roger Berg, CSC                     Kodi Dahl
Tennie Bickman                      Donald Dally
Bhuwanesh Bista                     Gary Dalton
Herbert Bly                         Julie Dalton
Dennis Brandos                      Hedy Daniel
Cindy Broderick                     Ann Davis
J. Dolores Brunner, SSSF            Joyce De Cleene
Missy Brunner                       Lita Degentesh, SSSF
Daniel Buelow                       Albert Del Page
Eugene Burns                        Marie De Villers
Renee Butz                          Michael Dobran
Robert Casey                        Al Dompke
Trinidad Cerda                      Andrew Dompke
Camille Check                       Steve Dompke
VOLUNTEERS continued
Tony Dompke                        James Hoch
Bill Donnelly                      Antoinette Hockerts, SSSF
Norma Donnelly                     Mary Hoffmann
Janis Doser                        Barbara Holt
Mary Catherine Dundon,             Colin Hudson
   SSND                            Martine Hundelt, SSSF
Tom Dupree                         Florence Ignarski
Rita Eisterhold, SSSF              Elbert Ison
Kathleen Ellenbecker               Arline Jaeger, SSND
Penny Engebose                     Jean Jagodzinski
Diane Euting                       Rosemarie Jakubiak
Barbara Fernholz                   Barbara Janda, SSND
Ronald Fialkowski                  Dolores Jankowski
Katrina Flowers                    Scott Johanning
Jim Fons                           Effrem Jones
Virginia Forsaith                  Judith Jones
Mary Foskett                       Helene Joy
Ernestine Freeman                  Suzanne Jund
Mildred Freese                     Elizabeth Kaploe
Therese Frey, SSSF                 Clare Kastenholz
Wally Ann Fricke                   Irene Kay, RSM
Kathleen Fuchtman, SSSF            Rhonda Kelsey
Margaret Gaier, SSND               Barb Kenney, OSF

  “Milwaukee Achiever Program has helped
 me…to become an American citizen…and to
        write and read English.”
---Phatsanouk Soukhaphon, Adult Learner – Laos
Bill Garrison                      Bob King
Mary Garvey                        Janice Kohlmann
Tom Gauerke                        Vicki Koralewski
Alice Giere, SSND                  Steve Krueger
Pauline Griffin                    Karen Kubiak
Eleanor Guilbert                   Elaine Kujawa
Dee Guy                            Dale Laine
Julie Haas                         Jim Laing
Yvonne Haase, OSF                  Michelle Lalicata
Aimee Haider, OSF                  Joyce La Parle
Carol Hale                         Ger Lor
Jean Halvorsen                     E. H. Mahler
Terese Louise Hamik, SSSF          Helen Makovec
Sharon Hanbury                     Mary Malone
Mara Harrington                    Art Maniaci
Jennifer Harrison                  Audrey Marshall
Rick Haskey                        Mavis Mathea
Lee Held                           Betty Mc Cloud
Agnes Marie Henkel, SSSF           Sandra Mc Gehee
Frances Henkel                     Judith Mc Kinsey
Robin Hensersky                    Tim Mealiff
Annette Herr, CSA                  Alyce Meyer
Francis Xavier Hetzel, SSSF        Agnes Meysenburg, SSSF
Larry Hisle                        Walter Michalica
Carol Hoch                         Janis Miller

VOLUNTEERS continued
Pamela Millington               Francele Sherburne, SSND
Maria Moran                     Leona Sibbel, SSSF
Mary Moritz                     Marie Sibbel, SSSF
Moya Mowbray                    Daniel Silvers
Mary Mross                      Joe Sinsky
Doris Mueller                   William Slaughter
Jane Mueller                    Bernice Smith
Marceile Mueller                Jose Solis
Mary Mueller                    Morris Srinivasan
Julie Newburg                   Judy Stankiewicz
Jim O’Brien                     Mary Stephan
Michael O’Connor                Corina Stifter, SSSF
Thomas O’Connor                 Mary Jo Stipek
Jeanne D’Arc Omilan, OSF        Tiffany Swandt
Julie Pagenkopf                 Frances Sweeney
Donna Peterson                  Toni Symes
Terry Peterson                  Claude Telderer, OSF
Brad Piazza                     Sue Tenney
Vicki Piazza                    Theresa Terfehr
Joyce Ploch, SSND               Robert Thaisanakone
Ed Polito                       Norbert Tracy, SJ
William Pomes                   Edward Tronca
Priscilla Postelt               Michael Truyman
Art Rankin                      Andy Turner
John Rantanen                   Gloria Van Raalte
Louise Rausch, SDS              Rafael Vicens

   “Being retired I have time to help other
 people better their lives…And as is so often
    the case, I receive more than I give.”
                   ---Jim O’Brien, Volunteer Tutor

Elizabeth Rebholz               Catherine Voss
John Reid                       Don Voss
Randy Reifschneider             Helen Wagner, SSSF
Norbert Reis                    Ken Waldschmidt
Lorraine Ritger, SSSF           David H. Walker
Angela Robinson                 Mary Lou Wamser
Brian Roltgen                   Gala Wandschneider
Timothy Rozwadowski             Scott Weaver
Corine Ruhl                     Irene Weber
Jean Rumschlag                  Judy Webster
Arthur Schait                   Marilyn Wegener, SDS
Betty Scharfenberger            Josephine M. Weiler, FSPA
Mary Schmidt                    Carol Weishan
Mary Ann Schmidt, SSSF          Virginia Weiss, OSF
Audrey Schmitt                  Rosemary Welter, RSM
Linda Schoemann                 Betty White
Aimee Schulz                    Ruthie White
Melanie Scipior                 Rita Marie Will, SSSF
Pete Sekula                     Joyce Williams
Lois Servais                    Ted Wyluda
Lucilda Sewald, OSF             Houa Xiong
Mary Shawlin                    Kao Xiong

      FINANCES 2002–2003

INCOME                                               $733,852

    4% Non-Restricted                      8% Fees
                                            1% Other
 17% Restricted
 Grants                                        10% General

                                            60% Contracts

EXPENSES                                             $829,140

                         6% IS: Fundraising/Public
                                  4% IS: General/

                                       11% DS:

                                      6% DS: Supplies/
                                      Learner/Staff Materials

                          73% DS: Salaries/Benefits


IN–KIND DONATIONS                                    $275,501
 3% Furnishings/
                              3% Special Events
2% Materials,


Joan Brede, SSSF – Assistant Coordinator, Pierce Center
          and Site Coordinator/Certified Teacher
         Julie Dalton – Business Office Manager
       Veronica De Cleene, SSND – Coordinator,
                    Silver Spring Center
      Bonnie Dompke – Technology Coordinator/
                Computer Literacy Instructor
 Penny Engebose – Administrative Assistant (Volunteer)
      Sue Felice, OSF – Coordinator, Pierce Center
    Marguerite Gaasch, OSF – Assistant Coordinator,
                    Silver Spring Center
              Karen Glapa – Certified Teacher
              Fran Henkel – Certified Teacher
         Ancille Horgan, OSF – Certified Teacher
         Helen Kenney, OSF – Certified Teacher
     Marie Le Clerc Laux, SSND – Certified Teacher
          Brigid Layden, CSA – Certified Teacher
    Margaret Le Claire, SSSF – Assistant Coordinator,
                       Layton Center
Barbara Leutermann – Site Coordinator/Certified Teacher
              Ger Lor – Computer Technician
             Peg Palmer – Executive Director
  Suzanne Patten – Site Coordinator/Certified Teacher
    Patricia Piazza – Development/Communications
                 Cindy Ramstack – Teacher
   Gerry Richie – Assessments/Learning Lab Assistant
           Olga Rodriguez – Bilingual Teacher
       Marie Colette Roy, OSF – Certified Teacher
      Rita Schlumpberger, OSF – Certified Teacher
  Sharon Stecker, SSND – Coordinator, Layton Center
 Beulah Turnage – Learning Lab Assistant/Receptionist
        Anton Marie Voissem, SSND – Volunteer
      Susan Weinhold – Business Office Manager
     Virginia Weiss, OSF – Receptionist (Volunteer)
   Rosemary Welter, RSM – Computer Lab Assistant
  Eloise Samano Williamson – Program Development
                    Tailei Yarn – Teacher

“A Milwaukee Achiever is literate.”
      Susan Bellehumeur, Chair
         Austin Doherty, SSSF
    Susan Michelle Dubec, SSND
        Marilyn Kesler, SSND
     M. Camille Kliebhan, OSF
   John H. Kopmeier, Jr., Treasurer
          Marcia Lunz, OSF
           Herbert P. Mahler
     Mary Jean Nonnenmacher
        Patricia O’Donoghue
              Peter Ogden
          Julie M. Pagenkopf
        Peg Palmer, President
              Kalyani Rai
            Joel Read, SSSF
      Mary Lea Schneider, OSF
       Therese Thoenen, SSSF
     Julie Van Cleave, Secretary
     Marilyn Vollrath, Vice–Chair
            James Wiensch

         Susan Bellehumeur
              Joan Collins
          Penny L. Engebose
            Alan Gaudynski
         Mary Beth Goelzer
            Maryann Gorski
           Richard J. Hayes
              Fran Henkel
        John H. Kopmeier, Jr.
           Mary Lou Linton
         Lawrence L. Neuser
     Julie M. Pagenkopf, Chair
               Peg Palmer
            Patricia Piazza
          Pamela M. Purcell
             Dennis Purtell
           Jeanine Sweeney
     Eloise Samano Williamson
          1512 West Pierce Street
           Milwaukee, WI 53204
     414–643–5108 and 414–643–1196

         1304 South 70th Street
          West Allis, WI 53214

              PIERCE CENTER
           1512 West Pierce Street
            Milwaukee, WI 53204

        3410 West Silver Spring Drive
           Milwaukee, WI 53209

      We have made every effort to assure
 the accuracy of these donor and volunteer lists.

      If you find an omission/discrepancy,
      please call 414–643–1196, ext. 106.

           Production courtesy of Alverno College

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