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					On October 1, 1952, I launched Edelman in an office down the hall from our founding client, The
Toni Company. I had just ended four years as Toni’s internal public relations director. Within six
months, six more clients had put their faith in our young venture. We have grown at an ever accel-
erating pace since then.
The main reason for our growth is our adherence to excellence in our performance for clients.
Although Edelman was founded with a focus on consumer PR, we have diversified into every facet
of public relations. We have also expanded geographically with offices around the globe. When we
opened our office in London 37 years ago, it was our first outside of the United States. A Frankfurt
office came shortly thereafter, followed by offices in the major markets of Europe, Asia, South
America, Mexico, and Canada.
We are proud that we have always adhered to the highest ethical standards in the practice of pub-
lic relations and that we have remained independent, not part of a conglomerate. We have wit-
nessed the meteoric growth of PR, but know the best is yet to come. Indeed, we believe public
relations will continue to expand its services and in the coming years will emerge as a major source
of strategic counseling for companies and organizations.
I want to express my sincere appreciation to the clients who have trusted us with their brands and
reputations over this past half century. Without their faith in Edelman nothing we have achieved
would have been possible.

                                                                     DANIEL J. EDELMAN
                                                                     Founder & Chairman

Public relations will be the communications discipline of choice in the 21st century. The Edelman
Trust Barometer has tracked a serious decline in trust in institutions and authority figures since
2000. Today’s most credible source of information about a corporation, “a person like yourself,” is
three times more believable than a CEO. The traditional top-down, one-way model of communications
is being complemented by a continuous and rich peer-to-peer dialogue among stakeholders. The
voices of nongovernmental organizations and activist employees are increasingly being heard.
Consumers are co-creating brands, sharing personal experiences, and offering their expertise.
We’re seeing a profound change in the media landscape, with the rise of social networks like
MySpace, the growing influence of bloggers (now 92 million strong), the launch of citizen journalism-
based concepts such as OhMyNews in Korea and Japan, and the advent of consumer-generated
content on sites like YouTube and Revver. Mainstream media is evolving too, with companies such
as Condé Nast and the BBC providing ways for audiences to participate in news creation.
Smart companies recognize that a PR program is more than just media coverage. PR helps
brands stimulate conversation. Witness what Dove did with its Campaign for Real Beauty. PR
establishes new corporate directions. Consider GE and ecomagination. PR involves consumers in
product launches, like Microsoft did when it launched Xbox. PR establishes single repositories for
reliable information such as New York’s and
Each of these programs showcases how PR establishes a brand’s credibility, which, in turn, can be
magnified by advertising and marketing, among other disciplines. We help clients forge powerful
relationships that are based on listening, a re-evaluation of policy, and continuous communication.
As Dan Gillmor, director of the Center for New Media, said recently, “PR is the new advertising and
conversation is the new PR.” We intend to lead this revolution.

                                                                     RICHARD EDELMAN
                                                                     President & CEO

                                                      Supercharging MICROSOFT Xbox 360 �
How to grab gamers’ interest months before a new release? With no advertising support,
Edelman invited them into Colony, an online community-based experience offering information
about Microsoft’s next generation Xbox 360 system. Hundreds of thousands of gamers joined
in, laying the groundwork for the most successful console launch in video game history.

                                                 �Green is Green: Sparking GE’s ecomagination
                                                    Edelman and General Electric united activists and business leaders to launch ecomagination,
                                                    GE’s multi-billion-dollar investment in environmentally sound technologies, as a major
                                                    public policy event. GE is now considered the green corporate leader, combining a sin-
                                                    cere commitment to the environment with profit-making business initiatives.

             Getting it Right for Tomorrow: ALLIANCE FOR HEALTH & THE FUTURE �
To help society realize the potential of Europe's aging population—indeed, a revolutionary
demographic shift—Edelman helped create a politically neutral alliance to help drive
change today, for the good of tomorrow. Through a partnership among the International
Longevity Centers, Pfizer, and leading organizations from many sectors, the Alliance for
Health & the Future brings together a network of independent international experts to
change how opinion leaders, policymakers, institutions, and individuals address the
longevity revolution and prepare for the future.

                                                 �AXE and its Gamekilling New Media Program
                                                    Edelman took Unilever’s AXE anti-perspirant/deodorant to the online space where guys hang
                                                    out: Profiles of the fictional characters from the brand’s popular Gamekillers
                                                    campaign attracted 74,000 MySpace “friends” in the program’s first two months.

                                                                          STARBUCKS in Rural China �
Edelman helped Starbucks position its partnership with the China-based NGO, the Soong Ching Ling
Foundation, called the China Education Project. The partnership, which marked a $5 million commitment
by Starbucks, supports educational programs in rural China and demonstrates the company’s commitment
to equitable development and the betterment of the communities in which it operates.

                                                               Telling the WAL-MART Story �
Wal-Mart asked Edelman to create a presidential campaign-style structure to tell its story of
job creation, benefits, sustainability, low prices, and community involvement. As part of that
effort, Edelman created and staffed an issues action center at the Wal-Mart home office and
took the campaign directly to influencers, mainstream media, and the blogosphere. This corporate
reputation campaign is one of the first to systematically engage bloggers.

                                            �Canine Connections for PEDIGREE DENTASTIX
                                               Must love dogs: For Mars’ Pedigree Dentastix, Edelman developed the first online dog-dating
                                               service. Thousands of dog owners throughout Germany posted profiles of their pooches on
                                               “Date a Dog” and met offline for dog-walking dates, sparking a cultural canine phenomenon.

                                                  Getting Real About Beauty With DOVE �
To stand out in the crowd, Unilever's Dove challenged the accepted, narrow definition of
beauty by using real women, not professional models, in its marketing. Edelman turned
Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty into a global societal debate on beauty stereotypes and
showcased the brand’s leadership in forging a more democratic, celebratory, and inclusive
view of beauty. The handsome result: unprecedented media coverage, improved tracking
equity, more than one million visitors to the campaign's Web site, and every major public
relations industry award including the Best of Silver Anvil.

                                                �Taking CRESTOR to New Levels
                                                   Edelman raised global awareness of AstraZeneca’s blockbuster cholesterol-lowering
                                                   drug and the landmark clinical trial results that demonstrated Crestor’s effectiveness at
                                                   bringing cholesterol levels even lower than currently recommended.

                                                                    Hard Rockin’ With Swedish Curlers �
How could Johnson & Johnson generate some heat about its sponsorship of the 2006 Swedish Olympic
Female Curling Team? Edelman created a music video of the Curling Girls with HammerFall, Sweden’s leading
hard rock band. The tongue-in-cheek video became a cult favorite in Sweden and a viral phenomenon,
downloaded from the team’s blog 222,196 times during the Olympic Games.

                                                 �Free Them Now!
                                                    Working with the government of Morocco and others, Edelman helped secure the
                                                    release of 404 Moroccan prisoners of war. These men had been held in the Algerian
                                                    desert for an average of 20 years, making them the world’s longest-held POWs. The
                                                    campaign’s success was the result of support from influentials like Senator John
                                                    McCain, an online petition, and national media outreach.

By the Numbers

• World's largest independent public relations firm, third overall
• Founded in 1952 by Daniel J. Edelman
• More than 2,100 employees
• 46 wholly owned offices worldwide and more than 50 affiliates
• $299 MM in revenues for FY* 2006
• Largest clients: Abbott Laboratories, American Petroleum Institute, AstraZeneca, Dairy Management Inc., Johnson & Johnson,
  Merck, Microsoft, Novartis, Pfizer, Royal Dutch Shell, Samsung, Schering-Plough, Unilever, Wal-Mart

* Edelman’s fiscal year runs from June to June

    Large Agency of the Year 2006
    PRWeek US
    The Best PR Agency 2005
    Advertising Age
    Campaign of the Year 2006
    Date-a-Dog for Pedigree Dentastix
    PR Report Germany
    Corporate Branding Campaign of the Year
    General Electric Ecomagination
    PRWeek US
    Consumer Launch Campaign of the Year
    Dove Campaign for Real Beauty
    PRWeek US
    Best of the Best, Silver Anvil, PRSA
    “Editor’s Choice” as one to watch for 2006
    PRWeek US
    Large Agency of the Year 2006
    The Holmes Group
    Pan-European Consultancy of the Year 2006
    The Holmes Group
    Runner-Up 2005 Asian Network of the Year
    PRWeek Asia

                                                 PAM TALBOT
                                                 President & CEO, U.S.

                                                 I like pioneering. I like
                                                 to open up and explore
                                                 new areas, and I like
                                                 what it involves: fore-
                                                 sight, imagination,
                                                 optimism, and hope.
                                                 This is the spirit upon
                                                 which Edelman has
                                                 built brands through
                                                 public relations for
                                                 more than 50 years.

                                                 KEN DUTCHER
                                                 Chief Financial Officer, Worldwide

                                                 Our success, in part,
                                                 is the result of con-
                                                 tinually re-investing
                                                 in clients and staff,
                                                 and taking the cre-
                                                 ative risks that deliv-
                                                 er higher ROI.

                                 Industries and Practices
                                 Operating under a matrix structure, Edelman provides clients with a global network that integrates local, country,
                                 and regional knowledge with experts in diverse industries and communication disciplines.

                                                  Business/Industrial Edelman’s business-to-business and industrial experience
                                                  spans all major industries, including automotive, aviation, chemicals, construction,
                                                  energy/utilities, industrial products, professional services, and transportation.
                                                  Clients include Boeing, DuPont, UPS, and Cemusa.
                                                  Consumer Brands Since its launch in 1952, Edelman has been a pioneer in
                                                  consumer marketing. Today, the firm has one of the industry’s leading consumer
                                                  practices, which accounts for one-third of Edelman’s global billings. Practice
                                                  expertise spans all consumer categories, including food and beverage, retail,
                                                  consumer packaged goods, consumer health, and technology.
                                                  Corporate Reputation Edelman provides strategic counsel to clients seeking to
                                                  protect and enhance their relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
                                                  We have applied our expertise to partnerships with GE to introduce its eco-
                                                  magination initiative, Starbucks to broaden its engagement with the entertainment
                                                  community, and AIG to help the company build relationships in Asia.
                                                  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Our global CSR practice provides strategic
                                                  counsel and communications to Fortune 500 companies and NGOs on issues related
                                                  to the environment, public health, human rights, labor practices, and philanthropy.
                                                  Creative Services Edelman's Specialty Creative Services gives clients the means
                                                  to bring their brands and campaigns to life across a range of media, including
                                                  print design, original video production, and experiential marketing campaigns.
                                                  Crisis & Issues Management Edelman has counseled Fortune 500 corporations,
MATT HARRINGTON                                   mid-sized companies, and not-for-profit organizations on how to respond to a
President, U.S. Eastern Region
Chair, Corporate Practice
                                                  range of crises and business challenges, including product recalls, high-profile
                                                  litigation, public health education programs, environmental issues, challenges
Edelman embraces                                  from activist groups, and labor disputes.
change – it's one of
our core strengths –                              Digital Entertainment and Technology Based in Los Angeles and London, this
and harnesses it in                               practice partners with companies at the crossroads of entertainment and technology,
ways that help us                                 such as Fox Interactive, MySpace, Warner Bros., and Microsoft.
constantly innovate.
                                                  Edelman Change and Employee Engagement Great brands and organiza-
                                                  tions are built from the inside out. This unit supports the leadership of small,
                                                  medium, and Fortune 500 companies in creating and sustaining organization-
                                                  al systems that engage employees and empower managers.
                                                  Editorial Services Well-crafted content has the power to educate and influence.
                                                  Our Editorial Services writers and editors combine journalistic skills with marketing
                                                  savvy to translate complex, industry-specific concepts to ensure that programs
                                                  are supported by writing that delivers results.
President, Health                                 Financial Whether leading a successful shareholder action to reform corporate
Chair, Canada &                                   governance at Morgan Stanley or helping InBev complete one of the largest
Latin America                                     transatlantic mergers of the decade, our Financial practice is a communications
It's exhilarating to
                                                  boutique with the resources of a full-service network.
partner with our                                  Food & Beverage Over the past 54 years, Edelman has helped shape some of the
clients to break new
                                                  world's best-known food brands, from StarKist tuna to Butterball turkey. We continue to
ground and effect
positive change in                                help companies like Starbucks, Kraft, Diageo, and Heinz build their brands, and we work
society.                                          with commodity groups, including Dairy Management Inc. and American Egg Board.

Health With 300 specialists, Edelman has one of the world's largest health communications practices.
We help clients on issues of global importance, including chronic disease prevention, the health-tech rev-
olution, infectious disease pandemics, and access to health care. As part of our work, we introduced the
first cancer-prevention vaccine, developed an interactive program for quitting smoking, galvanized
women to love their hearts, and partnered with the HIV/AIDS community.
Interactive Solutions In 1995, Edelman established the PR industry's first in-house interactive division.
Today, more than 50 staffers across our network take the full spectrum of client campaigns online, whether it's
creating the online/offline game Colony to launch Xbox 360, or serving as the online AOR for Berlex's Betaseron.
Litigation More than two decades ago, Edelman pioneered litigation support communications when the
firm represented CBS in Westmoreland v. CBS. More recently, we have worked for clients at various
stages of high-profile litigation, including MasterCard, Swiss Re, PhRMA, Microsoft, American Beverage
Association, AstraZeneca, De Beers, Johnson & Johnson, and The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company.
Multicultural Edelman Multicultural specializes in marketing and communications programs for African-
American and U.S. Hispanic audiences. As a core unit within a full-service firm, the Multicultural practice
delivers targeted initiatives that bridge cultural, language, and lifestyle differences, ensuring that public
relations and marketing programs speak to the interests, needs, and values of these communities.
Public Affairs With nearly 200 experts located in key political centers around the world – from Brussels
to Beijing to Washington, DC – Edelman develops strategic campaigns that help influence public opinion
and affect the regulatory and legislative process.
Sports Edelman has supported Olympic sponsors since 1984 and has developed programs for every
major global sporting event, including Wimbledon and Tour de France, as well as for every U.S. sports league.
Technology In 2006, Edelman acquired A&R Partners, Silicon Valley’s leading PR firm, to create a global net-
work of more than 200 professionals who support clients across industry categories, from software to
hardware to services to consumer electronics, and at every stage of development, from Adobe and Palm to
newer ventures like the Mozilla Foundation.
Travel & Tourism Our global tourism practice, the largest among independent PR firms, comprises 100 professionals
with expertise in economic development, special events, and entertainment integration. Clients include the
U.S. Office of Travel & Tourism, Illinois Bureau of Tourism, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Expedia Corporate Travel.

Specialty Firms
Blue Worldwide Edelman’s reputation and issue advertising agency gives clients in need of multiple commu-
nications channels a seamless combination of public relations and advertising.
BioScience Communications Edelman’s medical education and publication planning company uses
medical publications, peer-to-peer educational events, and online communications to help physicians
and other health practitioners understand new scientific developments and optimize medical practice.
First&42nd Edelman's management consultancy provides corporate social responsibility services, with
supporting practices in brand management and organizational development.
MATTER Edelman's entertainment practice develops breakthrough concepts that deliver brand messages to
consumers through non-traditional programming ideas and channels including film, television, the
Internet, events, celebrity, and entertainment media.
me2revolution Edelman’s media lab is dedicated to identifying, testing, incubating, and championing new
forms of communications that get consumers talking across new platforms and channels both online and off.
StrategyOne Edelman’s full-service market research agency provides clients with customized and target-
ed opinion research (qualitative and quantitative), including corporate image evaluation, advertising effective-
ness analysis, reputation modeling, and communications assessment and planning.

                             Since Edelman first opened its doors, the creative window of opportunity has never been shut. Whether creating
                             and championing an original idea, imaginatively executing a client’s great idea, or partnering with other agencies to
                             deliver synergistic results, the search for powerful ideas to help our clients achieve their business goals is at the
                             heart of the Edelman brand.
                             Creativity in our business is more complex than ever before, with new influences coming into play: consumers who
                             have more trust in people like themselves than in traditional authority figures; co-creation; self-expression; original
                             content; and a culture of sharing among diverse, and increasingly niche, target groups. All of these forces compete
                             with such traditional means of communication as advertising, promotion, and media relations.
                             Today’s creative ideas must thrive in an environment where Wikipedia, MySpace, Flickr, Second Life, blogging, reality
                             TV, satellite radio, word of mouth, and social networking rule. The best creative ideas involve members of the audience,
                             engaging them in conversation. The best creative ideas capture our imagination and are the catalyst for changing
                             opinion and behavior, and for rallying people to action. A tall order!
                             We believe that creativity’s future lies in powerful and “channel-neutral” ideas that can be expressed in many ways
                             through many connection points. Powerful ideas can come from anywhere, including PR, or anyone – even the
                             client’s audience. The key to success is mixing insight with strategy—and a healthy dose of risk—to challenge the
                             status quo and do something unique that breaks through the clutter and gets a brand, a corporation, or a service
                             noticed in a way that captures the hearts and minds of the audiences we want to reach.
                             Edelman fosters a creative culture through several firmwide initiatives. These include creativity month, designed to
                             spark new approaches to our clients’ challenges; dedicated creative directors; formalized ideation processes and
                             brainstorms; and physical “greenspaces” where account teams meet to grow their ideas.

                             Insights                                                          Creative Ideas
                             Every year women in                     We introduced the        Sherry alone = old                    "Ten Star Tapas"
                             the U.S. are faced with                 concept of "Turkey       ladies, but sherry +                  and a new cool
                             the daunting task of                    Trauma" and the          trendy Spanish tapas                  equation for sherry
                             dressing their turkeys                  Butterball Turkey        + Michelin star chefs
                                                                     Talk line, now run-
                                                                     ning for 25 years
                                                                     and counting
President, Consumer Brands
Global Creative Director
                             Single women in                    We turned women into    Chinese consumers                     In education-focused
Edelman is really a          France looking                     GE "Money Lovers"       were unfamiliar with                  China we helped Nestle
state of mind and            for healthy rela-                  and the brand saw       the concept of break-                 introduce       breakfast
perhaps even a state         tionships      but                 significant increase    fast cereal                           cereal as a nutritious
of grace – a conscious       their relationships                in site traffic and                                           way for Chinese school
choice to embrace            with money are                     lead generation                                               children to start their day
risk, allow for unre-        in serious need
strained imagination,        of makeover
and believe that
familiarity really does
breed contempt.

Pioneer Thinking Roadmap

Across the firm's network, Edelman staff members follow a common,           � Program Brief The brief
systematic, seven-stage process to develop and execute measurable              is used across the firm
programs. We call it the Pioneer Thinking Roadmap.                             to capture the goals,
                                                                               insights, and strategy
The process captures the best of Edelman: a deep understanding
                                                                               that drive the powerful
of our clients' business goals and environments, strategic thinking
                                                                               idea, supporting tactics,
that fuels breakthrough ideas, smart execution, incisive measurement,
                                                                               and the use of Edelman’s
and proprietary tools. By adhering to the Roadmap, we know, at
                                                                               proprietary tools.
the beginning of an assignment, what the client expects to have
achieved at the end.

                         Thought Leadership
                         To inform Edelman’s thinking and client programming, the firm invests in global studies and partnerships with
                         companies for an in-depth look at the technological, communications, and cultural trends changing the business

                         The Edelman Trust Barometer tracks opinion leaders’ attitudes toward

                         major institutions and sources of information in 11 markets to uncover
                         key trends. The 2006 Edelman Trust Barometer demonstrated that “a
                         person like myself” is now the most trusted source of information. The
                         survey also found that rank-and-file employees are significantly more
                         trusted than CEOs (45% to 28%). The rising credibility of peers has
                         played a critical role in several of the most successful marketing pro-
                         grams of the last few years, including the Dove Campaign for Real
                         Beauty and The Recording Academy’s initiative against illegal file-shar-

                                                                 White Paper Research

                                                              � New Media Trends Edelman pub-
                                                                 lishes a series of white papers,
                                                                 based on primary research, that pro-
                                                                 vide insight into how widespread
MICHAEL DEAVER                                                   changes in communications are
Vice Chairman
                                                                 affecting the way companies and
Our Pioneer Thinking                                             brands market and communicate.
forms the foundation                                             The Edelman Technorati Blogger
for the structure of                                             Survey found that most bloggers
our company. We are
unfettered, un-owned,
                                                                 want personalized interactions when
and un-ownable.                                                  dealing with companies.

                                                                 Employee Engagement Edelman’s �
                                                                 Employee Engagement practice pro-
                                                                 duces an ongoing series of
                                                                 researched white papers. Research
                                                                 has included a study of employee
                                                                 bloggers and an examination of how
                                                                 companies should communicate to
                                                                 employees the importance of pre-
CHARLES FREMES                                                   ventive healthcare to help reduce
Chairman, Canada
                                                                 corporate healthcare costs in the
Communication can                                                United States.
no longer consist of
what the client says;
it has be be an active
demonstration of who
they are, what they
stand for, and, most
importantly, what
they do.

                                                    Consumer Insights Edelman partners with leading research and consumer trend experts

                                                    like Yankelovich, Iconoculture, Mori, and The Future Laboratory as well as with our own
                                                    research unit, StrategyOne, to conduct primary and secondary research. By tapping these
                                                    resources online and offline, Edelman mines up-to-the-minute data and insights to develop
                                                    powerful ideas for clients. The firm has entered into an agreement with blog search engine
                                                    Technorati for exclusive use, until the first quarter of 2007, of a custom tool that can search
                                                    and track blogs written in Chinese, Korean, German, French, and Italian.

Citizen Journalism and the Blogosphere Edelman was among the first

firms to recognize that the emergence of the blogosphere and citizen
journalism would have a dramatic effect on communications. As the
democratization of media unfolds, Edelman strongly advocates that
companies participate with and engage online influencers. CEO
Richard Edelman began writing his “6 a.m.” blog in September 2004.
Since then, the firm has recruited several prominent bloggers who offer
clients counsel on engaging online influencers. is now a
credible media site with original content that attracts more unique visitors
than the Web sites of most major advertising firms. Outreach to online
audiences, including bloggers, has been a critical part of our programs
for such clients as Wal-Mart and Xbox.

                                                           Asian Stakeholder Study is an annual study of opinion leaders

                                                           across Asia-Pacific that looks at seven stakeholder groups – government,
                                                           media, NGOs, employees, upscale consumers, institutional
                                                           investors, and senior business executives – in 10 Asia-Pacific markets:
                                                           Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia,
                                                           South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan. These insights drive many of
                                                           our programs in Asia.

IIn 2002, Edelman set a goal to be first in quality reputation in the
communications industry by 2007. The firm approached this challenge
by developing a formal quality program that is fueled by two principles:
accountability and the exchange of best practice knowledge throughout
the company’s global network. Edelman’s Chief Quality Officer (CQO)
oversees an evaluation system that holds staff accountable for each
client’s expectations. This process, known as E2, invites clients to
review the performance of their account teams, ensuring that every
team, program and project that supports every client is assessed.
Equally important, E2 ratings are integral to each employee’s annual
performance appraisal.
While only 38 percent of our competitors have quality programs,
Edelman has received more than 1300 completed client assessment
questionnaires since the program began. Clients give the firm high
marks in several areas, such as responding quickly to changes in
strategies and direction, being easy to do business with, and working
effectively with in-house teams. In addition to managing E2, the CQO
makes regular Q Tours, visiting offices worldwide to train staff in the
latest communications trends, new client service techniques, and pioneer
thinking programming.
We measure the success of our Q initiative through our relationships
with our clients, industry surveys, and awards. PRWeek’s recognition
includes “Masters in Client Service.”
E2 Regional Q Scores*, Fiscal Years 2005 and 2006
 Region                 2005 Q Score 2006 Q Score                   Total Reviews
 Asia-Pacific                  7.5                7.5                   147
 Canada                        8.4                8.7                    57
 Europe                        7.6                7.6                   235
 Latin America                 7.5                8.2                    76
 United States                 8.4                8.5                   313
*On a scale of 1 to 10; scores of 7.5-10 reflect “very satisfied”

Commitment to Clients
Together with our clients, we will be partners in dynamic, creative
relationships. We will thoughtfully and responsibly identify their objectives
and assemble the right mix of skills and resources to meet them. We
will value their perspective and anticipate their needs. With intelligence
and ingenuity, timeliness and accuracy, we will deliver informed analysis,
strategic thinking, effective writing, breakthrough creative, excellent
execution, and sound measurement. We will be committed to the
smart financial management of their businesses. We will exceed their
expectations every day.

Global Management
Edelman adheres to a rigorous client service process. Every client has a leader who is responsible for managing the relationship, orchestrating
strategy, and marshalling resources. Client leaders also ensure that programs are executed on time and within budget. Each of Edelman’s
largest clients has a global client relationship manager who oversees the client’s business across practices and offices. Client relationship
managers – drawn from our most senior counselors – are dedicated solely to clients and do not have other geographical or practice responsibilities.

                                                                                              Shell’s Record-Breaking Challenge
                                                                                              In 2005, Shell formulated a vision for the brand to
                                                                                              become synonymous with the concept of taking
                                                                                              drivers further. In January 2006, it challenged
                                                                                              Australian couple John and Helen Taylor to drive
                                                                                              around the world in an ordinary car fueled by
                                                                                              Shell’s new Fuel Economy Formula. The Taylors
                                                                                              covered 28,970km of road across 25 countries
                                                                                              on only 24 tanks of Shell’s new fuel, setting a
                                                                                              new Guinness World Record. Edelman supported
                                                                                              the mission with a global PR program that
                                                                                              enlisted the expertise of Edelman offices
  Ross Cathcart
                                                                                              around the world, resulting in more than 1300
  Global Client                                                                               media stories that reached approximately 1.5
  Relationship                                                                                billion consumers worldwide.
  Manager, Shell

          Global Network
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                                                                                              It seems to me an
Fax: INT+49-40-37-28-80                                  
                                                                                              irony that as compa-
                                                                                              nies look to differen-
                                                                                              tiate more and more
                                                                                              their brands and cor-
                                                                                              porate reputations,
                                                                                              the firms they ask to
Warsaw                                                                                        do this become more
                                                                                              and more the same.
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                                                                                              ALAN VANDERMOLEN
                                                                                              President, Asia

                                                                                              It takes insights com-
                                                                                              bined with creativity
                                Singapore                                                     to find and to man-
                                Tel: INT+65-6733-1110                                         age areas of com-
                                Fax: INT+65-6733-5550                                         mon ground between
                                                               our clients and their
                                                                                              stakeholders that
                                                                                              ensure long-term,
                                                                       Wholly owned offices

At the heart of everything we do at Edelman is our independence and our entrepreneurial can-do spirit. We answer only to our clients, not
to an advertising agency or a marketing conglomerate. We measure our success solely by our clients’ successes. We believe that by doing
consistently quality work, we will be rewarded with longer, deeper client relationships.

The firm prides itself on shunning internal politics and bureaucracy in favor of meritocracy and accessibility. The firm's entrepreneurial spirit
is based on encouraging staff to be innovative, take risks, and go for the powerful idea. Edelman attracts, develops, and retains the industry's
best talent by fostering a diverse, dynamic culture.

Edelman University To ensure that Edelman provides a consistently high level of client
service throughout the firm’s global network, every employee completes at least 24
hours of training each year through Edelman University. The curriculum covers the latest
communications techniques, emerging trends, and new technologies. A bi-weekly
case study seminar links all offices together to learn about Edelman’s most compelling
and challenging programs. Each year, the firm’s emerging leaders convene at the global
Summer School, a three-day boot camp.

Diversity Edelman strives to employ a workforce that reflects the diversity of the world:
to bring not only depth to our efforts but also a deeper understanding of the complexities
of our clients’ cultures, markets, and issues. Diversity is more than a competitive
advantage. It adds a dimension to our work that enhances the value and insights we                     Summer School at the Sorbonne
give our clients.

                                  Code of Conduct These comprehensive guidelines provide our industry, clients, and employees with a clear,
                                  direct statement of our ethical and business standards. Every employee signs the Edelman Code of Conduct,
                                  which addresses everything from never paying for editorial coverage to identifying affiliation and interest when
                                  we work with bloggers and reporters.

Vision, Mission, Values
Vision A global, independent communications leader that positions and establishes relationships for our clients with their stakeholders in
an increasingly connected and complex world.
Mission To provide public relations counsel and strategic communications services that enable our clients to build strong relationships
and to influence attitudes and behaviors. We undertake our mission through Convergence by integrating specialist knowledge of practices
and industries, local market understanding, proprietary methodology, and breakthrough creativity.
We are dedicated to building long-term, rewarding partnerships that add value to our clients and our people.
Our clients are leaders in their fields who are initiating change and seeking new solutions.
Values Quality, Integrity, Respect, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Mutual Benefits

Living in Color
At Edelman, what we do at the office is only part of our story. Our “Living in Color” program inspires our employ-
ees to be curious about the world outside work, to immerse themselves in the arts, culture, politics, literature,
charitable organizations—or in whatever else ignites their passion. By becoming more well-rounded and better-
informed citizens of the world, we have more and better context for what we do, and bring that richness of
understanding—that full spectrum of color—to our clients.
Pro Bono Commitment Edelman has committed to donating up to 1% of its annual profits to pro bono work.

Girls’ Education In June 2006, Edelman made a commitment of $350,000 to alert the
world to the pressing problem of girls’ education, namely that 58 million girls in the develop-
ing world are not in school. Uneducated girls are more likely to marry early, lose a child
to sickness or disease, or have children who are chronically ill or malnourished. The firm
has partnered with NGOs, such as Plan International, CAMFED, and the Council of
Women World Leaders, to build awareness of this important issue.

                              GBC In 2005, Edelman partnered with the Global Business Coalition (GBC) on HIV/AIDS
                              to support its mission to harness the power of the global business community to end
                              HIV/AIDS. Edelman provided communications and media relations outreach efforts on
                              behalf of several critical GBC initiatives and events.

Hurricane Katrina Relief Edelman staff worked alongside hundreds of other volunteers
to help restore communities in the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast. Their efforts focused on
the Mississippi communities of Biloxi, Gulfport, D’Iberville, and Pass Christian.

                              Save the Children Edelman contributed more than $150,000 in PR services and
                              produced a critical six-month progress report documenting Save the Children's relief
                              effort in response to the catastrophic tsunami of December 2004. Charlie MacCormack,
                              president of the organization, said, "I don't believe we have ever published a document
                              with more impact than this report."

Corporate Responsibility Report "Building Trust," our first corporate responsibility
report, outlines Edelman's effort to behave as a responsible global corporate citizen. The
report covers the firm’s employee relations, corporate governance, environmental impact,
community outreach, and contributions to society.

                                                                                                                            NANCY RUSCHEINSKI
                                                                                                                            President, U.S.
                                                                                                                            Midwestern Region

                                                                                                                            Living in Color
                                                                                                                            empowers staff to
                                                                                                                            explore things that are
                                                                                                                            new and different, and
                                                                                                                            encourages them to
                                                                                                                            give back to society.
                                                                                                                            These experiences
                                                                                                                            enrich the lives of our
"24X24," an employee photography               The Edelman Escape program              Edelman employees around the         people and better
exhibit, showcases views of New York           awards employees time off to pur-       world take part in corporate chal-   equip them to address
life at every hour during a single day.        sue their personal passions, such       lenges that support charities.       clients' challenges.
                                               as recording a song.

              Heritage of Leadership
                                                                                                                                               No Fear of Flying
                                                                                                                                               British Airways’ World’s Biggest Offer
                                                                                                                                               Following the U.S. bombing of Libya, British Airways'
                                                                                                                                               business in the U.S. falls dramatically as travelers
                                                                                                                                               fear reprisals. Edelman launches a one-day "free
                                                                                                                                               seat" program that kick-starts new interest in
                                                                                                                                               transatlantic travel.

                                                                                       Consumer Hotline
First Media Tour                               Multinational                           Butterball Turkey
Toni Twins                                     Public Affairs                          Edelman creates a
Building on the “Which Twin                    Concorde Landing                        consumer hotline to
Has the Toni?” ad campaign,                    Rights                                  establish Butterball                     Rx-to-OTC Switch
Dan Edelman creates the first-                 Edelman helps defeat six                as the "go to" source                    American Home Products
ever media tour, taking sets of                Congressional efforts to                for consumers uncer-                     Edelman manages the Rx-to-OTC
identical Toni Twins to 76 cities              ban the Concorde aircraft,              tain about how to                        switch of Advil, which becomes
to promote the home permanent                  and helps secure its first-             prepare a turkey for                     the gold standard of ibuprofen
product.                                       ever U.S. landing rights.               the holidays.                            medication.

1952                                                             1977                                   1981                                           1984

                                                   1966                                                                                                                               1989
             Celebrity Spokesperson Powers Sales                                                                                              Global Environmental Campaign
             Vincent Price and the California Wine Institute                                                                                  H.J. Heinz
             After Edelman’s campaign with actor Vincent Price, California                                                                    Amid a public outcry over dolphins trapped in
             wines are featured for the first time alongside imports from                                                                     tuna nets, Edelman helps StarKist change
             France — and consumption jumps 70 percent.                                                                                       fishing practices with conferences, videos,
                                                                                                                                              and an Earth Day Coalition. StarKist is praised
                                                                                                                                              as a leading corporate environmentalist, and
                                                                                                                                              Dolphin Safe Tuna is born.

                                                                                                                     1982                                                    Merging Accounting
       1954                                                                  Cause-Related Marketing
                                                                                                                                                                             Ernst & Young
        PR Leads Advertising                                                 Vietnam Veterans War Memorial                             1983                                  Edelman supports the merger of
        Sara Lee                                                             Edelman’s outreach for Vietnam veterans helps              Litigation PR                        former Big 8 companies Ernst
        Edelman secures an article for                                       secure public and congressional support for                                                     & Whinney and Arthur Young. The
        pioneer frozen food company                                          their war memorial, resulting in the addition of
                                                                                                                                        CBS vs. Westmoreland
                                                                                                                                                                             new company, Ernst & Young, is
        Sara Lee in The Wall Street                                          a sculpture of three vets and $6 million in                An Edelman-supported
                                                                                                                                                                             one of the world's largest pro-
        Journal and founder Charlie                                          raised funds.                                              campaign for CBS helps the
                                                                                                                                                                             fessional services firms, and at the
        Lubin repeatedly states: “Public                                                                                                network fend off charges of
                                                                                                                                                                             time, the merger is the largest
        relations was worth 1,000                                                                                                       libel by the retired general.
                                                                                                                                                                             between service companies.
        times advertising in establish-
        ing the success of Sara Lee.”

             1992                                                                                                     Reversing a Crisis
Sleeping in America
                                                         1999                                                         SARS
                                                                                                                      Edelman Toronto helps its client the Ontario Ministry
Edelman teams Searle with the National Sleep              Relaunching a Maverick                                      of Health manage the SARS public health crisis,
Foundation to help improve Americans'                     Apple iMac                                                  which results in approximately 30 deaths and
understanding of sleep. Searle's drowsy sleep             Edelman introduces the iMac comput-                         thousands of people quarantined. Our London and
market is revitalized, and Ambien becomes                 er for Apple and helps reclaim the                          Brussels offices help Canada secure a reversal
the No. 1 medication for sleep deprivation.               company's creative and cutting-edge                         of a World Health Organization travel advisory
                                                          legacy. Edelman goes on to help                             recommending limited travel to Toronto.
                                                          Apple launch the iPod in 2002.

                                                                Influencing Trade
                                                                Edelman helps win support for Chiquita at the
      Deal of the Decade                                        World Trade Organization and the agreement of                                                  Creating a Cereals Market
                                                                                                                      Largest Re-Branding
      Viacom & Blockbuster                                      EU member states to reverse legislation                                                        in China
                                                                restricting banana imports to the EU. Chiquita        UPS
      Edelman manages the communica-                                                                                  Edelman helps UPS introduce              Nestle & General Mills
                                                                becomes recognized as a pioneer in social and
      tions for the three-way merger of                         environmental best practices, in part through a       a new corporate brand                    Edelman’s nutritional information
      Viacom, Blockbuster, and Paramount,                       partnership with the Rainforest Alliance, which       identity to 30,000 UPS                   campaign teaches Chinese parents
      which creates the largest entertain-                      helps Chiquita integrate responsibility initiatives   employees and millions of                the benefits of eating breakfast
      ment company. It is hailed as the                         into its daily actions and decisions.                 customers in one of the                  cereal before school. The campaign
      "deal of the decade."                                                                                           largest re-branding efforts              helps Nestle & General Mills create
                                                                                                                      in history.                              the first market for cereal in China.
                   1993                                                       2000
                                                                                                                      2003                                                    2004

                                                                                               2002                   Impressive IPO
                                                                           Rebuilding Spirit                          Edelman successfully supports CIT                                            2005
                                                                           Lower Manhattan                            Group’s IPO as it spins off from its              Campaign for Real Beauty
                                                                           In the aftermath of 9/11,                  scandal-plagued parent Tyco.                      Dove
                   1996                                                    Edelman leads a campaign                   Edelman wins PRWeek’s 2003
                                                                                                                                                                        To stand out in the cluttered beauty
                                                                           that delivers trusted infor-               Campaign of the Year.
                    First Use of the Internet in a Crisis                  mation, online and off, about                                                                products market, Dove challenges
                    Odwalla                                                the ongoing effort to restore                                                                the accepted, narrow definition of
                                                                           a thriving and safe neigh-                                                                   beauty by using images of real
                    When the Seattle Department of Health detects
                                                                           borhood to Manhattan.                                                                        women, instead of professional
                    a link between Odwalla apple juice and cases
                                                                                                                                                                        models, in its marketing. Edelman
                    of E. coli, Edelman becomes the first PR firm
                                                                                                                                                                        helps transform this cutting-edge
                    to use the Internet to manage a crisis.
                                                                                                                                                                        campaign into a public dialogue
                                                                                                                                                                        about what real beauty looks like.

         Establishing Standards
         DVD Alliance                                                                                                 2003
         The DVD Alliance taps Edelman to reach key
         influencers and build support from movie
         studios to win the battle for consumer loyal-
         ty. DVDs become the format of choice.


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