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                                                                         Mayor’s Update
                                                                               The signs are up, No, not the election signs, the con-     ment should be at the cost of the developer and our role
                                                                         struction signs along the highway. They may be a year            is to ensure that the developer abides by these regula-
                                                                         late but better late than never as the saying goes. Work         tions. Council should not be subsidizing development at
                                                                         has started on the installation of the new water and sewer       the expense of individual taxpayers. As well, council
                                                                         line going along the Conception Bay Highway. This will           shouldn’t have to spend considerable taxpayer dollars re-
                                                                         cause delays, slow moving traffic and create dusty con-          pairing or correcting what could be perceived as poor de-
                                                                         ditions for much, if not all, of this summer and fall. This      sign in the first place.
                                                                         work is long overdue but without it we do not have the                Before I conclude, please allow me to speak to the
                                                                         capacity necessary to supply our community. This work            issue of privacy and privileged meetings. I believe that
                                                                         will affect every business owner, resident and visitor to        before initiatives or announcements are made public that
                                                                         Bay Roberts in the coming months. I ask that everyone            the ì`s are dotted and the `t`s are crossed so there is no
                                                                         consider taking alternate routes, showing patience, being        misinformation or misleading conceptions in the public.
                                                                         courteous and working with the construction company              I know there are lots of rumors out there about possible
                                                                         to help them complete their work. We will, for a period          businesses, new ventures, etc. coming to Town. When
                                                                         of time, be down to two lane traffic so, drive slowly and        and if any possible deals are completed and are ready to
                                                                         keep an eye out for pedestrians.                                 move forward you will be the first to know. As well, I
                                                                               We recently held a public meeting on our new Mu-           believe that respect and privacy are principles used when
                                                                         nicipal Plan. I would like to thank all the residents who        dealing with land, legal and labour issues. If, for exam-
                                                                         participated and provided input into our new 10 year             ple, we have an issue with an employee. I feel that out of
                                                                         plan. Council has received the report and will adopt the         respect for that employee it should be dealt with in pri-
                                                                         new plan in the coming months. This plan is the footprint        vate. I believe that if you as an individual were in dis-
                Writing an article every quarter for our Klondyke        council will use going forward to guide future growth            cussion to buy or sell a business that you would want that
           Gazette is a great opportunity for me to communicate to       within our community. Planning to meet that growth is a          done privately until an agreement was reached. If this is
           all of our residents about what’s up in our town. It pro-     challenge to all of us as well as maintaining the delicate       being secretive or privileged, then I apologize to you. But
           vides me the chance to talk about what lies ahead, pro-       balance between urban and rural, residential and com-            I believe and council believes, that this is being respectful
           vide information and in some cases address issues which       mercial, the present and our past and being mindful of           of an individual’s rights.
           arise in between editions of our community paper.             the need to protect and respect our environment.                      The days are longer and with that means more peo-
                I want to begin by wishing our town a belated happy            I continue to hear criticism about our ongoing ini-        ple out and about the Town either walking or riding
           60th birthday. On February 24th, 1951 we officially be-       tiative regarding our planning regulations. In the past we       bikes. Drive safely and defensively as our people are our
           came an incorporated municipality. We will be celebrat-       were criticized for not having a plan or not sticking to         most precious resource.
           ing this feat with various community activities               the plan when development occurred. This I have heard                 Until next time!!
           throughout the year. We hope that you will join us for        loud and clear, year after year, since my election to coun-                                                 Glenn Littlejohn
           many of these events.                                         cil 14 years ago. Bottom line, council feels that develop-                                    Mayor, Town of Bay Roberts

                                                  Pigeon Inlet Quilters’ Guild
             The Pigeon Inlet Quilters’ Guild was founded by a                                                                            main lobby of the school. This one-of-a-kind masterpiece
        group of friends in September 2006 with an initial charter           To celebrate our fifth anniversary                           has drawn viewers from right across Canada and as far
        membership of 25 ladies. Since then membership has                        we are planning to host                                 away as New Zealand!
        grown to 60 quilters who come from all over the northern                                                                               Several merchants will be in attendance, selling every-
        Avalon spanning communities from Torbay to Old Perli-
                                                                                  our first ever quilt show                               thing from a spool of thread to a computerized sewing ma-
        can. There is one meeting per month along with two work-                “Quilts From Pigeon Inlet”                                chine. In addition to quilts, the guild will also have a booth
        days or workshops held at the Avalon Wolverines Search                                                                            with some smaller hand made products (in a broad range of
        and Rescue Building. Over the years the guild has actively
                                                                                    on June 25 and 26                                     prices) for you to purchase. There will be a prize draw
        participated in the community by providing quilts to a va-               at Ascension Collegiate.                                 every hour and on Sunday afternoon the grand prize draw
        riety of organizations including the Bay Roberts Library,                                                                         will take place. Should you need some light refreshments
        Daffodil House, and O’’Shaughnessey House, as well as           Inlet Quilters’’ Guild President, Michelle Zwicker, Angel         you will be able to visit Aunt Sophie’s Kitchen where you
        pillowcases for children with cancer at the Janeway Hospi-      Fund Rep., Helen Clarke, Angel Fund Rep., Catherine Ed-           can have a mug-up and enjoy some local entertainment.
        tal and baby blankets for newborns at the Carbonear Hos-        munds, Guild Programme Coordinator.                                    Community support for this event has been wonderful
        pital. Last year we presented the Pigeon Inlet Quilt to the           In preparation for this event, and with assistance from     and we hope to see a huge turnout. There will be something
        Bay Roberts Cultural Committee. It is based on the works        the town’’s Special Events Committee, a ticket draw (on a         for everyone, quilters and non-quilters alike. We invite you
        of Ted Russell and is on permanent display at the Bay           full size quilt, pictured below) was held in the fall. At our     all to visit our show and spend some time taking in New-
        Roberts Visitors Pavilion. Recently, a quilt was presented to   February meeting the draw took place and the winner of            foundland traditions, hospitality and talent. Doors open at
        members of the Angel Fund Committee for them to use in          the quilt is June Mercer, Bay Roberts.                            10:00 am on Saturday, June 25 and 26 - admission $5.00.
        their fund raising endeavours. L-R Georgina King, Pigeon             Now that funding is secure we are proceeding at break-
                                                                        neck speed to plan a show which will be the first one held
                                                                        in Bay Roberts.
                                                                             This “Event” is not just for quilters. For two days there
                                                                        will be a display of 150 quilts and dozens of other quilted
                                                                        products including baby blankets, wall hangings, tote bags,
                                                                        table toppers, etc. As well as the display of quilts there will
                                                                        be special sections featuring Christmas, Hallowe’en/Au-
                                                                        tumn, and Baby. You will be able to see several quilting
                                                                        demonstrations from basic information to more compli-
                                                                        cated techniques which viewers will find of interest. We
                                                                        also plan to have a full size quilt on a quilt frame at which
                                                                        several members will take turns showing how to hand quilt.
                                                                        The Pigeon Inlet Quilt will be proudly displayed in the
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        Page 2                                                                                                                                                                                          May 2011

                                                                                                                                     Allan Cup Champions

                   photo credit Terry Roberts, The Compass               photo credit Terry Roberts, The Compass

         To Natalie Keeping, daughter of Stan & Lynn Keeping, and Adam Drover, son of Paul & Car-
        olyn Drover, both residents of the Town who represented NL at the recent Canada Games held
        in Halifax. Natalie played with the Female Ice Hockey Team while Adam played with the Table
        Tennis Team!

                                                                                                                   Right to left: Matthew French, Brandon Roach, Chris Crosbie                  photo credit Brian Tuck

                                                                                                                   To Chris Crosbie, Brandon Roach and Matthew French who recently, while playing with the
                                                                                                                   Clarenville Caribous, won the Allan Cup. The Allan Cup is awarded annually to the top senior
                                                                                                                   amateur hockey team in Canada. It’s the first time the Allan Cup was won by a NL team in
                                                                                                                   25 years and the first time any players from the Town won the prized cup!! The trophy is
                                                                                                                   quite an honour to win as a result of its long history. It was donated for the first time in 1909
                                                                                                                   to replace the Stanley Cup which was then awarded in a professional competition. Also, con-
                                                                                                                   gratulations to Cody Roach who, while playing with the Grand Falls Cataracts, won the
                                                                                                                   Herder Trophy! Way to Go Boys!
                                                                                       photo credit Mark Bennett

                                                             To Andrew Dale of Coley’s Point and a member
                                                             of the music group The Once who at the recently
                                                             held East Coast Music Awards held in Charlot-
        To our very own Ron Delaney who won the              tetown, PEI, won the award for Group Record-
        Cyril Hoskins Memorial Award for recreation          ing of the Year. Other members of the group
        practitioners. This award honours an individ-        include Geraldine Hollett and Phil Churchill.
        ual who has contributed significantly to the         Their album is the self titled album call “The
        growth and development of recreation, parks          Once”.
        and leisure services. The provincial award is        Carbonear native, Duane Andrews, from the
        presented annually by Recreation Newfound-           Baccalieu Trail, also won an award for the Jazz
        land and Labrador!! Great Job Ron!                   Recording of the Year!

                                                                                                                                                         1955-56 Boston Bruins

                                                                                                                                        DID YOU KNOW ...?
                                                                                                                    1) The Town of Bay Roberts was incorporated on and became a Town on February 24,
                                                                                                                    2) The first Mayor of the Town was Robert J. Mercer.
                                                                                                                    3) The budget for the first Town Council in the Town of Bay Roberts, 60 years ago in
                                                                                                                       1951, was approximately $50 000.
             Hayley Crosbie is 11 years old and is           not received gold, including last year’s               4) The budget for the Town in 2011 is $6.4 million.
        one of 6 Level II gymnasts to travel this            competitions. Taking dance lessons from                5) That the Boston Bruins, after missing out of the playoffs by one point, in April 1956
        year to Moncton representing Team New-               Catherine’s Dance Studio from the age of                  toured Nfld. One stop in that tour was Bay Roberts. They played here on April 9th.
        foundland in the Atlantics Gymnastics                3 to 9 (when she joined gymnastics) has                   While visiting the Town the team was treated to a dinner hosted by the Kiwanis Club.
        competition. Her first year competing in             definitely helped her. Her tumbling lines                 At which they were given a memento of their visit - a small Newfoundland seal. Some
        Level II, she earned overall gold in all three       and movements to which she performs                       of the players who played against the Bruins included, Graham Sparkes, Eric (Josh)
        competitions – The SnowBowl, Frosty Flip             have given her amazing scores! When                       Mercer, Billy Arthur, Irving Snow, Allan Mercer, Vic Mercer, Rob Dale, Irving Snow,
        and Provincials. Hayley trains from                  asked what Hayley wants to be when she                    Clayton Russell, Dave Badcock and Henry Deering. Gerald Saunders was the only
        Campia in Mount Pearl – 2 to 3 times a               grows up the answer has not changed for                   person who beat Terry Sawchuk who played goal for the Bruins. Sawchuk would win
        week for 4 hours per training session. It’s          quite some time …. “A gold medal gym-                     over 500 games in the NHL and was named to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1971. Some
        a tough schedule but Hayley works hard at            nast”! Everyone is so proud of all she has                of the players who played for the Boston Bruins were Doug Mohns, Cal Cardner and
        competing and performs well under pres-              accomplished and the experience of the At-                Fleming Mackell. Mackell, following his retirement from the NHL, played for a season
        sure. Her strength in competition can be             lantic’s is something she is looking forward              in 1967 – 68 with the St. John’s Capitals. According to the Telegram newspaper, “it
        easily seen when she competes the floor              to.                                                       was a foggy night with less than ideal ice conditions despite this the Bruins enjoyed
        routine. She has only in two competitions                                                                      their visit here. They received a hearty response given by the people who came from
                                                                                                                       miles around to watch them play”.
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        May 2011                                                                                                                                                                             Page 3

                                   Shearstown’s First Agricultural Fair
                                                                   by Elizabeth (Betty) Jerrett, Bay Roberts Heritage Society
              As I write this, the signs of spring are everywhere; the    Butler of the Department of Natural Resources, assisted by      popular with the children and grown-ups alike. This was
        snow is gone, the crocuses are up, the birds are singing, the     Mr. Lloyd Sparkes, Manager of the Demonstration Farm.           followed by a show kindly provided by the Newfoundland
        ground is warming in preparation for planting. It seems                The highlight of the day was the heavy draught horse       Film Board.
        the ideal time to write about a different and important part      hauling competition. The competition ended in a draw; the            The Bay Roberts Fire Brigade put off a demonstration,
        of our heritage and culture – agriculture.                        winners being Mr. John Mercer and Mark Gosse & Son.             which proved most effectively the efficiency of the local
              Small-time agriculture was always a mainstay of out-        The weight hauled was 2,400 pounds. Both horses                 Brigade under the capable direction of Fire Chief Jack
        port life. It encompassed the “front garden” with lilac trees     weighed 1,200 pounds. The hauling contest for the pony          North.
        and flowers such as rockets brought over from the old             class also resulted in a draw between John Holmes and Jack           The lighting effects provided by the United Towns
        country blending with native flowers. Sometimes there             Dwyer. The weight hauled was 1,500 pounds.                      Electric Co. made the grounds a most attractive sight, and
        would be a “kitchen” garden, probably so named because                 On Thursday, the vegetable exhibits and the ladies’        with the music and general spirit of a country carnival that
        it was close to the kitchen window, or because it contained       handiworks were judged. Mr. Butler judged the vegetables,       goes with a Fair, success crowned the efforts of the hard-
        a variety such as beet and the like prepared in the kitchen.      and Miss Emerson of the Handicrafts Center judged the           working committee.
        These gardens were under the care of the women of the             ladies’ exhibits. In each case, the judges expressed them-           The Clover Leaf Agricultural Society, the Ladies Com-
        household.                                                        selves as highly pleased with the exhibits, both as to the      mittee, and Mr. R. S. James, the Agricultural Officer, had
              The “back garden” was the domain of the menfolk.            quality, the arrangements, and the keen spirit of competi-      every reason to be proud of the very outstanding effort in
        The size depended on the need for the produce of mainly           tion.                                                           organizing and putting off the first Exhibition at
        potatoes, turnip, and carrot. In most cases, the ground was            In the afternoon the poultry were judged by Mr. Lloyd      Shearstown. Judging by the comments passed, it was con-
        plowed and drilled using a Newfoundland pony.                     Sparkes. This was followed by the bareback horse riding         sidered one of the best efforts seen in respect of Agricul-
              In the Shearstown area, agriculture took on a different     competition in the following classes: Heavy Harness,            tural shows and was a most outstanding success. The
        meaning. The glacial delta provided level fertile ground in       Roadsters, and Ponies. The Heavy Harness class was won          Clover Leaf Society expressed their sincere thanks to the
        a sheltered location, ideal for farming. Eventually, the          by Frank Earle; the Roadster class by Roy Batten; and the       ladies who did such a grand job also the following for do-
        farming grew beyond household needs into commercial en-           Pony class by Bruce Holmes                                      nations: Messers John Parsons, E. J. Bradbury, Augustus
        terprises – the industry of the area. Its prominence was               Another interesting event was the inter-town tug-of-       Keefe, S. E. Mercer, and Wilfred Dawe, Bay Roberts; and
        highlighted by annual exhibitions or fairs. I’d like to share     war contests between Bay Roberts and Shearstown. There          Gaze Seed, Mammy’s Bakery, St. John’s.
        the account of the first fair as related by the late C. E. Rus-   were two events – senior and junior, and the Shearstown              My own personal recollection of a Fair in Shearstown,
        sell.                                                             teams were the victors in both contests.                        when I was a child, is of seeing Hank Snow, The Singing
              The first Agricultural Exhibition was held on Wednes-            Deserving of special mention was the exhibit dis-          Ranger, all decked out in white western clothing, standing
        day, October 6th and Thursday, October 7th, 1948 at               played by the Shearstown Rural Youth Club. This Club            by his horse for photos. He performed at the Orange
        Shearstown. The Fair was sponsored by the Clover Leaf             was comprised entirely of school children, and a most cred-     Lodge, and the admission fee, according to Henry Deering,
        Agricultural Society and attended by 3,000 people.                itable display of some 20 varieties of vegetables elicited      was $2. All I could think of was, “I’m looking at a real
              In spite of the disadvantages of rain all morning on        very favorable comments from all who viewed this booth.         cowboy!” What a thrill and a treasured memory!
        Opening Day, the livestock were judged and the showing             A special prize list was arranged for these exhibits.
        was very creditable. The judging was done by Mr. H. A.                 During the evening, a fireworks display proved very

                                      B a y Ro b e r t s P h o t o C o n t e s t
        Over the summer months take some pictures of Beautiful Bay Roberts and send them in for the next edition of the Klondyke Gazette, email your pictures to rdelaney@town.bay-

        Below are a few examples.

                                           Lupins on walking trail

                                                                                                                                        Double rainbow, by Jerry Mercer

                                                                                                                      Bir thdays and
                                                                                                                      A n n i ve r s a r i e s
                                                                                                         e-mail a picture and info to rdelaney@town.bayroberts.nf,ca
                                                                                                         We will have a section dedicated to residents celebrating their 80+ Birthday
                                                 Three sisters                                           or 50+ Anniversary
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        Page 4                                                                                                                                                                              May 2011

                                   THE BIRTH OF OUR TOWN
                                                                                              by Mike Flynn
                                                                                                                                         pleased. Smallwood eventually agreed to extend the pave-

                 hough the beginning of Bay Roberts was small, of a
                 humble character, and moreover of no ancient date,                                                                      ment to Barnes Road just east of Mercer’s residence.
                 there is everything to encourage us to hope that a                                                                            Vic Cave, a popular barber in the town, was hired as
        bright future is before it and that it will one day takes its                                                                    the first town clerk. “The work was pretty easy,” he said. “I
        place among the most prosperous settlements in New-                                                                              worked from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM each day which gave me
        foundland. (Rev. Martin Blackmore in a lecture on the his-                                                                       free time in the mornings to run the barber shop. At that
        tory of Bay Roberts, January 24, 1865)                                                                                           time, there were nineteen Bill Mercers living here and the
              History has proven that Rev. Martin Blackmore’s                                                                            only way I could keep track of them was by their nick-
        statement made 146 years ago was indeed a prophetic one.                                                                         names. Some of them liked those names but there were oth-
        The town has matured from its humble beginning as a fish-                                                                        ers who didn’t, but for a long time, everybody in Bay
        ing settlement to one of the most prosperous towns in the                                                                        Roberts had one.”
        province. While the town flourished as a commercial centre                                                                            The town grew considerably following the first ten
        during the early part of the 1900s, it was after incorporation                                                                   years of incorporation, and in 1961, council agreed that it
        in 1951, that it firmly established itself as a major service                                                                    was time to increase both his hours and salary. Vic Cave
        hub for the Avalon Peninsula.                                                                                                    says he was facing a dilemma, whether to pursue a career
               The Bay Roberts Guardian had, for years before its                                                                        as a full time clerk or as a barber. He chose barbering, be-
        final edition rolled off the presses on July 9, 1949, editori-                                                                   cause, as he says, “there was no better way to keep up on
        alized on the benefits of a town council. However its pro-                                                                       the news and gossip of Bay Roberts”.
        posal was met with more apathy than opposition.                                                                                       With the growth of the neighbouring smaller areas
              The paper warned the people, on February 22, 1947,         the possibility of having the streets of Bay Roberts paved.     such as Bay Roberts East, Coley’s Point, Country Road and
        that sooner or later they would have to face the question of     Smallwood agreed to pave the streets at government’s ex-        Shearstown, the stage was now set for the creation of a
        local government. As we see it, there is no escape. We can-      pense if the community opted for incorporation.                 larger town. Bay Roberts was by far the largest of the areas
        not hope to have complete unanimity, but we are of the                 A public meeting was held in the old court house (site    and had experienced a diversification in its economy with
        opinion that if the public were acquainted with the facts by     of the present day War Memorial) under the chairmanship         the establishment of dozens of successful, commercial es-
        a government official, there would be a changed attitude.        of John C. Snow, Dawe says. A resolution was passed to in-      tablishments, thus allowing the town to free itself, some-
        What will it cost us? That seems to be a major question.         vestigate and ascertain from citizens whether or not they       what, from dependency on the uncertain fishing industry.
        There are other questions people are asking, and it is unfor-    were in favor of a council. Then an investigation committee     However, further expansion was stymied by lack of space.
        tunate that that we cannot get together and discuss them in      was set up to circulate a petition.                                  That problem was solved with little fanfare in 1965,
        the presence of an authorized government spokesman. It is              The committee consisted of Bill Crosbie, Eric Mar-        when the Bay Roberts town council raised the idea of amal-
        not a case of what was good for my father is good enough         shall, Magistrate William E. Mercer (Billy Shears), Fred        gamation with neighbouring areas. At that time, Bay
        for me. We love our town and desire to have her take her         Oates and Victor Sparkes. The committee was successful in       Roberts East, an area from Barnes Road to Mad Rock, had
        place amongst progressive communities and surely we can-         convincing the people of the town- which then extended          formed a separate council and Coley’s Point and
        not expect to have improvements without paying some-             from the main highway to Barne’s Road- to incorporate.          Shearstown were each considering the feasibility of incor-
        thing towards them.                                              The date of incorporation was February 24, 1951 and the         poration.
              The editorial sparked a letter to the paper on March 1     first election was held shortly afterwards. The council of-          The Bay Roberts council circulated a petition in each
        of that year. The writer, identified only as I.B.M., scoffed     fice was set up in a small room in St. Matthew’s Hall, and      of the areas, and except for the western end of Shearstown
        at the idea of an elected council and suggested an alternate     Dawe says at the time, the gross revenue for the year was       and Butlerville, surprisingly, found little opposition to the
        form of local government. He suggested, it may not be            less than $50,000, a far cry from today’s $6 million. There     proposal. When the final results were tabulated, council
        necessary to have a body of men holding the dignity of           were three forms of taxation – a municipal service fee, a       moved to annex the areas that had indicated approval. With
        “Lord Mayor” or “City Fathers” if four or five honorable         vehicle tax and business tax.                                   government’s permission, the annexation took place shortly
        citizens were appointed by a public meeting to take an in-             Robert J. Mercer was chosen as the town’s first mayor     afterwards. In 1990, the dissenting regions, as well as the
        terest and be spokesmen in local matters. On July 1947, the      in1951 and Fred Winsor became deputy mayor. Others              Birch Hills area, were also annexed.
        paper wrote, lack of public spirit and community interest        elected included Dawe, Alton Churchill of Churchill’s                Eric Dawe, who was mayor at the time, said that loss
        lie at the back of our unwillingness to incorporate our town.    Building Supplies, John North, an early volunteer fireman       of identity was the only major concern at the time. He says
        We are, however, still hopeful that something will be done       with the town and later owner of a popular outdoor skating      “that didn’t happen despite the fact that council refused to
        in this direction.                                               rink on Central Street, Victor Sparkes, Eric Marshall (Mar-     institute a ward system of representation because it felt that
               It was three years later that action was finally taken,   shall’s Hardware and later Marshall’s Restaurant), magis-       such a system was divisive. The move increased the popu-
        not for political and economic considerations, but for the       trate William E. Mercer and Ray Cave.                           lation of Bay Roberts from 2600 to over 5000 and gave the
        most trivial and innocuous reasons. In the summer of 1950,              Smallwood was true to his word and paved both            town a greater tax base and more political clout.”
        the town doctor, who took great pride in maintaining a           Water Street and the Cross Roads. Dawe says this was done            The amalgamation was one of the first in the province
        shine on his large, luxurious, black car complained vehe-        to appease the four major religious denominations in the        and was unique in that residents of all the affected commu-
        mently to 30-year old Eric Dawe about the amount of dust         town. The Salvation Army, Anglican and United Churches          nities opted to go under the name of Bay Roberts rather
        generated by traffic in the Cross Roads. But when Dawe’s         were located on Water Street and the Roman Catholic             than a multiple hyphenated name common in later mergers.
        mother, Jean, and his aunt Gertrude added their voices, and      Church was on the Cross Roads. The Water Street section              Eric Dawe is only surviving member of the original
        complained about dust on their flowers, Eric knew it was         of pavement initially ended at the Anglican Church and this     town council and can be affectionately referred to by resi-
        time to act.                                                     did not please Magistrate William Mercer who lived east of      dents as the Only Living Father of the town’s incorpora-
              He became a member of a committee that was man-            the church. Mercer, who was a member of both the initial        tion.
        dated to meet with then premier Joseph Smallwood about           investigative committee and the first town council, was not

                                                        S U M M E R P RO G R A M 2 0 1 1
          Tiny Tot & Day Camp                                                 Summer is here, and what better way for your son or       the Bay Roberts Pool. And for all of you kids who enjoy
                                                                         daughter to enjoy their summer than by joining our Sum-        camping and sleeping in tents, at the end of the summer
          Tiny Tots are of ages 4-5 years.                               mer Youth Camp! Youth Camp is a seven-week program,            we have our famous Tent City at the Bay Roberts field
          Day Campers are of ages 6-8 years.                             running from June 27th to August 12th. The camp is ideal       and we ensure a bundle of fun and games.
                                                                         for children who are interested in having fun, playing
          Morning Schedules for Tiny Tots,                               sports, and meeting new friends.                               Fees
          Afternoon Schedules for Day Campers                                 Our camp is designed to entail 3 days a week of fun
          Wednesdays: Outside Activities                                 at the Bay Roberts Recreation Complex. These days will         Cost for the Day/Tiny Tot camps is $100.00 for the full
          Thursdays: Field Trips                                         be filled with many sports such as basketball, softball,       summer, all inclusive.
          Fridays: Special Activities and Swimming                       tennis, ball hockey, volleyball, soccer, etc as well as many
                                                                         new cooperative games such as dodge ball, flag tag, steal      Cost for Youth Camp is $50.00 for the full summer, plus
               Tiny Tots and Day Campers enjoy multiple crafts,          the football, etc.                                             the cost of field trips.
          activities and games every day they attend. Provided with
          a setting where they may interact and make new friends         For those really hot days we have at 30 ft slip-n-slide             Registration will take place from June 23rd to June
          and have unlimited fun!                                        to cool everyone down.                                         25th at the Ground search and Rescue building in Bay
                                                                                                                                        Roberts from 9:00am – 4:00PM. If you have any ques-
          Youth Camp                                                         Thursdays will be FIELD TRIP DAYS!! We have                tions regarding cost or family rates please feel free to call
          Ages 9-14 years Mon-Wed: 9am - 4pm                             many fun field trips planned such as the Aquarena and          786-9347.
          Thursdays: Field Trips                                         Empire Theatres. However, the fun doesn’t stop there be-
          Fridays: Swimming                                              cause on Fridays, there will be an hour of swimming at
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        May 2011                                                                                                                                                             Page 5

                                                                                                  Environmental Efforts at
            The Green Section                                                                      Amalgamated Academy
                                 by Councillor Walter Yetman                                                                 by Stewart Ralph

            Clean up Day in Bay Roberts                                                     Envirofest 2011
                                                                                                 Amalgamated Academy's second edition of Enviro-
            On May 14 the Town of Bay Roberts Green Committee will be sponsoring            fest will be held on Thursday, June 2, from 6:30-8:30 PM.
            a Clean-up Day in Bay Roberts. Residents are asked to select a roadway          Last year, with the support of Newfoundland Power, the
            or property to tidy, town staff will be picking up the garbage bags through-    school tidied their school grounds, created an outdoor
            out the day. Please note, residents will have to contact 683 5780 for litter    classroom, and planted a large number of trees and other
            pick up. Garbage bags can be picked up at the Bay Arena Parking lot 9           plants around the school grounds. This year's program
            am.                                                                             hopes to see a walking trail, a new shed with greenhouse,
                                                                                            and further beautification of our school grounds. We will
            10am Team litter busters – For those who are trouble litter areas and           be holding work bees on our school grounds each Satur-
            would like to help, we will be assembling teams to attack various areas         day of May. Contributions of time, labour, or supplies
            of the community. If you are interested in being part of our teams please
                                                                                            would be greatly appreciated in support of Amalgamated
            bring a friend and join us at the Bay Arena Parking Lot!!
                                                                                            Academy's Envirofest 2011.

            Household Hazardous                                                             School Recycling
            Waste Day                                                                            At Amalgamated Academy, recycling has quickly become part of the school and
                                                                                            community culture. The school got off to a great start with Saturday Blitzes early in the
            A Huge Success                                                                  Fall of this school year. With the help of the Town of Bay Roberts, Amalgamated Acad-
                                                                                            emy has held Recycling Blitzes on the first Saturday of every month, inviting students,
            Once again our Household hazardous waste day was a huge success                 staff, and community members to drop their recyclables to the school in support of this
            with over 180 vehicles bringing a staggering 25, 000 pounds of haz-             positive program.
            ardous waste for safe disposing. Thanks to all who participated.                     The school also participates in weekly in-school recycling, when Green Team repre-
                                                                                            sentatives from each class collect and bag the recyclable containers that are used in the
                                                                                            school throughout the week.
            Compost Bins for Sale                                                                Amalgamated Academy would like to invite community members to drop their re-
                                                                                            cyclables to the school on May 7th and June 4th in support of our
            The Town of Bay Roberts will be selling compost bins during the months          program.
            of May and June while supplies last. Bins can be purchased at the town               Again we would like to thank the Town of Bay Roberts and our school community
            council offices on 321 Water Street for $24.85                                  your help in supporting our recycling program.

            Bay Roberts to launch Anti-Litter Campaign
            In an effort to reduce the amount of litter in Bay Roberts we will be pro-
            moting an anti-litter campaign to help reduce the amount of traffic related
            littering. The policy will include a community awareness promotions as
            well as a litter hotline to report those who litter in our community as fines
            can be given to the maximum of $1500.00.

                       Chomper's Tips
            Carry REUSEABLE grocery bags to hold things from
            stores like supermarkets, drug stores, and the Bulk Food
            Store, and reuse it instead of plastic bags.

            In Europe, most women come to the stores with their
            net/cloth bags. Some people even make their own gro-
            cery bags! They are stronger and can be rewashed and
            hold more groceries.

            REUSEABLE BAGS can be purchased at local Supermarkets and at
            Shopper's Drug Mart.

          The Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and
          Labrador needs your help with their most cur-
          rent community folklore project. We have
          started to gather information about Old Time
          Concerts in the Baccalieu Trail Area. We need
          help gathering peopleʼs memories about old
          Time Concerts in the area and are hoping that
          some of you may be able to help by providing us
          with yours! If you have a memory of about concerts in the area
          and are willing to be recorded for our online Old Time Concert
          Collection please contact Mel at the Heritage Foundation by call-
          ing 1-888-739-1892 ext. 3 or emailing ichprograms@gmail.com
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        Page 6                                                                                                                                                                              May 2011

                                                                                                               “Retire your Blades”
                                                                                                             program a huge success!
                                                                                                                     by Norman Littlejohn, Recreation Committee member
                                                                                                                The good news is that your child played hard last year, and he or she is ready and rar-
                                                                                                          ing to go again this season. The bad news is the gear you bought last season no longer
                                                                                                          fits. Now you can reward all those hours of dedicated practice with some quality used gear
                                                                                                          for less than you think.
                                                                                                                The Town of Bay Roberts is pleased to report on the success of the new Retire Your
                                                                                                          Blades Program initiated this year at the annual Winter Carnival activities. The collection
                                                                                                          of over 40 pairs of previously owned skates were donated to schools in the area, as well
                                                                                                          as The Helping Hand, to help underprivileged children participate in sports or other winter
                                                                                                          activities. Because of the success of this new program, the Bay Roberts Recreation De-
                                                                                                          partment is currently exploring the possibility of expanding this program to include other
                                                                                                          sports. Each association will identify children that might need equipment, such as softball
                                                                                                          gloves, soccer cleats, etc.
                                                                                                                Please keep this in mind in your spring cleaning, and take the opportunity to help a
                                                                                                          child participate in recreational activities, or just a chance to bring new life to old equip-

                                                                                                                              Our Deser ving
                                                                                                                             Honorar y Patron
                                                                                                                                               by Mike Flynn

                                                                                                               Eric Dawe can best be described as a paragon of both success and civic mindedness
                                                                                                          and his contributions to the town of Bay Roberts have not been overlooked by the com-
                                                                                                          mittee organizing a celebration of sixty years of incorporation. Dawe has been wisely cho-
             The 24th annual Bay Wheels Car              sic one-of-a-kind ‘rods’. THe show has 18        sen as the honorary patron of the town's diamond anniversary.
        Show will take place at the Bay Arena, Bay       to 20 corporate sponsors each year demon-             The choice was an obvious one as Dawe is the only living member of the first town
        Roberts on Saturday, June 4th and Sunday,        strating the great support it gets from local
                                                                                                          council elected in 1951 and was part of a committee mandated to convince the townspeo-
        June 5th, 2011. This showcase of new, an-        businesses. We reward the car owners for
                                                                                                          ple of the benefits of incorporation. (See related article in this issue)
        tique, classic and special interest vehicles     donating their time and vehicles with a
        is organized by Cupids L.O.L. with profits       BBQ and charity auction in aid of Cupids              The Dawes are synonymous with the growth and development of Bay Roberts and
        donated to various charities in our area. The    Museum. Total visitors for the show week-        their family tree can be traced back to the 1500s when the first of them arrived at Port de
        main charity for the past several years has      end are usually in the range of 2500 to 3000     Grave from England. The modern day Dawe family began with the birth of Elijah Dawe
        been VOCM Cares Foundation which sup-            with most visitors choosing Sunday after-        in Port de Grave in 1807. He purchased the property known as "the good water" where
        ports charitable causes involving the health,    noon. it is a great family outing. Tickets are   Avalon Coal Salt and Oil is now located. This land was passed on to his sons, Eli, John
        education and safety of children. Last year      purchased at the door at $5.00 or $10.00 for     and William who started the company in 1918.
        our total donations were over $4000 and          a family.                                             Eric's father, Wilfred (descendant of Elijah), served as delegate to the National Con-
        our total donations to various local charities        (Note: Joyce Morgan and all the staff       vention in 1946 as a representative for Bay Roberts. This was fourteen years after he had
        over the life of the car show has been ap-       at Bay Arena have been top notch; their          been named a delegate to the Imperial Economic Conference at Ottawa.
        proximately $85,000.                             support and co-operation over the years               Eric, however, is the best known Dawe among the current residents of Bay Roberts.
             The car show continues to host a wide       have made Bay Wheels a model of a well
                                                                                                          In 1940, at the age of nineteen, he joined his father's business of Dawe's Nail and Hardware
        variety of antique and classic cars as well      oiled machine).
                                                                                                          and advanced to manager within six years. After his initial election to council, he went on
        as unique motorbikes, drag racers, and clas-
                                                                                                          to serve two terms as mayor and also served, for a time, as president of the Newfoundland
                                                                                                          Federation of Mayors and Municipalities, (now Municipalities Newfoundland and

             Employment Opportunity
                                                                                                               He entered provincial politics in 1962 as the Liberal MHA for Port de Grave and was
                                                                                                          appointed to cabinet in 1969 as Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. However, in
                                                                                                          October, 1971, he lost the district's Liberal nomination, but four years later he was re-
                                Departments of Recreation                                                 elected under the Liberal Reform banner.
                                Tourism and Special Events                                                     In 1965, he spearheaded a committee whose goal was to raise $100,000 for the con-
            The Town of Bay Roberts are currently accepting applications for the follow-                  struction of a hospital in Bay Roberts. The hospital had been promised by government
            ing positions:                                                                                and residents responded with huge financial contributions. However, the government was
                                                                                                          falling out of favor throughout the province and six years later it lost to the Progressive
            -   Outdoor Recreation Leaders                                                                Conservatives who cancelled the project.
            -   Day Camp Leaders                                                                               Also during his term as an MHA, he participated in a mammoth walk-a-thon with
            -   Tourism Officers                                                                          Premier Joseph R. Smallwood, along with 700 other participants on May 3, 1969. The
            -   Special Events Staff                                                                      walk resulted in more than $7000 being raised for the construction of the Lions Swimming
            Qualifications must include:
                                                                                                               Dawe's greatest disappointment was the failure of the provincial government of the
            - Certificate of Conduct from the RCMP                                                        early 1980s to reach an agreement with Ottawa on the question of ownership and jurisdic-
            - First Aid Training                                                                          tion of offshore resources. At the time, he was a representative of Birch Point Investments,
            - Proof of attendance to a post-secondary institute for the fall of 2011                      a subsidiary of Port Atlantic Limited headed by former Premier Frank Moores. The com-
              (if graduated from high school).                                                            pany planned to develop the harbour at Bay Roberts for use as a major offshore supply
                                                                                                          base. The eventual signing of the Atlantic Accord came too late for Moores and the idea
            Positions range from 7 to 10 weeks and are for high school students or for stu-
            dents who must be attending post-secondary education in the fall of 2011. Appli-              was scrapped.
            cations may be picked up at the town council office. Deadline for applications                     With such a wealth of experience and knowledge of the town, Eric Dawe-the Only
            is May 31st., 4:30PM.                                                                         Living Father of Incorporation), says he is honoured by the recognition and says Bay
                                                                                                          Roberts will continue to be one of the fastest growing towns in the province.
            Only those considered for an interview will be contacted.                                          If there are more Eric Dawes in the future, Bay Roberts can't lose.
22226_KlondykeM4   5/4/11    3:05 PM    Page 7

        May 2011                                                                                                                                                                      Page 7

                            The Bay Roberts                                                                       2011 BAY ROBERTS
                            Visitors Pavilion                                                                     SWIMMING POOL
                                                                                                                     For further information please call 786-3770

                                                                                                      Time         Sat        Sun        Mon        Tues        Wed        Thurs        Fri
                                                                                                      10 - 11   Lessons    Lessons     Lessons    Lessons     Lessons     Lessons     Rental
                                                                                                      11 - 12   Lessons    Lessons     Lessons    Lessons     Lessons     Lessons     Rental
                                                                                                      12 - 1    Lessons    Lessons     General    Shallow Junior   Shallow General
                                                                                                                                        Swim       Water Lifeguard Water    Swim
                                                                                                                                                  Aerobics Club    Aerobics
                                                                                                      1-2        Parent     General Junior  General           General     General    General
                                                                                                                 & Tot       Swim Lifeguard Swim               Swim        Swim       Swim
                                                                                                      2-3        General    General    Lessons    Lessons     Lessons     Lessons     Bay
                                                                                                                  Swim       Swim                                                    Roberts
                                                                                                      3-4        General    Rental     Lessons    Lessons     Lessons     Lessons     Bay
                          The Bay Roberts Visitors Pavilion                                                       Swim                                                               Roberts
                         will be opening its doors May 20th!!                                         4-5        Rental     Parent     Lessons    Lessons     Lessons     Lessons     Rental
                                                                                                                            & Tot
                          Hours of Operation 10:00am-5:00
                                                                                                      5-6       Shallow     Family      Swim        Swim       Swim        Swim       Swim
                                                                                                                 Water      Swim        Team        Team       Team        Team       Team
                                                                                                      6-7        General    General    General     General    General     General    General
                                                                                                                  Swim       Swim       Swim        Swim       Swim        Swim       Swim

                        Doreen Samways                                                                7-8        Family
                    Named - Retailer of the Year                                                                                      Aerobics               Aerobics
                                                                                                      8-9         Aqua     Shallow   Deep         Private     Deep       Shallow Shallow
                             for 2010                                                                              Fit      Water    Water        Lessons     Water       Water    Water
                                                                                                                           Aerobics Aerobics                 Aerobics    Aerobics Aerobic
              Congratulations to Doreen Samways of the Great Canadian Dollar Store who was            9 - 10     Rental                 Aqua        Aqua       Adult       Aqua       Rental
         recently named Retailer of the Year for 2010 by Traders Forum. Doreen began working                                             Fit         Fit       Swim         Fit
         for the Great Canadian Dollar Store in Bay Roberts which is owned Don and Jackie
         Spencer. Doreen is now responsible for the Bay Roberts Store along with four other Dollar
         Stores throughout the province. Doreen was recognized for “being aware of potential              Children and seniors – 2.50, Adults – 3.50, Children under the age of 3 are free
         trends and understanding what customers are looking for.”                                            Passes – Children and seniors 25.00, Adults 35.00, Aerobics 40.00 and
                                                                                                                                   Full Summer Passes 100.00
               The Great Canadian Dollar Store currently has over 100 franchise stores in the coun-                   Rentals – 65.00 + 10.00 for every 10 children over 25
         try. Traders Forum is the largest producer of trade shows for discount and mass merchan-                   For further information please call the pool at 786 – 3770
         dise industry in Canada. Way to go, Doreen, Don and Jackie!!!                                               Schedule Subject to Change based on Program Demand
22226_KlondykeM4     5/4/11    3:05 PM    Page 8

        Page 8                                                                                                                                                                May 2011

         Kids Section                                                                           Help Lacy Lemonade Get Back to her Stand

         I   Y   S    U   N   B   L   O   C    K   I   O   L   X   R   Z    B   M   N   A   V
         J   A   F    B   F   S   L   E   E    P   O   V   E   R   S   A    U   E   J   F   F
         F   R   V    H   O   T   D   O   G    S   Z   Z   X   E   L   S    J   I   F   H   C
         L   X   J    D   O   I   Z   W   J    Q   A   C   V   L   I   E    H   N   U   O   F
         S   P   O    T   L   I   G   H   T    U   G   U   H   C   D   Q    R   K   G   L   U
         G   O   I    C   E   C   R   E   A    M   A   O   M   A   L   W    H   N   S   I   M
         K   J   S    E   L   Y   J   Z   V    A   C   A   T   I   O   N    I   U   I   D   R
         A   B   U    V   T   Q   B   B   M    K   B   K   C   J   X   M    K   R   N   A   E
         Q   T   N    B   Z   V   I   A   E    L   B   J   H   A   M   T    Q   B   N   Y   C
         S   R   B    D   P   L   B   Y   U    G   G   I   W   I   N   F    I   E   E   S   C
         V   E   U    E   Z   E   G   E   C    P   M   C   W   Y   V   A    S   S   T   K   O
         W   C   R    L   C   C   B   A   H    D   H   S   N   D   E   W    D   H   Q   O   S
         J   N   N    Q   J   E   Y   K   E    S   E   I   R   R   E   B    W   A   R   T   S
         K   O   P    V   R   H   G   I   A    P   E   G   E   B   E   A    C   H   D   W   Z
         N   C   G    R   G   F   Z   G   O    D   I   R   N   Z   K   H    M   W   O   A   N
         R   G   I    O   M   E   W   O   A    O   I   Q   Y   Z   C   D    R   Q   D   L   Y
         C   E   Q    R   E   H   L   R   G    F   L   L   A   B   E   S    A   B   J   K   P
         S   D   A    R   Z   L   A   A   P    S   O   T   O   F   R   H    L   A   X   I   D
         K   W   F    C   S   P   K   M   J    L   L   L   V   V   S   U    N   N   Y   N   G
         Z   R   B    X   V   S   A   C   H    P   S   L   L   A   B   T    F   O   S   G   Z
         M   S   O    O   H   C   Z   C   N    Z   C   G   K   J   J   G    R   C   Q   Y   A


                                                HOTDOGS                STRAWBERRIES
                 BALLHOCKEY                    ICECREAM                  SUNBLOCK
                  BASEBALL                     MRFREEZIE                  SUNBURN
                     BBQ                          MUSIC                    SUNNY
                    BEACH                        PARADE                  SWIMMING
                 BLUEBERRIES                      POOL                     TENNIS
                  CAMPFIRE                    SLEEPOVERS                 VACATION
                 CANADADAY                       SOCCER                   WALKING
                   CONCERT                     SOFTBALL                    WARM

                                                                                                                                  Ocean Quest Dive

                                                                                                  Is Your Family & Property as Safe as it can be?
                                                                                                  In 2010, at the request of emergency services personnel, the Town Council passed
                                                                                                  a by-law requiring all households and businesses to put their street civic address
                                                                                                  numbers on their property. This request is to assist First Responders in locating
                                                                                                  an emergency site as quickly as possible. Many homeowners already had their
                                                                                                  property numbers displayed and many more put their street numbers out following
                                                                                                  the renewed request from the Town. However, there are still many people who
                                                                                                  have not yet complied with this by-law. Once again, on behalf of emergency serv-
                                                                                                  ices personnel (fire, police and ambulance), we request all residents and businesses
                                                                                                  to display the civic address number on their property. If you are unsure of your
                                                                                                  street civic address, please contact the Council Office at 786 -2126. Thanking
                                                                                                  everyone in advance!!!

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