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                                   UP NORTH

                                                             FALL/WINTER 2011


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                                                                         Bride
                                                                                         UP NORTH

                                                                        is published by Northern Michigan Review, Inc.,
                                                                          319 State Street, Petoskey, Michigan 49770

                 6  On the cover
                    The real-life
                                                                          Maggie Peterson, Special Publications Coordinator
                                                                                        Morgan Sherburne

                love story of the                                                           Aebra Coe
                                                                                           Mark Lindsay
             bride on our cover
                                                                                         Wendy Wolfsen
                                                                           (231) 347-2544

                                                                                     Contributing Photographers
                                                                                       North Star Photography
                                                                                      Photography by Paquette
                                                                                    Scott Breithaupt Photography

                                      In-season blooms
                                                          10                            RJ Scott Photogrpahy
                                                                                      Jim Nelson Photography
                                                                                     e.c. campbell photography
                                                                                    Paul Retherford Photography
                                                                                      Shutterbugs Photography

            16         Photography
                  Finding the style
                                                                                     AREA PHOTOGRAPHERS:
                                                                              Send us a CD of your best wedding shots
                                                                              to use in the next issue of Up North Bride
                                                                                          Send or drop off to:
                                                                       Up North Bride, 319 State St., Petoskey, Michigan 49770
                 for your occasion
                                                                                          Retail Advertising
                                                                                  Christy Lyons, advertising director
 Dressing up the details
                                                                             (231) 439-9329

       Tips on getting                                                             Beth Flynn, sales representative
                                                                             (231) 439-9328
  cosmetically ready
                                                Thinking ahead

                              24 28                                             Bride
    Sticking to the plan                        What to have on                                UP NORTH

    Wedding planners                            hand for the big day
  for bride and groom
                                                                                                                      SPRING/SUMMER 2012

                                         30     Reception
                                                The role of the DJ

                                           The emcee
                                      32   Making your
                                           day flawless                             NORTHERN MICHIGAN’S LONGEST-RUNNING WEDDING GUIDE PUBLICATION

              Personal touches
                                                                            SPRING/SUMMER 2012
                                                                               Work begins on our spring issue in

                                                                            February. If you are a wedding-related
            Choosing a theme                                                business, put your message in front of
             for your wedding                                                those who are looking for your help —
                                                  Cakes                     engaged couples in Northern Michigan.

                                                  & desserts
                  The dress                                                    Published: Late March, 2012
                  Alteration and                  Finding the                  Deadline: February 20, 2012
                  preservation                    “flavor”
                                                  of the event

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          Tips and Tricks
           Make-up tips
        Spa dos & don’ts
             Ideas for the

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                                                                                Plan A Farm Wedding
                                                                                     Apple Town
                                                                                     Brutus Michigan

                                                                                               k   100 year old Barn
                                                                                               k   Tent area
                                                                                               k   Scenic Creek
                                                                                               k   Bridal Party Hay Ride

                                                                                            Enjoy everything our quaint
                                                                                               property has to offer.
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                                                                       From the engagement ring to the wedding ring

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                             UP NORTH BRIDE   5

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   On the Cover

                                                                                            S H U T T E R B U G S PH OTO G R A PH Y

           BY M AG G I E P E T E R S O N
           UP NORTH BRIDE

           I   t’s almost out of a movie —
               two moms put their heads
               together and set up their
              But so begins the real life love
                                                 and shared our phone num-
                                                 bers,” Natalie said.
                                                    The pair had never met
                                                 before, but they weren’t com-
                                                 pletely unknown to each other.
                                                                                   siblings — but she didn’t put
                                                                                   it together that he was one of
                                                                                   those Cantrells. He gave her a
                                                                                       “I asked her if she liked
           story of Natalie and Jim Cantrell     Jim had seen Natalie around       football, and she said yes,” Jim
           of Alanson.                           town. Natalie knew Jim’s young-   recalled.
              “Our mothers work together,        er brother through her work           “And I didn’t,” Natalie said
           and we were both single at the        at Littlefield schools, and had   with a laugh.
           time. Our mothers conspired           mutual friends with his older         But it didn’t matter, as the


BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 6                                                                                               9/15/11 4:20 PM
                                                       S H U T T E R B U G S PH OTO G R A PH Y

         game wasn’t what kept their           terflies in your stomach.”                   burning a hole in my pocket,”
         interest that first date — it was a      It was about a bit more than a            Jim said.
         connection.                           year before the proposal — and                  The couple was engaged in
            Natalie said she was excited at    a cover-up — came.                           February 2010. Natalie said she
         the end and happily surprised at         “I lied to her,” Jim dead-                was trying to take a nap before
         how easy it was to talk to Jim.       panned.                                      they both had to head out to
            “We had a lot to talk about,          He told Natalie that he was go-           work meetings, when she felt
         and a lot more in common than         ing downstate to help his brother            Jim nudging her awake.
         we realized, I think,” she noted.     and sister-in-law hang drywall.                 “‘Hey, wake up,’” Natalie
            It was about a month after that    Instead, he was on a mission to              quoted, her voiced hushed. “And
         first date that Jim invited Nata-     buy a ring.                                  then he just asked. ‘Hey, will you
         lie out with his friends after the       Natalie was unaware of his in-            marry me?’”
         Littlefield-Alanson Fire Depart-      tentions, further convinced when                The Aug. 28, 2010, wedding
         ment’s Christmas party. It was        Jim’s sister-in-law called her to            was planned around the annual
         the night of their first “I love      talk about the construction.                 visit north by Natalie’s grand-
         you,” and the night that Natalie         “She thanked me for letting               parents. The Cantrells were
         knew Jim was the one for her.         him come down to help — she-                 married at the United Method-
         She couldn’t quite put into words     nanigans, I tell you,” she said.             ist Church in Petoskey, with the
         how she knew, but “There are             Only a few days passed before             reception at Holy Childhood
         times you find yourself thinking      Jim proposed.                                community center in Harbor
         about that person and have but-          “(The ring) was obviously                 Springs. ➣

                                                                                                                  UP NORTH BRIDE   7

BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 7                                                                                                  9/15/11 4:20 PM
         Destiny’s set-up
         Continued from page 7

            The pair has supported each other during
         important moments — Jim earning the posi-
         tion of fire captain and Natalie leading the
         varsity volleyball team to a district win. Both
                                                                                                           Classic & Contemporary Photography
         cheer on Jim’s children at sporting ventures —
                                                                                                                Packages to fit every need
         5-year-old J.D. claims he’ll play T-ball for the
                                                                                                                 Custom Album Design
         Detroit Tigers, and 8-year-old Alyvia plays on
                                                                                                                Custom DVD Slideshows
         the soccer team.
            Maintaining a sense of family is part of what                                                     Framing & Finishing Services

         each admires about the other.
            “Jim is a tremendous father, but he also puts
         others first always. And his family is very im-                                                      Mention This Ad And
         portant to him,” Natalie said.                                                                      Receive a 15% Discount
            Jim added, “She’s caring, loving, and she
         also puts people way in front of herself ... And
         she loves my kids, and that’s really important                                                Rachel & Pennie Reid
         to me.” ■                                                                                        231.330.5023

                             S H U T T ER B U G S PH OTO G R A PH Y
                                                                                                       See more of our work on the
                                                                                                            cover of this issue!

                                                                                                     Intimate and Romantic.
                                                                      Capture the grace and romance
                                                                      of a bygone era with a wedding at
                                                                      Stafford’s Bay View Inn, located in
                                                                      historic Bay View.

                                                                      Our elegant Victorian décor and
                                                                      beautiful gardens gives you the
                                                                      perfect options, indoors or out.
                                                                      “Buy out” the Inn and have it all!

                                                                         Wedding Receptions
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                                                                         Bridal Showers & Luncheons
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               Offering you a choice of
               ministers & ceremonies
          Weddings, Vow Renewals
         & Holy Union Ceremonies
                     Starting at $250
                                                                                                 Bella e Dolce

                                                  Rev. Ken Grimes
                                                  Rev. Judy Grimes                                    Cakes
                                                                                                          & Pastries
                                                                                                            Wedding Cakes,
                                                                                   Pastries and Special
                                                                                                            Occasion Cakes
                                              exemplifying the
                                              fine art of wedding                                              231-625-8232
                                              photography                                                     email:
                                                t: 231.715.6814                                              Kim Sperl, Pastry Chef
                                        e:                                             Graduate of Le Cordon Bleu
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           w w w. b o y n e b u s . c o m • ( 2 3 1 ) 6 7 5 - 4 0 1 6
              or tour bus at Boyne City Motel

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BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 9                                                                                                                          9/15/11 4:20 PM
   Flowers                                                                                          PAU L R E T H ER FO R D
                                                                                             W E D D I N G PH OTO G R A PH Y

        BY M O RG A N S H E R B U R N E     go a little outside of the box and   able, they jump to a $6, $7 or $8

                                            want a romantic look, a lush         bloom.”
                   ver the past several     look, and want to add texture to        Spring flowers such as tulips
                   years, locavores —       arrangements.”                       increase in cost when out of sea-
                   those interested in         Last year, said Santos, the big   son, and other seasonal blooms
        eating food grown locally —         color was orange; this year, it’s    such as hyacinth, peonies, lilacs
        have been on the rise.              blue.                                and fall-colored mums may be
           Increasingly, that interest         And when brides settle on         entirely unavailable.
        may be transferring to brides       a flower too soon, before they          That could push some brides
        and their choice of blooms.         know what’s available and in         to think about what flowers are
           Still, many brides concentrate   season, they can get a little        in season and local.
        first on a certain look before      sticker shock. Peonies are one          “Using local is a great choice,
        considering whether the flower      such example.                        and I think that it appeals to
        is in season, said William San-        “Brides like them: they’re        me, and I hope some brides, to
        tos, owner of Monarch Garden        fluffy and big,” he said. “When      use flowers that are in-season,”
        & Floral Design in Petoskey.        you get local peonies in sea-        said Jennifer Haf, owner of
           “Traditionally, brides always    son at local farmer’s markets,       BLOOM Floral Design Studio in
        chose white and pink,” said         they’re very inexpensive, $3         Bay Harbor. “It can be nostal-
        Santos. “Now, they’re willing to    or $4. When they’re not avail-       gic, with the flowers blooming


BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 10                                                                                           9/15/11 4:20 PM
              at the same time every year, and cost-        EC C A M P B E L L PH OTO G R A PH Y
                 Aside from flowers that simply aren’t
              available out of season — lilacs, for
              example — Haf said many flowers are
              attainable year-round, thanks to a global
                 “There are some price fluctuations,
              but they’re not huge,” said Haf. “We get
              things from Australia, Holland and ev-
              erywhere in between. ... If we get flowers
              from within the states, it’s even better,
              and local is best, if that’s an option. The
              flower market has really become to be
              on a global scale.”
                 Flowers available in the summer in
              Northern Michigan are garden flowers
              such as zinnias, snap dragons, scabiosa
              and delphinium.
                 “Willow is a great option for fall, as
              well as deep, dark calla lilies, deep red
              roses and seeded eucalyptus, which is
              a sage green,” said Haf. “Fall-colored
              mums are available, and it is a great
              time to tie in your richer earth tons —
              plums, ambers and burgundies.”
                 Both florists agree that winter pres-                   PAU L R E T H ER FO R D
                                                                 W E D D I N G PH OTO G R A PH Y
              ents its own difficulties — not only in
              finding out-of-season flowers, but the

              shipping difficulties Northern Michigan
              winters present.
                 “Winter storms make things compli-
              cated,” said Santos. “And sometimes it
              is so cold, that even if we get next-day
              delivery, the flowers freeze. ... We have
              to wrap all our arrangements in plastic
              to keep them from freezing.”
                 Something wedding parties forget to
              consider, too, is taking care in getting
              photos taken outside: the harsh weather
              can freeze the wedding party’s bouquets.
                 “In the winter, we do a lot of silvery
              greenery with white — dusty miller and
              different tones of white,” said Haf. “It’s
              more of a tranquil, but gorgeous, time of
                 And though brides should keep sea-
              sonality of flowers in mind, mainly to
              keep an eye on their budgets, Santos
              said brides can be sure florists will work
              with them to create a look they want.
                 “For us, there is always someone
              growing something somewhere,” said
              Santos. “There is always an option to of-
              fer to brides that is similar.” ■

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    BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 11                                                        9/15/11 4:21 PM
     Celebrating with you
    On the Bay                    Outstanding Little
                                                                  BEAUTY CENTER

                                  Traverse Bay views
                                Imaginative American
                                 cuisine personalized
                                for your special event

                                 Wedding Receptions
                                                                           Instant access to all your
                                  Rehearsal Dinners                        favorite AVON products.
                                 Engagement Parties
                                Bridal & Baby Showers                      Now offering a variety of Bridal
                                Private Meeting Room                       Jewelry and Accessories.

                                 Downtown Petoskey
                                215 East Lake Street                                       989-732-0802
                              For menus and more, visit
                         Located in the Wal-Mart Plaza, Gaylord

       CALL 231-818-0468 FOR RESERVATIONS & RATES!

BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 12                                                                             9/15/11 4:21 PM
                                                                                                              Historic 1914 Church
                                                                                                                   Beautiful Architecture

                                                                                                                     Centrally located in
                                                                                                                  downtown Harbor Springs

                                             231.445.1793                                                       PASTOR MARY SWEET
                                                                          United Methodist Church of Harbor Springs
                                                                         343 E. Main St. (corner of Main & Gardner) • Harbor Springs • 231.526.2414

                   The Most Memorable
     Honeymoons                                                          YEAR AFTER YEAR
                                                                                                                We’re rockin’ the party!
              Begin at Andrew Kan
                   Travel Service                                                                                The Jelly Roll Blues Band
               Serving the travel needs of                                                                       is ready to bring the music
             Northern Michigan Since 1939!                                                                       (and the fun) to your
                                                                                                                 wedding reception.
    Andrew Kan Travel Service
                                                                                                                 Call Bill at 231-526-2257.
        Ask about our Hawaii specials!
             Petoskey • 231-347-8122 • 1-800-748-0305                    W W W. J E L LY R O L L B L U E S B A N D . C O M

      Have an
       Island Wedding
                   DRUMMOND ISLAND RESORT
              Outdoor Chapel • Receptions • Rehearsal Dinners
              Honeymoons • Golf Outings • Romantic Escapes

          Drummond Island Resort
         & Conference Center is an
       ideal wedding or honeymoon
    destination. We feature waterfront
       fine dining, reception venues,
         outdoor chapel and unique
    lodging at our 40 room log lodge
      and 20 individual log cottages.

        Call for an island
     wedding planner today.

                                                Jim Nelson Photography

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BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 13                                                                                                                   9/15/11 4:21 PM
                              Join Us!
                                 Papa Lou’s welcomes
                                large or small bachelor/
                                  bachelorette parties,
                               rehearsal dinners, bridal/
                              baby showers and any other
                              special occasion! We offer
                                a full service bar and an
                              eclectic menu ranging from
                              Italian to American cuisine
                                  that is sure to please.

                                 Coming in October hang
                                out in our NEW Billiard’s
                                       hall upstairs!

                                    Lunch and Dinner
                                      7 days a week
                                    Take out available

                              317 Lake St., Petoskey • 231-348-3663


BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 14                                      9/15/11 4:21 PM

                                                                                Downtown and Elegant.
                                                   Set your special day at Stafford’s
                                                   Perry Hotel, overlooking Lake
                                                   Michigan’s Little Traverse Bay.
                                                   Choose from exquisite indoor
                                                   facilities year ‘round, or outdoor
                                                   garden settings seasonally.
                                                   Located in the heart of
                                                   Downtown Petoskey.

                                                     Wedding Receptions
                                                     Rehearsal Dinners
                                                     Bridal Showers & Luncheons
                                                     On-site Event Coordination
                                                                                        Loon Lake Photography
                                                   For details, contact our Group
                                                   Sales Department 231-348-6017  7
                      Excellence in Custom         or email
                 Wedding Reception Entertainment
     231 348 8185 •                                STAFFORDS.COM/WEDDINGS

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BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 15                                                                                     9/15/11 4:21 PM
                                                                                          PH OTO G R A PH Y BY PAQ U E T T E


                              	It’s	all	about
           BY M A R K LI N D S AY
           UP NORTH BRIDE

                         eciding which photog-
                         rapher to use at a wed-
                         ding can be a difficult

              But knowing what their indi-
                                                   Photography in Cheboygan.
                                                      Establish whether you want
                                                   black and whites, color or both.
                                                   Couples should discuss whether
                                                   candid shots are more your
                                                                                      tell the story of the wedding.
                                                                                         “A photographer that works
                                                                                      with natural light in different
                                                                                      settings can be the most effec-
                                                                                      tive,” Scott said.
           vidual style is can be a big help       taste than portraits, or maybe        A traditional or classic pho-
           when choosing.                          you want a mixture of both. This   tographer will typically work in
              When you pick your photog-           all leads to the style you’ll be   color and black and white, and
           rapher you’ll want to have some         looking for.                       concentrate on the milestones of
           knowledge on what to look and              “There are three main styles    the wedding day and setting up
           ask for. But before you even start      for most photographers — pho-      portraits.
           to interview potentials, sit down       tojournalism, traditional and         “Portrait-style shots can
           and talk about what is important        artistic,” Scott noted.            be the best way to remember
           for both of you.                           A photojournalist or docu-      important parts of the wedding
              “Knowing what you’re looking         mentary style photographer         and reception,” Scott noted. “It
           for will give you a good starting       will typically work in black and   can be good to get some of these
           point,” said RJ Scott, of RJ Scott      white shots, often designed to     shots regardless of the basic


BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 16                                                                                                9/15/11 4:21 PM
            An artistic style photographer
         will typically work in black and
         white. This approach produces dra-
         matic photos of a specific style.
            “This type of photographer is
         good to have in addition to one with
         style similar to photojournalism and
         traditional techniques,” Scott noted.
            When you look at a photogra-
         pher’s style, make sure to note how
         many portrait, posed and candid
         shots they have in their portfolio.
         “It’s a good idea to sit down and
         look at one or two wedding pack-
         ages a potential photographer has
         done,” Scott said, as this will help
         you determine their technique and
         give you an idea of how they’ve shot
         previous weddings.
            Another big aspect of choosing
         the photographer is their fee struc-
         ture. Before setting a budget, plan
         for the photography to be about 10
         percent of your wedding budget.
         Every professional will have a differ-
         ent set of fees, depending on what
         they offer.
            “The most common trends in
         photography fall into the categories
         of traditional or posed photogra-
         phy,” said Michelle Northington, of
         Northington Photography based in
         Petoskey. “In most cases the pho-
         tographer basically is in control of
         portions of the entire day, directing
         and leading a series of portraits at
         each location,” she added.
            “Understanding the differences
         is crucial for any bride and groom
         so that they avoid disappointment
         with the results that their wedding
         photographer provides,” Northing-
         ton noted. “They should have a
         discussion about shots they must
         have during the first meeting with a
            Scott noted there can be an over-
         lap between styles.                      R J S C OT T PH OTO G R A PH Y
            “Often we find ourselves taking
         many styles of shots to accommo-
         date specific requests from the ➣

                                                          UP NORTH BRIDE     17

BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 17                                              9/15/11 4:21 PM
        It’s all about style
        Continued from page 17

         bride and groom, which is perfectly OK,” he
            Considering the requests for different styles,
         there is a tendency for the “hybrid” style pho-
         tographer to be an expert at meeting the needs
         of the bride and groom.
            “If you have seen a photographer’s work and
         his/her images look perfect and natural look-
         ing or like a painting, they can probably man-
         age most shots,” Scott noted.
            The best wedding photographers find great
         locations with bright colors, interesting tex-
         tures and perfect lighting. They will then direct   EC C A M P B E L L PH OTO G R A PH Y
         the couple to stand in a position and act like
         the photographer isn’t there.
            “There may not be a set style of photogra-
         pher to capture these shots; rather, it will be a
         reflection of overall skill and technique,” Scott
            When the hybrid photographer is not posing
         and staging couples, he changes his style and
         approach by capturing candid photographs of
         the day.
            If you prefer that your photographer stay
         out of the way and allow you to spend most of
         your day interacting with your guests you may
         choose an artistic style photographer only.
            “The more artistic shots will be candid and
                                                                                                            PAU L R E T H ER FO R D
         less posed, and may include a mix of guests, not                                           W E D D I N G PH OTO G R A PH Y
         focusing on just the wedding party,” Scott said.
            If you would rather have perfect images that
         require your photographer to interact with you,
         or a mix of both, use the photographer’s exper-     J I M N E L S O N PH OTO G R A PH Y

         tise in utilizing lighting and settings.
            “Don’t be afraid to make a list of what you
         want and work with your photographer to get
         the shots just as you want them,” Northington
            In order to know for sure that the photog-
         rapher will capture the wedding as you see it,
         do the work well beforehand and spend time
         viewing many photographers’ works.
            “As you see more and more different
         photographers’ wedding packages, you’ll get
         your own eye for styles and have a good idea
         what to choose,” Northington noted.
            Regardless of what style is chosen or the
         specific photographer used, the key to get-
         ting exactly the right pictures starts with as
         knowing what you want and not settling for
         anything less. ■


BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 18                                                                                                  9/15/11 4:21 PM

           Wedding Gown
                                     Over the year we have counted it a privilege
                                   to have been ininvolved in hundreds of weddings
                                    and have enjoy knowing that on that special
                                       day we play a small part in making the
                                                complete and preserving her gown
                                    bride’s day com
                                                   for years to come.
                                                   for years to come.

                               TRUSTED | PRO
                                         PROVEN | EXPERIENCED
                               TRUSTED PRO
                                                              Petoskey 231-347-4600
                                                              Petoskey - 231-347-4600
                                                             Bradford’s Master
                                                             B df d’ M
                                                                 Dry Cleaners
                                                         621 Pleasant St. Across from Big Boy

                                                              Gaylord - 989-732-0700
                                                              Alpine Cleaners
                                                 150 S. Wisconsin Ave. In Glen’s Alpine Plaza

                                              10 off         %
                                                   Your Environmental
                                                   Green Earth Cleaner
                                             Bring in this ad for
                                          Wedding Gown Cleaning &

                                                                            UP NORTH BRIDE   19

BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 19                                                             9/15/11 4:21 PM
 Details                                                                                        PAU L R E T H ER FO R D
                                                                                         W E D D I N G PH OTO G R A PH Y

        Steps	to		
        look	your	best
        BY A E B R A C O E
        UP NORTH BRIDE                      beds, teeth whitening, spray       A cosmetic approach

                                            tans, skin treatments, massage        There are more extensive
                 rides are often con-       therapy, a dry sauna and hair-     measures that can be taken by
                 cerned with looking        cuts and styling.                  brides to enhance their appear-
                 their best for their          Gardner suggested bridal        ance before their wedding.
        wedding because of the slew of      parties come in for a relaxing        Courtney Sumpter, PA-C,
        photos and eyes directed their      massage and detoxifying sauna      clinical director at Cosmetic
        way.                                treatment before getting their     Skin and Laser Center in Peto-
           There are a few steps brides     hair styled and makeup done at     skey, said, “It’s a special day in
        can take in order to feel confi-    the salon.                         their lives, so brides want to feel
        dent enough to not spend energy        “We offer complimentary         their best, and they want to look
        thinking about their appearance     tea, coffee and snacks to wed-     as good as they feel.”
        and concentrate on more impor-      ding parties and have special         Sumpter said before the wed-
        tant things on their wedding day.   deals when groups come in,”        ding, brides are often interested
                                            she said. Teresa Marie, one of     in skin rejuvenation, eyelash
        Basic treatment                     the stylists at the salon, said    extensions and body sculpting
           Pam Gardner, owner of Fiji       she offers services to the bride   services provided at the center.
        Salon and Spa in Petoskey,          for free when an entire bridal        Skin rejuvenation procedures
        offers some simple, relatively      party comes in for hair and        available include chemical
        inexpensive options for looking     makeup.                            peels, microdermabrasion, acne
        beautiful for a wedding.               “We try to provide a stress-    treatments and Botox. Sumpter
           Services offered by her salon    free, relaxing environment for     suggests brides and mothers of
        that are useful to brides and       the bride — that is our primary    brides interested in these treat-
        bridal parties include tanning      goal,” said Gardner.               ments plan on getting them a


BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 20                                                                                          9/15/11 4:21 PM
         month or two before the wed-        less expensive, according to          and not focusing on a healthy
         ding.                               Ellsworth. He said they take six      diet, you will not see much in
            Positive outcomes of these       months to two years to make           the way of results,” she said.
         treatments, according to            major changes.                           She suggested brides contact
         Sumpter, include smoother skin         The office also offers several     a nutritionist to ensure they
         that is more even and toned         different priced options for          get the right nutrition for their
         with microdermabrasion and          clinical teeth whitening.             body.
         chemical peels, and reduction
                                             Getting fit                              “Finding a workout partner is
         of crow’s feet with Botox use.                                            a great way to stay motivated,”
                                                One of the biggest ways wom-
            A few days to two weeks                                                she commented, noting pairing
                                             en choose to make changes in
         before the wedding, many of                                               up with the maid of honor for
                                             their appearance before a wed-
         Sumpter’s clients opt for a “red                                          exercise sessions as an idea.
                                             ding involves diet and exercise
         carpet treatment,” an oxygen                                                 Kessler recommended brides
                                             to improve fitness.
         infusion facial which can in-                                             try a mix of different exercises
                                                Sara Kessler, certified per-
         crease skin hydration, firmness                                           and activities to keep their body
                                             sonal trainer for Solace Spa at
         and reduce fine lines, according                                          and mind challenged and pre-
                                             Boyne Mountain in Boyne Falls,
         to Sumpter.                                                               vent burnout.
                                             has been in the field for four
         Pearly whites                       years. Her advice for soon-to-           According to the trainer, a re-
            For a more drastic smile         be brides or recently engaged         alistic goal for women is to lose
         restoration than simple whiten-     women is to begin training right      one to two pounds per week.
         ing treatments, cosmetic dentist    away.                                 She said crash dieting can be
         Dr. David Ellsworth of Harbor          “It usually takes about six        harmful and doesn’t contribute
         Pointe Dental in Petoskey pro-      months to see substantial re-         to an overall healthy lifestyle.
         vides several options.              sults with a workout or diet             “If you’re dedicated to your
            Ellsworth said the most          program,” she said.                   exercise and diet plans, you
         popular service he provides for        Kessler suggested those who        should see a difference in about
         brides is composite veneers,        are less familiar with exercise       six weeks,” she said. “That
         where a layer of tooth-colored      and diet consult a professional       weight was probably put on
         composite is used to straighten     for a plan leading up to their        over the course of 10, 15 or 20
         and shape teeth. He said these      wedding.                              years, so it’s unrealistic to ex-
         veneers are very strong and            “If you’re only working out        pect it to go away in a month.” ■
         require minimal drilling.
            “Added self-confidence is the
         biggest advantage to the cos-
         metic enhancement of teeth. It’s
         nice to be able to smile for pho-
         tos and feel confident about the
         way you look,” said Ellsworth.
            He said that depending on
         the extent of the work that
         needs to be done and number
         of teeth that are altered, this
         process takes about four or five
         hours. He suggested clients
         do the procedure three to six
         months before their wedding so
         alterations can be made to the
         veneers as needed before the
            Another popular procedure
         at Harbor Pointe is Smart
         Moves invisible braces. This is
                                                                         PAU L R E T H E R FO R D W E D D I N G PH OTO G R A PH Y
         similar to Invisalign braces, but

                                                                                                            UP NORTH BRIDE      21

BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 21                                                                                                 9/15/11 4:21 PM
                                                                   flowersfor your wedding
                                                                 Christians’ Renolda
                                                                              692 East Lake Street
                                                                                Harbor Springs

    The Knights of Columbus and Sweetwater Catering
     can make your special event a time to remember.
                                                     Two Rooms
                                                     Little Bay Room
                                                     up to 125 people
                                                      Big Bay Room
                                                     up to 500 people
                                                Air Conditioned
                                                 All Occasions
                                                  Any Event
                              Petoskey                                                    From weddings, rehearsal dinners
                      KNIGHTS OF                                                          and other family events to corporate
                    COLUMBUS HALL                                 6563 Indian Garden Rd.
                                                                                          functions, we have the menu to
                                                                                          accomodate the range of reasons
                 Call for details 347-4461                          Petoskey, MI 49770    to Celebrate. Find out how we can
                                               Tastefully prepare & present your
        1106 Charlevoix Ave., Petoskey, MI 49770          231.347.5998                  next special occasion.


BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 22                                                                                             9/15/11 4:21 PM
                                Historic Banks                                                                     Jim Nelson
                                 Township Hall                                                                       Photography
                                cked awa         q iet ill
                              Tucked away in the quiet village of Ellsworth

                                                Please consider
                                                   us for your
                                               wedding reception.

     Call 231.588.7361 for 2011 Rental Rates & Available Dates

           S I N C E 1 9 6 8
                              PB                                              Classic & Contemporary Photography
                                                                              Wedding Packages for Elopements to
                                                                              All Day Weddings
                             Bridals • Tuxedos
                                                                              Own a DVD of your wedding photos
                        Mothers • Maids • Flowergirls
                        Shoes • Jewelry • Accessories               
        1391 LEARS ROAD PETOSKEY, MI 49770 • WWW.PETOSKEYBRIDAL.COM           877-537-2925 I 231-537-2925
       PHONE: 231-347-6922 • FAX: 231-347-0243 • PETOSKEYBRIDAL@YAHOO.COM

                                                                                          That Say Something...
                                                                                            Your wedding invitations should
                                                                                          reflect your personality as a couple.
                                                                                         We have a wide variety of styles for every budget.
                                                                                        Let us help you find the invitation that’s right for you.
                                                                                                Save the Date Cards, Invitations,
   • Specializing in Wedding Packages                                                              Envelopes, Announcements,
   • Lakeview Rooms & Suites
                                                                                                       Response Cards,
   • Complimentary Super Start Hot
                                                                                                      Wedding Programs,
                                                                                                  Thank You Notes & Napkins!
     & Cold Breakfast
   • 24/7 Pool& Spa
   • Conveniently located to restaurants
     & shopping
   • Look For Us On Face Book

                                                                                                             The Print Shop
                   We look forward to you
                   staying with us!
                   WE ARE HERE TO SERVE                                                                        324 Michigan Street, Petoskey, MI
                                                                                                             (231)347-2000 • fax: (231)347-3124
                   231.439.8000 • 2645 Charlevoix Ave. • Petoskey                                          email:

                                                                                                                                  UP NORTH BRIDE        23

BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 23                                                                                                                         9/15/11 4:21 PM

         A wedding should be planned in stages with every decision made as early as
         possible. Begin by setting deadlines, then check off each task as you complete it.

         6-12 MONTHS BEFORE                                                          2 MONTHS BEFORE
            	       Choose the kind of wedding you will have, date and time.          	   Choose wedding bands and engraving.
            	       Discuss the budget, and who will pay for what.                    	   Order wedding cake.
            	       Make arrangements with the officiator.                            	   Check marriage license requirements.
            	       Reserve the wedding and reception locations.                      	   	
                                                                                          Plan ceremony, reception, menus, master of
            	       Select your wedding dress, veil and accessories.                      ceremonies and music.

                    Choose the bridesmaids, groomsmen,                                	   	
                                                                                          Plan rehearsal dinner and bridesmaids’
                    ushers and honored roles.                                             luncheon.
            	       Have formal black/white photo sitting for announcements.          	   Complete guest list and address invitations.
                    Send announcements of your engagement to bride’s and              	   	
                                                                                          Make arrangements for lodging for out-of-town
                    groom’s local and hometown newspapers.                                guests.
                    Meet with the florist, photographer, caterer, videographer and    	   Purchase gifts for attendants and groom.
                    DJ or entertainment to discuss budgets and options.               	   Plan reception seating if necessary.
            	       Draw up guest list with fiancé and families.
            	       Plan reception music and reserve band or orchestra.
                                                                                     1 MONTH BEFORE
            	       Contact rental coordinator for equipment reservations.
                                                                                     	    Confirm all arrangements and contracts.
                    Discuss honeymoon and reservations. (Traditionally the groom
                                                                                          Mail invitations so they will arrive three weeks
                    makes all the honeymoon arrangements.)
                                                                                          before the wedding.
            	       Arrange for time off work if necessary.
                                                                                     	    Pick up wedding rings.
            	       Buy a good, sturdy notebook to store brochures and notes.
                                                                                          Arrange for transportation to ceremony and
                    Develop record-keeping system for invitations, RSVPs, gifts           from ceremony to reception.
                    and thank-you notes.
                                                                                     	    Attend final fittings.
                                                                                          Have your hair and makeup done as your
                                                                                          would like to have it on your wedding.
         4-6 MONTHS BEFORE                                                           	    Schedule any tanning, manicures, etc.
            	       Plan new living arrangements and home furnishings.               	    Purchase guest book and keepsake album.
            	       Select and register wedding gifts and patterns.                  	    	
                                                                                          Contact your insurance agent about naming
            	       Select color scheme.                                                  your fiancé as beneficiary on your life
                                                                                          insurance, will and auto policies, and about
            	       Order dress and accessories.
                                                                                          buying homeowners’ and floater insurances to
            	       Order bridesmaids’ dresses, shoes and accessories.                    protect wedding fits.
            	       Contact men’s formalwear specialist for men’s attire.            	    Open joint checking and savings accounts.
            	       Have parents select attire.                                      	    	
                                                                                          Decide on a budget and savings program.
                    Order invitations, announcements, programs, napkins,                  Discuss them with your financial representatives.
                    matchbooks and thank-you notes.                                  	    Write thank-you notes as gifts are received.


BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 24                                                                                                                   9/15/11 4:21 PM
                                                                                 2 WEEKS BEFORE
                                                                                  	   Get marriage license.
                                                                                      Give caterer final guest count. Don’t forget the wedding
                                                                                      party, photographer and DJ.
                                                                                  	   Arrange to have your own gown pressed and delivered.
                                                                                      Arrange to change your name on driver’s license, Social
                                                                                      Security card, credit cards, bank accounts, insurance, etc.
                                                                                  	   Make arrangements for moving into your new home.

                                                                                 1 WEEK BEFORE
                                                                                  	   Pack for honeymoon.
                                                                                  	   Give bridesmaids’ luncheon/party, give attendant gifts.
                                                                                  	   Confirm directions, housing, timetables with attendants.
                                                                                  	   Brief head usher of any special seating arrangements.
                                                                                  	   Arrange for rental returns.

                                                                                 1 DAY BEFORE
                                                                                  	   Pack the “going-to-church” bag and “emergency” bag.
                                                                                  	   Attend rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
                                                                                      Find a quiet moment to give your fiancé
                                                                                      his wedding gift.

                                                                                 THE WEDDING DAY
                                                                                  	   Have a nice, relaxed breakfast.
                                                                                  	   Have hair and makeup done.
                                                                                  	   Relax, and let the planning take care of itself.

                      PAU L R E T H E R FO R D W E D D I N G PH OTO G R A PH Y

                                                                                                                                UP NORTH BRIDE       25

BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 25                                                                                                                      9/15/11 4:21 PM

          12 MONTHS BEFORE
             	       Select engagement ring.
                     Discuss wedding plans and budget with fiancée
                     and all parents.
                     Select attendants and at least one usher for every
                     50 guests.
             	       Decide on ceremony and reception with fiancée.

          9 MONTHS BEFORE
                     Arrange a visit with clergymember or justice of the
                     peace to discuss ceremony.
             	       Start compiling your guest list.
                     Discuss honeymoon destinations with fiancée; consult
                     travel agent.

          6 MONTHS BEFORE
                     Arrange to pay for bride’s bouquet; order
                     boutonnieres and corsages.
             	       Visit gift registry with fiancée.
             	       Complete honeymoon plans.                                                          J I M N E L S O N PH OTO G R A PH Y
                     For travel abroad, update passports, visas and
                     Arrange transportation to ceremony and reception           2 WEEKS BEFORE
                     for wedding party.
                                                                                 	   Go with fiancée to get marriage license.
                                                                                     Arrange for transportation from the reception to the
          3 MONTHS BEFORE                                                            airport, if applicable.
             	       Complete guest list; give to fiancée.                       	   Attend bachelor party.
                     After consulting fiancée, order wedding attire for          	   Double-check honeymoon reservations.
                     yourself and ushers.
                                                                                 	   Arrange to move belongings to new home.
             	       Shop for honeymoon clothes.
             	       Order wedding rings.
                     After consulting fiancée, reserve a block of hotel rooms   1 WEEK BEFORE
                     for out-of-town guests.
                                                                                     Remind ushers of rehearsal dinner details (give them the
             	       Plan rehearsal dinner with parents.                             gifts that night).
                                                                                     Put officiant’s fee in a sealed envelope and give it to
          6-8 WEEKS BEFORE                                                           best man to deliver after the ceremony.
             	       Help fiancée with thank-you notes for gifts.                	   	
                                                                                     Explain any special seating arrangements for family
             	       Get legal and religious papers in order.                        members, etc., to ushers.
             	       Pick up wedding rings; check engraving.                     	   Purchase traveler’s checks.
             	       Buy gifts for fiancée and ushers.                           	   Pack for honeymoon.


BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 26                                                                                                                     9/15/11 4:21 PM
                                          Get that picture perfect smile with:

                                                  Keep it white with Chic-Flic to go whitening pen & lip plumper.

                                                              Full Salon Services:
                                                              • High Quality Spray Tans
                                                              • 4 Levels of tanning - monthly packages available
                                                              • Massage - Walk-ins welcome
                                                              • Infra Red Sauna - great for weight loss
                                                              • Red Light Therapy - good for acne, scars and age spots
                                                              • Hairstyling - Updo’s & More

                                            Custom Salon Parties
                        Have your own private party! Special packages available...
                        call the Salon for more details or to set up an appointment.
     Glens North Plaza • 1143 US 31 N., Petoskey • 231.622.8665 •

        We enjoy helping
        you with the details                                    No one helps you say
        of your wedding!
                                                                       ‘I do’ like we do                                 .

        From large to small …
        Taylor Rental has it all:
        • Fine China - several patterns • Linen Tablecloths
        • Stemware & Flatware
        • Tents - Assorted colors & sizes • Lighting
        • Crystal & Glassware • Chafing Dishes
        • Banquet & Round Tables
        • Chairs - white wooden, chivari • Dance Floors

      We’re more than just products at work.®
        1888 E. Mitchell Street, Petoskey
        (231) 347-1840
                                                                                                                    UP NORTH BRIDE   27

BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 27                                                                                                    9/15/11 4:21 PM
 Planning ahead

           Packing for the

           big	day                                                               BY M O RG A N S H E R B U R N E
                                                                                 UP NORTH BRIDE

           T         here is a law — Mur-
                     phy’s Law — which
                     dictates that anything
           that can go wrong, will.
              Chances are, a bride’s wed-
                                              bandages or blister protection.
                                                 Though a bride’s significant
                                              other may not notice a hair out
                                              of place or smudged lipstick,
                                              for perfect pictures, pack tis-
                                                                                    toolbox filled with scissors,
                                                                                    tape (both regular and duct
                                                                                    tape), utility knives, a staple
                                                                                    gun, ribbon, corsage pins and
                                                                                    wrist converters, wine opener,
           ding day is not immune to this     sues, blotting papers, twee-          pens, plastic bags and cloth
           phenomenon.                        zers, cotton swabs, deodorant,        and paper towels.
              Often, said Kris Rundblad,      sunscreen, an emery board,               She finds tie wraps — those
           owner of MerryMakers Wed-          lip balm or a small makeup            plastic zip ties whose end you
           ding, Social and Corporate         kit, bobby pins, a comb, lotion,      thread through the head of the
           Event Planning in Charlevoix,      powder, a mirror and nail pol-        wrap and cinch tightly — es-
           last-minute glitches ranging       ish in case of chipping.              pecially helpful. In particular,
           from a button that has popped         And if you’re truly acci-          Rundblad uses tie wraps when
           off to a forgotten wine key        dent prone, you might just            she wants a table linen to have
           can sometimes complicate an        skiff your dress with lipstick        a gathered or flower effect.
           otherwise potentially stressful    as you’re touching up. In                To alleviate stress on the
           day.                               that case, white chalk can be         bride, assign this toolbox out
              “In general, we hope not to     used as a stain masker. Other         to someone else, especially
           have stressed-out brides or        clothing must-haves include           if you don’t have a wedding
           grooms or parents,” she said.      a sewing kit with needles,            planner.
           “Planning ahead is the ticket      thread, buttons and safety               This list has come in handy,
           and being prepared, sort of        pins. Double-sided tape can           Rundblad said: once, she had
           like a Scout.”                     keep clothes in place, instant        to make a toss bouquet out
              To alleviate the stress, and    hemming tape can fix a tear           of her ribbon and the flowers
           to add a level of damage con-      in a dress, clear nail polish         that decorated the wedding
           trol to situations that might      will stop a stocking run in its       cake.
           require it, Rundblad recom-        tracks and scissors can snip             No one was the wiser.
           mends a multi-part emergency       trailing threads.                        Just call Rundblad the Mc-
           bag.                                  Finally, Rundblad often sees       Gyver of weddings, and brides,
              For the jitters and stress,     a more nuts-and-bolts side            with their own go-to bag of
           remember antacid and pain          of weddings, concerned with           personal items and tools,
           relievers, and shoes not en-       glitches that might happen            might also be able to be their
           tirely broken in might require     with decorations. She has a           own personal McGyvers. ■


BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 28                                                                                        9/15/11 4:21 PM
        PAU L R E T H ER FO R D W E D D I N G PH OTO G R A PH Y                                                                   ❁
                                                                                   Weddings • Custom Fresh Flower Designs
                                                                                                 Recycled Art
                                                                                                 Delivering to
                                                                                    Mackinac Island • Petoskey • Charlevoix
                                                                                           Gaylord • Traverse City
                                                                               ...Where Imagination Meets Creativity...
                                                                              David & Mickey Dunlop • (231) 525-8594
                                                                                      12972 S. Straits Highway, Wolverine, MI 49799
                                                                        Eco-friendly business   

                                                                        Nub’s award-winning lodge is...
                                                                                                   ...just right for your wedding,
                                                                                                               banquet or any
                                                                                                                “special” occasion.
                                                                                                 • Able to accommodate any size event
                                                                                                 • Complete catering and kitchen facilities
                                                                                                 • Patio & bar
                                                                                                 • Lounge with fireplace
                                                                                                 • Fully carpeted & paved parking

                                                                                                 500 Nubs Nob Road | Harbor Springs, MI 49740
                                                                                                       Snowline: 800-SKI-NUBS | 231-526-2131

               S C OT T B R EI T H AU P T PH OTO G R A PH Y
                                                                  Custom Designed
                                                                  Handcrafted Jewelry

                                                                  310 Howard St. • Downtown Petoskey • 348-7034

                                                                                                                UP NORTH BRIDE         29

BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 29                                                                                                        9/15/11 4:21 PM

        The	role	
        of	the	

        BY M A R K LI N D S AY

                          edding music can set
                          the pace and mood
                          for a wedding recep-

           Knowing the role a DJ can
        play in the reception may make
        the music decision easier.
           “A DJ’s talent should reach far
        beyond just motivating the crowd
        or making the announcements at
        the right time,” said Tom Pluister
                                                                            PAU L R E T H E R FO R D W E D D I N G PH OTO G R A PH Y
        of Pluister Entertainment, based
        in Charlevoix.
           The DJ should be involved in          perfect wedding DJ is word of         ask your wedding reception ho-
        making the itinerary and know            mouth.                                tel or resort as they may have a
        everything that is going on. The           “Some people moonlight as           list of preferred vendors for you
        only way this can happen is              wedding disc jockeys and are          to call who are DJs they trust.
        when they have a good working            good at it,” Pluister noted. “We      They also see the horror stories
        relationship with the venue staff.       devote our full-time work to pro-     and know who to avoid.
           The first step in establishing        viding professional service for          “Don’t rush to pick your wed-
        the role of a DJ in a wedding is         weddings, which makes a differ-       ding DJ; they all have different
        to choose the right one for you.         ence.”                                personalities,” Pluister noted.
        The best resource in finding the           Talk to recent newlyweds, or           Ask to see videos from previ-


BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 30                                                                                                     9/15/11 4:21 PM
                                                                                      J I M N E L S O N PH OTO G R A PH Y

        ous weddings so you can view a       with the staff. Your DJ may also      Your wedding disc jockey
        few minutes of their work. Pluis-    then be better prepared to deal       should be flexible with a wide
        ter recommended meeting with         with issues with the venue or         selection, so requests from your
        the proposed DJ to view their        staff.                                wedding guests can be fulfilled.
        work and spending the time to           It’s also important to know           You want a wedding DJ who
        get to know them.                    who will be the actual DJ of the      can adapt to any crowd. “For
           If you have the opportunity       wedding when interviewing can-        much of the reception the DJ
        to do so, when attending other       didates. If there is a preference     should perform as emcee for the
        weddings, pay attention to the       for who you want to be there, be      event, directing the action and
        things the DJ is in charge of.       sure it’s in the contract.            encouraging people to partici-
           “If you see things being done        Some DJs will have a list of       pate,” Pluister said.
        that you like or dislike, make       songs they typically play and ex-        A DJ with a wireless headset
        a note of that and keep a list of    cept for the bride and groom’s        is a plus. With the headset mic,
        requests for your event,” Pluis-     first dance, do not give you          the DJ can easily roam around
        ter said.                            much choice.                          hands free, or even blend in
           If your reception is complex,        “It is the role of the DJ to       with the crowd during group ef-
        and in a big well-known resort       establish a playlist, but it should   fort dances.
        or hotel, you want a professional    be primarily approved by the             “With the right DJ, they’ll
        who works in the big places.         bride and groom,” Pluister            become a part of the recep-
           “The DJ should be in charge       noted.                                tion and everything should run
        of arranging things like lighting,      Couples will commonly allow        smoothly and on time,” Pluister
        stage needs and other needs          the DJ to choose at least 50 per-     noted.
        beforehand,” Pluister noted.         cent of the music.                       Regardless of what the music
           Ask your DJ if he/she has            “A good disc jockey reads the      is, it’s apparent that spending
        done weddings at your recep-         crowd and knows what to play          the time to choose a DJ that
        tion site before. It helps if they   at what times,” Pluister said.        matches your vision for the
        know the wedding venue, how to          Ask if they will accept re-        event can be the key to a day to
        get there and have a familiarity     quests from wedding guests.           remember. ■

                                                                                                          UP NORTH BRIDE        31

BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 31                                                                                                 9/15/11 4:21 PM
 The emcee                                                                                 R J S C OT T PH OTO G R A PH Y

              	                             Master	of
        ceremonies                                        BY A E B R A C O E

                                                         UP NORTH BRIDE

                     master of ceremonies          “It’s nice when the person           If the person performing the
                     can mean a few differ-     doing these announcements is a       emcee duties is also helping
                     ent things, according to   friendly face, even a close friend   plan the wedding, she said they
         Danielle Vogelheim of NM De-           of the bride or groom, instead of    should be at the rehearsal and
         signs in Bay Harbor.                   a hired DJ,” she remarked.           should hand out a time line to
            “An emcee can just be a DJ, a          Vogelheim has been planning       everyone who will play a part in
         voice, or it can be a person who       weddings for more than seven         the wedding describing to them
         coordinates the entire day,” she       years. She worked in Chicago         what their role will be. She went
         said.                                  after college and returned to the    on to suggest that if a friend is
            The latter option is what Vo-       area in January 2010 with the        doing the emceeing, but didn’t
         gelheim suggests most weddings         goal of starting her own event       plan the time line, ensure they
         would benefit from.                    planning business. She opened        have access to it well before the
            “The emcee should be some-          NM Designs in Bay Harbor as          wedding so they can prepare for
         one who aligns the flow of             soon as she returned to North-       their responsibilities.
         events,” she said. “They are in        ern Michigan. She is an event           Some mistakes people make
         charge of the microphone and           designer and works in the same       in creating a smooth flow at the
         make announcements, introduc-          location as a florist and statio-    reception usually include not
         tions, plan how many speeches          nery designer.                       sticking to their time line, Vogel-
         there will be and how long they           Vogelheim said her role is        heim said.
         will last.”                            either designing the event —            “You should leave an extra
            She added they also announce        securing rentals, creating the       cushion of time between events
         when the first dances are to oc-       physical environment, making a       so that there’s time to relax,” she
         cur and, if there’s a buffet, they     time line for the event — or she     noted.
         let the guests know when to go         can also coordinate everything          If planning your own wedding,
         up.                                    as the master of ceremonies.         another way to create a smooth


BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 32                                                                                              9/15/11 4:21 PM
         flow for the reception is by choos-
         ing local vendors, said Vogelheim.
         Photographers, DJs and videog-
         raphers who are from the area in
         which you’re getting married will
         know one another, know the roads
         and how to get where they need
         to go, and, chances are, they will
         work well together because they
         have done so previously.
            She said it’s also important to
         pick the right venue.
            “Some will have the basic ame-
         nities there already,” she said.
            Others will not have chairs,
         tables, a dance floor or a bar.
         Vogelheim noted that it simplifies
         the process to choose a venue that
         has those things in place, but if you
         want to have more creativity in
         the setting you may want a place
         where you can plan from scratch.
            Another mistake the wedding
         planner sees people make is they
         don’t enlist the help of friends and
         family as much as they could.
            “The biggest way friends and
         family can help out is through
         setting up and tearing down the
         venue,” she said.
            She went on to advise the
         couple getting married to ask vol-
         unteers for their help when they
         first begin planning the wedding
         and then a month before the date,
         to send them a letter with more
         specific ideas of how they could
            “Other than that, the bride will
         need help with small details the
         day of the wedding, last-minute
         tasks that might not have been
         thought of,” she noted.
            Vogelheim said being there
         to help with those tasks and for
         moral support are extremely help-
         ful to keep stress levels low.
            “Brides need to let go of their
         worries and allow the emcee to
         handle everything. They need to
         relax and be there in the moment
                                                 PH OTO G R A PH Y BY PAQ U E T T E
         with family and friends,” Vogel-
         heim said. ■

                                                            UP NORTH BRIDE    33

BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 33                                               9/15/11 4:21 PM
                                               PAU L R E T H E R FO R D
                                       W E D D I N G PH OTO G R A PH Y

                                                                                  YACHT CLUB & MARINA

                                 Nothing makes a wedding more beautiful
                                 than the emotion in it. However, it is
                                 unique design & charming details that
                                 make it unforgettable. Pink Trillium
                                 Photography delights in preserving your
                                                                                                       231 582.9900

                              A beautiful bride deserves beautiful


       Flowers from
                               S    KY’S
                                    THE LIMIT
                                                                            Downtown Petoskey
                                                                            Jackie Burrell AIFD, Michigan Certified Florist


BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 34                                                                                               9/15/11 4:22 PM
                                                                                                                                    of $300!

               Call our office about our
             New Custom Whitening Trays
                                          Check out our new ZOOM! Professional Whitening System, the #1 light activated whitening
                                          system. Zoom! safely whitens discolored teeth in under 1 hour. Stop in or call for more information!

                                                                                                                    UP NORTH BRIDE        35

BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 35                                                                                                           9/15/11 4:22 PM
                                                                                ♦   Bridal Registry      ♦   Hand-Crafted
                                                                                                             Dinner Sets & Glassware
                                                                                ♦   Bridesmaid/
                                                                                    Groomsman Gifts      ♦   Unique Picture Frames
                               DUNMAGLAS CAN PROVIDE THE MOST UNIQUE            ♦   Wedding Favors &     ♦   Gift Wrapping,
                              VENUE FOR YOUR WEDDING & RECEPTION NEEDS.             Petoskey Stones          Shipping & Local Delivery
                               Call for detail 231.547.4653 or
                                                                                          Petoskey, Mi ♦
                              9031 BOYNE CITY RD., CHARLEVOIX, MI 49720              ( 231) 347-0590 ♦ Open All Year

                                                                               BRING THE WHOLE FAMILY!

                                               Tents, Tables & Chairs
    Party Tents                Photobooth               White Folding Chairs        Wedding packages for all your needs!
    Dance Floors               Large Grills             White Padded Chairs             Call for more information.
    China                      Tent Heaters             Fill N’ Chill Tables

    Glassware                  5’ Round Tables          30” Cocktail Tables
    Linens                     8’ Banquet Tables        Restroom Trailers

         1430 S. Straits Highway • Indian River • 231.238.9696
                                                                                      INN & SUITES
                                                                               (231) 547-547-0300 • 1-888-252-2050
              WWW.RENTALTIME.COM                                                   800 Petoskey Avenue • Charlevoix

BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 36                                                                                                          9/15/11 4:22 PM
                                                     231.347.5858 I 224 Park Ave. I Petoskey



                 On the most important day of your life we are here to make you more
               beautiful than you already are! We offer a full line of cosmetics, skin and
              hair care products to help you prepare for your big day. Bring the whole
                              wedding party for a day of pampering from head to toe!
                      On Location Services Available I Also Servicing Mackinac Island

                                                                                       UP NORTH BRIDE   37

BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 37                                                                       9/16/11 4:34 PM
 The Dress
                                                                                                       R J S C OT T
                                                                                                  PH OTO G R A PH Y

        The	dress
             BY A E B R A C O E
             UP NORTH BRIDE
                                      Making it fit, making it last
          P         urchasing the perfect

          yourself for wearing it at your
                    gown is only one step
                    involved in readying
                                            than attempting to make a
                                            dress bigger that’s too small,”
                                            said Whitley.
                                               She said many women would
                                            like to lose several dress sizes
                                                                                  Whitley said the most com-
                                                                               mon alterations include hem-
                                                                               ming, which ranges from $65
                                                                               to $150 depending on lace and
                                                                               beading details, and the addi-
             There are several other        before their wedding, but Whit-    tion of bustles with costs vary-
          considerations to keep in mind    ley advises women buy a dress      ing depending on the number
          in the months leading up to the   that fits perfectly the day they   of bustles. She said dresses can
          big day.                          buy it.                            have anywhere from one to 12
             Cindy Whitley has owned           “It is important to remember    bustles.
          Petoskey Bridal in Petoskey       that the dress can easily be          “There’s always going to
          with her mother, Theresa          altered if you lose weight,” she   be some changes involved
          Robinson, for 18 years and has    said.                              when you’re buying a wedding
          been sewing for more than 30         There are alterations that      dress,” said Whitley.
          years. She said in the thou-      will need to be made for almost       She commented that some
          sands of brides she has served,   everyone after purchasing          brides also opt to customize a
          the biggest issue women run       their dress. When budgeting        basic dress they have bought.
          into is buying their dress sev-   for a wedding, it is important     Whitley said her store offers
          eral sizes too small.             to remember to factor in the       customization services to their
             “It’s easier to make altera-   price of alterations, and clean-   customers. Some changes that
          tions for a dress to be made      ing and preserving the dress       might be made include chang-
          smaller that is too big, rather   after the wedding.                 ing the neckline, adding straps,


BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 38                                                                                    9/15/11 4:22 PM
          adding a flower to the shoulder or
          changing the hemline.
              “If a girl can dream it, we’ve
          pretty much done it,” she said.
              After the wedding is over, many
          women choose to have their dress
          cleaned and preserved. Jeff Brad-
          ford, who has owned Bradford’s Mas-
          ter Dry Cleaners in Petoskey since
          1977, said his store comes in contact
          with more than 200 wedding dresses
          each year.
              “People come in with so many
          different emotions. Wedding gowns
          are an extended part of their world;
          they’re a treasure,” said Bradford.
              He went on to say that many
          women like to preserve the gowns
          to pass on to their family or keep
          as a memento. Others get the dress
          cleaned so they can alter it and use
          it for other occasions such as anni-
              He said with the struggling econ-
          omy he has seen more women wear
          their dress, come in to get it cleaned
          and resell it over the Internet.
              When a dress comes in, it is im-
          portant to first examine it thorough-
          ly, said Bradford. “Was the dress
          worn on the back of a Harley? Are
          there bullet holes? Tears? Stains?”
          He said he has seen everything in
          the 40 years he’s been in the busi-
              Bradford added that some people
          think it’s safe to put their dress in a
          plastic bag and throw it in storage.
          He said they are usually saddened
          when they pull it out years later to
          discover it has turned yellow be-
          cause of improper storage of the
          unclean dress.
              The cleaners offers wedding
          chests which use acid-free paper
          and are a box sealed inside an-
          other box. This prevents yellowing
          and can keep a dress preserved for
          many years. Rates are $125 and up
          for cleaning and about $250 to get a
          dress fully cleaned, boxed and pre-
                                                    N O R T H STA R PH OTO G R A PH Y
          served. ■

                                                                 UP NORTH BRIDE     39

BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 39                                                     9/15/11 4:22 PM
 Theme                                                                                     R J S C OT T PH OTO G R A PH Y

          Theme	for		a
          BY M A R K LI N D S AY
          UP NORTH BRIDE

                       hile there is an       any sized wedding, a theme
                       endless variety of     becomes a very useful tool from
                       options for a couple   which to narrow down the vast
          planning a wedding, choosing an     array of choices you’ll be pre-
          overall theme can set the pace      sented with.
          for the entire affair.                “Couples will often pick differ-                             C O U R T ESY
                                                                                                               TA B L E AU
             Choosing a theme for your        ent ideas out of magazines and                                     EVENTS
          wedding is one of the most im-      with technology today, also the
          portant decisions you’ll make for   Internet,” Langmaack noted.
          the big day. To choose a wedding      Where many couples begin              Location also plays a big part
          theme that matches the bride        when brainstorming for a wed-        in what theme options might be
          and groom’s vision for the day      ding theme idea is something as      available. Where you want to get
          can be difficult.                   simple as color.                     married will have a lot of impact
             “I always recommend that the       Sit down and designate one of      on how you plan out the details.
          couple stays in line with their     you to keep track of your ideas      But to narrow it down a bit, start
          personal style and avoid trends,”   on a sheet of paper. Start with      out by answering a few questions
          said Janelle Langmaack, a wed-      the basics like favorite colors or   such as traditional or modern,
          ding coordinator with Castle        whether you want an indoor or        casual or formal, rustic or chic.
          Farms in Charlevoix.                outdoor wedding. Other decid-           “Your theme can be specific
             Some couples mistakenly          ing influences can be things         or general,” said Debbie Norris
          think that they need to be plan-    you have in common, such as          of Stafford’s Hospitality based
          ning a huge wedding for a theme     hobbies that you share, favorite     in Petoskey. “We most often do
          to be necessary. But in fact, for   songs and poems.                     Michigan themed weddings due


BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 40                                                                                             9/15/11 4:22 PM
                                                                                                           PAU L R E T H ER FO R D
                                                                                                   W E D D I N G PH OTO G R A PH Y

             J I M N E L S O N PH OTO G R A PH Y

        to the nature of our business.”            mind if your original idea doesn’t    specialty rentals and exclusive
           Stafford’s commonly provides            quite fit your needs. Perhaps         wedding and event decor.
        wedding events for couples and             you’ll find the theme you chose is       “Whether it is playful, elegant,
        guests from out of the area.               too narrow and you expand it, or      festive or formal, your event
           Guests might not even be                maybe you’ll go in the opposite       should truly reflect your per-
        aware of what the wedding                  direction.                            sonality and style. Incorporate
        theme idea is, unless it’s made               Most importantly, make sure        elements such as custom papery
        apparent to them.                          the unique wedding theme idea         and linens into your design to
           “Even if the theme isn’t the first      you choose reflects both of your      pull together a personalized envi-
        thing your guests notice, they             personalities.                        ronment that is truly distinctive,”
        will feel a sense of it in what you           “You can’t over-emphasize the      Dodson-Wright said.
        provide,” Norris said.                     importance of going with some-           Another popular option is to
           Whatever theme you decide               thing that matches your per-          let someone else take over. Wed-
        on, it should be chosen carefully          sonal style rather then a current     ding planners are very popular
        and thought over for several days          trend,” Langmaack said.               and will assist the bridal pair in
        or weeks while you consider how               “Your theme should create a        every aspect of the wedding.
        it will be incorporated into your          mood or feeling so try to envision       In the end, the spirit of your
        wedding.                                   how you would like your guests        wedding is going to be set by you
           “Our Michigan themed wed-               to remember your wedding day          and your guests, even if there
        dings will often use a large               and build off of that,” said Sheila   aren’t any words to describe it.
        variety of local products from             Dodson-Wright, owner of Tableau       The theme will just be the tem-
        cherries to whitefish and morels,”         Events in Bay Harbor.                 plate it starts with and something
        Norris noted.                                 Her business specializes in        that can make planning the rest
           Don’t hesitate to change your           custom invitations and papery,        of the wedding a little bit easier. ■

                                                                                                                UP NORTH BRIDE       41

BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 41                                                                                                    9/15/11 4:22 PM


        BY M AG G I E PE T E R S O N
        UP NORTH BRIDE                 What’s your flavor?
                                                                                  J I M N E L S O N PH OTO G R A PH Y

          T        he flavor options for
                   wedding cakes are
                   seemingly endless,
          from traditional to trendy.
             Those seeking an estab-
                                             ing, “A lot of people stay with
                                             buttercream because their
                                             perspective on fondant is that
                                             it doesn’t taste good.”
                                                                                   “Couples should stay away
                                                                               from things they haven’t tried,
                                                                               like orange cake with key lime
                                                                               filling,” Cox noted.
                                                                                   Sampling helps give a better
                                             Fruit (and vegetable)
          lished route may find taste bud                                      idea of flavor preferences, or if
          shelter in chocolate or vanilla,   forward                           you’re talking with the baker
          but the range is vast for those        Nickole Cox of Up North       who made a cake you liked, to
          with a wish for distinct mor-      Cakes in Charlevoix noted she     reference that cake.
          sels.                              recently made a banana cake           “The funny thing for me this
                                             with chocolate buttercream,       year is carrot cake,” noted
          Traditional route                  as well as a white cake jazzed    Sharon Mascow of Kitchen
            Theresa Sirvaitis of Dutch       up with raspberry and lemon       Angel in Boyne City, who said
          Oven Shops in Alanson said         filling.                          she’s had several orders placed
          many of the couples she works          She noted that when it        recently.
          with seek traditional flavor       comes to flavor, couples fall         She said the favorite frost-
          combinations.                      into two categories — those       ing flavors are buttercream or
            “A lot of people still rely      who know exactly what they        cream cheese buttercream,
          on the white cake, chocolate       want, and those who have no       but she also uses a vanilla bean
          cake,” she noted. As for frost-    idea what they want.              frosting.


BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 42                                                                                             9/15/11 4:22 PM
                                                 J I M N E L S O N PH OTO G R A PH Y

        Levels of flavor                   out cake service, it’s really the
           Mascow said it’s not extreme-   couple’s choice.
        ly common, but for those who          There’s the traditional tiered
        want a variety for their guests    cake that, once cut, can be
        and themselves, she has made       served or offered as self-ser-
        cakes with each tier a different   vice.
        flavor.                               For others, cupcakes are
           For example, one cake she       often the answer — but with a
        has worked on had one level of     small cake for the bride and
        chocolate velvet, one of lemon     groom.
        and one of apple. While the fla-      “The bride and groom want
        vors wouldn’t work well as one     a smaller cake to cut. They
        level, and therefore mixing into   don’t want to get away from the
        each other, the tiered approach    cutting of the cake,” Mascow
        keeps them separated. This         noted.
        type of cake often works best         She added that cupcakes are
        served from a table.               especially liked for outdoor                     PAU L RETH ERFO R D
                                           weddings, and she’s noticed                 WED DING PHOTOG R A PH Y
        Serving suggestions                a trend toward mini, one-bite
            When it comes to figuring      cupcakes. ■

                                                                                               UP NORTH BRIDE   43

BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 43                                                                                9/15/11 4:22 PM
                                            PH OTO G R A PH Y BY PAQ U E T T E


                                            INN THE WOODS

                              • Weddings, Rehearsal
                                Dinners, Receptions
                              • We can accommodate
                                2 to 200 guests
                              • As simple or elegant as you desire
                              • Personal One-on-One Service

                                      1535 Opal Lake Road
                                       Gaylord MI 49735
                                 989-939-8919 or 989-939-8800


BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 44                                               9/15/11 4:22 PM
                                       Certified in Glasgow,
                                       Scotland by the
                                       Piping & Drumming                                   Bay Area
                                       Qualifications Board.

                                       Choose from hundreds of
                                       traditional, religious or
                                       contemporary selections
                                                                                          Full Service Bridal Salon
                                        Gregor                                            231.348.8629 I 866.792.7290

                                        MacGregor                                                 Tuxedos
                                                                                               Fittings & Rental

   Bagpipe Music
                                                                                             Prom & Pagent Wear
                                       (906) 458-0999                                    Communion & Christening Gowns
                                                                              Dianne Hanel I Indian River

                                                                                                 From traditional
                                                                                                 ceremonies to
                                                                                                 dancing at the
                                                                                                 ...and everything in between
                                        231.439.9948                                                  231.645.5370



                                                                                                     UP NORTH BRIDE      45

BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 45                                                                                          9/15/11 4:22 PM
      * The Headlands, voted a
    2011 Best of Weddings venue

      Emmet County Weddings
               7KUHH VWXQQLQJ YHQXHV LQ XPDWFKHG VHWWLQJV                                                  The full-service rental
       The Headlands               Community Building           Camp Pet-O-Se-Ga
                                                                                                         company you can rely on.
                                                                                                                               P a r t y & W e d d i n g Te n t s
                                                                                                                                         Te n t H e a t e r s
                                                                                                                             Va r i e t y o f Ta b l e s & C h a i r s
                                                                                                                                          Fine Linens
      VSDFLRXV UHVLGHQFHV        $PSOH VSDFH LQVLGH          5HF KDOO DQG SDYLOLRQ                                                Lighting & Fixtures
        IRUHVWHG DFUHV         RXW DW WKH )DLUJURXQGV      RQ 3LFNHUHO /DNH                                                      Barbecue Grills
     MACKINAW CITY                      PETOSKEY                   ALANSON                                                           Catering & More!
       231.436.4051                    231.348.0114               231.347.6536
       ‡                                       C a l l ( 2 3 1 ) 5 4 7 - 9 7 3 3 To d a y !

                                                                                             THE PREMIER CHOICE OF
                                                                                         NORTHERN MICHIGAN BRIDES
                   Now Booking 2012 & 2013 Weddings                                       v   417 Howard St., Petoskey 231-348-3962                                       ����Visit      Our Bridal Gallery on Facebook Today


BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 46                                                                                                                                    9/15/11 4:22 PM
                              UP NORTH BRIDE   47

BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 47              9/15/11 4:22 PM
                A Spectacular Setting. A Perfect Day.
                       Three incredible northern Michigan resorts and
               two award-winning spas, each an achievement of grace and style.

                                             Whether you are seeking the destination for your special day, for an
                                             unforgettable honeymoon, or for a setting to relax and have fun with
                                             girlfriends, BOYNE’s resorts are the perfect choice. And with two
                                             spectacular spas, our experienced staff can delight you from head to
                                             toe... feeling refreshed and beautiful for your wedding day.

                                             Boyne Highlands | Boyne Mountain
                                             The Inn At Bay Harbor - A Renaissance Golf Resort
                                             BOYNEWEDDINGS.COM | 800.862.6963


BRIDE-2011 0930 AXX.indd 48                                                                                         9/15/11 4:22 PM

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