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					                                                                                        October 2005
                                                                                         Volume 7 Issue 10

In this Issue…
                             Welcome to this edition of the AtHomeNet Gazette.
                             Next week, many of you will be attending the
                             CAI National Conference in Atlanta, GA at
What’s New (p2)              the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. AtHomeNet’s
                             office is located just outside Atlanta and we
   Online Voting
                             will be exhibiting at the tradeshow as well as
   GateHouse Solutions       attending events and participating in the Silent
                             Auction. We would love to meet you so
Tips from Support (p3)       please come by to visit us at Booth # 116 and
                             bid on our Silent Auction item; an iPOD with
   Creating a Hyperlink
                             several cool accessories! All proceeds from
   Add a Link to your Menu   the auction benefit The Foundation for
                             Community Association Research. Trade
                             show hours are Thursday and Friday from
Helpful Hints (p4)
                             12:00pm to 3:00pm.
   No Phishing Allowed!
                             Join us for a Wild Evening! Georgia’s CAI Chapter is hosting a party at the
   Controlling Spam
                             fabulous Atlanta Zoo beginning at 6:30pm on Thursday, October 20th. Join us
                             for a wonderful evening of dining, entertainment and door prizes; tickets are
                             $50. If you are an AtHomeNet client volunteering at the Zoo Atlanta
Refer a Friend Program       event, please contact us and we will be glad to sponsor your admission fee!
Useful Web Links
Important Emails             AtHomeNet, Inc. is joining in the effort to support the Red Cross Organization
       (p6)                  in their enormous task of providing aide and comfort to our neighbors in the
                             devastated Gulf Coast communities hit by hurricane Katrina. From September
                             1st until December 31, 2005, AtHomeNet will contribute $5.00 from the sale of
                             every Web Site to the Red Cross. AtHomeNet proudly announces a $645
                             contribution to the American Red Cross as a result of September's sales efforts.
                             A big welcome to the newest members of AtHomeNet's family!                                                                                           1
 WHAT’S NEW                                                GateHouse Solutions
VoteNet Solutions, Inc.                                    AtHomeNet and GateHouse Solutions Software
                                                           have teamed up to allow you to create, edit, and
                                                           maintain a list of visitors on your community website
Community associations that have experienced the           that will synchronize with the GateHouse Software
benefits of a website now have an Internet based option    in your Guard house. Now your guests do not have
for association elections. Votenet Solutions Inc., the     to wait at the guardhouse, while your guard
leading provider of secure, web-based, election            determines who your visitor is!
management software, has formed an exclusive
partnership with AtHomeNet, Inc, the premier               Simply enter his or her name, date of the visit, and
community website provider.                                duration into the website and the guard will see it
                                                           when you visitor comes up to the gate.
With the partnership, Community Associations will be
able to slash election management budgets, reduce staff    Give your guests the VIP treatment at your
time involved in elections, and offer a new and advanced   guardhouse with the new AtHomeNet interface to
benefit to association members. Best of all, Community     the GateHouse Solutions Software!
Associations can manage quorum requirements using
real-time elections results and voter turnout reports.     For a demo go to:
Community managers familiar with AtHomeNet's
industry leading administration tools will find election
management with the VOTENET system, simple,                  TIPS FROM SUPPORT
straightforward and secure.

Here at AtHomeNet, we're always striving to be the         Creating a Hyperlink
first to market with functionality that will truly         We have received several questions from
enhance the way associations conduct their business.       administrators and community personnel asking for
We'll, we've done it again as the VOTENET /                more information about adding hyperlinks to other
AtHomeNet partnership marks the first between an           features and how go to about setting them up.
established online voting company and a leading
website provider in the Community Association              As the website administrator you will need to first
sector. Your residents will be able to go to their         go to the link that points to the item you wish your
community web site and cast a vote using the               new link to open. (i.e. if you want to link to your
VOTENET system. All AtHomeNet clients receive a            pool regulations document, click Documents, the
10% discount off of VOTENET's already low prices!          category, and locate the link to that document.)
                                                           Right click on the link and select properties. This will
If you'd like to hear more, please contact                 give you the actual location of the item. Click and or                                     drag the full name (i.e.
Libah Grossman                                             and copy it (right click and choose copy or
Votenet Solutions                                          CTRL+C). Now go into feature descriptions, edit
Phone (816) 960-1350                                       your Private home popup, and type the name of the
Fax (816) 960-6442                                         link (i.e. Pool Regulations) into the rich text box.                                          Next, click and drag over the text and click the                                    Hyperlink button.        (It looks like a globe with a                                     chain link) Right click in the URL field and select
                                                           paste. Set the target to 'Blank'. Click Insert Link.
                                                           You will need to click on “Save Changes” to
                                                           complete the addition of the hyperlink.                                                                                                 2
                                                           phishers often convince recipients to respond.
Get your link information                                  Technical subterfuge schemes plant crimeware onto
added to the main menu!                                    PCs to steal credentials directly, often using Trojan
                                                           keylogger spyware. Pharming crimeware misdirects
                                                           users to fraudulent sites or proxy servers, typically
Modules that are created using the “Edit Modules”          through DNS hijacking or poisoning."
feature do not automatically populate in the left
menu frame. To have these modules added to the             Generally it was accepted that all you would have to
Menu Frame, please contact our Support Dept. and           do to confirm that an email link was genuine was
we can add it for you.                                     to check the address bar of your internet browser..
                                                           If it didn't say for example
Just remember to specify the name of link, where           then it wasn't the genuine site. A common hoax
you would like the link to appear (public main menu        might be for
or private main menu), in what position it should          example. This is NO LONGER something to rely on
appear (between other links on the menu or within          because a new scam involves controlling the pop-up
other features, and whether the link should open           window with an embedded graphic representing the
into a new window, existing window, or the right           address bar with the actual address bar removed
side of the menu frame.                                    from the pop up display.

  HELPFUL HINTS!                                           Here is a link to consumer advice on Scam email and
Beware of “Phishing”!
No, we’re not trying to keep you from hitting the          Controlling Spam
lake with your favorite bait and pole! We’ve
heard from our clients recently that they are              Internet Service Providers continue to introduce
very concerned about “phishing” and receiving              new measures to control spam and unfortunately
more and more scam emails                                  it has fallen to all of us who send legitimate
                                                           emails to make changes to in order to keep the
The best defense we can offer at this point is to be       service running. Your community can help by
aware and be very cautious with any unsolicited            following some basic guidelines.
emails from "genuine" companies.
                                                           1. Insert an Unsubscribe link into the email
Here are few good reference pages from the Anti-           Bulletin. Create an e-form with a view level of 100
Phishing Working Group: - (A company supported             and hyperlink it into the body of your message.
by Adobe, Microsoft Etc.)                                  (Call or email us if you need assistance with this).                                2. If you have over 300 email addresses on file,
                                                           break up your email bulletin into smaller
"Phishing attacks use both social engineering and          chunks by using categories or subdivisions.
technical subterfuge to steal consumers' personal
identity data and financial account credentials. Social-   3. Maintain your list of email accounts by
engineering schemes use 'spoofed' e-mails to lead          editing your address book from your bounce backs
consumers to counterfeit websites designed to trick        for other reasons other than error code 421 i.e. no
recipients into divulging financial data such as credit    such account or user not found. (Sending an email to
card numbers, account usernames, passwords and             an unknown user is a much quicker trigger to ISP's
social security numbers. Hijacking brand names of          that you might be spamming them. For example, they
banks, e-retailers and credit card companies,              may stop emails coming through after you send only                                                                                                 3
three or four emails that are returned "no such             We encourage you to share this new "Refer a
account".                                                   Friend" Program with the Board Members of your
                                                            community, and if they have no objections, share it
4. Inform your residents that marking your email
                                                            with your residents. Post it as an announcement or
bulletin as SPAM is going to prevent other users
who do want the bulletin from receiving it.                 send out an email bulletin.

5. Use a different website login & email                      USEFUL WEB LINKS
address just to send email bulletins. This will limit
the amount of bounce backs and web error                    Instant Answer Knowledge Base - got questions
messages going back to a regular email account and          about administering your web site? Get the answers
assist you in monitoring the situation. (If you send an     you need NOW! Just go to:
email bulletin using an email alias account for   
example that forwards to another five people your
bounce backs are going to multiply by 5 accordingly).       New Feature Highlights - Now Updated Monthly!
                                                            Find our New Features for the month - now always
6. Ensure that other administrators on your site            at your fingertips at
have a basic understanding of troubleshooting     
email errors. A failure is determined by a fatal or         wfeatures.asp
permanent error or an error code starting with 5xx
and needs to be addressed. A temporary error
                                                            AtHomeNet Administrators Web Site
situation where the mail server will continue to send
messages 2 hours apart for 24 hours until it gets           Please visit the AtHomeNet Administrators site at
through is normally 4xx and can safely be ignored  If you
until such time as a 5xx error code or a Permanent          don't have a login yet, just click on 'login request'.
error has been received.
                                                            AtHomeNet Gazette Archive
                                                            Now you can always access past copies of the
                                                            AtHomeNet Gazette right on our web site! Just go
  ATHOMENET'S REFER A                                       to new features section at
  FRIEND PROGRAM                                  
                                                            wfeatures.asp and scroll to the bottom of the New
How Does AtHomeNet's Refer a Friend Program                 Feature Highlights where you'll find links to all the
work?|                                                      Gazettes from the last few years.

When a new community contacts AtHomeNet we                    EMAIL LIST
always ask them how they heard about us. If they say
they were referred by an existing AtHomeNet                 Here is a list of commonly used Email addresses
community resident, and they then become a client,          for AtHomeNet, Inc.
we will credit the referring friend's community with        To inquire about the Community or Property
one month of FREE service AND we'll send the                Management web site service
referring friend a $25 gift certificate - just our way of
saying THANKS!

People can earn as many gift certificates as they like      To inquire about Technical questions or issues with
and each Community can generate as many free                your web site
months of service as they can too! No limits, really!                                                                                                   4
For billing questions

To be removed from this email list send an email
to us at:

Interactive Web Sites for Residential Communities
and Association Management Companies.                                   5

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