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					                                  Job Description
Title:                               Lead Graphic Designer
Organisation/Business Unit:          Broadcast Services
Location:                            Auckland
Date:                                September 2009


To direct and create promo sequences and presentation imagery. Working with
the Art Director to develop skills within the existing team to deliver consistent high
quality design solutions to our on air marketing team.

Scope of Position:
Reports to:                   Art Director
Operating Budget:                     n/a
Delegated Authorities:                n/a

Key Relationships:
 Internal Clients
 Technology Group
 Marketing
 Sales
 Graphic’s teams

 External Clients
 3rd party suppliers


   Assists in leading Departmental Meetings
   Assists in leading Graphic’s Designer Meetings
   Attends inter-departmental Meetings
   Develops strong relationships with marketing and sales teams


 Ability to design and produce high quality graphics and animation.
 Direct other graphic designers, or production staff.
 Manage clients and provide a professional service both in quality and
  courtesy to all.
 Ability to create a brief, produce accurate timeframe and estimates.
 Ability to interpret, understand and accurately work to a brief.
 Accurately record and archive work.
 Ensure that deadlines are met and projects are kept within budget.
 Keeping up to date on latest design and technology trends worldwide.

   Responsible for leading and developing staff through regular coaching and
   Ensures that the skills of each graphic designer are fully utilised and matched
    to work requirements.
   Assists Art Director to ensure development plans for staff include latest graphic
    design software and any new trends.

Financial Management
 Assists Art Director to ensure department costs are controlled.
 Contribute to the annual budgeting process by providing project budget
   forecasts and communicates any potential changes.
 Develop and effectively contribute to ongoing cost saving initiatives.
 Assists Art Director to develop and present viable business cases for changes
   in resourcing and/or capital requirements as required.

Health & Safety
 Work in a safe manner.
 Not place themselves or others at risk.
 Timely and accurate reporting of all accidents and hazards.
 Actively support and participate in staff rehabilitation programmes.
 Ask when in doubt.

Note: These duties may change from time to time to meet operational or other

Knowledge Skills & Qualifications:

 Degree in Graphic Design / Animation / Computer Graphics or a related

Experience and Knowledge
 More than five years commercial experience within a motion graphics or
   animation environment.
 Skilled in; Photoshop, After Effects, Word and Excel.
 Other advantages; Maya, Flash, Dreamweaver, Drawing/ Animation skills.


 Team player with positive contribution to team objectives and culture
 Strong communication skills
 Ability to articulate ideas and concepts to team and clients

 Pro-active, positive and solution-orientated
 Organised with effective time management skills
 Punctual at all times
 High levels of productivity with strong creative ability
 Customer Focussed
 Creative and innovative
   High attention to detail
   Strong decision making
   Technical/Professional knowledge development
   Leadership skills

Personal Attributes:
 Ability to be self-motivated and capable of working autonomously
 Calm under pressure with ability to work in high stress environment
 Demonstrate high levels of integrity and honesty

Change Behaviours:

The following change behaviours have been identified to facilitate change in the
TVNZ culture. These behaviours will help us to deliver on our strategy to ensure
the future success of TVNZ.

Commercially Savvy
 You understand the world outside of TVNZ and have a commercial awareness
  of what our competitors are doing, of developments in the market and
  potential opportunities.
 You are future focused.
 You respond quickly and demonstrate robust business thinking.

 You are engaged and passionate about working at TVNZ because you
   believe in what we are doing.
 You are positive and optimistic even in challenging times.
 You approach tough situations with energy, enthusiasm and persistence and
   purposefully drive towards goals and keep going despite problems.
 You are focused on results and can be relied onto consistently achieve
   objectives and get things done on time.

 You are prepared to step up and take responsibility for work regardless of
 You hold yourself and others accountable for results.
 You accept responsibility for your actions.
 You delegate well, allowing others to step up and be accountable
 You acknowledge and celebrate individual, team and company

 You have the courage to challenge people’s thinking and actions in an
  appropriate manner.
 You give clear, honest feedback to others.
 You try new things, take risks and innovate.
 You surface and resolve people issues quickly.
 You demonstrate sound decision making and problem solving abilities.
 You act decisively and make tough calls.

One Team
   You work collaboratively and build relationships of trust with colleagues inside
    the company and with all external stakeholders.
   You participate willingly and support collective decisions.
   You promote a culture of teamwork that balances individual initiative with
    team accomplishments.
   You consistently demonstrate respect for others and the organisation you
    work for.

 You make sound judgements about the best course of action to take by
   accurately assessing the feasibility of various alternatives.
 Your judgement is based on commonsense, experience and intuition.
 You exercise good judgement especially when under pressure or when
   making sacrifices for the greater good.

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