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                                           S E P T E M B E R    2 0 0 8   E D I T I O N   -   R E G I O N   N   N E W S L E T T E R
                                     Hi ya’ll,
          THE 2008                        Just wanted to get on the soapbox a bit and share some thoughts about how to deal with
      REGION “N” STAFF:              issues on the Chapter, District and Region level.
                                          It’s easy to let a lot of what is written in the Officer’s Guidebook, go un-adhered from time
          - DIRECTORS -
                                     to time when dealing with issues in a non-profit, socio-volunteer organization. When Officers
                                     take a “sit back and watch” approach in dealing with those issues, then Chapter, District and Re-
       - RIDER EDUCATORS -           gion operations can become clouded with a film of “club-like” methods. Officers in our Associa-
         JIM and NAN HALL            tion are the leaders to whom our members look for ideas, guidance and creators of fun. As Offi-
                                     cers, we should be taking a proactive approach to “nipping” an issue in the “bud” before it gets
    JERRY and LEISA CHILDERS         too far out of hand. To do that, Officers need to be well-informed of the policies and procedures
                                     in the Guidebook and they need to be a working example of them.
     - LEADERSHIP TRAINERS -              Leadership Training for ALL members is a sensible and prudent step to take in keeping a
       DAVID and KATHY ORR
                                     Chapter, District and Region well-oiled and running smoothly. For non-officers, it offers an un-
 - MEMBERSHIP ENHANCEMENT -          derstanding about our Association and why it has run smoothly for more than 30 years. For Offi-
    BRUCE and TERRI STANLEY          cers, it provides the resources, authority and opportunities to develop great people skills and
                                     thereby help create FUN! Leadership Training is not the catch-all answer to solving issues but
 - 2008-09 COUPLE OF THE YEAR -
                                     the training provided in GWRRA addresses the majority of issues a Director, Assistant, Educator
                                     or anyone else may run up against. The training also keeps the ideas and philosophies of
  - 2007 CHAPTER OF THE YEAR -       GWRRA in the forefront of the methods used to solve problems and address issues.
        WEST VIRGINIA - B                 Training scares off some people. Some people think it is for the existing leaders only. But
        - WEBMASTER -
                                     the existing leaders should already be trained; shouldn’t they? When did they get their training?
  DENNIS and KRISTEN WESTON          Well, a lot of them got it while they were just a member in a Chapter. They beefed-up on train-
                                     ing in the Spring and Fall of each year so when they were asked to take a role as an Assistant or
   - NEWSLETTER and GOODIES -        an Educator or a Director, they knew the basics of how to lead, what was expected of them and
                                     what to expect from others.
                                          Training doesn’t guarantee your going to be a good leader. But training does give you the
  INSIDE THIS ISSUE:                 fundamentals you need to become a good leader. Many people in our Association are already
Director’s Page                  1   well-trained leaders in their daily occupations. That training helps a lot when those folks become
RED Article                      2
                                     GWRRA leaders. But getting the scoop of the internal workings of GWRRA and how GWRRA sug-
                                     gests making decisions, is not only unique in the world of non-profits, it is the icing on the cake
RED Article Continued            3
                                     for those already trained as well as for those who’ve never had leadership training before!
MAC Article                      4        Most people joined GWRRA because they wanted to ride with a group of people who went
LTD Article                      5   to interesting places, ate together, had fun together and rode similar motorcycles. This “family”
                                     environment is attractive and that’s a plus for GWRRA versus any other club-type motorcycle
MEC Article                      6
                                     organization. We need that family atmosphere to be stimulated by the leaders of Chapters.
Couple of the Year               7   Effective leaders need to know some “people skills”. (I’m not talking about using political meth-
CHOY Article                     8   ods because playing politics will result in a club-type atmosphere. Besides, GWRRA is strictly a
CHOY Schedule                    9   non-political, non-religious Association.) Leadership Training develops skills for dealing with peo-
                                     ple. Dealing with people puts these skills into practice. Good people skills create a FUN atmos-
National Director              10
                                     phere for everyone. And a FUN atmosphere will stimulate people to look into training. It’s a
2008 Rallies                   11    continuous circle! Using the skills taught in Leadership Training, will help you become a better
Region N Staff and Notes       12    leader, a better person, a better member and will stimulate that family atmosphere.
                                          Take as many seminars as your District offers. The long-term benefit far outweighs the cost;
                                     the seminars are FREE!
                                     “Let’s make it Great in 2008!”

                                     Frank and Kathy Albert
                                     GWRRA Region N Directors
  SEPTEMBER 2008                                                                               PAGE 2

                                                      Jim and Nan Hall
                                                 GWRRA—Region N Rider Education

                                            Friends for Safety!

Hello to all,
     Nan and I hope everyone is enjoying and taking advantage of the beautiful weather we are having. Espe-
cially during the early morning and late evenings when the temperatures are perfect for riding.
     As I was thinking about what to write about for this edition of the Region newsletter I started thinking
about how many of us just go out and jump on our motorcycles and start riding. Which has led me to
maybe refresh some or educate a few others in Riding Strategies. For those of us that have taken numerous
Rider Education seminars or the old MSF classes or the new ARC classes you may have learned that riding is
approximately 80 to 90% Mental and only 10 to 20% Physical.
     What is the most important source of information we have when riding? If you answered “what we see”
you are correct! Let’s talk about what could inhibit our personal ability to see while riding.
    1. Weather Conditions- Rain, Fog, etc.
    2. Drugs / Alcohol - legal or non - legal
    3. Poor or no eye protection - are your glasses, goggles or face shield scratched up?
    4. Illness of some sort- Side Effects of medication
    5. Age- As we get older our reaction time & eyes are changing.
    Do you know we should get a good nights rest before we ride? Why is it important to be continually
alert and looking around while we are riding? By continually scanning we avoid target fixation. In other
words we are not locking in on any one object. Example: If we look at a pot hole in the rode what do we
normally do? We normally hit it. By scanning, our brain allows us to visually observe more than one object
in one location. For example we may see a bicycle, a car turning left and metal grate at the upcoming inter-
    Lets talk about the difference between observation and perception. Observation may only be superficial
without actually recognizing the objects. Perception is actually seeing and noting that the object is there,
thus allowing-for or at least to be prepared-for evasive action. Nothing should ever be taken for granted.
Remember, perception is putting meaning to what we observe.
    Have you ever heard the term S.A.A.? It stands for: Seek, Anticipate, Act.
      SEEK; we are aggressively identifying environmental factors and any associated risks.
      ANTICIPATE; we are searching and identifying items or situations of risk and getting prepared to take
      necessary evasive actions.
      ACT; we are making a decision on necessary actions to best manage the risks.
    Therefore S.A.A. is a continuous process as we ride. It never ends and it cycles over and over. This is

                                                                                        (Continued on page 3)
  SEPTEMBER 2008                                                                                 PAGE 3

(Continued from Jim and Nan Hall on page 2)
why we say riding is more mental than physical.
    SEEK - Let’s talk about what type of information we should be looking for? Other Drivers, Riders, curbs,
road surfaces and conditions of the road, traffic signs, traffic lights pedestrians, pets and animals such as
deer, bicycles, etc. Do all of types of objects or vehicles pose the same risk? Are you thinking? The answer
is NO! Pedestrians and animals pose more of a distraction. Whereas cars, buses, trucks, etc, require more
space and limits or blocks our visibility.
   ANTICIPATE - What kind of information should we be processing when using the anticipate principal?
We are anticipating a range of potential consequences, beginning with the Worst Case Scenario. Therefore
we are playing the What If Game. Example: What if that car backs out in front of me?
    ACT - When it is time to act, what are the primary actions we should practice? We need to keep as many
options or alternatives open for as long as possible. You may have to combine your options for the best so-
lution. We need to allow for sufficient time and space to make the optimum decision and to take the opti-
mum action. We have three primary actions we may take:
   1. Adjust our Speed
   2. Change or adjust or Direction
   3. Communicate
    Following Distance - The suggested MINIMUM following distance is 2 seconds between you and the ve-
hicle ahead of you. Is that two seconds really enough for you? Depending on your age, reaction time, road
conditions and tire condition, are you paying attention, etc? What is the best following distance? That
which gives the rider time to properly react to a hazard.
    We can use the S.A.A. method of riding by using the 12 - 4 - 2 Principal:
      12 Seconds is the approximate range of your scan, helping to identify potential problems early. During
this twelve seconds, you should be anticipating, deciding and preparing to take some type of action.
      4 Seconds is your immediate action zone. You should be performing some type of action now! Ex-
perts suggest that it takes 1.5 seconds to for the brain to process the risk and other 1.5 seconds to put that
recognition into action.
      2 Seconds is your suggested minimum following distance.
   How can you make the person behind you know you are aware of their presence?
     1. Activate your brake lights periodically
     2. Maintain your speed within the posted speed limit
     3. Use both mechanical and hand signals
   Mental conditioning and the ability to practice S.A.A. may be affected by AGE, Drugs, Alcohol, Fatigue,
Dehydration, Hypothermia illness, etc.
    In closing increase your visibility to others by wearing bright colored clothing & selecting the most appro-
priate lane position to suit the circumstances. Enjoy your ride and Practice SAA.
Till next time,
Ride Safe and Ride Often,
Jim and Nan Hall
GWRRA Region N Rider Education Directors
  SEPTEMBER 2008                                                                                          PAGE 4

                                                      Jerry and Leisa Childers
                                           GWRRA - Region N Motorist Awareness Coordinators

                                        Just Good ‘ole Friends!

Hello everyone!
    Well school has started again and that gives you a chance to present the Motorist Awareness Program once
again to the Drivers ED Classes at your local high schools. Leisa and I will be kicking off the new Motorist Aware-
ness Program for Region N that we were telling you about in last month’s newsletter, at Wings Across the
Smokies Rally in September. We will have a table set-up so all of the Motorist Awareness Chapter Coordinators
in Region N can put their name in a bucket and have a opportunity to be the first one that gets to take Stumpy
the MAD monkey to a Motorist Awareness Presentation. (You have to be at the closing ceremonies for the draw-
ing). Now let Stumpy tell you how the program will work.

     “Hello everyone! I’m Stumpy The Motorist Awareness Monkey, bet-
ter known as the “M.A.D.” Monkey. Jared and Melissa Eason asked Jerry
and Leisa from Region N to take me and see what they can do with me.
So as I left one family and went to another, I brought my scrapbook. In
doing this I hope to see many places and faces along the way to put in my
book. So, as I travel across Region N to the chapter meetings, I would like
to be presented to the Motorist Awareness Coordinator or Educator of
that chapter, and if more than one Motorist Awareness Coordinator or
Educator is at the Meeting their names will be put in a hat and one name
will be drawn. The winner will keep me until they have taken me to a
Motorist Awareness Presentation they have given. I would like for them
to take pictures and write a follow up story to send to Jerry and Leisa for
the Region N Newsletter. Then they can then take me to another Chapter meeting and present me to another
Motorist Awareness Coordinator or Educator. When that happens, you will need to send an E-Mail to Jerry and
Leisa and let them know who you gave Stumpy to so we can keep up with his progress.
      I will do this until I have traveled to all the chapters in Region N or until I can be returned in time to Jerry and
Leisa for Wing Ding 31. So when you get me, don’t wait, take me to your Presentation quickly so you can give me
to another chapter!”

Let’s ride SAFE!
Stumpy the M.A.D. Monkey

See you soon!
Jerry and Leisa Childers
GWRRA Region N Motorist Awareness Coordinators
  SEPTEMBER 2008                                                                                PAGE 5

                                                          David and Kathy Orr
                                           GWRRA - National Directors, Leadership Training Division

                                           Friends for Knowledge

Greetings to everyone,

     As the riding season draws nearer to a close it is time to begin planning how you will spend your winter
months. We would like to suggest you think of attending some of the seminars that are offered free of
charge, that are being planned for the colder months.
     Want to learn more about GWRRA on subjects like how we got started, how we function, or how about
how to have FUN at a rally? Or even some life skills such as time management, stress management, remem-
bering names, or some computer skills such as computer maintenance and web site design?
     Maybe you have some questions about the GWRRA officer corps and how it functions and why it oper-
ates the way it does. And if you really want to have some MAJOR FUN we want to give you a hint; if you
hear the words “Horizons Program” then sign up ASAP as this is one of the most FUN times you can have in
GWRRA without riding a bike.
     So plan to attend a seminar this winter and learn more about GWRRA and remember this, the brain is
the one body organ all of us can exercise that keeps us mentally sharp and plugged in with our GWRRA fam-
ily. If you want more information visit your District’s website or contact your District Leadership Trainer for
more information. And feel free to contact us anytime for information or to find out more of what we offer
in free and fun seminars. After all, the mind is a terrible thing to waste. Remember, this is your Association,
so take advantage of all it has to offer.

Very best regards and enjoy the ride,

David & Kathy Orr
Directors, Leadership Training Division
Gold Wing Road Riders Association
David cell: 704.560.5446
Kathy cell: 704.560.0697
Fax: 704.283.0840

We are listening. What is your solution?
  SEPTEMBER 2008                                                                                         PAGE 6

                                                        Bruce and Terri Stanley
                                               GWRRA - Region N Membership Enhancement

                                                    Friends for Fun

We want to first thank Ray and Kathy Conrad and their entire staff for turning down the thermostat this year for the
Kentucky Bluegrass Blast. We had a great time.

We would like to take this opportunity to again congratulate Ralph and Sally Ulery of Kentucky Y on being selected as
the 2008-2009 Kentucky District Couple of the Year. Please welcome and support them as they visit around the Dis-
trict and Region.

We also want to congratulate TN-G2 and their Newsletter Editor, Jeanette Head, as their newsletter was awarded the
Best of Region N for the Second Quarter.

Money is getting tighter, gas (and everything else) is getting more expensive. Perhaps you’ve had to cut a couple of
rallies off of your schedule to make ends meet at home. You’ve still got that GoldWing, though, and you want to ride.

How about visiting another Chapter’s gathering? In many areas of our Region, this is a common practice. In some
parts, it’s not. Sometimes we’ll go to a District or Region rally and see friends from our own District that we haven’t
seen in ages and wonder . . . . . Why?

Visiting other Chapter gatherings is not only a chance to catch up on comings and goings of old friends, but a chance
to meet new friends, exchange knowledge and information pertinent to GWRRA and motorcycle riding, and perhaps
get ideas from their gathering on how to spice up your own Chapter gathering. Imitation is the greatest form of flat-
tery. There are all sorts of fun games, drawings, awards and types of recognition that can turn a Chapter meeting
consisting of a meal, an outline of upcoming events, a rider education presentation and 50/50 drawing into a noisy,
raucous gathering that has the rest of the restaurant looking over and wondering, “Who are they and why are they
laughing and carrying on like that?”

Let’s all get that list of “honey-do’s” caught up, shine those bikes, find a Chapter gathering on the calendar and go see
some friends.

Just as a reminder, we have received and distributed Region N’s August Hot Sheets. Please note the last three col-
umns on these reports return the requested information as soon as possible.

We are Listening, What is Your Solution?
Bruce and Terri Stanley
GWRRA Region N Membership Enhancement Coordinators
  SEPTEMBER 2008                                                                                       PAGE 7

                                                           Alan and Carolyn Little
                                                         GWRRA Region N 2008-2009

                                             Couple of the Year

Hi Wingers!

     We’re still having a blast visiting the district rallies, chapter gatherings and special events. We recently had a
fantastic trip to Kentucky. The weather couldn’t have been better. Congratulations to Ray and Kathy Conrad and
their staff for a very relaxing and entertaining weekend. We loved meeting and spending some time with the
Couples of the Year. It was our pleasure to be with them in the “holding cell” during the Selection Process. We
learned a LOT about them…some we can share, and some we better not share! We’d also like to congratulate
the new Kentucky District Couple, Ralph and Sally Ulery, from Chapter Y. We know they’re in for a great ride rep-
resenting Kentucky’s Couple of the Year Program.
     During a recent M.A.D. presentation we did for The Ladies’ Connection in our area, we heard a neat little true
story. A lady had taken her young son to a Putt-putt course / Ice cream parlor for a snack. While they sat eating
their ice cream, her son noticed a sign that said “M.A.D.D meet here tonight”. He asked his Mom what that
meant, and she explained that it meant Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. The little one continued to eat his cone
for a few minutes, then stopped and looked at his mom and said, “I think the mothers will win. The drunk drivers
probably can’t play putt-putt very well”.
     A recent study conducted by the Harvard University found that the average American walks about 900 miles
a year. Another study by the American Medical Association found that Americans drink, on average, 22 gallons
of alcohol a year. This means, on average, Americans get almost 41 miles to the gallon. Kind of makes you proud
to be an American doesn’t it!
     Healthy Food – WHAT A MIRACLE FOOD! After reading this, you’ll never look at a banana the same way
again. Bananas contain three natural sugars – sucrose, fructose and glucose combined with a fiber. A banana
gives in an instant, sustained and substantial boost of energy. Research has proven that just two bananas pro-
vide enough energy for a strenuous 90-minute workout. No wonder the banana is the #1 fruit with athletes. But
energy isn’t the only way a banana can help us keep fit. It can also help overcome or prevent a number of ill-
nesses and conditions.
     Depression: According to a recent survey undertaken by MIND amongst people suffering from depression,
many felt much better after eating a banana. It’s because a banana contains tryptophan, a protein that the body
converts into serotonin, known to make you relax, improve your mood and generally make you feel happier.
     PMS: Forget the pills – eat a banana. The vitamin B6 it contains regulates blood glucose levels, which can
affect your mood.
     That does it guys!!! No more Ice Cream rides…it’s the BANANA TREE for us!!! Well, maybe… will banana
splits have the same affect?
Keep safe,

Alan & Carolyn Little
2008-2009 Region N Couple of the Year
 SEPTEMBER 2008                                                                     PAGE 8

            And now, a few words from…
  WV-B! The 2007 Region

   Greetings from WV-B!

   Chapter B has had a busy summer. Some activities include assisting with Region duties at
Wing Ding, the Chapter Picnic which had a great turnout and we had another successful
“Socks and Panties” drive, which is for a local special needs school. Our overnight ride to
Mayberry was a great ride and great time. We had representation at the KY rally. I believe
Tom, Bessie, Sharon and Steve assisted with ticket sales there too. We have, of course, at-
tended our own Sister Chapters fundraisers. Chapter rides and fellowship is always impor-
tant to Chapter Life. The main key to all this is Fun! We have FUN wherever we go and what-
ever we do!

   Some upcoming events include our “Hat and Mitten” drive in September and October,
(before it gets cold) for children at the special needs school. Then in October and November,
we will have our “canned goods food drive” for the local soup kitchen. We are always happy
to “Give” to the less fortunate for Thanksgiving.

   We encourage you to find a local special project that you can assist with in some way if
you don’t already. It gives you that feel good feeling and is always appreciated.

Darrell and Debbie Hutson
Chapter Directors, WV-B
  SEPTEMBER 2008                                                                             PAGE 9

  The 2007 Region “N” CHAPTER OF THE YEAR
        WV-B Event and Activity Schedule
January                                            July
6 WV-B Staff Meeting                        2:00   6 WV-B Staff Meeting                       2:00
19 WV-B Gathering                           6:00   3-6 Wing Ding, Greenville SC
20 WV-B Movie Outing                        1:00   12 Sugar Creek (Overnight Ride)
26 District Ops Meeting                     9:00   19 WV-B Meeting “Socks & Panties Drive”    6:00
                                                   26 WV-I Fun Day                            TBA
February                                           26-27 Campout Picnic
3 WV-B Staff Meeting                  2:00
10 WV-B Bowling                       2:00         August
16 WV-B Gathering                     6:00         3 WV-E Fun Day                             TBA
29-1 WV Mountaineer Winter Rendezvous              3 WV-B Staff Meeting                       2:00
                                                   9-10 Overnight Ride to Mayberry
March                                              7-9 KY District Rally
2 WV-B Staff Meeting                        2:00   16 WV-B Meeting                            6:00
9 Pie & Coffee (TBA)                        2:00   17 WV-B Chapter Ride                       TBA
15 WV-B Gathering                           6:00
   Bring “Bears for Kids” to WV-B Gathering        September
                                                   5-6 WV Weekend, Boyer Station
April                                              14 WV-B Staff Meeting                      2:00
6 WV-B Staff Meeting                        2:00   18-20 NC District Rally
19 Deliver “Bears for Kids”                 TBA    20 WV-B Gathering                          6:00
19 WV-B Gathering                           6:00   21 WV-B Chapter Ride                       TBA
24-26 TN Spring Fling                              28 WV-J Fun Day                            TBA

May                                                October
3 WV-H Fun Day                              TBA    4 “Tab Run” to Ronald McDonalds
4 WV-B Staff Meeting                        2:00   5 WV-B Staff Meeting                       2:00
4 WV-B Tech Day                             9:00   9-11 VA District Rally
17 WV-G Fun Day                             TBA    18 Bridge Day                              9:00
17 Mall Show/WV-B Gathering                 9-9    18 WV-B Gathering “Canned Food Drive”      6:00
18 WV-B Parking Lot Practice                9:00   19 Seven Springs Ride                      8:30
18 Memorial Ride                            1:30
29-31 Region N Rally                               November
                                                   2 WV-B Staff Meeting                       2:00
June                                               15 WV-B Gathering “Canned Food Drive”      6:00
1 WV-B Staff Meeting                        2:00
8 WV-A Fun Day                              TBA    December
21 WV-C Fun Day                             TBA    6 WV-B Staff Meeting                       4:00
21 WV-B Gathering “Socks & Panties Drive”   6:00   7 WV-B Fundraiser “Hat & Mitten Drive”     11:00
26-28 WV District Rally                            20 WV-B Gathering/Christmas Party          6:00
                                                      “Hat & Mitten Drive”
SEPTEMBER 2008                                                                    PAGE 10

                       NEWS FROM NATIONAL

    The Membership Enhancement Division TEAM has been busy updating the Guides
    and References that are posted on the National Membership Enhancement Divi-
    sion website. The first to be completed is the New Member Guide. It has been
    reviewed and approved by Melissa Eason, Executive Director. The New Member
    Guide will be available for new Members who sign up at Wing Ding in Greenville,
    S.C. The New Member Guide has been posted on the Membership Enhancement
    Division website under Guides and References for your use. This is a great tool to
    include in the packets you hand out to new Members at Chapter gatherings.

    The Membership Enhancement Division TEAM has revised and updated the Fun
    Activities Guide. It is completed and is currently ready to be sent to Melissa
    Eason, Executive Director for approval. The updated guide is filled with lots of
    new ideas and games for all levels. Check the Membership Enhancement Division
    website for this posting. It should be posted later in July.

    The Membership Enhancement Division TEAM has completed a new Job Descrip-
    tion and Qualifications for Membership Enhancement Coordinators at the Na-
    tional, Region, District, and Chapter levels. These have been approved by Melissa
    Eason, Executive Director. The primary duty at each level is Member retention.
    When we think of Member retention we usually think of contacting new, prospec-
    tive, and expiring Members to remind them their membership is about to expire
    or to invite a new Member to our gatherings. These contacts should be handled
    by the Chapter Membership Enhancement Coordinator. If the Chapter doesn’t
    have a Membership Enhancement Coordinator, then the duty falls to the Chapter
    Director. Information on new, prospective, and expiring Members is sent to each
    Region monthly for distribution to the Districts and Chapters. The information on
    expiring Members may also be obtained from the Chapter gathering sign-in
                                             sheets. The new Job Description and Quali-
                                             fications provides information on how to
                                             handle and report the contacts that have
                                             been made.

                                          “We are Listening.
                                          What is Your Solution?”

                                          Ed and Linda Johnson
                                          GWRRA Membership
  SEPTEMBER 2008                                                                                                 PAGE 11

 The 2008 Rally Schedule is upon us! We know your schedule is hectic and you may not be able to attend every Rally. We also
  appreciate your concerns about the economy and traveling considerations. We’d like for you to at least attend the Rally for
your District and support it by volunteering to make it a fun time for not only yourself, but your visitors as well. For 2008, there
                is only one Rally each month. So, maybe now, more than one of these Rallies can be on your list!

SPRING FLING 2008                        Over and a Success!
April 24 - 26, 2008 Grand Resort Hotel & Convention Center Pigeon Forge, TN

                                                     APPALACHIAN ADVENTURE 2008
                                         Over and a Success!                   THE REGION N PRESENTS
                                                                     A COUNTY FAIR! MAY 29 - 31, 2008
                              Meadowview Marriott Conference Resort and Convention Center, Kingsport, TN

         DOWN HOME RALLY 2008
         WEST VIRGINIA TRAILS! JUNE 26 - 28, 2008                                                    WV    Bus

         Summersville Conference Center, Summersville, WV

                                                 Over and a Success!                          WING DING 30
                                                                             THE GWRRA NATIONAL OFFICE PRESENTS
                                                                     RIDING THROUGH THE DECADES! JULY 3 - 6, 2008
                                                                                  Carolina First Center, Greenville, SC

                  BLUE GRASS BLAST 2008
                  BLUE GRASS BLAST! AUGUST 7 - 9, 2008
                  The CENTER for Rural Development, Somerset, KY

                                      Over and a Success!

                                                                    WINGS OVER THE SMOKIES 2008
                                                                                   THE NORTH CAROLINA DISTRICT PRESENTS
                                                                               THE 25th ANNUAL WINGS OVER THE SMOKIES!
                                                                                                     SEPTEMBER 18 - 20, 2008
                                                                   The Western North Carolina Agricultural Center, Fletcher, NC
                                                                                         Register at

                           RALLY IN THE VALLEY 2008
                           THE VIRGINIA DISTRICT PRESENTS
                           RALLY IN THE VALLEY! OCTOBER 9 - 11, 2008
                           The Salem Civic Center, Salem, Virginia
                           Register at
  SEPTEMBER 2008                                                                               PAGE 12

      The 2008 Region N Operations Staff
      Regional Directors                        Rider Educators                      Leadership Trainers
    Frank and Kathy Albert                     Jim and Nan Hall                      David and Kathy Orr
      Kodak, Tennessee                       Clarksville, Tennessee                 Monroe, North Carolina

     Motorist Awareness                   Membership Enhancement                  2008-2009 Couple of the Year
   Jerry and Leisa Childers                Bruce and Terri Stanley                   Alan and Carolyn Little
       Gray, Tennessee                    Williamstown, West Virginia               Oakboro, North Carolina

                                          Dennis and Kristen Weston
                                            Virginia Beach, Virginia


     GWRRA will be starting the process of preparing the 2009 edition of the Gold Book. Please take a
     moment to make sure the information we have in our system is accurate. You may do so by con-
     tacting the Customer Service Department at 800-843-9460, or by logging into your account on our
     Online Customer Service website. Updates must be completed no later than November 3, 2009.

                                     PICTURES! PICTURES! PICTURES!
The Region N Website now has all the pictures taken by Jerry and Leisa Childers (Region N MAD and Wing
World Photographers), from the Region N Rally, “A County Fair”. If you see a picture there that reminds you
of a funny story or event, write it out for me and send it to me for inclusion in our newsletter. We’d love to
hear from y’all!
To view the pictures, go to our website, and scroll to the bottom right hand corner. Click on
“Photo Gallery”. Then on the next page, click on “Appalachian Adventure 2008” It may take a little time to
load them all (over 500 pictures!) but when they load, an automatic slide show will begin.
                    Thanks to our Webmasters, Dennis and Kristen Weston for the slide show program!

                    Contact us at:
                    GWRRA Region N                                    We’re On the Web!
                    310 Newman Drive
                    Kodak, TN 37764

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