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                                                             Fall 2011


Summer Day

Art in the
Park                                    A new learning environment
Nov. 13 & 14                                  NATURE IN THE WOODS
It’s a wonderful life in Plantation
                                                                                  The parade begins at the intersection of Broward

 Holiday Parade                                                                   Boulevard and N.W. 46th Avenue, turns north on
                                                                                  69th Avenue and then west on 4th Street to City
                                                                                  Hall. Join us for the float awards and festivities
Saturday           l   November 19                   l     9:00 a.m.              at City Hall following the parade.

                                       The “It’s a Wonderful Life in Plantation” Holiday Parade is sponsored by the Plantation Chamber of
                                       Commerce. For more information, please contact the Chamber at 954-587-1410 or visit them on the


                                                                   45TH ANNUAL

                                                           ART IN THE
    SERVICE                                                      PARK
                                                            07421 N.W.TREE PARK 0

                                                           0           5TH STREET 0

                                                         Saturday & Sunday
                                                         November 12 &
                                                            November 13
                                                      10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
 FRIDAY H NOVEMBER 11 H 9:30 a.m.
       PLANTATION VETERANS PARK                          Plantation Junior Woman’s Club
       1776 LAUDERDALE WEST DRIVE                          invites you and your family to
                                                         two fun-filled days of fine artists,
   Elected state and local officials and
                                                           entertaining musicians, special
local veteran organizations will be present
                                                         events and hands-on art projects
     to honor our American veterans.
                                                         especially for children. For more
 Sponsored by the City of Plantation and
                                                          information call 954-797-9762
   The Plantation/Sunrise Chapter 138
                                                                 or 954-452-2510.
       Disabled American Veterans.
     H FREE REFRESHMENTS H                                    FREE ADMISSION
For more information call 954-452-2510
                                                        A FAMILY HALLOWEEN
                                                        AND SAFETY FESTIVAL
                                                                GAMES & ACTIVITIES FOR ALL AGES!
                                                        VERY SPOOKY HAUNTED HOUSE (not recommended for children under 6)
                                                            Saturday, October 22 l 10:00 A .M. – 2:00 P.M.
                                                             PLANTATION COMMUNITY CENTER, 5555 PALM TREE ROAD
                                                             l Children's carnival l Costume contests for children and adults
                                                               lPolice and Fire safety exhibits l Inflatables & Face Painting
     Sponsored by the City of Plantation Parks and         l Games & Activities l Raffles and door prizes l Haunted House
    Recreation Department and the Plantation Police       l Food and safety products l Free candy and Halloween bags for kids
           Department. For more information,
 please call the Police Department at 954-797-2602 or                                      $
the Parks and Recreation Department at 954-797-2180.                                           3 per person

                                                                                       SEPTEMBER 6 to OCTOBER 14
                Ages 7 – 12
        Youth Hot Shot                                                        ART SEARCH
                                                                                                Grades K to 12
             Basketball                                                         “Enriching the Community”
              Tournament                                         A visual arts competition for students in grades K-12, sponsored by the City of
                                                              Plantation Parks & Recreation Department, The Plantation Junior Woman’s Club.
  Friday v September 9                                           Awards in each grade level. First place winners will receive a $50 gift card, second
                  7:00 p.m.                                   place winners will receive a $25 gift card and third place winners will receive a $15
    CENTRAL PARK GYMNASIUM, 9151 N.W. 2nd Street              gift card. All winners will also receive ribbons. All winning pieces of art from each
                                                              grade will be displayed November 12 & 13 at Art in the Park, held at Liberty Tree
           $10 per person (non-refundable)                    Park. Afterwards, the winning pieces of art will be displayed in Plantation Central Park
                                                              for one year. There will be a formal awards ceremony. All other entries will be
   AGE DIVISIONS:                                             returned to each school. (The City of Plantation is not responsible for lost or dam-
       Ages 7 – 8                                             aged artwork).
      Ages 9 – 10
                                                                 Any medium may be used with the exception of sculptures. All entries should relate
     Ages 11 – 12
                                                              to the 2011 theme, “Enriching the Community.”
                                                                 Art work must be 12” X 18” (mounted size), must be labeled on the back side with
  Register at Central                                         the entrant’s name and phone number and must be submitted with an entry form.
 Park. Sign up early,                                         Only one entry per person.
 space is limited. For                                           Entry forms will be available Tuesday, September 6 thru Friday, October 14 at
    more information
                                                              Plantation Central Park, Community Center and Plantation schools. All entries must be
 call 954-452-2510.
                                                              received at Plantation Central Park by 5:00 p.m. Friday, October 14. For more
                                                              information, call 954-452-2510 or 954-797-2180.
                Diane Veltri Bendekovic

                                                                                                 City of Plantation
                      CITY COUNCIL                                               400 NW 73rd Avenue Plantation, FL 33317
             Sharon Moody Uria, President                                          
          Peter S. Tingom, President Pro Tem                                    
                       Ron Jacobs
                   Dr. Robert A. Levy
                      Lynn Stoner
                                                                 Table OF CONTENTS
                                                                                              Plantation Summer Camps                          4

                                                                            Nature in the Woods Educational Park                               5

                                                                                                      Library Race to Read                     6
                   CITY DEPARTMENTS
       Daniel Keefe, Chief Administrative Officer                                  Message from Mayor Bendekovic                               7

          Hank Breitenkam, Utilities Director                                                      Adopt-A-Shelf
                                                                               Helen B. Hoffman Plantation Library                             7
              Brett Butler, City Engineer
    Robert Castro, Information Technology Director                                                                Fire – Safety                8
        Frank DeCelles, Public Works Director                                                                 Police – Safety                  9
        Danny Ezzeddine, Design, Landscape &                                   Parks & Recreation Director’s Corner                            9
         Construction Management Director
                                                                                      Protecting yourself from ID Theft                      10
                  Joe Harris, Fire Chief
            Howard Harrison, Police Chief                                                                      Grants Corner                  11
       Herbert Herriman, Financial Serv. Director                         What’s happening in Plantation Schools                         12-13
           Monika Knapp, Library Director                                                                Plantation Business                  14
Laurence Leeds, Planning, Zoning & Econ. Dev. Director
                                                                                          Landscape: Native vs Exotics                        15
       Margie Moale, Human Resources Director
                                                                                           Firemans BBQ & City Events                         16
      James Romano, Parks & Recreation Director
            Jeff Sabouri, Building Director                                                                              Recycle              17

               Susan Slattery, City Clerk                                                            Bulk Pickup Schedule                     17

                                                                 ON THE COVER: NATURE IN THE WOODS
               PLANTATION QUARTERLY                              “Nature in the Woods” is the educational component of Plantation Woods,
          and RECREATION QUARTERLY STAFF                         located at Plantation Community Center at Kennedy Park, 5555 Palm Tree
                Susan DiLaura, Editor                            Road. This summer, City of Plantation staff members and volunteers
                                                                 developed curriculum for creative summer camp programs. Children learned
           Ginette Fogel, Graphic Designer                       through play that was rich in art and science, and were given an opportunity
            Ken Boyce, Recreation Editor                         to connect with the wonders of the natural world. On the cover, camp
                                                                 participants are learning about dinosaurs. For more information on “Nature
     Cheryl Greenberg, Assistant Recreation Editor               in the Woods,” see page 5.

                                                                 For City of Plantation publications in alternative format, please contact the Purchasing
                                                                 Division at 954-797-2648. The City of Plantation will provide reasonable accommodations
            Plantation Quarterly is printed on recycled paper.   for disabled individuals requesting special assistance in order to attend or participate
                                                                 in City functions. Request for assistance must be made to the Office of the City Clerk at
                     PLEASE RECYCLE THIS MAGAZINE.               954-797-2236 at least five calendar days prior to the meeting (three calendar days
                                                                 prior to a City Council meeting).
Tennis and Pool Camp for ages 6 to 16.                                       Plantation Equestrian Center for horse and animal   Plantation Aquatics Center dive class.
                                                                             lovers, ages 4 to 12.

City of Plantation Summer Camps                                                  PROVIDING AN ARRAY OF ACTIVITIES & INTERESTS
                                                       Nearly 400 children participated in the City of Plantation
                                                    2011 Summer Day Camp at Central Park, Volunteer Park,
                                                    Kennedy Community Center, and Adventure Camp. After
                                                    outsourcing last year, Plantation Parks & Recreation
                                                    department staff members were excited to once again be able
                                                    to plan and implement the program this year, and the
                                                    campers enjoyed seeing the familiar faces of some of their
                                                    favorite counselors from past years.
                                                       Each week, participants enjoyed a field trip. Activities
                                                    included trips to see the latest movies, ice-skating, bowling,
                                                    swimming, Young at Art, Kabooms and air boat rides. Weekly
                                                    visitors to camp included demonstrations by the Plantation
                                                    Fire department and Plantation Police K-9 dogs, Wacky
                                                    Science, Ceramics on Wheels, Geddy the Gecko, Animal Tales
Field trips are always a big hit with the kids!
                                                    and more. Arts and crafts, swimming, and structured and
                                                    free-play activities rounded out the week.                             Nature in the Woods learning activity.
                                                       Kennedy Community Center campers participated in the
                                                    new Nature in the Woods outdoor classroom program, on site
                                                    at the Community Center. Some of the themes were birds and
                                                    butterflies; flowers, seeds and pods; and bugs, lizards and
                                                    other crawly things. The kids really enjoyed this new program,
                                                    which will be available to residents in the fall. They also were
                                                    able to regularly enjoy Plantation Woods, Plantation’s woods-
                                                    theme water park and playground.
                                                       In addition to traditional day camps, Plantation offers
                                                    several specialty camps: Tennis & Pool Camp at the Veltri
                                                    Tennis Center and Aquatics Center; Share-A-Pony Summer
                                                    Camp at the Plantation Equestrian Center; and Drama and
                                                    Musical camp at Deicke Auditorium. All day camps had
                                                    successful and fun summers.
                                                       Parents seem very happy with their child’s summer camp
                                                    experience. A survey will be sent home with parents toward
                                                    the end of the summer. Staff members are anxious to see the
Veltri Tennis Center.                               results, and will use the information to make next year’s camp         Indoor and outdoor activities for all ages.
                                                    experience even better.
                                                       For more information on any of Plantation Parks &
                                                    Recreation offerings, please call 954-452-2510.

4                  Plantation Quarterly Fall 2011
   Two years ago the          “Research continues to show that
City of Plantation was       these connections have a lasting
inspired to develop a       impact, especially when positive,
nature based public           wonder-filled experiences with
space that would serve nature are supported by caring
to enrich the lives of                     adults…”
children by providing
                                     – Nancy Rosenow, Executive Director,
them with a                         Nature Explore/Dimensions Educational
connection to nature.                                 Research Foundation
   Today, the City of
Plantation is proud to announce the opening of “Nature in the
   “Nature in the Woods” is the educational component of Plantation
Woods located at Plantation Community Center and Kennedy Park, 5555 Palm Tree Road.
                                             Based on principles provided by Dimensions
                                             Educational Research Foundation in collabo-
                                             ration with the Arbor Foundation, “Nature in
                                             the Woods” is designed as a kid’s discovery
                                             zone with natural colors and textures that
                                             serves as an outstanding example of an
                                             environmental-theme outdoor classroom for
                                             youngsters. Parents, school groups, scouts,
                                             and gardening groups will be able to set up an
                                             educational experience for children including
                                             fun, hands-on activities. Children learn through
                                             proactive play rich with art and science,
                                             providing them an opportunity to connect with
                                             the wonders of the natural world.
                                               This summer the City of Plantation, the
                                             Plantation Historical Museum and the
                                             Landscape Architecture department, together
                                             with Parks & Recreation, held nature related
activities during summer camp. During these sessions, small groups of children, along
with a group leader, moved between designated nature theme areas. At each “station”
they enjoyed an activity related to art, gardening, building, discovery or music.
   The summer camp programs included theme activities for children in a variety of
special areas:
    _ Birds & butterflies
    _ Flowers, seeds & pods
    _ Dinosaurs, bones & fossils
    _ Seashore plants, shells & aquatic life
    _ Bugs, lizards, & other crawly, hoppy things
    _ Critters - raccoons, rabbits, opossums
    _ Indians and their culture
    _ Hammocks, wetlands & water gardens
   Volunteers and City employees gave presentations, set up activities and
encouraged the children in project making. The focus was on the enrichment
of the life of a child and encouraged them to develop a comfort and a love for
nature. Together we can help our children grow up with a renewed sense of
wonder for the earth.

                                                                                                Plantation Quarterly Fall 2011   5
“Race to Read”@ the Library with Miki Ostendorf
                                                            “IT IS ESTIMATED THAT DURING THE SUMMER BREAK, A CHILD CAN LOSE UP TO
                                                            A MONTH OF INSTRUCTION AND START THE SCHOOL YEAR BEHIND.”

                                                                      The Summer Reading Program and Kick-off at the Library are always popular and
                                                                      exciting events for both children and parents.

                                                                       This is one of my favorite articles to write
                                                                    each year. Thank you to all the people who
                                                                    make our summer reading program so
                                                                       Our theme was “Race to Read” and we got
                                                                    off to a great start at the Kick-off with two
                                                                    amazing race cars brought to us by the
                                                                    Plantation Police Department. Talk about
                                                                    exciting – NASCAR has nothing on us!
                                                                     Everyone had a great time with the DJ, music,
The Summer reading program kicked-off with two amazing race cars
brought to us by our friends at the Plantation Police Department!    fun and games. Weekly prizes and activities
                                                                     from arts and crafts, story times, a science
lesson, and a show performed by The Plantation Puppeteers kept the summer racing along.
For their kindness and generosity a special thank you to:
  k Office Depot, an official NASCAR sponsor, provided two wall displays featuring Tony Stewart.
  k General Mills sent a life-size Clint Bowyer cut out (driver of the #33 Cheerios/Hamburger Helper Chevrolet
       Impala SS) and a enough pull-back toy racers for each child in the program.
  k Burger King Corporation sent race car crowns for the puppet show.                                               General Mills sent life-size race car
                                                                                                                    driver cut outs.
  k The Sun Sentinel, NIE provided note pads and pencils.
  k Tate’s Comics donated a comic book for each reader.
  k International Speedway Corp. donated t-shirts for the library staff and collectible NASCAR cars for the Plantation 500 Reading Contest.
  k Mr. Rocco Caggiano and the American Legion sent over American flags for each child for July 4th.
  k The Friends of the Helen B. Hoffman Plantation Library sponsored the events and underwrote the program.
   The Library’s Summer Reading Program is a fun and exciting way for the children and families of our community to support education and share
the love of reading. See you @ the Library.

    FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY USED                        BOOK SALES:                                      2012
    BOOK SALES are usually the first &                                                                  JANUARY 6, 7 & 20, 21
    third Friday & Saturday of each month.                                                              FEBRUARY 3, 4 & 17, 18
                                                         AUGUST 5, 6 & 19, 20
    Dates may change due to holidays.                                                                   MARCH 2, 3 & 23, 24
                                                         SEPTEMBER 9, 10 & 23, 24
    Please call call to verify.                                                                         APRIL 6, 7 & 20, 21
                                                         OCTOBER 8 (Sat. only) & 21, 22
    FRIDAYS ..............9:00 AM – 5:00 PM              NOVEMBER 4, 5 & 18, 19                         MAY 4, 5 & 18, 19
                                                         DECEMBER 2, 3 & 16, 17                         JUNE 1, 2 &15, 16
    SATURDAYS........9:00 AM – 4:00 PM                                                                  JULY 6, 7 & 20, 21

6               Plantation Quarterly Fall 2011
A message from Mayor Bendekovic
Dear Neighbors,                                                cities in Broward County that has had a slight increase in
   Plantation, as do most cities, continues to struggle        our property values and is currently experiencing an
under financial pressures created by the state-mandated        increase in the issuance of building permits. As one
tax revenue rollback in 2007 and the dramatic decrease         travels through the Midtown corridor, there is a buzz of
in taxable property values. The state’s “one size fits all”    redevelopment activity in The Fountains, and even more
mandate penalized cities like Plantation who have histor-      to come with two recently approved major develop-
ically had low millage rates.                                  ments: One Plantation Place, and Midtown 24, Phase 2.
   As with many households who have had to tighten             Westside Regional Hospital recently broke ground on
their “purse strings,” Plantation is no different. As we       their 40,000 square foot medical office building, and
navigate through the budget process when creating a            84th Avenue will soon be receiving a facelift.
balanced budget, the decisions made are not always easy           In the months to come “Team Plantation” will
ones, but they are absolutely necessary.                       continue to work on defining expense reductions, gener-
   So, it is with regret that I notify residents that due to   ating revenues, absorbing the cuts, and creating minimal
budgetary constraints, this will be the last edition of the    impact on our residents, all without altering dramatically
Plantation Quarterly. However, information on recre-           the delivered services.
                                                                                                                                Mayor Bendekovic
ational activities and events will be available for our           The following quote reflects our outlook: “There is no
residents on the City’s website at , and        medicine like hope, no incentive so great, and no tonic
in the Plantation Sports & Activities Directory.               so powerful as the expectation of something better
   There are some positive signs of recovery during these      tomorrow.” Orison Swett Marden, American author.
difficult economic times. Plantation is one of the few

Adopt-a-Shelf Program
HELEN B. HOFFMAN PLANTATION LIBRARY                                                            REVERSE 911
An opportunity for Volunteerism and for Student Community Service                              WATER BILL INSERT CORRECTION
  TO MAINTAIN THE ORDER and                                                                      A recent message in the City of Plantation’s
appearance of the Library so patrons                                                           water bills mistakenly offered residents the
can locate materials easily.                                                                   opportunity to contact the Fire Department to
  TO PROVIDE OPPORTUNITIES for                                                                 register cell phone numbers, or other means of
volunteerism and student community
service.                                                                                       contact, with the City’s Communicator NXT or
  Volunteers choose an area of the library to be responsible for. This area may be             “Reverse 9-1-1” system. Residents are asked to
a range of shelves in fiction, non-fiction or the children’s room. You are asked to            please refrain from this. The Reverse 9 -1-1
come in once a week at your convenience to straighten that area. The books must                system is designed to alert residents via land line
be kept in proper Dewey and/or alphabetical order. The shelves must be kept                    phones of specific hazards within an area or
neat by aligning books with the front edge of shelf whenever possible and shifting
                                                                                               areas of the City. The contact list is generated
when necessary. Shelves need to be dusted when necessary. Any books that need
new covers, cleaning or repair should be brought to the Reference Librarian.                   from the phone company and cannot be added to.
Volunteers sign in and out in a log. Staff then fills out any necessary forms for              We apologize for the error.
student community service hours based on logged hours.
 3 Spend al least 1 hour, one day a week on a consistent basis
 3 Stooping, stretching, standing and use of footstool are required
 3 Ability to reach top and bottom shelves
 3 Ability to work with the Dewey Decimal system and alphabetical filing systems
 3 Ability to follow oral and written instructions                                                            Get the Fax!
 3 Attention to detail                                                                         The Helen B. Hoffman Plantation Library has a
 3 Proper library behavior at all times                                                         self-service FAX kiosk available for public use
TRAINING: The program supervisor will provide group or one-to-one training                                   (outgoing faxes only).
and orientation at the time of placement.
                                                                                               $1.50 first page and $1 each additional page
**Volunteers need to meet the minimum required time commitment,
behavior, and accuracy standards.                                                                             The fax machine accepts:
                                                                                              VISA, MasterCard, AMEX & Discover credit and debit cards.
For more information about our Adopt-a-Shelf
Program, call Tanya Field at 954-797-2144.
                                                                                                               Plantation Quarterly Fall 2011             7
City Prepares FOR THE BIG ONE!                                   FIRE I BUCKET BRIGADE IS HOT!

City leaders and department heads meet each year to review
preparations and procedures for the upcoming hurricane season.

   On June 6, City officials once again met to review
emergency operation plans for the upcoming hurricane
   Fire Chief Joe Harris reviewed the City’s process when a
                                                                 Members of the Plantation Firematics Team dump the last few pails of water into the barrel to
storm or other major emergency is pending.                       complete the Bucket Brigade portion of the competition. Team members compete against the
   Department officials were asked to review their current       clock to fill a 55 gallon drum with water from a trough, located several feet away.
plans and discuss future needs.
   “The greatest issue,” said Harris, “ is communications.       FIREFIGHTERS CLAIM STATE CHAMPIONSHIP
Keeping the public and our own employees informed is a           FOR THIRD CONSECUTIVE YEAR
tremendous task.”                                                It is said when you win once you’re a champion, twice is a streak. Three times and
   Harris expressed some concern about complacency.              you’re a dynasty!
“We have not had a storm in several years. People forget            On June 11, Plantation’s Firematics Team declared its dynasty when they traveled
easily. And, many of the current residents have never            to the Gulf Coast to compete against eight other teams, statewide, in the Florida State
experienced a hurricane.”                                        Firefighter’s Association, State Firematics Tournament held at the Bass Pro Shops in
   Just prior to Hurricane Wilma, the City of Plantation         Fort Myers.
formed the Plantation Joint Information Team. The team              Teams compete in six different events involving a variety of firefighting skills
is responsible for mass communications during a major            including a crowd favorite, an old fashioned Bucket Brigade.
emergency.                                                          Plantation earned first place honors in three events, including the Bucket Brigade,
   “The Joint information Team has an extensive plan to          and second in a fourth event.
keep the community informed,” stated Harris. “We have               For the third consecutive year Plantation qualified for first place, and to bring
several layers of technology and tools which will be             home the revolving State Championship Trophy. This is the eighth time, since 1987,
available regardless of the intensity of the event.              Plantation has finished first.
                                                                    Plantation’s Firematics Team claimed the State Championship for the third year in
                                                                 a row. Plantation has won the title a total of eight times!
         An electronic version of the Recreation
             Quarterly will be available at
                       _________                                                               ARE YOU LISTENING?
    For a printed copy of recreation activities, other                        PLANTATION INFORMATION RADIO
      events and information about Plantation, the
    Sports & Activities Directory is available at all of                                WQFL 1620 AM
              the City of Plantation recreational
     facilities, City Hall, schools, libraries, hospitals,          u   Weather u Traffic u Emergencies u Events u Information
      Publix, CVS and many local business. If you
    would like more information about the Sports &                                              GIVE US FIVE MINUTES
     Activities Directory please call 954-649-4441.
                                                                                     WE’LL GIVE YOU THE KEYS TO THE CITY

           Plantation Quarterly is printed on recycled paper. PLEASE RECYCLE THIS MAGAZINE. Flip the magazine over for the Recreation Quarterly.

8                Plantation Quarterly Fall 2011
                                        FREE 8 WEEK CLASS                               A JURIED FINE ARTS AND CRAFTS SHOW
 Adult Citizen’s                        TUESDAYS
                                                                                               45 th Annual
                                        STARTS SEPTEMBER 13
Police Academy                          6:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M.
                                        Plantation Police Department
                                                                                              Art in the Park
   The Plantation Police                                                                           ENRICHING THE COMMUNITY
Department Citizens Police
Academy is offering its free                                                                 November 12 & 13
eight week course starting
Tuesday, September 13. The                                                                        10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
class is every Tuesday from                                                                 LIBERTY TREE PARK • 7421 NW 5TH STREET
6:00 – 8:00 PM.
Refreshments are served.                                                                     Plantation Junior Woman’s club invites you
   This ongoing course is                                                                  and your family to join us for two fun-filled days!
free of charge and open to
adults over 18, who live,     In prior years, classes have been very popular
                                                                                • FINE ARTISTS, PAINTING & SCULPTURE • POTTERY & JEWELRY
work or attend school in      and fill up fast.                                        • CRAFTS • MUSIC & SPECIAL PERFORMANCES
Plantation. It is specially                                                      • HANDS-ON ART PROJECTS • FOOD & BEVERAGE BOOTHS
designed to improve                                                                         • KIDS ACTIVITIES & FACE PAINTING
relationships and under-
                                                                                 For more information go to: PJWCFL.ORG or call Plantation Junior
standing between the police                                                                     Woman’s Club at 954-797-9762.
and the community they
serve. The hands-on
instruction is compre-
hensive, covering different
                                                                               Parks          &    Recreation
areas of the Police                                                            DIRECTOR’S CORNER James S. Romano, CPRP
                              The training staff and students.                    As the contraction of City
Department such as K-9,
Crime Scene Processing, S.W.A.T., Honor Guard, and Firearms Safety,            services continues due to the
among a host of other topics.                                                  country’s economy not
   If you or someone you know is interested in attending the Citizens          rebounding, the City of
Police Academy, or for more information, please call Lynn Braden or Katy       Plantation has decided to
Andrews at 954-916-5601. Space is limited. To avoid disappointment,            eliminate the printing and
early registration is recommended.                                             mailing of the Plantation
                                                                               Quarterly resident
  The Heat is On! SUMMER HEALTH                                                newsletter.
                                                                                  The Parks & Recreation
     Yes, it’s hot out there. And the hottest months are still in front of
                                                                               section that included
   us. The Fire Department is offering a few tips to help everyone stay
                                                                               important information
   healthy and safe through the remainder of the summer.
                                                                               regarding special classes, PAL
   DRINK UP                                                                    registration dates, special
     First and foremost, drink plenty of water. Even if you are outside
                                                                               events in the spring and fall, and summer and winter camps will now
   for only a short time, the intense heat and humidity causes us to
                                                                               be available on the City’s website . We will also
   lose water rapidly. The young and elderly are particularly prone to
                                                                               continue to utilize the Sports & Activities Directory to promote our
   dehydration. If you plan on being outside for any length of time
                                                                               programs. The Sports & Activities Directory is available at all of our
   bring water with you.
                                                                               recreational facilities.
   COVER UP                                                                       If you are interested in receiving the City’s information via e-mail,
     Wearing a hat helps keep the sun from beating on your head and
                                                                               you can sign up to receive the City’s monthly e-newsletter,
   ensures you will always have shade. Large brimmed hats will also
                                                                               Plantation Now! E-mail your first and last name and your e-mail
   help keep the sun out of your eyes and keep you a bit cooler.
                                                                               address to p l a n ta t i o n pa r k s @ g m a i l .com or call our office at
   LOOSEN UP                                                                   954-452-2506 with your e-mail address and we will add it to our
     Wear loose fitting, light colored clothing to help reflect the sun’s
                                                                               growing list.
   rays and keep air flowing between you and your body, allowing heat
                                                                                  Although the Plantation Quarterly will be discontinued, our
   to be pulled away from you.
                                                                               professional staff within the Parks & Recreation Department will
   EAT UP                                                                      continue to assist you with all of your recreational needs, classes,
     Yes, eat well. After a day in the sun, your body loses more than
                                                                               programs and special events.
   water. Nutrients and essential electrolytes get burned off as well.
                                                                                  The greatest resource to this community is our Parks & Recreation
   Eating a healthy, well balanced meal will help restore those lost
                                                                               system. Please take advantage of our superior facilities that are acces-
   nutrients and rebuild your energy so you can go out tomorrow and
                                                                               sible to our residents. Make the healthy choice, visit a park near you!
   do it all over again.
                                                                                                             Plantation Quarterly Fall 2011                9
  Identity theft is a serious crime. People        u Open a new credit card account, using your       mation has been lost or stolen, you may want
whose identities have been stolen can spend           name, date of birth, and SSN. When they         to check all of your reports more frequently
months or years – and their hard earned               don’t pay the bills, the delinquent account     for the first year. Federal law allows credit
money – cleaning up the mess the thieves have         is reported on your credit report.              bureaus to charge you up to $9 for a copy of
made in their good name and credit record.         u Change the mailing address on your credit        your credit report. Some states may allow a
Some victims have lost job opportunities, been        card account. The imposter then runs up a       free report or reduced rates.
refused loans for education, housing or cars,         charge on the account. Because the bills
                                                                                                      MANAGING YOUR
or even been arrested for crimes they did not         are being sent to the new address, it may
                                                                                                      PERSONAL INFORMATION
commit.                                               take some time before you realize there is a
                                                                                                        So, how can a responsible consumer
CAN YOU PREVENT IDENTITY THEFT                                                                        minimize the risk of identity theft, as well as
FROM OCCURRING?                                    u Take out auto loans in your name.                the potential for damage? When it involves your
   As with any crime, you cannot completely        u Establish phone or wireless service in your      personal information, exercise caution and
control whether or not you will become a              name.                                           prudence.
victim. But, according to the Federal Trade        u Counterfeit checks or debit cards and drain
                                                      your bank account.                              DO IT NOW
Commission (FTC), you can minimize your risk
                                                   u Open a bank account in your name and             u Place passwords on your credit card, bank
by managing your personal information
                                                      write bad checks on that account.                  and phone accounts. Avoid using easily
cautiously and with heightened sensitivity.
                                                   u File for bankruptcy under your name to              available information like you mother’s
HOW IDENTITY THEFT OCCURS                             avoid paying debts they’ve incurred or             maiden name, your date of birth, the last
   Skilled thieves use a variety of methods to        avoids eviction.                                   four numbers of your SSN, or a series of
gain access to your personal information. They     u Give your name to the police during an              consecutive numbers. When you’re asked
get information from businesses or other insti-       arrest. If they are released and don’t show        for your mothers maiden name on an
tutions by:                                           up for their court date, an arrest warrant         application on a anew account, try using a
u Stealing records from their employer.               could be issued in your name.                      password instead.
u Bribing an employee who has access to                                                               u Secure personal information on in your
    these records.                                 HOW CAN I TELL IF I’M A VICTIM                        home, especially if you have roommates,
u Hacking into the organizations computers.        OF IDENTITY THEFT?                                    employ outside help, or are having service
                                                   Monitor the balances of your financial
u They rummage through your trash, or the                                                                work done in your home.
                                                   accounts. Look for unexplained charges or
    trash of businesses or dumps in a practice                                                        u Ask about information security procedures
    known as “dumpster diving.”                    withdrawals. Other indications of identity theft      in your workplace. Find out who has access
                                                   could be:
u They obtain credit reports by abusing their                                                            to your personal information and verify that
    employer’s authorized access to credit         u Failing to receive bills or other mail              your records are kept in a secure location.
    reports or by posing as a landlord,                signaling an address change by the identity       Ask about the disposal procedures for
    employer, or someone else who may have a           thief.                                            those records as well.
    legal right to the information.                u Receiving credit cards for which you did not
                                                       apply.                                         EVERYDAY DILIGENCE
u They steal credit card information using a
                                                   u Denial of credit for no apparent reason.         u Don’t give out personal information on the
    special storage device in a practice known
                                                   u Receiving calls from debt collectors or            phone, through the mail, or over the
    as “skimming,” which processes debit card
                                                       companies about merchandise or services          Internet unless you’ve initiated the contact
    numbers the same as your card.
                                                       you didn’t buy.                                  or are sure you know whom you’re dealing
u They steal wallets and purses containing                                                              with. Identity thieves can be skilled liars,
    identification and bank and credit cards.      ARE THERE OTHER STEPS I CAN TAKE?                    and may pose as representatives from
u They steal mail, including bank and credit          If an identity thief is opening new credit        banks, Internet service Providers (ISPs), or
    card statements, pre-approved credit offers,   accounts in your name, these accounts are            even government agencies to get you to
    new checks or tax information.                 likely to show up on your credit report. You         reveal identifying information. Before you
u The scam information from you by posing          can find out by ordering a copy of your credit       divulge any information, confirm that
    as a legitimate business person or             report from any of the three major credit            you’re dealing with a legitimate represen-
    government official.                           bureaus. (TransUnion, Experian, Equifax.) If         tative of a legitimate organization. Always
                                                   you find inaccurate information, check your          double check by calling customer service
                                                   reports from the other two credit bureaus. Of        using the account number on your account
                                                   course, some in accuracies on your credit
u Go on spending sprees using your credit                                                               statement or the number in the telephone
                                                   report may be because of computer, clerical,         book, they may be using a fictitious
   and debit account numbers to buy “big-
                                                   or other errors and may not at all be the result     number.
   ticket” items like computers that can easily
                                                   of identity theft. Note: If your personal infor-
   sell.                                                                                              u Guard your mail and trash from theft.
                                                                                                                                Identy Theft (Continued)

10             Plantation Quarterly Fall 2011
Identy Theft (continued)

    Deposit outgoing mail in a post office collection box or at
    your local post office instead an unsecured mailbox.
                                                                        Grants AND SPONSORSHIPS
u Remove mail from your mailbox promptly. If you’re planning           To find out how you can sponsor a program or a park
    to be away from home and can’t pick up your mail, call the         contact Priscilla Richards, Resource Development and Grant
    US postal service at 1-800-275-8777 to ask for a vacation          Manager at 954-797-2723 or via e-mail at
    hold. To thwart a thief who may pick through your trash or
    recycling bins, tear or shred your charge receipts, copies of
    credit applications or offers, insurance forms, physician state-
    ments, checks and bank statements, and expired charge               u The Plantation Police Department applied for Community
    cards.                                                                Policing grant dollars for the salaries and benefits for six
                                                                          police officers.
u Before revealing any identifying information (for example, on
    an application,) ask how it is used and secured, and whether        u The Landscape Architecture and Engineering Departments
    it will be shared with others. Find out if you have a say about       worked together to obtain $100,000 in County grant funding
    the use of your information. For example, can you choose to           towards landscaping on Broward Boulevard from Pine Island
    keep it confidential?                                                 Road, east to State Road 7.
u Keep your social security card in a secure place and give your        SPONSORSHIPS:
    SSN only when absolutely necessary. Ask to use other types of       u Independence Day Celebration
    identifiers when possible. Limit the identification information
                                                                                 Title Sponsor: Rick Case Automotive
    and the number of credit and debit cards that you carry to
                                                                                Silver Sponsor: Waste Management
    what you actually need. Keep your purse or wallet in a safe
                                                                               Bronze Sponsor: Plantation Woman’s Club
    place at work.
                                                                                                Sports and Activities Directory
  I will be glad to any questions on crime prevention or your
Plantation Police Department. Just e-mail me at                         u   2012 Calendar                                                            Florida Power & Light
                                                                            Limousines of South Florida, Inc. (Techtrans Inc.)
                                                                            Markson Chiropractic, Inc.
                                                                            Plantation Woman’s Club
                                                                            Waste Management
   To save tax dollars this is the last printed issue of the                Friends of the Library
                                                                            Southern Waste Systems
     Plantation Quarterly. An electronic version of the
                                                                            Interstate Towing
           Recreation Quarterly will be available at
                                               SUMMER CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS
                           _______________                                  Knights of Pythias of Florida
     To stay current on what’s happening in Plantation,                     William Kretchman Ladies Aux 730 / Jewish War Veterans
                                                                            Plantation Acres Women’s Club, Inc.
              you can sign up to receive the City’s                         Plantation Art Guild
   monthly e-newsletter Plantation Now! E-mail your first                   Plantation Chapter #3173 of AARP, Inc.
                                                                            Park East Homeowners’ Assocation
          and last name and your e-mail address to
                                                                            Plantation Woman’s Club
                                        Lynn Stoner

    Plantati on Farmers Market
                           8:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. O EVERY SATURDAY
   w Fresh organic & non-organic produce            w Breads & pastries           w Fish dips & spreads
   w Homemade hummus                                w Gourmet jams & jellies      w Seasonings
   w Plants, orchids & fresh flowers                w Breads & pastries           w Home made dog treats

                                                                                                          Plantation Quarterly Fall 2011   11
WHAT’S HAPPENING IN                     Plantation Schools
   Congratulations to Principal Erik              ROCKET TEAM
Anderson, Tropical Elementary School,                The Plantation High Rocket Team
who was named Principal of the Year at the        placed ninth in the nation at the Team
Broward County Public Schools 2011                America Rocketry Competition (TARC)
ACCLAIM Awards ceremony held May 25.              recently held in Manassas, Virginia. Over
The ACCLAIM Awards were created to honor          500 teams from around the United States
outstanding principals and assistant              qualified for the competition. This accom-
principals each year for their hard work          plishment qualifies the team for two NASA
and dedication. ACCLAIM is an acronym for         grants. Plantation has won more NASA
Achievement, Communication, Compassion,           grants than any other team in the nation.
Leadership, Accountability, Innovation and           Joe Vallone, Plantation High
Motivation.                                       aerospace engineering teacher, has
   The honor is especially significant, as Erik   accepted a fellowship to participate in the
                                                                                                   PARTNERSHIP OF THE YEAR AWARD
was raised in the City of Plantation, and         inaugural Wallops Rocket Academy for             L to R - Councilman Peter Tingom, Patrice Sonnelitter
attended school at Tropical Elementary. His       Teachers and Students (WRATS). The               (Landscape), Alyce Culpepper (Magnet Co-ordinator), Pam
roots are in Plantation, and he has a true        WRATS staff at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility    Krauss (Fairchild Challenge Coach), Diana Berchielli
sense of its history.                             in Virginia is excited about the new NASA        (Landscape) and Dr. David Basile (SPHS Principal).
   Under Principal Anderson’s leadership,         program and hope it will provide schools
Tropical Elementary received an “A” grade         with resources and a valuable experience
for eight consecutive years. He believes in a     that will translate into inspiration and
hands-on, team approach to managing the           excitement for high school students. Vallone
school. He provides dynamic leadership that       will also instruct other teachers about
energizes his staff and students to do their      rocketry this summer at the Marshall Space
jobs of teaching and learning.                    Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, and at
                                                  the NASA facility at the Bonneville Salt Flats
TROPICAL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                        in Utah.
   Tropical Elementary School celebrated          PARTNERSHIP OF THE YEAR AWARD
its 40th anniversary with a series of festiv-        South Plantation High School and the
                                                                                                   The Solar Knights from South Plantation High School
ities. Students and staff members wore tie-       City of Plantation received the                  exhibited at the City of Plantation Green Day 2011. SPHS
dye t-shirts and other 70s style clothing. The    Partnership of the Year Award.                   had five booths representing student-run environmental
school’s chorus sang both the original and           The City of Plantation has partnered with     clubs.
updated version of the school song and            the Environmental Science and Everglades
students took part in a “Pinwheels for Peace      Restoration magnet at South Plantation High      hammock habitat and the importance of native
Parade” as they display their homemade            for nine years and continues to grow every       planting. A specialist taught students how the City
pinwheels. Over 200 alumni, past staff            year.                                            uses current GIS technology in their jobs, and others
members, School District and City of                 The City works with SPHS by providing         helped judge the Senior Symposium projects. Magnet
Plantation officials and families of students     landscaping mentors, planting opportunities      students teamed with the City to replace a neigh-
attended “Refreshments and Reminiscing,”          and funds for an environmental scholarship.      borhood tree buffer of native vegetation lost from
during which tours of the school were             City staff and members of the City-sponsored     hurricanes and actively participate in city events for
conducted and Tropical pioneers were              organization Shade Brigade work with             environmental issues. At Green Day 2011, SPHS had
recognized. The school also held a                students weekly after school to design LEED      five booths representing student-run environmental
“Birthday Bash” on Saturday that included a       structures for the Fairchild Challenge, a        clubs. Students planted the wetlands at Volunteer
family fun day carnival and a display of          regional competition that SPHS has won for       Park, and participated in several grants with the City
student artwork.                                  the last three years. SPHS is the only school    including Camp Everglades. Others make presenta-
                                                  to have won as many times.                       tions at Shade Brigade meetings and are involved in
                                                     In Jack Carter Harmony Park, students         the adopt-a-street project to clean up Paladin Way
                                                  have added 1,200 square feet of tree canopy      several times a year.
                                                  while learning about the hardwood
                                                                                                                                       SCHOOLS (continued)

        Plantation Quarterly is printed on recycled paper. PLEASE RECYCLE THIS MAGAZINE. Flip the magazine over for the Recreation Quarterly.

12              Plantation Quarterly Fall 2011
SCHOOLS (continued)
                                                              Generator safety
                                                                Emergency backup generators have become a standard in South Florida
   The partnership continues to grow every year.              homes and businesses. When the power goes out, during or after a storm,
“Working with the professionals brings real-world             generators provide us a means to maintain a comfortable lifestyle while coping
significance to students,” said teacher Pam Krauss.           with the crisis.
“Working side-by-side with professionals over a                 When used improperly, however, generators can be dangerous and
sustained period of time creates a positive experience        sometimes fatal. Here are some safety tips to help you weather the storm and
with adults who appreciate the student’s efforts. The         use your generator safely.
students say that this interaction brings learning to a
whole new level.”                                              l PROPER POWER USAGE
                                                                 In the midst of a storm when you are trying to keep your family comfortable,
BROWARD COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS                                 or keep the refrigerator cold, you may not be focused on how to properly
RECEIVE TOP NATIONAL RANKING                                  connect your generator to your appliances. Unfortunately, many accidents occur
   The Washington Post named 11 Broward County high           because users will attempt to plug a generator into a power panel instead of
schools in its “High School Challenge” list of top 1,900      connecting it directly to the appliance.
public high schools in the nation, among them,                   Never plug a generator directly into a home service panel. This can be
Plantation High School, joining an elite group of             dangerous for the operator, the home, and the power grid in the area. A
public high schools nationwide. According to the              transfer switch, installed by a qualified electrician is the only safe way to achieve
Washington Post, schools on the list represent only           this. All appliances should be plugged directly into the generator’s outlets per
seven percent of schools across the country.                  the generator manufacturer’s recommendations.
   Since 2003, Newsweek Magazine and the Washington
Post combined forces to identify “America’s Best High          l GOOD VENTILATION
Schools.” Because of the sale of Newsweek, the                   Build-up of carbon monoxide is one of the most dangerous aspects of using a
Washington Post published the 2011 list independently         generators. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless. You cannot see it or
under the new name of “The High School Challenge.”            smell it. And, you will not recognize the effects of CO poisoning until it is too
Of the 30,000 high schools in America, 1,900 made The         late. It is important to run generators outside, away from windows and doors.
Washington Post’s list.                                       Ensure plenty of fresh air is circulating. Also, do not run it in the garage. And
   Broward County Public Schools is committed to              always keep the generator on a flat surface.
giving all students access to a college-ready, job-ready       l STORAGE
curriculum that meets rigorous expectations, prepares
students for post-secondary options, and ensures that            Fuels to operate generators give off toxic fumes. Fuels should only be stored
students are able to be successful and complete post-         in approved fuel containers, in well ventilated areas. Inside the home, basement
secondary schooling once they begin.                          or garage is not safe as fumes can build up and reach an explosive level. Also,
                                                              do not store near other chemicals.

        OF A
                                                          A SPECIAL EVENT!
                                                  THE PLANTATION SWIM TEAM HAS TWO OLYMPIANS

                                    FITTER FASTER TOUR WITH TWO OLYMPIANS

                       Peter Vanderkaay, two-time Olympic Gold Medalist & Lacey Nymeyer, Olympic Silver Medalist
                                            September17                     10:00 am & 3:00 pm
                                                           Plantation Aquatic Center at Central Park
      JOIN PETER & LACEY for:                                                         To register go to w w w. s w i m p s t . c o m
         u Two Swim sessions with the pros!                                          or for more information call 954-452-2526
               Ages 12 and under: 10:00 a.m.                                              SAVE $5 with Promo Code “PST”
               Ages 13 & up: 3:00 p.m.
         u A fun presentation                                                                             $55
         u Questions & answer sessions
         u Photo opportunities                                                                   SPACE IS LIMITED.
          (Parents are welcome to watch swim sessions)                                      RESERVE YOUR PLACE TODAY!

                                                                                                          Plantation Quarterly Fall 2011              13
Plantation Business ACCESS TO CAPITAL                                                              Small Business Saturday
                                                                                                   MARK THE DATE:
                                                                                                   NOVEMBER 26, 2011
                                                                                                    As you plan your calendar for 2011 make sure you
                                                                                                 mark a day for shopping and celebrating “Small Business
                                                                                                 Saturday.” This year, Small Business Saturday is
                                                                                                 November 26, 2011. The Saturday following black Friday
                                                                                                 is nationally recognized as a day to shop locally, putting
                                                                                                 your hard earned money back into the community by
                                                                                                 shopping at local stores and restaurants.

                                                                                                 HERE ARE A FEW FACTS ABOUT OUR LOCAL
                                                                                                 BUSINESS ECONOMY:
                                                                                                 v For every $100 spent at a local business, $68
        The City of Plantation, in conjunction with the Greater Plantation Chamber of                 is re-spent back into the community.
     Commerce, Government Affairs and Economic Development Committee,
     conducted a banking consortium for all local businesses, entitled “Access to                v Employees of small businesses make up
     Capital.” The meeting, held on April 28 featured presentations from eight lending                one-half of the private sector employees.
     banks or agencies: AmTrust Bank, Citibank, Community Bank of Broward,                       v Small businesses represent 99.7% of all
     Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Regions Bank, Broward County Office of Economic
                                                                                                      employer firms.
     Development and Small Business, Metro Broward Economic Development
     Corporation, and South Florida Regional Planning Council. The presenters
     explained to the audience in detail the methods of getting loans and financing for
     business ventures, capital and operations. Approximately 50 different businesses                         CHANGE THE TIME
     were in attendance and all walked away with information about doing business.
        More events like this will be offered by the City. Check the City’s website site for
                                                                                                            CHANGE THE BATTERIES
     upcoming events. We hope to see you there. If you would like to be notified about               When you change your clocks, remember
     future events, contact Charity Good, Economic Development Coordinator, at 954-                     it’s time to change the batteries
     797-2768 or                                                                         in your fire detectors.

  According to Dun & Bradstreet (The State of Small Businesses Post                 The presenters
Great Recession, May 2011), “Small businesses and entrepreneurs are               explained to the
driving innovation and job creation in today’s recovering economy.”               audience about
  In the City of Plantation, we have slightly over 5,000 businesses, of           various programs
which 98 percent are small to medium size businesses. The State of                and assistance
Florida has over 23 million small businesses that employ almost 81                available for
million people. Needless to say, it is the small to medium size businesses        businesses, as well
within Plantation, as well as throughout the State, that are stimulating the      as how to do business with their
economy by offering products and services to enable us to enjoy a                 company or agency. Opportunities were
quality lifestyle. Since these businesses play such an important role in          provided to businesses to become
Plantation’s economy, the City has been offering a series of workshops            vendors for the City of Plantation,
which provide education and technical assistance to businesses.                   Broward County and Memorial
  In June, the City of Plantation in conjunction with the Greater                 Hospitals, learn about marketing their
Plantation Chamber of Commerce, Government Affairs and Economic                   businesses by Action Promotional
Development Committee, conducted a “Small Business Workshop.” The                 Specialists, and much more. Nearly 100
meeting involved presentations from eight businesses or agencies: Action          business representatives were in atten-
Promotional Specialists, Broward College, City of Plantation, Broward             dance and all walked away with more
County Office of Economic Development and Small Business, Evan J.                 knowledge and information about doing
Gonshak and Michael Wild Esquires, Memorial Healthcare System,                    business in Plantation.
Metro Broward Economic Development Corporation, and Work Force

14                Plantation Quarterly Fall 2011
                 Native Plants vs Exotics
                                              friendly landscaping principles utilizing rain           bees are
                                              barrels, compost, and leaf litter – all the while        responsible for
                                              showcasing appealing gardens that are attractive         pollinating
                                              to both people and wildlife.                             many of the
                                              WHY NATIVES? Florida native plants are                   plants we as
                                              generally described as those species that existed        humans rely
                                              here naturally before human impact. Over the             on for food.
                                              millennia plants, trees, and insects have lived          We simply do
                                              together in a symbiotic relationship. For example,       not know
                                              native plants support insects that are essential to      where the
                                              feed baby birds, and provide nectar for butterflies      tipping point is. Best to err on the side of mostly
                                              – native plants come into bloom at precisely the         native plants, with a complimentary dose of
                                              right season to nurture our little critters.             ornamentals and drought resistant landscape
going on a garden tour! As it happens, the
                                                 Non-native exotic plants on the other hand            materials to add spice.
very first Plantation Tour of Gardens was
                                              were bred and selected specifically for their            DID YOU KNOW? It has been reported that
held in March of this year, under blue skies
                                              ornamental beauty as well as to discourage               some 40 million acres of forest have been
and warm breezes. Visitors were treated to
                                              insects. It is no surprise then that when selecting      converted to non-native turf-grass lawns which
a special view of four Plantation residential
                                              plants and trees for our suburban gardens if we          require an exorbitant amount of water, dangerous
gardens – all were past Broward County
                                              only focus on beauty and ignore the real reason          pesticides, and fertilizers to keep up appearances.
Emerald Award winners, as well as certified
                                              that plants, trees and wildlife co-exist, we may         WHAT’S A PERSON TO DO? Vow to
NWF backyard wildlife habitats.
                                              inadvertently be unraveling that delicate web of         gradually reduce the amount of yard devoted to
   Operation Habitat team members and
                                              the food-chain between wildlife and plants and           turf-grass and convert it to a pleasing mix of
other volunteers, along with Plantation and
                                              humans. The alarming decline in the honey bee            pretty native and drought resistant landscape
Broward County staff served together to
                                              population for instance (reports are above 40            material.
help others understand the connection
                                              percent) has fingers pointing blame at herbicide            And just for fun, you can take the opportunity
between using native, exotic, and drought-
                                              and pesticide use as well as genetically modified        to enjoy a Tour of Gardens next spring!
resistant plants to curb the need for
                                              plants. Biologists are very concerned – after all,
irrigation; as well as the benefits of eco-

The Grass is Greener ... IF YOU WATER CORRECTLY ____________________________________
   Information provided by the Broward County Environmental                        So, what is the trick to maintaining a healthy lawn that can meet
Protection & Growth Management Department, Natural Resources                    current water restrictions, withstand droughts, and look great? The
Planning & Management Division                                                  answer is to “listen to your lawn” and water your grass only when it is
   While Bermuda, St. Augustine, Bahia, Centipede, Paspalum, and Zoysia         absolutely needed. Signs that indicate that it’s time to irrigate include
for the most part sound like exotic getaways, chances are that if you live in   grass has a dull bluish-gray color, footprints remain visible in the grass,
South Florida you won’t need to travel far to visit any of them because one     leaf blades are folded in half on at least a third of the lawn and the soil
or more are probably growing right outside your front door. These grass         from the root zone is dry and crumbly. Using these indicators to tell you
species are commonly found on athletic fields, golf courses, parks and          when to irrigate will result in making your lawn more drought resistant
playgrounds, and of course, on the lawns around our homes. Like all             and heartier by forcing the roots to dig deeper in search of water.
plants, they need water to survive, but finding a balance between over- and        Other benefits of irrigating more efficiently are the dollars you’ll save
under-watering has proven to be challenging for most residents.                 on your water bill and the energy you’ll save from not needing to run
   What do you envision the “perfect lawn” to look like? Many people            irrigation pumps as frequently. The cost of water will likely increase in
would say a thick, green, lush, level, and weed-free mat, like that which is    the future, and increased irrigation efficiency will keep your monthly
typically found on a golf course. In actuality however, this look is often      household bills lower and may delay the need to construct expensive
achieved by mowing the grass too short and by the excess application of         new water infrastructure.
pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides and most importantly water. Did you            As always, irrigate in accordance with applicable water restrictions,
know that 25-50 percent of a household’s water consumption is used for          which require residences and businesses with odd-number street
irrigation? And even if you draw your irrigation water from a canal or well,    addresses to water lawns and landscapes on Wednesdays and/or
you are still using water that can help meet our potable water needs. Over-     Saturdays, only before 10 a.m. or after 4 p.m. Residences and
irrigating your lawn, no matter what the source, favors the growth of           businesses with an even-numbered street address may water on
water-loving weeds and pests and also creates runoff, which may carry           Thursdays and/or Sundays only before 10 a.m. or after 4 p.m. Additional
fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides into nearby waterways and onto the      watering days are allowed for new landscaping. For more information,
ocean or Everglades.                                                            visit the City’s website at

                                                                                                                Plantation Quarterly Fall 2011           15
              AND                                     Plantation
      B IGGER
              THAN                             Volunteer Fire Association’s
      B ETTER
               !                                       55th Annual

                                               SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6
                                                  12:00 noon to 5:00 PM
                                                         at Pine Island Park

          Q CHICKEN & RIBS with Former Mayor Veltri’s Secret Sauce!
                  Q LIVE MUSIC Q RAFFLES & PRIZES

        Watch for your ticket purchase letter in the mail... or buy tickets from the Fire
                       Department in October. Call 954-797-2150.

     Saturday & Sunday
                                                          A Family Halloween &
       Oct. 22 & 23                                          Safety Festival
     SATURDAY: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM                            GAMES AND ACTIVITIES FOR ALL AGES
      SUNDAY: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
        PLANTATION HERITAGE PARK                               SATURDAY – OCTOBER 22
         1100 SOUTH FIG TREE LANE
                                                                     10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
      South Florida grown plants:                          Plantation Community Center at Kennedy Park
   ferns, bromeliads, bougainvillaea,                                  5555 Palm Tree Road
flowering trees, palms, bonsai, orchids.
       A large variety of vendors.                                               u Costume contest for all ages
Garden & orchid supplies, patio items &                                          u Children’s carnival
   more! Master Gardeners available                                              u Police & safety exhibits
           to answer questions.                                                  u Inflatables & face painting
Sponsored by: GFWC Plantation Woman’s Club,                                      u Raffles & door prizes
 TM Ralph Funeral Homes, American Heritage                                       u A very spooky Haunted House
         School, Waste Management                                                  (not recommended for children under 6 yrs.)
     and the Plantation Historical Society.                                      u Food & drink
         Adult park admission: $150                                              u Free candy & Halloween bags for children
             PROCEEDS TO BENEFIT                                                            $3   per person

        Plantation Quarterly is printed on recycled paper. PLEASE RECYCLE THIS MAGAZINE. Flip the magazine over for the Recreation Quarterly.

16            Plantation Quarterly Fall 2011
                            BULK PICK-UP GUIDELINES                                                           RECYCLING GUIDELINES

   The City of Plantation provides residents with monthly bulk trash pick-up service. Most multi-            THE FOLLOWING ITEMS MAY
family and condominiums are also provided with bulk pick-up service two times per year.                      BE MIXED TOGETHER IN THE
   Bulk pick-up dates vary by neighborhood. Your actual bulk pick-up day is only on your assigned            SAME CLEAR PLANTATION
day. Consult the Solid Waste & Recycling brochure for your assigned day. If you need a copy of the           RECYCLING BAG:
brochure, download it from, call Waste Management (954-974-7500) to have
one mailed to you, or pick one up at a City facility. Bulk pick-up items should be placed in the             w #1- #7 plastic bottles (narrow
swale no earlier than the Saturday prior to scheduled pick-up.                                                 neck only), aseptic containers
   Please keep solid waste blue bags or toter carts separate from the bulk pick-up waste, and please           (OJ containers and juice
do not place any waste too close to your mailbox, street signs, trees or other solid fixtures. Place           boxes), glass bottles (except
                                                                                                               blue) and tin, metal and
items no more than five feet away from curb or roadway in front of residence.
                                                                                                               aluminum cans. Please remove
   Bulk waste collection is for normal residential activities. Waste generated by commercial
                                                                                                               all caps and rinse containers.
businesses or nurseries is not permitted. Bulk waste is defined as furniture, appliances and
household items that are too large to fit into a blue solid waste bag or toter cart. Items that can fit      w Newspapers, inserts, junk
inside a bag are not considered “bulk” and should be placed in a regular blue garbage bag, or in a             mail, chip board
toter cart. Electronics (computers, monitors, TVs, etc.) are not allowed. For disposal of electronics          (cereal/Kleenex boxes),
                                                                                                               catalogs, phone books,
go to Black bags will not be picked up.
                                                                                                               office paper and magazines.
   Each bulk waste item, with the exception of furniture and appliances, shall not exceed an
                                                                                                               As an alternative, you may
accumulation of two cubic yards (about the size of a kitchen table, 3’x 3’x 6'), not exceed 4 feet             continue to place them in a
and/or 40 pounds, and have a secure bottom. Refrigerators, air conditioners and appliances                     separate clear recycling bag, if
containing Freon must have the Freon safely removed and an approved sticker put on the item                    you wish.
before it is placed curbside.                                                                                w #5 PLASTIC RECYCLING
   To ensure the safety of Waste Management drivers, mirrors, glass table tops, window panes, plate            OPTION: Residents can drop
glass, etc. will only be picked up if they are properly and safely placed in a rigid container. Broken         their clean #5 plastics in a
glass must be placed into a secure container and marked as glass.                                              "Preserve Gimme 5" bin at the
   Small yard waste that will fit inside a bag, such as leaves, shrubbery, small branches, weeds and           Plantation Whole Foods market,
grass, must be placed into clear yard bags. These items will only be removed on your scheduled                 located at 7720 Peters Road.
bulk removal dates, and only when placed in clear bags. Black trash bags are not permitted,                    Common #5 plastics include
and will not be picked up. Black bags that are left out on the swale will be issued a notice by                packaging for yogurt, ketchup,
Code Enforcement. Palm fronds and large branches must be tied into bundles (not to exceed four                 butter and hummus; medicine
feet and/or 40 pounds), and placed alongside bulk pick-up items. No tree stumps or logs allowed.               bottles; and food storage
   For a nominal fee, yard waste may be brought to the City’s Horticultural Recycling Center, located          containers. The plastics can be
at 750 NW 91st Avenue, off Cleary Boulevard. For a list of acceptable yard waste and applicable                verified by a recycling symbol
fees, please visit the Horticultural Recycling Center page on the City’s website,              with the number 5 on the
                                                                                                               bottom of the container.

                      BULK PICKUP SCHEDULE: AUGUST – DECEMBER 2011
     WEST OF UNIVERSITY DRIVE                                                EAST OF UNIVERSITY DRIVE
     Single Family Residences:          Multifamily,                         Single Family Residences:          Multifamily,
     August 8, 9, 10 & 13               Apartments & Condos:                 August 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6            Apartments & Condos:
     September 5, 6, 7, 10              Wed. September 14                    September 1, 2, 3                  Wed. September 7
     October 10, 11, 12, 15                                                  October 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 31
     November 7, 8, 9, 12                                                    November 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 28, 29, 30
     December 5, 6, 7, 10                                                    December 1, 2, 3
                                             WEST        Single family residents: Locate where you live on
                                                         the map – either WEST of University Drive or
                                                         EAST of University Drive – and find the
                                                         corresponding pick-up day for your specific area.
                                                         For more information call 954-974-7500.

                                                         PLEASE NOTE: Bulk items should not be placed
                                                         curbside any sooner than the Saturday prior to
                                                         your scheduled pick-up day.

                                                           WASTE MANAGEMENT DOES NOT PICK UP
                                                           BLACK BAGS. PLEASE FOLLOW PLANTATION
                                                                    BAG REQUIREMENTS.
                                                                                                          Plantation Quarterly Fall 2011      17

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